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The Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising

Lilya Wagner


Lilya Wagner

Director, Philanthropic Service for Institutions, a department of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists




  • August 6, 2009
    10:45 AM
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learning is best as I'm now young Wagner very glad to be spending the next hour and fifteen minutes with you talking about a top name it really is very essential for the success of our causes now fundraising is one of these topics that can sometimes evening people shy away from in polite company for example when I travel travel considerably and I might just meet someone and make the icon fact that we started chatting let's say in the airport there in the airplane next meeting in the first thing that people talk about winners strangers and they mean is what do you do size Brazil looks interesting and I think that when I get the conversation going I might say I'm a teacher and trainer which sounds noble RN I say I work for the nonprofit sector amounts of America's still puzzled by you mean you can't make a profit but the first several other conversation that I can think of is that she when I was a full-time with Indiana University and a big university lots of interesting things happening in light I want to make sure that I have peace and quiet for the rest of my trips I can do the work I brought along and they say to me what do you do I have a nice flow paths in them very enthusiastically I proclaim Grazer that guarantees me the peace and quiet I want that why we have those kind of attitudes about fundraising they get so much fundraising have been done badly the right to fundraising we have in this country which focus in yes one freedom renting jihad came here as a child and I very much appreciate the rights that we have in this country that allow it to run nonprofit cause is to ask for money to congregate freely in the right setting many countries including the one that I had to leave as a child did not have and what I find interesting is how the international work that I'm privileged to do and how much of the rest of the world where they weather it is the former Soviet republics that are now free and moving towards civil society or whether it's organizations in countries like Mexico that are progressing in social awareness and therefore intervention which they understand that in order to make progress they have to fund right can be fund-raising of the privilege and fundraising of the privilege be because folks it's not about the money why are you here because each one of the year and I know a few of you here represents a cause that is worthwhile represent the car that had an impact on our influences certain people these people need or want our intervention and takes money to do it sometimes I think fundraising as a matter of perspective and people think of it the societal thing it's not the polite thing to do either all kinds of reasons why people don't want to ask for money in one of the biggest is fear of rejection at the universal fear when I worked in other countries and we do this little exercise the flight of people again why do people not to have and why don't they want to ask it always is it interesting to see how much universality there is in those answers fundraising event held at the Bible itself the Greeks and the Romans have records of fundraising and it is definitely a noble thing to do when I think about perspectives on fund-raising and I see a long time friend JDA can hear who has done marvelous work in Southeast Asia and we met in the early eighties when I take a group of students from Union College over the work and that was my first fundraising experience we had the opportunity to come over there and help in the cancer that money I didn't know it was fund-raising that money to get the kids over there and sustain them so we ask for money for the cause I distinctly remember I went than one in a apartment they're using a typewriter this is a nearly eighties pre- all our wonderful icons I can now communicate across the ocean and doing some work I was going to fax back to America and Ginny came in and after we chatted a little red eye sensitivity and when there's a problem in this apartment smells like gasoline or something like that today I remember leaning against the door and said and then she said laughing as she said and I was thinking how dead that fragrance was there was a jury in in the house is that you have not smelled the Darien I don't quite know how to describe the experience that perspectives were decidedly different and sometimes I think that's the way it is a fundraising LinkedIn of this marvelous opportunity we had at other times it said the distasteful as that organization out older was for me so we're going to talk to have fund-raising as a process today first I want to introduce my colleagues Paul here he's going to hand out to be the end of that we will be working from and then you can make notes on the air rather than have to scramble to take notes I will also give you business card later if you have other questions and you can e-mail me or e-mail philanthropic service for institutions we are an entity of the North American division and we exist to serve organizations like you so that you can accomplish the fund-raising in the best way possible for the convent he served when we let fund-raising as a practice sometimes we knew it as something that okay with that to get the money in order to get this done one thing that I'd like to talk to you about today is the progress he plans in which fundraising is carried out nap funding can be a very interesting and exciting practice because a unexpected can happen when I was working at Union College in doing fundraising every now and then bigger front lines before me had done the right thing we would end up in somebody's well and get a nice little amount of money for some special purpose it was unexpected it was nice to can count on that didn't also have a bake sale you can have a walking time you can write a proposal possibly although this is not a good time to do that for a foundation grant and you get the money but then what so that the fund-raising I want to share with you today is the process him that sent me to take place in order for you to be successful in gaining the sustainability that your organization and your cause needs I'm glad you're here for just a one time project that will be over when the funding is over most of you want to keep your organizations going so well we'll talk and bad in the sustainability factor of fundraising and above all we look at it and the management process as we look at the various strategies and skills you need or when I will collect toolbox I also hope that you will consider all been in light of the privilege that it is