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A New Thing-- On Campus

Ian Reyes


Ian Reyez shares how he came to unreservedly follow Christ and some of the ways God has been leading as he has been experimenting with different ways to reach out to and bless his university's campus.


  • May 24, 2017
    11:30 AM
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C.N.N. Reggie go who are joining us from the state of Texas they go to the University of Texas at Arlington and they actually came to A.C.F. or even came to A.C.F. Institute last year and he was inspired and he went back to his campus so we're going to hear a story of what he did when he went back you were really excited about that thinks he and. Father God. Roger are going to come to you and before our brothers and sisters and weakness. Lord we're asking you. To speak through us we don't want to be your word we don't want to be our words we wanted to be your words God and your words alone to in Jesus' name we invite you. Into this room you've already been here you've already been here you've already made yourself known stay here Lord teach us make us aware and present help us overcome the hunger and Lord help us take away from this what you would have us thank you so much Lord in Jesus name and men. So again my name is in array's I'm the. I'm a student and you see Arlington I'm also the president for A.C.F. U.T.A. and I'm Roderigo and I'm the. Second one. So. My journey with A.C.F. goes a lot along the lines of my journey of following Jesus so I grew up in the admin is home and essential ie. I grew up again I grew up in the Avenues home but I didn't fully come to know Jesus until my junior year of high school and a little bit of that there was my youth pastor who's twenty two years old fresh out of school and he for the first time in my life showed me that following Jesus wasn't just about following this check. This or the set of rules or this thing we did on Sabbath it was about an authentic and joyful life in Christ and that made me want to change and made me want to have what he had and it took a couple years of going about it by my own effort. But then finally before my junior year. I surrendered my life to him that was not the end of the journey as sometimes we can think of it in testimonies now it was the start of a journey because then he inspired me and gave me a desire for leadership in the segment things and along that line so this is. The last years of high school were really crazy but after I school I was expecting to go into something to a private university to a Christian university where I can you doing ministry and worship in these different things then I felt God very clearly. Lead me otherwise I felt them very clearly lead me to the University of Texas at Arlington a forty thousand students school fifty fifty of them this is yes math guy fifty thousand. Students school fifth most ever stood in the campus I was homeschooled and then I went to a private university your own school to show you perfect I'm not alone. But the point is as far as it was something way out of the ordinary but it was when I got this call that I really got a vision and a dream and really quick if you're planning on starting in a.c.f next year can you raise your hand. Man I was you last year so I know exactly how you're feeling you have a dream you have a vision and I really felt God inspired me with that in so we move forward in faith. But one thing that a mentor of mine told me is God often shows us the what the. For he shows us the how. Gostin shows us the what before he shows us the How so my hope freshman year it seemed that nothing was going right and I wasn't involved in a campus ministry I didn't know A.C.F. even existed and it was like what is going on where where is this in just to let you in on on my journey and it was the spring. Whenever I was invited to A.C.F. and it kind of was like OK now there's a bit of a how to this dream this dream that seemed WAY beyond me was the students coming to know Christ on my campus that's what I felt impressed with if I'm going to be honest with you. I finally felt like maybe there's a how and so the first part of that video that you saw it was me and my buddy he's our parliamentarian really he just does a little bit of everything. And we came and we had never been around A.C.F. or people from A.C.F. we just showed up and we drove to Houston it was in Texas I was really convenient. And sorry to those people who drove from Virginia where we can discuss mangrove. Together committed but no but we showed up. And once you know we got that training we got inspired we finally had an idea of what that vision of that broad vision of bringing others to Christ what are some logistical things that were going to come along with that and so once we came back or Driggers going to feel a little bit in the story of what happened in the summer because I want to serve us and I didn't surrender to go out on to my junior year in college and I have to. Thank you on his efforts on so I don't think I ever told him. And it's I remember seeing him come. That summer and he was extremely happy I never seemed like this guy is always happy and this time happier than usual and. He's been my friend so I want to. Sign what was going on once he explained it to me he wanted to help. Us. That summer it was kind of a long summer in my opinion because soon as we came back we had a two week fasts. And it was over a bunch of different things we had to pick things to fast on than how to actually do it and we had to read a book I kind of slacked off in the book and. But yeah that commute. Which is. I mean community. And. Other friends. It was it was a really amazing process and it helped a lot in my personal spiritual life. In so I read you go said it was a process of first prayer fasting we had no idea what we were doing we had limited involvement I mean I was just a freshman you know like you as far as presence on campus and we're just trying to figure it out and so it began with that process of prayer and fasting and God were willing to send us and we don't know we're going to do but then we started applying some of the things that we learned at a C.F.I. And with the mission in the vision in defined why why do we do the things we do and based up a book by Sunday Senate called Start with why and our why is no Jesus weather was us the reason we do everything we do. To get to know him better into a via others into that and so we differ there were other things and if you'd like to talk a little bit more about the details there are plenty of people and I'd be willing to just share the limited stuff that we did. But with this all the sudden the school year came the summer was not long enough to plan everything for a campus ministry and all the sudden it's August and we're unofficial We don't have anything with the university we're like we're going to go for it and so we decided to wing it and that's it was there like three of us we just showed up and it's the day before moving day so there's not really there's plenty of people moving in but there's not that help you know because a moving day you get the familiar there's a lot of people day before and outs of much so we just showed up and helped out got some connections. That kind of defined the school year especially that first semester we operated on an unofficial basis but we did the most with the resources that we had. We for example we did free intelligent conversation and first semester we did we did one location and we would just stand there and literally the first day we did free intelligent conversation the first person that we talked to was from the U.T.A. news and wanted to do an article about why we were doing this and are like do a news report and so they did a news report and then another time this short horn did an article about that we were just present we're just there to talk to people there's so many stories there but we're hungry they want to move on but. And. You're here OK Another thing was that. The small Another thing we did it was a small Bible study and it was just we emphasize guys at the beginning of the meeting we emphasize one of our mottos that we were reminded over and over again was be authentic. It was be authentic in that was one thing that we reminded ourselves over and over again no matter where you come from you can be real in this place is a safe place for you. And that was an evolving process far as Bible study goes. From there and but overall we got to meet some really awesome friends have really amazing conversations with moons with atheists I mean if some points would be eight to ten people in front of the library having a free intelligent conversation thank you have a Wherever you are he's a want to introduce it to us that was a huge resource huge resource. Point is more things happen but we did we gave God our small offering So in closing. I. Just want to take us back to that passage and Isaiah just to wrap it up. And if you look at verse ten. It says you are my witnesses declares the Lord my servants who my chosen back in the day that was Israel. That was God's representative to the nations today that is you and me and John Jesus says you know you did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you that you should go bear fruit in your future by guys we are His witnesses this passes applies to us now and. Again that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. That that's one point is that we are His witnesses on our campus. Last and closing verse eighteen and nineteen remember not the former things nor consider the things of hold Behold I am doing a new thing now its brings forth do you not perceive it I will make a way in the wilderness in rivers in the desert guys the old was amazing really the admin moved. In change the world. The old was incredible. But guys I truly believe with all that I have in me that there is a new thing coming that God wants to do a new thing Rivers in the desert our campuses our deserts of hopelessness and depression and loneliness and so many things that you are so aware of because you have friends. It's time that says I want to do a new thing in so I just encourage you. Circle that promise be home I will do a new thing I will make rivers in the. Way in the will to encourage you to claim that go in faith this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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