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Leading Little Ones to Christ

Lisa Quade


Lisa Quade

Founder, Feeding His Lambs Ministries




  • August 6, 2009
    10:45 AM
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family fun I think them so much for your black teens think therefore the special commission to Uganda in July the senior man hopefully something to Holy Spirit to be our teacher here this means that we want to be no happy man if he joined in Jesus name he immediately informed on track to fun now where we didn't find the names of the greatest return and fell in the right place if you want since you are at your time your resources and your finances go the farthest distance in bringing the model people to Christ for his kingdom so you're in the right place I want to show you just a little less than from a shepherd is the raison d'être finally she and I had the opportunity to see many little man to write on my bottle to my joy and you probably heard that I shared that when the little one now that they love to follow me so quickly to follow me and what will I want to change about this morning my little time and the land of the environment I let the master flowers I love to follow me that she was a frail training your land one morning I wake and of course if you need to be fed every four hours so I didn't with my job to remember not to find theater little and I like to go out there and then I am with the bottle currently tasted a bit of help to you in shape and in my little man feeding my little hand and holding them close while he and my bind I will attend my children have the formula cracked my will that morning I grumbled and complained that I want to do my chores and eighty nine children I didn't have Jesus in my heart and was not in my own way and time had noticed anything I rented for hay Benjamin is I found up to my room flopped on the bed in front of her long time finally I like you could get a hold of my heart I pray I think the premise from his website and you think they practice strengthening went to do my chores out of the past wiping choosing my own selfish way and now he hit me I remember five I was supposed of better hours ago right after much I been so absorbed around me are difficult my heart began to pound my stomach turned into not what she'll say she was so frail she was soaked through my precious little in one of the bottle now I'm a bit hurried to the bottom I found the gate opened it I didn't hear your familiar cry when inside another ten I looked over the feeder on the other side will provide you with milk and I like my house she didn't I walked over you can place my hand upon the land just in time to feel her take motherland because I myself is because of my neglect because these all designed in my owner says my little guy you can only imagine the care wow that in my sorrow that gripped my hot foot days on my selfishness and then I got to the city he was not injured again by Christmas I knew my friends and I symbolized me never to do this to their milieu course I wanted America to think about checking out my own way with my shoot out my pastor is little direct infinitely easier but she is right and here in the corner curled up and then I got to see my own way anyway is just brilliant his children to parents haven't I turned away from the land it easier to work with adults less working on sampler you have tracked down has been busy energetic children or perhaps I just looked for the quick and easy way to pull off a program teaches health effect that perhaps I chose my own way and letting God incarnate deity is one of many now and his way to the children are just another guy has time for each one of us whatever situation we find ourselves whenever in the past that he is hard to get our convenient glancing beneath Saint Minder shepherds for Jesus our separate of the railroad land and sent initially went to look into how he can impact your life if power imaging children I finished here my husband John and Mrs. eyes lit up when I tried is a year and a half now and him standing there and back and that we went together and they see conveniently at and out also we can do it without their help is standing back here and back mom and dad and that they denigrate the play and the light placement Ms. and I my high when I was about to longer involved they supported me all the way in the light you need to think not even a stronger passes than I do for feeding his land and I have a friend in any casino here in front of her units reside in and that she involved other like Athenians landfill you can turn off your experiences the consequence reminds you see that fleet for how we can do this work we might think of the adult evangelistic meeting another very important but Jesus said to the little children to come unto me when he asked about fifty six percent return to two hundred fighting is a lamp to know that in fact I noted here and use that as long as the missionary concerns that mean we would like for the adults we do not worry we knew that only a few can be changed but when the missionary to work for the children nation we were definitely can find out the Israelite commit the noted Francis Hobby and Jesse lip-synching and the children until they are fattening eating my manhunt in the right word for the children many people now it's the work of greatest importance is during the first year that a child like that it might have the most susceptible to impress either good or evil dirty media is the fact that has made in either a right direction are around Iraq so that when you know anyone in these until the trouble all that are ready to make the final big discussion things in an plaintiff and the Holy Spirit can bring them to freshen it is still true that children are the most susceptible they retain the less than three writing here probably don't need to convince you probably think that these are so encouraging to me I wanted to tell him taking how little he like sheep were very angry very wild if