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The Faces of the Wicked

Jason Sliger
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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • June 10, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Well I invite you to value heads with me and we will start with a brief word of prayer and then we'll get into our study together today. Father in heaven. We are grateful that we can come into your presence together as a church family. There's no better place to be. On a Sabbath morning and with the family of God. The Lord we don't assemble ourselves so much for the fellowship. As we do because we want to hear a word from you. And so Father we stand and we sit here and anxious anticipation. Knowing that we are going to hear you speak to us through your word. So take my dead words Lord and wreath life into them I pray. May be drawn closer to Jesus we ask in Jesus' name. And. I. Invite you turn with me to the Book of Genesis Genesis the sixth chapter we are going to add a little bit more detail into the study that we had together last week this is. A continuation of that the smallness presentation isn't titled The faces of the wick it the faces of the wicked last week we look at the face of the righteous the righteous men know well this morning we're going to do what maybe we haven't done before and we're going to look and into the face of those that were on the outside those who chose not to listen to the man of God in the message that came from God Genesis six five and six as a quick review here the Bible says In God saw the weakness of man was great in the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of man thoughts of his heart were only evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth. And it grieved him at his heart the Bible tells us that when God looked upon the earth it made him sorry that he had created man it had gone so bad it had gotten so bad in the world so wicked that as the Lord looked upon the earth it made him sorry in fact were told in the spirit of prophecy that it did light it or that for the wicked people they delighted to put God out of their minds that's how wicked it had become it had brought pleasure to them it made them joyful to take God and to put him out of their minds the thoughts of men the Bible tells us were only evil continually and I think we are at that day in age right now. We're living at that time and if we are living at that time we ought to be living like the righteous men know in our state together last week we looked at a quick biography of this man and the Bible tells us that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord in verse eight and then in verse nine he gives us a little character sketch there and we added some more details from other places in the Bible but we found that no was a righteous man or us just men he was perfect in his generation not in any other generation but in the most wicked generation he walked with God as His great grandfather even walked with God he was obedient to all of God's commands not just some of them he was a preacher of righteousness and the Bible tells us that no was a man of action he didn't just preach he didn't just talk but he did he did what he was convicted about Noah was a great man of gone that you and I would do well to emulate as I studied this out in the Spirit of Prophecy looking for all of the different references on the flood in the life of Noah I found it very interesting that there was a passage to our quote after quote after quote that described. How the wicked people viewed No one how they looked at him and as I saw all these different statements I kind of gathered in the Get a kind of compiled them together because the thought struck me that if this is the way the wicked people viewed no one that's the way the world is going to view me in the last days. So I'm honest well get ready write this into this I'm just going to I'm just putting this together in a little collage if you will the wicked people they thought that no was insane they thought he was what they thought he was insane they thought he was either to Stokoe thought he thought more of himself and he should they thought his doctrine was flown out of coal and an illusion they thought that he was a fanatic they scoffed him and jeered him they were impatient with him they rejected his message and alternately No I became an object of content and derision that is an explanation of how the world is going to view you if you are faithful to God in the last days. And in my mind I say bring it on because the Lord is going to be with his people. We don't have anything to fear but this is what's going to happen it's not going to be easy it's going to be a challenge but God is going to strengthen us as we go through this you know look at that little line up of all those different acts a description of how they've you know it kind of reminded me of how they treated jesus you look at the gospels right you know they treated Jesus in much the same fashion if he treated Noah that way if they treated the Old Testament prophets that way they treat Jesus that way is going to be any different for me is it going to be easy street for me absolutely not but the Lord will sustain us as we go through those times in fact notice our scripture reading again you can just jump this down Matthew chapter five ten through twelve I love this passage of Scripture the Bible says bless it are they which are pure persecuted for righteousness. Was No a righteous man was no a preacher of righteousness and the Bible says that those who are writers are going to be persecuted right but the Bible says that those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake what's the first word in that Bible passage Blessitt are they there's a blessing that comes to those who are persecuted for rights of the state would you say amen to that. Blustered are you when you when men shall revalue and persecute you and say I'm sorry let me can finish verse ten I jumped verse eleven Blessed are they when Blessed are they which are persecuted for rights is a stake for there is the Kingdom of Heaven bless that are you and men shall revalue and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake what's the next word what's the next word how easy is it to rejoice when you're