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Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • April 29, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Father we thank you so much for the opportunity to visit together with you the Almighty the God of heaven Creator of heaven earth the maker of all things both that breathe them both that are in Amman and throughout the earth and throughout the universe and Lord all things have come from your hands and Lord we are but dust before you yet you think upon us you have such wonderful and magnificent thoughts towards us you love us You have given everything that you could possibly pour out of your heart your mind your soul for our redemption and Lord how often Lord we don't think of these things but I pray today that our hearts would be bonded to yours by a perfect Love of Divine Love and I got a love that our hearts Lord would be bound to each other that we would know and sense your presence among us that you would speak to us that you would open up to us the things of eternity the things of truth the things of your word and I asked dear father that your presence be in this room but not in the room Lord only but in our hearts this morning maybe reflect upon godliness they reflect upon holiness maybe reflect upon the sacredness and the beauty of your character of the depths of your love and Lord your desire for us to become just like you and character may our hearts this morning find sweet peace and surrender to your will for our lives may be of recognize Lord today our calling that you have called us unto to be a godly and sacred people and so this morning Lord May our hearts be lifted on to heaven as we elevate your son Christ and as we honor your name may our worship the Lord be acceptable in your sight the smore ning. Because Christ is in our midst because his righteousness would do well upon our hearts and father today may you convict us of any sin that we might be experiencing today May we for a sake it and abandon it that we might have the purity and the spot like spotless character of our Savior Christ and glory and Lord to day we pray that the Holy Spirit would come upon us and would speak to us loudly and clearly and specifically or directly and Lord we put ourselves in your hand this hour this is the climax of your week the worship hour and which your people come together to meet with you so a Lord and He with us just now is our plea as our prayer as our expectation because you have promised it to us and we thank you we com In Jesus' name let all God's people say amen one invites you you can turn in your Bibles to the book of Luke the Gospel of Luke Chapter twelve it's the only Gospel I think that speaks of this parable but it's a very powerful parable and want to tell you a story as we begin this message if we begin the study this morning I won't tell you which verses yet because I don't want you to read will not listen so I'll tell you that in just a minute you'll be reading a say what's he going to say what's the I'm going to say this is it me Lord is it I you know is John asked the Peter asked the question it is that I will find out this morning but we baptize a young man last year one of those young adults I told you about his about little in his early thirty's and this guy just came walking off the streets of the Lord had just rants form his life he had learned about the Sabbath from another young lady in a couple towns over. Or that he had been speaking to and had become friends with and this young man has two sons he was a former veteran and his life many years ago was he was addicted to drugs and alcohol many many things but this guy's life has been utterly transformed and it blows me away just how dedicated he is to the Lord He spends hours each day doing Bible study he spends hours each day studying with his two sons and they're they're both actually preparing for baptism next month as well and he spends hours and he his whole life has been transforming God has has truly blessed him and we had the dental clinic a couple of months ago and he was there volunteering all day from beginning to end and he went around we had a little station set up and if you've heard of Bible study offer dot com But Michigan has launched this website and we're doing all kinds of advertising where people can go all over the state of Michigan to this website and sign up for free Bible studies and so we had our little booths in our banner set up for Bible so they offered dot com We were encouraging people to come and sign up for bible studies Well that wasn't good enough for him so he took some cards and he was going around to all the people waiting he was talking to them about doing Bible studies and how Bible study had changed his own life. And so in the in the course of a few hours he signed up about fourteen people for bible studies the same men and he himself had only been baptized a few months before so when he opened he started his own painting business and the Lord has really blessed him and his business is prospering and just a few days ago actually I think it was Friday I was sitting in the airport he called me and he said I wasn't sure what to do he says but God did something miraculous for me he said it and he said he says it's just a small thing he says but it's really changed. My life and my perspective on my business and how I should give my business to the glory of gone well before I tell you that he had hired another young man in our church that we had just baptized last year and he said that this guy this guy is a kind of a simple minded guy he's not he's doesn't have a lot of talents but he's very earnest very sincere young man and we love this guy because he loves the Lord and so he hired this young man to do painting with him and he says you know the first couple jobs he says I wasn't sure he was going to make it he says he he says that his talents weren't that great he wasn't the very best painter he said but every day we would pray and we would ask God to bless our work and help us to be efficient and help us to be a witness to the people that we're serving and he says you know within two weeks this guy's painting skills have gone through the roof. And he says an aide says I was worried about him he says but now it's that I just gave him a raise last week he said because he's doing