I hold in their little happens of money policy exactly what happened when you stubborn sheep don't want to change my thinking a change in their children and their children are filing date of invention from the language of home to the way to reach people who can be a threat signal anyway I frequently reached through their own way through their children that are in any millions of them were a lot of little boy and I can and give anytime you like that means night after night I'm knitting and theory children dance cut and fitted out to his mother came for first time activity in the church and second I know everything and teaching around the first I need everything she said wrong on my son he comes home every night to let me sleep and how he felt needing and I have I'm a messy season I know what you are you preventing I know from the Scriptures I bring you the truth I want to follow the word of God she took a stand for Christ in the children if the program and thirty children were attending your salt will the children to leave the land that will house them to follow Christ our shopper will pay in the warm milk and we need to get the children to keep the children in the trim away with your silly pencil for these last days in which it is so important for them to understand the great common it will be on obedience obedience of the Commandments of God so the answer is community teaching children and then teach them life in Christ the stories of now lying down at David Daniel both are important and wonderful we need to prepare them to stand in the crisis is just before we getting them straightforward they are ready to stand obedience or disobedience outing on site the truth we need to teach them behind idea what would be one doing interesting to the committee that important event in the government decide life or death eternal life or death the market is sealed the investigative judgment call about how related to certain church must eventually these truths essential for children under the hard way that made it impossible that he can include immunity and the revelation that so hard to understand how can we think of taking the children with why that is the then delete the flask and drink the blood of the son of God will range from the book of Daniel Revelation three him him I know holy spirit they will ask enforcement that cannot be repressed with the children will be opened to Brooklyn three vending hidden from the minds of men in Daniel and Revelation children are going to do me well of course nothing is going to take them me I guess here in the center holding the books is one of the blankets and attractive because and I'll never forget the family was just very new to the truth of the Scripture he just won the subject of the mulling pastor click preached on CRA is the program and currently I have to cancel it was at an early morning outlining the enthusiastic presentation recap of his whole presentation thinking I was around the corner the way looking into getting a intensely with really no whole presentation on the millennium point by point with the month in the act of evangelists he has learned that he was seriously an understanding trip and they are a fan about that and see what sharing that with his father he was there and quality not clear that little book that needs me and fourteen Seo work done flipping insane they just made a special page in the book so I doesn't want to go to the cash you need to this is the only one anthropology they want children to understand how we going to do that so I would like to Goldberg well I can get example where an entity like you and the children that will give you a concept for some of the principles and that the wife is hot needs in bringing success in really helping children to grasp these trends and then I also would like to encourage you to think of questions as we go along don't forget that the time for questions and answers them keep track of those questions of fact they you may have so tell the means look like a great consequence right now the concept as we want to teach children the Saints is that the adults learning evangelistic series want to teach in the essential truth of events wanting something wait till they came back they said the Harley nineteen zero like to look at principles and for taking notes adopting down visages I see now trying we have about a ten day training workshop I'm trying to condense condensed and individualized I will I get to gather I pulled out fine there are many other human being I find that if you leave home and you began with God implement means a little way in your work with children whatever way that will be you will find the Holy Spirit coming great money and Jean collected my feet we don't just want to tell me on my committee we wanted to see Jesus in the message itself as I did a little English most of the final back in a little clip about a children's program I used to be watching for example on how he limited a blended threat the message and calling in the interactive class than calling unity and to share what you noticed where I brought Jesus to the focus for the children in the financial project in the deep of uplifting begin examples what are examples of I share with you number ten children repeat the key point children repeat the two five and I mean for what was his name Noah no really the key point don't get the name no acting and I'll remember the story was about knowing that the question asking that the treatment team believe that we want them to respond to what is Jesus like what does Jesus had power to do now was Jesus like dislike and finance are ever going to file additional given away today I felt she was watch for them as we go through and then he needs to be on the monthly UK made humanity and then share an example that you see how it got me so what questions and using them to me by showing how it went down on Uganda children's areas behind when you are dealing with multiple active until the main don't race by making bad they don't know how