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Learning to Listen

Anil Kanda


Students and young adults often feel alone in school and in doing ministry. The experience of Elijah reminds us that we are never alone and that we need to prioritize daily communing with God and learning to listen.


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference


  • May 26, 2017
    7:30 PM
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And Father in heaven right now we just. Want to thank you for. Being a God who is God of the entire universe yet you're hearing our prayers even at this moment thank you for the beautiful Sabbath thank you for this incredible time that we could. Just lay everything else on the altar just to listen to you it pronounced as we open up the word of God that you would open up our hearts and minds to minister to us to speak to a things we need to know we thank you God for hearing us and being with us tonight in Jesus' name amen. All right and people brought their Bibles put your Bibles in the air if you brought your Bibles and all right and if you and those who brought their Bibles turn to the person next to you didn't bring their bible to judgment told look for not bringing their Bibles to this. All right. OK so. I want to share something with you thank you to your attention. I want to share something with you and the reason why I am so blessed to be here is because I became a Seventh Day Adventist when I was in college I was born and raised a Hindu I also come from a Sikh background on and so I was part of an Eastern religion growing up down in Southern California and I had gone to college the local college and also the local university and it was during that time that I was going through a lot of hard searching a time where I was very confused about life gone to religion all these things and I never forgot those moments that I'd be walking down the hall that I wish somebody would talk to me about gone. And it was through province that God brought me into contact with the Seventh Day Adventists. Probably tomorrow show a little bit about that story and just what took place when this Seventh Day Adventists and by the way he wasn't even baptized and he actually got kicked out of the Academy when he was younger and his mom had been praying for him to to witness to somebody and now is the answer to that prayer and it was so powerful because we both ended up getting baptized in fact I got baptized before him. So I would like to say I got baptized before the guy that brought me to the Lord and I but I just have a heart for people who are in college just because I know that it's an epicenter of diversity in epicenter where identities are being formed in forge where people are making decisions. For the rest of their life so you have been called to a very very special ministry even of nobody else in the world knows who you are all of heaven is looking with admiration at the work that you are doing in fact any people who have ever read the book great controversy raise your hand OK if you never read that book I want to challenge you read that book when you read that book you will know exactly why you are Seventh Day Adventists in fact what is so powerful about that book I was just reading it a few days ago there's a chapter on the wall then see it's in the early part of the book now the while Dancy's were a group of people who are being persecuted by the Roman Church and this group of people lived out in the wilderness they had trained their children to memorize scripture they built their life around biblical principles and there they were mainly untouched by papal power for several years what was so mazing if they would soul clothing and they would spend several. Days putting certain kind of clothing together and within the clothing was stitched Scripture verses they would send their children their kids to the universities of their date you can read about it when you get back to your dormitory your room where you're staying and what so many things she says Ellen White says that. That they so changed the direction of the universities that they were attending that when the papal powers got hold of what was happening in these universities they could not trace it to its source. These young people who love the Scripture who love people and above all things love Jesus changed the current flow of society at that time in the universities so I really believe God can do powerful things to you in men and men tonight we're going to be talking about something very special we're going to be taking a good look at a very interesting individual in the Bible and this individual is kind of a contradiction in terms because he is somebody who is very encouraging someone who is very courageous someone who's faithful to go on and on the other hand he's someone who's very discourage very cowardly and sometimes questioning whether or not God can work in his life this man's name is Alija and we're going to be learning about this special individual tonight but before we do I want to ask you a question does anybody know who this person is raised and if you know who this person is I mean I will be impressed if you know who this person is his name is then hold Messner. Now this may not seem like anything impressive to you but the reason. This guy's impressive it's because he has climbed several mountains all over the entire world OK let me go a step further what makes him so amazing he was the first person to climb Mount Everest with Ox it without oxygen tanks. He climbed Mount Everest without oxygen tanks do you know the top part of Mt Everest you know it's called it's called the Death Zone Do you know why they call the death zone. Yeah it's pretty obvious because people die up there right the oxygen very thin storms can come on really quickly in people just have a certain amount of time to get to the very top once the enter into the death zone in fact did you know still the top of Mount Everest is over about two hundred bodies still up there there's no way to get them down so what is so interesting about this individual is that he actually went on Expedition the one nine hundred eighty S. And when he went up there there was a few people who actually died in the expedition he came back down from this expedition and there were people who were you know trying to take pictures of him there are people trying to interview him and somebody says to him they said didn't you know death was waiting for you