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Top Tips for Entrepreneurial Success- Panel Discussion

Jared Thurmon Danny Houghton


Discover practical entrepreneurial daily habits and learn how to embrace risk to achieve true and impactful success. Explore how the Bible and the writings of Ellen White are the best business books to develop your entrepreneurial career, by aiming for big goals and never settling for the ordinary. Instead of behaving like everybody else and conforming with average results, take action today, and remove luck and chance from your business equation to achieve meaningful entrepreneurial Christian success. 




  • August 3, 2017
    10:45 AM
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Good morning. Excellent very good so a good. And Tipper no tip is start on time so we are right now at forty five ten forty five we want to start on time so before we begin I'm going to ask Danny and then we'll present ourselves and start by going to ask Denny to have a word or prayer. Let's all bow our heads Father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to be here at this National is I convention here in Houston already thank you for the chance to to stop and think about some successful tips and ways to be more effective and better in our business. As entrepreneurs and Lord we know that all of this wisdom comes from you so we thank you for it and I ask that you would be here to impress or minds to speak through us and just to be in this place we thank you for hearing and answering this prayer in your name Amen. All right everybody well first of all thank you very much for choosing our seminary and for your interest in this topic for us is an honor there's three of us here and all of us are going to present hopefully and I balance way so no special time for anybody and everybody's going to share their thoughts we prepare this together and we're going to present ourselves a little bit our background why we're here and why we believe this topic is so important OK. Couple a lot of this is just is about the flow of this presentation and we're going to do it in a very informal way and especially be going to share some more personal experiences so you're welcome to just interject and ask questions at any point while I hope not. I hope I don't repent from that because sometimes it really. You're breaks the flow but if that happens we also won't be shy and tell you that we have to move OK And at the end we also have a little longer Q. and A session but again each topic you'll see that's probably a good opportunity to have some feedback from the on this is that fine OK so I want to hear your feedback every moment it's important in a presentation we look each other in the eyes and right don't get sleepy if you're sleepy we're going to wake you up OK great so to start with my name is Rubin the as I was born in Portugal I'm Portuguese That's why I have this terrible accent I live in Canada and I've been living kind of with my family for the last almost five years I've been very blessed started my first company when I was twenty one I'm forty seven I don't like for he said right I don't look like forty seven but I started when I was twenty one I was in my last year of college I did business school it in Europe and I thought that I was never going to work productivity and besides planting Pines in Alabama when my parents studied at engineer versus the i Pad and planted like a hundred thousand Pines in Alabama. And washing dishes and painting houses really good jobs that gives you good work ethics actually I was interpreter since I was twenty one and I've been very blessed that I started one in ten companies and. Successfully four of those and lately the last two or three years I've been running a venture capital firm and we invest in early stage tech firms So that's basically it in a nutshell what I'm coming from I saw I I was a vice president in Europe when I live in Europe and now I live in North America happen at any of us for about twelve years so this. It's really our D.N.A. as a family to be always part of a side we have excellent friends at A.S.I. all of you some of them we know for many many years actually Michael we went to school almost together you were in the and now there's Academy in eighty eighty eighty seven right so some of us that know each other for a long time and with me is two very good friends are going to present themselves as well it's it Denny Hutton and then Jarrett Thurman OK His name is always hard for me but they will let you know the bit about background who had any. My name is Danny. And this is actually my thirty fourth convention in a row I started coming when I was seven years old and I absolutely love. So you know my background a little bit kind of grown up in a supporting ministry working with my my dad at heart Research Center and some of the various ministries that were subcomponents of that have spent some time in the I.T. world helping build a global platform for websites called Net administers that has been deployed in many different divisions around the world but most recently I was a co-founder of a company called one degree organic foods and currently serve as the vice president of sales for vibrant health products which is a family of brands that mostly make gluten free and sprouted whole grain breads and so my background kind of encompasses some of those various elements I'm still working and building those those businesses today and I hail from Linden Washington where my wife and I live I'm an international commuter so I cross the Canadian border every day to go to work and and the really thing that I've been excited about lately is I've had my first son my wife and I welcomed. Drew Hudson He's four months old his first flight on a plane was coming to an A.S.I. convention and so we're like that never. Easy Ruben it's early. But very very happy to be here. It's just mind yeah there we go Good morning The name is Jared Thurman I have had the privilege of growing up in a seventh heaven is home home schooled and then on to one of our academies and then on to Southern my parents were high school graduates. Who just learned to hustle and so I grew up in a hole where it was always hard work and then serving the church in a variety of capacities I graduated school and got into assisted living community development and got out of that and have been in a number of ventures since. Creating anything from soil to a juice company to some other things with health and wellness I currently have the joy of serving with the administering view team in the area of innovation and there are some very cool things that your church is up to that you're going to see in the coming months so I'd love to talk to you more about that but I'm excited to be here my favorite quote in the whole world is from the book price object lessons page three forty nine religion and business are not two separate things they are one. Excellent now that we are presented with just go for it right and also I'm going to give you the background of what type of presentation to share with you and what was your inspiration so we were asked to share with you the top tips for him to produce a success. And it bout is a very. Subject right and we thought it was really important given the context debt we would be inspired by Scripture and the spirit of prophecy and so we did in a very. Simple Way Let's put it this way we divide in some topic so we chose we're going to share with you fifteen points that we believe are really important but they relate to own experiences OK so don't take this as though those are the fifteen points right if I will make those or he didn't mention that one he didn't mention that one you know these are the points that have worked for us OK so we're going to share our own experience and we look at to our you know read to lead a short life we're in the forty's and we look at back and say this is what for us this that's what we're going to share