to work for those causes that you represent do it with pride and not apology now one final word before we launch into the topic thank you pop into the topic I spend the whole semester at the graduate level teachings when I'm going to try to give you an intelligent Reader's Digest version today in one hour and still leave time for questions so I hope you recognize with me that we are just giving you the highlight their ample resources whether they are courses whether their material that we can say near from the outside or many other ways that you can learn but please recognize that especially with the larger group as well as the fact that we are very compressed with time we unfortunately won't be able to do the exercise of that would help you apply the information that I didn't also include the mayor said that it would perhaps guide your thinking to the next step him to write something in my objectives for you are first of all to give you the person that perspectives of how philanthropy works in the United States again I have been very intrigued in the twenty some years especially the eighteen that I've been in one way or another associated with the fund-raising school and the Indiana University Center on philanthropy with him I'm still associated on a contract basis to observe how much philanthropic awareness in this country and internationally has grown I remember when I first went to the center in nineteen ninety one Minnesota Public radio did a man on the street type interview and then a segment of a video and usually happens real life is always funnier than anything you see on a TV set and so they would literally stop people in the street and say what is philanthropy we could even be a little startled if you are walking down the street in Washington DC intimates of philanthropy while the most amusing answer I can remember was it the prehistoric fish are okay somebody finally got it right and parroted back to the definition that are founding director of the center had clean voluntary action for the public good and we enough through my ad privileged that God has granted us that we have the means that we can share and certainly in America we do want to look a little better about philanthropy and you will no doubt have some questions about how all the economic situation that we are engaged in is affecting giving said that the just mentoring other as well as I can tell you some things right off the wanted shares some of the fundraising principles of the process I look at some of the motivations of why people give nobody knows if anything even though almost all religions that I have ever encountered everywhere from Islam which has a very direct mandate for giving the Jewish religion very much so as well that billionaire them all forms of Christianity all have some sort of a religious foundation for it is more blessed to give than receive site including a few texts for you just because these are some of my favorites I find the Bible very full of good giving advice and then of course I'd like to have some time in the and and both Paul and I are here for the conference and can talk to you individually or in small groups if you wish add that you want to develop your fundraising and please send that sounded pretty boring and it's only a one-way conversations if you have comments and questions at any time please feel free to raise your hand and ask those that there is considerable information these days including instituted that was started at the fair philanthropy the Lake Institute for fate of philanthropy books that are coming out increasingly not just by preachers but researchers people who think about the connection between religion and philanthropy and I included just a few texts for years some that actually have been my favorites there are many many more that have been accumulated that have been examined on the richness of the information in the Bible about town so sharing our resources however against others of the rich are those that help others will themselves be held by Natalie and very interesting factor which goes along with some of the secular research that we have now documented off saying that a little bit later than here the text that said if we did have we will also be recipients of the last things we will receive gifts that we do not expect to receive when we are giving we are a benefactor instead of being a bag or we produce things by our giving and that is one reason I feel very privileged that I can work as a fundraiser because it allows me to help Chavez that I believe are worthwhile but I believe it may have a better church a better society I can help make it happen so we can see fundraising as a ministry following the example of Jesus who very often talk about the benefits the mutual benefits of generosity when we do fundraising we are able to help people be generous you know that now especially with some of the .com millionaires we have seen in the last decade many choruses spring up that help people understand how to give getting a visa to give away money I have sometimes worked with wealthy individuals who want to make a difference and making those choices from all those requests that come is not easy in fact the husband had the privilege for a few years the beautiful this is somebody else's money which has had great fun it went so well the individual Vatican that set up a person not private foundation family foundation and watching him sort through all those requests and see what they said what did indicate they may was too much and we are on the supported by secular research there the recent NIH study I can send you that article if you'd like that indicates the people who give live longer healthier and happier people who get both time and money were talking about a national institutes of health research study which verifies what the Bible has said that would have been nice if fundraising it were this easy chair is now lying case you can't read that it is a true lower than a million years in man are like a second of time to you yes what you asked now I cannot hear the typical way how people ask for money if they're not sure how to do it well small request serve in any works of his courage and he said giving me a million that you know over the building project in all we know I'm just the second ability delightful if it were that easy that this little cartoon and also illustrate some of the pitfalls and how we ask for money first of all she is not any different than many of the street people when I was working in downtown Washington TN they avert their eyes and they don't want to make eye contact they'd can't really ask they can't tell you that way when our cause of their worthwhile so for now when he finally gets the current raise a certain blurts it out if he case when you respond to the building project called the club how then do we do that and then we wonder why