at the top of the mountain people have died on top of this mountain didn't you think you were going to die up there and he responded these famous words I didn't go up there to die I went up there to live. In tonight's message we're going to be taking a good look at the mountaintop experience of a man by the name of Eliza He was somebody who was so discouraging in his life he even thought he was going to die but God had another purpose in mind for him out the mountain top do you know in Scripture God has two primary purpose is to bring in people to the mountaintop here they are number one to encourage us and number two to show us what the next few steps need to be I want to say that one more time to encourage us and number two to show us. What the next few steps need to be everybody take your Bible we're going to first Kings Chapter nineteen we're going to be taking a look at just Mel in top experience and we're going to understand some powerful things from that passage First Kings Chapter nineteen First Kings Chapter nineteen. Verse Kings Chapter nineteen they're going to say Man First Kings Chapter nineteen. You know so if you're seeing it every time I speak before students or speak at a graduation. Or a collegiate retreat I always like to say this there are two things you need to know for the rest of your life like these are the two things you can never forget for the rest of your life this is probably the best advice I could ever ever give you here it is number one here's the first thing you need to know for the rest of life there is a gone Amen and number two you are not him. Right there are two things if you understand these two things for the rest of your life you're going to be good there is a gone and number two you are not him it like just going to come to understand this very experience everybody let's go to First Kings Chapter nineteen and from the very first very first few verses we're going to understand a little bit of the context and why he was on the mountain top let's start with verse one and a have he was an evil king but he was also going back and forth right and he had told Jess a bell all that it had done Also how do you executed all the profits with the sword then Jessa Bell sent a message here to a lie just saying so that the gods do to me and more also if I do not make your life and the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time and when he saw that now I want you to pay attention is key words right here Heroes and ran for his. Life. You know what's so interesting about this whole passage it starts off with the lie just discouraged defeated he just had a major victory and now he is told to morrow you are going to die and you're not just going to die you're going to die in a very gruesome way. Now like you ran for his life Here's number one focus wasn't Israel any more his number one focus was it ministry he was like I gotta get out of here and now he was running terrified you know it's so interesting when you study out the Bible many books in Scripture start off with defeat don't they or tragedy read the story of Ruth starts tragedy with the story of existence starts with tragedy the the Hebrew babies being thrown into the river read you know the different books and you'll discover that tragedy seems to be the starting point but what's so amazing is tragedy transitions to triumph with the power of God right it is running he is discouraged he is defeated by the circumstances have you ever felt that way before you ever felt defeated you know I really believe that there are many people in God's church who feel defeated. You know we've gotten so used to being defeated it's like we're just OK with it now. But you know gone have never called this to defeat he has called us to victory Amen and we're going to see what happens in this situation with this man Alija somebody who was troubled by what was happening who was discourage Let's continue reading. But he himself when a day's journey into the wilderness burst forth and came and sat under a broom tree and he prayed that he might die and said it is enough now Lord take my life for I'm no better than my father what did I lied you pray for. Now. Let me ask your question Did God answer his prayers no not right. Where is Alija now. He's in heaven right now OK what do you think of number one prays is in heaven. Thank you Jesus for not answering my prayer right. He's in heaven right now because God did not answer he is prayer right this man's in heaven right now he never solved death nor will death ever come upon this individual he was so discouraged and he was praying ward there is no purpose to my life I am alone in this circumstance I'm by myself let me die. And this is where the story starts turning into a very amazing experience verse five then he laid and slept under a broom tree and suddenly an angel what touched him and said to him Arise and eat he looked in there by his head was a cake baked on coals and a jar of water so he ate and drank and lay again in the angel of the Lord came back the second time and touched him and said Arise a need because the journey is too great for you so here rolls and ate and drink who shows up to go visit Alija in his discouragement. In angel shows up what does this angel do for Alija we're going somewhere with this eve does what what's the first thing he does. Touches him you know a lie Genest the scourge Mint needed a sort of a a multifaceted ministry. The angel touches him. The angel feeds him. The angel spends time with them and then the angel wakes him up again and says you need to eat some more do you know in scripture it's so powerful because angels touch people the. Right do you know who was Touched By An Angel Daniel was touched by an injured you know when Daniel was Touched By An Angel when he was weak and had no strength. He was touched by an angel right you know so powerful do you know Angel showed up twice in Christ's life now they're with Christ as entire life but they showed up twice they manifested themselves twice twice in Christ life do you know the true times they showed up at the end of the forty days of temptation What was the other time. In the garden what do you notice about those two times what's so interesting about those two times. It was when Jesus was and his weakness. Was my point it seems that these angels love to manifest themselves. And we here at this hour we. Were discourage. When we're troubled. Angels love to encourage us and if you've ever felt