to respond to these kind of deeper question can tell you while private sector have to do some planning and then try any of them tell me to bring it about but I'll tell you healing Virginia ideas by programs with children you will hear them to alienate him to Sally I knew Gander Mountain begin heat with our learning that will help it stick but the real key how do this so watch for how it's done number three using the Bible in a message this is very important tremendous key bags that solve most discipline problem it keeps the distracted children with you more readily I went into program without it using the Bible in the message how is it done so watch for that signal of when and how it constantly kept together how is trust in the Bible from her at that you want to know whom you want them to go home to she certainly could tell me mommy that the Catholic Church is the second I will I would be scared I don't want him going home and I message I want them going home with me I read from the people that Jesus is given of the father stated him again and he and he wants us a shot at lunch and I keep that I learned from the Bologna device to show their mommy and I ask what you want them to home saying links how is simple language I think I want anti- complicated words should be simplified and I go down to watch for where the language is simplified for the children to understand and flout the government not least to example out if you find the above but perhaps I see the complicated work and then I thought vigilantly children and build their language you know skills in understanding whenever the way but we need to simplify plan is that any of her outstretched I feel compelled to see that night their activities how is it made interesting different way on this is just what I feel that helps me to understand I need to put the Bible in the children's team so that they can understand the truth and Bible that fundamental Christian education three eighty four when everyone in our program when Aaron P ten children are five hundred children replace the Bible in their rights to give you a little looks like now a children's program theory even if I think that we don't threaten and you can be like the classic elegant pigeon the woman at the thing because Jesus said that it be welfare out to be like killing bank to enter into the kingdom of heaven but I have the welcome and when the welcome they felt about them which one effect anything am glad you are here gently baked I got busy day one and half I think I'm a white outfit I'm glad to hear you thinking of a question for you all the never given a warning a warning whenever getting a warning warning this identity to think when she told you I think of one ninety be thinking of one acting and thinking when you can interact with music hear the children UK I don't want that don't match mother Virginia one yes I know I can wind anything .edu address that's not what I tell my unavoidable it is the name you can read the regular was turning down to the hot style that said how about you strangers go worrying you at the Verizon should and will continue but here's only on one morning to find out when and welcomed out tonight as we want to know what is important warning is that Jesus then we transition into our songs like that for now going into I will make sure click only to discover he will land at my house this line is named around twenty years old married to my Mama I love you Rosie she will meet anyway their season that group is not the only need anyway past year when I bring food to a colleague at the gate Theatre to see me we had another sheet this sheet is right over there in the harbor he was big and strong in his name was put the heat in kind and gentle maybe like your pussycat world will one is to push around that is only one day I went out to pasture and there's Rosie she grew up she had her own little baby land but now she was a old cheap strategies to be but all I loved Rosie she left me hanging out when apt to our pastor he was eventually I looked in the barn I looked behind them I looked in the fact that the localities where I couldn't find all something to article down over the hill into the wind come from pussy but she ran always one to get his own way he had bided her over the balance upon inputting the chief isn't closed I was really pleased with that pushy Ramapo world mourns on his head was in and plays with them Jesus again warning Michael a warning about how I never liked me pushing his own way in which children closer to Jesus he listened them away and I want them to have happy lives we want Lyndon is you like to find out the window ninety percent good idea when errors below upon the Rosie with her literally right one of the activities that we feel something the box but I don't have a box so it's something backpack today I should be there I feel a lot children yet the mid- object is in the box now you get to figure out what's in the backpack include razor hand if you think you might know what inherent I get a clue it's hard sometimes went often linked behind the idea whether you think master while it features a few more clues it's wrong it reminds you of our talking used to get its own way United we think might be I keep thinking sometimes if used to push I get the him or their opinion and they were maybe the money might be worn on the client upon the animals had to try anything to add that will adhere that I hate fish and salad need to come up there and get it out of the box and you get to shut everybody up to him in the wine my location is elected will get some way now what is a warning for the we found in our field but we haven't collections of everything a program this concept actually like better than he did the Army let it down the window when you have anyway can you truly want in the morning is for him the place again without you get its own way banning the defense of the thing my something men children who follow Jesus living in pushing to get away with any means other people Jesus