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The Watchman's Trumpet

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse


  • May 1, 2005
    9:00 AM


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morning you all here and I've been here for my own benefit they get holy one of the whole evening how many you have been here for some of the meeting this weekend I almost everyone how many of you have been here for all the meeting this weekend okay good number now let me ask a few more questions how many of you have been blessed by this weekend and then I raise my hand that to my questions how many of you have been to restoration and here is not everything maybe you have been to UIC all right Lana think I'm going up how many of you try your very best to go into spiritual meetings places like here are needy like bees we know that the word is being preached all right well that and that we when I thought of the air he mentioned Sunday morning is sort of the time when we discover the real friend I I'm just joking about that but I understand Sunday morning we need out the last diligence or less persevering of the saints I don't mean that a negative way I did understand that circumstances prevent many people can come but you know the message this morning is designed for people like you and people will you fear people will try their best to make it easy and free single meaning that they hear about they go to restoration you I see you have and hope the Senate for us but before we begin without her father in heaven today we know that you have some words before we ask that we will be not only a series of the word but do as well as we conclude this weekend with a few final meetings the spirit be with us yet again Craig Jesus if you return your Bibles with me to Ezekiel chapter thirty three this is where our message is taken today Ezekiel chapter thirty three beginning in verse one again the word of the Lord came unto me saying Son of Man speak to the children of thy people and say unto them when I bring the sword upon the land of the people of the Latino man of their coats SSN for their watchmen it Wednesday see if the sort ponder lancing blow the trumpet and warned the people that whosoever hear the sound the trumpet and taketh not warning if the sword come and take them away his blood shall be upon his own head he heard the sound of the trumpet and took not waited like to be on B upon his own head that's right verse five he heard the sound of the trumpet and took not warning his blood shall be upon but he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul per se but if the watchman see the sword come and blown up the trumpet and the people will the sword can't entertain any person among them he is taken away in his iniquity but blood will I require at the watchmen had so thousand and I have said a lot unto the house of his therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warned them from me when I say that the wicked old wicked man thou shalt surely die if thou does not speak to warn the wicked from his way that wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood will I require at nine ten nevertheless if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from if you do not turn from his way he shall die in his iniquity but now had the liver by soul is a challenging passage particularly for the people who said a couple we had been called I believe all of a sudden called but particularly in the context of the preacher John has given a message to the sound and like a trumpet is warning us visiting given another as this passage tells me as someone who has been given the opportunity that you need to preach the word that if I don't do my job if I don't face the truth vinyl sound the warning cry of the trumpet if any of you with your soul the blood will be on my for every creature I know there are some in this congregation they are the only here perhaps you'll pray for you publicly give bottles that your weather thing from David Vega this holding from preaching the sound linkage from the stall that you are witnessing to perish in her book divine your PC this is a very difficult message for a preacher because we speak the things I got an impressive kind of hard sometimes but not politically correct but yet here you found the Fayette and for the sake of the salvation of his laptop and Navarre Bible reading but with me now in the same chapter in Ezekiel you may be thinking hot values talking about him he's a preacher well now we all creatures but let's look at what the chapter continues to say beginning verse thirty also thou son of man the children of black people still are talking against the margin fifth hockey of the minor walls and in the doors of the houses as the one to another everyone visited brother saying I pray you and you hear what is the word that for from a low and people found the FICA we go home and we get on the phone all John or Bob or Sally or whatever you him about the guy restoration is just amazing you can come in and join you in a message ecology life they visit the type of thing happening to talk about the greater the talk about the preaching of the word in a safe they called a friend to talk about it you're one of the weather what from the Lord will look at the record and a comment to be of the people and they sinned before thee as my people and they cheer thy words the day will not go with them now they show much love but their heart goes after the consciousness and lowball are confident of very lovely song one that has a eleventh voice and can play well on the instrument when they hear my words with a juvenile and when this comes at load it will come then shall they know that a prophet has been among the also often we come to the spiritual needs and we hear the word everything that is powerful the truth is being created creative brother that's right amen then we walked out of the art on the point of the church for method and spoken me with this view of being glass and we get so excited because the speaker browse with dynamic or the group was just like there was an image of field atmosphere the ambience of the room is just perfect and he does feel great Yamaha walk out of there but the same room with you the same all day they go back home we listen moving officer is the same our hearts are not we love to hear the creature talk about everyone except for I know the theme of the sermon was written for me I understand what it is