discouraged and even felt defeated I want you to know something that God has not abandoned you in fact his angels press in close to minister to us because we needed a man enjoys our powerful we're told in the spirit of prophecy that ministers need to be preaching more about Angels do you know Daniel in the Book of Daniel when he first had a dream about never can as a stream he saw the transition of nations right and then a little bit later he has another vision and he starts seeing more of the detail of that vision and he realizes that there are individuals who be involved in the transition of those nations a little bit further down in the Book of Daniel do you know what he discovers angels were involved in the transition of those nations Daniel's mind begins to really expand as he begins to realize there is a spiritual world out there and it is very connected to our War world every day in all our activities in the daily intercourse of life. Angels all are present and they are in this room even now as we speak. In fact I had a really cool story I heard it from the guy that it actually happened to you and went to India. And in India there was this Christian school that was located near the heart of Hinduism Hinduism is you know I grew up in Hindu there's over three hundred million gods in Hinduism in fact Hindu theologians have a hard time trying to lock down fundamentals because it's all relative in different parts of India but the second you can point one of the first or second most holiest places of India was in this place called the Rishikesh there happened to be an Adventist school right there and over a thousand Hindus and Muslims were at this school and when I went there the the president of Indonesia I mean that's college begin to give me various stories about what happened when he first showed up he said when he got to that school there was a lot of problems a lot of demon possession was happening in fact there happened there one time when I was there maybe Syria share that story later on talked about one time how his own Dean came running towards him and said look I just looked into the chapel and I saw something so crazy I saw things in there that should not be in there you know I don't want to go into details he was I mean there were bad things happening at this school and then what happened with just sort of just man it got worse is that the villagers were so upset and they blame the the college and ministers for trying to proselytize or convert these Hindu and Muslim students. And this president realizing the problem he told the students we need to pray and we're not just going to pray we're going to have a twenty four hour prayer vigil and so they set up a twenty four hour prayer vigil he told the students he said we're going to be praying for twenty four hour straight and you know who signed up most of the slots Hindus and Muslims you don't know what to do like I don't give them. Talking to Krishna overnight so this is what he said he prayed about in God impressed him that if they pray in Jesus' name he will hear him. And so he told these Hindu and Muslim students he said look we want you to be part of this prayer vigil but we're praying to Jesus and so if you pray in Jesus' name you can be part of this prayer vigil and they said OK we will pray in Jesus' name so they began to join this prayer vigil they prayed for twenty four hour straight such a powerful thing now you think OK well with that the miracle no the miracle came a few days later. Some villagers showed up at night with firebrands and tortured Indian people we love to burn things now and so. They showed up ready to burn their school down they said you are proselytizing our children you are trying to convert them and they were ready just a torch the entire place the president came out brought some of the students out they all testified no no no we're not being forced to do this and the villagers after a few hours of negotiation just left a problem seemed to be solved the next day one of the teachers went out of the school went to town he ran into one of the villagers and the villagers said you work at that school. And you can imagine the fright in this teacher is just expression oh my goodness. And the teacher said yes I do the villagers said Kmita want to talk to you so it comes in. And he says this you know last night when we showed up to burn down your school we were going to do it. But we left it and as we left we told each other come back in the middle of the night from behind the school where it's open to the forest coming through there will burn down the school and the teachers like. And then the villagers said but something happened. You see when we came around the back in the middle of the night. He said these words he said there were these men and that's just another word Indian word for strong and powerful and he said this talk about men he said they're all about six feet tall and he said they all say they were just seven feet from each other they were dressed in military uniforms and they completely surrounded the back of the school and he said they were just like in order all of them just like this and he said they were just he kept his word pocket very very big and he said they were just just regimented right one after another all across the back of the school. And then the man said. Where did you get those guys and the teacher realizing what was happening said That's our army. And. We can call them any time. God's deliverance as my ID Amen God's the liver and is powerful and you may not know it but angles have been part of your experience you see it live Jenn needed some angelic ministering and God gave it to him friends when you ever feel discouraged or you feel defeated or you feel alone pray and ask for and Jellicoe help and gotten will send heaven to help you a man now let's continue with this story we're going to see something very interesting let's continue reading. Let's go to verse nine. So he went into a cave and spent the night in that place and behold the word of the Lord came to him and said to him What are you doing here is a lie Jonah. What are you doing here Alijah So he said I have been very the Ellis for the LORD of hosts for the children of his you have forsaken your covenant torn down your altars killed your prophets with the sword on I alone. And left and they seek to take my life do you know what the complaint of Alija was here the complaint of a larger was this I am outmatched I am