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The Combined Work

Zeno Charles-Marcel
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How can health care providers and pastors effectively work together to win souls for Jesus? Why should they work together? Our worship service focused on these questions and answers for the church.


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.


  • May 13, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven. It's presumptuous of us to. Think that we're going to invite you to be here when you're here already we've invited you before. But we want you please to consider our need this morning of you are in need of your spirit. So that what we hear and what we experience and what we say and even what we think. Will bring honor and glory to you will change us to be the kind of people that you want us to be. This is my prayer in Jesus' name. Is a strange place to start. Talking about ministry in Genesis eleven. Six The context of Genesis eleven six. Is the Tower of Babel. And here were these rebellious people getting together and they said we will build a tower we will do this OK. But Genesis eleven six gives us some insight into how God sees what happens when people get together. And as the text says they speak the same language and they're working together what does your Bible say. Nothing can stop them right they will be able to accomplish almost anything. Now if that can happen for something bad. Come on. Back and have been for something bad don't you think it can really happen for something good. That when he threw his Holy Spirit. Gives his blessing and His power. With our working together with the same language. The same purpose the same mind set. To accomplish what he has asked us to do and we know that his buildings are enabling us. How can we fail. Amen how can we fail. So part of our problem is that. We probably don't really believe we probably don't we have we have fear we have other things that take our minds away we. And I say we because I'm including me I I don't know it's like we're brain damaged. We oftentimes. Don't even don't even think about letting the Holy Spirit do his work in us. And letting him. Do what he can do. So that we can do what we have to do. Our of an Avid people say and I've said to myself you know. We're doing God's work. Early what we can never do God's work God does God's work God gives me work to do in a gives you work to do and what we should be faithful in doing is what God gives us to do. Not trying to do what he has to do. All the spirit. First Peter two twenty one. Four two this you are called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow in his steps. Yes we will have some suffering and suffering has different ways of manifesting itself you know being. In the hospital late at night. And. Wishing that I could go home. And then getting a call from the E.R. there's somebody else who just came in and I need to go down and see him. I remember this happening one night I have been covering. Over the weekend and I have not been home. All we can. And who comes into the emergency room but a gentleman who calls himself filthy McNasty. That's how he referred to himself filthy McNasty. At the beginning he didn't want to talk to me. He was found. In the park and some of his cohorts had said that. He had been coughing and he was sick. And so they alerted somebody and that person called the ambulance and they picked up this guy and brought him in filthy McNasty. I could have been home. But I had to take your filthy McNasty. As it turns out he had an anaerobic pneumonia. And I had the privilege of trying to get his consent. You see he had been drinking too. And he had made a little fire. And he had some burns on his body. And he had not had a bath I don't know how long. Would you call that suffering. I took care of this guy and I called. The one number that he had I called his niece. Who was living somewhere in northern California. And that's how I can get what is really in words. And she was just so. Because he hadn't been in touch with her for a long time he just wandered away. I told it seems as though he was living in the park. So. What am I going to do and I thought I needed some I need a consent it was the next of kin that he had told me so I got concerned. And I had to do a. Tricky and stick to get some. St of. And I had to explain this to him but he wasn't really with it but he gave me his consent to do this the next day when he woke up. He said he remembered me I was the guy who stuck a needle in his throat. But he was faithful. And we asked him if we could shave him and he said yes and we asked him if we could cut his here and he said yes and of course he he had the requisite bath. And filthy McNasty actually did well. And we set him up with social services. And he actually was a college graduate. And he had turns of events in his life and you know everybody has a story. And we related him with his niece. And he promised. He would do better. Was it worth one night. Of not having sleep and not seeing my family to work with him at Massey what you think. Is this the kind of suffering that we're pointing. To for Jesus. As as a physician that just seems so small I'm expected to do they're. Expected to do. What else is there. How about when I have to suffer because my opinion is not taken into account about that. Do you go maybe in Washington they don't have that problem. What happens when. The pastor and I don't agree. And after all. I am probably one of the highest tithe givers and. Supporters of things in the church. And the pastor and I don't agree. What I think should happen here. Who should win that. And the disagreement who should win. I would hope would assume that God should win no right and that I should be willing to humble myself and the pastor should be willing to you because you're the pastor. And a pastor should be willing to humble himself and we come to some equitable agreement seeking God. And that we work together for the edification of the seats. Is that the kind of ministry thing going is going us do but do you think that you think