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From Professional to Professional Missionary

Steven Grabiner


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International




  • August 6, 2009
    10:45 AM
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him him him for the privilege of being together on here this convention we pray that our time together would further our walk with you thank you and to this meeting duty of the meetings that we intended you speak your heart about the need for our commitment to you how was grateful to be your children were grateful for the province in two places in energy leaders through in order to fulfill your will in our lives we thank you Jesus me in before I start I'm supposed to tell you that this is recorded on audio verse seventy one share many friends are doing downloaded if there I think I felt my legal responsibility to bring it into the presentation is Stephen Ratner and I work with an organization called outpost in his international is a network of organizations that are involved in missions is as if I'm making you look at it like more information about staff to talk about this transition from the professional life to professional missionary couple people and ask the question as they read the blurb in the magazine we really didn't be talking about what to do in our job as an English or even be talking about transitioning to mission work and e-mails I originally got was to emphasize what it takes for people to leave their jobs their vocations and moving to full-time mission work whether that's overseas or whether that's United States in the background according to be doing if you are hoping at this affinity class near a seminar in evangelistic techniques in your job you'll be disappointed we will talk a little bit about it but mostly really talk about the things that go through people 's minds when they sense that call to be involved in cross-cultural missions and don't really do it have four basic areas out one morning this morning together in our time allotted and since there's already talk about this call service which every Christian experiences and with the call to be a Christian is a call to service and one of the great lack in our church today worldwide church our local church communities is this concept is idea of the separation that I can be a Christian without really being involved in service someone with a lot more wisdom than I have called that fatal delusion to think that if I can just go to church just receive benefits and not get anything out were on call we follow Christ brothel called service-oriented talk a little bit about that with a couple of Scriptures as well in order to talk about the call to cross cultural fairness how relief and wind on calling us from the plow Thursday into full-time mission they were to talk to some people that make that transition you folks may have him here in front to allow release and were invested in Vivian Riverside areas and experiences of individuals who have sensed God speaking to them and then have stepped out in faith and I think that'll probably be the most interesting part here some of the struggles that people go through trying to deserve it is Donna calling the busy really opening yourself and then walking through those doors and lastly will be giving you some real life situations some circumstances that would be very embarrassing a different culture and were to ask you to get install roofing felt and what you get what you do in this situation and eighty test your and my written permission life experience David Walker I think that we fairly interesting as well it is very different I will say this again by way of background you might have read I served as a pastor for eleven years in southern New England and have the opportunity of going overseas as an African family of about ten years and I work with mission organizations all around the world and you are missing work is a lot of everyday work out initial story through people right hand and put on a fantastic magazine is always different on magazines and people talk about mission work in all these great things and you know it's a lot of work just drugs work and Philip were thinking on MLB missionary Gazette to be a glorified experience you can cross that off your motivation less those that letter about Mishler United States those overseas we realize that it's simply a call to be a Christian where we are and unmask majority it's just like being a Christian in the everyday world which brings us back to the first call again announced that call to service that Christ has called each of us to service this evening at my Bible of years and twenty eight which I'm sure most of you have memorized just wanted to you that the twenty eight degrees commissioners servants in this one passage Matthew twenty eight starting in verse eighteen and Jesus came up and spoke to them coming from the new American Standard authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth and are you all authority is given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore King James is go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the father and the son Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I commanded you and will with you always even to the end of the agency and world changing from this passage trying all authority all power all prerogative all wisdom all diamonds in heaven and on earth is getting to meet Jesus but then there is a response and what's that go therefore and make disciples know it's been pointed out in couples in February it has to be me several years back on this passage a little bit where you focus on the for all of the passage in all authority nothing to worry about everything is under Jesus control all nations shows the scope of our star that were donated to the entire world all things were to communicate everything that Jesus is communicating to a diminishing Jane says hello I'm with you always the Greeks as I am with you all days is never a moment in our life when Jesus is with us even when it seems the darkest it always seems like our work is his Covington nothing in when the future looks perplexing I'm with you all days to something else it's very singing this passage also using given to me in heaven and on earth go therefore and make disciples Matthew writes this passage