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Workplace Soul Winning: Why Christianity?

Ed Zinke
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Ed Zinke

Adventist theologian and businessman




  • August 7, 2009
    10:45 AM
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good morning everyone is so good to me whether by telling the bill of meeting one aluminum light on the open saw people coming or not we'll get started all I'm going to conduct this parcel is a lecture and partially as discussion so the closer you want to get together with you zero will be for us to talk to each other just a quick word about who I am I started in the ministry and amendments to medical research the General conference I was involved in conducting a number Bible conferences around the world and the van and started a business at home social Salem of the kids and I joined her full-time and eighty five but still remain active theologically in the church and dog whistle that business a year ago which gives me a chance to get back even more into law theology than we had before and the and as long as Anne's house of nuts a life of so I certainly appreciate the support that the bushido 's my interest is particularly done in the foundations of some of them is what is the role of Scripture in some available disbelief and debacle worldviews and how that impacts academic disciplines and initially when I talk to me about making this presentation we were talking about something slightly different are going to be talking about if Christianity is a relationship with God by Doctor Y doctrine of Christianity 's relationship with God why not just simply so they focus on Christianity on the relationship and not be concerned about doctrine now I'm going to still deal with that talk to topic but I may be a little bit with foundations also try to be a little bit with creation and with what the Sabbath is an illustration as to how that can impact our relationship with God him so starting out on no one is Christianity people have what would Christianity in so many different ways and in the third century after Christ the man by the name of some use I like this on a pagan converted to Christianity so long as his worldly goods set aside enough to keep his sister of her retirement I guess you'd say I'm an art and then again the rest of the church and then went out into the wilderness to meditate locate out there so I can separate himself from the world and pretty soon the nearby townsfolk discover that this pious monk was out in this case meditating and so they wanted to be close to the pious monk and so they started stringing out so that you get closer the more pious among them as soon as I do know what I can utter to be separated from the world and the world is surrounded so long ago further out in the desert unbuilt platform on that platform license I separate myself from the world and the reason people discovered where he was out there on this platform and so while they came along and built platforms around his platform so that they can get the close of the pious monk it was separating himself from the world well when that happened that he built his platform higher in which case they built their platforms are according to tradition he finally lived out his life on a platform of sixty feet high in order to consult separated from the world Melanie ask is that Christianity within a medication of course is a good thing but did he take up to an extent that it wasn't really the essence of Christianity and that there are so many other things that we often looked out as kind of the essence on the basis of what Christianity is we notably mentioned meditation works all I can just perform enough works out then I'm a Christian and I will be saved or I can what is so social programs or if I can gain enough knowledge to know if I'd memorize the twenty eighth then I'm a Christian and then I will be saved and so on and so forth and so there's only different ways that people have what Christianity and attempted to develop their religion about that around I know obviously each of these are important to Christianity but they are the foundation of the essence of what Christianity is I like the definition the Christ gave himself for celebration in John seventeen three hundred and say the person with me and this is life eternal that they might know you and only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent this is life eternal that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ and the sound story about the program and many other places in Scripture where were our relationship with God is pointed out as the key foundational aspect of Christianity John knows wrote I am writing this with you in order that you might have fellowship with God and with his son in the sale likened the relationship between God and his people to the marriage relationship of all pray for the Ephesians that they might have the love of God which surpasses all knowledge and so Christianity them is a relationship with God we were created for fellowship with God Bell unfortunately personal story will go through this quickly but are inequities of separate us from God our iniquities have separated us from what God 's original intention force originally and created us for fellowship and some has separated us from his space all send and come short the glory of God and Christ came an order that relationship might be restored God 's plan of salvation restores us to fellowship with God God demonstrated his love toward us and while we were yet enemies God sent his son into this world and God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself and so we come to our question if Christianity is a relationship why doctrine by Christian living we won't deal with second one the bill will first why not simply can simply emphasize the relationship anyhow we are moving into society more and more that related is not concerned with doctrine there was a book written a few years back on the history of doctrine it was not an advertisement but this general in general the history of doctrine and there was a review in the Washington post on this book I'm on my Sunday school members cut it out and brought it to me on this review so this is a great history of doctrine but this is the last history of doctrine that will ever be written like nobody's interested in doctrine anymore okay so how about that what is the role of doctrine and Christianity both Christianity is a relationship what's ask ourselves for some of the dynamics in human relationships were some of the dynamics in human relationships among what's look and see if that gives us any parallels our understanding of our relationship with God