that we have to suffer through some of these things you bet and I'll tell you sometimes to give up Europe. And the pride that we have in our opinion because we think we're right. It's been for suffer. But that's of our own making. I was told yesterday. I was talking to a friend from back and he's in Texas. Yesterday evening he gave me the sad story. They were doing a clinic a clinic in a box in a part of Texas and he. They needed a dentist and the dentist in this church. Was very resistant to doing any of the stuff. And so my friend who is a physician he tried to press him on this. And he said the dentist words were these. This stuff is all foolishness. It makes no sense to do this and he said. All it is is we're bringing a bunch of homeless people into the church. A man. So he didn't want to have a part of it he did not. Sign up to. Give one afternoon of the services. So my friend said. He spoke to another dentist who is not a Seventh Day Adventist. A Christian man who has an interest in people. And that man volunteered. And they had a wonderful experience. And now the other dentist. He got the vision and that something. For is the. Jesus uses the idea of fishing and of selling. How he does things because us to be fishers of men how did they fish in his the the did take a look and wine and one fish at a time that what they didn't know they didn't fish right and what you do when you cast a net cast out wide net and you take in all kinds of stuff right the good and the bad maybe some cans and bottles and some shoes do right. And then what do you do you're sort them out you keep what is good and what is bad is the this is God's view of fishing. Should we have any different view. We should cast a wide net and health ministry. Understood in its broadest sense cast a wide. And then we have the idea of sawing. Is a going and you know I remember as a boy my dad teaching me how to plant corn and peas and we plant them together. And he'd say this and then you do two steps. And you were right and that's what we did OK is that the kind of sewing that Jesus was talking about no. It was taking the seed and scatter right scatter the seeds you broadcast. And he gives in the parable about some falling on good soil and you know you know the story. I had scattering abroad. This is the kind of ministry we should emulate. Wide. Scattering. But the harvest is plentiful. But the workers are few. Be kind to one another tenderhearted forgiving one another just as God through Christ has forgiven you. Are a dentist in Texas. While it was easy for me at the beginning when my friend was telling me to say what kind of guy is that. But for the grace of God I am right where he is. I was feeling really good about myself about some of the things that we were doing. And I got this story. This is this is a real story. You know we talk about. You know you have one of these clinics and what are you going to help people and some of them are vagrants and were right there were some students in Southern California who decided. Well they had missed some of these opportunities or they wanted to do something and they came up with the brilliant idea of going ministering to the homeless but they had no real skills. So you know what they did they went and they cut here and washed feet. Now those of you who have been in the emergency room and have seen homeless people come in what kind of state are their feet. You know I wouldn't have thought of that as a ministry. For me to do. And after I heard it I felt ashamed. And my willing really willing. To do this. Now I'm not asking you you know is that right. I'm not asking you. Am I willing to do this. The thing is if I am not willing to do this I have a much bigger problem. Than I mean imagine. And that's where working together comes in because somebody who is willing to do something encourages me to go along and do it too is that night. And then I might be doing something and I encourage them hopefully we're encouraged we are encouraging each other in good things not in bad things. So we encourage one another. And we work with one and. There are things that my wife can get me to do that other people cannot. That's just how it is there are things that some of my friends. When this is you know let's do such and such. I think about it seriously but if other people tell me I may just dismiss it just no I don't have time for that but when my friends are saying let's let's let's consider this. I have a few friends that we keep in touch. By text and telephone and Skype and you know this is just a few three people in but particular. And we don't we don't keep up every week or a such thing. But when. These guys say we're thinking about doing such and such I take it very very seriously and we have some vigorous discussion. But it's very serious these are Christian men. These are friends of mine and. They're not of position it's OK just to be clear. And so we get each other involved in different kinds of projects and different things and we even have done things together but apart in our own churches and then computer results and things like that it's exciting but we're working together even though we are part. Working together do we have to work together when you think. Well comprehensive health ministry. This is a cry centered gris filled people focused all listed ministry that is inclusive it includes other people it's not just for the health professionals it's not just for doctors and then there's and there's and there additions and and nutrition which is not this not just that it's everybody is involved in this is something this something here for everybody. Now what is the sign that we are His disciples Jesus or it's right up there. That we love one another and this love for one another is very very important I would say it this way if we don't get this thing taken care of we're not getting off of this planet and by. And I'm just touching the surface I don't want to get into all the political issues and all of that stuff but this is a really really deep one. The come by work it involves all of us. All of us. Not just the health professionals in