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Endurance of the Saints

Clive Coutet


  • June 5, 2017
    7:00 PM
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I have. Been. Thinking about. And there are. Now. And the fact that you. And your wife. Differently on a foreign a Christian. Thought. I was hired. Here in the painting. Is. Now what is what. I'm going off. Or what made me. That I'm. In Jersey. One of the few. And I love the way. You buy a weapon for me. And the places if they would. And. Then. Another. And. Me in one of the theme of. Then. And this one said. Well. What does it mean to look. Now I look. Back in a couple. Of a man who. From the labor. Movement of the five. Now the local. Me. When. Favored by a partner in the home and he had a horrible beginning of life. Of a big family problem. And then what happened. Going into prison. Let's take a look at it. Now if you think about your life but we're going to have thought you were very proud. Right now if you take it back by the Years ago I got married and the happy thing alive. With marriage when anything in my. View they factor. The around the world. It's not it's not easy. Situation come about and tests. Show that was interested in the. Human mode. And here you have this white. Man that was allowed to break out I have one hundred one K. now I can imagine I. Write. Those. Final builds finally go under. Joe the. Body. And he have what I would have the. Look. I know you and I for one who are going to. Have a hard going about your business OK focus on what you're. Not distracted. From And of. Me. You have. I knew what. Countless other people. You have to face and. He was prompted by it. And. You know. What I mean. Though that was so profit. The character of course find out from him. But. In that moment we pick one who are going. On in our mind. Think. The same thing that the focus on her is. More. My problem in New York. But. All the pain. And then. The pain and. The. Very. Whole lot. Of them. Were hurt. Were those of. You. White High. But that of all men. Yet. But then. A man of the amount of what it. Would want. If you put it down for. Me. While I think. Just. I want to. And I want to. Thank you. For your use and mark of what. Amount of the. Car. No one greatly and. No one has anything for me but you are what. How then and I've. Been. Following up with. Then and I believe this is a good. Character When really strong and. I have another really nice frame on private land in the. Car. In that moment of temptation and the moment of the vote and I'm over that. It's really where you see where your mind. Five. Years ago. I was three. Minutes. And you know when you get folks to something and that's maybe a little. Maybe even an hour you know whatever. Hurts. And forget your relation. To me. In ministry. And in the privacy of my Will who were going along focusing on the ministry. About. Me. It isn't. That hard. You can see the enemy is always trying to get out. In the moment. How for a little brief message. Saying. Anyone what the police. Are see. On here. For you. Or. Anyone. Mind what had happened. Whenever you physically. Mentally. Got what that happened. And. Focus on. The wire. Over the. Fire. And. I want to. Nowhere. You know when I'm ten I can. Find when I've given it right and you think. Now. If you're like the same. Person he would have done just like that he would have given him one then why. Cripple Creek a little and. Back to. The flower and. No. He made a stand and said I'm going to one of my very. Five If his eyes of the why and drop by focusing on rights. End up in prison. Than. All the. Way. Sometimes. It's helping us. Framing our. Boy. Problem. And you know. One of my hypothesis when we will have a little. Focus we can tell with poker has to be price that would never happen I mean you would have very live that's what happened with you know I'm attaining. I'm going to go from a center great. Because right. Now the profits of insurance. So the. Amount and pain. Of the labor are. Questionable you. About. One in. Here. But quite. Funny one and. I'm like. All the men have said to me. And I hear I have a little more the men here then. Thought oh I. Want to go. Now. I like. My. First fight Miles. Not about winning. The ballot. And. So again when I. Began running up the hill. Behind. My mind I said. I'm. Talking about twenty three. And items. And then the most. One of the most amazing. Mind. It was shining like you would most. It was shining bright. And I. Wanted to. Get to him. And. Me. And I look at my I focused my little my head on the ground and I had my eyes focused on the top of that mountain and. So far. It was never one. And I just kept running. And I got a. Response. When just flying. Back. And I began to slow down I know my eyes focused on the top. And I kept on running I'm going why I'm probably. Sometimes you know go like we're right. Down. When I woke up that morning it was all about me all I can do this month. What I was saying. And my own how am I. And only when I got close to the thought that I realized I cannot do that by myself. I'm me. You know those. Who are one fuck away. And. All. Who arrives. And. The person I give. Away about. Who you think you have to submit but I have to be an individual. And give you the power to enjoy any situation where the drum corps be our home whatever what if. I don't know what you. Mean. We have our own. Your example thing that if we go back will be your message. It's interesting that. You go into one able to. Think. If you read all the things from a hole in the fall it kind of all in. Quotation marks you know the stock in the beginning. For a new prime minister. Every. Saying the last with. Gordon but I will. Make. A second. That a lot of people. Made only. Thirty two single and were very well were. On a higher. Court out. Of the company. And they have more when they are not. And the hope. Here is the thing you know the thing I like. Where. I think city painting first well here are the. Same those. Who were meant to be the method is a method that no that is but I and I. What is holding us over come if your the trial lawyer the tribulation and pain the patient of the same hero. And. That in woman. In our I then. I have. And I've heard her. But just like the morning around. In men. Sitting around a. Fire everywhere. And then. Run with it in her reg that it's. Going to every time I preach every. And I study. Every time or. Anyone who may know. The one about. You Sam. Sam. One. Person. You're one of those are the laws. And. I'm. And I have a very very. And you want to slow down. But one of. The. Need of. That when you have done the will of. Yet political while coming home will know my right one. But my SO have. We are NOT GO different back another. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more. Visit W.W.W.. Or.


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