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And Hope Does Not Disappoint

Katie Waterbrook


Katie Waterbrook

Registered Nurse



  • June 24, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Do any of you have any stories that you look back in time and you know that God You probably should have lost your life or something horrible would have happened but instead God performed a miracle there's two stories I like to think of often one of them is about me and one of them is about my husband and I'll start with me. In two thousand and eight I believe I did Bible work following up to Minnesota G Y C and. I. We were in the in the cities in Minneapolis My sister lives in Rochester and so I would work Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Sabbath and so Friday was my day off and so I would usually drive down Thursday night to spend Friday with my sister and then come back up on Saturday Well one Thursday there was a pretty bad snowstorm coming I don't know if any of you have spent any portion of time in Minnesota in any time between January and even June it's pretty cold there and awful and so. There was a bad snowstorm coming but I really wanted to spend my day off with my sister so I decided to drive anyway so I was driving and pretty immediately my windshield iced up and so except for probably like two inches kind of in a rainbow here from my windshield wipers I could see out and I was going really slow and making progress although things were pretty hairy and I really should have just stayed home. And I was see you know there's only like an inch here an inch up here for me to see out and so I almost missed my exit so what did I do and I last minute turned to get off on the exit and that did not go well I spun off the off ramp into down a bank and it was fine you know the car wasn't hurt I wasn't hurt I got out because someone immediately pulled off and was like Are you OK and I got out of my car to hear it and I was like yeah I think everything is OK and then he looked behind him said a swear word and drove off. And I looked to see what he was looking at and there was another car doing exactly what I had done swerving right towards me outside of my car and you know when you're in the snow I don't know if he's going to go right or left I just started running and the next thing I knew I was I felt I was just ended up on my knees I don't know how and the car landed between me and between my car barely and I know that that was an intervention of God because things could have gone a lot differently my other story is about my husband Stephen he went to Africa before I knew him I don't know when a while ago and he was leaving early with another missionary and so as I understand it they were to get on a bus that was going to take them to Nairobi airport and then they would fly out from there so they got on this bus and they knew their exit or the you know the trains or the bus stop name and they were waiting for that and waiting for that in the bus more people just keep getting off they didn't hear their bus station more people kept getting off and they went more and deeper into the city and it started to get not very safe and it started to get worse and worse and eventually the bus route was over and they had to get off and they didn't feel safe at all but they had no other option so they got off and not long after that they found themselves surrounded by pretty tough looking Africans and they couldn't understand what they were saying and Stephen knew that this was not a good situation and out of the blue comes this nice looking African who spoke perfect English and he said What are you doing here and Steven briefly explained to situation he's like you know you should not be here come with me and he led them to his car and he drove them to right where he needed to be right where they needed to be and I love those two stories because they give me hope when I'm in trying times they're like anchors are Evan users I know that God is working that God care. For us and he has saved us in the past and he is going to walk with us in the future. It makes me think of a verse in Second Chronicles sixteen verse nine if you want to turn there with me. Second Chronicles sixteen verse nine this is a beautiful beautiful verse one of my favorites. It is spoken from canonized the prophet to a fat king of Juda. And Second Chronicles verse sixteen Chapter sixteen verse nine said for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on the half of those whose heart is loyal to him if you go back two chapters to Second Chronicles fourteen Chapter two you can read starting in verse two about age that this is the king of Juda at the time and verse two says A said did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord for He removed the altars of the foreign gods and the high places and broke the sacred pillars and cut down the wooden images he commanded Juda to seek the Lord God of their fathers and to observe the law and the commandment He also removed the high places of the incense altars from all the quiet cities for all the cities of Juda and the kingdom was quiet under him and he fortified cities in Juda for the land and had a rest he had no war in those years because the Lord had given him a rest. Therefore verse seven he said to do that let us fill these cities and make walls around them and towers gate and bars while the land is yet before us because we have sought the Lord our God we have sought him and he has given us rest on every side so they built and prospered and Asia had an army of three hundred thousand from Judah who carried shields and spears and from Benjamin two hundred eighty thousand men who had carried shields and drew bows all these were mighty men of the oller. And verse nine then the Ethiopian came out against him with an army of a million men that's nearly double what a Sahad and three hundred chariots and he came to. So a so went out against him and they set the troops in battle a ray in the valley of death without admiration and Asia cried out to the Lord his God and