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How Business Gives Birth to Mission

Denise Hayden
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Denise Hayden

CEO and Founder of Fine Line Services, Inc.




  • August 6, 2009
    3:30 PM
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again I want to welcome everyone to the business seminar on home what initiated to as a white initiate a ministry from your business lots of you have said here already in business and so when you go into business at one point do you say something 's happening here that Jesus is using within medium within my business in the community to reach out to other people when do you know that while panel of experts are going to help you by giving their what their states shatteringly sharing their experience what was the defining moment and how each moment made their business or their ministry more effective for either the ministry was a business and so let's start with prayer showing our head their father in heaven we can do nothing without you so we ask as we start this panel discussion that you would be in our hearts in an online and in the ears of the listener so that they will hear you speaking to them saying this is the way walking this is my prayer in Jesus name amen the Bible says if any man would not work he neither should he and if you have no beans you have no honey so if you don't work you have no money of the adage while our countless have found that they can work and serve God in ministry which means it can in ministry with out a reward of financial reward or a substantial temporal reward but the reward that they have received has been so much more God is not only bless their business but he has blessed their ministry as well as always I hear from love that the panel is today at first to introduce themselves then I'm going to tell you that the finding moment and then they wanted to take a few moments just to give you their personal test about money about what is more and what is not how God has effectively led them and then at the very and with a question and answer so you get a chance to engage with the panelists felt that just seemed off because when God gets involved in something it's wow factor let's go to our first set of colors which are large Gary Darrell and Mary Jo and then the next to them is not Gary Bartholomew Dorsey will be here moments for it fairly and then asked the cop is only an but let's start with Daryl and Mary Jo introduce yourself tell us who you are what your business name is and whatever you would like to tell us to introduce yourself to the wealth of the unity we are Darrell and Mary Jo off we live here in Arizona would like to welcome you to our sunny warm states we have I'm a registered nurse and we have a business inpatient lovers only have two planks occupational health most of our clients and services that we provide our two employers we take care of the health and safety needs of the employees to employers in most of our clients our employer groups the nature of our businesses occupational health but within that and what kind of really leaves over a little bit into her ministry is just another part of our business has to do with working with a group of people gently as Child protective services people got in child protective services that have lost their children they've been brought up on drug charges are trying to get their life back rather than they are really at the bottom of of the barrel and were light of that and when they come in there quite angry because they will have to be an assistant it may take them through a year to two years of drug testing they can be anywhere from one to five times a week and so when they come into us initially there weeks he is angry people that they've lost their chance they may be lost their job down there in the court systems in their being required to do something that they really don't like to do so that really started with the philosophy in our business to treat everybody it doesn't matter if it's someone that is coming from Child protective services orifices CEO of the business everybody gets treated the same as is a basic philosophy that we didn't even realize it would move us in a different direction something thank you there is the jewel of the thing your name and Mary Kellogg and what is your function I worked together with Carol like I do the bookkeeping and the paperwork and I do some of the services as well and Gary about all of you and Gary Bartholomew from Spokane Washington was raised in water well drilling business which included installing pump systems seventeen years ago we quit drilling leave that for the young guys and I presently have a water well pump system company I installed pumps I service them especially in hot weather pumps are working hard matters so when I get a call in sick my water when can you come and sell a move from a licensed electrician but in the electrical and plumbing polling pumps Wells set them back in friendship and Ashley called where you from and what is the name of your business I actually can't Junior I'm from New York City I'm a professional private investigator license in the state of New York from you you may sample one you he has a private investigator that have to do with witnessing the workplace Melissa right thing I'm been in business thirty four years now I like to talk about that neatly into my age but I've been in and around long time and connecting private investigation move world that we and not certain of the lava itself on when this can be done a lot of people life they were coming loose from the singing can be witnessed women workplace the people that I deal with you know and augmented them never have seen the church middle going up faster because it's strengthening about people that you will act a different way if the submit a pastor the native mean it has let himself tell it like it is so I may be all you want Kali may be the oldest church or pastor that they see we find out that it was a great thing in fact the Lord Toby was necessary back Stuyvesant ministry what we call it and be he is my brother the slogan on the is not heavy but he is my brother and after big status ministry as well this is based in the Lord began to let other talents I didn't also write a song or book and while the speaker while my wife always speak a lot probably too much then I'll sell seminar was an SOI of all of that I debated putting together and use it all over God and Gary Coulter in who you are and the Europe in which occupation is unlike any stairs to my great time from Frederick Maryland my business name is Graham