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The Five Ws of Public Evangelism

Benny Moore


Benny Moore Benny Moore - Assistant Director of ShareHim, a ministry of the Carolina Conference of SDA.




  • August 6, 2009
    3:30 PM
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father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to spend time talking about the work did you given us to use your people not Israeli Jews very will be with us and guide in this presentation this afternoon that it will be beneficial to those who've gone this is our prayer we ask it in Jesus name and for his sake and good afternoon on many more one of the managers for the Sheridan program work without of October and have for the last almost six years before that I had the opportunity to work in public evangelism without a can of talked for about nine years and that was my beginning and ministry actually since I time I've been on a conference administrator for many years and and now have the opportunity to focus all of my time and attention on evangelism and making a measure was worth work both internationally adhered home so this afternoon we want to talk about one of the greatest problems that we had found as we brought people back home from an international drilling experience and sometimes they had hundreds sometimes they had thousands of people in attendance at their audience and they come back home and they want to bridge and they're ready to breach the only promise it'll have a place to breach because we have found that empty pews don't respond well to the gospel and this is a problem that we found we were able to find people who are willing to be speakers we were able to get those people to come to a weekend camping we were able to train them and how to speak that they went back home and there was no place to there was nobody to speak to if they had a place to speak leave the suggested meetings in all type of places different rooms in the church in addition to of course the sanctuaries of possibility but also we can go to public places like I know one person in meetings and any restaurant in other rooms and hotel sometimes there's a storefront there different kinds of recreation halls by mobile home parks or there's there's all kind of different places you know human the manager but not in Phoenix and August that we can do all sorts of things but we still have to have people when we get very foregoing in the program results so in our several years of attempting to find the answer to how to effectively do evangelism in North America we have just learned more what not to do then we have what to do and we just kept backing up and trying other approaches and as we learned that our biggest challenge is that our members largely in North America do not have meaningful relationships with people who are not members and they have not been developing relationships so that they had people who are ready when they're ready to breach and this is a challenge so again we didn't have a problem finding the speakers we have already taken somewhere over to seven thousand speakers a breach internationally and those people are willing in and just to preach again so having speakers is not the problem the problem is is having the audience to listen and believe that one of the things that we learn as we studied this we found that God will never ask us to do something without providing what is necessary to make that something successful just why tells us that God puts us in difficult places so that we can learn to trust him and honors and not ourselves so even when we face difficulties then we need to realize that there's something for us to learn in there and that God is ultimately going to bring success sister wife says over and over again if the one where I did a study on Angels and I found over and over again it says the Angels were waiting the Angels are waiting the Angels are waiting what are they waiting for are they waiting for these again bad down here are they waiting for the economy to turn sour what are they waiting for she says they are waiting for us because their work they had been assigned the responsibility of assisting us in selling if we don't do us all learning then there there just sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting there waiting for us so were not alone in this work when we go out to do it so how can we began to develop meaningful relationships with nonmembers several things that I've run across they have fairly recently it has become our focus of attention would share him as we are training evangelism teams of nine churches and his were preparing right now to help our pastors be able to train their games were finding that there are some things that are maybe rather unique some are rather simple they're so simple that you wonder why in the world than we think about that sooner than their things I can work on how want to skip that one end of the Smith Mountain Lake Virginia because Jeremiah 's not here but let's go to come in Idaho and there were going to talk about we're going talk about teleconference and newspaper advertising and how someone pulled back together to make it work this is a video clip from the North Pacific Union one of their spotlight on mission programs and less so I was thrilled because it is one and we think of the center see what you think will will will who's we were in for her I will do is to will will will will will will will will will will will and you are in law or one year in Ardmore Avenue wanted in years somehow you as you have no is as figure out ways and in dialogue with you outside the version you and your new and I know is time to call there is a and you and is in a will is you will reveal someone you we will live in person and I will will a will is an term memory I is in you and I is now in his mercy and is and is and I is in play and so is all that is primarily an angel I'm off to go home as I can do is you is you is or is not an agency calling you is is you whom you are you he will and will sign out having plus excuses why not to just start going to you nondenominational church is now in his user is a and the second line is not the history is in a house is a house of the leader will really very now I will assume you want to sizzle as a nation is efficient like to live in the something along