said Lord it is nothing for you to help whether with many or with those who have no power help us a Lord our God for we rest on you and in your name we go against this multitude Oh Lord you are our God Do not let me and prevail against you and verse twelve the Lord struck the Ethiopians before a set and Judah and the Ethiopians fled not only did they flee a flat and his army followed them and defeated them and plundered them and in prophets and kings page one ten Ellen White says about this story from every human viewpoint the vast host from Egypt would sweep everything before it but in time of peace Asia had not been giving himself to amusement and pleasure he had been preparing for any emergency he had an army trained for conflict he had endeavored to lead his people to make their peace with God And now although his forces were fewer in number than the enemy his faith in the one whom he had made his trust did not weaken having sought the Lord in the days of prosperity the king could now rely upon him in the day of adversity his petitions show that he was not a stranger to God's wonderful power. I love this story because here is a fat who is doing all he can in time of peace and then here comes this Ethiopian army that seems very scary and very discouraging but in this trying circumstance a said did not lose hope. He turned to God and the title of my sermon today is and hope does not disappoint trials do come they will come if you don't haven't had one yet good for you but they will come. But God gives us a beautiful hope and if you don't remember anything from today I want you to turn over this don't lose hope let's pray. Father in heaven I just ask that you would please join us this morning as I share your goodness I pray that you would touch hearts and more that we would love you more because of this story because of the great thing you have done amen. I want to start by reading a compilation of verses from a lot of Psalm one sixteen to you. I love the Lord because he hears my prayers and supplications he listens whenever I call so I will depend on him as long as I live the pains of death and Gulf to me and I thought I was dying I was distressed and greatly troubled then I called on the Lord I beg you please save me you are merciful and gracious God heard and saved me he is full of compassion Oh my soul rest in the Lord for He has been generous with you he has saved me from death stopped my tears and kept me from defeat so I will walk in the presence of the Lord as long as I live what shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me I will greatly receive a copy of his salvation and thank him for saving me. These verses from Psalm one sixteen have been especially meaningful to me in the last almost year now some of you may be familiar that last August and leading into the fall my has been seen and I were dealt a one two punch when we were excited to grow our food. Family but found out that it was not a baby it was actually a molar pregnancy and there probably are going to be a few of you in here that don't know what that is I didn't it's when tissue that usually becomes of eighty instead becomes an abnormal growth in your uterus this has been pretty devastating and a hard trial for us but God has shown himself strong on our behalf through this trial and that's why I'm here to tell you of His goodness and I am very much a Type A Planner personality and what that is I also married a Type A Planner personality and so between us we have lots of lists that we love to make and check off we love to have plans we have little meetings and we plan our week each week and every day and we're really really bad planner good planners but in you know almost too much and so but if you're like me or my husband you know that it's very important that your plans pan out how you plan them to right when they don't go according to plan things aren't good well I grew up only nineteen months younger than my sister and because of that we just did lots together we were just one part one great apart in school so we had a lot of the same friends did a lot of the same things went on the same trips and we eventually became very good friends because of this and so her and I had both decided when we have kids we want to have our siblings close together so they can grow up friends doing everything together like we did it so you can imagine when I found out I was pregnant I was going to have another child less than two years from my current daughter Savannah. That I was really excited on top of all that two of my other best friends who were also pregnant we're all going to be due within one week of each other and so everything was going marvelous marvelously and very according to plan well not many days after I found out I was pregnant I started bleeding and I thought I would give it a couple days. And I after a few days I decided to call my doctor and I thought the probably just say listen you have an appointment a couple weeks line and you just watch it and come in a couple of weeks I thought that because that's what happened to a good friend of mine who had a similar situation they kept she called and called they kept brushing her off to wait well this is where my first blessing actually happened because I was not rushed off I was not told to wait until my appointment to my doctor ordered bloodwork for me and I went in the same day and the same day I got bloodwork I got a call from my doctor and they said you know we've ordered an ultrasound for you today do you think you can make it at four pm and I knew in my heart of hearts that probably wasn't good I asked them what the reason was and they said my H.C.G. was high now in layman's terms H.C.G. is your pregnancy hormone it's a long word that I could probably say if I wasn't nervous but. My H.C.G. was high and so high. Where am I OK So when you're H.E.G. when you're not pregnant usually your H.E.G. is between zero and five when you are at the height of pregnancy as pregnant as pregnant can be it usually hovers around one hundred thousand sometimes it's a little