tops international recruiting specialists actually and we import resigned everything and install granite countertops and specialized in the Sox and out of that we have ministry cognitions serve international Gary what was that moment that defining moment when you knew that God was calling you for more than just running that business when did that happen to you both little bit about that the finding moment think the defining moment was a tremendous failure out of that came my ministry but the background of that was we chose to hallow at an orphanage for several years in Central America and Guatemala to be specific international children's carelessness did little projects now married winners are weaker to renew the critical need for water we prayed for that and that six years ago some of our family helped raise twenty thousand dollars to have a contractor in the country grow well he says okay we're done seven months is a good three hundred gallons a minute more water you'll ever need for this orphanage and school total population of seven hundred and so when we went down we found there was maybe three gallons a minute it was contaminated surface water and that it was out of that we said while we grew up in a well drilling family and look at the tremendous need here are the problems because of parasites and that's when it started and all nights grown until you are not yet want you to get some testimonies about the difference is that the ministry once you develop and the dusty did you know I was interesting I always had the desire to do something for God that wasn't eight and was not doing because I must be paid to the fact that it was then a back burner one date when I started this new business I came out of consulting this type of traveling the world that is one set of events that something with my kids that I go to travel so much the major compensatory town last at us he said you never succeed leaders have a keeper how you're going to run a business that most everything that you do mean weekends are important for you to meet with their items and I took the safe exercise actually and ninety I said well you don't know my partner and he said well if your partner has lots of money to throw away their problem actually we went home that night and we really decided to talk to the partner and make a commitment to God if God wanted us to do that we really wanted to make it so special that not in the market at the center but also in the markets where we got our goods from we retreated the fact that with one regard that was the moment when you get there so when did you know the line for that happened about four years ago when we were at church potluck unexpectedly at a church potluck we weren't going to church regularly we happen to have a potluck that day our conference president was there we had known them the only place to sit was next to the conference president which we wouldn't normally have done what he engaged in conversation about our business assess what we did and as we explained what we do and how we deal about treating people that come in your business after the public he asked us to go to Kenya and that was the farthest thing from our minds but if we work we did work it out to go to Kenya God worked it out we ended up doing I share him campaign there and at the end of that campaign after being there three weeks and seeing God work and using us of all people and learning how to trust God because we had to trust him for everything we are totally dependent on God because we never done anything like this especially under those kind of circumstances with no electricity and never knowing if the equipment was going to work and we got to really like that trusting God and at the end of the three weeks there when it was time to go home we decided we never wanted to go home and be the same as we got down our nation we ask God to just let and help us when we go back to be different and not just have business as usual with the changing the turning point of our life 's defining moment for you the private investigator on the terribly interested in that well-known and fifteen eighteen years going probable eighteen years ago I was sitting in the church I was doing pretty good financially as a private investigator is always at work on the church are received a call from one of the past been in Honduras and limited surrounding areas there saying that he wanted to come to Brooklyn and to raise money to build school when assuming the church without the church move in slow and so I got the word around Kevin if he come out pay is waiting and you bring in Manhattan raise money so long he didn't come and remain friends and we raised a approximate one from a thirty thousand dollars we got to America he was able to go to the teleconference we could align some fun summoning the problem and then back in the neighborhood so he went back and he sent me a letter stating that said thank you very much Ashley for having us because when the brother brotherly and you heard about as the sent us to addition a million dollars to build a school lab mix who is going back at that point the Lord told me some night you need to move forward then much more when I thought I had done in the race many of the big committee but in the eighty eight then the vision to expand the shape a nonprofit organization by the name can be is not heavy he's my brother and I ministry him is able to blend in with the private investigative work because I was coming in contact with people who lies with coming upon some was headed to prison some had prison records someone would just down and out and in this game of and at that point I remember Miss America I won't take long I was doing contract in lieu of Housing Authority events New Jersey and the Lord had given me a contract the contract probably worth two hundred thousand dollars and outside of okay I am contract Goldman take a look is any a business man would do as I pockmarked call me he'll look down to heal limbs in the project there in this sauce see people of all walks of life spiritual to me are you going to make money and lead my people on human workflow at that point we investigated to limit cases on that we gave each one of the people that we had a case where table one year of free message magazine and from there we began to do and we began to our branch out into the physical child abuse little kids and are that gay individual way in the lowest since June one but I want to say one thing when you are working for God Satan will move and entropic cripple you but that's me and I'm determined to do God 's work that is nothing better than word