so well and he says we're praising the Lord and he says So this lady this overly lady calls me and he says she wanted me to calm and paint her house or her kitchen and he says that she had heard that I was an These are the words they use she says she'd heard that I was an honest fair priced good worker and he says so I went to her house and I and I looked at her kitchen he says it was the worst kitchen I've ever seen he says it was horrible he says the whole house reached something terrible and he says I really didn't want to paint her kitchen I didn't want to do the job he says so I told her seven hundred dollars which was significantly higher than it was worth and he says she says well I can't really do that she says I'm on fixed incomes she says all I can do is one hundred dollars and he said one hundred Cutler Slike that's not even close to barely covering Mike. ROSS You know he says I would need at least like three or five hundred to even make anything and he says well it would cost seven hundred dollars and so he laughed and he says of the Lord rebuked him and said look all that I've done for you Are you not going to use the blessings I've given you to bless someone else I So he says I call her back he says and I told her I would do the kitchen for free and he says the woman was overwhelmed he says she couldn't believe it and then she said to him which shirts do you go to. And he told her and invited her to the church and so he was calling me to see if we had another volunteer and I said I think I think people in our church to be willing to go over there and help this lady out and so it was amazing to me that this man who was so new to Christ so new to the I've been a semester age has not only allow Christ to transform his life but he's allowing Christ to transform every aspect of his life. You see it's one thing to let Christ transform your heart it's another thing to let Christ take control of your choices your decisions your business your profession and every single thing that you do but when we do this what blessings Christ brings and the greatest blessings that Christ can bring to us in giving our businesses and our of our careers and everything to him is not simply the material blessings that benefit ourselves but it is bringing souls to the kingdom of God Amen it's bringing souls to the kingdom of God and so that impressed me and that really inspired this message it's a pretty new message I've only given even as a devotional so you'll pray for me this morning Luke Chapter twelve. And verse thirteen the administrate he is this. Morning Are you ready for this are you sure now is your chance to go if you don't want to all right in Luke Chapter twelve and verse thirteen we're going to start here in this is not really a story but it kind of leads into it verse thirteen then one from the crowd said to him Teacher Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with means but he said to him man who made me a judge or an arbitrator over you and he said to them take heed and be ware of what of covetousness Innes for one's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he wants possesses and you know the world that we live in is completely consumed with this aren't they people are so worried I know people that are so worried like like how am I going to store my boat for the winter. You know I have relatives I have a relative that's very close and I won't say directly who it is with this person. They're very close to me they're not a Christian they're not an advantage but they sit around and worry about their stuff all the time how they're going to how they're going to protect it how they're going to keep it from weathering how they're going to do all these things and it produces a great deal of unnecessary anxiety in their life you understand. And and you know there are people in their life who are suffering for the lack of of I wish I could tell you the who it is and it would make it just make it more smooth bunch trying to dance around it and it's not coming out as well as I would like so but there are people in their life that need help and yet they neglect that those people because they're too busy buying all these things that provide luxury and pleasure and entertainment and it cetera that person just bought a sports car that cost seventy thousand dollars but yet they have not paid their taxes and five. Years and over fifty grand to the I.R.S. and that career produces great problems and great anxiety as you can imagine you know they don't answer the calls when they're calling them but the day is coming when they're going to show up at their house and drive that sports car away right so anyway Jesus says take heed and be wary of cover sis's for one's life does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses and we know this to be true we know that God has called us in this life to be pilgrims you look at Abraham Isaac and Jacob they dwell in tents they did even dwell in houses I'm not saying that we should sell our house but as the Lord leads you do it but what I'm saying is is that the mentality of God's people must be that we are pilgrims on this earth yes or no and when this young man comes to Jesus and he says Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. Jesus read his heart do you know that that that Christ when he looks at you I don't know if you've ever in prayer just sensed the gaze of Christ on you but when Christ looks at you he looks at you through and through and his eyes can pierce all the way into the depths of your heart all the way into the depths of your soul and and when I think about that I think about you know L.