the church not just those who take a course in. Medical missionary work know it involves all of us. It involves all of me. You know people ask me act especially in foreign countries one of the things that people ask is what your profession in the United States not so much that I ask you that what you do right but in other countries it's what your profession. Well. I've decided actually decides some time ago. I profess the Lord Jesus Christ how about you. That usually gives them a start. If that isn't our profession then what are we doing. Now I profess our Lord Jesus Christ him crucified and risen our risen Savior he's alive and he's coming back to take us home OK. Bryza Lord. All you want to know how I earn a living how that's another story. You're following me what do you profess how do you earn a living. Different issues. I've even looked at it from the point of view of. Of gnomes and and adjectives and why a Christian physician. Physician known Christian adjective. Or am I a physician Christian. Christie a known physician adjective. How we. How we visualize how it is in our heads will make a difference. There are some friends of I Have they are definitely. Position Christians. Their life. Is being a Christian. And I have some friends. Who are Chris. And physicians their life their identity is because their physician. How about you now getting personal. And you don't have to be a physician you can fill it in with any kind of occupation that you have. Which one is the No no which one is the adjective for you. How do you see it does it make a difference do you think it makes a difference you bet it will ponder it. The combined work involves all of you like all of you and all of you or of you all of us working together in ministry this is what the combined work is about this is Ministry was a ministry of love and compassion rebuke of courage humility reconciliation he was father dependent he was educating people teaching people healing people restoring hope and teaching them. In a way that would restore them this shallow. All that is good. Why do we minister why I have to ask myself Do I really love. Do I really love. I mean yes yes I do and that you know I'm away from my wife. Right now because I'm here and she is she is there I send her a note I love you. And she says One other note I love you and now with all these different emotions and whatnot we can do this hearts and you know it really IS REALLY CUTE IS REALLY CUTE. I love you. Do I really love my wife. Do I really love. And then we say and we sing we love Jesus all how I learn. Jesus do we really love Jesus. I mean I am not kidding this is a serious question. Do you really love Jesus. Is he for you. Everything. The first i'm last the best in everything is this how you see him. This is how I see him. And we talk about the fact that God loves us God is love is not right God loves us. And we see wonderful but I want to tell you God's love for us is not what gets us to heaven. I don't think that I'm saying something that's wrong hear me out. Who does God not love. He loves us or is everybody going to heaven. So God's Love alone is not. Now it's absolutely necessary. But it's not sufficient. You know what makes it sufficient. Our love for him. So do you really love God. And I don't want you please to think that at the end of the day you meet me in the hallway and you say or doctors you know that was a powerful message or some of that I can't imagine anybody telling Jesus after he gave the sermon on the Mount that was a powerful message man. I think they had to inspect themselves and grapple with what he was saying. And I hope that's what you're going to do. Grapple with what we're talking about. And this is not just for you it's for me to. All in this together. Even though God deals with us individually as well. Do I really love Jesus do I really love Jesus do I really love people because he says that we should love people we should love what he loves and hate what he hates is not what he says Do we really really really do that. This is hard stuff. And this is part of what makes you know the gap between. Our our talking about ministry and health ministry and what not and the practice of our profession. Whatever that profession might be. And actually having that work that we do. Be a ministry. Because we love God. And we love people. True Christian follows Jesus example of how we are to live love everybody including your enemies this is what he said Give what you can be there for those in need and never shun someone because they don't believe. This I got from the internet and I thought it was worthwhile to share with you. That's what the Christian life is about. Now Health Ministry is supposed to be a most effective work with the pose of a passion to share the power of Christ His Word and prayer as the only agents of permanent change. There is nothing else that produces permanent change nothing else. It doesn't matter which journal I read I find nothing that. Me that this produces permanent change. It all of the years I've been working with behavior change in lifestyle medicine internal medicine and that of about. People say yes yes yes just like I say yes yes yes but without the power of GOD IT'S NO NO NO. Robs of Sam. Recognize that it's a process not an event and we commit to building long term relationships when we work with people we're not just event oriented I mean you know and that's the end of that right. So this combined work this this complete work this comprehensive health ministry is not you know get in there and just do this it's not some special secret agent. Episode we get in and we do the stuff and we get back out of Mission Impossible no no it's not that. It's sticking with it being there. Through thick and thin and as one person says through sick and sin. We love people more than we love the health message. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. This is an issue. We should store for ourselves treasures we're in heaven. For a long while I used to wonder about that. It seems as though all my earthly treasures money and things like that they would go to the church maybe the church is not heaven. You see I came from a Catholic background I didn't think the church was heaven and all. And then I was in light and. Through reading and studying and pondering this. Who goes they have. An award goes to him and. People. Could it be that simple. Where we going to invest invest in people. Invest in people. This is what's going to constitute heaven. People. And of course engines and God But people that's was going to heaven and we need to love people more than we love even the health message. Yes. We must offer accurate evidence based health programming information it must be accurate evidence based programming information it must be accurate. Not just. You know I go on the Internet and find something some fly by night kind of thing and the next thing you know this is what I'm talking about it sounds sensational people say Man that is really right and the next thing you know everybody has the I got invited to a church. This was many years ago. A church in Chicago. And. We had we were there for the whole weekend and the Sabbath afternoon we had a program of questions and answers and things like that and somebody asked me the question and I'm going to tell you of the product somebody asked me the question about barley GREEN OK Anybody who remembers a by the green craze Rocky was during that era somebody asked me about barley green. And I said well let me tell you about. The Greens. A barley cake you know you can take barley. And you can sprout the barley and what you have is the sprouted barley which is what makes. Barly GREENE OK So you don't have if you believe that it has all these you know health and this and of properties then sprout your barley How does that sound that is a reasonable I suspect your Barly let me tell you I was taken to task because there was a woman in that church her living was made from by the Greek. And one of the elders came and told me I need to go back an apology the woman was crying because. I was taking away her business. I don't know why somebody asked me that question. I wasn't intending to talk about by the green that's just. That just happened. I don't know if there's anybody here who sells barley green I don't know that. So please forgive me. But we're not we're not just about about doing this kind of a business. I went to. A meeting with George Marcus. I went and I heard him speak. And he was talking about the Greek. And then he gave a secret he said you my don't tell too many people about this but. I don't need to have breakfast all I need is two scoops about agreements. No breakfast by Lee Greenwood take care of it. Is this what we have as a comprehensive health ministry in our church to scopes about the green in the morning. OK Anything I want to get off on that all right the influence of the Holy Spirit is needed that the work will be properly balanced see we need balanced work right and that it may move forward solidly in every line and this balances not just balance within health is balanced with all of the other ministries that we have as a church right and the central focus thank you very much Pastor for for talking about the central is evangelism and you'll see that coming out as we go a bit further the Holy Spirit. Sends a message when he uses the gospel ministry medical missionary work and the publications containing present truth to impress hearts all are made effectual by means of faith as the truth is heard or read the Holy Spirit sends it all to those who hear and read with an earnest desire to know what is right. And if that happens to the people that we talk to it should happen to us first. We need to examine ourselves need to examine these things we need a prayer bout it before we get up in public and start you know saying that this is the next best thing to sliced bread right. So with all these things what am I afraid of. Ladies and Gentlemen are you afraid of feeling. What you think. Maybe I should ask you what do you think the person next to you is a freedom. Oftentimes afraid of feeling we don't want to go out there on a limb and then things don't work. But we have to be of good courage. What we think is a failure may not be. May not be able. Been the places where the number of people who show up for a meeting or whatever three or four people and I always recur on that statement when two or three. Two or three are gathered in my name was there. Jesus is there right I don't know how large their group was that was was there when Stephen was giving his testimony. I don't know how large the group was. The size of the group didn't matter who was in the group mattered because Paul was in that group. So two or three people come I don't know which one of them is pour. Scatter widely. What I'm afraid of losing. Control. In one field they were telling me we have a problem. We've been training our laypeople. In medical missionary work. And the health professionals are against it. Now let me say this I want to be clear there are some things that we ought to be against. But the quipping of the saints. To do basic so-called medical missionary work. What's the problem with that. When I went to investigate what I found out was control it was a control issue. The health professionals they were to be in charge. And now you have people who are not licensed. Who are going out there. And must logic people and bringing them to the church. I mean how terrible. Citing them and bring them to the church what kind of stuff is that going to the mall and telling people and getting our trucks and what bring under the church. And you are supposed to be the health leader and you're not doing their them what are you what you think What are you afraid of. What I'm afraid of discovering. These are questions I ask myself and I'm just sharing them with you. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes I'm afraid of discovering the truth. What really is going on what's really in my heart why what my motivations really are. But God wants us to discover he wants us to have self-examination and self discovery but more importantly in the that he wants us to discover him. It's cover history. Because to know him is like it or not that's what he says. So for spiritual service we have some things that are implicit and we have some things that are explicit. And please think about this in Matthew seven Matthew twenty five or fifty eight we all have in these texts we have issues of implicit things and explicit and let me let me unpack that for you there is something in here for everybody in the church to do everybody in the church. There is no person in the church who cannot be involved even a newborn baby. Who can resist the cooling of a newborn baby who. Never crying and making a lot of noise well then they get a lot of attention. Who can resist a new one. So you have your newborn baby and people come in. And you start of a conversation there's something for everybody OK Now how does this look not everyone who says Lord Lord of enter into the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven here's the thing many will say to me that the Lord have we not prophesied in your name that was prophesied in God's name a good thing yes or no yes do you do you see this spiritually rich thing to prophesied in God's name yes OK next cast out demons many of you have been casting out demons lately. I don't see any hands do you think this is a spiritual the. Power gift the people have yes the cast out demons here they have been doing that in his name and have done many wonders in your name and then I will declare to them I never knew you Depart from Me you will practice lawlessness Can you imagine people doing all of these very powerful spiritual things and Jesus saying. I never knew you. Why would he say something like that why. Because these people were not really in tune with what Jesus was about. They were not in tune with him they were not in step with him they were not obedient to what he was about and so even though they were doing these things so spiritually. You know powerful. They were of not any benefit to them. I would assume that it would be of benefit to the people who receive those blessings. But I would look at another list. Then the Kings will say to those in is right how come you blessing of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for I was hungry and you gave me food. No that's all like a spiritual. You know. High class activity I was hungry and you gave me food what do you think Pastor is that is that like the top of the line. Is a point about mercury and. Somebody will cast out demons Now what are you thinking about that person. That that person really really in touch. Giving food food I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink when you go I think give me something to drink. Simple simple anybody can do that right I was a stranger and you took me in her car now we're getting a little more. And I am very thankful to the gay family. Because I was a stranger and they took me and. Thank you. I was Nicky the new clothed me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me and then the writers will answer him saying Lord when did we see you hungry and feed you adversity and give you to drink when did we see you a stranger and if you were naked and clothe you or when did we see you sick or in prison and came to you and the king will answer and say that there are surely I see do you in as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brother and you did it to me is there a work for anyone in the church yes we all can do this we all can do this. So here's a little schematic I'm probably going to improve on it as time goes on on this side we have things that require maybe some general training no license required everyone can do this including license refresh professionals and I put that in on purpose because sometimes licensed professionals believe that the only thing that they can do is what they have a license to do wrong. We can do what anybody else can do. Well OK so here we are so that's on this side and on this side we have things that require a special training license require only license practitioners are permitted to do and guess what those who are licensed to do in those who are professed they can do that. So we have an entire continuum here. And the beautiful thing in our church. The way God set it up and the pastor talked about it yesterday and today. Is that we have the privilege of being able to equip one another. So that we can be actively involved in ministry all of us. And this is is the big view of the combined work of comprehensive health ministry that we all can do something. But it starts off with the idea. Do I really really love Jesus and do I really love people. If we really love Jesus and we really love people we will see opportunities just bubbling out through the floor. That I have some ideas here implicit things feed the hungry water the thirsty visit the sick friend of disaster like this difficult stuff to do. Are you going to do it continuously. You know do it one Sabbath afternoon and then that's the end of that right. How many have been involved in that kind of activity in your church you've got one summer afternoon you come back and you have a session. And you say this was really good we should do it again. And another year goes by and then somebody says let's do it usually the young people say something like Let's go out. OK floor the naked what clothes that you have in your in your wardrobe that you haven't used in the last year that somebody else really can use I mean. Think about that. You don't have to make any family you don't you don't have to make it a big deal. If there's a thrift store somewhere just quietly go and donate it. Or keep it in the car keep some things in the car. And I am sure there are homeless people in Spokane. Makes them by this day. Give them something. Educate teach empower encourage one another awaken the spirit of inquiry let people ask the question why are you doing this. It's because I love you love me how could you love me you don't know me. But I love Jesus and He loves you. That's a different story. Some of the explicit things that we do in health ministry cooking schools healthy shopping classes alcohol and drug recovery