more but that's usually a normal healthy pregnancy with one hundred forty thousand which is very high for as early on in my pregnancy as I was when I didn't know that all I knew after this phone call from my doctor about the ultrasound was that I had a high each so I went to Dr Google and I looked out to see what could a high H.C.G. mean and I found that it was probably one of three things it could either be a baby with a chromosomal abnormality or pregnancy or twins so I decided that I was having twins and I didn't do any other research so I went into the ultrasound that afternoon and there was no baby and so they thought the. Doctor there told me that I had had a spontaneous miscarriage. And while that was sad I was relieved that it wasn't anything more serious I did find it curious however that my doctor called me that same day again and said you need to come in and talk to us tomorrow because by this time it was it was late in the day. The next day I visited my doctor and I found out that I was the lucky one percent of people who get pregnant to have pregnancy I had read that I had a more pregnancy but I didn't read what the molar pregnancy was and I learned that like I told you earlier it's tissue that should be a baby but instead it turns into some abnormal growth and it also has the ability to turn malignant and metastasized and so my doctor wanted me to get a chest X. ray and a scan of my brain and mediately and along with the imaging my treatment included a D.N.C. surgery to remove all the tissue and then I had to have weekly monitoring of my lab work and I couldn't start thinking about growing our family for another year after that. And so all of this was very scary but I was most upset that my plan for having children close in age was completely foiled at this point. But there was nothing to be done but follow treatment protocol and so that's exactly what we did we were actually feeling pretty upbeat because an A.T.G. level were really falling nicely every week and we were feeling like God was blessing and three weeks later I ended up hemorrhaging and going to the E.R. because of that. And right here I'd like to pas because there's just so many ways that God bless little ways that you don't really think of in the moment but this was a Monday morning that it happened and my husband is a surgeon and Mondays are his block days which means that's his time set aside to do his operations. Well he didn't have any early morning cases on that Monday and so he was there with me when all that happened another miracle was that my mom answered her cell phone right away and she was able to come up and take care of our daughter while we went to the E.R. And you know we had just been your family for just a year and a half I shudder to think if this had happened when we were far away from family what would have happened because they were such a support and such a help and God really knew what he was doing the whole way. So we were trying to get ahold of my doctor my doctor had sent me to a gynecologist oncologist in Sacramento right away and so he was the one that was watching my H.E.G. levels and his kind of taking control but we couldn't get ahold of him when I was hemorrhaging and so I didn't want to drive an hour to our hospital they are to see my doctor so we drove to the one my husband works at that was just eight minutes away and he was able to call in the best gynecologist in town and this was another amazing blessing. On our way to the E.R. we did get a hold of our Sacramento doctor and he told us that my H.C.G. had again spite he hadn't tell us that on the day that my last I got my lab work he waited and it was not very good timing but anyway. This guy this guy out of college just in Grass Valley where we went was just another blessing at this time because he came in and he was like this knowledgeable capable grandpa It was just a wonderful mix of confident and compassionate and he was the one that performed my second D.N.C. to stop the bleeding and he was also the one that told us right before surgery that they sought metastasis on the on the C.T. scan I had when we went in in my lungs and my liver. In. And so he not only prayed with us before surgery but he also stood in the O.R. and held my hand as I fell asleep and that was so. Encouraging for me during this time. God really sets us up for our trials and he gives us as much comfort and hope through bad times as as I mean there's no limit and so I just praise him for thinking every little detail through. Over the next two days I had more tests and doctor appointments at this time I was working with an oncologist in Grass Valley as well as the. College just in Sacramento they were working together the Sacramento doctor was kind of leading the treatment plan in charge and then I was going to get my treatment through the oncologist in Grass Valley. And we could have learned a name for the new malignant invasion in my body called gestational blast Dick. He staged me at high risk mainly because of the metastasis in my liver that with seen on C T And because of this it was very aggressive cancer I needed to start treatment very quickly and so we did speak with some trusted physician friends in Ohio where we used to work and then around where we were and we felt confident that this was the right thing for us to do and so two days after I was an E.R. hemorrhaging I started chemotherapy. And the chemotherapy regimen that was recommended for my high risk age was called Amoco and each of those letters stands for a different drug. And by themselves they're pretty nasty in combination I was terrified of them they had short term side effects like hair loss and infertility and the long term side effects which would be like leukemia popping up twenty years in my future. So I was almost more scared of the drugs than I was the cancer although I didn't want the cancer either. But that being said I am a firm believer in evidence based medicine I wanted to use the scientifically proven methods to treat my cancer so that I would be around for my daughter as long