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That You May Believe

Aaron Schmid
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Aaron Schmid

Nursing student at Loma Linda University.



  • July 15, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Father God It is such a privilege to come to you in prayer it is a privilege to open your word and to study your word. Right now I ask that you would hide me behind your cross I ask that your Holy Spirit that touches our hearts that speaks to our hearts would be here and that the words in the thoughts that I have not be my own but that they would be from you from the throne or move Grace I pray Lord that you would speak through me and that I would not be seen but that a perfect picture of your son would be seen this is my prayer in Christ's name Amen so this morning as a kind of alluded to we're we're going to be talking about what it means to believe in Christ what it means to believe more specifically in his words alone so I'm actually not going to be starting in Luke we're actually going to be going to the Book of John so if you have your Bible still open turn a couple pages here to the Book of John and we're going to just start in the first chapter there and I'm going to give you a little context here of just kind of an overview of kind of where we're going and as you're turning there so I've been going through the book of John and I and many of you of probably know this if you've studied it all are familiar with all with the book of John it got to about the seventh or eighth chapter in the book of John and over and over and over there's this recurring theme of mostly coming from Christ of of of this idea that he's trying to get people to believe in Him and over and over and over this happens and so when I was asked to speak here I was like I said I was around like seven Chapter seven or Chapter eight and John and I was and instantly when I was asked to speak my mind went to this topic I'm like man this is such a simple topic but it is a recurring theme throughout this book and so I took a fast track study throughout the book of John and I didn't study in detail but just to see how often this theme comes up a of Christ try and try and all these different ways to try to get us to believe in him and in him. As the Son of God and in his words and lo and behold it happens throughout the book of John clear to the end and so as many of you are probably familiar the book of John is intended for those second generation Christians those Christians that never met Christ face to face that they may read this book and that through the writings in this book they may believe in Christ the book of John is for us now what I'm going to share with you this morning is nothing new it's nothing extravagant it's nothing you know cutting edge of theology it's actually very very very simple and it's very very foundational to each of our Christian experiences and I would say that is absolutely essential that to our Christian experience so just to kind of kind of give you an idea to we're going to be covering a lot of ground here and there's going to be the temptation that I'm going to have to start talking about other little tangents here but I'm going to I'm going to withhold that temptation and we're going to stay on this common theme this common thread of belief it's going to be like going to the Zion National Park and trying to see the whole Zion National Park in a day so it's not going to be possible but what we're what what you are blown away with when you go to Zion if you've ever been there I encourage you to go there what you are going to see is the beauty of this canyon and so that's what I want you to want you to be able to see is the beauty of this message of believing in Christ words implicitly So as we go through the book of John I'm just going to try and follow the narrative as as these themes come up one of the first first times that this theme of believing in God comes up is actually in the first chapter of John towards the end of the chapter in space specifically I'm going to be starting a verse forty three I'm going to kind of paraphrase just for time's sake these are the few passages that I'm going to bring up here so I encourage you to read on your own also but. So just to get to give you context here this is Christ first disciples. Peter in John and then specifically in verse forty three it's talking about Philip and the Fania so me Christ first disciples asked them to follow him now couple a little before this Christ was baptized by John the Baptist and when one of the first times that Christ showed up to the to the crowd were John the Baptist was John the Baptist's use a really interesting title for Christ he looked at Christ and he says Behold the Lamb of God and there was a crowd there and they looked at the man that John was pointing to and could this be I mean he did he doesn't look like the Messiah that we're that we're looking for he doesn't look like a king could this be and the Faneuil which later on is a future disciple of Christ and the Faneuil is convicted that this is this Could this be could this be the son of the Son of God could this be the Messiah that we are looking for and he's convicted in his heart but he's. There's some conflict going on and so he goes to buy himself and he goes to under a fig tree and under this fig tree him and Philip are really good friends and under this fig tree is where they have communed with God before this is where they pray this is where they petition God this is where they study His word that this is a like a spiritual safe haven so Faneuil goes there and he's and he's wrestling with God in prayer about this could this man Jesus be the Messiah and so fast forward then when Christ calls Philip follow me Philip then goes to Nathaniel and says you have to come check out this