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Adam was created alone--single. By studying the opening chapters of Genesis, we discover practical lessons for what to do while single and what to look for in a spouse.


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference


  • May 27, 2017
    10:00 AM
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You know when you open up the Book of Genesis you're introduced to something quite amazing Genesis Chapter one Verse one notice what the Bible says and I really believe by the way most people who open up the scripture This is the verse that they're coming across the very first verse they're coming across OK well what is it let's see what the Bible says right here in the beginning gone created the what. What is the very first thing you're introduced to when you open up the Bible. Creation what else. God. By the way is it seeking to prove God's existence here. Is there some kind of argument or apologetic this is this is why God exists. In the Bible is serve an argument for God's existence. Why. It's supposed to be the most the plainest fact out there that gone exist so in other words the Bible doesn't simply prove God's existence it just affirms what reality is in the beginning what call odd created the heavens and the earth now when you read Genesis chapter one you get a good survey of creation right you know when you read Genesis chapter one it's all ordinary ordinary near to right when you're reading it God did this god created this god create this until you get to something very strange in Genesis one go to verse Genesis chapter one go to verse twenty six. So we know we Genesis one God is creating this he's creating this he's creating this he's creating this and then all of a sudden the language becomes a little bit confusing notice what it says in verse twenty six so we all there this is what is this then God said Let Us make man in our own image according to our likeness and let them have to mean over the fish of the sea over the birds of the over cattle of all over the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth verse twenty seven is so key so gone created man in his own. Image in the image of God He created him male and female he created them what is so strange about that verse Now before you give me interpretation I want you to think about the English language. What is so strange. About this verse. If you were an English teacher and reading Genesis chapter one you come across verse twenty seven why would it suddenly just like wait. What is so strange about verse twenty seven yes. Let me read it again so it says this verse twenty seven So God created man his own image in the image of God He created them male and female he created them does that sound like ordinary narrative English it does not the rest of Genesis one is ordinary near to being wished but when you get to verse twenty seven it's like really read and here's the reason why here's something that Hebrew writers know that Moses knew that people who would in the English translation do not know and that is this that verse twenty seven is actually Hebrew poetry it's something called paradigmatic parallelism in other words when Moses was writing out verse twenty seven God impressed him at that more moment to write in very poetic language the rest of the creation of the world this written in ordinary language you know very interesting it's so powerful you would think why in the world would gone describe the creation of man in very emotional language. So male and female he created them in the image of God He created them male and female he created them. And here's the reason why. Although the creation of the world and all the contents of this world were quite amazing your creation. Was something that touched the heart of God. You know one day I had a friend one day who went to a guitar shop he went to a guitar shop and he was trying to buy a guitar and he sees this beautiful guitar and. Law and he tells the owners like how much is a guitar and the owner's like it's not for sale so he then tells the owner come on give me a price tag the owner says it's not for sale my friend as stubborn as I am said hey look good just name a price what is that thing worth Finally the owner says I'm going to tell your story and he says this you see there was this big old tree in my backyard and I swing on this tree he said my father when he was young you sustain the same tree my grandfather he was on that same tree he would swing back and forth there's a lot of memories associated with that tree and instead one day lightning struck that tree. And it just destroyed the trees that I took the wood from that tree and he said I put in my garage my shop and I begin to make this beautiful guitar and he says answered begin to make this guitar he says tears begin to come down my eyes as I thought about all. The memories. And all the things. That were connected. To this. I want you to understand something you don't come from some primate all soup that's been struck by lightning you are not some crystal your genes not found some crystal striking this world or some alien that seeded this planet you come from the hand of our Maker a man you come from the hand of our Maker and NAT is a powerful thing let's continue with this we need to understand little bit more we were created by love We're going to understand something once we were created for love to go to Genesis chapter two Genesis Chapter two The Bible talks about the creation of man it's quite a beautiful thing. The Scriptures tell us something powerful Let's start with verse seven let's see what the Bible says right here Genesis two starting with verse seven and the Lord gone for man out of the word. Dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the work. Was. It was the very first breath that mankind took. The first air that went through Adam's longsword though. It was the breath of God. Such a powerful thing when you begin to understand let's continue with this. And man became a living being verse eight then the Lord God planned the garden East when Eden and there he put. The man who