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Tools to Facilitate Lifestyle Change

Dr. Anabel Facemire


The benefits of lifestyle change for patients are many. But how do we help our patients implement these changes? Dr. Facemire identifies methods that are being successfully used in her cardiology practice and resources that are available to patients.


  • May 12, 2017
    10:45 AM
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Haven't. We come to use broken souls. You hungry D.M.. And has. Uses for your purpose and we are here health care providers trying to find wisdom in how to move forward. You saw us. For the purpose you created us. Give us ears to listen and eyes to see way I pray you name Amen tools to fastly Tate lifestyle change and I'm going to share with you. My failures and how I. Been trying to find a way to hurt this gas war with a medical practice I don't have it all together yet but I know that God is calling us health care providers for a mission I'm going to share the objectivity of this talk or church scene deal with making sure I have them all clear for C.M.E. purposes so this scribe the benefits of helping patients implement lifestyle changes how to treat lifestyle related diseases with an evidence based approach. Identify methods that have been used successfully in other practices and discuss ways to implement these methods in your own practice so those are the objectives that these lecture us and I really hope that you can through this hour of talk under it. Stand the potential the you all have to bring Christ to those in need so the C.D.C.. Centers of Disease Control says that seventy five percent of the health care cost. Are related with lifestyle diseases. Seventy percent of Americans are overweight or obese nearly one half of the American population will be obese by twenty thirty and according to a two thousand and twelve study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Had a growth on this epidemic to affect also children and childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years and one out of a three American children is overweight obese today many experts project type two diabetes as the future of global epidemic we diagnoses projections as high as one in three individuals from industrialized nations that have adopted this standard American diet the war on cancer was waged by press the Nixon began forward over forty years ago yet trends indicate that cancer is a suspected to be calm the leading cause of there in the U.S. by twenty thirty seventy million Americans have hypertension with elevated risk for stroke and heart attack is probably no where all many of you but these are things that put things and perspective and we need to understand what are we dealing with in order to understand why it is God calling this to the U.S. spends substantially more on health care than any other developed country as of two thousand. Nine hell is spending in the US was about ninety percent higher than in many other industrialized countries and yet the US ranks near the bottom in health. Ninety percent this is the most striking thing of the US senior population consumes prescription drugs with costs doubling in the last thirty years and the complications ASIL CA with those Brits drugs are the fourth cause of death. With forty five to fifty million of the various events annually we are experiencing prolonged morbidity with the life expectancy now surpasses seventy a seventy eight years but with more the generative diseases and this is an alarming combination for the US health care cost heart disease what I deal every day is the leading cause of death for men and women every thirty four seconds someone in America has a heart attack and according to the American Heart Association one in three adults has some form of cardiovascular disease the cost of this epidemic is one hundred nine billion annually in Washington State hard to seize is the number two killer of people taking the lives of twenty eight people every day in the number one cause is actually cancer while heart disease may be considered by many to be a men's these one in three women die of a hard day's over par disease each year the equivalent of one death every minute by for comparison one in thirty one women die of breast cancer but if you go out to the streets today and ask a lady what are you worried about out and why are you screening for. What it was the answer. Exactly and thought the solution for the modern medicine to all this epidemic is what drugs so that is what we when train correct to prescribe drugs for high cholesterol for headaches for fevers for pain for five of my ology for diabetes and we're piling drugs over drugs into our patients trying to help with the side effects that the previous medication is causing And so in my profession in my specialty you know we've been doing wonderful things for people with heart acute heart attacks you know when you have that acute heart attack when you have the Thrawn both studies forming and clogging there already you go to the castle OP and they they go there and they just get that clause in lie said and put a stent but that is no what's happening in the last twenty years what's happening is many chronic. Blockages stable blockages are being open. Only to fixed symptoms and so it has been clearly demonstrated that. Surgery open heart surgery and stents do not cure awful risk Rosies every time the someone gets a stent when is a chronic lesion were smashing the the fat and the plaque into the wall. Patients are thinking that they're getting those those clogged arteries out and they there were sucking that argument just the big fat we're not we're smashing the walls with this terrible inflammatory process and. And we bypass those blockages where bypassing the problem literally. And so in someone comes to my office after