witness in the workplace that was not joining us thank you you to get more time to test your personal testimony in those thin yet situation your love hearing the testimonies of the net let us on the inside of the anointed day by day operations of your business now I'd like to add out Thursday on this one it is in transit to twelve thirteen minutes would you let me know personal testimony about your business you can either talk about it I think you have a PowerPoint that you'd like to show us what you do and how that ministry runs and how your business run those and are you okay I think I can visualize from here but when I business all about they slowly started and Brent tops couldn't exist without the right arm which is the ministry missions from international we do training we began to work for fifty six Home Depot stores in four different states this another client that the deterrence is stressed enough in terms of having one client you heard of that number telling regular thing that can be then represented seventy five percent of our business early this year and you would know how business is and I stopped one day to question nice that God when they learned that day intermediaries company between us and the Home Depot 's file for bankruptcy in the over is a lot of money I said is that a message telling me that I should stop the other side of our business because when businesses when things the other the ministry and I had a visit from her bank pay a king to discuss the loan for our building how about a any set by senior books yet back to you the megawatt if the bank requires you to stop giving because things are not good it was top-ranked and I said if I were answering you as your clients I would say yes but I'm not going to answer that as I have been with God and that arrangements opinion different than just alone in the bank and you know throughout all of that going to go fix about this from nature to your kitchen in reality is from God 's lending and and and his tremendous love for us inspiration and being there when we need that decided that why why worry here when we're not here to make money we were here to make a difference and we said no we want to stop giving we once have been we had several plans trips were this year mission trips training ASI training everything dependent on money I in March I confess to you that any nights I went home thinking that I couldn't pay their next salary my work as we went from sixty six workers to it reduced everything we did everything we could bottom line is that we are stupid when many of the ones that over this money are under his today and I know it's because God has a plan for us and what happened I just want to give a quick report here for you I know it what happened this year I have learned a important lesson that success in life is not measured by the things we acquired we do is buy the lunch that we touch in this process what we do and what we one day will look back at the end of our life 's sleep was it worth between four and I know it has been for me so I just want to mention when paying at the owner of this huge companies a complex of nine companies that just five one day she said to me with tears in her eyes before they start to have financial problems she said Thursday I wish they could go with you in one of your projects I wish I had the opportunity life to have his soft heart I can see some kind of signing checks have never touch anybody's life 's end I think this is what all of us here have experienced and what motivates is they would look and we know my sending change it for our God son kingdom we advocate a very quick unless there's an article in a magazine in our city about one of our mission trips and that is the beginning of the article where they think image of the days of people asked me if I have a travel agency which has nothing to do it but work but because we deal with so many volunteers going overseas admissions serve to get his reputation today somebody came to labor in fact how does your travel business going missing but struggled this I don't know how that business on ethnic origin tribunal dispute was settled that God 's business so this magazine wrote this article my face and a easy writer overseas in the late estate twelve days the Pentagon of our volunteer mission trips and she was in every activity and she wrote about the city Mayor in our city read it and he called to his office that's how God works in wonderful ways opening doors and when you're not expecting unable to center C Fisher doing this overseas can we adopt that city that's how my ministries like to have impact on house and not just trying to give the best product but also finding means to be in contact with the community and then and make some difference that he would be nice as well so we were invited to run that program if you see when one from the first event we had two hundred people the second one we had five thousand people coming together and this year we had ten thousand people in the third event involving out the diplomatic body of Washington DC in all days ministries and messengers in your leg is beautifully set this all sprouted out of volunteer projects over six when we started we didn't have money to do anything that required money we started using people 's talents and people that wanted to help us so we had our first official visit people from this government went to our city where missions serve as a community center and then they expected cost at all and different places that they could make a difference as well we're not just someone innocent people we were now to help out and equipment and whatever we can then fill in medical missions we have had lot last year twelve this year we are ready had three dental nations in every group that goes astray for five hundred people that are being treated and there are some pictures flying doctors on backpacking there with us we have allowed that England 's school of dentistry Center for group self-interest last year also from from Europe somewhere having help from from Europe as well now this is beautiful we do not gain medical work social work has been a great supporter farmworkers receive that he retained four hundred laypeople and gave them the DVD package this year we just came back two weeks ago we trained Houston people at thousand people he mentioned that are preparing the fields because now we are having one evangelistic series and that a region of the country every year in October so we have today a thousand more young people out training others and helping others any study the Bible in preparation for the evangelist so if I