with you and a little bit of our own experience and if you have anything to share please do so OK that's the the flow of the presentation and each one of these topics. We believe that the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are really incredible business books incredible. Some of these Scriptures and the verses that we see in the Bible isolated by themselves we could be hours studying business around them and then we have stories in the Bible so we have experiences of people that really were inspired by God and have shared through Scripture and when we read it we look at it and say man I can really apply this in business and that core of principles are the ones who are going to keep going back and forth in going back to those and those are the roots of this presentation OK So that is. No more delay which is Jim to the first one. First is very simple you're going to see very simple things here again. You know. We always been told I like this that in natural medicine in our what we believe. You know if you go to the doctor and if it's very complicated to give you a prescription or something he said the good doctor he's a very good doctor but if you go there and say you know just eat well exercise he's not a good doctor right but if you apply those sayings super simple you're going to be healthy right so the same thing with in Japan or on topics the first stop the point is set goals anything in life you really have to know where you want to be in. Today tomorrow this week next month this year in three five ten years you know when I was like twenty three twenty four I was starting my first business I made a list of ten fifteen things that I wanted to achieve or stage in life I want to achieve in ten years and I look at that list many times with those thirty years it was very quick to go for me because there were anchor points I wanted to achieve certain things not necessarily on the military and financially but I wanted to achieve those points at the certain time frame so you have to also relate to the set goals quantify what I want to achieve you know best or good or better is not really something you've got to say how much exactly want to achieve and then when you want to achieve it there's a. Proverb in the Bible that says in Proverbs twenty five five The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty and I went up and look at what this. Heyst mean it looks like in English it's like I just want to do it very quickly and I don't think about it I don't plan I just want to get over it right. Plans need some thought and really deep thinking you've got to think on these this very important president what has been your experience on setting plans and setting up a brand for example you're leading. So when we looked at founding wonder your Gannett foods we saw that the marketplace where we worked which is in the food industry was beginning to start moving towards something called Farm to Table you all familiar with farm to table the idea that you know where your food is coming from and so we said hey we want to be disruptive which we'll talk about a little bit later and we said we want to set a goal of being the first brand that allows you to trace every single ingredient in every product back to its source and that was the goal that we set for ourselves and we said well how are we going to do that one of the things that's key about setting goals is you don't know whether you've established a successful you have to measure yourself against the goal and that's how you define whether you've been successful or not and so it took us two years to get to a point where we felt we could actually make the first product that was one hundred percent traceable so we had to put a lot of work a lot of time a lot of effort into that and that was something that was truly disruptive in our marketplace a lot of people were talking about farm to table and you could see that happen in certain limited scopes but to be able to trace it all the way and have that technology built and the plan to be able to execute it in that way gave us kind of a first first mover advantage in looking at how we launched one together again it was but it all started from that goal of saying hey we want to do something different we want to do something that's the head of the curve and what we see coming and we want to execute that in a flawless way so setting goals are something that are really a critical critical component of any successful entrepreneurial venture. Jerry want to add something. On this point they're fine OK let's move the next one. Next number to focus we put a picture of a pilot here and so on purpose because if you don't focus when you're flying then you know where Pilot sand if you don't focus you basically had I mean trouble. You keep certain things in life you can't multi-task again and when I was in the twenty's I was a strong believer in multitasking that I can do everything and I can do everything at the same time it is a truth that yes I like to multitask I got I got it I like a lot of things in my day in my plate let's say but I have learned with a little bit more experience in life I'm getting to my fifty's that if you really don't focus and there is something that is related to focus you know Jared which is focus is related to energy right how much energy you put them things how much effort you put on things home much do you really commit because if you don't commit the results are not going to going to going to pop up they're just not going to happen and so this this idea of let's commit and focus on achievement is super simple but if you don't do it nothing is going to happen what you thought about that and I'm just going to also share some quality probably going to help you on that which is Ecclesiastes nine ten whatever your hands finds to do do it with your all your might for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in so to which you're going so basically you're going to die right so whatever you do here you really have to commit and put your mind to it so I'm a big fan of cage rattling so if I say anything that rattles any cages I will feel like mission accomplished a lot of times we seek to multitask in thinking that is a skill. When really we're not good at one thing. And I particularly happens in health food in Adventism I make the best cookies in the world I make the best X. really the best or yell my friends and family say they're the best and the best is when people call you and say hey I know it's rush hour but I want to pay you for X. and I want to drive across town to buy that from you because your stuff is addictive. We're often not the best and I think it's because we don't often apply this of what is that thing I feel the Lord has called me to and how do I become the best at it and that is a focus that really could drive us to do things better than we do absolutely. You know I think that today's modern society with the constant interruptions of social media can sometimes drain us of focus you know you think about you're sitting there working on your computer and you start seeing you know how many of you can relate to seeing those emails constantly popping in and all the sudden you see that e-mail and boom you're off another track something else comes in a calendar invite boom and it seems as almost it's kind of designed to break down our focus right and so you know one of the things that I have just recently started instituting to try and make my frontal lobe be a little bit sharper and work more effectively is to is to actually shut those off so I don't see those coming in I actually was talking with Dr Neil medley about this and he said it's it's scientifically proven that multitasking is less efficient for your frontal lobe than focus you can be more efficient if you're able to focus on a single task and move from one box to the next rather than trying to do to dabble in four or five boxes the same time now that doesn't mean we should be inquisitive