any ideas respect okay very good respect communication good okay same thing okay respect and mutation time commitment definitely find them in trust than anything else yes understanding of each other okay the house open-minded okay those who have an open mind of the other individual willingness to hear from the other individual regard this okay doing things with each other shared history with each other willingness to change okay or not I'm glad over touching all these things on tape on loyalty of the okay and when you don't have flooded relationship without the commitment very good okay we imagine a lot of a lot of terrific things than all of those are essential to good relationships and this is not intended to take away from the discussion on a mentioned a few other things and do things that you mentioned here one is if you're going to enter relationship with a person is not to know something about them there's some knowledge of the other person when otherwise you're just sitting there in on the communication lists environment having this relationship with the person you don't even know while satisfying is that along with the kind of relationship last epistle so knowing another person and that's what our tech said there in John seventeen right and this is life eternal that they might know you the only true Wharton alumni group implies quite a bit more than a dozen English are not the Hebron surgery twice private more than a dozen English language and English language if we know what kind of witnesses work on the provision has how many watts this is and so on so forth and we know something but then in the great and I understand that it were also that word is more a relational word but it includes information about all the other person okay so we know the other person that can help us to enter into a relationship not knowing the other person doesn't make the relationship doesn't but it makes the relationship possible to see the difference between the foundation realize this is not all is not there has to be all the other elements we're talking up make a relationship but if you don't have knowledge then the relationship is very difficult not impossible to know how well knowledge of oneself you had difficulty over entering a relationship with another person because you really didn't understand yourself or somebody else seven difficulty entering relation with you couldn't understand themselves to understanding oneself is also essential to relationships how about Molly W appropriate relationship with the other individual for example know my relationship with when dealing with the Queen of England or my secretary where my wife or my granddaughter for the present United States each of those is going to have a different characteristic and if I am going to enter into that relationship I'm that relationship must take place over the parameters of those characteristics you know this is a place I think were often we kind of go astray because we say what Christianity is a relationship and so therefore I'm a par with God is just like any other relationship and it is a relationship it is a relationship that is unique and it is unique because it is between ourselves and God there's another thing about relationships early with our relationship with God so all of the mind and character the way will be transformed according to the person or thing that we admire most in our lives and so if we got that Meyer got most of our lives what's going to happen to our lives will be changed into harmony with the character of God and if it had never noticed you need somebody for the first time and within minutes you feel like you normally life and other people you've known them all your life and you feel like you don't know them well if your characters in harmony with their character you know if your lifestyle with your interests and so on so forth one side it's going to facilitate the relationship between yourself and the other person and so if our lives are molded into harmony with the character of God then that relationship with God will be facilitated in fact God would like to restore a student has image white is because these out there playing games you only once all of these the people around her whatever he wants to enter a relationship with us and Saddam has separated us from that relationship and so he desires we drenched be transformed because he longs to reenter the relationship with us about slick about a couple in a living in Phoenix Aaron another in Frankfurt Germany and are communicating with one another and other never met each other and finally they decided to get married so they decide on the location they could fly and they get married and in what police cover right away Stover though they didn't marry the person that I thought they were in America right knowledge of Outlook made they were building up this texture in their minds all along is what this person will be like him when they finally met they discovered that the person really wasn't like that of course it probably happens to some extent of all marriages which is why it's important all little things we mentioned about relationships here's some of were opened to the other person but you know God wants us to know who he is so that we earn line dating and he wants us to enter into a relationship with who he really has not with our concept of who he is and so it's important we know who is Rosalie interrelationship of them until their lives will be molded into harmony with his life and what happens now is important to accept elements of who another person has knowledge of another persons but what happens if we reject part of what another person is what happens when rejecting a let's even more significant but not fully understanding how might my friend Mike level don't mind if I got it Michael is a fantastic archaeologist by the way Michael's that was my professor at the seminary in the I still remember all the wonderful times we had together anyway Michael this is an excellent archaeologist known worldwide for his his work in the book of archaeology possibles I assume you know Mike is a very poor archaeologist by cuddling while putting the category of archaeologist that impact our relationship by the well known Mike since it was something like that longer than he remembers may affect unable to do our relationship was the conflict underwent elbow doesn't mean that Mike wouldn't be loving and forgiving them still seeking the relationship but simply the fact that I am rejecting part of what he has would definitely put a block in our relationship and were going to see that as we get into our relationship with God and see how rejecting C essential elements of who God is as important