this this guy and the phenol is full of doubt but he goes would be to goes anyways and one of the first things that comes out of Christ mouth is this it's. Sound and verse forty eight of chapter one Jesus answered and said to him Nathaniel before Philip called you when you were under the fig tree I saw you when Christ saw in the Faneuil he knew nothing else heart he knew the issues in the Faneuil's heart and he knew what he was wrestling with you know what he said this to affirm Nathaniel's faith in him and later on as you read you will see that it was because of this that he believed in Christ so this establishes a very important theme throughout the book of John is that Christ many believed in Christ by the words that he spoke that touched the issues of their heart OK So that's one thing that we will see over and over and over through the book of John the next the next theme the next way that many people believed in Christ is actually found in the next chapter of John John two and here is Christ first miracle him turning the water to wine after the third day of this wedding feast they ran out of wine there's could be a whole lot that we could say about that in itself. But we're going to keep moving on with this theme of belief on the third day they run out of wine changes changes the water to wine and this miracle we see was an evidence of his divinity and in verse eleven it sheds a really important light on on the purpose in general of the purpose in general of Christ's performing miracles so we read in verse eleven of chapter two this the beginning of signs Jesus did in Cain of Galilee and manifested His glory and his disciples believed in him almost every occurrence in the book of John specifically that you see Christ performing a miracle you almost always see this phrase that many believe that is disciples believe Christ was at all these different angles trying to get. Those around him to believe in who he was and as we go along with this message we're going to see what what does that really mean what is Christ really getting at. So there's there's one more there's a actually couple a couple more instances that I want to point out in Christ Ministry there I mean we could go chapter by chapter by chapter and we're going to see this reoccurring theme but there's two instances that I want to talk about where it's Christ particularly. Shows and shows that interest or or praises the individual in a way for the faith in for believing in Him So one of the first instances is still in the book of John turned to Chapter five of the book of John and it's a story again I'm going to paraphrase but it's a story that you're probably very familiar with it's about the man by the pool of a thousand this man was crippled and as we read he was crippled for roughly thirty eight years and now at that time this poll was thought to have some like special healing power that if if when there was these ripples in the pool if if the if those wanting to be healed could get into the pool they would be healed and so it's a sabbath day this man is sitting next to this pool and Christ comes to him and he sees him and he says verse six do you want to be made well and the next verse after it shows the man's response and it's full of excuses it's full of how many times that yes yes I want to be made well but how many times have I tried to go into this pool and I've gotten trampled I don't have anyone to get their get me there and I can't help but think of myself in the situation where Christ comes to me and he asked Do you want to be made whole do you want to complete victory over this sin do you want the the power and the strength to reach out to those people that is so intimidating to talk to about me in. And my love for them do you want that and I give excuse after excuse after excuse but little do I realize. That the decision for all of that to take place rests with me and it rests with us because Christ is coming to you asking do you want to be made whole. Verse eight Jesus said to him now no real briefly before I begin to think of all the different ways Christ is about to heal this man but think of all the different ways that Christ could of healed him. And instead instead of all the different ways of like maybe picking I'm up or maybe touching him or you know whatever whatever comes to mind of all the ways he he specifically is intentional about just simply giving him his word he says to him in verse eight Jesus said to him rise take up your bed and walk so when the man heard this he had two options he had no reason to believe in Christ Christ and give him any reason to believe in him and after all you know. He had all these excuses of why you know he has been healed before he could have just continued to dwell on those excuses or he could he could he could see maybe a glimmer of hope in Christ and he could by faith act on his word and it was by faith by acting on his word that he was healed now think how many times in the past thirty eight years that he maybe tried to get up maybe try it you know maybe you know maybe some people came to him tried to help him up maybe goes this physician this physician tries to help him out and it's you know no no success there but just think how many I have to think in the thirty eight years that he was cripple that he tried to get up and walk but the power isn't doing it on our own the power comes when. Gives us His Word we believe it and then we act on it simply because it's his word. I can't help but when I read this very familiar quote comes to me by the by. In the book Christ object lessons and let me just share it with you it's on page three thirty three of Christ object lessons. The heavenly intelligences will work with the human agent who seeks with determined faith that perfection of character which will reach out to perfection in action to everyone in gauged