and have a broad ranging you know set of questions or ideas where we can learn multiple things and combine them but when you sit down to do something specific you should focus on that specific task do it to the best of your ability and then move on to the next thing that if I could just throw one more idea in there I think a good example of this would be this or. Isn't deal with Amazon acquiring Whole Foods Amazon clearly could have said let's get into the retail space their retail shops everywhere closing will go in there will add for generators and we'll do this. Too often in the administration I see competition that is unnecessary you're mediocre I can be a little better mediocre and together we can be mediocre rather than what Amazon saw was you're doing something very well we'd like to join you and do it better and I just want to put that out there is a challenge we need some mergers and acquisitions in Adventism that's a good point combine talents and focus on something and so that when people say Who does this the best they do good is this the best they do a very good point I want to go back to what Danny shared about social media you know is this more for the young people some young people back there. You know recently had a turn intern in intern had an intern you know a good guy young guy just graduated and he was working in the corporate finance we have a you know a team of corporate finance because we have to analyze and do a number crunching of the companies that when I Quite are not and he adds you know good brains but he was constantly working like this right so he was working but it. Did it right and it's impossible to just impossible to be effective efficient so after you have to let them go just because of that he cannot just be focused he could not. Attention Span it was constantly being broken by social media and I think the especially for the young people that is a tremendous challenge when you go to the workplace in you're not ready for it because you think that this is possible this behavior is possible you're going to pay a big check and in his case he had an opportunity in front of him. But we had to let him go so let's move on and focus on the next point the next point is perseverance that here is an image of a girl all that is doing push ups how many of you like to do pushups. Love to do I love to them I do it yeah I think I do like a hundred day doesn't seem like every week but yeah either those and we get to that point the ability but more specifically but it doesn't look like it but I do but the push ups is in a good image of perseverance you need to really persevere I mean have you them when you do push ups you get to fifteen twenty twenty five thirty and the other five and it's you know what I found there is actually true that's a lot in your brain. It's more in your brain that when you think because sometimes we think that the body's can't handle anymore but you think oh my target is thirty so you are number twenty five five to go for. Any there. What is the most horrible one is not true. What they say is pain is weakness leaving the body. For and that's a great point but if you set your mind that I have try this with my mind is instead of a thirty year let's do fifty. It's going to happen on say five hundred right it's going to happen very near the fifty because your body your mind these program in a way that you can persevere until your milestone you know you said I go so in business I have found many situations that success was really around the corner and I at the last company has sold quite successfully we struggle a lot we struggle out and in two thousand and ten eleven. I almost quit. Because we had tremendous competition and we thought this is going to take this is an endeavor that is almost impossible but I kept on persevering perseveres persevering and spending a lot of energy and money and we successfully sold in two thousand and fifteen and that is that was a tremendous loss and because I was a bought to quit I was really about to quit and in business there's these moments that you think you know I can't how this anymore but if you really come back to plan you say I've been sticking to the right things and there's things that take time that's another point to a bit further do you want to add anything about perseverance that's fine I'll get you there. I find that sometimes and I don't want to be negative on the younger generation but sometimes I you know I'll give an example we recently hired a new college graduate in our marketing team and it came back to me that she had come up to her direct supervisor and said Hey it's it's three thirty on Friday that's only an hour and a half I'm done with my work and I go home. And I found out later and I said I hope you didn't let her go home you know the idea is you need to stay there till six o'clock not five o'clock and so when you find somebody that has that type of purser veering attitude where they're willing to really stick it out and go the extra mile that's that's the that's a pretty entrepreneur that's already working themselves into an entrepreneurial space in their head and we have an excellent quote from Anna white here in the screen and talks about perseverance it says success is not the result of chance or of this the knee it is the outworking of God's own Providence that reward the faith in this question. Of virtue and persevering effort so if there is no persevering effort the results will happen. It takes a lot of. Sweat it takes a lot of tears sometimes but really it pays off and remember that it's not some of you that remember math some time is not linear so that it doesn't grow as much in time as it grows every second sometimes is just exponential the the longer it takes the harder it is and the more energy is required there's just how life works so perseverance is very directly associated with interpreter were success if you want to be interpreter if you want to stick with results you've got to really persevere when two four four point four point this is a very risky situation to be in I don't know if this is Photo Shopped or not this photo but this is crazy actually there's I have a company in Dubai and I go to Dubai very often and the prince the son of the emir there he has hanged out like this film to tell us world building the world has a POTO like this I didn't get this photo but you know there's a lot of risk in this photo and I just loved it and we thought of putting it in and number four is in bracelet risk and I put on purpose embrace risk because risk we look at it as a risk is bad right risk it's risky isn't it it's risky so our brains are programmed that anything that is risk I want to avoid it avoid risk. But it's very simple is there reward without risk. I don't think so I don't think so that's why that word embrace is in a positive race in race to race so you see it as your friend it would put a coat on on screen but you're it wasn't you share something about your thoughts of a risk you have taken some race in life as well right. There is a statement Ellen White makes She says someone must venture someone must take risks in this cause. I have an opinion and that is all it is we are very risk averse you share that with me when I when I hear about all the things going on I don't hear anything risky with if that fails that's a bad thing I can tell you in the last twenty years of my life if I told you about all the ventures I have more failures than successes. And I've learned from those failures and you could call them expensive educational endeavors but it's easy to call them failures. If you look at Christ we should be the the greatest risk takers in the world he leaves everything and says I'm going to risk it all on these people. And that spirit would do some mighty amazing things in the movement if we embraced it more if we're very naturally averse to risk. We think that risk is bad so we just program that way yes go ahead. That's a very good question it's a tricky