so what is so common as it would build designer dogs to build dogs as we want them to be relevant in the God who has revealed himself in that fact this lecture yesterday afternoon I was pointing out you know people are becoming their own God they're developing their own concept of God yes are we great God and our image that's right exactly right and particularly theology in the last two hundred two hundred fifty years that is the all you study humankind 's study human nature and the new development on the best that human nature okay so I will point out also that biblical doctrines put together like a beautiful mosaic couple years back and I have the privilege of visiting Iran were looking for shows there and around the year before only a thousand Americans that visited Iran and why would I wasn't around for almost a week and I saw to Americans outside of our group over there in and in state court of law metal pictures on the other Americans Italy went to the three major hotels and and terror on redundancy and the other American anyway we want Iran we were walking down the street and stopped into a Persian carpet shop and there was a carpet on the wall was about fourteen feet by sixteen feet just absolutely gorgeous carpet was one of these European scenes of of a family out of the woods with mountains and waterfalls and glaciers in the background and then a likable but closer administering copyright by the family here and there there are around some some rocks of Atmos and so on and so the trees have lost some an old kids are playing with the dogs and then this was just like a pendulum thing was obtaining instead of a carpet was soaked finally none not all the pieces of carpet work together but if I came along and said in a one like the blue is just full benefits of oil is connected out in the shade of red here you like that either the sky pulled out pursuing what would start happening to my carpet fall apart and would look very good one but some I would will want to put up and then my my front room or something like that but with the carpet was only thirty five thousand socially straight on the shelf and analysis like this probably more like seventy rated with the evaluation went on him to do so anyway that was that was a beautiful carpet but it was beautiful one was seen in its entirety and beautiful pieces out of them to begin to destroy the carpet will doctrine is exactly like that doctrine is also a beautiful home this is so often this is right and just this that's right relations of the definite commitment of God to us and us the God so it's right so I want to take two doctrines and illustrate how those impact our relationship with God apologize and was down Brazil a couple weeks ago and thought I got over something down there but the list overcame so okay so I will stop posting about the Sabbath what does the Sabbath tell us about God 's greater good thing else than rest of hungrier salvation regard we can seize our work Susan cc this works once I have a relationship with us okay it out if somebody says I want to spend some time with you everywhere you are the delegates on the one I have a relationship the sign of relationship very good okay so Ashley River arms over saying here Christianity 's relationship with the house also assignments activation right okay so you are ready for the Sabina summarizing tells us that he is a personal anonymous first thing you got God in the Garden of Eden that first evening of their creation the Fellowship didn't come back here later two years later and so you know really apologize but my intention in writing you whatsoever relationship with one another he does that immediately made okay now what does the sound of fellow 's got ourselves okay limitations where are the greater were the creative total dependence were dependent upon God the creator was sustaining our lives it finally is a symbol of our acceptance or rejection of God of his authority 's right front okay very good for social entities were personal please also decide God is a personal link this assignable data is now I come back to that before the Sabbath is going okay okay regard so discussed in greater were the created to see as a savior we are in need of salvation we have salvation only through him and the is the one that gives us the spiritual rest of also one of those preferring the heavenly home for us and sold until the Sabbath tells us a lot about ourselves as a fellow something about the kind of relationship we can have got Lexus open connection with God yes it was God 's intention was not wounded until his death okay not a definitive relationship was initiated as a visible relationship okay so in summary just very quickly you know God is greater we are the creative and having some problems in my computers are not that God is the greater where the created God as our Savior we are in need of salvation our future is in God 's hands and so we can rest our lives in the future the God was given to us points to God as Lord of our lives can you look at the stars and so you know what something is the Sabbath can look at some event nature inside the seventh is a seven how do we know that the Son of Man Sabbath is what God revealed himself to us right there is no natural phenomena it would tell us that the Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath so points to God as the Lord of the Sabbath the Lord of our lives listen to blindfold me back up so suppose we say God I don't leader my greater I don't believe you're my savior to see them back to rejecting heart of an essential element as to who God is I don't believe that the future is in your hands and so we begin to create the future ourselves because we can trust God for the begun to two plan our own salvation because we can trust God without we think that we are the greater instead of dogs are going to start a relationship with God character of God is here then we designers here are lives begins a ring mold under the character of the subliminal foldaway wife Dawn I do a bezel is a lot of nocturnal operation for the separation those about God omnipotent good all-powerful ever-present and designer evidence of his existence that one of us enough of the greater the subject so he was longing for that poster were talking about this desire to express himself very good regard reason why worry there okay okay shows himself is a God of love regard master planner return this sense of humor and integrated with a partly because he curated to regard regard order and organization to lights near the place is great in such beautiful things were still happiness and joy now it will look up the word joy then when the Concordes time and time and time again that is reputed that