-Y. talks about how Christ looked up looked at her sometimes when she saw him and she said he could see every detail of her life every thread of thought in her heart he could see it he could know and as he looked at her she says it became obvious to her that he knew everything imagine that gaze upon your own cells this morning. Imagine Christ looking upon you and piercing your soul what would he see today. But what would he. I want to see in you he wants to see himself a man and he doesn't look with a with a condemnation He doesn't look with a with a desire to judge you and cast you away he's not looking for the wrong spot but he's looking in the depths of our soul with an eagerness and with a desire to see himself reflected in you he's looking in the depths of your soul to see his love in your heart that's what he wants not just his love that has that he has placed there but his love that you have taken received and then blessed others with you understand he desires to see himself in US What would he see this morning if he looked in our own hearts this young man was selfish in Jesus was making it known that Christ had not come to deal with earthly matters. Are you with me Christ had not come to deal with an earthly kingdom Christ had not come to settle the affairs of things that will benefit us in this life but he came for a higher purpose a men and of Christ came for a higher purpose than harm of you think this morning that we are called to live for a higher purpose Yeah all right now here's the story that we want to get into verse sixteen then he spoke a parable to them saying the ground of a certain rich man yielded plentiful so what kind of profession to dismantle have he was a farmer right for a very wealthy farmer it appears you know back in the day back several hundred years ago it was a very noble honorable. Per profession to be a farmer you know that and people became quite wealthy being farmers and it was a very good living and so the Bible says that the ground of a certain man yielded plentiful E. and he thought within a. Self saying well what should I do since I have no room to store my crops now just by going with that first line the ground of a certain man rich man you would have plentiful does it seem like this man was likely an honest man yes or no. Probably so because he had not obtained that wealth by corruption Haddie he ploughed his field he planted he took care of it he cultivated it it grew and it yielded now God surely had a blessing there he got added the blessing right but this man and if he had not done honestly God would on a bust it right but the man did not obtain this wealth or this the crop by corruption OK so you could say I'm making a specific point here that he was a good to some degree OK to some degree he was an honest hardworking laboring person right that there are many good hard working honest Adventist are there not yes or no so so so I'm just going to pretend for a minute that this man as a good hardworking sincere honest goes to his work every day he's very diligent in his work and that's why he had such a blessing in his crop a good Adventist. Are you with me OK let's just pretend that and so God blessed him with a crop that yielded plentiful and I want to say this sometimes. When we often think of God testing us or trying us what do we typically think about what type of situation would we think to find ourselves in if we thought hey God's testing me or God's trying me here. Bad things right trials tribulations difficulties no I'm going to lose my job or or Somehow I mean. Losing some money here or so you know I've had a death in the family or I'm sick we often think of a of a trying test as something that's always negative you understand but God does not simply test the faith of his people negatively he also test their faith and their genuineness and their sincerity and their loyalty how positively sometimes dear friends you have blessings that God has given to you not just simply because he's a good God. Now I see these Facebook posts all the time like Oh God is good like you know I found an extra twenty dollars in my pants pockets a day or or you know got God is good I got a new car today or God is good we signed the papers on a new house today or God is good I got a promotion in a raise on my job today but you never see people writing on the Facebook post you know God is good I have the flu today. God is good you know I lost my job today you know God is typically only good when he gives us good things in a stand that's how we kind of mentally do it but God does not simply test us and Shreyas when things go bad but sometimes he gives us earthly blessings. Not just simply because he's good and he loves us and he wants to give us good things even though all those things are true but sometimes God gives us blessings because he wants to see now what are they going to do with it. Has my character. Been developed in them enough. That they would do what I would do with that blessing. Are you with me yes or no. So sometimes when you get that that check in the mail that you didn't expect. And you don't need it to pay a bill it's just. They're It's just extra. How do I respond to that. When you get that raise of you know a significant raise maybe five thousand dollars or whatever it may be. And you don't necessarily need that thing what are you going to commit this thing to are you with me sometimes God gives you a house and a nice home how would he going to do to use that house for God's glory. Are you with me this morning sometimes God gives us blessings to say how you going to respond to this are you going to use it selfishly for yourself or are you going to use it for my glory never thought about some way you have a look on your face like I've never thought of this before in my life I haven't really either. Oftentimes we think about you know I get a check or something I'm thinking wow like what can I do with this I could go do this or I could buy this or I could buy that and we think about how can I spend it on myself I can spend on myself I remember there was a couple with a strong tower radio station and we were just a couple of weeks a couple of weeks away from the deadline and we were still short about one hundred ten thousand dollars to buy that radio station and this couple called me on the phone and they said you know we we well what tell you the story first another man I went to as I went to appeal to this group to give us some money to for the radio station and this man's a very wealthy man and at the end of that presentation I had an e-mail in my box the next morning and he said. I had I heard your presentation I think it's a really wonderful thing tell me where to send a check my wife and I are prepared to give to this one hundred thousand dollars and I was like. Are you kidding me. It blew my mind away that he was willing to give and this man and many people are very generous polite Jesus said with the two little the two mites and I'm not saying this about this man but I'm just saying it to make a point many