the lines you will you will you as you are is no sense addressing to have a new e-mail as far as their beliefs as I know you are at a now live in you are or will following us on as I is this always for a guy has to do is validate another is so myself says God is a man in a so culinary flashy or memorable as is is is is is is is is is I is I want to as an asteroid is a you are home he is so is a must-have in here as long as you will as well so not as investors and be in a is is is will will will will will will is that they were not to pastor is is is is is is is involved in the affidavit another advantage is the assets to pay as how to unite their family and church without gauges are the pictures tonight and is starting out that the pastor of the church is as far as the pastors are listed as soon as she is united and shares to the church is all Harrison and is is is is is a you know is a lesson learned is very tiny Los Angeles is everything makes more sense is usually fatal models is not only was his questions as to what you care to read his word it is also space is difficult and dangerous failure your friends is coming as soon as there does not open to his character if you care to hear what he's telling you is word now you are not utilizing the same as that is an associate self-care was immediately say it's as close as the homeless and the meeting is this Jesus Herne there will will will will easily go out of his zone was a lie she is alone and this is how people do in a gallery in and will I need interacting with immunity and you will have a desire to build friendships and you see you and human uses you know in an volume of information is online go there you will leave them out on the questions as you as you is a courage is hot and one of the law is small ministry is a is him and he is not amazing what can happen to have a teleconference in my people advertising in the newspaper on some topic that's of interest and you've got you got audience anybody can do it there's nothing to know clear to keep it out of this and then once I get to know you will come to church so I thought that was really good on that's a hard one this is a YouTube type of presentation that I'm having but there's only one is available right now there be within about another week or ten days there be a high quality version of this available so just contact the North Pacific union if you'd like to show this to your church if you want to know how to do what they did contact out of a conference and we get in touch with Baxter Maxwell and I'm sure they'll be glad to share what they've done and what they've used nor does it make back and look in my phone and get it okay what I will try to always wanted to pull something together to have for you today I'll try to do it later today for saying in the morning and have it to share him boots over the four hundred and wrote was right at the very beginning to come out here and lose in my tomorrow try to have that cheap beer with all of the yacht e-mail addresses or phone numbers okay I don't conference number we give you right now do away three seven five seven five two four that's the Idaho conference where this church is located faster maxwell that the Kuna K UNA Idaho pastor Randy Maxwell the North Pacific Union number blank they only changed it to his three six oh is the area code eight one six one now that's the one before they moved into the new office in eight five seven eight three six oh eight five seven seven thousand that's a Norton beginning and that's where you'd get a copy of this video spotlight omission Idaho this is an all day and in this monthly identity I think you said what the third through the third Tuesday of every month so I got think they did on monthly begs you to get in touch with them and they needed the details of how they did this is another thing that's happened in the Paradise California church in the northern God nor the California conference they did something this spring that I'm not aware of having happened before but Pastor Ben Maxon is the pastor thereof that church and what they did is for four weekends three nights on each weekend for four weekends another work for total of twelve nights they advertised and with support from the church and community they did these twelve meetings about Jesus they were based on Jesus the characteristics of Jesus and give every meeting includes one hour meeting for segments i.e. it included a dramatic presentation and two different elements about a dramatic talent presentation and then the storyteller sermons storyteller was the name of the series so they had dramatic presentations of people acting out scenes from Jesus lie and then they had a modern scene and then they had the sermon which was based on that particular story that had been told by the storyteller that night and then within a follow-up series these these are the sum of two of the advertising pieces that they used now that's the same one twice but that's the that's one of the brochures a bulletin that they had here's another that was those in posters here's a big wide one the storyteller Congdon of Jesus the greatest storyteller of all time here and unbelievable story told by Jesus Friday Saturday and Sunday nights February sixth of March one seven o'clock to eight o'clock in the Adventist church information phone number so they started out with dramatic presentations here's some information on the first night they had a biblical presentation a guest at a wedding who desires what is Jewish it describes what a Jewish wedding was like this was what they were acting out five days long the bridegroom picks up the ride at sunset entice into the ceremony guest and precious possessions to the bride there's much food drinking a drink and dancing the wedding at Cana was like no other he had ever attended so they make today I doubt that story of Jesus attending the wedding feast then after that they did a modern presentation a woman who's in a marriage relationship that started out amazingly but has become stale and said she wishes that God could bless her marriage and turn it around so that was acted out as well then there was the sermon and this is the schedule of what they covered on those twelve nice on the first night the miracle worker then Jesus the provider Jesus the wonderworker Jesus the healer Jesus the