he had formed and out of the ground the Lord God made every tree that is that to grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food the tree of life was also in the midst of the garden the Tree of Knowledge of good evil Now the Bible talks about a little bit of the description of Eden now go to verse fifteen then the Lord God took man put him in the Garden of Eden to tend it and to what keep it now want to understand something when man was created where was he placed right after his creation. He was placed in a garden What was his work in the garden. To do what. Let's read the scripture. Verse fifteen. The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work. Ten day and was let me ask your question was Eve created yet. Wait a minute what was Adam doing during this time prior to Eve's creation. You was learning life's responsibilities. In other words in Adam's single college life I mean come on he was incredible oh boy. He was probably young adult right maybe he looked like me I don't know I don't know I don't know. Of making that up but you know like a The point I'm trying to make is this though that like he was created as us. Well being and he lived a life prior to the time of Eve as a single person and during his single life he was learning life's response of villainy Now what kind of responsibilities did he have in a single life prior to the creation of Eve. By the way that word Keep In Hebrew it's the same word that you use in Proverbs keep your heart. Is there in other words that sometimes use it's the same word that means guard now let me ask your question was really freaky looking trying to force Rex trying to eat Adam at that time. So who was he. Who was he guarding the garden from. In other words Adam was there was an intimation that there was a threat to the garden you need to guard this garden let me ask you a question what did the garden represent to Adam. Home of those. Gifts from God who touched down in the garden. God would touch down to the garden right and God would walk in the garden with Adam so what did the garden represent to Adam. You represented his saying she where it represented his relationship the place where God would commune with him so when Adam was told to tend the garden and to keep it what was he ultimately spose to be guarding. His relationship with who in fact what was put in the inside of the garden. The tree of what life in the tree of was. By the way when you read in the Book of Revelation about the tree which tree is there and which tree is not there in the Book of Revelation. The tree of life is present in the Book of Revelation but not the work. Why is that. Yeah there's no more need for that task the right so the only tree that's there is the tree of was the Tree of Life Eternal Life OK Very good we got some of this stuff down let me ask you another question what was another were sponsibility to Adam had in his single life. Naming the animals that's very interesting right he was given work was Eve created yet. She wasn't created yet right so what was Adam learning in a single life. Learn responsibilities right by the way I had I used to be a youth pastor right and I had I had some youth kids in my youth group who were really spoiled and I was like it is my job as a youth pastor to you help them on learn this and so what I did help trying to teach them lessons about life and I never forgot my I was driving with my friend when my youth kids and my car just the tire went out and I turned to Miles like oh. The tire went flat What are we going to do and he's like I don't know call a tow truck and I'm like no we need to change it and I said this is what I want you to do here are the keys open up the trunk pull out the tire pull up the Jack and I want you to change the tire He's like I've never done that and I said well you're going to do it today. And so he takes her number I stayed in the car and I was like cracking up the whole time. I'm hearing you make these noises he's like oh God And he's like trying to pull the tire he gets the tire he can't lift it he's rolling the tire over and. And also I mean I'm hearing something underneath the car and I'm like oh my goodness he better have the jack on the right spot otherwise he's going to be destroying like the exhaust or whatever and I'm I'm just waiting a few minutes and I'm hearing noises and all. The sudden that the car starts going up on its side I'm like OK seems like it's working now. And then all of a sudden I start hearing Al Oh ouch. Now. I've heard it coming that's why I open up the car and and I'm just there I'm like why are you making a noise and he's like I'm being bit by red ants right now. And the whole thing I was just it was a great time. In fact one day we had a huge group meeting and the light bulb in the porch went out and I said to him like What are we going to do he's like call a mechanic. I said this is what I want you do go get a chair pull it out or ladder Here's a light bulb change light bulb. You are going to get into that story but all I could say is that. We have to learn life's responsibilities Amen in fact and why it says something so powerful here that I think is really amazing So today while the humble worker for God is following his employment angels of God stand by his side listening to his words noting the manner in which his work is done notice to see if larger our responsibilities may be intrusted to his hands by the way. The guy in the talent parable the guy that I made had one talent how many talents did he make at the end of the parable. Like negative ten because he was drawn into the outer darkness right the guy that had two talents how many more talents did he make in the end. Two more the guy that had five talents how many more town city making the N wrong he made six. You see he was given more. Because he was faithful in that which was least you see. You don't need to go somewhere else to be a missionary where you are and and what you are doing as part of your education your church your your local church and your local ministry be faithful in those things and God will bless you this the number one factor I have