in this work Christ says I am at your right hand to help you as as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes an impotent whatever is to be done at his command may be accomplished in his strength and here it is all his beatings are enabling when Christ gives us His Word we only gain the power to do what he is asking us to do when we simply believe it and then we act on it that is when the power will come there is one other instance that I want to talk about that's actually not in the book of John it's actually it's in it's and there's two different versions of it Matthew Chapter eight in Luke Chapter seven. Sure very very familiar with it it's about the century and servant century and servant was sick needed to be healed and each version of Matthew and Luke is just a little different but the gist is the same that it is still gets the same message across so the century and servant is sick he needs healing and in some way either the century and sends a messenger which probably is the truth or somehow censuring gets word to Christ that hate can you come in he'll. Event he's sick and so Jesus is like OK So walking walking to the censuring house and as he's getting closer to the center and house since hearing comes out and one way or form either himself or again sends a servant he says Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa Well I don't even need you to come to my house I am not even worthy for you to come to my house just speak the word and my servant will be healed he he understood something that not very many people understood at that time he was a man that was in charge he had command over other people all over over the military over certain portions of the Army. And he understood that when he would say something his word was as good as it coming to pass his word equaled whatever he was asking to do and he recognized in a spiritual sense the same exact quality in Christ that when Christ said the word it's as good as done. And so he speaks the word and the censuring is like that is enough. I want to I believe this is from the account in Matthew but I want to I want you to know Christ response to the century and when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to those who followed assuredly I say to you I have not found such great faith not even in Israel go your way speaking to the centurion and as you have believed so let it be done for you. Over and over and over again you see this reoccurring theme in the book of John and I am convicted that Christ is not trying to get us to believe simply in him yes that is absolutely key but that's not it just doesn't stop there Christ is trying to get the people around him trying to get the his believers trying to get his disciples trying to get us to believe in His Word. Alone. Now as Christ Ministry progressed you you know he had a lot of miracles a lot of healings and everything and they kept getting greater and greater and greater and more significant raising more eyebrows and people getting more upset at him and wanting to you know the Jewish leaders getting more upset at him because he's you know who is this guy so so with that in mind. What is the what's the crowning act the cross in the terms of miracles and healings What is the crowning act that Christ does right before he's going to go to the cross What's what's the last big healing or the last big miracle that he does as well as yes yes yes OK So let's turn to John eleven and we're going to study John eleven here yes. So probably don't need much of an introduction to this because most of you are probably familiar with the relationship between Lazarus his sisters Martha and Mary and Christ but by some circumstance that someone is a familiar I I just want to share a little bit of a context with you so this man Lazarus is sick now Christ is really good friends with Mary and Martha his sisters and Lazarus this was one of the few places in Christ Ministry that he could come he could come to their house and he could just hang out he could just relax he could just unwind it was one of the few places that he could go where he had hospitality and where he didn't have to feel the harassment of all the religious leaders and all these people that trying to trick him it was it was a safe haven so we start reading and John eleven. Verse one now a certain man was sick Lazarus of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister it was that excuse me it was that Mary who anointed the Lord with fragrant oil and wiped his feet with her hair whose brother Lazarus was sick so. Even then John is still giving an illusion about the context between the relationship between Christ and Lazarus in Christ Martha and Mary. Verse three therefore the sister sent him saying Lord be called he speaking of Lazarus he whom you love is sick this is the only message that they sent him because they understand that there is a deep close relationship between them and Christ now and that time of course there was no cell phones there was no e-mail there was no telephones there was only you know messengers to get you know a message across so prices and there right now so Martha and Mary send this message to Christ's saying Lord behold he whom you love is sick and they didn't even ask for him to come to to the house because they knew they understood the relationship and they understood that that's all they needed to say that that he in whom you love is sick and and he you know they trust it they trusted Christ response whatever that may be they trusted Christ or spot deep down they really they they really believe that Christ himself would come so they're scanning the horizon and they're looking for any signs of Christ in His disciples to come to him and lo and behold they see someone and he comes closer and closer loser but it's not it's not Christ but it's something just as good as