question because one thing is to manage your risk another thing is to manage somebody else who has great but I assume that if somebody is invest in you it's no longer only you know one person's risk but it's both risk weight so they have done their due diligence and there is risk of investing anything we invest in companies and we buy and we sell and obviously we have to be responsible for what we do in terms of the due diligence but you know when you do any investment any type of investment even invest in your case and you know it is a sion. You can't take for granted that's. To be a success that's the whole point of the risk right and we have a point that further that connection that I want to open it but. You have to really be prepared for any outcome. Seriously because we think that only success success is the only outcome so I think no I have S. and this I expect this that's it now and if that was the case then there is no risk then there's no reward reward is associated with risk and usually the ratio is the higher the risk the higher the reward. We have that investments that it has been one to twenty one to forty that means we put one with a forty that's very risky it's very risky but we we know that once we get into that investment we might lose it all. So that balance it's also home much risk you when you take what is the experience you have with risk but embrace the risk that you're taking so you don't fight against it because you have done your homework yet you don't hear it. I find it interesting and Matthew seventeen twenty Jesus says assuredly I say to you if you have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain Move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you you know when you think about that you've actually put yourself in the frame of saying I'm going to have this mountain move now you know Jesus was speaking in in a different term maybe not referring to a physical mount but the idea there is it's risky it's something that he's saying don't be afraid to try for something that may be audacious you know and entrepreneurial space we talk about be hogs the big hairy audacious idea right something that really really stretches you and that often is where the max reward is at and embracing the risk I think also involves. Educating yourselves about what the risks are and how to manage those successfully as you move as you move through them throw more thing in there. Khaleesi asked Jesus of is a fascinating business book there are some principles in there one of them I think of as the concept of Cast your bread upon many waters you don't know what will prosper this or that and so your question something I asked Bill not when I started working with the evidence for of you tell me about all the failures in the last few years of the avenues for of you. When you get up to a certain level in church leadership failures disappear. And I would say how do we how do we challenge that I think it's let's plan for ten things in the next five years if we get ten success stories we should question if are really risking anything. Like let's let's leverage that out let's plan some things and then we had a failure we'll know ah well we've been risking but I can say too often it's you don't have any failures you can speak up oh no everything is excellent. It's risk a little more you don't push the limit and you really need to push the limit there's also a verse here that is very related to this he he who observes the wind were not so and he were guards the clouds would not weep in the morning so your seat and at the evening withhold the not your hand where you do not know which will prosper what Jerry was sharing Zach way same thing then the verse this or that or whatever both a lie will be good right it doesn't say all of them might be all of them might be just one of them or not but if you don't seat if you don't put that risk seat it's not going to happen so don't expect results if you don't take risk now with risk. You also have to work with time. You've got on the stand time and we put this on purpose you're related to risk because one very good thing that I did do is go to a forest I live in B.C. there's a lot of good trees and then those trees did on the existing Portugal. We have all of country but we don't have all trees but do you go to British Columbia you see trees there are five hundred years old five you know one thousand years old fifteen hundred years old they're old they're really old and you look at them they're just majestic and you look at it from the bottom to top those roots. And it's just said you know what a lesson it is to reach that point that toughness you know that strong how that tree became it was it took time some things take. Weak some things they can life. And and they're standing Time is critical in business you know it all has to do with your expectations in your brain if you expect things that should be achieved or realistically will be achieved in ten years or expecting one year you can be disappointed as it didn't work out you know was too much risk whatever and just abandon it but if you understand the some things take ten years you'll be very happy if it happens in seven eight years Danny you guys have been investing for some time also and the brand of your belt you want to share something about how long things think. Well sometimes they take a long time sometimes they go pretty quick and that and that's the flip side of it I one of the things that that faced us very quickly in terms of understanding time and I quickly had to move on something was we we were you always swing for the fences we just talked about you know taking risk and we took a big risk and and went to kind of the preeminent natural organic space retailer whole foods at that time it was it was doing much better than it is now it's kind of plateaued now and we pitched them for national distribution. On a variety of our products and they picked up seven of them nationally and all of a sudden I realized I don't have. Have I don't have a sales force I don't have a broker and network that's national I've got to build it now otherwise I'm not going to be building to allow that time to run and be able to to have that national framework and so we had to move very quickly sander and I got on a plane and we went to eight different locations trained but a broker network together trained and taught them how to sell our products because we needed anchor accounts to make sure our distribution would flow all the way through and so what we did is we said hey we're going to invest for the long term we're going to build this national network and we want to make sure that that is our platform moving forward to make sure that we're successful and as we had to move very quickly but the idea was to install a structure that would allow us year to year to continue to build and grow on on that structure so you have to understand the quick nature and then once you plug it in that that's your basis moving forward in the longer term viewpoint something I've seen that agriculture has taught me is the idea of fruit bearing trees I recently planted an orchard and I did it the Ellen White method and you know you spent hours planting one tree and then of of all those I had I think just one die and then that one dies are like ah it's been hours of that but what I learned was some once a day when a tree is growing if you want to give it give it maximal life potential rip the fruit off for the first three years. And you study in Scripture and you study in the writings of L. and white and there are some interesting prophetic studies here fruit bearing slash character development I believe is a three year process you want to get real specific it may be that three and a half year mark if you're not willing to give your idea three and a half years and even that thought of how do you strip the fruit maybe and reinvested in the company keep looking at the long vision it's probably not your right. It may