have to be a rate supporter of our ministry overseas and this is very interesting today we have three pastors arriving from that region they want to come and find a aside and they need someone into district of them up they are the president and the field secretary for the Tunisians where we had been working they have now seven thousand five hundred young people that are donating one month every year started last year of the month of January every body takes a break in whatever they do and they go to a new reach of places and they preach and Dublin the agreement is that they only leave the city when they have a roof that now comes the connection with the one-day church and other projects that ASI supports because if we are there to preach and to bring people into the church we cannot leave them behind we did that one in a half ago we baptize a hundred and twenty eight out of commission project and three months after we had lost other churches we had known before he left because they didn't have a built-in video which each item we learned the hard way that we cannot do that we have to bring them in and put them under a roof something like a family that they belong somewhere so this great desire that we had of the of help out in training now became a challenge because we have to have the churches now I would like to invite you to come to our booth 's sundial at the end of five hundred euros to bear some yellow machines underneath any of you seen this in the brick making machine that is like a Lego toy this is our last challenge that ye have taken that will help people to build quickly in ten days between the roof behind in Wallace what I would like to say here now is that the other day I looked back into our experience and I thought maybe God has a different plan maybe God wanted us to slow down not rush so much not to fifteen Johnson gave these to have to produce fifteen projects that they were producing six or seven week only we are still surviving we're still doing the mission work but with a difference with a different approach and how that fit God is it is you know telling is that something has to be done quicker and that's where we want to start a distance machine that I display there in our own shop or something like them are building will be used for that purpose anything about it if you have never seen that machine I would invite everyone to look at the machine if it will will blow your mind thank you very much dressy what a wonderful way privileges and leaving you and now Gary that Islam Nelson personal testimonies about your successes and your failures but God was there the logistics of getting drilling equipment in Guatemala we had no idea what to do we do know many drilling equipment and more we made it known in drilling and newsletters in Washington Idaho Oregon Montana we live in Washington recently started getting calls I'm not oh well Rachel a substance such what would that do for your project and on and on and on well now we shift the older style cable tool well drill not the new Nancy rotaries down to Guatemala and we drill that the orphanage and school we got so much water we can pump it out of there and and it dropped the medical bills at the orphanage by seventy percent the first year as I having safe water since then we thought well no ratings here would model around until it dies and then we got another ring down there and now the Lord is worked in that this weather this winter project January February each year this letter will have another one man El Salvador thanks to a man in Frederick Maryland that that I had never met before anyway we've we've built a church in the village because so many people were baptized that they really needed a place once we drill a well that's a two or three week project we have the people 's confidence where their friend and you see the excitement when the water starts flowing there washing their faces their jump in there just they are having the time of their life when clean water comes out of the ground so if you are three weeks and where there are we just would really have a good time with them we show the Jesus film we may have a dentist it pulls teeth because that's what's needed a lot abscessed teeth we may have a lady from our church is gone I think three different year she's a midwife helped mothers in one village we build a merry-go-round pump so when the kids play on a merry-go-round pumps water into a little dress in a healthy and so these last winter we went back of course we were curious house at merry-go-round doing it's doing fine the kids are delighted with it the best news is it's the first year in the history of that village they have lost nine of their infants were or are you is sure so vulnerable to the parasite problems we also were blessed with ASI and sharing six hundred DVD players see that through half of the country of Guatemala and out of that we decided we need a higher couple people year-round down there to encourage those Bible workers and pastors and also to report back to us aware getting e-mails of work that's the whole group that's raised up in a village where there's never been a had been his presence before their people being baptized by the hundreds for math we also do five evangelistic series each year when were down there drilling and so it gives some of our people anywhere from age twelve to eighty from our local church experience in and doing out in overseeing the reflex reaction now they're wanting it busy back home do the same thing back home so that the reflex reaction works I can tell you that this church do we bill builders to see a hundred and fifty people and we had a lot of baptisms in that village after we drilled well and on dedication Sabbath there were four hundred people there and there's a tremendous need I just I fear sometimes you know we see always glowing reports as we sit in our living rooms and watch as the TV programs that point people are out there work in the Lords work is getting it done pretty soon there is unlimited work to do out there and just know and do it and so back home when when people call and say Gary I guess my pump quit amount of water I don't do their job I'm there with my meters and started to check the system and I say to them why we can survey thankful for water can't really and you be surprised so many conversations come out of the and of course I start talking about Guatemala and how fortunate we are supposed to a lot of the Third World and several of those people of Ghana Guatemala with us to help my projects are drillers all come from an article that we were asked to put international water well