marriage and family seminars exercise aerobics class the doctor small group health things first did for. This first responsible for us not just responding first responders. This respond. OK And then there are some things that are entrepreneurial in other words it it doesn't have to be costly and it doesn't have to be something that everybody has to do there are some things that can work for themselves for instance I would have pulled bag and food distribution Well you might say but you know you go to the supermarkets and you say look we're starting a food bank for the litter and they have foods that about to expire. And you distribute it to the people who need it. What does it take from you some thought some organization some investment in time. How about a juice bar so which are there were some guys young guys in Atlanta they decided they wanted to be involved in health ministry they didn't have much skill or anything like that. So they started making juice. And it was really interesting because they couldn't get a place to put a juice bar. They were promised a place but they couldn't rent it. So one of them decided OK. By the time that place gets. It's free for us to be able to rent it we were going to rent it let's do some marketing so you know what they did they made juice. And they took it to the office buildings and they told them we're going to be opening a place down here we want you to test the juice see if it's a manager like give us some feedback and we'll anyway they were they were known by the big office buildings. Because they bring them fresh juice OK And then the folks would give their feedback and so now they had a set of juices when they opened. The juice bar it was an immediate success. And these young people were giving tracks and giving seminars on Health them healing and Bible studies. Out of a juice bar. Homeless Shelter like a Pacific Garden Mission they care often home foster care home health aide new mommy and baby gear new immigrant services tutoring we may not have much of that you know well anyway tutoring homework help our language literacy disaster preparedness we have I mean that the sky's the limit we can we can develop all it takes is somebody to think about what's a need around here and let's see if we can do some. In about it and if you have two or three people who are getting together say let's do it it works even better right you have encourage men to have some momentum you put it together. Medical missionary work is in no case to be divorced However from the ones that the ministry the Lord has specified that the two shall be closely connected as it is with the body without this union neither part of the work is complete the medical missionary work is the gospel illustration that's. The bottom line. Combined Work. Working together. Finding ways to reach people. Because we desire their good. Mingling with them. Gain their confidence. And then disciple. The gospel of Health is to be firmly linked with the Ministry of the word it is the Lord's design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message. Him in. The programs are not to be godless. There are many godless behavior change programs you know that. Some of these slides were given to me by Fred Harding and I made a few adjustments to them this is one of those the goal of our programs must be to introduce people to the only power that can effect permanent change the more skilful and perceptive scientists cannot bring the dead to life. But the word of God can write only the gospel brings the dead to life. To arouse those spiritually dead to create new to this new motives requires a great outlay of power. As great an outlay of. Or as to raise one from physical death it is indeed giving life to the dead to convert the sinner from the error of his ways but our deliverer is able to do this he did it with me. I am a living testimony and so are you we passed from death to life. And we have the privilege of sharing that with other people. And the talents and the gifts and the degrees and the licenses and all of these things shouldn't be obstacles but rather should be facilitators of being able to reach people where they are. We should share Jesus as the only effective agent of change but we don't have to go around beating people over the head with a Bible. And at the same time when I'm talking about. There is no issue. Of righteousness by vegetarianism. Nor writers as by exercise. Nor writers as by veggieburger or even. Writers not by his back. It doesn't exist. There are only writers and. By fifth. This is not a work related issue it's a grace related issue. With Jesus as the only effective agent of change. And people will discover this if we let them. If we mingle with them and if we have been recipients of His grace we become infectious agents. And sometimes we have to talk something. Now in our practices and in our clinics in our offices spiritual practice is negligence by act of omission by a Christian who fails to share the availability of God's power to change and heal thereby causing continuing pain injury and eventual eternal death we have something to offer people because we have received something special not because we are special. But because God things that they are special. He has given this to us not just of all we live longer in and why it says we were given the health message part of the reason is because we have work to do people were dying at the age of forty eight. The health message was to help people to live longer so they could work. For the kingdom. So this extra few years of life that we might get when you look at the event itself that is it's not just to see or look at us. No it's not just the same Look at us it's the same why these people living longer it's to awaken the spirit of inquiry how come these people are doing this. We should ever remember that the object of the medical missionary work is to point since sick men and women to the man of Calvary who takes away the sin of the world we need to have that in our minds firmly now it's not the kind of thing that you put up as the mission statement in your hospital or your