the view no Jesus came in order that our joy might be full very good this will alter a mysterious we don't know everything about him there is many things it is revealed but beyond that we cannot go beyond that we can speculate with no idea our speculation relates to reality yes okay comes into our world and the physical way comes to dwell with this fellowship with us very good how important aspects as to who God is not how many of you heard of this evolution toward somebody tell me what this evolution as we know it evolution is is not the naturalistic evolution everything came by chance and how some spark some pool started life for so Presley involved okay so God somehow the first sparked and guided that system theater and had the okay evolution is God 's tool for bringing about creation so maybe God started the Big Bang he just kind of guided things since then what does evolution those about God what kind of a God you have the evolution the girl what is a girl death and suffering before sound okay not powerful enough okay seven oh okay limited power to man located to take God out of the picture of who is best with you mentally can think of that will stay to imagine several things are one is his all-powerful reset the biblical account is a God of love and is all-knowing good and evil goals this sharp okay levels tool to try to disapprove okay there are not so behold those three ideas together with this evolution of the love of power God of knowledge nobles three together and have a limited bathroom you can say is a God of love is all all-powerful what is just not very smart so forgot guys not working on not only cylinders is working on life cylinders but still getting the job done because is not powerful but because you are powerful because it is not smart enough the loves us is powerful but is not smarter be smart is not powerful or worst-case scenario is powerful is all-knowing but he does love us and so it doesn't matter for citizen of the possibility to but God himself is in the process of evolution so you know God was impersonal it was a God of knowledge developing started once he got things started the Bonanza will develop a relationship with these people who condone show my love to talk to millions and millions of years why finally he gets around to ordering out how to do that okay so there there are many misconceptions about who God is we start with this evolution and how does one point out the many other areas will be dealing with many of these areas many other areas that are impacted by our view of creation not only the nature of God the nature of humanity number relationships in our knowledge of God knowledge of ourselves in relationship with God is the foundation of morality that your sense of the reality nature of Christ's nature of Scripture the second coming we want to see if we can get through all those today okay so with all of creation is a God of love knowledge power self existent and of course we haven't dealt with everything here just a quick summary but when we have begun the evolution as you pointed out whether the relationship between Duke and block the God who reveals himself as love knowledge and power and the answer is God can't be all three of those things at once of course as soon as you start in the theistic evolution you're no longer accepting what is your God the Bible okay you're no longer accepting the Bible as their guide so you're into accommodation science and philosophy as your guide and so you have to develop a philosophical God because you don't have the Bible to guide you know maybe get some great ideas of the Bible but that is not your primary the so you're immediately under the realm of philosophy immediately into the realm of philosophy and so good to do that we don't have a dog love knowledge and power all the same time so will shortly have up on the screen I apologize for that live it always outgoing than the computer will be great thank you what does it say about us what does those theistic evolution say developers of all of the Bible say about us fearfully and wonderfully made okay so we got a wonderful creator nothing like over describing here with evolution with tooth and claw with a good we were created in the image of God okay which means we were created for fellowship with God we were created in such a way that our characters meshed with his character so we can have fellowship with God for anything else the Bible tells us about ourselves don't I dominion over the natural world with his grid the house were greater than image of God and others are providers a word with him upon them anything else not humanity are really centers in the center of the fence now what does this evolution say about that with great amenities in the Army sinners visit evolution of the Bible tell us about so probably November the second part of some of the transgression of God 's law what is God 's law this is an insider for transcript of God 's character so when we send we are violating the character of God okay so how to send come into the world or in the Scripture by one man okay then my one man we will have salvation of demand okay so so we were created in image of God we felt from that image we can be restored only through Jesus Christ now this is the evolution with all that what does this evolution tell us about ourselves we backup load that Melo got my computer wanted us up finish some of the attributes of God I was interested nice I just discovered this two days ago so need back and look at this morbid when you look at the text in the Bible with an operation to discover that they are paired with many other characteristics of God and like I say this is the beginning of the text in the beginning of the bear but operation Moses paired with the sovereign acts of God our dog was knowledge and truth of God the fact that God is unsearchable is several you mentioned qualities of control of history is a personal God is our Savior 's or judge is worthy of worship I'm sure when we get into this line many other texts where on the open is coming to visit evolution then follow limited I'm certainly the ball through this father is also a lot of the Bible about the creator God and idols often with a possible trigger God it talks about the opposite record on matters these gods and did not make the heavens and there they will perish from the earth and that a man will look to his maker it will not look to the altars were too wooden images for all the gods of the peoples are idols but the Lord made the heavens has not God greater less Judah has married the daughter of a foreign God Gentiles did not know God they worship regime in place of the greater bucket like this to look at Romans one tour interesting