when I feel assignment of the bridge it is old and life is beautiful straight as an arrow calling in life right now families and I think in my mind that's right those people really should learn their lesson they should do that anymore they really ought to pay attention but an very often become just like the book of the prophet Ezekiel said we come to these meetings as the five hundred and twelve the creature is so good to hear is what we're talking about a rock musician is like a athletic conference of exactly vigilant about now I like one of the lonely boy you are you are as one I can play well on an instrument and what type of instrument do you suppose that this guideway is going from in instead of hearing it like the battle cry that is meant to be the warning message the people sent back the pullout their popcorn and they may hear the trumpet player he has found incredible tightening he can get the last morning back trumpet player all line he is so young friend the trumpet sounded not only hear the trumpet we ought to get closer look at what is in our hearts and you know sometimes legal legal back home and then I'm not done this in the system discussing the truth that has been part I set the creature and you save time with it I can't believe that he was perhaps worse than sometimes increase the picture we place the preacher up here somewhere you say the truth is good because of who you think you instead of saying the preacher is a servant of God because you need to be careful that when the trumpet sounded that we don't get pretend that if the concert that was coming here for a great time we go home and go on I'm a way and everything just talking your music is closer look at the preaching of the word is not just the performance the preaching of the word is the chosen the most effective method method wherefore who we've got the Bible called the apostle Paul called the foolishness of preaching opinion that this printer take away all of your religious life in a different health it is the concept in a chair listen to the guy popcorn hour that is some way of the ritual of the silly idea that his wife on the foolishness of preaching is why God has called so today if you would allow me a minute to my point in the and I'm going to continue to shed some light perhaps in some areas of our life that we would rather not unlike but at the people will decide the fate in the last generation you think that we often rise to the airman or do we want to reach an client and swore to reach high than the high higher than so let me share with you some of the concerns I have perhaps burden upon my heart of the final generation do you think that this will be a group of people who will be able to will be able to look at their life and be able to tell whether there don't you think that the final generation the faithful of God and the last day of the three you will have a peculiar life maybe you could help with a knife when the company I page three eighty two paragraph one health reform interview among our people a work which is which it has not yet done there are those who ought to be always the danger of me need was still eating the flesh of man the endangering the physical mental and spiritual health many were now only have converted on the question of need meat meat eating will go from God 's people to walk no more with that brother me of all people living here in Loma Linda California just a couple hops it gets away from what used to be the even the College of medical even here in Loma Linda shouldn't be said about that health reform has not done the work that it ought to have done rather than sisters eating unclean meats is nonnegotiable that should not even be a question that caught my but that is not in fact the question of me eating eating the flesh of dead animal from the human need to be a medical professional the things of meeting her in will him and how to test the null no blocks are trying long absences are on money I had a lot in the area in which we pioneered in health reform they are crying out saying that those things that are Protestant was incompatible with the Christian lifestyle they are thing that is no good and yet have meant to today is just applying eating the main profit that we should not I don't think much about the visit what would talk to our docketed here this is an issue that we need to rise higher brother sister as we mentioned yesterday that we can get we can't afford to be doing battle with the devil would cloud the mind we drive five in healthy for not only that Kathy is not only is it excuse these days it the norm coffee and tea soft drinks music video and look into that further his friends it hardly even take anything believe in health evidence is sold especially for us living here in this country and this year I thought that's not all second testimony as when going through page two fifty two paragraph one the marriage relation is but in this degenerate age it covers while most of every description it is a view that has become a crime which now constitutes one of the sign of the last day even as Meredith Manor said they were created the flood more than a crime the marriage relation is under attack divorce within the church is just a bad about that in the Bible Jesus represents his relation to his people and a husband for one and if his chosen people in and upon those who claim to be part of the people in the final generation are unvarying and giving in marriage they are divorcing and verily leaving their marriage relation of valve that altar and forgetting about it how are we representing Christ relationship manager Americans of the attack and it is in this honor to God when the review should within the passion that runs higher than the fear of the result of this part of the fault effective marriage relation the children of those relationships and a slight goal is a vicious cycle it is continues one generation makes a mistake and is passed on to the next generation the more likely to make a mistake and they make a mistake in the next generation suffered in a more energetic continues in the downward while I know that there are many in this room right here who is a result of who is related to someone who is a result of a broken is not God for those of us when I get he'll fix a marriage once you get married now don't fix America now my fixing whoever you think will be her style fixes I fixed myself a long as you think that you're okay you're not need to be able