that the donors I know right here from a long-ago wise person Harris will begin away money and an easy matter anybody can do it that can give away wisely is a challenge and he recognize it that long ago so one of the roles that we were raise funds have is that how people who truly want to make a difference and that's one of the biggest motivations for giving away I will show you fear the other motivations that have been carefully researched of why people even wish to give away money I remember in my early days of fundraising I approach they can allow NASA of the institution where I was working and she was a successful businesswoman I thought have done a reasonably good job of presenting my case and asking and then she sort of sat there on my heart was sinking in our thinking on the lab live that one and then she looks at me and she says it's about time you ask me I was left speechless people like to make a difference I will look at those very well researched factors in a few minutes Paul service and John Havens a Boston College had a center where they conduct considerable research and that's what you have right before you answer probably in the best researched set of motivations of why people will give away money that we had these perceptions that giving is the realm of those who have made a lot of money the wealthy among the Fortune five hundred or whatever list that you want that philanthropy is the privilege of everyone we had a recent article in the Washington Post that was very inspirational and made the news I think across the country in the eleven -year-old boy who walked in order to raise significant money anybody can be a philanthropist in our role we represent cognizant are seeking the fun need to know how to help facilitate that process between the cause and the donor and many of these as you look at these motivations on in your handbag you will notice that they also had spiritual values to them and eggs for example models from your youth how much are we modeling to our young people there are now curricula that are being used in a number of middle schools that I know that for example that help people that help you learn how to be involved in their communities how to get not one that I really want you to notice is the third bullet down on the left-hand side invitation to participate to know the biggest reason why people don't give because they're not ask them this is also verified by research you have a slide because they just came out after I had done this presentation if they are of interest to you please write your e-mail and a business card or little slip of paper and I will happily send these to you is the most definitive research on the money that is being being given in the United States and this is not counting government giving and there is considerable on me that he has available to many especially social service and education organizations in this country and if anyone has some doubts about taking government money there to little bits of advice that I would share with you one is whose money is it environmentally and just like with any donor or any denomination we need to see what does the donor one or to put it in very up-to-date in the vernacular one of the strings attached so if we had government money available for example I'm working with a woman from Texas who is trying to develop a health center for a lower income population okay there is government money she just needs to know how to ask for it and what does the government in turn one that I'm not advocating that is humane research that you will see very shortly where does most of the money come from we like to think okay let's write a proposal to foundation or let's go talk to the Corporation well without me telling I'm sure you already know that's not your best resource during this time stock markets down foundations are sometimes laying off personnel people giving to people and even though it can be a charitable income for last year was down about five percent we haven't seen that much of a decreased since nineteen seventy four they base their organizations folks suffered the lease I hope you see that is good news people giving their people with positive that's the good news and here's another pie chart of where the money goes see religion nowadays extrapolated because of course churches do not file form nine nineties which is a record that all nonprofits have to submit to the iron mask Baghdad that is a pretty good figure that has been arrived at quite intelligently through research I am interested to note that from the time that I began tracking this about twenty years ago it's down about eight percent giving to religion is not keeping pace and that's another role that we can play giving to religious causes a truly make a difference and want that these the slides please feel free to e-mail me up at my e-mail up in a few minutes then the I will be happy to send you those slides if you use them please do give credit for the fair philanthropy and giving you ask a which is the resource for that can we had another few items on why people make decisions together I'm not trying to spend more time on it just to point out that you have these in your hand out which you can use now the caption on the top buried I believe that the caption for this particular cartoon and put back together pleased with the look on the pastors face the caption is no I don't think our capital campaign was a great success that what you want to avoid right why do we do fundraising here the good lives not so much for you because if I were to go over there said they definitely preaching to the choir here here because you want to do fundraising well but I just want to point out a few items when they do fund raised anyway bring a team together because it is not just the role of one person and you'll see why fundraising is really fixed right and I'm quoting from the fund-raising school now the right person asking the right prospect for the right cause in the right way at the right time for the right amount technically if you stop and think about this you could get up and then another session because that's what fundraising of the right person asking which means that you cannot take on that full responsibility yourself that they bring a team around him sometimes it's a president who needs to meet with a major donor some time figuring a school that the faculty member who might take the student then go meet with a business person what the right match I haven't always met my largest donors the cause is that I have served because they wanted to see a board member or a board chair all our recipient of the benefits and that organization people who give to an organization develop a loyalty your next best owner is the one who has already given and of course fundraising is the way to accomplish good causes MoveOn and actually look at the steps of fundraising