bypass surgery and they are still smoking and it's like Naveen happened and they feel everything has been fixed. What do I have to tell them I have to remind them that in twelve to eighteen months forty three percent. Of those graphs there are extract the from the legs are going to get clocked forty three percent of those bypasses from the legs are going to clear. So why has changed why are we in this epidemic and if we look according to the food review U.S.D.A. the trends of food from one thousand nine hundred students two thousand and ten sugar come sanction has increased exponentially. Orioles' she needs fruits and vegetables one hundred and thirty one pounds per year in the nineteen hundred to seven pounds per year now. And the nutrient density because we are not having this kind of food has decreased to sixty percent soft drinks fifty three gallons T.V. computers and video games. So the Western dietary calories by comparison sixty three percent are spent in processed foods twelve and vegetables and twenty five percent in animal products. Why has change fast foods we forgot to cook we're always no hurry we. Drive vans with our kids through McDonald's or through any fast food restaurant to take them from one game to the other to one practice to the next and everything in the sugar consumption or N.R.E. schools and the rewards we give to our kids since they are little which sugar has been grown exponentially to. Anybody take just two markers heart disease and cancer and we look at all the countries the more industrialized countries Hungary us Belgium Sweden Finland the amount and the percentage of heart disease and cancer is huge when the percentage of angry fine plant foods is small but you go to Laos and Thailand and Korea places where plant based foods are predominant you see the rate of heart disease and cancer. So what is the evidence based approach for the epidemic. And of course. Genesis one twenty one is the first one as believe in the Bible an inspiration and God says See I have given you every herb they deal seed which is on the fear face of the earth and every tree has fruits. To you shall be for food. And then the Spirit of Prophecy. Is she says in ministry of healing grains fruits nuts and vegetables prepare in a simple and natural in a manner as possible of the most healthful and nourishing food. And then we have the Adventists health studies probably. Many of you have been part of it. Twenty five years study with thirty four thousand participants that show then on average Adventists men leave seven point three years longer and Adventists woman live four point four years longer than other Californians. And their fine simple held behavior is promoted by the seven the Adventist church for more than one hundred years nonsmoking eating a plant based diet eating nuts several times per week regular exercise them until your normal body weight increases the lifespan after ten years so that was an observational force study. They had raised from all cancer was sixty percent lower for Adventist men and seventy six percent lower for Adventists woman and. Lawn cancer and color rectal cancer and breast cancer and who are now the origin of Easy's much lower than those that have this done their American diet then we moved to Dean Ornish studies he said ninety one percent regression Hugh demonstrate the ninety one percent progression of angina in one year on those patients that were sick animal I'm also a nuclear cardiologist and this is an image of a hard with our right ear tracer and here you see there is a lack of blog floor right there. With the evidence of its steamy and after one year the same lesion you see there and feeling. Out there mistreated that that blockage passed improved resolve and regress to so you know. Been a pioneer in the world of. Prevention and reversing hard disease. There has been reviews of two hundred in six it's. Review me a logical studies showing the role of their shovels has the most consistent and powerful ass association with the reduction of cancer of all types including the stomach Congress call and breast Dr Ornish did a prostate cancer lifestyle intervention and he was able to demonstrate seventy percent of prostate cancers were halted in their growth so seventy percent of those men were able to avoid the terrible terrible side effect of castration with hormones and the side effect of. Losing control of the you're in and the terrible side effect of treating prostate cancer as we've been treating there for so long. So the other thing he demonstrated during this study was the increased along great length and that means that you we're with the way that he put these patients the diet that he gave them he said was slowing the aging process. Dr Barnett is another scientists and physicians that worked with diet be diabetics and actually he got an A in a grant it was a small group of patients but he demonstrated how clearly planned tradition versus the American Dietetic Association. Recombination diet really make a humongous impact in the human when a when C L D L weight and how many cases really drop forty three percent compared to them usually a diet. More research is the nurse health study now maybe one thousand woman will follow for eight years and go. Consumption of processed meat fire more times per week was also hit with the increased risk of diabetes nitrate exposure inflammation and him iron stores. And one of the latest that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine November two thousand and sixteen. A two thousand and sixteen a study looking at life style changes exercising eating a diet full of fruits vegetables and Grace know in small King Hill lower your risk of heart disease even if you are genetically predisposed to these and this study is very important because empowers our patients to understand that they are not