and he uses is a participle in the Greek and the inch of the thought is in going making disciples too often we revisited okay go therefore to make disciples another was okay here I am now I'm getting go out and make disciples but the intent of the underlying bridges in the act of going make disciples in within your moving about in your daily life usually making the site we heard a little bit about that last night when Justin and I shared with Jesus interaction with women and well and you love real life experiences don't you freshen what you once shared environment had an encounter with someone today and you can go very well because of me now we're talking about something and it was a staff person and irritated and they were being helpful they were stonewalling and I don't want to and I what's that weird is going and making disciples an encounter had ever had they love the positive stories as well so we need to be realistic but there's plenty of other unfortunate stories where you are going were not always very representative of our master but this passage is saying all authorities given to me in heaven on earth so don't worry about the small stuff because you are going in your life in your new mate disciples that's really important for us to realize that it is not this separation between Ocala to be a missionary on getting overseas Namibia spiritual person went home I'm really a bear to live with that kind of dichotomy doesn't work it happens all over the place that's not the point of this passage the point is as you know how you live your life make the site and making disciples is yes that they would be baptized and that they would be taught but it's making him over Jesus Christ that part of the call everyone in your network every person every Christian when we never leave the confines of our neighborhood no Internet you never get on airplanes and funnier when you today natively on your summary was the first time they ever flown down to five hundred thousand miles a year significantly never flown a real energy these still exist is laughing like a time and his people that never leave their neighborhood but they make disciples because they are living for Christ writing is really important every Christian is called to be volatile to another passage John chapter fifteen John fifteen interstate Jesus this wonderful passage are familiar with it where Jesus is talking about being that the relation between the Vine and branches and finally verse eight Jesus says my father is glorified by this line this is as we pray God will answer those prayers if you abide in him his words abide in us in whatever we wish Leroy Asfoor will receive because he's abiding in us at her seventh birthday my father is glorified by this that you bear much fruit and so to be my disciples like doing a translation think that we give evidence of our discipleship I very the fruits of the spirit love joy peace patience meekness kindness good tempered self-control in all bear fruit we show that we are followers of Christ by our Linux is a call for everyone in a couple of quotations for you for those of us that they never go overseas businessmen or women may conduct his business in a way that will glorify his master because of his fidelity and maybe a diligent and faithful representative of CM who toil in the lowly walks of life among the heels of gallery gallery for Maria are a housewife for business they were businesswomen were nursery Doctor Whitaker feel the Lord calls us in we can demonstrate that Christian experience is really important in the education is a tremendous passage pages sixty seven I believe it's the chapter called the life for and in the chapter called the lifework awakens a few rules that will ensure more guidance in the choice of an occupation in Hackensack and marketing but here are rules and wife have been sure as in the choice of an occupation very simple would you like they are very simple and one commit yourself to God you're talking about Christians being involved in service number two is the most difficult three-year baths to work at my nearest while most difficult because we rather do something do your best at the work that lies meters another point is one that indications of his drawings these are rules that ensure died in the choice of an occupation powerful simple ADD him him yourself to God do you and what's right in front of you and what indications on his front to be the auditor 's involvement very difficult to incorporate into life again because we like to do something grander than he asked the question here here the quietness morning how many of you would like to feel like your life and vigor Senate currently making for the kingdom of God United can you all like I wish I could know I look around I see you raising your hand I know some of you might like them to understand your life doing John raises hand and ten people that I was making twenty and a world like not really doing anything looking in the wrong place certainly we need to focus on surrender I'm doing my best to whatever God puts in front of me and watching first-time illegally by the way I don't just watching for his political continues everyone who names the name of Christ should sell work with others by seeing his good works may be led to glorify their Creator and they are reading everyone is doing their work in front of them I can live in such a way that others can see this and be led to glorify Christ part of innocence that describes page eighty two and continuing on the hot list and pores of the disciples of Jesus can be a blessing to others they may not realize they are doing any special good but either going unconscious influence they may start waves of blessing that wine and indeed the end of blessing results they may never know until the day for more powerful women where I was the first time I read it and started Christ is organizing a located in Michigan and Michigan place the name of granola factor in their and nine works in the nineteen seventies making relatively little effect and ruminated on this unit that makes you four days in the left defendant oil and honey in it she said in turn vitamin it pours out I know you put on the tradesmen have to be and then someone has to clean up in the cleanup and you know this and so that was my job was to clean the me back and this step Christ was