as the Lord will. That being said I did want to do what I could to help my body boost my immune system and be as healthy as I could and so I did that through basically just eating really good and several other things if you'd like if you're curious about that we can talk about that. Separately so I had my first round of chemo in the hospital because it included a twelve hour infusion of methotrexate and we didn't have time to set up home infusions because we just really wanted to get going attacking this cancer that night my room was full of family and friends from our church I was prayed for and anointed and this was just another wonderful blessing from God people from literally around the world started telling me that they were praying for me and that really bolstered my courage I just love how global our administratively really is. However these early days were also very challenging and scary and dark many told me that I was brave but in all honesty I was not to be completely honest I'm not proud of this but I'm just trying to share from my heart. When we were driving to appointments and especially a check into the hospital for my first round of chemo part of me hoped that I would get in a car accident and we would just end this right here and I might seem kind of extreme or melancholy but. Trying to tell you how terrifying it is. And terrified I was to walk through this valley of the shadow of death it wasn't something that obviously was not in my plan and it didn't seem like something that was fun. As a health professional and also in my personal life I've seen the worst side of cancer as I'm sure many of you have my grandmother died when I was in high school of cancer that spread to her liver and all I could think of was now I have cancer that spread to my liver and on top of the emotional turmoil and fear I also felt pretty bad physically as you can imagine I lost a lot of blood so I was tired and felt weak and I had a really pounding pounding headache I felt like my head was going to explode every time I moved. But I don't remember feeling angry I don't even really remember much deeper reflection at the time so many things were happening so fast it's almost like I moved directly to the acceptance of the situation. This is what was before me and I had to walk through it. But I do remember telling God you know I don't want to do this I do not want to do this this is scary and I don't want to do this but I don't want to do it without you. So you have to do this with me. During this time. I found David Asher of God in pain tremendously helpful Has anyone read that book here. The very first chapter start to a song twenty three and I thought I would just read it the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me lie down in green pastures he leaves the side still waters. My soul he leaves me in paths of righteousness for his namesake Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you annoy my head with oil my cup runs over Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever he points out first that God is our leader he goes before. For us it says The Lord Is My Shepherd he leads me beside still waters right he leave me in cause of righteousness he is our leader he is in front of us the end of the chapter says Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me who is good who is merciful it to God right he is not only before us he is heavy enough and from behind. And not only does he lead us to the green pastures the quiet waters the paths of righteousness he doesn't stop when we get to the Valley of the shadow of death does he he's still leading us and if he is leading us to that valley he will lead us through that valley as well and it's interesting that all these stops are along the way for us to go down well in the house of the Lord forever. David Asher says it a little bit more eloquently than me so I thought I would share a quote from this first chapter he says sublime and serene are wonderful but the wise Shepherd knows that there are lessons that simply can't be learned there so he leaves where we need he knows that the journey to heaven is as much a journey to heavenly mindedness as it is to a location and that is more about a process than a place more about an experience. Than an end from this present perspective life's trials pains and this is a tude can be viewed not so much as obstacles and inconveniences to be avoided at all costs but as helpful even essential stops on the journey for this is no ordinary journey it is not a mere line or series of points from A to B. and beyond no it is a journey with the shepherd to the shepherd. I'm sorry and I want to sniff in the mike but I believe that God uses trials and he uses them for his good purposes I also believe that satan uses trials and oftentimes he's more successful try. Are completely overwhelming when we feel out of control we have this tendency to turn inward and look at self and try to protect self and we kind of go in this downward spiral and feel overwhelmed. There's a book by Steve Mays entitled overwhelmed by God and not your troubles and I love that title I love that thought because it is very true if you change your perspective from your trial to God He will overwhelm you in times of trial with his goodness with his mercy with his comfort with his hope with his forgiveness with His grace. One of my favorite verses sixty one verse two says from the end of the earth I cry out to you where my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I Now is another very comforting thought to me during this time that there is someone bigger and in control. The song this is my father's world there's a there's a line in it that says and the wrong seems often so strong God is the ruler yet and some one of the three nineteen says the Lord's throne is in heaven and he is king over everything now it might seem pretty simple to you and it is simple it's a simple concept we know God is all powerful he is in control but to me this is just what I needed to get through this trial he was in charge and he was in control