Jesus' own presence Jesus sends his word in verse four when Jesus heard that he said. This sickness is not into death but for the glory of God that the Son of God may be glorified through it this gave Martha and Mary and by Martha and Mary then shared this message with Lazarus and this gave them great hope and great belief and strength in their belief in Christ that he was who they knew he was already that he was the Son of God. He was this Messiah that they were looking for now I just want you to pretend we know the story but I just want you to pretend to really understand it to really understand this pretend that you are either Martha our Mary or pretend that you were reading or his disciples or pretend that you were reading the story for the very first time so we've already established that there's a close relationship between Christ and between Lazarus Mary and Martha So pretend that you're reading this for the first time the first five now jesus love Martha and her sister and Lazarus again John is very intentional about this verse six so when he heard that he was sick now what are you expecting if if this is the first time reading this if you're in the position of Martha and Mary what are you expecting after this the Christ is going to do something right that he's either going to show up or he's going to send someone there or Lazarus is going to be healed because there's this relationship. That's what everyone's expecting so when he heard that he was sick. He stayed two more days in the place where he was why. This is what God does to DOE's who he really loves he delays. And with every delay. With every delay. The devil is working overtime to cause us to be. To not believe in Christ spoken words in Christ written where the devil is working overtime to cause us to be believe to towards unbelief. So when he heard that he was sick he stayed two more days in that place where he was now this not only confused Martha and Mary but it also confused as his disciples there had been a series of events before this that I mean constantly I feel like the disciples were constantly questioning OK what. What are you talking about you're going to die what why didn't you go help John the Baptist's imprisoned you know that there was a lot of a lot of controversy going around and the disciples they believed in Christ I'm not undermining their belief in Christ at all but but this this did not strengthen their belief in Christ this caused them to be to to disbelieve and so as they're sitting there you know talking amongst themselves they they forget the whole idea that that Lazarus is still sick they forget that whole and they get wrapped up in this controversy amongst themselves as what what is Christ doing here what is Jesus doing it is he really did this messiah that that people are talking about you know there's some unbelief there. Verse seven then so after two days verse seven. We pick up in verse seven then after this he said to the disciples Let us go again to Judea Now what follows is the disciples response and their kind of blocking at Christ and says Judea and Judea is where Bethany is which is where Lazarus is so Jesus is saying let's go back let's go to Lazarus and the disciples the first thing that comes to their their their mind and this proves that they have forgotten they have forgotten that Lazarus was even there or you know not that it forgotten but it's at the back of their mind but the first thing that comes to mind is that Christ Jesus you can't go back there because there are so many people that are angry with you and are trying trying anyway to kill you but what follows then is Christ's response which is really rooted in he he is in complete harmony in tune with his father's will he is fully surrendered and he knows his father's timing. And so he gives him that and then in verse eleven these things he said and after that he said to them our friend Lazarus sleeps but I go that I may wake him up so all. A sudden he throws in Lazarus again which the disciples had completely forgotten about so when they enter a conversation which we could talk more about about death Christ compares death this isn't the first time but Christ compares death to a sleep. And we continue on in verse fourteen though then he said to them plainly Lazarus is dead and verse fifteen and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there that you may believe can you imagine the disciples what they were feeling come again you were glad that you let one of your best friends you delayed and he possibly could be dead now you delayed to go to help him and you're glad for our sakes that he may be dead. What can you just put yourself in their position see when the disciples and Martha and Mary and everyone else are contemplating you know what is going on it is sometimes we this happens to us all the time you know what is going on something crazy is happening in our life or in this world and we and we question ourselves what is God doing and it shakes our belief in him but you have to look at the bigger picture. Christ was looking at the bigger picture he knew that this was going to be one of his last public appearances where his last opportunities to cause those around him to believe to solidify their belief in him and he knew that his time on earth was going to be very very short from here on out that this was going to crystallize the religious leaders to eventually crucify him and he realized that the important lesson still needed to be learned by the disciples and by his believers of what it truly meant to believe in Him and believe simply in his words in verse seventeen they're going to Bethany they're going to lads or some verse seventeen so when Jesus came he. Found that he had already been the two for days Lazarus had already been dead four days by the time. He got there now there's a big group of