stuck behind a type on the wall it was a link to this page I never really humblest for his disciples unconsciously can start wings of influenced pickle out and out and out and we all know it will be an until the curtain I think you all day to say they do feel are now that they are doing anything great they are not required to query themselves with anxiety about success and only to go forward quietly doing vaguely the work that God 's problem designs and their life will not be in vain in their something on watch for the indications of his province do our best work and life plus he forcibly revealed in we need to be aware that God is calling us to serve him right there but what about that call call out to mission service however you and me are you people get any unsigned that says for I know anybody that many now has a depth that you know now is your time to leave where you are maybe somebody has from the friend that encourage them to go and how we understand readily discern the difference in okay here I am vaguely doing what God has for me I'm following him I believe the ceiling of his longing to go overseas is really from God or not but back to Abraham Genesis twelve in verse one where Abraham God call Abraham get back on it and listening to the guy he heard a voice in the onion the text tells us know in the Lords will Abraham Haberman and said it's time for you and we can go and it interesting we think about this interview thought too much about what it was like or Abramson will be the comforts of Babylon related urban counties reading about your indoor plumbing there which is laugh that you can have indoor plumbing and electric fifteen sixteen seventeen hundred and eight in your clinic that in Abraham 's day they had no water systems it was a very good civilization is amazing the little islands also nurturing and see that were destroyed by volcanoes and where hundreds and hundreds of years and more than ten years tremendous long as the device is called okay I want to leave your flush toilets wanting only a minute okay the point at the missionary understanding whereby they never would develop particularly and the toilet building where he was staying with outside toilets and so human in the first eyeliner he came back to grandmother 's in short my phone is lost by having you cannot really leave the comforts of home what they really like to lead family and I look back to my experience as well as I moved over to have had three children to come away with them away from their grandmother and you know just moved out not knowing where we're going anywhere and ongoing oversight but leaving a whole sense of security in terms of job security and insurances and different things like that and moving overseas is playful factors that come into play to help people in this kind of decision is call go overseas come follow me Jesus tells us in John fourteen will give you a few things here and think about this again how does God bring us to this point I'm not like direct e-mail very rare phone call or write the right time maybe sometimes it was on Coulter extraction or discouragement that sometimes it simply this inward dissatisfaction with what we're doing in a savings account I know I want you to do something else I want to expand your influence going to bring you from where you are to someplace remember for every one person that sentencing guidelines and godly nation there are ten people still standing on the starting line and you're not moving forward and many of us perhaps you need to step back and move forward in Haskell let's think about you is used to consider here first of all as I just mentioned spent some time in the going on in the present what a mission life like right now if I'm busy welcoming overseas as a missionary so I can really live for Christ after the danger signal to us because we deliver Christ right here if I'm simply to satisfy nothing on necessarily call to go back to college she was an following God right now committing to where I can and doing what I can do it and I see for my trade he experiences as mentioned earlier for eleven years in afternoon worked overseas for number of years and in a few years ago I came back to work with OCI and and in Tennessee where I then attended church and for now here two years attending a church if you shot the lineup and he never have to preach figure two thousand members or something I'm just a little nobody measures little nobody generally as well particularly in the church and you feel like start preaching complex and to defray an alert that a small group of us to start a church plant with the blessing of the mother church now ran fantastically at nine hundred and twenty numbers coming and the church members using the feminine and motivating forces for starting his church plant was that a lot of churches nearing rather for all large but he was as hot as this one area near the city of Chattanooga there was no administer in their church members that like we tell us we need to use them so they stepped out on their comfort are using their God-given gifts where you are and if you don't think it's just the circumstances begin to look for ways to expand here I stand around you and user interface following on where I am learning to recognize the gifts that God has given me as no surprise my human being on the planet at this point in time God knows your background singers you history he knows your culture you know what for you in a childhood experiences you have your personality type here is an element everything about you and giving you unique the ice blasting there were so off the hitter for signs of competitive enough male fantasy and I wish I could be anything like Jennifer at the lower key you what gives life use the gifts that God is giving you recognize your guests and get to honestly assess like to see you on overseas when they really do it in a mission field in a different kind of the field when a patient give me rest for cross-cultural letters overseas recognize the gifts I got given to flame that desire no feeling of the Holy Spirit speaking to know maybe I'm calling you overseas don't quench that encourages how well you don't a lot of people here read a magazine because I report I go to places where people are talking about recent work on a mission trip and don't encourage that desire and see how you respond