life giver Jesus the forgive her Jesus the Victor Jesus the friend Jesus the Savior Jesus the sin bearer Jesus the risen Lord and Jesus the coming King twelve night here's the schedule and then you have the titles of the presentations in the emphasis at night the story from the Bible the key points that they brought out so this is all very very well documented of these are pictures these are some of the slides that were used in the PowerPoint presentation and went along with the pastor 's presentation needed in a casual setting he didn't do dressed in jeans and a nice sport shirt sitting on us to pass away the presentations were done so very very powerful they had visiting cards but they used at the end of the presentations at night and they asked people to have a chance to give their life to the Lord day to to ask for visit pastoral visit so there were several things and then they followed this series up with a weekly one time a week for several weeks ago discipleship seminar when I talked our Macs and he told me that it looks like they're going to have about a ten baptisms just from the syringe without going on farther with these people into one of regular evangelistic series of doctoral series so therefore what they found out as I did research on paradise they found out that ninety percent of the people were unchurched so there's a tremendous challenge to reach people and and I found that a lot of their members were an anti- public evangelism God forbid but they were people that that had that challenge and so they weren't really wanting to do anything that he felt comfortable with this he had the support of all of the other pastors into Eamon was very private if they on their decision guard a person could ask for a visit by pastor in a dried in the name of the pastor or the name of the church and they got the other pastors agree we will seriously deal with these people and their interest in and got so you know it if you just if you don't have the contacts which many of us don't with the people in our communities we've got to do something first to gain their confidence to get to know them as individuals now we have something else that's happened and Jeremiah are you ready with something else that's happened that year and has been working on as we had tried to work with our evangelism teams in our churches to help them know what to do so that our speakers would be able to have an obvious display to enter several things that when Donna and I asked Jeremiah says one of our directors would share him do he's just just back from the Nicaragua thanks where you are when now and before that Mauritius we won't talk about that all the places it with them but Jeremiah let's just take a minute and exchange sharing you okay sure and I'll know they could ask for pastor many churches down I said when ninety percent of the people are not charged the other churches were very interested and very supportive of what we were doing to bring people to the Lord that something that they were all interested in and so again in order to begin the region of the communities this was just something they did so will give you information on that sheet about how to get in touch with a relaxin and I'm sure that you be happy to share what they did and how they did it so that we could take and do something similar just yes that's right and I'm sure that was a concern and I don't know what their actual experience with this was that something would get asked this was something they decided to do on a trial basis again knowing that most of these people didn't have any any background with any church and that the ten people that they have are people that are to be baptized in the Adventist church that they didn't introduce and any other pastors they just laugh out loud and long that decision card if they wanted to be again revisited by Baptist pastor I could write that down and just on the decision garden it wasn't Jurong will need to train some might fear it is only there's only three but that's our visitors and investors on board in high wouldn't be surprised good afternoon good to be with you my name is Jeremiah links work with many and a team of several other and women with the share him global evangelism formally known as somewhere based on a Charlotte part of the Carolina conference and so naturally as tell you one of the things that we do as you may have heard his song the Internationale site we take people mostly late people all over the world to be involved in a full series of evangelistic meetings it's a fast-paced training to half weeks it's pretty intense but the goal is not just of that person in the other part of the world will be excited about what they did there that they will learn something catch a spark and bring it home the other side what we do is directly focused on the homeland that is to say North America Western Europe few other areas and it is directly focused on helping teams within local churches develop an systematic ongoing soul winning program not the net team is one person but that's okay if the Lord places it on your heart you're not responsible for something else which are responsible for what the Lord has called you to do so the question so often is I'm excited about someone who sighed about evangelism and ready to go in in fact many say I'm ready for each or I've been wishing or have internationally somewhere and what is trail was preset series of meetings on my ready to preach here that's great that's great but if they knew maybe you never painted a car involved with painting car a few have I had the privilege or the challenge of video some years back and the part you see the exciting part that will that bright color that's only about three percent work becomes a pain car most of the work before you ever get to that point and instant what people see looks exciting but most the work goes and what people necessarily see an insult winning so often particularly in North America we have focused on one metric one measure by which we can see whether we're having success in evangelism and what is that numbers of what Baptists to write threat and that's the number by which we judge wasn't successful or not this much money we had this many Baptist is but what we've realized his soul winning is so much more than merely planning public evangelistic meetings now that's