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Righteous by Faith- Seeing Further than Martin Luther

Ron Duffield
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"We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history" (Life Sketches, p.196). In this seminar, Ron Duffield will discuss Adventist History in light of the message of Righteousness by Faith and how this core message is meant to be the foundational message upon which all other Adventist distinctives are to be built, including the Sanctuary message and the Laodicean message. In this session, we will glean many lessons from our past history that are beneficial today. 


Ron is a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist. His great-great-grandfather even attended the 1888 General Conference. Ron and his wife spent nearly fifteen years at Weimar Institute where he served in the NEWSTART program and as college librarian. There he began his work on "The Return of the Latter Rain", published in 2010. The second volume in the series,"Wounded in the House of His Friends," will be published in 2014. Ron currently works as a respiratory therapist in Walla Walla, Washington.




  • August 4, 2017
    10:45 AM
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Father we thank you for the opportunity to be here at A.S.I. and Lord we recognize that your work is continuing around the world and we pray your blessing on every ministry that represented here. We also ask that you will open our minds to this the message of Christ Our Righteousness and the importance that it will play in the final scenes in earth's history Lord please bless us today open our ears to hear and give me the words I pray to speak in Jesus' name we pray Amen. So we're going to start with Martin Luther here in a lot of what I'm quoting from you'll find in the great controversy or other places where Ellen White talks about the Reformation and so we're just going to start cover a little bit of the Reformation and then come out into Advent Adventist history as well and see if we can carry this theme all the way through Ellen White said in a great controversy she wrote this eight hundred eighty eight edition there was a present truth in the days of Luther a truth that time of special importance at that time a special importance there is a present truth for the church today but truth is no more desired by the majority today than it was by the papers to oppose Luther. And you know this. Is really the great controversy. It's Satan who wants to misrepresent God and that's why the topic of righteousness by faith has always been a debated topic and that's because the devil wants to stir up strife and and hatred and confusion desire of ages I was looking up for this quote This morning the principle that man can save himself by his own words lay at the foundation of every heathen religion where ever it is hill men have no barrier against sin. So where it went where ever there is a religion or whenever we feel somehow that we have within us the power to save ourselves there's no barrier against send because we are incapable of overcoming that nature that all of us has it has to be an outside source of power and of course this was the case in Luther's day that Luther never meant to start a reformation against the church he wanted just to reform the church itself and of course they were there was an antagonism against his message because he was speaking against the mores that had lasted that had been going on for you know nearly what a thousand years in those dark ages. But notice here. Luther. Didn't come fully out of that darkness of the Dark Ages in that one generation but he did of course present light and live up to the light that he understood unfortunately you know this is normal peace and a manuscript written in the one nine hundred forty S. Unfortunately Luther allowed for followed Augustine rather than Paul in his teaching of predestination freedom of will and kindred doctrines the middle of the sixteenth century found there for two dominant Protestant schools of thought in Europe Lutheranism and Calvinism both were striving to emancipate thousands from the bondage of medieval Catholicism and both were defending violently to certain Scriptural doctrines both systems however possessed glaring weaknesses and so we have to recognize today although we're not throwing stones at Luther or other. Reformers they did not have all the light there is in the scripture but they were moving away from the darkness there in the dark ages this is what Ellen White says in regard to this topic she says the Reformation did not as many supposin with Luther. To be continued to the close of this world's history loser had a great work to do and reflecting to others the light which God had permitted to shine upon him yet he did not receive all the light which was to be given to the world from that time to this and she's speaking in one thousand nine hundred eight the New Light has been continually shining upon the scriptures and new truths have been constantly unfolding and so it's simply here put it just means that Martin Luther was a great reformer but he did not have all the light there was to find in the Scriptures but not only that. There was a tendency to not want to move beyond the reformers and this is often the case now there are these are principles that we should learn today because sometimes we're slow to move ahead beyond our fathers so to speak John Robinson who was a pilgrim in the fifteenth about the sixteen hundred. Ellen White quotes him in great controversy and this is what he said I cannot sufficiently be will the condition of the reform churches who are come to a period in religion and will go no farther than the instruments of their reformation the Lutherans cannot be drawn to go any farther than what Luther saw and the Calvinist you see stick fast where there they were left by the great man of God who yet saw not all things so again years that principle of failing to move beyond the original reformer and so a new generation