people there Martha and Mary are there they're crying they have you know some of the Jewish leaders are there and and you know they were good friends and so there's a big group of people there and amongst that big group of people there are some people in that group that that have ill intent towards Christ and so Christ is that make a big you know tramp at entry into this gathering because you know he's trying to stay a low key profile as much as he can so he can teach this lesson so he can show that he truly is the Son of God So Martha somehow catches wind that Jesus is there Martha then goes out and notice the first thing and this is actually the first thing that Mary says to Christ as well the first thing she says verse twenty now Martha as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming went and met him but Mary was still sitting in the house for twenty one now Martha said to Jesus Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died but even now I know that whatever you ask of God God will give to you see Martha and Mary both they believed in Christ they believed in him if he was standing right here next to them but they did not connect that his presence was as good as his word they they believed in him but they did not comprehend what it really meant to believe in him. Christ says to her in verse twenty three Jesus said to her Your brother will rise again so he gives him his word again and Mark was like NO NO NO NO NO Jesus said to him I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day Martha was looking ahead yeah I know he is going to be raised again and I know he will be with you you know in heaven and I know he will have eternal life but nothing you can do today will will make a difference she believed in him but she didn't comprehend what that really meant. Christ said to her in verse twenty five Jesus said to her I am so it gives him his word again I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me though he may die he shall live and whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die and then he asked her Do you believe this do you believe that I have the power even over the grave and the power is not in my presence the power is not in Christ being here with us the power is in His word do you believe that. Verse twenty seven Martha says to him Yes Lord I believe that you are the Christ the Son of God who's come into the world she goes back inside Mary catches wind that Jesus is there Mary comes out and then by this time she's bringing the whole crowd of people out so they all everyone knows that crisis there now and Mary says it believe it's in verse thirty two she says the same exact thing that Martha says Lord if you had been here he would have died again Martha and Mary and the disciples they all believe in Christ they just don't know fully what it what it means what that means to believe in Christ. Verse thirty three Therefore when Jesus saw her weeping her being Mary and the Jews who come with her weeping he groaned in the spirit and was troubled and he said Where have you laid him they said to him Lord come and see verse thirty five one of the shortest verses in the Bible Jesus wept now to surface reading of this it is apparent that Jesus and this is true that Jesus is sharing this is his hew humanity side he's sharing the sympathy of those around him but a little deeper look at this will show you a deeper reason why Christ is weeping there is one other time that Christ is weeping so just going to reference and you know go to that place in your mind. When Christ came in the last week of his of his life the beginning of the last week he comes in the triumphal entry and. Running on a donkey and everyone is praising him and it's this big huge entry and one of the few times that Christ or the only time that Christ allows all this and Christ gets to the top and he's looking over Jerusalem and he sees the temple and what happens he begins to cry. When Christ is there at the triumph of entry and when Christ is here over that Lazarus death and he's seeing all these people he sees people that he his tried effortless he's tried with all his efforts has tried with all his efforts to cause them to believe in him he has seen people there that have seen him speak he has sees people there that have seen him perform miracles that have preached that have spoken to the issues of the heart and he sees that despite his best efforts there will still be some in that crowd that may have seen everything that crisis done and still will not believe. Our unbelief causes Christ to. Verse thirty eight then Jesus again groaning in himself came to the tomb it was a cave in a stone against it verse thirty nine Jesus said take away the stone now Martha's coming on the scene again Martha says the sister of whom who was dead said to him Lord by this time there is a stench for he had been dead for days this same aren't that that only verses before was affirming her faith with Christ is now questioning what are you doing here he's been dead for days what what are you to do. I see this theme throughout the Bible as well that any time that God is preparing to do something great something that is going to draw Souls to him something that is going to reveal his character and his love for that is going to result in souls one for the kingdom. The devil works to hinder that process verse forty Jesus said to her did I not say that if you would believe you would see the glory of God. Verse forty one then they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was laying and Jesus lifted up his eyes and said Father I thank you that you have heard me and I know that you always hear me but because of the people who are standing by I said this that they may believe that you have sent me all of this is revolving around affirming Christ divinity and firming that Christ truly is the