here they are pandering to illustrate each one of these this doesn't mean that if you're missing any of these that you can't do fundraising but it does mean there is a good logical sequence there is a way to do it right these are principles that I hope after we finish here today you will see how you will add that these I read that research best practices that we now do work marketing principles what is the environment and the climate for fundraising we make a case and if there's anything you walk away from in this session as here how to I hope it is knowing how to make a better case who would give to our causes volunteers are so important does the mother get paid to do fundraising up the job willingly monsignor who said I believe it has caused enough that I'm inviting you to join me so that we can make them successful and have been the norm in the impact that a child to the practical items what are the tools and the campaigns that you need much do you need to know about your prospects need a plan you need to communicate that plan and then Ms. Celeste that the idea now you see so many people who say there anything the fund-raising probably are putting the ask right at the top with out the right preparation so look at the marketing principles and I'm going to illustrate that for you I see hopefully when we go if you can't please feel free to get an hour into the working session and I hope that you work along with me but apply these principles for your organization first of all I'm going to illustrate the marketing principle by showing you how an exchange relationship work for a for-profit here we have the for profit whether the I can you folks they are right right if you can't just be afraid to move and is relationship with either its customers or the client before profit may provide the information or service or product or anyone combination of those the customer pays and pays and pays some more and here's already talking about their profit that the stockholders the owners the profit that they want the relationship is really quite simple of chorus the company will exist that they don't produce something that they are clients or customers want keeping this in mind let's look how this works for a nonprofit organization can have the nonprofit organization and when it has a relationship with its clients the first part of the same the nonprofit may provide information or product or a service of our combination having worked at a couple colleges I think about a college that she does all of those haters were the differences began how many clients pay for everything that we need or want to provide in the cases of some of you eat you may not even know your clients in the case of the brothers secured serving clients who have no means to give me interject at this point the fact sorry that him many of their clients might be poor don't exclude them from the privilege of giving we had research that says that those in the lower third of the income bracket actually percentagewise give more than those in the middle now because that is something that is hard to believe it's often disputed so our researchers get another grant go back and they researched it again and we find out that the poor are generous let's not include them from the privilege of making a difference even if their gifts cannot be large there's another angle to that too many of your larger donors those that can get larger amounts want to know what those recipients are doing for themselves I had a really interesting experience with Baptists recently where someone who had bought the railroads in my country in Estonia posts Soviet had to sell him back and he sold them to try to feel sorry for him he said I should've gotten six million and only got three million and he said because of corruption in your country I'm trying to keep in channel it through an organization in the US I'm going to give you fifty thousand per year to send over there for anticorruption programs wanted some very good things I was able to report back to him I was just over there and they want more money food utilities saying to make a challenge grant give me another twenty thousand EF that people themselves put in money to show they really care about this so let's never underestimate people of all ale cannot show you how that works in a few minutes but let's continue with that said here we have again that we need to fail which is why you're here in this room that Baghdad are right so frequently we can turn our clients into donors who will help fill the gap announcement that's not enough we need to attract friends for many other walks of life who will help that failed this gap and you can see that they are going to do this again they value what we do that's why we call it an exchange of values if I value what you do whether it's saving children or animals or the environment are educating somebody I'm more likely to listen to you but the relationship isn't over every donor has a right to expect something in return he went up a very crudely you can say what's in it for me how are we trying to thank them sure you may have to read the paper cheer every donor has a right to expect that thank you I report and I see thank you I'm not seeing how in the last fifteen years our donors are getting more savvy in fact that videotape what is philanthropy wouldn't be nearly as funny today because we know so much more about giving when you find articles everywhere from Wall Street Journal the people about philanthropy that's good for us this is what we call the exchange relationship understanding what we bring tread donors understanding of values that we represent on which we can then build a case go on and let him that I hope you aren't thinking as we are doing this this is the one way street it's not like when I go back and visit my cans and migraine can say what you bring me white elites and drinking fundraising that way it is wanted do I offer you a return for your generosity while we both want to make a difference I very briefly a few comments about the environment and how it affect our work our organizations here is your organization and very few these days are what we call close societies you interact with and are affected by your environment and I hardly need to say anything about that now because the economy certainly is having a huge effect on us however there are factors that I have noticed in the last two years that were not taking advantage of one of the diverse city I have done considerable work on projects for Hispanic populations their big project at the center that was funded by the Lilly endowment you know that many Hispanics in this country never get every class I was in a meeting of Hispanic funders and a young man with a typical in other Horatio Alger of the rags to riches of those stories got up and said what does it take for people in this country to understand