arises and doesn't want to go any farther in the study or advancing of truth not only that but there's times when. That which the future or past generation taht the new generation forgets and they fall back into darkness and this also happened. In the years following Martin Luther by the time of the Wesley's notice what Ellen White says the great doctrine of Justification by Faith so clearly taught by Luther had been almost wholly last sight of and the Romish principle of trusting to good works for salvation had taken its place and she's speaking of the time in the seventeen hundreds when Charles and John Wesley came on the scene with field in the Westley's who were members of the Established Church were sincere seekers for the favor of God and this they had been taht was to be secured by a virtuous life and an observance of the ordinances of religion so again they had fallen back not completely but into this idea that somehow man in order to gain favor of God had to do certain things particularly through the church to gain God's favor. John Wesley. Had in a conversion experience in seven hundred thirty eight where he was reading Luther's material and he realized that his understanding was not where it should be and this is how I describe that event in great controversy through long years of worrisome and comfortless striving years of rigorous self-denial and reproach and humiliation Wesley had steadfastly adhered to his one purpose of seeking God Now he had found him and he found that grace which he had toiled to win by prayers and fast by almost deeds in self-abnegation was a gift without money and without price and it's interesting John Wesley even repeats the words of Luther and his own conversion experience he talks about his heart how his heart was strangely warmed as he read Luther's world works and what continues here describing why. Experience she says once established in the faith of Christ his whole soul burned with the desire to spread everywhere and knowledge of the glorious gospel of God's free grace he continued his strict and self-denying life but notice not now the ground as the ground but the result of faith not the root but the fruit of holiness the grace of God in Christ is the foundation of the Christian hope and that grace will be manifest in obedience Wesley's life was devoted to the preaching of the great truths. Which he had received notice there is to hear justification through faith in the toning blood of Christ and the renewing power of the Holy Spirit upon the heart bringing forth fruit in a life conform to the example of Christ so Wesley didn't just you know throw living to the wind but now he was motivated by a much higher motivation and that was because of God's. Free grace and forgiveness and his life he now wanted to tell the world even more so than he had before. Well I kind of summarizes this idea of the Reformation that it's described as the building of a temple so all of these reformers down to our very day we are building on this temple as she describes it the enemy of righteousness left nothing undone in his effort to stop the work committed to the Lord's builders and she is writing this in Acts in the apostles like the Apostles many of them fill out their post but the building of the temple went steadily forward the wall didn't seem John like Live us to Rome Martin Luther swing leaked Cranmer Lattimer knocks the Huguenots John and Charles Wesley and a host of others brought to the foundation material that will endure throughout eternity so note is that there's been a foundation built but it is a if all you have is a foundation. That's where you have a foundation but there's a building to be built on this foundation she continues and in later years those who buy their service than service in heathen lands have prepare the way for the plaque proclamation of the last great message these also have helped to rear the structure through the ages that have passed since the days of the Apostles the building of God's temple has never ceased so God is building this temple and someday that temple so to speak is going to be finished and that will be in the culmination of his return in the end of this whole great controversy but what about Adventism or the Seventh Day Adventist movement and how has this reformation continued in our church so I want to take a look here at the advent movement and you're very familiar with this statement Ellen White wrote this in one thousand nine hundred two and she was specifically talking about organization at the time but this statement applies I think in a much broader sense than just organization she says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history so as administering like the reformers if we fail to teach the next generation how God has led us in the past they may fall back into errors of days gone by unless we keep that history fresh in our minds. So what about the advent movement of course William Miller begin to preach an eight hundred thirty three there was others who joined him in this worldwide movement proclaiming the soon coming of Christ and this was then described by the evident believers in the United States as the first angels message really which drove this. Impetus to share this message around the world and this is how. And White describes it Notice how she compares it with the Reformation the first angels message was carried to every missionary station in the world and in some countries there was the greatest religious interest which has been witnessed in any land since the reformation of the sixteenth century but these are to be far exceeded by the mighty movement under the last warning of the third angel so that reformation which began back in the middle of the Dark Ages there was to continue to the very end of time and Ellen White describes that early Advent movement with the miller right movement as. Having interest or creating interest as great as. That Reformation back in the sixteenth century. Notice how she goes on to talk about this early Advent movement a great