was that now upscaling and find out about two one that's very pushy I like that ran people executive zone pleasant children away from Jesus here is another strong warrants much him you were warned and trying to heal and Eunice that strange that he would rule out about the two warns one day and one that destroyed we move into our bottleneck HTML I is a Bible story that you are not to worry the subject you are teaching my baby moaning and market a beast to church on first year teaching is welding throughout the story doesn't need to tell the story and then they can say himself from this story we learned that's not the way the deck and will never remember that and so we learned at the end they'll remember the story so I do tell the story did not in turn wine and page and it takes a bit of thought and preparation and a lot of time with avoiding prayer that in the beginning but when you sure you are getting easier and easier to do thank you again thinking that not collected and throughout delegates you're free to do that if you teach children that we call the Bible maintains channel the Bible story that in the channel in which the truth is entered white toward this Hill and I'm in a link goal after I went until the end of our time to drink your business is little of a Bible message of telling apparently I have a good idea to wear knowingly because of our buck or something Levine is our nature story on the dollar had same theme running throughout them so that everything in it was exhilarating that one program is reinforcing the same point because he wanted to go home ready to stand in a crisis upon the truth the impact and went back early in the morning and hatred thinking I did you first thing you worry the sun was coming started over hers and he liked it to you first thing in the morning to sign with trimming I little and go for a walk Thursday available I say he would make his little hand yes also play shaky when girls and started the Scriptures Jesus was learning the truth of the Bible he didn't want to get tricky anyway I think so he would sing with the birds if you want to have their side of Little Rock he laid down his straw scrawl and he likes it to him he would pray in fact to his father and had eight and he would study had Jesus is sitting there as he is studying from the scroll healing him something Bay Area and check the Amalekites are something that Brown Jesus one hacking of the Scriptures defined in the Bible a Bible hairy special about his work the point is that that Jesus was in songs chapter one eighteen and you're going to be found one hundred and eighteen three thousand eighteen one hundred and eighty the second song chapter eighteen can receive if you can find in your my wing and put your finger on it because we're going to reason off together one you can want to keep the fabric as he was having an attorney after reading together any one to think that I is in Iraq and my fortune and my the liver my God my same in the eyes where my background and I my foundation and my high tower teeth is one of them even hear the kind of work he has to do that he wanted that he didn't mean that like a hearing in USA Today last from her salvation she is not to be according to John Sharp will actually piece of continuous at him among all bears on working as to what to say and he doesn't want any children to the sites themselves as going to use them employment Bible talks about Jesus and actually relieved that he remained down in libel the story of Jesus about the area 's rings were discovered about a Jewish hand-to-hand milkshake in the bears sleeping Jesus find out an important that I can't even imagine written down in the Bible contains a museum of thinking if going to work on Jesus power to say and it is this tool using them to capture beforehand to understand how my son I can see no more data what English and to be and I want water is not just like the water that ocean you go to play water means something like a symbol now the law is something that I will use it to happen think about something else in my seemingly next something else of that symbol property but what does it represent my financing water needs once the waters in the last the financing I would take the children Revelation chapter seventy first fifteen we find that the random birth and water represent people nation and the wider field want to be my people so how do when Daniel sees a liar he knows that it means you people how many people I said people nuts rag is enabled by adding what to do the water between five and eight not he sees something happening to the floor and being ways and they turn up in a clashing against each other very friendly kind and found my camera I together like fighting out anyway as they move into the economy really kind to each other really all the now people are finding they gather why she wants he wants to pay anything want to help you in the Army couldn't get to be the wind he see something at the home half of the Bible yet making warned as he watches my strength in the right alignment adequately whether that be in the type answered Daniel chapter site and you help them find what that means representing a chapter seven or seventeen twenty three ingredients so I'd be what does that represent these represent him water me before I water means what they believe all the big names eliminating the people are doing Friday and now may be image of the lion that were talking about now one of the discovery that they are seeing and his kingdom and then be the lion with wings represent the dilemma back lawn we already learned that Google on the money it needs you see even on the king of Babylon from their online and I even know how to videos use reads to AAA the three main thing that will help her like Captain Imus is that we learn about he has three red Kottke Concord and we wanted Egypt so that he can become really strong is the Mad Magazine ran one cytokine and the other because the Persians and became higher and stronger than me but he is watching