to be the victims of their genes the fact that their parents or grandparents. Had diabetes or heart disease or hypertension or high cholesterol is not going to be their destiny and this is now been proved by this studies they miss the gears found the genes can double their risk of heart disease but a good lifestyle crap said in half just as important they found it terrible lifestyle raises a half of the benefits of good genetics so the individual research results of each study were very impressive in the first study when participants with the highest genetic risk follow a healthy lifestyle they cut that ten year likelihood of heart disease to five point one. Percent from ten point seven percent in the second study the high risk and healthy lifestyle participants cut their risk by from four point six to two percent and the third study so there are three different cohorts three different populations. In all of them women children different cultures all of them them straight is the reduction of their heart disease when they adopt. So D.N.A. they did conclude it is not your destiny it is not the terminus sick from this disease and this was done by the A must use the General Hospital now one of the methods that have been used successfully to reduce and reverse chronic disease so we reviewed the research OK so now let's put this in practice what has been done and any of you recall a C.N.N.. Story about these two physicians Dr Dean Ornish and Dr cow esle seen and have no Mr Clinton went to them for help because he wanted to be there for chills his wedding he said he wanted to be there for his grandchildren and was his desire to start this after bypass surgery he had two more stands into those bypasses So he was desperate to find a way to keep himself alive to be with his family so that's how the media started to buy this. Nutrition. And Dean Ornish has done is a has published many papers about lifestyle changes reversing coronary artery disease and after thirty years of one bargaining Medicare with this research finally his program has been approved by Medicare so hospitals that they have the Ornish reversal program. When people come to cardiac rehab after a coronary event if your hospital has this can have seventy two weeks a plan based nutrition. Stress release and so poor and of course he practices yoga as part of his program. Works over knife Dr how S. is seen has promoted with Dr Colin Campbell and the China Study is a wonderful book to read for some of the physicians there are still struggling to understand the power of nutrition but the China study was a wonderful study done in rural China. Looking at patients and their eating habits and changing them to a different environment and causing disease and was a study was done over the years and created this movie called The forks over night of some movie this is one of the things I give to my patients. To watch and they have created a grace a poor online support and they go all over the country trying to help people to understand the power of nutrition. Dr Joe Firman is another physician base in New Jersey who has been a peer in Dr office many many times as part of the medical advisory board and has really transformed lives what he calls the new tree Tarion diet mainly a plan based nutrition. And his website is full of testimonials and this is one of them brawny Ronnie had bypass surgery forty had another bypass surgery at age fifty. And he was extremely depressed and ready to let go he. Had children he had a family but he had no hope and when he found Dr firman and follow the program he had to change his driver's license because no one with able to recognize him anymore. Powerful stories like this. Continue to inspire patients that the change is possible Dr Neal Barnard has been an expert in diabetes and and the brain too and he says we send our children to the best schools we can afford and try to equip them with more of values that will last a lifetime but we give them food habits that when they grow up well sure to lives are of every three so in my practice I use the nutrition kids to inspire parents to help the kids to cook. Healthy meals for the children and also I challenge my patients to start this twenty one day began kick start every first of every month there is a twenty one day vegan kick start that is free that your patients can join and they walk them through every day with recipes grocery shopping of breakfast lunch and dinner and for twenty days they are detox I usually challenge my patients to get detox with this twenty one day week and Kick Start program. And my mentor and dear friend doctor Dr Stoll. He is the co-founder of the plan tradition. Project and that some it's a resource that every physician in this room I want you to explore because has transformed my practice Dr Stoll says it's going to take doctors becoming informal racing banding together and in this spirit of he. The credit oath demanding change of the current system decisions are trained to treat symptoms of diseases rather than addressing the underlying imbalances that perpetrate illness as decisions being to change the system will begin to change the ocean in real health care reform and sustainable system this will require a grassroots effort grassroots effort on the part of the physician. And his first book is called Alive it's a spiritual journey to for change and the second is called the Change mill and Rose he was employee a Whole Foods and Whole Foods has partnered with Dr Stoll and sent all his employees to one week retreat the Dr store puts together. And meal and Rose the last two hundred and twenty five pounds and he is now living proof the plan based nutrition can transform your health. So how do you. How do you. How do you learn nutrition how can you get informed we're so busy we cannot be studying hours and hours and in every single