Son of God and to believe in him to believe on his word now again going back to like the the man at the pool of Bethesda you think of all the all the ways that Christ could have raised this man that could or could have healed this man now you go to here and you think of all the different ways that Christ could ever raise Lazarus from the debt he could have physically gone in there he could have caused he could have just asked for the stone to be removed and it would have been removed by no human force you know you think of all the supernatural ways that he could have raised Lazarus from the dead and isn't it interesting that the biggest miracle the crowning act that affirms Christ divinity and this big miracle that Christ decides to use simply is words. Verse forty three now when he had said these things he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come forth every eye is riveted on this tomb there is a stillness over the crowd and creasing they start to hear something and they see Lazarus come forth still in the grave close it was by the Word of God alone day he was raised from the dead we know in solves and in Genesis that it was by the Word of God that. Framed the heavens that created this earth at all and we know what it was by the Word of God that was preached that was spoken that it spoke to the issues of the heart and that many believed it was by the Word of God that many were healed and now we see it is by the Word of God That raises the dead. There is power and power alone in Christ's words. We read in verse forty five that many of the Jews who had come to marry and had seen the things Jesus did believed in him even some of the people who had come to be critics of Christ this was a convincing enough situation that caused them to believe in Christ as the Son of God So I made a pretty good pretty big deal about this idea of what it means or about this topic of believing like what So you might be asking which which I was asking this so I guess I'm assuming that someone in this audience is asking this in their mind that when I was going through the book of John I'm like man you know this is a great topic but you know how like where's the practicality in it and like what do you just say just believe and that's it you know I don't know maybe I've asked that question so I don't know maybe someone else has asked that question so I want to give you an experience that I had that translate spiritually and I hope I hope you get the point from this I hope I'm clear at this so as some of you know or as been told that I am in the Nurse anesthesia program here at Loma Linda and by God's grace will be done in eight months and so before school you have you have an idea of what you're going to be doing you know you have an idea that I'm going to be into baiting people I'm going to be putting breathing tubes in people I'm going to be placing I.V.'s really putting in arterial lines I'm going to be you know all you have this idea of all this stuff and so with that idea sometimes it's like it's going to be kind of scary and sometimes. It is scary and you're nervous the first time in everything but of all the things that I knew that I was going to do the most terrifying thing that I knew before going in and it's the school and I knew while I was there and is anesthesia school is putting in epidurals So anyone know what an epidural is Yaz Yes OK So so epidural so a lot of times they're used in laboring patient a pregnant patient when they're in labor to relieve pain sometimes they're used in surgeries like the rest of surgeries to relieve pain there to relieve pain so just just in case for those of you who don't know what an epidural is I'm going to share with you what an epidural is so that you maybe can at least somewhat resonate with my fear of putting in to target. So so an epidural goes it is a is a technique to provide pain relief around the spinal cord so you have a couple layers in your skin so this is this is this is your skin here we're starting right here and I'm going to work towards a spinal cord so this this is your skin so the next layer is your subcutaneous tissue or your fat so then the next layer after that there's a ligament There's actually three ligaments and the first ligament you come into is the super spine it's like a mint and it's kind of it feels kind of like. Crunchy a little bit and then the next ligament is that interest by Innes like a mint and this feels like frozen butter and then you have the little mentum flavor them and the ligament and flavor is just like two crunches and then you have a space here. And that is the dura and then between these two spaces which actually isn't even a space together it's called the epidural space so it's a potential space so when I'm on the dura now. Then you have another space which exits out of space but it's a membrane but they're pretty much close together you have the Iraq and white matter which is smashed up against the door and then you. That C.S.F. cerebral spinal fluid and then in this space you have the spinal cord OK so we're going through this little tiny space called the epidural space it's actually you know if you look at my feet it's like this so when you're going in with the needle. And you go through all these spaces it's a pretty big needle and and you have ways that you know where you are and went to get to the epidural space if you a lot of times you can use air or you can use Aly and once you get to the epidural space it's like tough tough it's really firm really firm on the syringe on the syringe and then once you get to the epidural space it just flushes and it's just beautiful it's a great feeling but then if you go if you goal one if you go like a few millimeters later and you start having fluid come back that's your C.S.F. coming back so that's a bad sign so you know there's what I'm saying is