being persecuted how easy is it to rejoice when you're being reviled how easy is it to rejoice when you're going through the time of tribulation and difficulty how easy is it to rejoice when the whole world views you as a crazy person who is just lost their mind it's not easy for the Bible tells us to rejoice why should we rejoice as rejoice and be exceeding glad. For what. For what great is your reward where in heaven for so persecuted they the profits which were before you reach join us when the time of persecution comes remember that something that can only come from keeping your eyes on that which is above and not on this earth. That's the only way that you can rejoice in being sitting glad in a time of persecution if you just get caught up with what's going on and how people are treating you what people are saying about you calling you a fanatic calling you crazy if you get caught up in what's going on towards you you will lose your faith in God but if you as know it keep your eyes upon God and. And the reward that is coming great is the reward the Lord has prepared for us in heaven we can rejoice and be exceeding glad. This it is this is from ten men if you please page three hundred seventy one it says this No was tested and tried what was know it tested and tried thoroughly and yet he preserved his integrity in the face Listen to this in the face of a world all all against him thus will it be when the son of man shall be revealed how much of the world was against know. All the world. Will be against him or was against and all the world will be against us and yet the Bible says Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward and had listened it wasn't easy no went through but the Lord sustained him and he found grace in the eyes of God the thing struck me as the time of the flood got closer and closer Noah got further and further away from the world. But as the time of the flood got closer and closer the world became more and more polarized in their quest of rebellion so as the end came the two groups were going were getting further and further apart they were going in opposite directions Noah was becoming more like a man of God that God wanted him to be the world was becoming more and more like the devil but they chose the father as as the time of this world draws to a close God's people should be coming more like him and less like the world and then I was as love not the world knew the things that are in the world we should have a love for God and the things that are from above I want to share with you the small to universal principles that are without exception the first universal principle that is without exception is that all who are disobedient will be lost we learn that in the story of Noah. All who were disobedient in the time of Noah they were lost without exception now the Bible tells us this. In Matthew chapter twenty four verse twenty nine you're familiar with the passage just jot it down Matthew twenty four and verse twenty nine The Bible says that the flood came. And took them all away let me ask you question why did the flood come and take them all away. Listen to me carefully the flood did not come and take them all away because they were sinners. No was a sinner was he not all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But the flood came and took them all away because they were rebellious in their disobedience to God and. That's why the flood came and took them all away because they were disobedient to God and His commands as you look at the faces of the wicked on the outside of the on the outside of the Ark The destruction of the flood was universal whether they were wealthy or poor learned or illiterate zealous in the cause of religion or profane infidels young or old it did not matter what class or social standing they had if they were disobedient they were destroyed on the outside of the Ark I want to be sold out for God and be with him inside the ark Amen there's a little word I want you to notice in that passage in Matthew twenty five that has big red if occasions the Bible says the flood came and took. Them. All the way four little words. Who is then. When we look at that passage we often times we just had this broad understanding of who them is the flood came and took them all away we just say the wicked the unrighteous peep. Book those who rebelled against God We just had this generalize ation of who them is but the Smorgon I want you to stand with no one in the doorway of the ark as he's waiting for God to close it and I want you to look through his eyes into the faces of the wicked and see WHO them on are that are standing outside of you are. Because we're told this in ten manuscript leases page three hundred seventy two it says men in Noah's day were not all absolute idolaters. Well that's interesting a kind of think in my mind them on the outside of the Ark they're all bad worshipers all idol worshippers they're all godless atheists that are on the outs and. Those on the outside of the ark were not all salute idolaters So look through the eyes of Noah and see the faces there with me this morning if you wish for classes of people I want to share with you there are probably others but we won't take the time to get into them all the first thing that we find out is this in the book of Genesis Chapter five. In the Book of Genesis Chapter five beginning you could begin in verse twenty eight. Bible tells us that Les make had a son verse twenty eight years twenty nine His name is no one. Named him Noah and then in verse thirty the Bible says this and lay make live after he beget Noah five hundred ninety five years and he get one. So no was the oldest he was the first born but we find out from scripture that no one had brothers and sisters did he not. But let me ask you question how many of those brothers and sisters were on the inside of the are. Not a single one of them were inside the are. Now I would I want to tell you this. Morning that there were many good people who would have been in the ark when the time of the flood came but because their life did not allow them to live up to that point they were they died before the flood came therefore they were not inside their Methuselah was one of them lame it was probably another one Noah's father would have probably been in the ark but they died before the flood