to come to grips with the reality of Jesus needs to have all and until he has become our true husband were not rated and let us learn to be grounded in the Lord for before we give our affections away to someone the socialization of marriage relation is under attack as so often we think that we can even go without but if all areas of life we say we needed the Bible we giggled like principle why would any different with the Mary told me about the he hadn't read of it at the phone with Nokia for the married couple for the single as well I've read that book and you know the Bible tells us let's look in the Bible the reason why I bring this up in Matthew chapter twenty four in Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirty seven ninety twenty four verse thirty seven of the night has it all us what one of those passages that we do well apply to learn from but other than Dave and Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be rife in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking eating and drinking health reform was not implemented marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark the truthful flying within them know what that is also defined in the time you with the help of an appetite of God as well as their America the soulful language new non- at the flood came and put them always so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be rather the sister in these two areas particularly the Bible the beginning and ending incredible warning in foresight telling me that it's really the favorable impact of the low and below the areas in which we all know let's continue the liquidation testimonies volume three page four oh eight paragraph four if systematic benevolence were universally adopted according to God 's plan and the findings system carried out at the equally by the wealthy as it is by the poorer classes there would be no need to listen carefully no need of repeated and urgent calls for me at all large religious meet there had been a neglect in the churches of keeping up in the plan of systematic benevolence and the results have been an impoverished three they are living the Bible tells for where your treasure is there your heart will be also systematic enough is not even one is the gone given method of getting off systematic analysis of bringing you give according to our system in regular if you plan it intentional is not just whatever I have in my wallet when offering plate goes by on Sunday morning according to first Corinthians sixteen is set by what it is that you are giving to the Lord and you plan ahead what you and also the high things it would mean what you need to make the blog offering appeal we need your money we can run a meeting about your money the church is not helping us we are too poor to run with me and we were faithful in the church members all the faithful in giving back what was due to God in systematic benevolence in the offerings of high we would need to make a lot and not only that the quotations held that it would prevent that line being because if we learn to you on that we learn how to give a heart the love of money is the root of all that is why God is asking us to give back to what really belongs in the first place let me say this sometimes we think that ten percent is still off but you know something ten percent to the bear dog has requested ten percent of what you also opened up the doors for us to give the maximum and friends where the money where I was spending on the limo are we putting into the treasure house of God so he can open all the windows of heaven that we would have no place receive the blessing are always putting our wealth if the if I treasured out of this on this for sooner or later you are one of the something where we doing as stewards of God are you getting a little hot were not done yet my character and personality volume one page two eighty nine one of those one sentence one-liners that will need these dress is an index of the mind and heart that which is hung up on the outside is a sign of what is unlike a fan up here and tell you how long anything how low anything go what color it should be or what to wipe off your face what's if they got in years I'm not benefited from this and after this one question what is within address is an index of part when someone the family will be able to say that that young woman part of Gothic Libby will look again and seeing the character that is within you and they will say that woman that young man they are reserved they are modern they are sober they are content with themselves they are not extravagant they are satisfied and confident in Jesus Christ can you say that sometimes we think well that they are from they got the limited on this being myself right you are being yourself in the self that your pretraining is not free the character within his view about what you know so often we can relate I heard that when visiting a fashion is just the opposite microphone is perhaps as not being in modest but the extra spending our money and clothing that we don't perhaps find follow this file the latest and the greatest dressing to kill what is within our heart what does our dress dress reform also part of the life of the final generation how to spend our time is so much more that could be said for envisioning a entertainment is not just in a fine entertainment has become not just something that is recreational or every so often we get the entertainment has become the norm of life television is spent movies and music and literature magazine Internet all vying for attention and forth you know there was a time when none of the sufferings of people going along just as well just the fact just as spiritual if not more so sometimes we need to take inventory of our life is where is our time is I grew up in the generation in which I grew up watching cartoon surfing the web playing video games I understand what it is like but I also understand that God is calling us the highest rather than focusing on those negative things let me ask you this how much time I was spending and study of the helmet on always spending on her knees praying interceding for friends and family who have not yet given their life how much time I was spending for a living unleashing masses in this country as well as in other published Connelly spending and the more in sports and things of the meditation witness study improving our circumstances of the meeting will be better for her