come come quick yes success may come quick but you've got to make that decision I'm going to do this I'm going to do it the best and I'm going to commit to it for at least three years because in the world of nature the lesson book has taught me I'm going to give this much time I think that's a key thing that a lot of times I've asked myself after an idea I'm not going to give this three years so I'm not going to attempt it. Just just to add to that to get to the point where we were able to actually make that presentation we spent two years putting together our structure without even being able to sell a product and that was a tough two years I mean rebuilding all the infrastructure putting all of it together you know and getting to that point where you could have that it was tough we just had to say hey we're going to purser vear going to keep moving through this and at some point we'll be able to sell a product. And moving on because time is also moving. The verse here is it because yes these nine eleven have seen something under the sun their race is not for the swift or the Battle of the strong or does the food come to the wise or well to the brilliant their favor to the Lord but time and chance happen to them all there's a phrase that I really like which is secular which is being smart enough to get lucky. And get so you're lucky you got to be smart to get lucky so that also says there at Chance happened there's Chasa happen to everybody and you either take opportunity or not never stop learning you know I usually like to say that I always win in every single deal always is an incredible. I've always when I either earn money or experience and sometimes experience is very expensive you know sometimes tuition is very expensive but this is just the added to the positive look at it because you know you always learning you either learn formally or informally. I always ask questions now we're setting up a vegan health lounge as a family in Lisbon it's we hope it's going to be a look at like a franchise or franchise but a chain we set up in Lisbon and it's a new business for me so every single place that I go that I eat I ask very gently I think the ways to ask but ask you know so many people have you had today you know and how many ate this how many at that and how many you have sitting how many were patients you have how much Evan They have even tell me what revenue they tell me sometimes even the profit everything in the present person the worsening the hacker can happen is they say that's your business I don't care right so I just ask so I keep on asking questions my wife always says My kids keep on asking questions. Here he comes again another question a question I asked the waitress asked the guy he's cleaning I asked the boss I ask everybody because that's the way to learn so I learn formally I never stop learning I read magazines books audio books I drive always here I do books constantly I need to feed my brain because I know there's certain things I'm not going to remember but the what I do is a consequence of what I have been feeding my brain on OK so I watch no T.V. in the night fifteen years no T.V. at all and I'm very thoughtful of my time so my time is if I have time to feed my brain it's with good stuff and it's either through material or ask questions keep keep on asking questions anybody want to learning yeah. One of my favorite historical characters is Benjamin Franklin and if you if you look at Benjamin Franklin In fact I wrote it down here his top five inventions just listen to the the difference here that he has a lightning rod we all know him for that story he invented by Focal he invented swim fins you know flippers he invented the urinary catheter and he invented a Franklin stove which had less smoke and better he distribution you think about the. Disparate examination of ideas for that that is the true mind of an entrepreneur that just that you know inquisitive nature to understand and try and learn different things good the verse in another verse this is Ellen White quote that is related to this topic is do not borrow the productions of other men's brains and pens and reside them as a lesson but make the most of your talents the brain power that God has given you you got or you really use your brain don't stop learning there is no such a thing getting out of school there is formal informal school do not stop learning look at this picture look at the detail of this picture. You see to details here OK so this picture is amazing for the next point if you look at it was taken by a helicopter and you can see a little bit of who this side of the left side here it's a massive in the horrible outcome there are some containers there are already smashed in the bottom and you see all this momentum this thing is going to go all over the place. And you really have to prepare for these moments so the theme here is well any outcome we're going to put you know prepare for the zoster that's negative we don't like that. So we put a period just welcome any outcome in business when I analyze a business plan I usually look at revenue. Because Excel accepts everything going more technical you put X. out he's your friend he's a partner millions Immelt is a profit it's amazing in twenty years oh it's billions it's Mazie and you look at it I'm going to be an amazingly successful so Excel is your friend but don't believe it. Excel is very dangerous so what I do with Excel is I do the business plan conservative I double the costs and I can't revenue half if it holds. It's OK to continue if it doesn't hold bad sign so that's an idea of the welcome any outcome you have to be prepared for the worst to happen in business some people ask me what you think about Father I've got to think about fail I have no emotional figure you know I got to think what is the worst thing if I invest a million dollars Can I afford to lose a million dollars can really afford if I have rest thousand dollars can I afford it if you can afford it you're prepared for the worst outcome if you don't afford it you don't do it you have to think what can I afford can this guy afford the whole ship is going to tank it's going to go away everything he didn't think about it it was not good to go on seas and I think those were you guys are disappoint OK So the verse is because yes if anyone there is a time for everything a season for every activity under the heavens even to fail there is a time for everything and be prepared for everything next point moving with a time. Delay right if you cation. This anybody remember Ellen White's quote about this because we have been searching like crazy I've read the quote and I asked my friend Bob that is here even we text him because I think that we did a trip together we talked about this feeling ratification is such an important thing you know today society is all about I want to and I want it now is that true that's what credit cards are all about right just put the plastic on it's it's done you're happy leave the store somebody will buy it even you I don't know it's tremendous depression you have to have a reward now and this is the worst you can have. You gotta delay reward. There's a quote for that but probably you guys have some ideas do you want to share Jerry you want to think about something that may be relevant here there's there's a story in scripture that kind of fascinates me it's when David. Knows he's going to be king and the Lord takes him in to play music for Saul and it's the worst experience of his life so you may be an experience where you're in the worst experience your life your boss is bad your job is bad something's bad that lesson to me for a while you can figure it out then I realized Aha because once you get in one of those experiences you realize that delayed gratification and here's the lesson I get from it there are times in life when God is going to allow you to be in a situation to learn what NOT to do. David learned a very closely from the Lord David