to that desire begins to grow anything to strengthen and ask yourself what wine is drinking I really thought I wanted a mission field until I found out I have to heat beans and rice everyday hero what is it you are seeing around here whenever you what you get me ensuring you off from that desire in an investment is coming from the lessening of the desire was that just station south him to move forward and his staff what I mean I didn't counsel from other people in your church ask God pastor elders fell down I'm feeling assignment thinking of calling me one evening you got for us in a community in a bottom clear purpose for reason and there's other people that can see things in that we can see as well and strengthen everything you really think that you should go talk to people that are involved in missions and similarly really like begin to explore this is a positive aspect but there are some cautionary things as well like you bring up regularly first of all here is to explore your motives and we really begin to ask yourself what is driving his dissatisfaction is my going over something or my going to something what's my motivation for wanting to be a missionary and a second linear remind for that crazy yet I like the Lone Ranger syndrome how if you read anything about missionaries down evening standard is marketing a spouse you find out something pretty quickly they also along splendidly written a nice and horribly with fellow ex- patriots this seems to be something about the mindset of the person that will go with the missionary that you know not all of them of course you are an exception no sorry you there's this idea one hundred in a new design myself and I preferred it my something is a classic case is walking all over Africa great with the Africans horrible with Phyllis God are no sympathy for the people who stay and die whenever you are is swinging the awareness loan ranges and I'm not really going to rescue people if you need me I'm interesting things about the uses as a tool in his hands the point here is to be sure sure by obstacles obstacles and not really qualified what can you do is also the obstacles that arise and sometimes those are obstacles are providential indications from now on no this really is for you sometimes a religious household tasks are hard you really committed as noisy really sensing that God 's call is busy new energy to move through these obstacles will be mastered by circumstances but if you want to master okay let's talk a little bit about transitions and an unconventional permit and and to those listening everyone is speaking to this fish that works with Anthony's in charge of human resources there hadn't just chilling to Houston Indymedia Niners nine years in India good chunk of life and never thinking you never had the privilege is a yeah but I admire anybody have a different media for nine years and John Edwards with a attention in his organization which sends missionaries around the world and she's got a few here that have made the transition are making the transition take a few minutes each and share a little bit now he's around to ensure little bit about current experience of what it was like to be a professional and in moving to the professional missionary some kind of the thoughts that they would dear experiences and open their hearts loaded with a spring thank you Steve I will share my struggle just so you know I used to be an international banker in New York City and that's where God called me from to become a missionary so any bankruptcy or will talk will send you the e-mail I was talking like to introduce what we were going to do is we have a family here Glenn and Melanie Roper can come up and they look very nice in the Laotian outfits I want them to tell a little bit of their story of their transition they are preparing to go out they haven't gone out yet but they're getting ready to go out as missionaries full-time missionaries and were talking about long-term service six eight ten years and that just if you would explain little bit bland melody about how it is a God called you and what the transition is likely he needs both thank you I'll transition is taken shape over several years how we sort of thought Adobe could say probably not in college we met it and his university this we attended melding melody so there is a still missionary desire back in the seventies I was just one support is at home I help raise funds and synth melody and some other friends of mine to go on student missionaries but I never actually did emission work overseas I was active in the local church and so forth but never as as as a co-op official missionary but over the years we get that seed was planted in over the years we had a desire to serve as as missionaries I sometimes also be looking at bright flash that no only when Lord told you I said for me it was some a gradual fade over the years are a group in the church I heard many mission stories I told Mrs. Dorothy steps was a youngster but it didn't come to me as I should be the missionary at that time we both professionals melodies elementary school teacher and I'm not thick by training and do we have we open the is taught about the missionary and it just didn't work out until about two thousand five when someone can draw church doesn't doctor can you became doctors and tolls about the opportunities to preach only to teach English and vibrant career and we said well this is pop an opportunity that we've been wanting in the interest of time though honestly that little to this where we had ideas of wanted to be a missionary but were disappointed things didn't work out maybe Gaullist Thomas weight this is not your turn off and simple when can you came to our church and made a presentation I felt well maybe I qualified I speak English I had a bachelor 's degree in MS as it is in the list is the all you need is a great risk and soul we decided to try again we applied and make simply wants to go in but we had a corrective the wrapup I was working at a time and in Detroit working on a major project in the school system millions teaching the church school and an output and we have to decide how to make that should just shut transition we had to complete all projects and fuss the call came in in in that God was telling us at least to me very slowly that he wants us over there I have a philosophy