people are often generous out of their abundance yes or no out of their well out of their out of what is extra for them yes but then there was another couple who he said my mother just passed on the last two weeks and he said she was not a Seventh Day Adventist he said but she was always curious about Seventh Day Adventists and he said she was in a position where she left us with a very nice inheritance and he says we want to give pretty much all of it to the radio station he said we had plans for this money we were going to do something with this money he said but we want to give it and donate it to the Cause of God because we feel overly impressed that Jesus is coming soon and so they also donated one hundred thousand dollars to the cause of Christ Amen so you had one they gave out of their abundance and one that you really gave out of a need out of their out of their sacrificing of their own selves and by those two gifts and then many other smaller ones God pressed us over that mark to purchase that radio station on the can say and then sometimes those checks come in or those blessings come in those material blessings come in and we did ask ourselves the question before we think to ourselves all what can I use this money for how can I bust myself what is needed in the Cause of God across the board are you with me OK now let's go in here is the ground of a certain man rich man you to plan to flee and he thought within himself saying Hoon What shall I do since I have no room to store my crops the first problem was with this man as the Bible says he thought within himself. Who should he have asked. He sort of been asking God said he but the Bible says that he thought within himself he consulted himself and consulting yourself in spiritual matters is always a bad idea when you think because Satan and your carnal hearts and my carnal heart as always our always going to be there to guide us on the wrong direction aren't they so concerning spiritual matters you don't consult yourself you don't consult your own heart you don't consult your own feelings because most of the time your feelings in your heart is going to guide you in the wrong way because the heart is deceitful the wicked who can know it unless our hearts our heart that is surrendered to Christ ought to be the last confirmation and the scripture and consulting with God The Spirit of Prophecy in godly people and through prayer ought to be the first right so the Bible says that this man consults with himself what should I do since I have no room to store my crops so he said I will do this I will pull down my barns and build greater. And there I will store all my crops and my goods and I will say to my soul soul you have many goods laid up for many years three words out of the great enemy of humanity and God's people take your wants. Take your ease eat drink and be merry. I want to think by this for just a minute. The man thought to himself. What shall I do any time we consult with our self the carnal hearts going to come out in the carnal hearts. Preserve yourself take care of yourself first you know people always say you have to take care of so first. And to some degree that's true to some degree in that regard so your health your spirituality but the carnal heart. Always say take care of yourself don't worry about others make sure that you not only have what you need for today but what you have for the future yes or no is that true. And I want you to think about this. The man already was rich the Bible says a certain rich man he was already rich he already had everything that he needed yes or no he already had everything so he did not need more so what he was going to store away was not for necessity but it was for indulgence and it was for pleasure and it was for the ability for him to have ease Noel White says in the book price object lessons and I'm going to read some of this to you here in this little bit but she says that there were many people who were around this man including some of his own household including some of the loan servants his neighbors who had great needs and great once not desires for things that were necessary but they had great needs and he could have taken that excess and blessed them and could have could have satisfied their needs and brought great relief to the suffering of these people in a stand but in the abundance he had no thought of others but only of himself OK Now notice this he says What am I going to do I'll do this I'll pull down my barns and build greater now I have a barn at my house and today I live out a little south of Lansing we have about two acres and we're surrounded by more country and it's very beautiful very nice and I have a barn now my insurance for that barn says that if a tornado comes through and blows that thing down they will give me thirty thousand dollars to rebuild that barn there's nothing fancy about this. Barn it is it is two by fours with sheet metal attached to it there's no insulation there's no electricity the floor is just rock and dirt and it gets very muddy in the rainy season it's just it's just an old barn but they said they would give me thirty thousand if it is destroyed is that a lot of money maybe to some people but to me it's a very lot of money. OK So but our so the point I'm making here is that barns are not what cheap. Are you with me even a simple barn is not cheap OK so if you think about what this man is going to do he says I'm going to actually tear down my bard nothing wrong with the barn it's already stored storing his his other stuff I'm going to tear it down and I'm going to build greater barns so the man has to move all the stuff out of his barns he has to tear them down and then actually spend the money to build greater barns are you with me so far so what you think about this I want you to think about the great efforts and the great expense that this man went to just to be selfish. He had to spend to the equivalent of today's world tens of thousands of dollars just to be greedy. Just to be selfish just so that he could build barns greater to store up his stuff and be selfish when people all around him were perishing with a need of those things and could have used them not to gratify their own flesh but just to meet their needs of daily life. Are you with me today friends today. There are so many people I think