drilling Journal magazine for while realtors said over two and half years ago so monthly we have an article in their and we have an non- Adventist drillers from many many of the states from New York to California to British Columbia Utah Pennsylvania Kansas they come down there and of course we don't have a shopping apartment so that we can build on the campus Aaron and so Sabbath they go to church with a seventy minutes walking from here to there on the campus and its it's just a powerful experience with tremendous opportunity to share with our drillers I think there a lot of them are Christians and they would say that because I have a heart to help people they would never called us in the first place to come so I share things like this in my work at home and utilized I enjoyed pump for that this is what keeps me going that opportunity share many conversations we get into the booklets that I'm able to share ASI is man opportunity to find new things new literature etc. and of course the networking goes on here is just incredible because it gives me ideas this is how I learned in the first place I learned by example and I heard people talking about it I heard people say it could be done and the Lords taken elsewhere I never had any idea would go it also made it a need in in Guatemala always baptisms for more churches since September the first container of one-day churches will go to Guatemala that's the first of the hundred and thirty eight churches that will be built there thanks to ASI and Marilyn Otho MacNeil says all that that's that's ordained by God these people are meeting out under the trees is in the home to go to church and so that's good that's good enforce the work even more financial impact on my business you know I used to squirm when I take a week or two go to Guatemala ninety two months everywhere as well the first year I took two months I had the largest gross income in the history of my business that year the next year I took two months and went to Guatemala I was going January February that's wintertime winegrowers are doing much and in this hemisphere and that year my first quarter was the R Warner largest first-quarter I never had now the first quarter I'm gone to the three months so goes the radio businessman if you're looking at dollars own way and I have quit looking at that only that I I just like to say that the Lords taken is where I had no idea it would go and I just you know I think Scripture after Scripture the Lord promises you'll do more than and we can even ask or think can praise God he does is imperative there is like I learned something very I did not know there was a well drillers magazine area is thinking all the magazines that are out there but boy what a way to share and Darrell and Mary Jo was a little bit about the test all before we left hang out at people there said he won't forget us will you and we know we can forget them but we didn't really know if we'd ever go back there again it had cost so much and course we were concerned about being away from our business too so we got back home while we can forget about Tina just started doing what we can do at home and we met with our pastor and our church members and we decided if we can do evangelism in Kenya we can do it in our little town to you so we were able together with our church to rent a little office space that is next door to our office and we called the meeting place where we now have community meetings there every month we have a vegetarian potluck for the for the community we did have we have had serious of evangelism meetings there are really a lot health outreach programs is drawn so many people and from the community as an great blessing to us as well as the community and we seen people coming from those programs into our church so that's ten thousand it's a great blessing our business change two after we got back from Kenya we started seeing that there was more than we can do with our business as far as reaching out to people so we started hearing literature which we hadn't done before we've been able between our two offices offices to get out just thousands of pieces of literature people are so interested in knowing what we know and what were so blessed to know and we have also seen and taken advantage of opportunities to pray with people many people come in and now some people even come in just ask us to pray with them is a is a sense that where people that will do that and we just seen the lives being changed people getting their children back and getting her life back on track one of the people it does work for us now first came at the CPF client is so am if this is just a great thing to see our church is able to hold meetings in our meeting place and in our office we been able to use it for that our business literally doing that well when we first went to Kenya we had a setback with him whenever one of the parts of our business so that was a real step in faith breast even go there again we have found our business is doing so much better than it don't ever dreamed that it would do at this point even though we taken taken off so much to go to Kenya since this is also heading going to Kenya and having this ministry as far as our business goes were often able to start a conversation sounds anterior sharing because of our Kenyans furious that initiate conversations here in our local community where were able to lead around the spiritual discussion no inaugural talk a little more about our Kenyan experience to you know I have I like to start out by saying that as as we talk about what's happened in our life and how God is not only changed our lives that change lives in Virginia this really isn't about Virgil I got how God will take ordinary people and just make a commitment to him Jill do whatever it is that he has for you all take ordinary people which we certainly are and he will turn your life upside down and an use used to do things that you can't even begin to imagine I know analysis for years together we had our had no idea that we would go as ministry as missionaries I didn't even know what AFI was four years ago and I think what was happen when we came back from that time within Lord we don't want to go back and do the same we came back garden putting together some pictures and little presentations and we would go to different churches and civic organizations Rotary clubs and we would share our experience and out of that people would get interested in they wanted to be involved and so would start getting people label chapters ten dollars here's thirty dollars here's a hundred dollars or how can we help and as we did that