that if God asked me to do something unless I know absolutely that I'm a bill and have the ability I can't say no if yes this single solo as Ceylon I think in the past than that but if you ever given the gift but you know if there was anything else that he could call me to do I would lease for and sold with that in mind when the opportunity came close to both the software we did we serve the year and then we came back into Senate will get back and talk careers but God had a plan this is where this that sometimes you get that e-mail call in all keys we got a visit from Paul Pellegrini he was the spot of the AFM team and we had known them over the years and he knew you were in town and very springs at the time we just got back from Korea and he said I'll won't want to come and visit this have lunch in its goal to and then toward the AFM offices we did that and at the end of the visit they asked us to apply to be Karen missionaries and we said will obviously I will thinking well there are a lot of obstacles we look at us you won't know it but we have four grandkids out we have two grown kids who made aware for grandkids and will think why would just love to watch our kids the grandkids grow and plan an aging parents and stuff and sell we will ask you notionally go to we want to make the transition to to be career missionaries and we said to them well it wasn't all plans exactly but will pray about it and by the way that many obstacles we have to overcome and the response a candidate for AFM with the spoke volumes to assistant basically the more obstacles the better because if God wants you to go he will remove them and so with that we said let's pray about it and we did and we decided to go for an application process this end God has removed whether he's removing them out one by one year I reason we are here today but we exited in Tucson would be into some little while again half and we came on him because of a job opportunity editing and in the field of my favorite nonfiction and we thought we got the job was wonderful and everything just seemed wonderful and I want my concerns was a high will be good enough transition into becoming a missionary and God blessed in that he removals obstacles and he's prepared us to go hopeless overseas and will share with you if you want to talk more details will give me some more bundle will pass on unless someone else take over thank you very much liminality most frequent not sure how that always works or doesn't not always but instrumental story okay just very briefly all sure I I had a radical conversion experience that you will never but about that talked about it later but I was working in Park Avenue New York City for what is now JPMorgan Chase Bank managing when I got the call about the five billion dollars and what I just had this radical conversion express and I ask God what he want me to do and this is what I'd like to encourage any and all of you to pray what do you want me to do God although anywhere I'll do anything just shown now that's nice easy to say but to work through the logistics and getting screwed that a and some of the stuff that's in our hearts and that the logistics in order in our lives I had to say the bank and work for two more years to get rid of all my debt not something I thought about the God work set out dealing with fear still working on that but God leading me in those ways and and one of what my friend Sarah I work with them and him I think they could probably confirm this often time the transition God uses the transition to help prepare you for what you're going to experience overseas and if I marvel my wife and I we went to this town to visit the town I've been praying for in India for two and a half years that's a whole long story but we went to visit this town and why were there they gave us permission they actually gave us an abandoned church and a place to live free in the middle of a Hindu heartland where there was one four percent Christians zero Dennis and they said if you come back into these buildings no charge how I was hired on by me I pray for this place for two to half years I go there they did this to us I got a go and I come back and God raises the support in this incredibly fast of time we get back I don't even know what we get back into India the last possible day and I didn't know was less possible day but for the type of visa that we have get back into the country the last possible day we could only would've had to wait in the home of the year we get back to the town we were supposed to live in they don't give us the church and they don't give us a place to live and well you know talk about transitions than surprise I'm well overcoming some obstacles and you know it's a hundred and twenty four degrees my wife is seven months pregnant her ankles are swollen bigger than my thighs and and the electric company goes on strike for fifteen days and I got malaria again so that not only was fun but here's the width that is in retrospect I can laugh but really that this is really the amazing thing is my love for Jesus Christ and my appreciation for what he's done for me and what he's done for other people grown so much because he's helped me to go through those I don't know if it's for you here in the United States and you may have personal experiences were you're going through some challenges and he can help you through those things he may be calling you I believe that Gabriel on looking at you when I'm gone man this guy is committed somehow we got to get you out I'm not sure how we got to do something and a fingerprint for miracle I saw you have the whole we got Britain's got this am I don't know others of you where you're out what you're thinking but that the little plug-in here I don't want to the one lesson the work that needs to happen here in the United States as we watch our our country slip into the abyss that but there's still a tremendous amount lights mean the fact here we are at ASI she needs is a lot of good things going I want to encourage those of you who are here young people particularly but people who are seasoned and I'll use the term was sleep we also need people who will have mature leadership skills to go into places they never heard the gospel because if we don't our grandchildren or great-grandchildren Burgundians plan you don't need him preaching I