that are following a. Similar course God has blessed us abundantly and we are using our money to be more selfish to be to build greater barns are you with me and what's a listen to this and the white makes a very interesting statement. By the this is from page to fifty six truss obsolescence by the parable of the foolish rich man cry show the folly of those who make the world their all this man had received everything from God The sum had been permitted to see the son had been permitted to shine upon his lands all its rays fell upon the just of the unjust successor his barns were overflowing and he had no place to put the surplus of his harvest Now notice this listen to this very carefully. These next five words six words he did not think of God. From whom all his mercies had come he did not realize that God had made him a steward of his goods that he might help the needy he had a blessing opportunity of being God's all men are but he thought only of minister to his own comforts. The situation of the poor the orphan the widow the suffering were afflict the afflicted was brought to this rich man's attention there were many places in which to bestow his goods he could have easily relieved himself of a portion of his abundance and many homes would have been freed from want many who are hungry could have been fed many naked clothed many hearts made glad many prayers for bread and clothing answered and a melody of praise would have ascended to heaven Listen to this God gave this man abundance judge and he could have used that bundles to actually answer the prayers of God's people think about that so there are people who. And don't miss this friends there are people who are praying for God to supply their needs OK And this man because of their self because of his selfishness. May have caused their faith to wane because they said God is not answering my prayer. Are you with me that makes sense. They were praying and because he did NOT set of God had orchestrated that he would be the one to satisfy their need and because he chose to be selfish because he chose to build greater bards those prayers seemingly to those people went left and were left unanswered no God may have answered them in another way but you understand the point that I'm making God gives us a responsibility wherever and wherever we are to be stewards of his goods no matter how great or no matter how small they are you with me now I'll just continue here the Lord's and heard the prayers and of the needy and his goodness have prepared for the poor so many people today who are skeptics of God in Christianity they say well how can I how can I believe in a god when innocent children are starving over in Africa listen that's not God's problem that's our problem did you know that we don't have a shortage of food in the world there's actually enough food in the world to feed every mouth now there are famines and things of certain places but it's because of the greed of now then that that food gets disproved gets. Proportion in different ways are you with me now in America we're eating three meals a day two to three helpings per meal and some places there are little they would be glad to get one helping for one meal of the day are you with me so I have atheists say well you know God doesn't do this and I say all tell you what let's solve that problem right now you have a gaming system right here that probably costs about four hundred dollars you have beer in your refrigerator you have all these different things that you don't necessarily need. I said I'll tell you what I'll put a thousand dollars in you sell all those unnecessary things and raise a thousand dollars and we'll go down to the Red Cross or wherever and we'll feed ten families for a month and guess what they do they back off and they say oh no I don't think I want to do that why because they love the indulgence more than relieving the suffering of their fellow man they love their own selfishness and their own comforts more than satisfying the needs of those who are crying out to God for him to answer their prayers are you with me yes or no that makes sense OK So this man had a dutiful full as do each one of us. Abundant provision for the once of many had been made in the blessings be towed upon the rich man but he closed his heart to the cry of the needy and two and said to his servants I will build greater barns and Bill I will be stroll my fruits in my goods and he said also laid up this man's aims were no higher than those of the beasts that perish. He lived and listen to this Don't miss this he lived. As if there was as if there were no God. The Adventist atheist. He lived as if there were no God no heaven no future life as if everything he possessed were his own. And he owed nothing to God or man the Psalms describe this rich man when he wrote The fool has said in his heart there is no God Notice the fool did not say out loud. There is no god. Because out loud he would probably give the impression that it was a good upright citizen who had worked very hard for that wealth therefore. It was deserving to keep it. But the Bible says a fool has set in his heart there is no God because we can give an impression to man but no one's going to fool got into stand this man had lived in plan for self he seized of the future's abundantly provided for there was nothing for him now but to treasure and enjoy the fruits of his labors he regards himself as favored above other men and takes credit to himself for his wise management he is honored by his fellow townsmen is a man of good judgment and a prosperous citizen for men will praise the one that has done well for the I sell some forty nine verse eighteen now let's get this a little bit more personal. I'm of you here in medical school. Or have graduated from medical school and you serious raise your hand lift him up nice and high have you here are in dentistry school. OK if you are you here are nursing school. How have your here are in some profession that's going to give you a pretty decent living you see your hands are in school OK and some of you probably didn't raise your hand he was like oh I don't know. But that's a pretty good portion of people you understand. So let me ask you those of you who are in medical school why are you in medical school. Those of you who are becoming a dentist why are you becoming