religious awakening under the proclamation of Christ soon coming is foretold in the prophecy of the first angels message of Revelation fourteen the message is declared to be a part of the everlasting Gospel and it announces the opening of the judgment so she's talking about in the Book of Revelation the three angels messages here the message of salvation has been preached in all ages but this message the judgment our message is a part of the gospel which could be proclaimed only in these last days for only then would it be true that the hour of judgment had come so here she's saying that there is a part of the Reformation message which was never given in Luther's day because it was not a political to his time but it was or is in the eight hundred forty S. and on she continues the prophecies present a succession of events leading down to the opening of the judgment this is especially true of the Book of Daniel but that part of his prophecy which related to the last days Daniel was bidden to close up and seal to the time it. The end she's speaking of Daniel's particularly eight and nine. Not till we reach the time this time could a message concerning the judgment be proclaimed based on a fulfillment of these prophecies the coming of Christ could not take place before that time no such message has ever been given in past ages Paul as we have seen did not preach it he pointed his brother and into the far distant future for the coming of the Lord the reformers did not proclaim it Martin Luther placed the judgment about three hundred years in the future from his days so again just this a put this quote in your just to to show us to remind is that the Reformation didn't end with Martin Luther that there was more to that message. Then he could proclaim Because the hour of God's judgment had not come until the eight hundred forty S.. In one thousand nine hundred nine Ellen White described then some of the landmark Mark teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and of course this came about after the great disappointment in one thousand nine hundred four and there was bible conferences in the late eight hundred forty S. and eight hundred fifty S. were Adventists sat down together second Adventist Sabbath keeping Adventists and they studied the Bible and Saga out the truth that. Had been hidden for years and this is how I won white defines or summarizes those truths that were discovered there in the eight hundred forty S. and fifty's the passing of time in eight hundred forty four was a period of great events opening to our astonished eyes the cleansing of the sanctuary transpiring in heaven and having decided relation to God's people upon the earth also the first and second angels messages and the third unfurling the banner on which was inscribed the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and so of course this was the text. It. Admin a saw as applying to describing them as the command keepers of God and having the faith of Jesus the light of the Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment flashed its strong rays in the pathways of the transgressors of God's law the non immortality of the wicked is an old landmark and so to kind of summarize these are kind of the list of those landmarks that that Ellen White is describing in one thousand nine hundred nine is kind of the basic landmarks that Seventh Day Adventist or Sabbath keeping administrate out there in the forty's and fifty's but they also came to understand other aspects of biblical truth including the whole idea of the great controversy in a greater way than had been seen before their study of Daniel and Revelation brought them to understand more about the mark of the beast the seal of the time of trouble and the latter reign in the loud cry all of these were themes that early Adventist. Studied out and learned but God didn't stop there he realized that there was a movement that needed a avenue in which to take the messages that they had studied out in the scriptures to the world and so through organization. And many branches of the work the ministry of Angela's a missionary work health and temperance sanitariums medical missionary work publishing and all of its aspects and education through all of these branches of work it was God's intent that this web of Truth be broadcast to the world and of course all of these branches of work were to work in unity under the same message not all doing the same thing but working together to proclaim the final message to the world. But as you know by by eight hundred fifty two. The latest C.N.N. message which administers Sabbath keeping admin as Ted I always applied to other Protestant churches. There was a realisation that that condition had was really describing Sabbath keeping administers as well if not specifically a notice this article the first time that Ellen White wrote about this lady can lead us in Condition eight hundred fifty two she says as I have of late looked around to find the humble followers of the meek and lowly Jesus my mind has been much exercised many who profess to be looking for the speedy coming of Christ are becoming conformed to this world and seek more earnestly the applause of those around them then the approbation of God They are cold and formal like the nominal churches that they but a short time since separated from the words addressed to the latest Sanch or describe their present condition perfectly and then she quotes of course Revelation three fourteen to twenty so by eight hundred fifty two Ellen White made it clear and others were writing on this as well in the review that as a people we had fallen into a latest see and condition a similar condition that happened in the days of the reformers where. Failing to follow on in the truth and live by those trues they their experience begin to fade away. Well of course Revelation three fourteen describes this condition and we're all familiar with that there is a difference of opinion between what God sees and how we describe ourselves or how the the pioneers it since