need to give Mike last last think everything thank you thank you or ask a question do you believe Jesus Christ could comment I really believe that I actually could do the math we put on a time it it would not be so radical to do that provided all of us in particular the children and grandchildren we may be raising and influence would pray that prayer God help you with all my heart I will go anywhere I will do anything prepare me show me leave me and take and then the Holy Spirit will fall with power on us and our witnesses and then inch preaching and test so I hope somebody's heart is being stirred to respond to John's GL to come back right before because I is round I first met her in for an interesting student missionary men worked as an accountant Florida and is now again serving as missionaries and you I had several opportunities to do mission work when we doesn't have any senior high school and then after graduating from college decided I wanted to go somewhere I can use my degree and ended up going to Riverside and was determined that for a year that a surviving family one of the things I officiated that he mentioned was a member an e-mail that he sent me when I was trying to go and he said to be honest it's hard so be sure you want to come in and I really appreciated that because I wanted it to our needs among the earliest of me not just tell me a mission story but anyways after coming back from Zambia I went and worked in the last five years and I was sad I went on a mission to get through and earned I have to say that it was for me I sort of was like a lightbulb moment I remember sitting on the bus I was in through and having a strong impression that my purpose in life was service and I remember sitting there and here to writing on my face I was sitting on these people and had a strong impression that it wasn't in South America but it was service and because of my students in Africa for anything from you then Africa for those of you that have been there you might be able to relate that when you gone to Africa somehow you leave a little part of your hearts are I felt like he somehow I know that God wants me to start that as passing under said earlier on I felt very called to service anywhere at home or wherever I was as involved a lot of young adult ministries and movies I ended up moving to Chicago and helping to open a hospital in Chicago and all analysis NNN Colling is not his I didn't really want to move to Chicago and didn't really want to take this job that is united in opportunity to experience and also with the encouragement of friends Kristi stood next to there is a good friend of mine and she also is the night we went together and we've been friends since college and she is a doctor and as she went to medical school and residency revised text and she accused him it when you can affect patient with me is not an all enormous sunglasses and then he turned up in a hospital you know I don't have time for that and him so it ended up that she finish residency and looked for a place to go in Africa and Internet video calling to allowing and she called me and told me she was leaving and it's had hit me that I wasn't coming and I said realized that I really wanted to go badly so obviously very busy with my job and couldn't thought that moment that two different connections and obviously a lot of encouragement from my friends and my family the nice part is I was able to contact organization that is working with an talk to send the end of February last year and I was in allowing July so amazing things happened people a lady at work walked up to me and say this is a must on your car now as I like that happen obviously myself we have been very supportive and on my brother and his wife have kind of it is land and some space in the city last year if you need a place to store your things we have plenty of room we can start for free the home whenever you need to come back to and and guys really than last blessing me and concise the transition between professional and American professional in Africa I think I'm still trying to figure out okay there's a lot of challenges and it's interesting to tell people that eat it when I was turning my coworkers are leaving about all different kinds of responses everything from grandmother Julie Blair to my house in Spain how can we help you and what can we do but I also think that it's been really rewarding and I just to emphasize what he was saying that when you feel a Colleen it's hard to even identify it as a calling that you feel like something just not right I honestly don't necessarily think that they'll be assigned number some voice in the sky that but looking for opportunities talking to people I have a couple of very good friends and mentors that have been very encouraging to me in different areas of ministry and when I talk to them in a setting of this is something I'm thinking about but I wasn't sure you know I was leaving a good job and leaving all the securities of volunteering on not paid anything really suspect that leaving all the things and am when I told my friends that I was in love this is the least you have to visit you guys need to do why I him they do so because those are the relationships that last meaning that we have around us that think they are on thing that God is using to help us now when it's the right time and the editing really stands I really think that it has to be something that you enjoy doing if you go if you are not interested at all in late numbers and you have to go and be the administrator are managed you know the financial end of things do you hate that may not be exactly right position our e-mail is a new doctor Doctor is working at so isolated and crazy day you know don't go to be a missionary and get back to hate it you know you want to do something that you really enjoy commenting guidelines and themes like I do intend to do then you know going in helping turnaround hospital and something else to drink something that you have some experience with sound thank you very much much like to join you and your group of missionaries that are overseas is and where to give you situations that are from something that you might experience when you go because that's where you are in this room right because your fencing call Theo right known as some of you in an earlier so I'd like to do is