an important part of course but let me tell to the swing essentially we see to comment past by which people come to know the Lord and be part of a church family one is sort of the traditional Adventist evangelism path which I like to call message first and it is we send out a lot of flyers we hosted ads may we advertising radio TV people come to hear presentation they feel the Lord speaking to them and six weeks later perhaps a few months later you know you made the decision to baptize their member of a local church lobby another name now some of those people stay some don't that's message size of the site is where our message first the other side I would call relationship first or fringe of the first Mrs. where for example I can ignore known this guy for years and he's always been a good friend and insight and encouragement sometimes talk about God and not never really paid much attention but then something in my life changed who knows what it is that there are always times when the door opens a bit something of my life changed and suddenly what he was saying made a lot of sense and I came to church with them and I met these people and I just fell in love and the just great folks and I think many want to be a member here since it's kind of relationship first what we've seen is both can work not here to tell you the only one of the other can work because they both can work but as soon as someone comes from one direction you must quickly develop the other side succumb message first and thus we've known for a long time after quickly develop relationship and there are many ideas and programs and methods out there on how to do that to quickly integrate this person into a family of believers family not just by soil subflooring CNN Sabbath morning good to see you have no family where actually know each other care about each other neither vendor each other's homes eaten meals together next they know each other's concerns and problems in situation so if you have one you quickly develop the others someone comes relationship first then we saw this on our local church in Virginia our local church has about two thirty five active members about fifty members on the books and recently we held an evangelistic sewing and there wasn't a doctrinal presentation but it was a selling amendment and know you and few people of direction several attended two of those who attended the lady and her daughter started sending services they started coming to the mother church events and it wasn't long before they said you know what we just really fall in love with you people here and we can see them the love of Christ shining through you and we want to join this church what do you know what that meant they didn't know about the forty three hundred a prophecy but know about Daniel chapter two to know about really even the reasons for why we keep Saturday instead of Sunday but they knew they had found a group of people who love them cared about them they wanted to join let's great but they need message they need to make a decision based on the truth as presented in the word of God so whichever side someone comes from the other side must be quickly developed and both as an work so how might it in a practical way we implement this and this is what we would share him for doing right now in twenty nine oh this week thirty of the conferences in the North American division is helping teams of late people within the local church with the guidance of their pastor develop an ongoing systematic intentional creative soul winning program ongoing because is not just a based on a menace to often we focused our evangelistic energies on other listen only every three years we hold rentals and in this church and every three years we get geared up we spend a lot of money and we do something all and finally relax I was a lot of work maybe three is when will do again we'll see but what refine first of all is that approach can work relic can work to some degree but it's not ideal because people are often coming to that decision point the doors open something change their life maybe death of a loved one any change in marriage maybe a new job new location whatever it is the doors open the ready for the lesson but we don't know when that time 's coming and it probably doesn't come just once every three years for everybody because of various time so we recommend holding an evangelistic reading event reaping event being where we present biblical truth is found in Scripture and call for decision based on that truth recommend a local church told to a year to evangelistic reading events a year is a army crazy expensive that we do that were not talking about a full-blown event is a campaign that people may be experienced with trying out something that is sized and budgeted to be sustainable on this twice a year schedule don't hold it in a big room is the only expect five people to come the room that feels comfortable for my latest article classroom maybe some other place as recently a dentist of the campaign in a room in his office and invited patients and not much is the Dennis Dyer I love the Lord to unknown to be sharing some things from the Bible but you come of it could even be in a home at many events held successfully in homes so advanced that are sized to budgeted to fit to be sustainable in a twice a year format we don't recommend that the conference for a lot of money into these kinds of events because we don't want the local church local team looking at a conference to tell them when it's time for evangelism twice a year plan on if you don't feel ready guess what you never don't feel ready just go for it just do something can't tell you will happen unless you're doing nothing really pretty good idea just do something and learn from experience for next time so twice a year so when he events which I just really quickly how this might look at the calendar format token to show you officially all of it once you what we done his research on the calendar out this thing of all year once you have those little green dots long way in March and September those are evangelistic reaping events twice a year sized to fit now who's going to come in this is been the question in so many places great but that's only excited and ready to preach because we seen with the evangelistic materials available using the example