you the ceiling and strange looking before you like black prayer handling behalf for we had before had surnames of the kingdom night the activities reprimand may now and then came to represent valued by the brass mounted in a little race let's see look after the lion electric climate drilling footprint for that because Alexander the great conquered the world into short years and you now how can you yet for general they took over because he couldn't conquer his selfish heart so Alexander died very young his four generals rule there's a floor hand but now I have a meal she screamed out from you people up who I have always been very ingrained in his way all she knew why you will read that coming them to become somewhat Brett a number of anger filling that I had in Rome is very strong one did he dare not enough seats to tell ten on the pilocarpine of the same gene now inherit he was the king of Hagan in Rome when Jesus was born any time to do to baby Jesus was trying to today how excellent studies into folders the lady but Jesus didn't get killed I can hack because the angle director Joseph and will quickly people can look at this and read it from the sea and so we would read you're familiar with it but we would read from Daniel chapter said we would read the verse about the little one coming and now after seventeen children read now there is a little cooler because land is a hat wife we got relevant when you tell that going on at the time that I be now and what does he do that will have what do people Bible had gained a chapter seven is little more he hurts other people to follow Bible youth among them following Jesus certainly is a little more than happy to abuse or anything this is one he published three of ten without a way that lie deep in pussy is Mother's Day don't be pushing him or her to say that in number sense of communicating the Neverland it was a nightmare at the inky percent I have not read the output is going to have a team of the universe just down the way and we won't have room that went up and married five twenty twenty where did they go and maybe Jesus was born in a Jesus often pushed into people only want elected and anything more about this little one that Jesus find out about the annual human history easily keep until I Walmart is the lack combination is a very strong laxative may lead and then hand she wants only to keep them coming but this little with his team I will tell that we remember from the chapter says first twenty five thinks the change time and lots you think the inch block Mary God he changed to remove the restaurant of my book now try three or six I'm away I change that with a commitment to change that's why he met them and thinks he can change the time and the law shows a warming tray so we can be now the go identifying five races at the bunch but we find out that they are infinitely in the Roman Catholic Church and of course Jesus loving the children in the Roman Catholic Church and name them or follow me and he was occasionally things from the Bible so they can follow him even closer I can picture they teach people not to follow the Bible that Jesus would you follow me just wanting to help needy children come and follow him after you learn more from your Bibles and users to follow and Jesus is well I have attached this to be an option who don't follow do what they say running she says forgive the legal said I'm not down and break me I packed the files available which he chooses what a crown of the loan might have been hauled out of the Catholic Church the way that beautiful Provincetown he had his work when you who do you want to have a base to wake as she Jesus has power to save and I want his power my heart to see what much you that no one be checked by anyone how many of my friends and I needed to help understand the native religion the morphology and so that's the label select out where you live and chapter seven presentation on antichrist for the children that we move right into our memories the children but repeatedly other I tried many as received him to then gave he power to become the son of God is that what in Gerhard but had maybe three C and to then gave he power to become the son of God John one wow I was making a better I read by as many as three leaves in the van when they see how our care we are not done God 's online while you still can you like me even harder way I had any ad three thieves he said and they see how I can be and nine one twelve I versatile beyond Martha Bible craft were going to make a bank here for just a moment in the quick audio can the program just Monday through the heart and they I wonder what did you see it what did you know that when particularly emphasizing those parts to the children we had Jesus intertwined to the methods are any parts we particularly noticed fact Jesus afflicted in each yet behave so they see Jesus first yes painting the value nature that really twelve tell him in Alabama they let me configure buildings them from being telling him he likes you enough already yes now the latest nineteen percent yes okay the contrast Jesus throughout the weather just in the beginning and on antidepressant throughout okay yes okay simple form debris nothing seemed right so the processes and helping to understand brain bringing it to light for the children yet what did we see as they went through that what about getting children to repeat disease did you notice any technique and how that was done you are very big way but do you know how what what happened yet he is in very good with Billy my question building that that was the question of when it is important for the children remember to take home and went to what the Bible character where did he go or what he's leaving out with the alleged weapons of unnecessary details that we asked him about yes okay practical practical questions about how it would affect their lives need anything else you notice about technique how I went up about having him participate in the answer question that was that I was