outnumbered I'm outgunned here I am by myself in this experience gone do you have called me to minister but I am by my self you ever felt like that. You ever feel like you're just alone in a foreign environment and you're wondering to yourself how in the world am I to my Christianity going to survive in a place like that it's you see Alija felt that way he was discouraged and his discouragement begin to adjust his frame regard his frame of reference regarding God You see he believed that even God himself. Had left him during his experience discouraged defeated downtrodden this the side was going through the darkest period in his life. But you see gone had brought him to the mountaintop to do two things number one to encourage him and number two. To shown the next few steps and let's see how God deals with this downtrodden disciple. Continue reading. Verse eleven then he said Go out stand on the mountain before the Lord and behold the Lord passed by in a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks into pieces before the Lord but the Lord was not in the wind and after the wind an earthquake but the Lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake a fire but the Lord was not in the fire and after the fire. A still small boy. Do you know what God does with a lie Joe You see God already had the answer for a lie just he also had the next few steps prepared for a lie just God was actually planning out the future. In a street the next step for this confused person but before Alija could be ready to hear the answer Gawd had to first steal his heart. Friends I want you to know something. And that is this God already has the answer to all the problems of your life all the questions that you may have on your heart God already has the answer in fact I believe he's already ready he's preparing the answer. But we're not ready for the answer. You see Alija needed a moment where he needed to be still before God and so God gave a great display in nature you know what's so amazing about nature I grew up in Southern California one of the biggest animals in Southern California. To all of us. And pigeons so the biggest animals that's what we have in Orange County right but when I went up to college up in Northern California it was like I was just like oh my goodness in the boonies here totally out of just was a country my friend said hey let's go camping and apparently he wanted to go camping every single weekend and it was at that time that I began to be really exposed to the country right that's my beard begin to grow out of my hair and it was like I was just like I love the country you know it's second it's got second book to minister to us Do you know when you read the story of Jonah do you know the very first chapter of Jonah Gaunts talking to Jonah do you know what Jonah says to God. Nothing he's not even talking to God So you know what God does next because he's not talking communicating with him he sends a whale and he sends a storm then Alija talks to them to Jonah talks to God Do you know in the very last chapter when God speaks to Jonah about saving the people of Nineveh you know Jonah doesn't answer God he. He's upset and so you know what God sends to Jonah. He sends them a tree a worm and a sun right. And Jonah gets it so often time. When when we're not in that frame of mind that just that place we're ready to hear God's voice God will use nature and the circumstances of nature to communicate to us you know the Book of Job. Do you know the Biddle part of the Book of Job is confusing would be honest with you let's just be honest you want to whine because it's human attempts to solve the problem of evil. That's what it is. The reason why it's confusing is because it doesn't make sense the answers that its friends are giving they're seeking to blame God blame the circumstances or blame job and you do what God does when he shows up to job he asked Job a series of question he says job were you there when I created this world job were you there when the star system for form job where you were there when I created this and this and this and essentially what he's trying to say to job is this job if you can understand the things of nature you can understand the things have gone right now. And gone to use nature to communicate a lesson to in life to to Joel. And what Joel all to meet Lee needed was not so much an answer to the problems that he was facing but rather it was an audience you know even Job said in his book old that there were my words were written down. You know wrote the book of Job. It wasn't job it was Moses do you know what's going to happen when Joel gets to heaven. He's good to me and so when bears right like a lie join the club why do we say that thing I could think about it words you regret right that close right I mean think about it he's going to get to heaven he's going to meet a group of people in the going to be like we're just so inspired by your story he's going to. I love the book. Good job months. And one day I was going to take job assignment Joe. What you went through. Help so many people with their son. You know I mean realize that job that your life had an impact that went far beyond your temple existence friends I want you to understand something. Life is confusing no question about this but the work that God is doing in your life is something that exceeds far beyond just the eighty to ninety years of existence. Right. You see Olajuwon needed an experience with God where he needed to steal his heart and do you know what God did God didn't speak through the fire through the wind through the Great God lowered his tone. And said Joe excuse me said Alijah. In fact I wanted to something so amazing she said some powerful words right here all who under the training of gone need the quiet hour for communion with their own hearts with nature and with God three things. With your own heart with nature and with God. And God will use these three components to minister to. Continue we must individually hear him speak into the heart when every other voice is hushed and in quietness we wait before him the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God. He bids us be still. And know that I am God this is the affectional preparation for all labor for God. You want to be a powerful witness at your college campus. Then you need to take a moment to be. Real quick can you give me an action word of the great commission give me one action word. Oh anybody else. To Age baptize