that a person by the name of Rodriguez actually does have a foundation can give away money and there is a lot of research about minority populations how they are asked how they are not asked how they want to give one size does him head-on the diverse city in this country that we are often ignoring when it comes to giving can actually help our organizations and don't forget philanthropy fundraising and the nonprofit organization as a matter of inclusivity of belonging just like our church membership can be so important to win other factors technology certainly of making fundraising much easier these days we really do have good government laws in this country when I compared to many other countries that happen in fundraising demographics has sometimes giving us a challenge where people are living longer using up their management here then again factor that maybe didn't know that what we call the venture philanthropists the person that has a lot of money will not set up a foundation that year he has been seeing an okay will write a proposal that person might look at you and say okay which of these organizations fulfilled my values here we come back to values and look for you whenever they find you again and set up their own organization and people like that are not just blanket giving their money to their kids format that is a very typical example and that he set up each one of his children with the foundation and the rest of the money he was sitting on for a long time until I'm ready to give you said and then most of you now he counted through Bill Gates typical venture philanthropy behavior another factor that may affect how your organization raises money and psychographics which we can abbreviate with BAL values attitudes and lifestyles what do people value there is some good indicators of people wanting to be involved one of these very simple factor which is San Diego tourism or volunteerism many travel agents tell me that now and there are travel agents who exists just to do this they say that they are booking more travel for people are actually working while they're there because they want to make a difference just think how many good things can happen right moving on I would like to talk a little bit about making a case because this is probably the most important strategy that you can take away with a quick illustration that will bring them down to our personal experience over a period of time I have a number of teenagers accidentally become my cans now you know I have gray hair rate I didn't expect to be apparent in this way because all of them had some sort of a challenge or difficult they are life circumstances were fair to them they came became my kids and one day and please remember the time I'm not so out of it as this might indicate that the one of them came to me in out of the blue said mom Anita Perry backs my question was whether rebounds remember the time please okay she proceeds to describe footwear and I'm done doing something around the house I'm thinking that's easy sound like exactly what I'm wearing and I pay ten dollars for a Kmart fact I feel endlessly long enough we get to the solve critical question how much are they not blinking and Isis is eighty five dollars and that Donna voice my reaction to check as I will wear is what is what your answer for you and never failed anywhere in the world and use this example everybody has happened is enough for me to think you think I don't have my wallet what did she do wrong let's analyze this very quickly and briefly connect time is running there was no prospect research she had no idea what her potential donor knew I did not know about Reeboks right so why do so many organizations go up to someone and say over good County eleven thirteen and please give and then they wonder why he's a no right secondly there was no cultivation I was just supposed to respond okay would've been nice if she had come in said mom can I help you well I would have wondered what was up in a thickener lead in the topic write and yet we do the same with other organizations for a good cause please give well after the and getting to the third point here after I said no way and the page to an end of the typical teenage wine that said the now we get to the heart of the matter I want to be on the a team of the basketball might be called up anyway the basketball team in these help me play better all right at least I'm listening then she says that mammograms I know that you think that better organize words help build leadership in young people already what is she doing what you illustrate their she is beginning a my values can I do believe in the whole lifestyle and all that kind of thing maybe the clincher and that was another thing that so I only do not do with their donors and to give them a good facts she pulled out the bad and you've all seen them it's from a magazine than half of the shares cut off and she said no mom look how well these are made if you invest in these now you don't have to pay for my problems later in our new and were waiting okay so what do we do when we build a case first of all we have to be able to define the problem or the need that exists and how many of that well we got asked for money we immediately ask for what we want to do and I intelligently did yet I don't even know what the problem you're solving but don't overwhelm me at this point I do remember receiving mailing that the German environmental concern I gets a lot of animal causes and so forth and this one had this little envelope and sellout and said if you don't act in the next ten minutes three Dolphins will die or something you know like that being the animal lover I mean what was I going to do so intend is below three dollars ergo nurse and so I threw the whole thing away because it was too much when you look at some of the project said ASI in Zimbabwe there supports folks it can be overwhelming I was recently in India I work with an amazing group that wanted to bring about change in various parts of the country 's but I still can't get over the images of those little street Ken so maybe made the longest in the cancer now bad going to help all that now you as an organization need to show me that I help one child I have made a difference don't overwhelm people with the problem but begin to your problem of course not I'm dying to get into the outcome that you can intelligently show me is going to take place if I invest in your it's going to change what's going to be better and give it to me honestly because we all know there are some obvious causes that use your money and they had been in the same picture of the same child to different donors we have to have transparency and accountability we in this room of course take that for granted I remember that we often deal with a suspicious questioning public we have to show that of course tell me why is this important to