I pondered his amazing night and how like for a fact he could change everything right he could have prevented this from happening he could heal me he could turn everything around but he didn't he could of but he chose not to. And for me that was really comforting because it meant there must be something in this trial that I need some good in it for me and that paradigm shift was very faith building. And then Esther sent me this quote by C.V. hands. Speaking of job but need every disaster every disappointment but need all the perverse things that were wrecked his plans crushed his hopes and robbed him of friends goods wealth and home he believed there was a divine purpose and benevolent hand I love that a divine purpose and a benevolent hand. God does not make mistakes and he does not intend us harm either if we are going through things that seem hurtful or harmful or like one big mistake we need to remember that God is on his throne he is in control of what we go through and if we cling to him whatever comes our way he will see us through. But like H. that we need to be preparing in times of ease so that when trials do come it will be as natural for us to turn to God as the flower to the sun steps to Christ page eighty six says from the stars that in their trackless courses through space follow from age to age their appointed path down to the minute just Adam the things of nature obey the creator's will and God cares for everything and sustains everything that he has created he who up holds the number word unnumbered world throughout immensity at the same time cares for the ones of the little brown sparrow that sings its humble song without fear when men go forth to their daily toil as when they engage in prayer when they lie down at night and when they rise in the morning when the rich man feasts in his palace or when the poor man gathers his children about the scanty board each is tenderly watched by The Heavenly Father no tears are shed that God does not notice there is no smile that he does not mark if we would but fully believe this all undoing psyches would be dismissed our lives would not be so filled with disappointment as now forever. Everything whether great or small would be left in the hands of God and this is what I really like who is not perp left by the multiplicity of cares or overwhelmed by their weight we should then enjoy a rest of soul to which many have long been strangers and that beautiful God is not overwhelmed by anything we go through. Not long after this whole world when this all actually happened pretty close together a good physician friend of ours who works in Boston heard of my diagnosis and on her own she just decided to do a little on research and see what she could learn about pregnancies and gestational. She actually found at Harvard in Boston there was a man who specializes in this now one percent of people who get pregnant get more pregnancies and even smaller percent of that turn into cancer so this is pretty rare there's not a lot of doctors who are familiar with this there's not a lot of research I spend and there's been some. But the man who has his name on many research papers in this topic was the man that my friend found at Harvard and so she tracked him down and she's like hey that my friend has this you think maybe you could look at her chart and give give your opinion and bless that man he was an angel he said yes and when he gathered when we got all our stuff to me looked at everything he's like you know I really don't think it's in her liver that's actually pretty rare for it to go in her liver and if it wasn't in my liver I wouldn't be a high risk case now if those two facts were true that means I wouldn't have to continue with the five drugs awful chemotherapy regimen I would be reduced to a single agent chemotherapy with not as many bad side effects so when Steve and I heard this we were really excited this was too good to be true but we were also really confused because we had talked with several physicians in. In our area as well as Kettering and they all seem to concur with my diagnosis we have a plan you know here's my plan getting messed up again and now this person that we didn't even ask has decided to come in and say something completely different and so we talked about this and we were confused and we thought you know what we have two other second opinion a consulate set up at this point I was going to go to Stanford and then I was going to go to Mayo Clinic and we decided to pray that if it was got if this Boston guy was saying what was true God I would help the two other second opinion consul to say the same thing without prompting them to so I we kneel down and I prayed first does that make sense what I said OK I don't want to confuse everyone so I feel down first and I pray and I said Lord you know we're hearing this new thing we have to appoint second opinion consulates coming up if you could let them say the same thing as this Boston guy. Please help lead us in that way and then I learned out no I did not plan on saying this I blurted out and Lord please help our doctor here in Sacramento to change his mind to agree with the Boston doctor and I could not go I did not plan on saying that I don't know where it came from and I was like yeah right doctors do not change their mind on diagnoses right not usually and they're definitely not going to let the patient know that they decided they were wrong nevertheless I had prayed it well not many days later probably just two days I don't remember the exact time line I was talking to our physician friend from Boston she had given the radiology images of my liver to a G.I. radiologist someone who looks at pictures of livers all day and works at Harvard and he said he was one hundred percent sure it was not in my liver while I was on the phone hearing this amazing news I got a text from our doctor in Sacramento and he asked us to please call. Him. When Stephen talk to him he said he had met with a couple other colleagues reviewed my case and changed his mind. That it was not in my liver and