to see what happens when we turn from the God has revealed himself to us Romans one remember chapter one Paul addresses the Gentiles and is letting us know that the Gentiles of sound and of course the Jews are signed of course we knew that no relative to recognizing your recognizes many of the Genesis doing some job Joseph sent also but it summarizes and buttons are not just as Romans in Romans three all send and come short of the glory of God now just as an aside I want to the pulsar site about the Gentiles in verse eighteen on July the sixteenth seventeen because there is an interesting parallel here that isn't very often seen people go to chapter one verses sixteen and seventeen when I want to talk about salvation and I wanted them to go the revelation that Romans one eighteen when I want to talk about the revelation of God and that world don't do together this summer Romans one sixteen says I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ they does that's the power of what God for salvation and what does the gospel revealed with those the gospel reveal the love of God that revealed a righteousness of God okay so I know the righteousness of God by the gospel right okay now he starts out with the natural world and what do we know from God and the natural world conversely Jane I know the wrath of God we know his eternal power and know his God that you see the girl older you start with the gospel you know the righteousness of God is our natural world you know his wrath is power in this eternal Godhead okay so those who started with the natural world because firstly one they knew God they did not glorify him as God nor were thankful but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened professing to be wise they became fools member in first Corinthians Paul says I preach what Christ as contrasted with the foolishness of wisdom and empiricism of the juice is a science -based preaches the gospel which has the power of the word of God as a professor they wisely become fools and changed the glory of incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible members important boost in Britain things therefore God also gave them up to uncleanliness in the lusts of their hearts to dishonor their bodies among themselves who exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the greater rather than the current of the creature rather than the greater was blessed for ever and so on so forth about Melissa progression here started with the natural world what about nuclear knowledge of God but an example limited knowledge of God that they have been turned upside down we worship the creature rather than the Creator and then one day when and all kinds of immorality so their beliefs followed their concept is to them this idolatrous god they went into homosexuality and so on and so forth and the there I say it's no different today but when you start down the route of the road of evolutionary theology when you start having questions about reality or they are teaching evolution and have a substitution or not have been a social institution are going to be done to have same questions about morality okay so connected in the nature greater than image of God where part of God 's plan would be established early part of God 's plan well maybe in the spring over millions and billions of years but it's really kind of a stretch is not sinners in need of restoration of the Bible tell us about how we remain on your credit limit of God and what else about recreation wonderful and I attack the forms out of them and wanted to do bridge than those nostrils the breath of life so Anna was a unity right okay with theistic evolution is humanity a unity and restart with this book was to come to a cell now you can build great sure you finally come to the apes chimpanzees and finally you come to humans that one one the human soul that what one of those animals become moral beings that women take a miracle to give up if you accept the miracle of implanting a human soul into a person one of except the miracle of creation in Genesis but furthermore you say that you got a problem with how to help me become moral being solid but we suddenly discover that God intended for us to live morally and now live with divided the body from the spirit because there is something that comes later and so it's easy to separate it down and so are open to spiritualism as a result of that okay so and the Bible by Miller and Matthew Grayson is the basis of the husband wife relationship got price goes right back to creation one is dealing with that issue racing forms the basis of our treatment of other humans the saddle horse has its origin the Sabbath and Gratian stewardship has its origin in creation for the theory of evolution as we just pointed out at what point did humanity become morally responsible and about the ethical issues of advocating theistic evolution and Adventist tuition is in the ethical issues are what were some of those ethical issues apparently takes the Sabbath for inspiration of the Bible nevertheless inspiration of the Bible I value human life the suite the multiple was Uber polka demo I'm sure the same of many new examples for first-generation feminists my parents and my grandparents and their parents sacrificially gave so we can have our stools why does I believe that this is the remnant church that has the message of God to proclaim to the entire world and why do we send our kids to have the substitution because that we want them to be converted through worldly philosophies someone was some anadromous incision appears to have a specific purpose and we send again to the Adventist institution we want them to have the opportunity to open their lives to God and to accept them fully as he has revealed himself through a center to be part of the Roman church only to the ceiling family unity that's involved do you send a child to school would take on a completely different worldview and even reject your worldview what was due to family unity when that kind of things happen so so there are ethical issues in addition to that so often this kind of thing is taught kind of underhandedly lost there is a unique situation because I made a public but so often that happens you know I don't dare tell the parents or the board members will I think but I sure don't mind telling the kids in the classroom what I think the basic dishonesty that's right basic dishonesty so there is a major moral issue let's involved there all the way to be a writer and you have all there so I really must suck your concept of what humanity is buzzing and others will save them time and the Dems raise questions about who Jesus was so yes there leads to lawlessness okay drive best all