because you have dispositions like this man I want you to see very up close here's what you do not do when you become king so you may be in a situation I've been in some of these where I think Lord this is the worst take those moments to say the good times are coming when I will have opportunity to make the decisions but for now I'm learning very closely what not to do. Then if you hear No sorry I didn't share this. For our light to momentary troubles are achieving for us and into the glory that is far away to them all this arranged Gratian isn't it amen because this is the holy experience of the Christian life here on Earth. The reward is such an incredible we were going to receive better we willing to go through this experience so painful in this sort of thing and this is the inspiration you know we have this these. Mind games I use this man gives a lot I have tell his story really quickly when I run and I'll get a point on that I run a lot and when I run it's painful sometimes to finish and when I'm almost done make it and really thriving in going for it I think OK I'm going to remember this moment because when I'm in that negotiating table I'm going to think oh man Ronnie was much harder so when I'm in negotiating table I think they wish it is much harder so these games back and forth and. Me to achieve that's the same thing here there's where able to delay the. Christian reward in business you've got to be prepared to also to delay reward. Ups. The point is delegate almost everything. I delegate like crazy I love the delegate and then he says this and I just love the delegate First there is much much more better people doing a lot of things that I do I'm surrounded by. People that I like to see people are much more people than I and delegation is critical in this presentation I didn't do it I put the ideas on how to tell you know we did it together but my ideas were put on and my views were put on and I gave it to my daughter to select the pictures I'm not going to select the pictures you know. My daughter is here thank you so I give that that task to her and you know the delegation is critical in business you know I don't have time or mine or even you know the talent to select the pictures there are people who at much better why would I do it so I put the point here for us to discuss which is delegate almost everything the critical things that you shouldn't delegate are the ones that you do better than others and they're really critical for your business otherwise just delegate. Things. Delegation is actually tied to focus obviously because if there are certain things you can take off your plate allows you to focus in certain areas that would be like strategic for example but I found two things number one when you delegate to someone you want to make sure that they have a very strong domain expertise and whatever you're delegating to them and the second thing that I found this very important is you want to make sure that they're strategically aligned with you they understand where you're going as a company what the big idea is if those two things are up. Part of the process with them you should be able to delegate effectively to people that work for you or anything at this point that OK this is weird. And business and the poor. Why do you have this point why do we have this point. Point then I say was it was coming so we're going to do it now. We've been sleeping for a long time let's get up. There's a purpose of this you guys are all sleepy. OK Let's move our legs a love bat we're not going to oxygen a lot. OK you get the point right well it was tough to be sitting that long right OK you can sit down and probably can contain a little bit. At least they're walking it's tough to sit down isn't it it's tough. But you think it's tough oxygenate your brain and we put this year because it's actually a business tip is it. It is it is you know I've been playing around with this I've been. I've been experimenting with my body a lot less in the last like five years or so at least I do two things and my kids know about this because I've been preaching to them a long time about this point. First is. I run almost every day so when I go running before I run I think do I feel like I will run if you like running. Usually like ninety percent of the time I feel like running no I don't feel like it so that's what most people exercise do you want to go when you want to you know we want to go exercise Not really other things to do right so I put in a scale one to ten how much do I feel now. How much do I want to run usually my average is two three four one to ten is pretty low so two three four like a three four I don't feel like I am. Then I go running and lately the last two or three years I've been using it as a business OK Sion. My agenda's very full but I go running for the purpose because I read a study some years ago a long time ago the US military does this did this study they put two groups and one was running for an hour and the other was not running and their I.Q. test at the end basically to make a very long story short the group that run when they did the test one hour after and that peer of time they had twenty percent higher I.Q. because their brains were oxygenated rate the oxygen the brain is an incredible thing is an inquiry you got to use it I go run to solve problems so it's a business tool for me and this is solve the run I can go run I have this privilege to bless the work from my home so I can go run anytime I want to schedule it so what Tana to work for it depends it's like I want to do it now so I can solve something the part each one of us did a part of this presentation we put together my part I did it in a one hour run. Seriously I did it because you know I was focused on it I was thinking about it and just look and these came up a boom boom boom boom I have one problem I have nothing to take notes then I want to come back and really run think knows I don't forget it right so the oxygen your brain is tremendous you get to use it oxygen it your brain a new you going to do incredibly well in different ship. You have dirt on the president C.E.O. founder of Giovanni yogurt talks about how his best ideas come from his hikes in nature the new Apple campus in Cupertino this huge space ship looking thing it was literally the apex of Steve Jobs vision for Apple. They actually have it so that he said when it's cool I want people to know that it's a cool day outside when it's warm I want to be warm the building breathes he's planting and Apple is planting nine thousand trees on that campus because of this reason Steve Jobs says my best ideas have always come when I'm out in nature. One one of the just very practical tips I want to share with you that we do with our marketing and sales staff that vibrant health products we all have stand up desks and so what we will do is and we've given them to all of our staff and I see a number of them use them but at some point in the day you know you've heard that sitting is the new smoking you need to get up and move your blood around which is part of oxygen in your brain in addition to the standing desk which I very I do something I spend a lot of time on the phone I spend a lot of time on my computer when I'm on the phone I'm always standing up and pacing in my office so that I'm moving and then when I'm on my computer then I don't feel so bad about sitting and I try and break that up or on a regular pace and that keeps my blood moving keeps the brain oxygen sort of the practical thing if you haven't seen a stand up desk that might be something to look at. Good very good tip the a quote from White says exercise quickens in a quill eyes is this you collation of the blood but in idleness the blood does not sequence really it's obvious right but we will think of what is and the change in it so necessary to life and health do not take place so if you want really thriving business just apply these no practical tips and results will yield they