seen which makes ministry successful and unsuccessful is this factor consistency. If you are consistent God will bless you it will build even if no one shows up for at least five or six outfits or whatever you know you have it be consistent because in time God will bless you amen I had a young little group and a couple of people were like We need to start a ministry we'll do a Friday night Bible study we had a friend at Bible study only two people showed up my two friends who helped me were like sure we quit like no we need to keep going the next time we did it next Friday night we had the exact same meeting one person showed up because he had the one couldn't come and I was like maybe it's time for us to quit but God says No he'd gone third Sabbath. We had two new people show up within one year there was forty people showing up every Friday night to my house let me tell you about my house I live I lived in a shack at that time it's like the size of that hallway right there forty young adults came we just had this you know inform me we had small group Bible study and a small group because bump and you just grew and it became powerful because we were consistent be consistent through the dark times and through the good times and God will bless Amen Now let's get to the part we're going to get to is what happened next in Adam single life. Genesis Chapter two Genesis chapter two one let's go to verse eighteen. Notice what the Bible says right here and the Lord God. Said It is not what good that man should be what alone God repeated this right here never alone or right God says is not good for man to be alone notice what happens next I will make a whoa helper comparable to him out of the ground the Lord God formed every piece of the field every bird of the year and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name so on and gave names to all the cattle to the birds of the year to every beast of the year field to notice if but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him the word found is that past future present tense. It's past you're right there was not found a helper comparable to him right in that context his past tense of what was Adam doing. He was looking and in the process of looking Did he succeed. Where was he looking. Among the whole US. You know what to say I know. But. The oh my goodness. But the point is this is that Adam was looking in the wrong place right he in what did God tell him specifically I will make a what. Helper come parable to do. To Him In other words somebody like him you know what's interesting about that word helper. It can when you read in the English translation it just sounds like a butler doesn't it sounds like oh yeah he made a sometimes he helped me write but today's modern English that sometimes that word is it doesn't and the best connotations or perhaps it applies to something else a helper servant right but did you know. In the Old Testament this word appear sixteen times. Do you know about ten times this word appears as God's power. Now Full deliverance you know the other times it appears military intervention. So when God said He will make a helper for Adam. You know. Oh I'm simply saying is we imagine like a butler and like a servant you know but what he was making for Adam was eight palmar full help me to help him with the things that God had given to him or you him or you trying to give me. This was not to be somebody who was to be eclipsed by Adam round of these two would grow together and fulfill the greater plans and purposes that bought a house for them right now here's the thing I want to understand now especially those that are secular campuses as Seventh Day Adventist young person this is a real big problem in our church. Is that you will come to two conclusions one of two conclusions now is this number one. That it's you're just not finding anybody in the church. Or the second conclusion is you will just be like I've been hurt by somebody in the church. Which will then may lead you to the third option which is. All go outside the church. But I want to share something with you that's found in the book Adventist home and my experience as a pastor just observing this said these words right here if you want to home where the shadows are never lifted. Mary an enemy of God. As a pastor you want to know one of the most difficult things to observe in churches where. Wives come into the church worshipping God and wishing their husbands are right next to their. Husbands coming in. Wishing their wives were next to them. What you don't understand something. Marriage isn't just about the temporal. It's about the rest of your life into eternity. And this decision you make has to be an important one do you know the very last words of a program by the way you know a problem was in Scripture is considered the father of faith right you would think OK whatever this guy says has to be important do you know what the very last words of the father of faith are in Scripture. The kind of woman Isaac should marry that's the last recorded words we have of a pram. And I just think about that. I mean that's a huge thing and I think sometimes that's really neglected So what can we understand I'm not here to give you a relationship seminar but I'm here to share just a few things which are just I think are very crucial that is this. If you're looking for the right kind of person. Figure right hand right now. Looking for the right kind say the right kind of the right person said the right kind of person and if this are right remember the sacrament of religion I intelligence G. goals H. holiness. Teachers our religion what does that mean you want to marry someone. Who is of the same faith as you are and I don't mean they're just oh yeah I'm a Christian you want to marry someone who observes the Scriptures and are stands and believes the scriptures the same way you do you hear this a million times a let me tell you something make this just a stand your life you like look I am I'm not going to violate this I am not going to violate this I don't want to be unequally yoked in fact when I went to India I actually saw all