every single profession in health that dieticians physical therapist. Anyone that is in here. Can greatly benefit from this conference. Call the international plan based nutrition conference unfortunately I cannot project what I'm seeing right here I don't know why but it is if you Google plan base the tradition health care conference is going to be September twenty. Four to twenty seven in Anaheim. And you will be able to get exposed to all the pioneers plan based attrition and we're able to get all the resources you can to bring your patients to be into your practice and help your patients. So. I'm going to about this. Now. This is a great also probably who is anyone here familiar with lifestyle matters. OK a few of you but this Griffin and Ellie Kissinger put together this wonderful resource for churches. Really helps to bring the community and the churches together to help our patients to find better health so that's another resource and of course the CHIP program and the CHIP program now is has been revamped was bought by trial a conference and is really bringing in. Tremendous amount of research and science and prove that D.S. type of of changes in lifestyle can really make a difference and we're hoping the medic here will soon be approving patients. That are and will pay for patients that are in the CHIP program the same way they're paying for Ornish So they're gathering all this information and data to send it to Medicare but the Comprehensive Health Improvement Program has really been making a difference in normalizing blood pressure lower cholesterol lower fasting low who goes and lower B.M.I.. But. I wanted to tell you now what this very personal to me and what happened. With. This. Traditional physician and cardiologist and how God brought me to be in a preventive cardiologist today and I happen with my son Ethan who since he was nine months all was very very sick with asthma he was in singular he was on floor and he was on steroids on and off and Albuterol and since he was nine I was always coughing and having a runny nose. And I grew up as a seventy Adventist being vegetarian on and off a lot my tomatoes and my salads no one in medical school all cardiology mention ever anything about diet no advantage ration. After we finished our Catholic rounds or are. You rounds we were all eat goannas and pizza and a large no one rarely ever say a word about the power of nutrition to heal so when I saw my son doing what he was doing I just keep piling medications we went from one pulmonologist to the to the next until he was four years old and. One of the mothers in preschool came to me and say Annabel you know your son is always missing school he's always sick he said will you can see they're reading this book. And she was a little hesitant you know I'm a doctor she's new She's just trying to make sure I don't hate her back you know here is the book read it and ran away. And when I see. Reading Joel first the forum book supreme unity I start remembering when I read it when I was fifteen years old in ministry of healing. And I started realizing. Is it possible. It is possible that. It cannot be you know. The pulmonologist would have says something about their dairy was the cause of his I asked Mark he would he never mention anything about this and my son hated vegetables and I was very happy to give him tomato and avocado every day that's all he wanted and that's all he like so I never push my daughter another you know my daughter ate everything broccoli and cauliflower but my son never liked that any of that and I thought that he never ate any meat and so you know the beans and the rise and the two made an avocado will just take care of it. And when I read the book and I finished a book I said I have to try this I have nothing to lose. It was three weeks that I took him off dairy. And that child hiding has knockoff or had a runny nose and I said no it cannot be let's go for another two weeks. And then it came three months and he hasn't been in the E.R. no prednisone. Six months and I became wall I told the pulmonologist I'm going to take him off Cingular. And when I told him that was going to take him off Levin he said if you want to doctor him don't come back to me. And. It was our first Christmas every Christmas we were in the hospital every Christmas. And that the. Boy of course had to have the cookies and had to have the pizza if this was Christmas and the school was celebrating Christmas what happened two weeks later to two weeks after Christmas time we were in the hospital. So it took six to a month to push the broccoli and the boy he just couldn't get it. And I wish I would have known this earlier because our children need to be learning this since they are one when they were never they can have a bike. Because it's been a struggle and still this but I can see it over and over again and I realize when I went to the first land based nutrition conference and. Listen to all the speakers that I didn't want to be more pain the floor I didn't want to be this Dr Morgan floors I actually wanted to close the faucet and stop that cycle so true Dr will stall Dr esle Stein's Dr Firman I said I am going out Why did it buy what I did with my son I apply to my patients why will it happen. And you know what my patients started to have to had to stop the blood pressure medicine I had to stop. Diabetic medications they didn't need needing they haven't Jainas. And and so it it was wonderful and then and then my pastor. Tom said. Would you like to be the director of a health ministry in our church. He said I bought some wonderful things. And I want you to use. And then he read this to me. Medical missionary work is the right hand of the guard. It is necessary to the advancement of the Cause of God. As through a man and woman as lead to see the importance of rye habits of leaving his