will come they will come Levin we're almost there you have twenty minutes I think we're on time going to make it number eleven seek wisdom first. I was inspired in life by by and by my dad many things and one thing that he taught me was you know one thing that you should ask every day use the Solomons. Life experience. If you ask for wisdom you know God will give you but you've got to ask you've got to ask in it's not something that you ask one time and that's it I try to ask every single day every single day and then you relate wisdom to the challenge that you have in front of you so you have you know as things you have to the site today this week this month this year and you say God give me wisdom in these simple or complicated things and you seek you seek that was them if you don't seek you don't ask it was simply not happen and as it happened with Solomon and the verse is very clear is. So it went back. Where there's a verse say Do Not Forsake wisdom and she will protect you love her and she will watch over you the beginning of wisdom is this. Get wisdom. Though it costs all you have get understanding might cost while you have but you've got to get in the Senate and you've got to ask that now here Jarrett next point schedule health related to that point but I want to you know bring the the oxygen thing more into a role of us but schedule health it's crazy what we do we put everything on top and priorities and Dan and we might get a serious health problem and our plans that we had for ten years twenty years are just. Done. And it's such a simple thing to do but you really have to schedule it you've got to be disciplined and a top tip for it to visit discipline and this is a plan to schedule your health and white has this incredible quote which Here are the new START principles. Pure air. Sunlight. The menus is it like you said in English as menus rest exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power these are the true remedies so if you have these remedies and you apply them and if you look at all of them it has to do with things that you should do every day if you don't schedule them it's going to affect your business it's going to affect your into pro career believe it you cannot delay it sometimes you think they four year two three five I'll get I'll catch up I'll catch up know sometimes you will be too late. If you get here yet all right and this is one of the strongest Danny's points I'm going to give the word to him but create this rupture then we get to be disruptors Danny share with us some disruption ideas. This is a really key point to any successful entrepreneur your venture because you have a marketplace that you're trying to look at say how can I how can I get ahead of the pack How can I be different how can I be ahead and if you look at scripture scripture is replete with stories of disruption God uses disruption and in many different ways the text we have going through that up Reuben. Actually relates to it and I'll list a couple of these very quickly but this this quote actually comes from Acts of the Apostles when it talks about the fact that the Christian church that was a Jerusalem was then pushed out of their comfort zone there was a huge disruption with the stoning of Stephen. That God used to actually push the Gospel outside of Jerusalem and let's just look at it together it says forgetting that strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service Note Note her words aggressive service they began to think that they had no work so important as that of shielding the church in Jerusalem from the attacks of the enemy but notice this to scatter his representatives abroad where they could. Work for others God permitted persecution to come upon them driven from Jerusalem the believers went everywhere preaching the word disruption if you think about some of the other key disruptive stories in the Bible the flood you think the flood was a little bit disruptive I mean that's like wipe it clean from the very get go Joshua leading the Moses and Joshua leading the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land where there are the people there that didn't want to leave but there was a disruption that happened there Joya this is one that I really like Jehovah was was a High Priest who saw that the royal line of David had really declined badly he takes a baby raises him in private and you know builds up his little coalitional a sudden puts him out there at age six or seven or whatever it was and said hey here's your new king that's disruptive that's highly disruptive of course Christ is the ultimate disruptor and you look at what he has done for us Caleb Caleb is probably one of my favorite stories because there's so much nuance to it you look at Caleb and you see the tribe of him after they've conquered Canaan as a national group of Israel and that if you're mites come and say hey we're big we want more space and they think they're going to be able to to to actually sway Josh because he's from their tribe and he says no no I'm not going to give you an extra go conquered if you want and taking on that Caleb comes up and says hey I want to take the toughest place with the biggest guys in the the stone you know that the castle up on the hill give me that one and it was just disruptive to the to the time in the place and the way that the way that all the other children of Israel were were you know saying I'll just give us this give us this he said no I'm going to be disruptive I'm going to set the tone this is a key key component of entering any entrepreneurial strategy I think. I just want to add on the story that relates to his direction. Is another key point is really what this is get out of your comfort zone you know. Looking at things that I've been doing I have had results usually always related to getting out of my comfort zone if you always do what your comfort is. Going to be pretty shallow. The the fact that you move to an area you do something there are two million comfortable for you that is going to make a change are going to be back full so I badger for Caleb he was a tough man he he really had a lot of faith but he knew it was going to be tough it was probably out of his because there were giants there right he was not a giant if you look at a giant that's is almost impossible but he went out of his comfort zone because you wanted that reward Jerry and I think here I just say something to cage rattling but maybe I should say it if we don't start to disrupt the world with our message it will disrupt us and God will still accomplish it. Pretty good particularly with health. There's a statement from Ellen why if you look up the words candle stick removed if we do not lead the health movement our candlestick will be removed and given to another. So. Let's disrupt some things let's get out there and do it I love Isaiah fifty nine nineteen and just picture this in your mind as I read this when the enemy comes in like a flood and I almost picture a battle scene here the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him that's disruptive highly disruptive. Right fourteen we're almost there we have fifteen to share agility this animal game so be out. Danny back to you. Garrett was going to jail here all right so a story that has fascinated me lately is the story of Abigail Abigail is married to neighbor all rich guy David Smith have cared for the flock here they're hungry and they make a request Hey we just need some food if you'll hook us up and enable turns them away who's David you know exactly where David is Abigail hears this from the servants and she realizes we are all dead in the morning if we do not act and this woman with a spirit of agility acts immediately she gets the food together she goes and meets David and she prevents David from a slaughter that would have been an accepting only bad thing on his record her spirit of kindness in this moment which is something that is a study I would love to talk to you more about