then I was not a high risk. Talk about it you know sort of prayer I could not believe in God How do you pray for prayer only to answer in such an amazing way and so quickly and it was at that point that I knew I was going to be OK I knew the second opinion consuls were going to agree with what this Boston guy said I knew that I was going to live and that God was on my side. God gave me a new at the user and new story to look back on for future trials and so that's exactly what happened I started a single agent chemotherapy. Regimen for three months I finished in December and to this day I am still cancer free so I am praising God for that I am still in monitoring for another six months or so but I just have to say another fun blessing right in here my chemo regimen was at a set schedule we were just following my levels so once my H.E.G. levels were in the normal range for three consecutive weeks. Then I would have three more rounds of chemo and be done and so you can imagine every time I got my number I was calculating and trying to figure out when I was going to be done with my calculations showed that I was going to be down on Christmas Day Well sometimes it pays off to be bad at now because the week before Christmas I learned that that was actually my last chemo and I just thought that was so precious the Lord to even give me the holiday off everything was just very thoughtful throughout. His blessings are very numerous throughout trials and probably not just one more in trials but I think that's one of the most open to seeing that. And while I'm grateful very grateful to God for what he has done through this trial in my life I do want to acknowledge that not all trials have such a wonderful outcome. The hardest part of this trial for me wasn't the medical treatments it wasn't the physical ailments it was the disruption in my plans it was that this appointed hopes and I think that's something that we can probably all relate to on some level when something in our lives doesn't go as we thought it should or planned it would disappointment settles in doesn't it and that might be something we all struggle with on a daily basis basis. In Romans five Paul tells us that he is glad for trials and suffering because it produces patient insurance and patient and Durrance produces strength of character and strength of character gives us unshakable hope and then he says and such hope does not disappoint in a world full of disappointment he verse six tells us that hope is a fur and secure incurred for our souls and leading us into the very presence of God Some forty two eleven says why are you cast down on my soul and why are you disquieted with me hopin go hard for I shall yet praise him the help of my countenance and by God. First Peter one three to seven says. Blessedly the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who according to his abundant mercy has gotten us again to a living hope through the Rapture resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away reserved in heaven for you who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time in this you greatly rejoice though now for a little while if need be you have been grieved by various trials that the genuineness. Of your faith being much more precious than gold the perishes though it is tested by fire may be found to praise honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Hope and Mabel's us to hold our heads high. Refocusing and lifting our heads to the goodness of God taking our eyes from the weary path that we are walking to the glorious goodness of God reminding us to trust in the perfection of his ways and he leaves us home where there is no more sadness no more disease no more disappointment and those who walk through trials no matter the outcome can cherish this hope. Life is not void of trial but God does show Himself strong on our behalf in our most difficult times if we will allow it. Sadly many do not choose this. Instead of allowing them to feel themselves to be overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the mercies in midst of trial they turn from the only one who has promised to never leave them or for sake them and many turn away for good. Today my only appeal to you is for you to not be that person. If you feel overwhelmed by trial maybe not currently but maybe in the future. Cling to G.'s S. he will offer you hope that will withstand any disappointment in life don't lose hope. I promise you if you look for it you will find it God will overwhelm you with his goodness. And so in conclusion I just want to stand here today to praise God for the hope and the beauty he has shown me in the middle of trial. And I want to thank him for him I mean we here is a man of war and he is showing himself strong on behalf of those whose. Hearts are loyal to him. And I also want to thank many of you who knew it was going on and prayed for me and sent me that wonderful care package that really bolstered our courage and I just want to thank you for your act of love. And so in conclusion and I want to read a couple of verses from. Praise the Lord Oh my soul may everything within me praise His Holy Name praise the Lord Oh my soul and don't forget all the benefits he's given you he forgives your sins and heals your diseases he has kept you from an early grave and treats you with love and compassion he gives you the comforts of life so your strength is renewed by can equals Blessed are those who find strength in you and who travel the road to Zion when they pass through the valley of weeping. They will find springs of comfort. And then. In closing Lester asked me to sing a song I'm going to try to do. I actually wrote this song during. All of this and. The verses are contracting what we know of God and then what we experience in life because sometimes those are two very different things but the chorus is just a prayer that God would. Help us navigate those times and I pray that you are blessed sing this and then we'll pray. Thank you. We thank you. Much more.


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