do the values that your cause represents how important it is to do that some things are automatically we take for granted education nobody questions about why you are a cause why your education what the value we now question having to intervene for abused children but why your organization and then there is some of the more esoteric types where I really want to know why are you doing of course being an intelligent donor I want to know what you going to do how are you going to do it when and so forth all those factors here and say we need ten thousand dollars to feed five hundred people three times a week my thinking when nobody doing and why aren't they helping themselves who are these people complaining they never seemed than that's an awful lot of money and you see if we don't make an intelligent case we forget all about the needs of the donor to know before they can ask him misleading so let's move on the web another thing that is set and you've got the flamingo on the food as going to give to your organization this is also a very critical matter and I'm going to use a little design from the fund-raising school because it is such a good illustration of how to determine who can be your markets first of all think about anybody now that you've gone this far whom I is to your organization one thing that we can do PSI is happy around and search for foundations and for corporate giving that's very general and the starting point but we can do that we pay for that service and we can help you yes you said religion or as a campfire you position yourself never hide anything at all I'm sorry yes I was supposed to repeat the question then corporations get the cause of that concern for a relationship to religion am I paraphrasing it okay Kansas City has a way to look at it when I was at Union College and it was accursed madness college was I raising money pragmatism her liberal arts education under the umbrella of Adventism it was education in your case knowing where you're from and right now there is a big movement for any effective spirituality on good living and all bad the fact that your assembly evidence is not something you hide that you can put the emphasis on where the values are on the thunder that mapping is an remember that high chair people give the people with cognitive right now foundation giving is down corporate giving a ban I'm an optimist it's got to go up be ready when it goes that okay will talk at all are potential donors he and out you really had a universe of prospect quickly anybody could do care organization right now look at it this way here's the heart of your organization your board your leadership and your major donors are in the center timing from the center we have the inflow of those are the most dedicated to have the most invested in this organization in every possible way yet there did want to have given the largest amounts to your organization and they would not be giving them for the most part if they weren't committed to your cause and one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that the forgot to repeat that question how you're getting it I think okay what are the biggest mistakes people make in their freight okay ready gave me I think I better not ask you again on fire if you gain my trust in my interesting that I give you a big son why would I not want to give more ecologic okay after you defined who else might give you better qualified memory are going nowhere your fact that there is a little tool that we use ELA I principal the linkage what is solely that that person had to your organization I mentioned Judy and her Southeast Asia project to refugees what was my link will why have I given personal sometimes the fact that I was a refugee that I was in the air what's my link three ways are ready that Julia 's ability to gather and remember we honor and respect all donors we recognize that the people with the largest amounts up but it weren't what's the interest didn't have an interest in your cause would they rather get fabulous education of any kind in America our impression don't waste your time when you cannot have reasonably strong qualifications qualifying cooler here donors might be now one of the things that can be the most frustrating when I'm teaching classes anywhere is where that list of donors could you give it to you identify what's your cause who might be related to this cause in any way interested in this causes their linkage awakened about how can we get them attracted a Zürich cultivation some people go like their turn I think that term in developing a relationship on behalf of the cause not because I need to and why it is the cause we have to remember each time I wish I had time to tell you some of the fascinating stories about those that the way this works that will have to say that I you have a possible donor is as a general category and I'm going to give you just a few items on the next slide consists in the alert you first of all volunteers you cannot do it by yourself remember the right person asking the right prospect for the right cause in the right way and now let me bring up another thing you had many strategies you can use right now the Internet of choruses such a good supporting as well of the direct strategy if you need to beef up your knowledge of how to use the Internet I can definitely re-create a uniform books or organizations are also web workshop that's true for any of the strategies out here how are you going to reach the larger numbers perhaps an event and if you think okay my donors are spread all over don't forget that there are such things as cyber events at one of my favorites because I used to get past that so many was a nonevent for a night this is just an example of how you can get creative where I would get the invitation that would say you are invited tennis open house on behalf the cause that we know you're interested in and you have supported us thank you very much we also know that this takes place on December six and is likely to be snowing and it rather in front of the fire him so please send that the sixteen dollars for this pick anyway here in the packet of hot chocolate that you can fix lisinopril and the fire badly phrased but that was the idea came out here Internet mail demands time you write a good appeal letter does all kinds of advice that we can share with you getting a little more personally and here use of the telethon now or telephones can do marvelous things when the latest of texting her fundraising will conscious about simulated got to make sure you match your donor earned owner group with the right strategy and of course nothing beats the personal appeal that you would make in here that one-on-one request than they are in our check which clearly my daughter had not mastered I mention the strategies on that side you will see the particular strategies again if you need any information