we started realizing that we needed to put together a nonprofit organization something that had a structure to it so that people would feel that there would be accountability we didn't really know it at that time the Godhead credible things lined up over the next few years and had we known that we probably are possibly what has been much less likely to move forward in the way that we did that in a three-year period of time we we changed our lives to wear our business supports our ministry we currently taking Joseph was thirty five children on a daily basis of rank unit of them left work on a new day I have within New Orleans they don't have an orphanage to live in they just exist on their own so we provide meals for them we provide basic medical care for them uniforms unless I'm I just got back two weeks ago from putting in a well for them because everything there involves raw water there's an incredible trial there at this time when I would like to say I as business owners to you as business owners is that God will take the skills that you have the leadership skills that you have the desire to to be independent and go out and do something and make a difference asked why all of you are then individual business owners are most of you have been individual business owners and he will take at that skill that you have and whatever's inside of you that drive and if you commit that over to him he will turn your business into a ministry and I would I guess I like to send by Satan don't be afraid of that if it is starting to just add just how to tweak your mind it's another something I should be doing just say were view open the door because he won't let you down and I can guarantee you you cannot outstand and so no matter how much you think that you can't do because of your business really won't like if you just put it all out there you cannot outspend and he will he will certainly take care of of all of your needs I'd invite you to stop our booths where an eight hundred grow up toward the front and must all just ask on what it is that he would have you to do and go forth take that step step out of your comfort zone it truly is about getting out of your comfort zone and Gato put you in his comfort zone and he will change your life and he will change lives around you and think you are now thinking about is just a little bit of housekeeping announcement Ashley what was number exactly are you where eight oh four eight oh four booth number eight oh four and guarantee how the eight oh six eight oh six were neighbors and Pharisees you have both your books at the end of five hundred and fifty thousand booth no I don't know who's okay and I'll also want to let you know that this is being recorded by audio verse and it will be available at www. audio parts OR for free and if you wanted to get to see me there at booth number you'll see the audio first booth you'll see the audio sales booth on the overt sales booths I want to just let you know that in case you want more information go to getting some good information here now Ashley Kim of the few customers I'm very curious how a private investigator who was investigating me could share Christ with me while he investigating me out how went back and give a funnier testimonial about somebody who you actually do that with I like to piggyback on the last be good that you can be not spending mechanism Frank in and went burns my heart is IMO 's special and it around the spreadsheet alone and if you and Ellen White when she sends word will be finished when the language and the men should join hands and finishing off with living in the last these and I ask myself what can I do what can I do work along with the church and although I'm the entrance 's Batman outreach ministry is part of the business what can I do the join hands with the layman 's join administrative finish off the work that you asked the question what would a private investigator do because always looked like he's investigating someone always keep in nine knots spying on someone but as the last because saying what ample what about your talent is documenting that talent in using more then you yourself as a man I can't imagine an investigative world underwent I used to deal with criminal work alike out I began to melt and size down to insurance and workers compensation claims and in and out of all those investigations you will find that they are people who know nothing about God you'll find people who are just good people but it's from know the way they they they probably wouldn't be in the condition they are than they are in if they knew God are we passed through women of said Salam a service to these people and many of us never asked him what's going own even you can see on the face as Fiona God want us to do this because we are all the problems people with our brothers keeper of the hammering this out of the maze of one nine one case I had in the some music was not young Caucasian young woman run and had left Pennsylvania and him him I hadn't seen her in years she got been lost in the big city like New York city you don't need to get lost in New York City but the question of the mother didn't know what she was living there so Monday while said that my office I receive a call from our private investigating in part of consuming I can't think of me Pennsylvania is as I have a client who daughter had been missing for years maybe show me maybe ten years another was you live in the law I was just wondering if you could help me out and find her well I would do when October send me at one send me all the information that you have on but if while conducting an investigation I talk to God about the unit if you never can be rated in God whatever skills training of your profession he is God it is inexpertly any belongs right training okay so I talked to and to three days I received a package given her only thing he had sent me a picture and she was a girl but seventeen years old and he gave me a blank dates of birth name is so secured the number at that time we didn't have computers now we had to do what's called a old-time foot investigation so what I do not call another investigator said you can't run a name and through system may we can pick something up on her and not a few of the ladies said Ashley something for you season one hit him in this young person you looking for may live in the Bronx of two hundred and twenty fishery does not meet your and I went down and that they are drove off when I found that this large building all people standing around the Sea of New York City used to walk around like a snooping on people that is not healthy this