sharing sermons which we provide at no cost for those encompasses were partnering with to have a specific event specific date or with new beginning sermons over the other sermons doesn't matter what sermons he is mainly doing something summary says okay we've seen with this material we got somebody ready to present ready to do it but whose can become and we've been to conferences with us in order to discourage with and fight activities in our church now we didn't have really anybody come well the rating event is the exciting part is that less glossy thanks it is thrilling it's thrilling to see the decisions that are made but it is the work that comes before that's the majority of work and I would like to let yellow band notice the Alabama lemming breaks and what is that relationship development connecting with people actually getting to know people and here's a systematic method we recommend why systematic well I got your job and your job expected to get certain tasks done to do it on the schedule that plan and too often our soul winning we do just the opposite we say well maybe this person I have smiled at me and I told my madness to maybe three years now meet another of us will smile adamant to remember that smile or and maybe the Holy Spirit will somehow mix it all up in their fields are not great pictures as alert gives us a mind and build a plan for reason and we can be systematic about our relationship building but because of trifold people are tricked them in anything but because we truly care about them we are Christians we associate ourselves with Christ which means what matters to Christ Patterson meeting what matters most to Christ 's most famous first Scripture God loved the world so much he sent his only son Jesus was willing to come to the start for people so people matter that Mister God how much of the matter to me so how might this be approached we recommend making a list for realist thought just thinking about it write it down right down the road this list is a quite it yet frightened her selfless anonymous I know I know better than just their name I know little about them more all seem on some kind of regular basis and they live in my general area only be relatives and maybe friends neighbors or colleagues whatever it is and then categorize up in that list five or six for the top will call near your top-tier interests these are people who you know that you have some relatively close connection with a pastor must admit you one of these people are right and who would come to your funeral figure out a mere funeral of the people you obviously have some report with and if you don't have anybody on their pray the Lord will send people to come here for so and then ask yourself who you want to tell them about God wanted to be here when you want to be me a pastor when the preaching at your funeral so figures five or six this is your prayer list your interests list your target was whatever is right announced by the bathroom mirror First Amendment daily to pray for these people and don't just pray that all Lord blessed him of another great day no pray Lord my person Jim will be saved and if there's any way to day that I can be part of that process let me see how and let me not be afraid let me boldly share what I feel an integer so these of the cybersex praying daily for them but not just praying for them finding ways to connect with the right beside their name out you know the what activity done together what the lady are you a friend of this person well let's see his next-door neighbor but my normal online and on the sometimes we talk about gardening and that's about it okay we know Jim is easy neighbors are not gardening now here's important part this is what I have this yellow man represents that doesn't stop doesn't bring consider how you can thicken the relationship by getting to know Jim in new ways doing new activities with Jim or introducing gender others in your church family and allowing him to interact with them is like dating and when I talked to college students about this essay you are a know how to do this you just focus on one person to get to know somebody what you do don't just talk on the phone you don't just say hi once a week you do stuff with them to come up with excuses to spend time with them and you talk to Jimmy and diligence in the fishing are you an efficient data not so much what Jim's offered maybe you're just a sometimes Marshall Melo but more about bass fishing that come with me sometime from a beer and Bass fishing Jim's not vice versa connect in a new way insulin said and when you connected and would make a new line on your list Jim no children were fishing many are not so inefficient but I know I got my church who is this what there's an opportunity you can fit in this web of relationship was a very young to finish right my church I would go out to sufficient I don't know much about it but we were to go with the sometime measure whatever it is this talk about playing golf when business is a business knows you don't play golf if you like to play golf to play golf to do business and when you are when you're top businesses so when sharing Jesus others do not like all the golf ministry because you want coffee love affairs or any stuff it's a ministry is in a golf unplayable but sometimes an opportunity adding lines to this list how do you know the first is my neighbor and then we talk about gardening together now and fishing together and I would like all and another guy from a church now knows him because we went fishing and guess what's on his list now Jim how do you know and fishing intentional and systematic sickening this web of relationship because now what happens is the person know you and new ways and this time you spend with them as an opportunity to get to know not to start a fishing type and value of a family whatever it is part of the things that matter to you about your job getting to know them better and he's saying who you are missing cool you in your local church are and his begin to trust you now does that mean vocational six months from now the next reading meeting sometime by Jim Wright and boy I hope becomes this for three months we've been really trying to get to know each other guess what this relationship first evangelism is an nearly as fast in most cases is the kind of evangelism we