came but no one's siblings were not found inside the ark and this strikes me as kind of funny because when I think about Noah's siblings Noah's siblings his brothers and his sisters had all the same opportunities that Noah had did they not. Had the same father. They had the same great grandfather in it they they had all of the they had the same grandfather Methuselah who probably instructed no and the grandchildren in the ways of Enoch his father they had all the same opportunities they were all raised in a good Christian home they had family that had moral values they had parents who stood for what's right in the midst of a world that when the Lord looked down upon it he saw that all there was was wickedness they were raising good home but when the time came and Noah stood at the top of that rant going into the ark as he stood in the shade of the doorway and he made that last appeal come in and be you saved as he preached his last message. Know his brothers and sisters said no. They persisted in their course of rebellion against God. You know it's a sad reality. But there will be many people who lose out on the Kingdom of Heaven who are raised in good Christian. There will be many people who will miss out on eternity who had all of the opportunities at their disposal to make good decisions. I know it did. But because the world presses in around us and influences us and gets our eyes off of God they will unfortunately miss out. On the greatest blessing that God could bestow upon his children a gift of eternal life. Or. A That we will take all of the opportunities that have been afforded us in our childhood throughout our life all of the opportunities that have been given to us and that we would build upon them and make right choices those of you that maybe a little bit younger here in your age look back on the opportunities that you have received as a young person the instruction that has been given to you don't let it just fall as dead information in your mind but take it in apply in your life and reap the results as no one read the results in his life. You look outside of the arc. You see their. Siblings. And you magine what went through the mind of Noah when he saw the door begin to be closed. The doors closing he's looking out there and he knows those brothers and sisters that he will never see their face. But as Noah searches his heart he will know that he did everything he absolutely could to try to save them from the destruction that so I pray that you and I can say that one day that we've done everything we can to save our family to bring salvation to them as you look outside the ark through the eyes of Noah we see some other people in the per misuse crowd that have took their stand on the side of rebellion as we look out there we see that there are some well meaning individuals who we might classify today as Christian it's. Listen to the message of know that he preached day after day for one hundred twenty years they heard the appeals of God The Bible tells us in Genesis Chapter six that the Spirit of God was was appealing to the hearts of men in the time of Noah they heard the message of Noah they were convicted at that time and maybe they even came forward for the altar call that Noah made as he stood there in from the ark making his appeal day after day perhaps that night as they were at home laying in their bed in there and to do Lluvia mind which was so powerful they could call back word for word what Noah preached that day and the message and their hearts were stirred they were convicted and they said yes when that arc is finished I'm going to walk up that ramp and I'm going to get inside the ark and I'm going to be saved as Noah and his family are saying. Listen to this patriarchs of prophets because ninety five some were deeply convicted some were what. And would have heeded the words of warning but there were smaller many and some to this there were so many to jest and ridicule that they partook in the same spirit. Resisting the invitation of mercy and when soon and were soon among the boldest and most defiant Skaar offers for none are so reckless and go to such lengths to sin as do those who once had the light but have resisted the convicting Spirit of God. As you give us some pause to think about here a little bit because the Lord has intrusted us with great light which you say and then he has given us wonderful light to walk in that path and if we choose not to follow the light and to walk in that path of life we may one day become the bold this. Ingesting and ridiculing those who choose to. Follow the truths of God. They were deeply convicted this just wasn't a surface conviction they were moved in their hearts but the world pressed in around them the influences of the world began to press in around them and it pulled them away from that conviction. You know the same thing happens today right we go to revival meetings we go to Kant meeting if you will we come to prophecy seminars and we're moved we're deeply convicted about whatever it is that we're hearing from the Word of God. And if we are not careful and good in getting rid of the worldly influences in our lives we will follow the same example that the end to do movie and world followed who were deeply convicted by the most powerful preacher of their day know why they were moved by that conviction but they didn't get rid of the world the employments is in their lives. Now listen we're the we're the witness to people right we want to reach out to the world but we don't want the world to influence us. We want those influences away from us we've got to get rid of those influences out and replace them with Godliness and contentment. Another statement here this is from ten manage to please page three hundred seventy two she says this The classes who professed Listen to this the classes who profess to acknowledge God were the ones who took the lead in rejecting the preaching of Noah Listen to this and through their influence lead others to reject that life. Had never met somebody who once knew God in the left and. Ever met somebody who was an Adventist and left the church you oftentimes find that those people they spend much of their time trying to get others to what. Do the same thing. There are all kinds of anti-Christian websites on the Internet there are all kinds of events like