present moment based on what I did I went to the building that looked round and almost shuffled by asking any question about that one and one identify me out just on a narrow surveillance so I didn't see anyone is on return home eventually I went out and I checked the males not talk to the superintendent believes that while Jacob Young later lives in a department in the apartment in the rear she may be the person looking for then I went in and identified my I didn't identify myself but we do it under the pretext enough that she was the one I was so happy and I never let an allow multiple looking for sauce okay I'll contact you later she thought I was working on the insurance claim is that I would enjoy going out when working on the applet element of Vineland and bring my women like I really got for handmade time escape and as I was halfway out the door the six foot tall man with his coat back to see his gun they were you doing in my house so while I was just checking own person manager noise I mean come amounts setting the one he was against the evil police officer needed in the amount find some way to get out and I went back to Brooklyn but the private investigative understaffing the founder some and the next two days they came over and he wasn't home so we stress about half an hour and minute hands Sumitomo the same guy asked me what I was doing that within the Connie looked directly at me and she was in and he had his wife the drawback laws had gotten married and have a low child that was one of the most on reunion even credit much when I cried that they had a reunion like that in that way they recognize that you can you can witness for God because it was God who best to locate her the mother dog to join in she hung the daughter because your mother had an senior in the years and then he says that many of that I don't have the time to tell of how you have been some dangers cases as well we have had cases that people distribute job and that while in the jailhouse am right right the statement of mental young men of Sodom dignity time is nestled in the window maybe it just a witness to the talk to Don about the tell them they are looking for someone and you'd be surprised when speakers said that a business may not be to eliminate all the time that you take up with his will multiply multiply and if I'm the one that will be new workflow on gentleman nine he has a nice secretary just got isolated incident and the demo was much you try to reach across across open witnesses someone when I did it anyway surprise are talked about the always talk my ESI you've even if you will be good witness in the workplace you must be a minimum ESI you have to do to you you cannot give a good witness in workplace you are reassigning all of the these meetings are what I've been seeing just what he is on meds and then we would talk everyday what kind of sweet sweet and we would come in contact with the rich and we come in contact with the pool sometime enriches not sometimes it was not nice and we've come him come through when people taste as we know we ought not be disproved and I was talking to a one-day message but you will notice us I have an outreach ministry I had taken slowly you just don't want people and said well you know I'm an advanced level even Mannesmann am a person and I want to sign you up as you get it when you freely signed the magazine the show I is the dog two weeks ago she said I should accept a method of raising the magazine of the store of the writer of the sea you don't have to worry I see yes I said that I did as you can put in three ABN distant house satisfied my husband is ready for that yet how people read so either that what we do well nicely with is to dance we decided that my wife and I would give all the family members all over relative old friends get them give them a free copy of the message magazine the signs of time whatever ratio will be given that you will be able to reach them and so we're doing that now we hope in Ocean view of what we have five hundred message magazine the one of a magazine to give out a man angry US think that it thank you for that and I'll I I've heard from each of these diverse speakers one theme and that is that it is God that is giving you the opportunities as you have to be open in your business to hear him call and to see him open doors and act on your behalf now I ask you we have a panel of experts here who has seen the Lord leaned into their business so much so that they felt compelled passionate to begin this ministry you have any questions for the help you in whatever methods you happen to be and to make that scenario happened to see that scenario more clearly any questions regarding you like to ask the panel the question is well that he is asking a question to the panel okay this man does painting and painting business and his question is how you know how do you get the transition in the conversation around to making it to asking someone about the Lord or inquiring about what they needed from my male male pages restate the question is that how do you act how do you actually and so the question without turning them off about God that were irregular and without turning them off as in my line of business in it I take the example of Jesus Jesus would talk to anybody you come to be delivered only around eleven if your phone talk by phone if your caliber and you talk about that if you compute a major talk about that if you are able to talk with people on common ground there began the gear themselves and to do that because it shows some sign that they got problems and what it is trying to be one half correct the problem even fixed the problems one thing and it's eugenic testing of the people about God and am in need of something if you have people with the problems they are willing to listen to you and you can do about coming on common ground this is a perfect example of how Jesus was able to deal with people after people I meet them on the old lever is what I remember some years ago I was an old Caucasian neighborhoods and back and I haven't been a man of color and Alcatel with this woman didn't not one of the bombing was doing a activity check and is used in a moment out of water in the file and begin ask questions and seek with you from she's from it what has us are just in the open a few weeks ago you'd be surprised to see and that he was able to communicate we spent about fifteen minutes doing criminal run about own country only of slumping and I did enjoy we are able to break down the barriers there nothing that anyone because of what color we from you mean people on the eleventh they will