clinic. It may not go over too well right. Your reason for being here my reason for being here too is so that you. And your sin sick so. No we don't do that we don't do that but we are. Stand. You know we have a problem we all have a problem the problem is. All broken. In need of God's healing power we need of this. And we can be agents of reconciliation agents of hope. Heaton's of healing. To others. We should focus on building long term relationships not this you know fly by night get in there and get out right health ministry is a process we should recognize that health ministry is a process is not an event. It must have structure follow up activities. If you don't follow up you lose out as a matter of fact you may turn some people of they will not want to hear it again. God's word and prayer are the only ways to bring about permanent transformation in lives love people more than even the health principals meet them where they are we don't make the health reform and I am beds that cutting people off was stretching them out to fit one person cannot be a standard for everybody else what we want is a little sprinkling of good common sense does that make sense to you you know who wrote this letter white OK Don't be extremists if you are it would be better to err on the side of the people than on the side where you cannot reach them. But when men advocate reform and carry the matter to extremes and are inconsistent in the course of action men and women are not to blame if they do become disgusted with the health reform and this unfortunately has gone on for years people have become disgusted they don't want to hear too much more about health it's you know I've been beaten up enough by it that's what. We have to show them the grace filled ministry of Jesus Christ these men are doing the work with Satan loves to see go on. I didn't see that and then waited. And let them find out what constitutes through health reform and teachers principals both by precept and by a quiet consistent example emphasis on quiet and consistent. Quiet and consistent. There are some people who chase folks away from God and from the church. Because they're not quiet. And they're not consistent. And they bludgeon. Other people with what they have struggled with. I didn't mean it that way just for me it's what the Bible says. You know what we find best to judge another people. What's wrong with us ourselves. Sell only information. Sell only information OK avoid conflict of interest Here's a sad story you know the story. Of greed naman wonderful story that has a sad chapter who was the protagonist in the sad chapter. The his I read is greed equals conflict of interest temptation to sell something to the vulnerable and personally profit is something we have to guard against and if we love one another if we're friends with one another we would help one another to protect one another from going this route please. Not seeking my own profit but the profit of many that they may be saved the. Is the issue the poor says in First Corinthians Chapter ten. And of course it should be based on sound science as we know it as we know it three vital standards first anything that we're doing should be consistent with the Bible OK Next it should be supported by Ellen White. To the extent that Ellen White spoke about that thing right there something that she never spoke about. And then of course it should be evidence based peer reviewed information consistent with the biblical worldview Now not everything is peer reviewed not everything is evidence based as a matter of fact the way things are going with the evidence based medicine right now we have to alter this statement because. They're only looking at evidence is for certain things OK and that's what the literature becomes filled with so there's a cover up there if they see. Read it if they see that we're intelligent with regard to health they will be more ready to believe that we are sound in what. Biblical doctrine is. That's why it's called the entering which. But ultimately when they see. That we work together in harmony and we love one. They will see those people belong to Jesus. So. Let's move forward together with Jesus under the influence of the Holy Spirit and with each other in unity and I have a few. Examples it's not exhaustive. Imagine imagine with me pastors and health care workers working together in harmony. Even magine that. Don't let it be a fleeting thought. Would linger. For the healthcare workers here think of a pastor. And pray and work with that person. If you are pastor here think of some health care worker in your church. Make an effort to team up with that person. God wants to see it happen. Let's make his day. How about this one young and old working together. Can you imagine there. Or that statement about having. Children church. What are we doing. Young and old working together. The old folks like me. We're no longer. Every day just like you. Well we all fall we sometimes bring wisdom. We bring perspective. We bring caution. And the young people while they bring energy vitality vision they take a risk. When we work together wow. One of. They would even get me to jump off. Over a waterfall. Here OK I wear this one licensed individual with the non-licensed individual other than we don't despise one another I remember being in one in one. Situation where they said oh he's a doctor he's old he's sold out to the drug. But is. That was how they looked at me he's a doctor he sold out to the drug companies. I thought that was that's a sad statement. But then there are some doctors who look at you know health reforming laypeople in the church as quacks you know the the trying to practice medicine when they go to medical school have you heard that. How about coming together and say here's a reasonable thing. Here's how we can work together male and female. How about the side with disciples using our very give sometimes how about that. Sound like a biblical statement so ladies and gentlemen Matthew twenty one hundred twenty what does it say go. Did she. Make disciples. 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