housing going to read create us to write it I am in my nose was underground businessmen were selling nuts and dried fruit were selling the largest companies in the world I could ship two million pounds the customer if there was a problem with one pound out your phone going through the morning from a vice president that company to tell me of problems with my product we were successful because one would protect our intellectual property and number two we gave highest quality in the world number three of course was service and price of those two things are intellectual property and the highest quality in the world know that other than a public company I would've been responsible for my shareholders for delivering that kind of quality and so our church we also have the same kind of responsibility in fact the church are much more important selling nuts and on were giving our children the opportunity to respond to the call of God if I call was never extended orifices extended in some kind of distorted way so that they are being converted to an alternate worldview than the worldview of Scripture that has serious consequences for the future is a sensor 's consequences for family life and has serious consequences for the future of our church nor those individuals going to be the givers the church is a really unsure about the message of the church the church will finally become a sociological institution instead of an institutionalist during the word of God the worlds of the ramifications the moral implications of you know trying to sneak evolution in the classroom are artists which have already discussed a lot of lists send result of the transgression of God 's word in the garden from apartment provider father provided the atonement by the way that the atonement is coming under question more and more as you would expect it of the archer words send thing from your servant Jesus Christ is the atonement is really this ancient dynastic doctrine the thing from the pagans and so we need to remove the from Scripture because it's embarrassing whereas as somebody pointed out as in Adam all die so in Christ all will be made alive so what is Sammy in the setting of this evolution there is no sin there is no need of a Savior this will help out Jay's is that the theory of evolution of the biblical account of course is not exhaustive it is the agent of creation is a divine son of God a member of the Trinity the one through a mental note was offered to humanity by his death on the cross is our judge is the one who prays the new heaven and a new earth with the evolutionary theory who is Jesus who was a a good math is right a good man the best the deluded man that works okay so so Jesus no longer is the divine son of God is no longer a member of the Trinity it is simply a good man a lady was a moral influence the dirt of moral influence of course there's some truth in the moral influence event to be an influence to us one will does not hold truth and so if we reject the atonement of Christ were rejecting an essential aspect as to who God is and thereby has implications for the kind of relationship we have with God was was a bodily resurrected from the dead will challenge you to go read the statement of belief again and tell me if Jesus was resurrected from the their right to our faith is vain and were still in our sense there were attempts to get but it was bodily resurrected from the dead and the statement of belief for an entire year from multiple individuals that statement is not in their not because we could not live from the floor but there wasn't time to get it from the floor it was designed so there wasn't time to get it and so as a church we haven't stated that Jesus was only resurrected from the first slice of the nature of Scripture is called in question with theistic evolution so does the Bible where God the Holy Spirit guide the apostles and prophets in writing to accept his worldview which assure it assumes a literal as literal the creation of blood count is the Bible the foundation of our lives for the way we live and act as the Bible simply the history of the evolution of human spirituality is individual and communal expressions as traditions were passed on from generation to generation the God Sinai and God that Moses Sinai and God actually cross that was those of the questions that theistic evolution raises for us like I was I was sitting with a colleague of mine one day and we were discussing the paper that I had written indicating that the and academic disciplines we need to start with biblical worldview winners want to understand the world which God has created down the this friend of mine looked up from our lunch just as it was bringing a fork of food to his mouth and his if I accept what you say about that paper would have to look at the world through the glasses of Scripture I was delighted he got the point so yeah that's right not for the food actually fell on the point he couldn't imagine someone saying that the biblical worldview was the view from which we should view the natural world and so what happens is we have these individuals that want to describe the rocks of the rock pile inside a heavily artistic skill of some of you do here with my my overheads with anyway let the left so that they range in size from one submitter to twenty centimeters with all the rights has no we can determine the size of the rocksolid after that Astro one centimeter wire mesh that might tell you there are no rocks in that file larger than one centimeter but why are you discarding the rest while because they didn't fit my standard description of raw files as we go looking for God and we have a strand of listen listen listen listen the developer or mesh and in the goalkeeper there's a gem that got through me you hang onto that was another gym right here in the hangup is another gem on Apple always jumps together and with my creativity and scientific knowledge and you know I'm so smart in this twenty first century I'm going to pull together in such a way that I have a beautiful picture of God who is no more than what imagination of my own self image and so we start out with this beautiful God of love the greater truth I am the way the truth and the life savior personal God a judge self revealing God the I don't have the power to award the hard work God gives power to me all-powerful God as we've been saying but you know what it just doesn't make sense to me that he's the judge I don't think is up in heaven and is not a foolish idea it is up in heaven judging judging us right now so development due 's longer knows fine just one of the doctrines I still have twenty seven zero problem with pulling that one also always in my judge but this might