be from your talk more questions if I just like that I think that at least in our experience we found that when we ask objects every day leaders to who ever you wanted latest to help us to be open to steer stuff that we might not hear people are hurting people hurting everyone doesn't have to just be in Kenya or New York City is being a good listener you will start picking up interview not a good listener but if you did you pray to God you will start picking up a clue someone's not a problem and if you start sticking up just a little tidbit and opens the door for you to maybe without crying that for you to find out a little bit more about what's going on and if people are hurting generally people like to see if they find out that someone is truly interesting I thought you did a great know how worried how are you today what if you're in someone's house you're probably in there for a few days in and made it opens an opportunity just one time and any of your God saying okay is this is an opening and so maybe just taking that and listen to it and one thing that it was always out of my comfort zone but when I have found that when there's a little bit of an opening and someone talks about I do say is I'm getting radically would you be offended if I just pray with you about that and I've never had anyone say now you know I really don't want your private views with which is an manner can be just a little short prayer to say God whatever's going on with these people understand that you bring peace to almond and wisdom or whatever it is this needed to be and that might just be the thing that the next day when you come back and will open up and you don't know what I fell good last night and just might open a dialogue it will never only whatever happened is no enough two-minute span everything changes to set start some awareness anyone else would like to address my questions are as figure one two had just asking God to give us an opportunity to weaknesses things weren't many times you have the desire to do something that the end we are shoddy work we are not ready for that asking God please help me give you an opportunity today yesterday and say this because the other day a worker of mine that I never took the time to lease we listen very little barrel is rushing the S color you but we're not there to listen then the answer is just a holiday high and she came to the kitchen in the office send share my hand and she said I hope you're not excited me you know the momentum was right there at end and night I said some things about the utility so we talked and I had to go I really have to go do something that it in that moment I had to stay because she had a need and she opened up and she talked and talked and talked about her church and about all the problems and she went on and on there is nothing I could say in in that moment to fix anything other than what you like for me to pray with you and then deliver all the problems to God and it's it's there I will leave we would love with notation would listening we will be able to find opportunities to with to tune witness for him this you are one of the things on I wanted to add to the panel is and that is that you never have to say worry about knowing it all knowing the twenty eight nine fundamental beliefs knowing the Bible you never have to worry about that because if the Holy Spirit brought that person drew that are sent to you God will give you the right words to say even if you fumble Kenyans that what it has to come out God is not just made us seven day Adventist Christians to keep it I am a Christian I'm going to be saved the reason he gave you a business or ministry or outreach anything is for you to share him as I want to encourage everyone that is here to go and ask the Lord for an opportunity 's and zero cents ask him for an opportunity to share because that's why God has entrusted you with an opportunity to have people coming through your past you in your business so feel free understand that opportunity and go for the length of the stand for prayer and I would like to come to ask their relationship with do the closing prayer a commissioning prayer of consecration microphone Lord God we thank you so much for the things that we've heard in the way that you work in our lives in order to assess right now that she will send your Holy Spirit down and touches on our minds and our hearts just what it is that you would have us to do it may be something very different than what direction we think were headed but all it takes is the commitment that we want to give our life to you that we want to be let by UN we will be led by you and you promise that you will take care of us you'll take us by the hand you Leo slowly at first it's nothing that's going to be overwhelming it's just one step at a time and has as we regain this trust in him this incredible trust that you'll take care of everything as long as you're leaving us you just keep getting more and get us more is more energy give us more wisdom on how to deal with things that confound us to help our businesses and we don't understand that but you somehow reward is more than we could even begin to imagine and assist all about trusting the Lord getting out of that comfort zone getting out of getting out of the way so that you can work because it's not about us it's about how you will shine in us and how others will see something that is MS that can't be explained and it will be wanting to ask you what is going on with you and that's the door as the little window of opportunity we can say which incredible person has done for us Lord I just asked right now that everyone that has been here in this mean they're here because they want to know how to take it from the business to the ministry and that you will work on them tonight just work on their minds and their hearts and given that piece that it's okay just step out of that comfort zone and noted Jesus will take care of all of us we thank you for the opportunities you have given us each and every day because there's always someone in front of us it needs to know about Jesus Lord we don't know we'll see each other again as soon soon we'll all be in heaven and there will be people that will be there it will say because of your example because of Jesus shining through you I'm here today what is probable that the furnace and she's saying on a medium with my audio only and not having to maintenance services in industry you would like to learn more and I find that he is not a assignment is a more is a free online newsroom please visit www. nonbelievers


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