this happen like you saw this happen you know I saw it happen. There was this guy that was just he was driving this piece like it was a cow and a water buffalo you get a water buffalo it's. And he had them on the same yoke I'm like oh my goodness I'm seeing Scripture right now and you know what happened the cow stopped moving. And kept whipping the count he kept whipping the count account sort of veering off and the buffalo was trying to go forward but the cow kept going off to the left and just kept whipping the cow whipping the cow he was there for five minutes we were stuck in traffic and I witnessed the whole thing and it was like this guy could not force these two animals to go in the same direction but it's really important. If you're a Seventh Day Adventist and you want to be a man we are Seventh Day Adventists if you think those standards are strict if you actually go to the Catholic Church or you go to the Methodist Church you will find they have very same similar standards for their they don't say you have the mayors have them they'll say you have the merriment this or you're the mayor Catholic there's many of these things that are stated in the aired their books on doctrine teaching but overall actively speaking you want to marry somebody who would join with you in the worship of God. And amen. I intelligence why would intelligence be important. Like what's wrong with me mang a dumb person nothing nothing is wrong with you marrying a dumb person you will find out why you go. What do I mean by it what do you think I mean by that. Yeah that's really true right you want to you want somebody coming they have to be the exam exact educational qualification you're not a P.H.D. you know what I mean is. Intelligence is connected to communication isn't it. Right. You know you can only communicate for a certain period of time in those feelings of love the last a year. Before like you're just like Who did I marry. So that's very important right gee goals now why is it that goal should be important in the person you with the person you marry. They're heading in the right direction you are right like in fact one of my good friends here she divorced. His wife. And it was a really bad situation he actually wanted to be a missionary she didn't want to be a mission or was it that big of a deal to them they didn't establish this prior and when they got married these days they talked about it and she didn't want to do it you want to do it and it just it just became really bad obviously there are other issues there but the point is if you're just like look. I WANT I WANT TO THIS is what I'm plan to do and that person is like no this is what I want to do you need to deal with those things in fact think about this you know when you open a farmer and he opens up like the water the big faucet that just releases water everywhere there's something he has to do before he releases the water he has to dig ditches because if you just releases the water the water will spread out and be very ineffective right were supposed to go but if he digs deep ditches when he opens up that water that water will go exactly were needs to go so you need to build ditches because when love is released. You want to make sure it's going in the right places OK good we talked about religion intelligence coal holding this wait a minute didn't you say they had to be a Seventh Day Adventists. There's a big difference isn't there. What do you think I mean by Holiness the out a have a holiness in their life in fact I had a friend when they know. Africa is our brand our and you know our Browner is past our brand our you know our brand or he shares a story with students he's like look here's the thing he said I knew this was the woman I was to marry you know how he said I followed her to Sabbath school one day and I was seen her. Is like no no another through a half and he said you know I had noticed and we talked but I was just like really praying Lord I hadn't. This direction he said Ice Fall heard a Sabbath school and I sat right behind it I might sound like a stalker Brooke is like a man knows what happened he said. I. Looked over her shoulder. And he said I saw her Sabbath school quarterly. And I knew praise the Lord. Like what and this is what he said he said look everything was marked up in the Sabbath school quarter he said there was like different color fluorescent markers that were being used he said there were some footnotes there was just everything he said this thing had been used in study up and he's like This is a woman of God. You're married right but it's important and I like one brother was saying right there someone who has a relationship with God You know we should tell the youth and we did stuff like this talk about this we say asked somebody they've ever wrestled with God or sacrificed a thing to God but now they have it. Anyone who's a follower of Jesus understands that same to cation is important part of the Christian walks the Christians journey right we all have to wrestle with things and someone who's never really never really wrestled the garden really sacrificed anything to God. Maybe you need to do some reevaluation there and you know what the final letteris T. teachers Now why is teachers in point because it's very important to be able to have mentors in your life godly mentors that you could talk to about relationships friends if you can't talk to people older than you about your relationships something's wrong there. Should be red flags raised you know I have friends three of my friends one of my friends is like this. This is one of my friends every time I ask him to do something he never gives me an answer he's like he'll just affirm me he'll be like you know that's a good question and now I'm like give me an answer and he's like that's a good. QUESTION Right there too and then I have another friend when I talk to online Hey man what do we do should we do it he's like let's do it I'm like let's climb Mt Everest let's do it let's go camp out you know there let's do it let's pretend we're homeless meant people underneath the bridge one day let's do it he's that kind of