a dentist. Now for some of you this may be true but for most of you it's probably not likely that you're just utterly fascinated with the human tooth. Because I went to my dentist and I'm not knocking dentists Now please don't misunderstand I'm not being mean about it but I went to my dentist a while back it's a very good noble profession OK I went to my dentist a while back and I sat there and I was as. Watching I thought Man like what an outlay boring job. And I'm not being cruel or not be negative but I'm just being this is my own personal opinion OK for me it would be very difficult to be a dentist except when we had the dental clinic at Lansing a couple months ago and we saw all those people coming in who had no insurance no money and they were desperate and I saw all those dentists work all day and give of themselves to put smiles on those people's faces and we did a hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of medical work that day and the people were thrilled and they said What church do you go to again that is why I would think about being a dentist you understand. But some people aren't thinking that way and I'm not saying I'm better than anyone I'm surely not because I can assure you without crying said be out there doing things that you can't even imagine because I did those things but I'm I'm saying this very meekly. But there are some people who say I'm going to become a dentist maybe because your parents are dentists or whatever but the reality is and we all know it and we can we can act like we won't talk about those things but the reality is you make really good money being a dentist you make really good money being a physician OK and some people are coming to Loma Linda University going through medical school going through dentistry school going through nursing school because they're thinking about the money that they're going to be making when they leave this place once they pay off their loans and whatever. I don't know what the average physician starts sat but it's probably not less than one hundred thousand I don't know I don't know but my thought would be people say well we have these loans to pay off we have one hundred fifty two hundred thousand dollars in loans I'm thinking to myself man if you lived off fifty thousand a year you pay that loan off. Three or four years and it's like thirty years later they're still paying on it why because some of them are living the lifestyle of a doctor from the world and not a doctor who is in God's service are you with me so here's the reality I want you to see dear friends. That when you leave this medical school and when you leave the dentistry school and you become professionals in the world you are not called to live as those who are living like it in the world. If you do this and you say well I'm just going to pay my tie but I'm going to live the Doctor's life style and I'm just going to enjoy my life you become the Adventist atheist because you're still an Adventist you're just not a real administrate you're an Adventist atheist because you're living your life as if you're giving no thought to God. Does that make sense yes or no I hope it does. And God for bid God forbid that we have his people would be professionals in the world. And live our lives as if we thought there were no God are you with me today yes or no I'm not saying it's a sin to have a you know to have a decent home and all these things I'm not saying it's bad but when we crossed the line of necessity to indulgence and pleasure that line is a line that God has never nor does he now ever intend his people to cross over because once you cross over it it is overly incredibly difficult to cross back over it are you with me once you get a taste of that and so God has designed that we do use our resources arts halland our gifts our abilities soley and completely for his. Service are you with me that means that we are living a life of simplicity a life of modesty a life of godliness and using that abundance. To meet and blast the needs of others around us and to use those things to draw all of them to the kingdom of God God has not called his people dear friends to build greater barns. We ought not to even spend the energy tearing down those barns that are already there what a waste of energy and a waste of energy to put them up are you with me this morning. Verse nineteen and I will say to my soul soul you have many goods laid up for many years take your ease eat drink and be merry we really love. And I'm not I'm not saying it's bad but I'm saying we really we really often love the the community. That Loma Linda provides and it is a blessing you understand but God has called us to not sit and absorb the blessings of it all of our life but he's called us to be to go out of the missionaries He has called us to come here for training for for education for experience and then go out now God may call you to be a missionary right here Linda there's still people to be reached in a stand but to just say all well you know I'm just going to retire and come back to Loma Linda and just spend my last years enjoying my friends and all my alumni and go to all of the. One of those days that they that they do for the academies and colleges a lot. Along weekends I've never seen so many alumni weekends in all my life as we go on in the administers and I mean I'm not saying it's bad but what we soak up so often are. I'm with just being with our friends and there's nothing wrong with being with friends but friends we need to be making new friends of people who don't know good rice to you understand and we need to be in the midst of those people not protégé participating in the thing that participate in by using our influence on our talents and our resources to reach them for Christ you with me so he says take your drink and be merry but God said to him fool this night your soul will be required of you then whose Will those things be which you have been provided and so it is for those who lay up treasure for himself and is not rich for it's got. A White says of this man want to notice this. The wealth he has treasured can purchase no reprieve. And one moment that which he has toiled through for his whole life to secure becomes worthless to him. Then those show those things be which those have provided his broad fields with well grain or ease