we're speaking in that time period how they describe themselves and the key phrase is there without know as to not well how how would that condition by the way affect the church the branches of the work would it not affect them all and particularly at the bottom there you know. As disunity is ultimately the result so when we're not all familiar the Church of the time the admin movement of the time we're suffering under this latest see and condition there tended to be strife and disunity in all of these branches of the work not working together in the same message to be given to the world well thank God. There is remedies offered and Revelation three doesn't just end with a description of the condition of God's people at that time and by the way speaking of our time as well God has Divine remedies and they are described as gold and white Rayment and I have which he offers to us now notice how and when white described. This latest see in message the latest see in message has been sounding. Take this message in all its phases and sounded forth to the people wherever Providence opens the way justification by faith and the righteousness of Christ are the themes to be presented to a perishing world so at the very core at the very heart of the latest Sian message or the remedies which God is offering is this message of righteousness by faith. And that message also should go to the world now I would ask the same question well those remedies of fact or will they bring healing to every branch of the work in God's church and I say yes they will every area. Now by eight hundred eighty three this is now the time of a second generation of adman is coming on the scene Ellen White describes the fact that because this message had not been accepted or taken to heart the latest message and the remedies that a delay of Christ coming had occurred. She says this in one thousand nine hundred three had to administrate after the great disappointment in eight hundred forty four held fast their faith and followed on United Lee in the opening providence of God receiving the message of the third angel in the power of the Holy Spirit. Proclaiming it to the world they would have seen the salvation of God the Lord would have wrought mightily with their effort the work would have been completed and Christ would have come ere this to receive his people to their reward for forty years did unbelief murmuring rebellion shut out the ancient Israel from the land of Canaan the same sins have delayed the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan and then notice what she says In neither case were the promises of God at fault it is the unbelief the world in us and on consecration and strife among the Lord's professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years so here we are almost forty years eight hundred eighty three almost forty years after the eight hundred forty four experience and Ellen White is comparing that situation then with the situation of Israel coming out of Egypt on the way to Canaan. Well let's ask how it is that. Gavin tism at that time could fall away from the message that God had given them and why was this latest see in condition continuing even into the second generation so let's go back to this statement I want made in one thousand nine hundred nine where she talks about the foundational landmarks that were studied out in the very last when they're here says the thirty angels message which unfurled a banner on which was inscribed the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and it's here in this thirteen joules message that we really find once again that message of righteousness by faith which is to be. A prominent part of the Advent message though is what it says here in November one thousand nine hundred eight the third angel's message is the proclamation of the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the commandments of God have been proclaimed But the faith of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed by some they had been is as of equal importance the law and the Gospel going hand in hand so there obviously was a imbalance there where the commandments of God were being presented but the faith of Jesus was being left aside the faith of Jesus is talked of but not understood she says what constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the third angel's message Jesus becoming our sin barrier bear that he might become our sin pardoning savior he has treated it he was treated as we deserve to be treated he came to our world and took our sins that we might take his righteousness faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and fully and entirely is the faith of Jesus so here is she saying that that part of the three angels message this is the Gospel and that is to be a part in part with the law of God the message that is to go to the world so the question is you know how could this come about the situation come about where. The faith of Jesus was lost sight of in the eight hundred eighty S.. And I think there's of course many obvious answers of course the the first one would be the latest the in condition and and the very remedies offered to the latest scenes describe the fact that they do not have Christ's righteousness at least in an experience will sense pride in being part of the rim the church now I'm not in any way saying here that we should disdain the idea of the remnant church there are some that are kind of pushing that idea aside but what I'm saying here. Is that there is a human condition in which we naturally become proud of our heritage the Jews did it because they were the seed of Abraham and they thought somehow that you know got them a higher place in God's eyes and it was an issue of pride and of course it can be an issue and it was I believe in the eighteen hundreds where there was kind of a pride in the idea that they were the remnant church and overreaction to the opposition against the Ten Commandments in the Sabbath so as people Protestant churches rose up and said you know this is the