on these please feel free to contact the taller me or I also want to give appropriate credit to Paul but just totally rebuilt their website we will have podcast chat live chat all kinds of services we have a bibliography on there but of course there's also success in the opposite were definitely happy and feel your requests know something about your prospects or else you're not going to be able to do this ballet I know so that you can intelligently ask and let MoveOn with planning this is not a question I'm planning except to tell you that your donors these days one plans I was carrying a board at a women's shelter in another state and then had been one of as I say we got the land house and boom there off and running and by the third month there was a moment of truth highly pay highly bad food so they brought me onboard I remembered a major donor adding another state went to see Hanley had a nice reunion hadn't seen him for several years one of the first things he says to me that I indeed have a plan ninety and the brief background I just gave you clearly there wasn't but I can't work with the plans I had me a fundraising plan had at least for the moment had satisfied him then he said okay we know each other real well what strings should I attach this organization had to beg a board so I said okay one of the ideas might be to demand a hundred percent for dipping and by the way that is almost a mandate there's a lot of it depends it gave noticed you have to use your intelligence to adapt these principles board support is definite if your board will not support dealing organization and holds interest don't expect to go fund-raising bats have documented it anyway he made a challenge grant ask again now let's take a lead cat got a few things about toward the leadership that I just leave you with that I do want to give you this page fundraising will succeed when there is strong leadership fundraisers are part of the organization sometimes we hang those poor fundraisers up there we say go do it and then when they don't get the amount that we expected without any intelligent examination of how much we can get there who is going to do what can we fire them it your innovation I have for it I see that over and over strong organizations can reach strong goals and better organization with a plan good leadership people participating good communication why would anyone do that they don't know about you and there is no excuse anymore for your constituents as well as the potential constituents to know who you are especially through websites in other sixty five percent of people be great against an organization go and check out the website whether or not they give through the website that's how significant it is in the number is growing constantly add that it takes money to raise money the thing is we have to talk about efficiency and effectiveness how little can we spend to do a good job of fundraising how much more should we put into that effort to raise that much more money well our time is that most of this is that the explanatory I would like to leave you with my e-mail also had some of mine and his cards if you want to come out and get one but definitely do can take my e-mail the trick is to spell my first name right and we would definitely welcome your questions if you have any now or if you want to see either one of us sometime during the day would be happy to do so and you do have evaluations yet you are not immediately release a possible reason him as long as you put a small community and he had risen hallelujah possible in a music professional and then I have the reason for a library and we wrestled which was not possibly one two million lifetimes last I can't tell you using with my questions he is the only was the role of these professional fundraising organization you can question the consultant consultants can be worth their weight in gold that you have to use them wisely and always remember you're in the driver 's seat you know what some of the jokes about consultants are someone who comes from more than fifty miles away the briefcase asset to your watch to tell you what time it is thank you to now since I serve in a consultant rally at sea I told them I felt that and there are times when consultants really can be helpful such as doing a feasibility study when you have a major goal you may not know your constituents very well and it might be wise so that you don't have a gold that you cannot logically reach that you really need to be very clear on what you need from that consultant and you're still the boss what we can do it here at all looking for a consultant I think you need one please call me probably have left the consultant said we believe meet the criteria that a.m. constituents of PSI represents and I'd be happy to talk to you about it consultants cost a lot and sometimes I'm not saying you don't need one that be cautious be why hire position and am allowed more time and effort buying a car than we do spending our inhalations money yet about went researching the prospect the first of all remember the three criteria of the linkage ability and interest of course researching cross-reactivity of current sufferers and easiest way to do that is that the prospect themselves as you develop the relationship they reveal more inches which is why you need that you menu need volunteers could you can't get around to everyone yourself there are volumes there are volumes in the library if you go to where they keep the foundation Center volume by you will find all sorts of information though probably astonish year because of everything that's out there then of course Google somebody are there all kinds of search engines that way had truly these days if you know how to use the resources on the Internet couple them with your own knowledge anyway there sometimes organizations will develop the committee none of the role at Petco and all focusing always on the cause not than you now can handle bad about that person not that I think that a committee was say okay this this prospect has this kind of an interest in my think that he or she could give five thousand dollars then you find out more about the interests and so forth it's an ongoing cumulative ethical project that that were task that really do is determine how good is your database pregnant a survey him him their year is not going to find out everything you need about that particular prospect this prize money that regularly surveys are a great way to update some of the most basic information we can talk about that some more if you wish but don't forget that these days we are so rich and information folks there is nothing you can find out about me except my darkest thoughts money might be missed by a non-Roman xenon will not allow his reason for cellular and is letting you know he is pandering to name our present on and carry them are personal