that there is a there's a margin of safety otherwise we would never do this but in the same breath it's the little terrifying the first time you're doing it so when I went into my O.B. rotation I was the first student in my class to go into my O.B. rotation so I had no one in my class to talk to about this and I go in and I know I know exactly all the structures I know in end I know you have to know to how roughly how far it is from the skin to the epidural space so in the average human being is four six centimeters and that's a boards question if you care to know so so a four to six centimeters but I've lost resistance at three and a half before and I've gone as deep as like eight centimeters before so so it's an average so and then I knew you know I know all the medications that you're going to use I know what dosing you're going to use I know the nice pre-op that you're going to go you and say OK ma'am we're you know these are the wrist these are the benefit and then they're like OK you know they're in labor and they just want pain relief and you're like OK so you know this is how this is good posture and this is bad posture and I want you to sit in there like OK And so you get him all set up and everything and you do your time out and and praise God there's. Sitting away from me so they can't see how much I'm shaking so they're sitting there sitting on the bed like this and the nurses in front of them and sometimes I wouldn't let the family member in there because I just didn't want anyone else in there that didn't need to be in there so nurses in front of them and then there on the bed and then I got my you know it's a sterile procedure see every sterile field and your drugs here and your needle and everything and then you always have you like your C R Ne or you're attending and the all just right there with you too and so all of this being said when I would start to do epidurals I just had this mental block I'm like there is no way that I'm going to get this needle and this little tiny space there is just no way and so I would go through the motions you know you numb up the skin and you start to go and you're like OK Oh really what I'm feeling and and I would just have and I would get to a point and I remember specifically I just get there and I wasn't even thinking about it and I'd start to shake my head and I just I just shake my head like and I remember once was if attending he's like hey man don't shake your head he's like. Take your head. And so but the gist of it being is that I would always have to hand off to the C R N A or to the anesthesiologist to do I just I could never get them and it wasn't until I somehow started to believe that I think that I myself not you know Dr so and so or this C.R. ne could do could put in an epidural but that I believe myself that I had the knowledge and I could place this epidural It wasn't until that that I started to place epidural successfully So that's the point I'm trying to get to and you might not think it's that important but it was a world of importance when that happened to me was this like a light bulb like I can actually do this now I know it's so cliche but there is a sense of believing in yourself that you can do something when you're in a. Situation like that but in a spiritual sense it's so much more it's not believing in yourself it's believing in the Word of God and the power is in the Word of God and it's not you doing anything it's you just simply acting on the Word of God but you have to believe it you have to seriously believe it there is a book that I've been reading by E.F. wakin or in a T. Jones about righteousness by faith and in that chapter talks about Eve and there was many reasons why Eve fell away and you know went to the tree and we could go on probably have a whole sermon about that but they bring up an interesting point which I had never thought of before and that point is this that I don't excuse me Adam and Eve were created by God that the only thing they knew to be true was what God told them and they had no reason not to doubt God After all he he he walked with them he talked with them they could see him. They had no reason not to doubt him so even go so the tree and and first part you know she's deceived the serpent deceived her but the stooping gave her something else to believe that was different from what God told her God told her Do not eat of this tree else you die not don't believe don't eat of the story or I'll kill you it was a warning don't use tree otherwise you're going to die the serpent says God tell you you're going to die why no no. And who did she believe. She believed the serpent now she could stay all day long that she didn't believe the serpent she believed God but what does her action tell her action tell that she believed the serpent. Could it be the same with us that unbelief is the reason we can't gain the victory over some sin that is holding us back that unbelief is the reason that we can't to do what God is asking us to do that it is simp. Really unbelief Could it be as I was thinking about this in my own studies to the thought came to my mind that it's not a matter of if you believe we all believe something and there are so many things to believe some of which are true and some which of are not the point is to believe the truth as we find in God's word and to believe that because it's God's word alone so the next portion you might be thinking too is well there isn't there a verse in James two that says even the demons believe in you like yeah there is and I thought of that when I was going through this study I'm like God this is such a simple topic why well why you want me to talk about this and you know it's I just don't see the teeth in it I don't see the meat in it I just I don't get it because after all the demons believe but if you look even just in the examples that