Adventists websites on the internet and when you go to those websites you will find one thing in common and one thing alone and that is they are trying to get you to leave what you know to be right. And she's telling us this morning that that's exactly what happened in the end to the living world those people who did not get rid of those worldly influences who were once convicted for the truth but allowed the world oppressing around them they used their time and energy to pull people out of the Ark instead of helping them get into the ark Lord forbid that any one of us here this morning would be one of those people. Look at the faces of the wicked there you find no was family there you find people who once believed the truth that no was preaching but have turned their hearts away outside of the yard there were men and women who thought they knew the truth. They thought they had a relationship with God in a spiritual walk with him but their religion was a religion of human devising and not one of divine building. As you continue to look at the faces of the wicked we find a third group of people out there and probably most of the people outside of the ark would fit into this category they were the people who had witnessed great things in the several hundred years that the earth had been in existence up to that. There are people out there. Who probably had talked with Noah on site who probably talked with Adam. There is about one hundred twenty six years between when Adam died and Noah was born. So there were probably people that walked on the earth when no was building the ark who actually saw Adam and talked with them in stem cells the man who God had created with his own hands who did not have a mother and a father but was. Drawn out of the dust of the ground the man who saw the face of God they could talk to that man would that be a great influence in your life to talk to somebody who had seen the face of God who had heard his voice who had seen the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the tree of life and had eaten of those fruit. What an amazing opportunity they had at their disposal but here's the thing I find out as I look at these influences that the answer to living world had upon them as great as these influences were influence is not enough to bring salvation to your life. We need good influences in our life we need people that kind of help us move in the right direction but that is not enough to assure your salvation you cannot depend upon good influences alone to get you to the kingdom of heaven. Also these people who witnessed great things on the outside of the are they were people who could walk with their own two feet and set their own two eyes upon this place called the Garden. This in this spirit of prophecy Volume one page sixty one says this The pure and lovely garden from which our first parents were driven remained until God purposed to destroy the earth by a flood because he entered the living world sea the sea the Garden of Eden yes or no yeah. As not they could listen to the message of Noah and then they could use their feet and walk over and look with their own eyes right into the Garden of Eden where God himself walked in the coolness of the day they could look right into that perfect paradise that was created by God speaking it into existence they could see the angel standing at the gate to the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword in his hand but guarding the way to the tree of the knowledge of good hearted guarding the way to the tree of the knowledge of the tree of life they could see it with their own eyes yet that influence as. Powerful as it was is not enough to get them to make the right choice. Powerful influences these people had many of them they knew you know themselves but they talk to him they some of them were even related to as we've already talked still these influences were not enough because influence is not enough to assure our salvation obedience to God no matter the cost is the only way. So as we stand with no one we look outside the Ark We see his family outside the ark good Christian people who were raised in a good home we see good Christian people who are not all given to idolatry but actually some of them thought that they were shipping gone outside of the Ark we see on the outside of the Ark people who were forty great opportunities and had great influences in their lives. This fourth and final group I want to think about a little bit more because I think it comes to home. Those of us this morning. There was a fourth group of people that were standing outside the ark and this was a group of people who had been very intimate relationship with this physical structure that Noah had built. They were the workers who spent their time and energy building the are. The ark was an immense vessel Noah could not have done it on his own neither him or his three sons there was a lot of help that was needed some five hundred fifteen feet long eighty six feet whine about fifty two feet higher about three stories some around there it took one hundred twenty years as you know for the construction of the Ark to cut the trees down in fact we're told in the spirit of prophecy that the trees were of the sun were of stars substance like rock they were hard it was not easy to mold and shape the timbers that were used in the construction of the ark there were a vast amount of people that were involved in the. Struction of the Ark and these men and maybe even some women were there day after day after day listening to know a preach the message they were at church every weekend they heard every sermon that no a preacher they were there working with their hands hearing the appeal from the man of God They were there working with their hands and listening to him poor his heart out to the people that had chose to gather there and they continued to work and they continued to work laying the keel cutting down the trees painting the ark with pitch putting the wooden boats in and what have you they were there and they heard the message of pleading from no one and stuff yet as we look through the eyes of Noah. Now I know he does know a look at his family not only does he look at some of his fellow church members. But as Noah looks outside the ark for one last time. He sees these men and women that he was