pass from under his control he heaps of riches and knows not who shall gather them and listen to this the only thing that would be of value to him now. He has not secured. And that moment when God spoke God would have loved to have come to this man he would have loved to have come to this man and observed and God knew it already but you know God does the investigation for our sakes and the sake of the angels in a stand he would have loved to have come to this man and said Oh my goodness see how I have blessed this man and look what he's done for my people because of this I will give him great her blessings I will call. His fields say yield even seven times more because he has done what is right with that which I have given to him God would have loved nothing more than to be able to come and receive that report and so it is also true in your life and in my life when God gives the blessings he wants to see that we love him and we love others enough to take those blessings and use them for His glory in men whether it's our home whether it's our finances whatever it is and again that doesn't mean we have to live in a rat's hole we can live we can have a home and we can have those things but everything our even our car has to be dedicated to the Lord Jesus I remember when I was when I went after I had had cancer and I vowed to the Lord Lord I'll do whatever you want me to do it was kind of like Israel's old you know whatever you say I'll do and I didn't always fulfill that I still don't but by the grace of God He's teaching me and I'm growing but I remember it was not long after that I'd almost died from cancer and God saved me I'll share that story this afternoon I was driving down the road and there were these Cup The this is this two couple young people he young hippies you know you could tell they had all this garb and stuff and they had a couple of dogs with them and the Lord was like you need to stop and pick those people up. And I was on my way somewhere and I had on my suit and I just drove past them and it was almost almost it was so loud in my heart it was almost a a a a verbal voice the Lord said You mean after I just saved you from that hospital bed you're going to drive past those people. And leave them alone he says I have a plan for them I want you to turn around and go pick them up so I did turn around I went picked them up talked with them and then let me tell you these people were closer to the kingdom of God than I was. And I was able to share with them some truth which they exist. Up good I was able to give him some books and some literature I was able to get them some food and let me tell you it was a greater blessing for me than it probably was for them. Or God desires to look in our lives and say How can I blessed so and so more whatshername brother Aaron how can I bless Aaron more what can I do more for Aaron because he has taken what I've given him and he's using it rightly he's using it unselfishly and he's blessing others with it a man he's living within his means and he's taking that abundance and he has used it in the salvation of humanity but this man the only thing that would've been a value to him now he is not secured in living for self he has rejected that Divine Love which would have flowed out in mercy to his fellow men and thus he has rejected life for God is Love and Love is life this man has chosen the earthly rather than the spiritual and with the earthly He also. Must pass away. May God help us. This morning. To be Seventh Day Adventists. Who really believe. That Jesus is coming soon. It's not a profession you make on Sabbath morning and I haven't hope but it's a reality that's in your life. All throughout the week. Every moment of the day with every person you meet. Whether it be the president of Loma Linda rather be the homeless man on the street it's a profession that has taken root in the hearts. And that faith is real within us and man. That faith is real I want to read one last quote to you. Before I make an appeal and we close I still have a few minutes. I want to just quickly in just two or three minutes contrast this man to the life of Abraham OK I'm going to read a little section from the book Patriots and prophets just listen to this. It was no light test that was thus brought upon Abraham talking about when he was God called to leave his homeland. There were strong ties to bind him in that country his contrib and his home. Who have strong ties an advantage in that bind us to a comfortable life what he things we do. But he did not hesitate to obey the call he had no question to ask concerning the land of promise whether the soil was fertile and whether the climate healthful whether the country afforded agreeable surroundings and would afford opportunities for amassing wealth you know sometimes we say well God I'll answer the call if you answer all these things for me is going to be comfortable for me and I gonna I'm going to have to go through hardship of my you know standing talking about rain we're ready to take the call when we have all of our questions answered I'm of you are guilty of this already to answer God Abraham didn't have any idea where he was going for all he knew he was going to a desert the only thing he had was the Word of God That said I will bless you that's all he had was the Word of God. God had spoken and his servant must obey the happiest place on earth for him was the place where God would have him to be. Many are still tested as was Abraham they do not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens but he calls them by the teachings of His Word and the events of his Providence who are those people. Who get sleeping Who are those people it's you and I. They. May be required to abandon a career that promises wealth an honor to leave congenial and profitable associations and separate from kindred to enter upon what appears to be only a path of self-denial hardship and sacrifice God has a work for them to do but a life of ease and the influence of friends and kindred would hinder the development of the very traits essential for its accomplishment he calls them away from human influences and aid and leads them to feel the need of his help and to depend upon him alone that he may reveal Himself to them now call who is ready at the call of Providence to renounce cherished plans and familiar