sometime kindness is the element in the world that is making companies millions of dollars she exhibits this and she is the example to David she blows his mind with how quickly she had reacted to the situation and when he hears that Mabel dies he says I got to marry that woman. Well think about how quick she acted you can be very diplomatic both you can be really really there. Right here is the actually the first that the jury just shared the same thing we got over it and we have the last one and that's when he's so important and powerful he might have five minutes with you and I think we're making it right on time. Dannie want to wrap up with this point. So you know this is something that I think speaks to the really essence of what A.S.I. is about which is sharing Christ in the marketplace and many times as an entrepreneur or a business owner you. Have opportunities to share your faith and we chose and we talked a lot about the word nuanced and I like I like the meaning around that word the idea is one you know I think of Henry Kissinger one of my favorite quotes from him as a statesman is nuance is the essence of statesmanship you know when you think about what that means you know basically you're you have a really strong understanding of your counterpart that you're having a discussion with you know typically many of the people in business that you'll deal with are are very well educated they're people that have been successful they have they have the ability to think and analyze for themselves and so as you as you think about how you're going to potentially witness to someone like that you have to be very nuanced and and and not put them in a box where you're kind of forcing them into saying yeah I'm either integrate you're not you want to give them space to analyze and think and come back to you and I'll give a very brief example and you guys may have some as well a good friend of mine who actually was was part of my downline sales structure worked for me for five six years before he left and started his own business and I became very very close and he was actually had a very strong spiritual background from another faith we had a lot in common and we talked quite in-depth multiple times although I never shared anything that was unique or special about my personal beliefs a Seventh Day Adventist he knew I was of they have an asst he was very aware the fact that we kept Sabbath from Friday night you know sundown to Saturn nights and because we were never at the shows never really talked about it much and then he he experienced the loss of his father. And you know sometimes in those critical moments there is opportunity for nuanced witnessing and so at around the same time I lost my grandfather and so we had the chance to sit down and talk a little bit about what that meant you know how we related to that you know. Death of someone that's very very close to you and in that moment I was able to share in a very nuanced way a little bit about what I believed and why I could relate to to the fact that I lost my grandfather and still have hope that I would see him again and I didn't press I didn't press that you know hard I just left it hang and kind of let it germinate for a month or two and because he left to start his own business we didn't have regular interactions again but then there was a client that a potential client of his that I recommended to him and so we started the conversation again I said hey he had told me that he had a plane ride in that he could always see where his father was buried when every flew back in to where he lived and I said hey I've got something for you that you might want to read on your next flight when you're when you're flying home and he knew what I meant when I said that I didn't say anything I just and I sent him the book and it was a book on immortality of the soul and what we believe and I got an email back from him about a week after when he received he said Thanks for the book I can't wait to read it and looking forward to talking to you about it some more and so it wasn't where I came in and I pounded into hammered him and said here's what the Bible says I gave him the opportunity to examine it for himself and if you want to talk about it with me more he will if he doesn't I'm not pushing but that nuance understanding how to give that person the ability to move and analyze it for themselves I think is a real critical component of a successful Christian entrepreneur. Roger the point here yeah. You know talking about the nuances there's a trend right now with something called social entrepreneurship where your company does something very openly and publicly goodwill for the community or for a cause and it actually is embedded into your company so you take Toms Shoes or Warby Parker you buy something and we also get something somewhere else. I think about that when I read this quote and hear me out this is Christian service one forty eight Oh I says the desire to accumulate wealth isn't a riginal affection of our nature implanted there by our Heavenly Father for noble ends. So that desire to get rich is something God puts in this for the desire to give that money to things that God wants you to do companies are taking advantage of this and saying hey if you help us we want to help them so there's there's a nuanced overt way in which to share but what fascinates me about that is. We often have an aversion to discussing wealth and maybe even animosity to those who may have it but when you really think about it Solomon's words which are profound to think they're in Scripture money answers all things in the book of Ecclesiastes or the King James says Money answer if everything. There is something profound about the the tool of money that can minister in the world that it may need some further study from us on how and why we maybe haven't fully grasp that concept. Also says that So this is clearly a loaded subject that we completely how to present. Or right to rep it up you might have some questions or not we have gone through fifteen points just to remind everybody set goals for course constantly persevere embrace risk understand the time for that never stop learning welcome any outcome delay gratification delegate almost everything oxygenate your brain so you can be ready for some things seek wisdom first schedule your health create his rep. And nuance in your witnessing. We need to wrap it Jared could you pray for us to end before we do I want to make a little plug there are some individuals who have come together to form a venture capital firm to fund endeavors in places in the world where the church is being asked to leave the only way the Gospel get into these areas is through business if the Lord has blessed you with money or talent and experience or a willingness to go to places that are not popular to go to I would love to talk to you over the next few days I'll be sharing a little more tomorrow night on this I cannot tell you what it is I cannot tell you those are involved because heads will be lost unless you talk to me and we can sign in India and we can talk more but this is a burden on my heart that the gospel is being blocked from Nations and Business is the only way in let's let's pray Heavenly Father we thank you for this time together we pray Lord that you'll help us to understand that concept more and more that you shared through Ellen White that religion and business are not different they are the very same thing help us to understand that what does that look like how do we apply that in our lives and Lord how does the Gospel translate into a transformed community where when people come amongst us they recognize we are the kindest people in the world we pray this in Jesus' name. This media was produced by audience forty S Adventist Lehmann's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about yes. Yes I missed. Or if you like this. Sermon please visit. Body of verse.


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