so well acquainted who helped him in the actual building of the physical. He had talked with them they commune with they developed relationships and there they are on the outside their feet glued to the ground because they couldn't withstand the ridicule. That was poured upon Noah being torn apart. And Shipley's volume eighteen page two hundred sixty says this listen carefully. There are those who will be like the men and women who help build the ark they hear the truth they have every advantage to become people of moral worth yet they will not choose the good society but the corrupt year that. They had every opportunity to be people of moral worth to make right decisions but they would choose the corrupt path instead of the Good Society she goes on if there is an influence that is not heavenly they will gather to the son. Their side and unite with them and listen and although they act a part in the preparation of the truth that is to fit people to stand in the day of the Lord they will perish in the general ruin like no one's carpenters who helped to build the ark God help you that you may not be of that class. As I was reading the statement again the small and I was just struck by this word that they act the part in the preparation of the truth to fit people to stand in the day of the Lord. They're acting like good Christians they're acting like good Seventh Day Adventists they're at every church service they're listening to the messages they're thinking about their own lives they're helping to build this construction that's going to save them when the time of destruction comes. Yet the world the influences that were not rooted out of their lives had squelched and killed any possibility of spiritual growth in the. Act or. Were destroyed when the. You know. I. Think this comes really close to home for us. Because we're all builders of the are. Whoever we are wherever we are in our Christian experience as members of this worldwide church we are builders we are. Sure there may be people who have specific job the job descriptions that are placed upon them we have ministers we have evangelist with pastors we have teachers we have elders we've deacons deaconesses you may not have one of those titles that have been bestowed upon you but you are still a builder of this arc. And if I'm reading the statement correctly and applying the word of God what it is telling me is that there are many within the ranks. Who are helping to build the ark but when that door is closed and probation is shuts there will be people who help to build this structure who will be on the outside of the our. Because they chose the worldly influences instead of the influence of God. They were intimately acquainted with the construction of that ark they put their hands their blood their sweat and their tears into the building of the ark there are some inside of our ranks who are doing the same exact thing they're investing much time and energy into the cause of God but they are not investing in a relationship with the Lord and rooting out the worldly influences in their. Remember as we close the world wide flood at the end of this world the destruction of the earth. As no we should be coming more like God and less like the world. Not following the world becoming more worldly and less like. So as we look with Noah out of the Ark We see his family there. We see Christian people there we see people who had good influences in their lives with Christian influence we see people who are intimately acquainted with the message of Noah and the construction of the ark but all of them chose. This cast their lot on the side of the rebellious. The first rule that is with out exception the first universal rule that is without exception is that all who disobey will be laws. Will be lost all who disobey will be lost but the second you are universal rule that is without exception is that all who are obedient. Finish it for me. Some I say amen. To universal laws that are without exception all who are disobedient will be lost all who are obedient will be saved irrespective of their social class. Respective of their intellect irrespective of how much they own or what whatever it is all who are to be disobedient lost all who are obedient saved. Becomes very simple in the end God does not complicate things for us go back with me Genesis Chapter seven let's look at the second principle just a little bit before we close things up. Genesis seven seven. All who were obedient were saying Genesis seven seven the Bible says and no one went in what the Noah do he did he did he went in why did he go in because in verse one the Bible says and the Lord said unto No a come. Thou and all the house into the Ark Noah followed that command he came in he went in and know went into his sons and his wife and his son's wife with him into the ark because of the waters of the flood jump down a few verses the verse twenty three the last part of that verse the Bible says and no law only remained alive and they that were with him where. In the ark Why were they in the ark because they obeyed the command of God They obeyed the plain and simple teachings of God's word all who are obedient are saved all who are disobedient will be lost the Bible tells us about something. That will happen. In Revelation Chapter sixteen we know this to be done seven last plagues you probably studied it. It's a time of terrible tribulation here on this earth men have great boils on their body there's darkness the water's been turned into blood hail stones about the weight of a town about seventy pounds earthquake greater earth quake that comes on the just a terrible time and this risk history. But the Bible tells us that those who go through the people of God they go through this time. The Bible says and so. Ninety one that no plague shall come neither Dwelly. Amen The Bible says and Suns ninety one only with the nominees shout I'll be holding see the reward which let me ask you question When know was inside that Ark after seven days of sitting in there with nothing no brain no any way and as they are sitting inside the ark all the sudden hears. And all the sudden if feels that mighty thunder booming through the earth and it rumbles it it shakes the ark as she hears the torrents of water as the fountains of of the great deed begin to shoot into the air and