saving power of the truth will be made known. Every CD is to be enter by workers trained to do medical missionary work as the Rihanna of the third angel message that's methods of treating disease will open doors for the entrance of press and. So all I said OK I'll do that and you know what he said he said I want to get rid of my diabetes and hypertension I'm doing it for selfish motives I want you to help and so we created a bond in leaving. People who are. In the bright group and. You're. So educational so. A practical in terms of how you can engage in it but more than anything it's really the impact of the research and science being kind of that was one of the greatest things we've done the program I work with the hospital and so she and she told me about the program and I'm so glad that I came my mom is her patient and she and her sort of goes well I've learned so much from it and in the two or three weeks ago that we went to the first class people were to some of those changes in our life. Your green. Green Book was. Very very great your. Well I hope you. Have. One. On. Your We're going to try to make sure we're helping the poor people. When I'm with my cardiologist they hadn't have a medicine one more time and I just want to do something to try to get all the medicine the talk to him about you know Bill recommended doctor for me is what I went after a few days and went to his program and on it's been six weeks now I've lost twenty pounds. And on the blood pressure is down I'm going to medicines that was that it's very and I can I just feel real confident this is this is going to do it for me from a blood pressure for me I have asked the arthritis in my knees I'm seventy years old and within two weeks the pain in my knees that I that I had every day was gone I've lost twenty two pounds but and we're just starting are six weeks. But what I notice more is. Is no pain from inflammation I feel better. My taste buds are. Completely different I can taste food much better my sense of smell is better and I have more energy. And at the peak of my ministry when we were. Ready to transition. To bring in the Gospel to them. Tried to be striked my mother was diagnosed with. Made a static spilling her coma she was the queen of kale she was the one preaching to everyone around about kale and the benefits. And when that happen I felt that someone slap me on the face. And everything that I had and everything that I wore when. I found if you did. I warm and. That it was on fibro pressure medicines. I know listening to her daughter I decided to change her health and. Drop forty pounds and was their. Best test that I could have anywhere. Was dying. I took her to Wildwood. Trying to find hope trying to find a medical. And I talked. He does not remember probably. But I talked to you. And I said. He was supposed to work. This plan basically tradition was supposed to be the answer. And he remind me that we are in a sinful world. And we can no art. Do what I did. Waste in one year preaching about the tradition and not talking about others. I wasted one year of that a bundle even program we used to have. There yes I gave at the beginning but Tom and I my pastor and I we were shy. We were not all. We wasted a year and many people did not hear. So I acted that tragedy. I said Lord what next what. And when I say what next my husband an engineer he map the US and said OK we were not leaving enough and Adventists get oh my kids were going to A and Christian school but they were struggling you know why do we have to go to church and Saturday while we can all go to our friends and on Sunday why we cannot go to the birthday party why and why do we have to be different and we thought that we needed to do something and when we my dad when my mom passed away. We had to do something and he had my Florida and California and Texas then. I was ready to sign a contract with so Norah when I got a phone call from Walla Walla and the C.E.O. says you know I have your C.V. in front of me and you're interested in lifestyle and I want you to come and visit us I don't have a position open but when you come and see. Long story short. I moved my family to well. And I started my dream practice the preventive cardiology practice I was in Maryland for fourteen years fighting with nine cardiologist who were making fun of me every day I will go to the lounge and you know I did an experiment actually with a pharmaceutical. I said I want you to bring fruits vegetables. Break salads don't bring sodas don't bring don't. You know at the second week. At the second week the head of the of the of the of our office came to the my room just slammed the door and said What are you doing and so will you me he says What are you doing. You know you know that ladies over that we have like thirty thirty employees those ladies there are miserable there and their pay. Let them be fat and let the ME HAPPY. So when I went to while Walla and started my preventive cardiology practice I was in heaven. And so I said Laurel How do you want me to do this how can I do this and so those are these are the principles that I have apply in my practice in the last two years and I want to walk you walk you through them but the principle was preventive medicine no mopping the floor. I got a volunteer making beautiful Bible verses card. That I keep in my wife. And when the lore prompts me I get those cards out and they have kiddies and dogs and flowers and mountains and I asked my patients to say which one you want. And they look at me and said oh this is beautiful so I get that car and the high there is a promise and I say I know I read to them I. Pray to them with I pray but I pray that promise I read to them. And I've I learned a lot about this spirituality a minor carry that with those questions were really powerful. What's the source of your strength that's