associations who will accept new duties and enter untried fields doing God's work with firm and willing heart for Christ's sake counting his losses again he who will do this has the faith of Abraham. And will share with him that far and more exceeding eternal weight of glory with which the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared. Who will call answer the call of God today. To renounce the life. Of an Adventist atheist. Who today will respond and say. Dear Lord hear him I. Who today will say with Abraham Lord wherever of our call us. Here I mean. Maybe today you have. Been in a career your whole life and you have the wrong motives in mind maybe you just live comfortably maybe today you're going through medical school or nursing school or dentistry school. Whatever maybe maybe you're here doing engineering or computer science or a whole host of other things I don't know what you're doing but you realize today that God has called you to something more than just a have a nice degree a nice job a nice spouse a nice home a nice family maybe you realize today God has called you to self-denying sacrificial work but the reality is is you all have been called. You've already been called to that when you took the pledge to follow Christ you already accepted that call it's not just for some here and others it's for all but the capacity of that end and the logistics of that will be different for everyone but all are called to that kind of faith the faith of Abraham. The A Even the faith of Jesus. Today maybe you realize that something in your life needs to change and you need to do things a little bit differently you need to go about life a little bit differently you need to make adjustments or all rather to allow God to make adjustments in your life and to be to fix you to answer and actually live up to the call that God had designed for you before you were even born. Because he said I have a plan for you my thoughts are of you I have a plan for you and his plan will be so much greater and so much better than your own perhaps today's the day when you say I'm no longer going to live for myself today I read now it's Adventist atheism. And today I become by the grace of God a child of God and a Seventh Day Adventist Christian called wherever God made lead me to do his service and to love his hearts to love his kingdom and to love his presence and to make his presence known and the world around me if that's you dear friend it's not a G.. General call but maybe someone specifically today needs to make that and then maybe everybody here would you just stand forever you are and you say I want to make that decision this morning to day I renounce admin a safety is and I am brace true self sacrificing God fearing. Loving Christ centered Seventh Day Adventists I'm I praise God for you this morning when you close your eyes and by your heads this morning. As we pray father this morning there may be someone here today who's answered your call Lord but right now I want to pray that you would impress with your spirit upon their hearts whatever it is that needs to be surrendered to you and really Lord that's what this is it's a call to absolute surrender of everything in our lives to you our hearts our minds our choices our actions our entertainments the even the even the innocent pleasures of this life our homes our cars our jobs our clothes our our our everything Lord must be laid down at your feet in the must all be in accordance with your great plan your calling us to surrender this morning and there may be someone this morning who needs to surrender. Some issues some item some area of their life maybe it is a job maybe it is a career maybe it's the way that they're living their life how they use their money maybe it's what they're watching on television maybe it's it's their devotional life they haven't had one their prayer life needs to go deeper their love for you they need to see a picture of you they need to see they need to have an experience with you they need to be to to know that you're near Maybe someone here today is going through a hard time maybe someone here today a lord is hanging on to be. Bitterness and anger of some kind maybe today they've been wounded it Lord we don't know every one of us are carrying different burdens in our lives we may be hurt we may be in pain we made be depressed we may be feel like we're for saken like no one cares I don't know Lord but right now I'm asking your Holy Spirit to uncross upon every hearts that one thing or those two thing whatever it is I'm not the judge but you know the Lord those things in their hearts that need to be surrendered to you. And I pray and plead to Dave that in this moment. Because we see and we know that we understand the depth of the love you have for us and the depth of the price that you paid for us and as we reflect upon that as our hearts are overwhelmed with Christ on the cross for us Christ in the tomb for us Christ being abused for us. When we see that love which you are willing to give how even now in the heavenly sanctuary every moment is being used by you to intercede for us for our good for our salvation when we see Lord that there is nothing in heaven that you have withheld from us. For our salvation and for our redemption when we understand this innocent breast upon our hearts then there will be nothing in our lives oh God that we would withhold from you and I pray now. That wherever we are whoever we are that we would surrender that issue or those issues to you in this moment now. Because you have loved us and because you have given yourself for us we may not even know what the next step would be but we don't need to know because Abraham didn't know. But we just know that right now we're giving it to you it's your. Yes it's no longer hours although we have is yours although we are yours and Father I pray that just now there would be that sweet peace floods our hearts because we have made a conscious decision to surrender all to the Almighty and in you we put trust in you we put our hearts in your hands and you we give our lives to to be ruled as you desire in accordance to your plan because you are the great god of. Grace you we thank you we love. Become a Jesus. In that this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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