person like anytime I want to do something daring I call him up because I know I get the same answer. But I have a mentor that when I talk to you about things like this she is very honest with me brutally honest and I appreciate that in fact one day going to bare my soul here a little bit I was interested in this person and I was just like hey I was like Hey can I talk to you about this she's like yeah let's talk and then she's like. Give me her My Space to My Space. There's like a long time ago you know a long time ago right she's like give me her My Space account I was like OK here it is and she's like she calls me back in ten minutes she's like another me tell you something this girl wants to get married she wants to model I'm like What are you talking about she's like trust me I'm a female I know these things I'm like come on she's like you want to get married tomorrow you know she like this go on to get married tomorrow I mean there is no way you could tell me that. Anyways it didn't work out between this person and within three months later she was engaged to somebody else and within a month later she was married and of course that doesn't mean there's not a disqualifier you know but you want somebody in your life who can point out things it's important you need to find people of that you who are willing to be honest with you and very godly entend who really love you and you know you know they love you and say pray for you and they're willing to make time for you if you feel like you don't got a mentor in your life I really want challenge you to pray about it and you will discover God. Already has a mentor for you now let's get to one final part about this is Rick coming to you the last part of this we could spend more time on this. Right so let's go to the very last part. Let's go to the Book of Genesis chapter two let's remain there. And let's go to verse one like why are we going to verse one. Genesis one is a good survey of creation but Genesis two I think is God's favorite part of creation mankind and the time he spends with mankind OK let's see Genesis chapter two Look at verse one that's the heavens and the earth and all the host of them were finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done and he had rested on the the seventh day which from all his work which he had done then God bless the seventh day and sanctified it because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made let me ask your question when did God bless and saying defy the Sabbath. On the Sabbath God blessed and sanctified it. And he rested on the seventh day from all the work which he had done then God bless the same seventh day and sanctified it because in it he had rested past future present tense so when did God saying to find bless the Sabbath day. After he had kept it. You should be shot. What's my point my point is this Adam and Eve. Learned about the Sabbath first to experience rather than command. In other words the way that God witnessed and shared with them about the beautiful Sabbath experience is that he kept the Sabbath with them. At the very end he is like by the way. This day is bless. And sink the fire by God do you know the first full day that Adam and Eve spent together. Was the Sabbath. In other words the Sabbath all timidly at its core was about. Relationship our vertical relationship with God and our work horizontal relationship with others. I really believe. That those who teach preach keep the seventh day as part of the Ten Commandments because they love Jesus and they believe in grace that their witness of Sabbath keeping is such a powerful thing now I know that there are many things that happen in a school life that will contend and compete for that time but if you make a commitment to say Lord I want to keep holy the seventh day I want to be faithful to this gift you have given to us you will find the special blessings that will come to you. You will find blessings that God will pour upon you remember what I said yesterday when God rested on seventh day did creation collapse did the Earth evaporates right world waste away it did not write your world is not going to fall apart when you keep the Sabbath if God cannot hold the universe while resting on the seventh day of the week he is going to uphold your world as well and when you make a commitment saying Lord. I want to be faithful to your holy day you will discover a special experience you see God wants to bless you you know this morning we're going to be passing out some decision cards because I believe this is a time also to make a decision a decision for God and a decision to make a commitment to God you know we're coming down to the very end of time and there are things that are happening in our world that are shifting there of bringing God's people to the forefront. And God cause you to be a powerful witness and as you are faithful to God you will discover the other blessings that God will give to you you might have strong. Gold with keeping holy the seventy of the week you might have struggled with being faithful to God and other is your life but I believe gone is calling us to a renewed commitment to him or a new commitment to his ways the Bible tells us. About the beautiful thing that God has given to us the day of rest you know because there's one thing that God could not do the rest of the days of creation that he could do with Adam and Eve on the Sabbath and that was to spend this special time with them face to face. The Bible tells us in exit thirty three that God Himself was refresh to buy the keeping of the Sabbath and when you partake of this experience you will be blessed as well and make a decision make a commitment that you want to say Lord I want to follow you amen. Let's powerhead forward a prayer. And Father we just thank you thank you for just this tour through the book of Genesis and lower we talked about a few different things but God. We pray your word would not return void and we want to make a commitment to be faithful to the things you called just. Thank you God. For loving us calling us. Jesus. 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