have all-powerful which is not possible for anything in the universe to the all-powerful but but no problem now I still have my Jesus I can still blood on worship him with this idea of creation you were so smart the twenty first century I don't know what we should be talking about God is our Creator at least certainly not in the biblical sense anymore but that's okay I still have my Jesus and the identities away the truth and the life by contemporary philosophy and psychology is so good I don't need him to tell me how to live that is self revealing and that is my Savior personal God will allow about this personal daughter was resisted on and is not set everything in motion doesn't really care what happens to us down here you know what genre got a block without anything else what do you have and so we began picking apart the pieces and finally wind up with idle of our own making these two systems is often we want compromise between the two systems take a little lesson with one of the globe of the smaller figure out how to put the two together and this is just like these fellows here playing ball I want find a compromise between soccer and golf the only worthless compromise between those two games you are really going there on a picture do not too different ball fields two different sets of rules two different balls do different ways of handling the balls to different umpires completely different you can invite one side to come and play ball with you or you can say will join you in your ballgame but there is a compromise between the two and how often we try to find that compromise rather than recognizing that biblical truth really is God 's prerogative not my prerogative you know I'm not the one that puts it on the box and tells them how he can behave God is not dependent upon my intellect or wisdom or power it says word that is in control a group of the second coming if we have problems with theistic evolution about the second coming here in second Peter we find that there will be stoppers will come in the last days the week questioning you know is coming just as they question the beginning of this earth and question the flood not realizing that the same power that was in creation of the same power that brought about the destruction by the flood will also be in effect at the end of time nevertheless we according to his promise look for a new heaven and a new earth prices like in the second coming to the time of Noah when people were stopping and sauntering on their lives and not believing in terms of the second coming Scripture points to the transformation the guy would like to make in our lives what manner of persons ought we to be unholy conduct and godliness looking for and hastening the coming of the Lord webinar with the children of God that is not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know that when he is revealed we shall be like him for we shall see him as does so no one system enter that relationship with him if we deny the power of creation bill the power to transform lives where will we be when we come to his second coming will look at a few passages saw just before we conclude oh my sorry this is a call it does take the Yahoo nonetheless this is a good time we're just been talking about you know that we've been talking about creation down for your country of the world really will now wait a minute you know this group is an intelligent group of theologians and scientists and thought white people and then businesspeople here you can accept that but let you know who you create otherworldly than six days like on this plan six days will know this is just in the blow their minds what do you know what will check this out do you give us what you think you're dead and will check it out most will see if that's actually what you did right when amount when we're gone gone gone I think I just lost the connection so often we try to put God into our own personal box in excess of really accepting to God this was Stern to first job first John of precedent setting up for a service of lessons knows it is important for we believe first John one first sex at present we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness we lie and do not practice what the truth okay we don't practice the truth of verse four chapter duties as I know him does not keep his commandments is a liar and for all the truth is not in him see how the truth is important to God and moving on for the sake of time to five versus twenty and twenty one and we know the son of God as common as given us an understanding that we may know them this trip and we are in him who is true in his son Jesus Christ this is the true God and eternal life notice the next verse little children that result from what reminds to very good and then going to Peter one more thing I wanted to do John Sartre John the one bursts chapter two verse fourteen the last half I write to you young men because your strong and what the word of God that is coming we've come already it will overcome evil arias from because the word of God abides in you and that's why you're strong was moved to Ephesians chapter one verse three and a new truck of thirteen in him you dress it up you heard the one word of truth very good the gospel of your salvation in him also having believed you were sealed by the Holy Spirit of significant and this will doubtless go through chapter four starting with verse eleven and he himself dates and apostles and prophets evangelists some pastors and teachers but equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ that we all come to the unity and unity of the faith and what knowledge the son of God to a perfect man to measure and assess truthfulness of Christ that we should no longer be children what tossed to and fro and carried with every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men and so on and so forth in speaking the truth in love and so on amendment of the last or last section there we find that the word of God is the sword of the spirit the sort of the Spirit Barbara John sixteen is the one that brings conviction to our life and he brings conviction for life through the Holy Spirit just lastly I want to look at it Hebrews and will look at Hebrews very very quickly once you know so Paul brings so many elements together and so I will leave you with this picture of the wholeness of doctrine that we have we can go and pick and choose a low part feral part of Aaron and decide what were going to reject it as a beautiful hole and we don't want to destroy the picture as we weather the fruitful various colors of the carpet we were talking about neighbors one chapter one verse one two and three on the Paul start talking about immediately Jesus and