a great question so. I knew that finding the root of the problem was the first thing I needed to do I could no be. Given and to quite a bit of lockers for a few patients I have to understand why are they having a traffic violation what imbalances are in their bodies that is causing these patients to have a fit why is this patient hypertensive. Are they snoring do they have a sleep apnea. Is interesting my patients look at me like I had two eyes three eyes when I said. Why do you eat for breakfast. No one has ever asked them that question before what they ate for lunch so you know we're treating. The peak of this humongous iceberg we're not addressing it until we don't address this we're never going to make our patients well. Dr Senior mentioned yesterday that these these emotions this toxic emotions these pass this psychological abuse can cause tremendous damage in a body's if we don't address those issues we can never make a patient. So I says in the the root of the problem is important and so and then you have to know if they are willing I can not preach this to all of my every patient because so much they're not ready they won a quick end and now they're wonders and they won out so you need to pray every time a patient comes to say Lord lend me give me the tell me how can I approach this patient is this patient ready and then my first visit with them is usually sixty Minutes the first visit. I mostly listen. When you listen to your patients you are going to learn why I they're struggling and how you can help them and they make a very sure set of goals when they leave my first visit we said OK we're going to drink more water OK. We're going to to walk ten minutes after each meal short term goals really practical and not one hundred pounds weight loss not very very concrete and practical but they need to leave your office with some goals and then I give them homework I said OK how do you learn the you like to watch you learn by watching or do you learn by reading and so I have two sets of videos I have the eating you alive video and forks of a nice video and if someone likes to read I have plenty according to what they have you know I for I'm from learning from other practices they have a system like a like a library card and they make a deposit of the boss the ten dollars or twenty dollars and they can check out the books my office manager didn't want to do it said no no no we're not going to do it it's going to be too much of confusion you just give them the books so some of those books come back from some of the books they don't come back but I'm brain and hoping that those books they will be able to to read them but. The magazines are a wonderful and. Especially the Byron life I found the really helpful and our growth tracks are very small but very effective so. So those are the things I had to be in Europe when your office I have two rooms and my partner has another two rooms in his rooms they have all these. Time in National Geographic and all these house magazines I have nothing of that in my in my room all the things that my patients have to read is this because you know if they have Time magazine or they have something else they they will probably grab what they are familiar with so they have this when they way for me they have all this institute to browse. And now the law the next thing is you have to create a support for change OK if you tell your patients to change and you give them some tips and there is nothing else how long are they going to keep it up. So I talk to the cafeteria staff I talk to the sheriff he's not an Adventist he's not a vegetarian but I talked to him and I said you know Carlos I said you know I'm telling my patients certain things when they come here they don't really have an option you have a salad bar that is very minimal can we make it better when you give us some being an option so so his star implement in and now we have to be going options in the cafeteria. Now I am the director of cardiac rehabilitation so what I deal with all those cardiac rehabilitation patients is I give them homework and they have a little brochure from the plantation project is called quickstart guard and you have that in your head. They have a series of resources that there are in there for you to to look and see and then we started the CHIP program so. I now give you a case study dissipation of mine with a history of diabetes of struck Davis who is the Bobby and. He just graduated from the chip class and these are his results eighty pounds weight loss seven inches wasted confidence daily exercise increased I mean he's continued to want you to have big minutes decrease easily decrease stacking and so. I'm just going to let you listen to what. He starts to munch. Dr Chung saw me after two grand mal seizures and talk to me about the CHIP program and asked me if I could explain it to mean asked me if I would be interested in it and I told him yes I would and he suggested my name I don't know post doctor face Mirer to ask but I got a call and went into it and at the time of the program I weighed two hundred sixty pounds and I had a forty two forty four inch waist and halfway through I had lost twenty pounds. And at the end of the class I had lost thirty pounds and seven and a quarter inches around. And I felt better I had lowered my Staton I had lowered my insulin I was exercising I exercised through hours a day on a bicycle. Freestanding bicycle and did ten thousand steps a day. And all I have done is feel better stronger happier I went in the program wanting to beat diabetes I've gotten two thirds the way there and with the group or monthly meetings and everything else that will keep the morale going I will get there I'm Paga by well I'm not from a believer in the program I have found it's a very attractive died. It's a very good diet and I just I mean granted no