are used to we expect results within three months we started here in treatment center who don't have a talk about three years talk about ten years start out more this is a thing takes time if you don't know when the doors can open for Jim to win maybe something to change these can know that you and those people who were connecting with him care about them you talked about the Lord because it's a natural part of you are it insane and some special switch on the religion moment switching back off in recognition is just a natural part of your so this is on going now one recommendation share this on a weekly basis if you can assess school 's a great place to do this and with a great view for great idea when this one when SanDisk leads me right up your classes three four five minutes share around the circle how is your soul winning initiative going this week well Jim I went fishing on great Java chance to it's not very ushered it when the days get to kids soon California and he worries about an thousand great experts and share spokesperson shares two things happen with this first those in the circle who aren't involved in said Army Bobby Randles and team public artwork they see all is that you talk about it's not so bad I could do that I see what you talking about so it helps to grow the team second thing is it helps the team to see progress too often we measure progress as we said with only one metric baptism of the truth 's progress in soul winning is all along the way progress is with fishing regenerative known better I play golf with Jim Phil came and we play golf with Jim if not better that's progress and your team will be encouraged as you're able to see this progress all along the way now last piece of business is a sample of what this list might look like when it's assimilated your team can put their list together noticed this assorted by interest name on the left side and on sorry sort of my team members is just a sample list from our home church and how we know these various people on the right hand side now here we resorted a list by interest name unnoticed for some of the interest free right here for some of the interest or multiple team member names by that interest why is that because we got to know that person several of us got to know that person and so he's on several of our lists this is part of this process of developing a web of relationship now one more part and that is these the the purple segments here and this is what we would typically called Angels excelling think cooking school and stop smoking class this is something where we invite the public but we also invite who the people on the interest list maybe they come in the know and don't worry is another one coming so these activities and there's a thousand of them you can do these activities are a chance to get more people on your list to start connecting with people who work neighbors may move across town this is the only way you might've gotten to know them our local church in Virginia recently concluded our second weight-loss program we did a weight loss program based on the biggest loser television show had a great time with it we try to design a program to be easy to invite people to want to be something you can easily invite a friend to the first year we did it we didn't have a big weight loss focuses just part of it we found a lot of people cannot interest in the weight-loss components of the second year what we do then just do the exact same thing we molded and modified weekly fit the first weight-loss focus adventure to thirty five forty active members Max thirty five guests sometimes coming out blew us away several those people with continued to build relationship with some of those people party said next year and by the way some of the ones in the first year helped out this year and several of common attendant services eliminate each other 's homes through times by the way it's a good metric that's a good measure to know the real you know somebody who'd been to their home have they been to your home and eat a meal together so and and by the way I won't go into all the details of program now but one segment of it involved teams that we had been exercised together during the week a few times to make sure that every team had members and nonmembers on the great opportunity to call Samantha and exercise this week J master do so well whatever my placer or yours is an opportunity so by the way Sheridan has a similar sewing resource catalog which is a sixty six page catalog where we gone to lots of different ministries talk to them about just one question what you have available for evangelistic sewing for local churches to use what tools materials resources do you have available Thomas is a cost where do you get it how to use it we tried it and this is all that material is already out there to try to bring in one place is available on our website no charge under resources sure in .org and resources and for every one of these ideas there is a hundred more than your team could do by brainstorming new ideas that would fit your team your interest your community and your church so these three segments regular reaping meetings selling activities Avenue people on the list and continuous also as a matter of relationship building thank you and now are going to talk about the evangelistic resources for presenting the message and done a lot of research on this were to be talking about new beginnings will be talking about Martin was revelation of hope series would augment the share entry for today hope for tomorrow Young disciples truth for use couple health presentations are available and that's life at its best by the quite hour and abundant living one is available in their here with that material a aside if year because you may want to do more than one type of presentation as you get into the message presentation now the new beginnings program these are tied first of all and a DVD program they are available from now either Ouachita Hills Academy are it is written now the PowerPoint programs are available with projected notes and projected notes means that you have your notes down on your screen that tells you it's similar to what I'm using right here by you have your notes which show you what's going on up on the other screen but you can see what you're supposed to say your reference