we have gone over today if you look at those who believe belief always leads to action believe in action are together now we go to we go to Eve We just talked about Eve you know what she believed she acted on you go to Christ disciples his first disciples they believed him so they followed him you go to talk about or we could go to the woman at the well she believed and she went in shared with those in the village she acted on her belief. Belief is always tied to an action. And at the very least belief brings us to the feet of God I want to read this brief quote from the desire of ages page five thirty five in regards to Martha. Interjecting when Jesus said move the stone away you know so you can raise Lazarus from the dead and she objected it's in reference to that end of the book desire of Ages a great book a commentary on. The life of Christ and I will be real with you the I can't even say that I comprehend really what this all entails but I know that it's powerful and it reads this skepticism and unbelief are not humility. Implicit belief in God's Word is true humility and true self surrender at the very least believing implicitly on God's word alone will bring us to the feet of the cross. So I'm going to ask a series of questions. And this is really my appeal and I'm not asking them to doubt that I doubt your faith of a doubt your experience in God I'm asking them because they're the questions that came to my mind when I was studying this. So going to phrase it for myself what would my life look like if I truly believed God's word when he says in Jude that he is able to keep me from falling that is able to resent me faultless before the Father while in my life really look like if I believed in first and second create the ends where it says His grace is sufficient or that with every temptation he provides a way of escape or in Isaiah forty one where it says I am with you to hold your hand I will help you what would my what life look like if I really believed that. What kind of victories would I be having simply by believing and acting on God's word. What would my life look like if I truly believed first John one nine where it says he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness What would my life look like if I really believe that what would my life look like if I if I believed in Psalms fifty one were David is asking for a clean pure heart what would my life look like if I truly believe that Christ offers free pardon of our sins. What would my life look like if I believed. In Matthew chapter twenty eight where it talks about Christ giving the Great Commission saying that telling his disciples to go into all the world to baptize to preach and then he says the promise that I will always be with you what would my life look like if I truly believe that at every point no matter what I felt that Christ is there by my side and that the people that I talk to I'm not talking to them alone that Christ is right there next next to me what what fears would it dispel that sometimes it's intimidating to talk to people sometimes it's awkward I don't know what the excuses those are just my excuses but what would my life look like if I really believe that Christ was there with me all the time what would my life look like if I spent time. Contemplating Christ sacrificed for me. What would my life look like. If I truly believed in Revelation twenty two that Christ is coming soon. Again I'm not saying this because I'm questioning anyone's believe. I'm saying this because I think it's good to look at what we truly believe do I truly believe God's word and the same word that raised Lazarus from the dead the same word that raised the the crippled man by the pool of the that has the is the same word in your hand this morning. I believe that as we get closer and closer and closer and still closer to Christ second Comey that we're going to have more reasons not to believe that the situation around us is going to be discouraging maybe our motions are going to be fleeting maybe the people around us that want support of us are not supportive of us and the only thing we would we may have left is God's word and if we do not believe this work implicitly. Where will we be now this is not a message of doom and gloom this is a message of hope and encouragement to know God's word and to know his promises into believe and act on them I want to end where we started and Luke eighteen verse eight Christ says. Nevertheless. When of the Son of Man comes. Will he really find faith on the earth will he really find anyone that believes in him and believes implicitly in his word alone. I believe that is what he is looking for and the question I want to pose to you today is will you will we believe in dust say it the Lord alone that's prayer. Father God It is such a privilege to open your word. And I ask that you would put it in everyone's heart. The desire and maybe not even the desire but the want to desire to study your word. Lord I just pray that we would spend time with you in your word to realize the beautiful character that that you have that you want to give us that we would realize the love that you have for us and that you desperately at times want us in heaven maybe even more than we want to be there sometimes. Lord I pray that you would draw those hearts that are hearing this message today to you and that as we gaze upon you that we would be transformed to be more like you and that we would not keep this to ourself but to be able to share with others and however one simple or great way you ask us to do. I pray that we may be a reflection of your character. May today be just a stepping stone and that transformation of character you wish to give to you. Thank you for your word Lord thank you for. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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