of cars had that we get the network we reach our prospects five marathon mass mailings that we can do in order to build up back bottom level of our calendar database that you can do that but as you go up to higher levels of giving like renewing or larger donors are thank you letters absolutely the more personal the better it is there the question in the back languages say that again I miss some of it sitting in the theater and you are receiving what is called sin money like the lottery and is not tagged in and out of the idea entire half-day session than ethics is that it is a difficult dad and didn't do much I am very quick answer if you want the question was how I went about send money I love that I haven't heard that Tyler is said to be conscience money that had K there is an act for the Marilyn Fisher who read a really good book and it makes sense to the philosopher University in Dayton Ohio and then going to very briefly show you this model because I think it has a lot of merit they are two things that I can show you one and that and that extends to be a continuum on the inside we had things that Harry literally right or wrong or ethical or unethical I think all of you can sit there and think of those things share and 's that are the questions we asked them but in the middle here we have those gray areas where maybe for one organization it would be fine one time I was raising money for a youth leadership conference and a corporation that emerged as wanting to be them on the best supporter as Philip Morris English-speaking is there something wrong with it willing asking imagine me talking to you than in the bacteria cosponsored by Philip Morris okay now that was well practical as well as an ethical issue that he is glad that Marilyn recommends that you examine and please remember I'm doing this and have been in a hurry and if you want more on giving that reference look in your decision and of course one of the things that your ethics experts locale you is whatever decision you make suppose it shows up on the front pages of the newspaper the next day how will you feel about what you think while the first thing that you can measure it again and is one of the mission of your organization and both have always astonished when I talk to people about a mission name well I guess when you have one we need to be clear I don't care if it fits on the back of your business cards have unmentioned why do you exist if you don't do that how are you going to make the decisions are you going to talk to me of the governor okay secondly you have various constituents that this decision will note that effect other donors how will they feel about this one they want again will they be motivated again or will they quit giving the community college you look to the community to board the ultimate leaderboard all of the organization interest however they feel about it and moving on through that finally what can you live with what Kenya and looking at a decision that way remembering again that there is a continuum of things that are absolutely unethical but they Exxon Mobil comes to mind which was one of the biggest cases the oil spill and was it okay to accept that kind of money I also remember there are the Catholic school in New Orleans that was going to go under bigger they didn't have funding and and donor surface set up a friend not give it some more so that you can establish yourself firmly and keep the I have an idea problem was the donor was a rapper even that is okay thanks looking further some of the lyrics were very abusive to women okay Catholic school well the bishop said it's been a save my school it paint painted management maintain such an issue that newspapers across the country coverage that issue and and that's just assure you that these are not easy decisions to make well he decided to take the money I made it because it had been such a big issue all over the country nobody cared at that point I don't know about the difficult decisions to make but I can talk to some more about looking at how do you make that decision if you like Netflix write such a fix right server is simply the right person asking the right process that for the right cause matchup this makes a whole lot more sense to you this hour than it did hour and a half ago in the right way remember you have a mold tool chest and I think for the right cause and at the right time member their timing and had all kind of timing issues and for the right amount I remember another little kid than their living in Brooklyn New York we would go to the tenements and knocking on doors and doing gathering in our phrase we've been taught the same with anything you think it will help as well you think again give me one dollar ten dollars or ten thousand and we had someone from a I think you you have a market then he said he wants to see the faith anything of the matter we raised that and he has been given as one of nonmembers and every so often is less now and I can't find is all I were someone avoiding usual numbers as low as that is a titanic clash and there is a systematic man I gave to the church I promise to give to the church in man a challenge grant the matching grants and they raised the matching grant money that now being done is not giving they only thing that you never really Dan doesn't definitely locking the door after the birth of infidelity and not a warning to every male thing again in these kinds of agreements have them on paper have been very much spelled out and you can even say when would you like us to remind you about your pledge payment now you're in the negotiation via the any time you have that kind of it saying it should have an agreement rate has just been taken verbally this second thing I would save find out if you can why he's not giving it a name he may have suffered in the market and you could very well lead him save face if you say let's talk it over as to when you think you can do this can we work out some other big of the members are really looking for a benefit to happen playback can be helpful to him the third thing that I might suggest though there is nothing quite like appropriate peer pressure are there other people and his lab all who may be not made that big a domination that have made him a sense of the Tottenham and always keeping in mind what that money was going to do that it's really significant to carry out the cause that might help to that though those are tricky definitely tricky I have been definitely time to go at thank you so much for being a bad man is tall and I will be near he was visiting flowers near handling the transition where ready for a man painting and not black and medium with my audio only and not having been ended learn more and I find the number one a.m. it is a worry a free online newsroom and bring the new www. maneuver is not


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