point is here and then your audience larger appear when we do this internationally your audience like to be in French Portuguese in Swahili you give Denno Tagalog developing innovative this to be a completely different language what's up there from what you have done here for the notes for you so there's a real advantage to having projected notes in the fact that when you have the projected notes you move your nose in it knows when to move those lives if your particular paper note you have to not only keep your pages turn know where you are in your paper nose would you also remember to change the slides to match what you're talking about and no you can't do that manually is easily and smoothly as this can automatically but the DVD program is one where you put the DVD in a DVD player use the remote control to advance a DVD player you preach from paper notes this is this is what is available from it is written and from watching tales the PowerPoint program I'm in a work which Esther Clark and hopefully we can make the new beginnings express which is available in English and Spanish with English notes that hopefully can be available from one's ideals as well this is what the new beginnings set sermons look like the DVDs were given out at the ASI last year to everyone free of charge for the DVD progress but those days are just a few of the graphics these are some of the note if you use the DVD express menu had a projected notes and this is what the notes look like this is your slot one and one hundred twenty eight the subject is Daniel to be see what the audience is saying here and you see what's can happen which would come on the screen the next time you click the button over here and you know what to say a dream from the past speaks to the present just another one of the notes slides okay it is written if you go to it is written as website and that is Debbie WW it is written .com these are things I'll give you on that sheet and will be available if you go to store you can find it store they have the media and arts section if you go to media and arts and click on that then you will find that new beginnings is available their new beginnings DVD evangelism that's for playing DVD players they have a new beginnings PowerPoint seminar these are the slides that can be in that it are put into a PowerPoint present as they don't come in the presentation according to the documentation and then have a small group Bible study not sure exactly what the difference and those are if you go and click on one of these then you'll find the price the ability to order it and you'll find the information of what that particular product part that probably go get on the description now if you go to the Bible study tab on it is written then you're going to find new beginnings here to search for certainty unsealing an Islamist bent mysteries new beginnings if you click on new beginnings then it will take either the screen where you have a chance to actually watch these presentations in English or Spanish or in other languages you can print this the sermons out if you click on one of the year English or Spanish then that will take in here and you choose which one of the sermons that you want and you click on the sermon name and you will come up with a screen like this and a player and you will actually be able to play by clicking on the play button you'll be able to play that and you hear someone presets are so that's the new beginnings that's available this is actually taking you to the Bible info .com 's website that you get their front it is written this is an seen this and you're doing this on a computer that a website right now that they DVD players are available almost anywhere around the world it you go and there are battery-operated DVD players but of course you do have to have some way to see that either a television screen are all using a video projector now just so that you're aware it is written also has big the oxygen part of their website where you can go to get the graphic materials that do help you modify the sermons of if you're working on a computer without are going to build your own sermons in this is there a part of their oxygen screen will give you a blessing you and I actually living again and again in Manhattan that is blown and given the reduced video and he actually is no he had an enemy he will immediately lie and you know what is going around talking about asking you as far as evangelistic series and you have given them to win in Arizona having his one hundred and I lay there in pain you are doing the region yet as you heard yourself Virginia and you accepted what you heard yourself say is that he decided after hearing this gift of evangelism is you decided to give you think I think what you motivated about this rule are they headed as you know cleaning and as they think about this changes I think any game that I think is she living in giving their site and see how my mahogany color me unconvinced you are you reaching them in incidental to hear you resumes at an as is eliciting to you can see from what I understand he gave you is to get today as wrong as there was now close your with your mom 's feeling about what's happened in your life as you see more or less accepted the change in your life she is not in your editor is Dominican and selectively limiting and you want him to say with us in anything and everything that this is an amazing thing is you have an opportunity using materials on our young people and you can see the difference it makes Catholic girl 's mom sent her to an antenna school diversity was uncomfortable with the schools in the neighborhood I write her things that happen right here the other place for new beginnings Debbie WW and being DVD that new beginnings DVD .org this is website watch on hills to Scott last week I think that if you go there you can click on ASI beginnings and if you could do that you choose the language these are the international languages the once it is written have hardly Americanized version these are the international versions and have more pictures of people of different nationalities and all in this rate you got your different languages one of them will be the Anglo English latest on occasion English and I have a binder that's a binder with the printed sermons it's available for thirty four ninety nine