fall down from the sky as he sees the lightning flash and the thunder crash do you think he was thankful that he would stood all of that ridicule. Do you think he was thankful that he did what God told him to do for one hundred twenty years do you think he was thankful that even though he was held in universal content and all the world was against him that he was inside the ark you think he was thankful for that. Let me tell you something this morning friends when the seven last plagues are poured out and God's people are protected from those seven last place I believe we like know will get down on our knees and say Thank You God. I like to think of that my sanctified imagination that no one kneels down on the Ark has its rumbling as its thundering as it's raining and he thanks to our thank you Father for leading me here into the ark of protection when the seven last plagues are poured out thank you God for leading me in the truth and putting me in the shelter of protection when that happens when those seven last plagues take place let me tell you something there will be rejoicing in our heart because we will know that it's only a short time and dear Jesus can. Be worth it in the end yet will go through some hard times but it will definitely be worth it in the. Don't know was not the only one who went in the Arkwright. What else went in the ark. The animals went in the are too right you know not all of the animals but all the species some by two some you know by sevens they all went into the ark and it's interesting to me in private she makes this one liner if you want go back and read the whole chapter about no one the flood is just a fantastic chapter but this one little line right here that just caught my attention page ninety seven she says this animals obeyed the command of God. Well men were disobeyed. That's food for fire isn't it something to go back and think about a little bit here you have these dumb creatures. That don't have much of an I.Q. that are well they have a great spiritual I.Q. obviously follow the command of God They assemble themselves in some organized fashion and they march themselves right inside. The birds of the Evans' they fly themselves they come right in and I and I like to think they probably went straight into their cages there was no wrestling other know was not out there setting traps and you know digging holes in the ground for the animals the fallen and there was none of that taking place although Hollywood might want you to think that way. Now that it was it was a very calm thing that walked into the are the animals obeyed the command of God while men the ED to do live the world man who was created in the image of God had great I.Q. could not fathom obeying the word it. Just boggles my mind when I think about the difference between the animals obey obedience to God and man's disobedience you know it's interesting to me. That the Lord allowed the wicked people on the outside of the ark all those people who just study about all those people he allowed them to see the animals go into the ark if you know. They saw that think they. There was this this divine miracle they knew this was not of human devising yet because look at the Ark man made that ark. They were human beings they watched the human beings build that ark but there was no human involvement in bringing those animals in your God performed a miraculous miracle to try to appeal to their hearts. But even that might be a miracle as mighty as it was and how you know she says that Ellen White says that they they they consulted the wise men of the times and ask them explain how is this phenomenon happening how stupid can you be don't go to wise men go to the one who is all why us and acknowledge the fact that God is performing a miracle and follow the animals you could have been good enough to follow the wise men no way into the ark but now you have to follow the animals. I'd much rather follow know as example a man I much rather have no one as my as my example my life not the animals but no. Such thing happen and I say I'm staying here I'm not getting in that are and that your probation. God will manifest his power on behalf of his people right before the door. I don't know what that's going to be but he will do something and it will appeal to the hearts of men and there may be that some that have that sense that this is something divine but they are so set in their course of rebellion that they will not heed that God is before me. This is what I've learned over my time in ministry and it's this sin is intoxicating It's just like alcohol. And when you talk to somebody who's a need to read it when you talk to somebody who is under the influence they cannot reason even if it is something that is plain and simple like Don't drink and drive. It just. The reason now it's just it's hard for them because they are so and sin is the same exact way when we choose to indulge in sin we are drinking spiritual outhaul and when something plain as simple as a divine miracle takes place right in front of our eyes were so in need related with sin that we cannot acknowledge that it's something that's happening from God. But hammers let's start weeding out the world out of our lives Amen start reading out the sin in our lives so that we can have a clear mind that can properly see the working of Divine. And I close the Smalling with a statement that I read to you last week. And this is again from patriarchs and prophets you recognize it because I made a big deal about it Page ninety five she says this. I can about Noah he gave the world. An example of believing just what God said. You know. If if the world wanted to know what does God say who did they need to look at you know. He lived exactly what God said You ought to do he gave a world the world an example of believing just what God says and she says this all that he possessed he invested in the building of the what. All that he possessed all of his time all of his energy all of his means everything that he possessed he invested he dumped it in to the building of the ark the place of safety when the world wide flood. Now if it is in the days of no as if it is today as it was in days of Noah. And it know as he got closer and closer to the flood was investing more and more into the building of the ark. As we get closer and closer to. The