patient if all the students I find a selling hurting I just have to put it in here is regarding studying of the Bible it said as a means of intellectual training the Bible is more effective than any other book or all other books are you having a hard time to spend I have a hard time thinking that your mind is not start I'm not able to keep up with the rest of the people in my age range are here here you go whatever you are put in the memory in your mind will expand and your mind will grow and you will learn more in half an hour of study of the other material if you have spent that time in the word that if you study for I can testify it works how much time I was spending in areas of lockdown one you know sometimes in with his is going to get axis sometimes we say well what I don't see anything wrong it's okay to look at it's okay to dress life I really and it's okay to know the water check out the guys and girls before really making a decision to be committed it's okay nothing wrong that everybody else is doing I don't see anything wrong with that heavier and unable anything anymore I would you know what that is that is how both of the problem in society today called world well humanism where there is a plurality of through what you think in here for you and good for you and what I think is good for me and have remained in mind own business don't cross the line you're okay with the way you are I'm okay the way I have all did love each other get along with the open-minded that be all right of each other a brother that the third the truth is the truth whether we see anything long with it or not perhaps it is a little bit and following I don't know I don't know what definition of the word in Holland has evolved me now the fact of the matter is whether we see anything wrong with it or not if the word says it is gone has spoken it it is the truth and we do ourselves a great disservice when we try to measure the truth of God of our own experience our own knowledge our own understanding there is the way that human right is a man of the way to the end thereof the way of the need to be careful what we say meals on perhaps with long as that's why the latest in Church of God the difficulties that are visible poor blind and naked we need on a sometimes we say something else for the more faithful we say I'm still stuck I'm not convicted on that yet the Lord will show me on saying that you know something it's okay it is perfectly fine for the study now admittedly you my question is are you saying born in the North something given an inspiration in the word of God that is plainer than the day you need to read patient had made value it will tell you that we might not want to have the quotation regretted at the nuclear as someone we go through life fly ten twenty years Mister and weekday I'm still studying it all well I'm not really convicted on eating the vegetarian diet yet on the research still convinced for the always study God I'm still say it a lot think of something or something of them take my studies in the Waco we just put online and energy diligence is actually to what we save another excuse for Hatfield said just like this but implied our lifestyle we say I was brought up in the church everybody else's does everybody else does and that's good for me to know how growth in the church I'm a fourth or fifth generation and a lot of times I do things just because that's how about doing okay more than needs understand we need to understand the meaning behind the practice we need to understand the intellectual fax behind the fate blind faith is not glorifying to God because when the test you will prove that the House bill on the house will fall no we've grown up in the mature to me than comfortable hearing the trumpet players that we think that would get expert from the analysts sometimes we need to take a close look at the revivals in the book of first Peter second Peter sorry second Peter chapter two second Peter chapter two one second Peter chapter two verse twenty second get universally one is set for it have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it turn in the holy commandment delivered unto them but it is other than according to the true proverb the dog returned to his own long again in the Salva has watched her watch to her wallowing in the mire is better for us and never meant to have her but not to have her with eternally and in connection with what we're discussing the division on the last generation they hurt they would have her the truth but they also would have done in Ezekiel thirty three conclusion of our message today the promise that we have looked at are ready today and last night God him him passing turn earn more with you Ezekiel thirty three verse eleven saying other than as I live saith the Lord I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from his way and then currently turn ye from your wicked ways for why will you die O house of Israel God is talking custody return current war sins yet but not just turn and meet with him there this is what God wants higher than the highest human thought can we not ideal for his children godliness God 's likeness is the goal to be the bike operates the final generation will reach the ideal I got a set method gold the trumpets sounded and perhaps we feel little agitated the question is not so much how you feel the question now is what will you we really study out when you really look a little deeper image of God to come up higher higher than the high not to settle for anything that mediocre or even that I you want to give the world the word and not a hero appraisal father in heaven this morning the message has been in a comfortable one more there are areas alive then there are issues that we have been daunting and coming up and hide and often our Christian witness is weak Lord as the message that they has filled into my heart as well as a brother this is an pray that you will help us by your spirit to reach high that we will not be satisfied with mediocrity then the only settled the class that you help us to live the life of that those people in the world may look at us and say this is a young man or young woman as part of the generation that sees by public authority you are to continue on the final meeting of this unit you react versus fresh and he will receive your spirit SC will come battering the love you Lord to you pray all of these things Jesus


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