following I was wondering if you pick up on them but they flow so smoothly when you implement them Ms. not awkward thing for you or for the children to him play a very basic I will do after question first they need to read until the cancer is in the Bible or you say the answer affirmatively from the Scriptures because you know the look fifteen or twenty proved to equity doing adult children is not time for me read four five T versus to look up with that so you ask the question finds genes are from the Scriptures or you say affirmatively authority of the Scriptures the question again because they've forgotten your question and because he acted answered I asked him to now enhance your self-worth that question answer question again you get the answer the question you get the answer from the Bible third asked the question again they should be able to effectively answer is the answer but don't stop there then he and and and come back and ask the question I can and if they repeat what you just said right if it can't think of her hemispherical at again and how they can be and they will take home able to teach parents what you have taught them anything of you notice any questions you had as we went through yet it's more five to ten okay but we often have three -year-olds and they pick up on the lot but it's not geared low you can provide of course to the age of me seeing a very effective without the context of the field in my field and everything the present meaning is something that I don't fail that capable but focuses more yard I attended our primary level yet yes I'm doing what I little when using two months now and leave about twenty minutes a half and I below sometime I felt that I actually play the DVDs when teaching and he sees it they does that make quite little tiny loves it on so young I want my parents tell me you know they had the able to set up and they start putting that CNN and I just read to their posse everything that we should before they can talk needed planting on the scene yes in fact look at reasons in unison of a lot better than singling out one in because you have one and it is a good reader everybody off the plane getting off and you block the rest of the class is reading in unison counting one to three even though since he made pretending they can read they love being a part of it and that if you have a class I need are in a class that year teaching in the endnote reader will then tell you how to me I'll help you and have one of them friendly and out he was grinning ear in a repeat and they are learning to read the Scriptures and to love the Bible and all the answers are in the Scriptures the plant will see the really bad that way yes I didn't give us invoke it all the way through I want seeing that the horn and object lesson from my machine being physically in our parking warnings can see it here she was saying how that just draws together helps to know remember you may learn about more and is in a capsule that is the focus of all the program committee B Sabbath school aliens listing easily do that very theme focused and so the song the walk on the nature on to question the crack about everything reinforces one key point so they go home knowing one thing very well enables repeated and not wanting to have a tremendous impact on their own personalized committee kindly call into decisions the film of commitment cards that are important to me that we do not have time to go and although that there's a crack where they feel and attract page adding to their special Bible book every program so when we learned about the handheld chapter seven we had been here hates and seven had the little boy what will I do the math that changing time and law though they do that and without him about dining out what they just learned and so every programming Amanda another page there is a tremendous incentive for attendance during that time we have a tree where you have the teachers and counselors will do a personal path the children and hear the idea that we gave you that help you know how to do that what questions asked what kind of money to share with the children yet be thinking of that time frame I like we've done this program even with well to the five -year-old adult class and I knew right then that it was scary to them I wonder that question myself to think they received along with scary stuff to MTV and cartoons in the terrible dinosaurs and things in this probably is the help not a really whole different than that yet it is God Olson the way he wants it tedious and placing Jesus there that the focus if we just stolen a little more in the bad things he does and killing people gambling up with Jesus he had things to know about the controversy going on actually needs to know what they need to know where their power comes from the weather space and so it all comes about how how you present that is very good I thought you that that kind of a PR relieving the two choices one inches Jesus says that one of your salvation and how I can save you if anything I think even disobeying Jesus were to keep you safe him his power in your life you to give a winter salvation twenty one counties the snail kite so I got to appeal I will a team involved yet he ought and that I will worship immediately knows what that appeal questions right now honey be seeing you to the main question that the appeal time in the kind of a discussion he may get practical the application will this get some of this on before you go if you bareback hear that right is an act that way my friend Teresa for you I will be needing as a training theory by first training when they inhabit the ball needlessly the program the modern mind was given a him again had another very helpful resource is going down the here and now one way and then here he is in the name of an media was using my body over a million nine hundred and you would like to learn more nine not a day and night as the word online zero visit www. maneuver is not


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