forty nine ninety nine you can get the beginnings English this is one hoping that I can also make the new beginnings express available to you I do have those I'm going try to work something out so that they can distribute them so you can also get the ones with the projected notes in their shortened version with projected notes English and Spanish and will will him will and will is remarkable for appeal to dominate that night in Panama was user would be preaching so you can see that women can pretend they can preach very effectively and the materials are there if you want to revelation of how series this is one Bob on Mark Finley then they are available from the four the color from the color press a hundred and fifty four ninety five for that series that series will bring you also the advanced synchronizer version which lets you build your own sermons and that comes with this said they'd than synchronizing comes with this and also a shortened version of these islands would original markdown three but there's a shortened version of these are methods available to you for five dollars additional from the Southern Union around bringing the Southern Union they shorten them so that people can do it and still get there in a reasonable time and that's available once you have multiple series then you can get that series for an additional five dollars from the Southern Union the website to find this it's a W WW Adventist evangelism .com is connected with color press in hard research and if you go there you'll see at the bottom revelation of hope you can click on that revelation of hope link and there you have a product sheet handbill decision guard schedule she Sherman outlines everything is available right there on that website and this is an example of decision card this is an example of the schedule giving you the nightly schedule of when to do what and this is a good example of the handbills are available from color press to go with that series so this is available for color press that the Adventist evangelism .org website some examples of some of us live from the revelation of hope happier these are some of the notes they do have the projected notes with them and then there's the share him sermons are called to refer today hope for tomorrow the sharing and sermons are available free no charge remains the only requirement is that you have to have a say so I and dates which have been and are on the Sheridan website you have to be approved by your pastor as a speaker for your conference and actually now we have it set up so that a pastor can set the date of your meeting he can set the Internet you as a speaker once you've been approved in the conference and the pastor can do all of this with a login that's available to him with any conference is working which are ajar I mentioned that story conferences thirty of thirty one right now that are signed up in there working with us yesterday that dry when you get they share him you get to rethink you get the basic synchronizer program you get several videos with that and one is on how to prepare to preach how to work with interpreters are doing it overseas one on the Gospel and evangelism with overall convert all of those on the door only with the synchronizer program you get the truth for today sermons and you also did the Jesus video broken into fifteen chapters and we use and all of our sallow all of our sites and that welcome Steve Rigas all we ask you to do is register and then we asked you to let us know what happened it was reported here I can so this is some information and I just mention also available on our website get decision cards nightly schedules Sherry and theme song that you can play with words scrolling across the bottom information on how to get handbills of four-color sermon handouts and if English Spanish and French plus much more the distance on the website under resources examples of some of the slides from from our series sample some of the notes the notes are little different on hours because there have been words pulled out those words are pulled out to give you a chance to put this in your own words you got the content there nightly changes reinvented your audience to sleep and it worked beautifully we use it overseas and at least we didn't really know the side benefit until we saw people doing and we found that they need the ability to go elsewhere down and causing you to have to form that sentence means a you can say that sin is whatever way you feel is better for your audience are for you as an individual young disciples and I do not think in the briefcase we check here the end that were finished as the time is up but I have brochures but they also have them available at their website and that's where you get the truth for youth series there based on the sharing and sermons the same topics on the same night but they are available and there also available with projected notes and this is an example it starts usually with a Bible story goes into a mini sermon it has songs and other activities and again with the with the projected notes and so you can see what's what's available and will come in handy only cheated in the we don't have time for that so some of that at the beginning anyway glad you came I hope that these resources will be something that will be helpful to you and I'll try to get a sheet together on this so that you be able to get these websites and and and the phone numbers in order to make the contacts to be able to get any of the materials we talked about here today or tonight to get that video that we showed down from Idaho and her the Verizon is wonderful and knowledge user review Jeremiah God this is a life-changing thing for our young people and thousands of people have now had this experience but it's available to you and now they were working with these conferences in North America at your conference signs up with us and then very easily you can get the materials by just applying as a speaker having your master get along and he can create the site is again mentioned as a speaker and they needed your material and he was reportedly leaving a bank surveillance is young with my audio only and not having to you like to learn more and I find them out and I is the word as a online newsroom and www. my neighbor is not


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