started talking about Jesus what about Jesus batteries that's when setting up in the whole book that is a bracelet that purged our sins what else is our advocate out of the right arm under his arm writer who can because these are later about the power of the word 's word is powerful to it said that last forever and exist forever okay failed sales not okay very good and then and there is there other places but will move on through hearing in chapter four of Chapter three is very interesting talk about the children of Israel when they were the ballet didn't know him to the land of Canaan what in the gondola understand because of unbelief unbelief and what we were not going somewhere God came and told him no no women take the land and what they say no God in his right mind would ask us to go up against the Giants in the land go through the fortifications and so on and so forth okay so we can't do it okay that's where faith comes in that's right so here we have with the Tao chapter Hebrews three hundred eleven we have a chapter that is right is right for denying its power our wisdom and relying on our power and God 's wisdom instead of gods was okay and then as was mentioned earlier we come down and then he says there remains a rest therefore they didn't enter into God 's rest but there remains a rest and then God would like us to cease from our activities just as he wanted the Israelites to cease from their own attempt to save themselves and the sea lettuce verse eleven group was therefore be diligent to enter that restlessly one fall after the same example of disobedience none of us this verse twelve for the word of God is what sharper this very word of God is living and powerful sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit joints and marrow snows of discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart not remember you told us that that Jesus was the Creator and integrated through the power of his word and now he's going back to the thing of the power of his word when he says that power is in his word and in Scripture and Scripture rather the ability to make its own way the human heart so that we might have the rest but God intends that we should have okay okay I would think but he probably probably those of the panelists met that the word of God is powerful and brings convection and then immediately goes and analysis were conducted on the under the Holy Spirit what do we need the high priest only possess a high priest that can cover our sins and then moving onto two chapters sautéed and nine suicide priest is the one who died on our behalf his blood was shed only through the mission remission of sin the forgiveness of sins and so under the power of the Holy Spirit where conducted with the word of God power the word of God makes his way into our lives switch which helps us to realize our need of a Savior and our need of a high priest and I'm going on to chapter ten verse seventeen of verse sixteen this is the new covenant that I made with them after those days so the Lord I will put my law into their hearts and into their minds again this powerful God who created the world through his word will get us that word and he will put his lines our hearts and into our minds and their lawless medicine some I will remember no more and verse thirty seven the only little while he was coming will come and will not turn you know how his nose always putting this all together in one package you know our Creator our Redeemer our high priest role in the power of his words and are lie this is the now the second coming is tied in to the and then bought in chapter eleven verse three by faith we understand what worlds were framed out of MSN by faith by the word of God update rather than by our huge own human conventions and social policies is is pulling numerous offerings together and Bill took together as a whole so what I would hope from this lecture them by way of summary but we would say is that God has given us the Bible is a must the doctrines of the Bible on so that we might know him so that we might accept so we might understand ourselves but we might understand how we can appropriately relate to God and so that we might open our lives to enter relationship with God three more minutes for the okay regular self just one birdie quick analogy for righteousness by faith one aspect of righteousness by faith sometimes when we failed to recognize and that is than the to accept forgiveness when my wife and I were first married my mom gave us approval of very well trained Google wouldn't have to worry about her messing up the house one day we went shopping and came back and we couldn't find Jolie in a place looked and looked and looked for Jolie and we couldn't find Jolie search style several times and finally we founder crouched on the panel still and we should joy now come on we want to hold your arms are one lucky again and then we found out why she was crouched under the panel still clean up the mess and came back and said come on Seligman award she remained crouched under the cattle still know God offers us forgiveness in order that we might be reestablished in our relationship with them but so often we reject his offer of forgiveness no one will be rejected maybe Richard Brown we don't need your forgiveness maybe with a gorgeous sample we are worthy of us that there are so many different reasons why we might reject this forgiveness but regardless of the reason if we reject his forgiveness we're rejecting what is a desire to be due to be reestablished in his relationship with us this will thrive to write this best of us and try to start our choice we can choose to reject it but when the Jews rejected we really are rejecting the entrance of relationship with God and that's why God came to look for us to die on our behalf that's what he was resurrected that's why he ascends to the most holy place to minister on her behalf that's why he is returning again because he wants us to be restored to fellowship with them was barred as a loving father we got a thank you that you have revealed yourself to us that we can know who you are as you truly are because you revealed yourself to us we thank you that you also told us about the world in which we live in order that we might understand the environment in which we live the great we might open our lives to the revelation of yourself in Scripture to the operation of the Holy Spirit upon our lives it brings conviction and forgiveness to the power of the Holy Spirit in order that we might live for you and proclaim you because were looking forward to that day when we can live with you and with one another throughout eternity and


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