man I can imagine that you may live quite well I just I just thank You know I'm eating quite a bit of food but it's all food that's good for me food is helping me I just believe in the program wholeheartedly I gave it one hundred ten percent because the day that Dr Priest learned and told us we're starting today and we're going to eat the chip diet and that's exactly what I did I've had no caffeine I have had no meat I've had no dairy products I've had no mail and I will continue that way until I reach my goal and see what happened to that one that kind of diet did you understand why you said no no no no did they tell you why no for those particular foods yes they did they told us all of the reasons on why this food was not good for us why meat is not good for us and everything in the CHIP program classes inform you and answer all your questions that can come up through most of the people at least myself I learned a lot from the book let alone the films and the instructors because you could come up the question and you did the book or then structures how to viable answer to that that gave you the proper answer to it and what answer your question holy were you could go on going. You felt like you knew the answer by the time left that classroom Dr Fay Smar said several times this program is a lifestyle change for me it was completely a lifestyle change and anybody that goes into this program. House want to do. It because if they don't change their lifestyle it's not going to do any good. Whose life I'll change sums up the whole program I think. Because it was definitely a lifestyle change for me and it was definitely one for the better I can hug and kiss Dr peace Marlon and I and Ross as many times to thank him because I feel so much better so much healthier and you're so you're God willing I'm going to be doing better. So. East I I think we need it. If we had twenty eight and nine weeks maybe care less. The chip program if your dad Benteke. And it's. I'm not an expert in coding but with specific code of. Diabetic education and with a registered dietitian I will show you the team. We've been able to. Help the patients to complete the program we asked one hundred fifty dollars. From them and we said e Bay complete fourteen sessions from the eighteen you will get fifty back so those one hundred dollars help us to cover some of the food cost and. We ask a pastor this time and because our our sessions were twice a week we had two different pastors but each one of them brought a B. and one of the morning sessions we had the Beatitudes and and pastor in the morning every morning will open up with devotion and challenge. Them spiritually one of my participants said you know the diet was good and everything they are learning but what really was the most important thing for me was finding God again. And that made it all worth it so we had registered dietitian had a nurse physician exercise educators would do exercise and we had our prayer warriors my volunteers and you know what they do I got to. Their war is hell with mingle. Mingle with that. And have make friendships and they go and eat together and they buy them to church we had a series with John braccio and a few of my chip participants attended that. So. And. Then the last thing that I was the division in the practice is connecting the churches with the health ministry so when I asked my pastor about doing something for the community he said well the church is in a while while I have never been able to work together I have not been able to to work together for anything really everyone that is on their own thing but with the Spirit of God. Blesses and people are open for God's Spirit to work wonderful things happen we got the first while while the Health Expo in the pavilion the fair County and we have more than twelve hundred people coming through our doors each church got one of the help remedies churches have their boots of water therapy of nutrition of sunshine of rest and I need. Size was beautiful and the churches were there with their beautiful stands we invited some of the. Businesses to support as we headed Sheely contest and. God blessed and you know Dr Stoll remember. I invited he's not an Adventist yet. While he was there and my prayer worry is where they're praying with him and when he stood up on Sabbath morning in our church to give a presentation you know way he started to cry and he said I said this guy and he couldn't contain. So all these powerful when decisions were together with pastors. And a month ago the shock came again I was rushing to a meeting an eight A.M. Monday morning. And we were announced our hospitals closing. Our hospitals being transferred to Catholic. And Mary's Providence and it. So all. This time. I felt or. Now what what do you have for me. How can he be useful in your head and I have to believe that he still is calling me to America. And I want to share with you the principles of health reform are found in. The gospel of Health is to be firmly linked with a ministry. On the ward it is the law is the sign that the restoring influence of health reform should be a part of us great efforts to proclaim the gospel message. We were bought by. Christ died for us and for us for each one of our patients. And the Lord has called me morning when I was doing my worship. Thank you for giving is the privileged to be your hand. Thank you given is the privilege of Health Ministry. Are. To the whole we are very comfortable in our practices. Challenge by this great need of. Preaching the Gospel to everyone. Tired of this world we want to. Use on hand so imperfect. And help us to minister of patients with compassion. With tender. Even then the. Media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much. If you would like to know about. More service.


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