to. Make good I expect all those answers but you know when you read the Gospel commission God in Luke it says this Terry in Jews. Then go on to them. It's the part of the Gospel commission we sort of sidestep which is. Right. That's an action word two. Way. And I went on when it says right here she says this is the effectual preparation for all labor for God. In fact friends you know what's so amazing about the Sabbath experience it blesses us and charges up for the rest of the week Do you know when God rested on the Sabbath creation did not collapse did you know that. Your world is not going to fall apart when you rest on the Sabbath Amen. Your existence isn't going to evaporate the world will still be upheld. But you see the very fact that the infinite God of the universe rested and the world did not fall apart. Is a lesson for us we need to rest let's continue with this and bits the hurrying throng in the strain of life's intense activities he who is thoughts Refresh will be surrounded with an atmosphere of light and peace he will receive a new endowment of both physical. And. Mental strength his life will breathe out of fragrance and reveal a divine power that will reach man's heart this you see friends God wants to do the work for you. He wants to do the work in you and through you but he is calling you to take time apart and those moments that you feel like Lord there is no time for me to commune with God That is absolutely the most essential time. That you need to commune with God but you need to spend with God and the one anchor that has kept me in the faith whereas many of my friends who were theology students and pastors and other individuals who are very influential in my own life including my Sabbath school teacher none of them are in the church anymore. But the one thing that has truly can't me amidst life's discouraging moments and defeats is that communion time with God. It asked to be the number one most essential thing in your life for the where you are just like Lord I need to spend time with you. You know how much time to spend with gone my friend gave me a good analogy one time he said one day I was praying about it I was like Lord I'm homage time I should spend with you should I read a chapter to chapter should read through chapters this or that and he said I was praying about it and I thought impressed to go outside because in the morning he said he walked outside. And. He looking around didn't see anything the sun was coming up and my son there as you know he lives in Countdown those cals over there. With about to go back and when he also he looks to the left. And there's a flower. You know something about that flower. You see the night before the flower was close. But when the sun was going up the flower opened up. And once the flower opened up. It immediately began to track the sun wherever. And he said I realized that I needed to spend time with God until I reached that place where all this. Opened up and tracking God. And that time can vary but you know. You'll Know I'm tracking. His life will breathe out a fragrance and we're below a divine power that we each. And. That will reach men so. Let's continue with this story we're almost done. Now wants to see how the story ends. Verse thirteen I was speaking to the still small voice. And so it was. When Alija. Heard it. You can now hear God whispering. Hear God whispering. And when he had heard it that he wrapped his face in his mantle when out and stood at the entrance of the cave Suddenly a voice came to him and said to him. So what are you doing here. That conversation response at lie just repeats. I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts because the children of Israel have forsaken your covenant torn down your altars killed your prophets with the sword on alone and left in the sea to stake my life. Then the Lord said to. Go return on your way to the wilderness of Damascus and when you arrive anoint as the king of Syria and you shall anoint Jay who is the son of Nim she is king over Israel and Alijah ly sure the son of ship fad of Abel Milla who usually anoint as a prophet in your place and it shall be whoever it skips a sort of has the L J Who will kill and whoever it skips a sort of J. who Ilyse sure will kill yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel all whose needs have not bowed to bail and every mouth that has not kissed him and what God revealed to a lie just was not just just this experience of encouragement but now you was telling him and here is the next few steps I've laid out for you a structure the first rupture is this you're going to have an influence on a pagan King you're going to. Have an influence upon a political leader in Israel and you are going to one knowing your successor. And what happen if a structure was laid out to a lie just an absolute lie you would carry out this structure. That the next few steps the next phase of Israel would take place you see friends God wants to give you the next few steps but I think there is something here that's just important for us to take note of and that is this. Illogical realize a few things and that is this the work was not dependent upon him. It was not depended upon him in fact God had already been preparing people to work with this whole experience and revival in the land of Israel friends I want you to understand something you may feel alone your ministry but guess what God is already preparing people he is already preparing people he has them already and I really believe even during this weekend God will show you who those people are and he wants to set up the next phase. You know it's so amazing I teach this to a lot of my young adults and that is this Every person to survive in their Christian experience needs three things. They need a Paul. A mentor. You need a Barnabas a partner a ministry they need a Timothy someone they can disciple. Every person needs that and in your experience in your ministry in your just your college life when you set up that structure around even a fine man I. AM Being minister to you and I can minister to others Paul Barnabas and the team and. You see friends in lie just begin to understand what the next few steps of his life were even. Understand. The next phase of Israel. Has been preparing the next of your ministry. People. But he wants you. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service later Visit W W W audio verse or.


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