come to get you in in and get a little groups that you can identify this over here from playing in the Jell-O in a single season else you can move over a little bit and then this could be a group of here and in you all should an and if I can you join Mister Rivera is that you can cluster together and get magazines and use little cluster here and in a little cluster here and I can get to know Carol and will you and your little girl is over is working to bring you a real-life situation and hear you tell us how you react to reflect an emergency box two or three listening in the future but you discuss what you would do in this situation a few more minutes and then as we go to this discussion what I hadn't continue to share with us what you were doing that situation so there's little heavyweight in the data group this is a group of young leaders okay print of your group send an just one spokesperson can stand up from each group tell us what your scenario was what your response or solution was an historic district from your spread germs logical reason to slippers and stand up and tell for the CIO and how you are interacting with that's not right we add we started with scenario for which is your help in teaching was at a local school and effort to exit the school you step over accident that a young woman using crack again reflects a major cultural things you feel violated her whole family this good menstruation and town officials are involved how do you reconcile and we just like not being humble documenting that your another culture your standards are not the right ones where you are a very year that you don't try to explain to them I took it for you you try to learn from them how you need to respond like go to an outside party that is part of that culture in essence what can I do I him and follow their advice even if you may need to make a gift to sacrifice for my milk is the same window switcher tells responsibility apparently you are the chosen spokesperson you summarized it well on I think the thing that you have to recognize is that most of these cultures do have a way of making amends or as somebody pointed out our group one eighties for the mishap that is made and made I think the first thing you have to do is you have to find somebody who can tell you what has happened why why is why this situation is creating created you may have to find somebody who is going to serve as your mediator with the family or whoever it is that has been insulted or whatever and then you will have to go through the steps to make amends if you are going to establish any credibility again in that community were with those people because until you do that you will be viewed as outside of them and not really being a part of what they are hopefully then you will be able to then affect a change in their understanding of which of course is the foundation of the top of the plan of salvation is not easy to say that but a lot of us when we get into a different culture situation our tendency is to try to change the other culture Hawaii doing that when a suppuration you should do it this way by doing that whole learning process hardware as you said earlier about loving people I don't remember reading an mission that you sometimes ask where described how people look at the world immediately three categories on people places and things no places as obviously scenery we want to see Victoria Falls or something things are tools that we use to come to show her hammer saw us typewriters computers whenever people honestly are people but sometimes we look at people as either scenery or tool and we want to go to overseas casinos no strange people and the way they read in their cousins were there almost is the overlooking of the notice people as part of the scenery and we need to learn to love people and be there for their industry no no you can't do is no work well I was pretty good I liked it has about what you hear serve food at an opportune aisle before or your with someone who is influence on that and we talked quite indebted on the food and honey came up with not necessarily at the answer for every situation but to possibilities and the first we talked about was talking to them about how you are uncomfortable with getting enough food because it has been served on Idol and how to make an unmanned flight was much before the second thing we talked about was a going ahead and eating it if you do like the Lord is impressing you that way and does nothing that the Lord is so much more powerful than those idols even comparatively limited life when I went it was interesting writing this judge cannot then have closing Air Force and so they also want to let you know in your siege of those red pink papers preserved I guess surveys and suck you could dump the amount back in the back of the collective thank you very much if if you're interested in knowing what actually happened in these these are all real scenarios that really happened to our missionaries want to know what happened come see me at our booth gave them both and that some of them are quite humorous some of them I think we did write some of them we didn't and some of them were not quite sure but it turned out okay as mission life so far has shown father thank you for my brothers and sisters who were here I could like to hear and I thank you for the emphasis that student is put on people and as we bow our heads and we are transported before your throne I want to bring my brothers and sisters are here for you and asked you Jesus Christ would intercede with us on behalf of those people don't know and it may not ever have a chance to unless it becomes pretty sent your spirit to these people that somehow they would hear you speaking to that they might have an opportunity to get a piece of literature or that they would come across just as she mentioned someone who in the course of going shares awarded to six they might become disciples and I pray for those people Hindus Buddhists most seeks the James the zero aspirins we need to use the animists secular people work on their hearts you might be in your kingdom and while you're doing that work on arms May each of us myself taken each of us here you clearly calling Scott what is it you would have us to do and we would respond and we ourselves Jesus thing


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