end of the world should we be investing more and more into the cause of God. I. Don't think any of you would argue with me that we are living in a crazy world right now. Administering good and seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled in the news but does it change the what you're investing into the. This is we can talk about until the cows come home we can sit on our couch and say Man The world is coming to an end I read a quote just this past I read an article just this past week and I thought to myself You got to be kidding me that this is happening our world is so messed up but listen that is not enough as we get closer to the end of the world we should be dumping more and more into the cause of God and I'm not just saying your money because you could put all of your money in the Cause of God and still be on the outside of the are. As we get closer to the end of this world we should be putting more of our time more of our energy more of our money more of our substance more of everything that we have we should be investing it in to the Cause of God because the world is coming to an end and we want to bring as many people with us into the kingdom of heaven as you can but you know what the devil's got us going in the other direction. He's keeping us so busy with our lives that we cannot invest in the Cause of God Now listen I know we've got to live our lives but we also have to make choices we're living on the cusp of the end of this world am I willing to make the investment to advance the cause of. All that Noah and all that no possessed busting into the building of the our. Earth story from the great missionary Eric B. hare. About the Japanese army during his time in Burma. They were advancing and coming close to the mission station where he was stationed in Rangoon Burma. And the choices. And made the decision had been made by the people in charge that the missionaries would evacuate because the army was just they weren't very far away. So they were told they could pack one bag and then they'd have to go. So they're gathering there you know a few earthly possessions that they have and they're putting it into this one bag. And well they're doing this a lady comes into the Mission compound. And she walks up to the mission superintendent the person in charge she was a very wealthy lady lived just down the road from the mission station and she like everybody else was fleeing from the evading invading army. And she came to the mission superintendent she says listen I have to evacuate because the army is coming and I can't take all of my possessions with me I've left my house pretty much as it is and I've taken just a few of my possessions I want to donate everything to the mission work but you guys are doing such a great work you're helping people in our area you're doing such a good thing with medical missionary work and all that I want to give it all to you because I just can't bear the thought of the enemy gaining possession of my stuff. The mission superintendent told the lady. He said I'm sorry ma'am we're evacuating too and we can only take one bag with us. If you had come just three months ago. We could have used everything that you are wanting to donate to help people who could use every chair every table every every stitch of anything we could have used it we could use your house we could have used it all and we would have been able to help a nanny many people but it's just too late it's. Eric B. hair was standing to the society was going to eavesdropping on this conversation. And as he watched the lady after she heard this he watched her turn away and with her wealthy scarf in her hand in her face she had the scar her face was in her scarf and you heard her mother the words Oh how I. Wish. Oh how I wish I think you can fill in the blank you know she was wishing for. Friends. We don't want to get to that point where we wish we had done more now is the time. The army is assembling the forces of darkness are gathering but God's people have been called to lift up a standard and to preach like you know. Now is the time for us to do investment work into the cause of God I don't know what that means for you some of us have more time than others some of us have more energy than others some of us have more money than others I don't know what it means but I want to appeal to you this morning that you would go home and pray Father how can I invest more not less how can I invest more into the cause of God and the building up of your King you say amen to that that you desire let's pray Father in heaven. We are grateful that we can invest that you called us Lord to be partakers in this great work. And Father it's a terrifying thought the think about our family on the outside the think about brothers and sisters other Christians on the outside to think about men and women who have had great influences in their life on the outside to think about workers in our church who are working to advance the cause on the outside it's a terrifying thought Lord. That we would see these people that we have grown to love. Love and appreciate on the outside it's a terrifying thought that we may be one of them. On the outside. Father we're not motivated by fear. We're motivated by what we will receive one day and not just the mansion in the streets of gold in the end all that stuff what we were received that we're looking forward to father is being with you in eternity. The Father I pray that in the midst of all of this. That you would show us how we can invest more in the Cause of God I know some of us are just so she wrung out or there's is so much business in our lives that we can as we sit here today we think we can't fathom the thought of of another thing on our plate. Father I pray that you would show us our schedule in a way that we've never seen it before but you would arrange things right in front of our eyes that would open up time that would open up our schedule that would open up our means whatever may be to be able to invest more and more in the Cause of God as we get closer and closer and maybe follow that example of know. And live the righteous life that. Listens to this in order. To keep us. All without you. When you don't like. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Verse or.


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