law as been done away with in route excuse me in responding to that. There was a. Tendency to. Over emphasize the Ten Commandments and put the plate put aside the gospel of an imbalance begin to take place there as they reacted to opposition sometimes the pendulum swings. A debating style of a Angeles and preaching and this of course you probably all heard about it an evangelist would show up in a town and he would challenge one of the pastors local pastors to debate and then based on his knowledge of Scripture you know they would. Kind of annihilate the local pastor and take some of his members and of course this caused strife and fair say ism and all that results from that and then a false understanding that most converts come from other Christian churches therefore they already understand righteousness by faith and I think this is a danger we can have even today the idea that because other churches believe in salvation therefore that's a subject we don't need to dwell on but you know there's a lot of ideas out there about the plan of salvation I mean just you know Calvinism universalism I mean just in general just like other teachings that have air make stand them. So is even the. The doctrine of salvation in other churches understanding so it's a topic that needs to be preached about with everybody. To realize that righteousness by faith is a key component to our last day message and this I think Ellen White was over and over again trying to emphasize a failure to realize the uniqueness of Haven't ism's biblical understanding of righteousness by faith I don't think we can fully understand righteousness by faith aside from the idea of the whole great controversy aside from the idea that of the sanctuary and how the sanctuary service in the Old Testament is a depiction of the whole plan of salvation and it's only through understanding that that we have a full idea of how God wants to eradicate sin for ever not only on this planet but in the whole universe Well I'm just going to give a couple examples of what the result of this condition had during this time period and I don't I can't go into this with any detail but there are several situations that came up during these years that kind of lead us to understand how the Gospel or righteousness by faith was kind of put on the back burner one of them was in eight hundred fifty four there was a series of articles in the administering view titled The leading doctrines of Adventism And so there were several weeks where they would have another. Set of another doctrine that was talked about and there was nothing in there about righteousness by faith or the plan of salvation in a specific sense in eight hundred seventy two there was a book put out this would be similar to our twenty eight fundamental beliefs or that our book and on the twenty seven fundamental beliefs this was called a declaration of the fundamental principles taught and practiced by Seventh Day Adventist and in the entire book which had twenty five articles of faith there was very little said on the plan of salvation then in eighteen seventy seven math and James White both did a series of lectures on the principle doctrines of Seventh Day Adventists. And that summer of eight hundred seventy seven it was the talks were published in a book and as you go through that entire book there's very little that was said about. The salvation or righteousness by faith now what they did say was true I'm not in any way decrying that but this is just an example of what happened as a result of putting aside or putting as of less importance the subject of righteousness by faith. Although the law and other things were. Held up and this is what Ellen White described and you can find many statements that she makes like this I had several slides I only kept this one she said on the one hand the religion as generally have divorced the law and the Gospel while we on the other hand have almost on the same from another standpoint we have not held up before the people the righteousness of Christ and the full significance of his great plan of redemption we have left out Christ and his matchless love and brought in theories and reasonings and preached arguments she's writing this by the way in one thousand nine hundred nine unconverted men have stood in the pulpit sermonizing with their their own hearts have never experienced the sweet evident through a living clinging trusting faith of the forgiveness of their sins how can they preach the love the sympathy the forgiveness of God for all their sins in other words if we don't have an experience ourselves in righteousness by faith and know what that means how can we say share that with others and with the world. Well change begin to take place in the early eight hundred eighty S. And I want to show you at least a little glimpse here of of how I think this came back about an eight hundred seventy three Dr M.G. Kellogg he was a relative of John Harvey Kellog he had a. A picture or a chart. Made it was actually fairly small and then he would they printed out often the evangelists would use this for a teaching tool as they did their Vangelis Dick series and so this particular one was called The Way of Life and in it you'll see there is a lottery with the ten commandments and then there's the old sacrificial system there on the left and that's the shadow and then you have the Lord's Supper and baptism there in the New You can see the cross there and then there's a little pathway that kind of heads through the woods there it's difficult to see where it goes but if it ends up there in the kingdom well in eighteen seventy six James White decided to make a revision of this. Picture evangelist Dick tool and so this is the way of life an eight hundred seventy six from Paradise Lost to paradise restored and the same idea vandals would use this and then there would be a little booklet that would go along with it that would explain the different parts of the picture but you notice here the all seeing eye was taken out the pathway to heaven is not quite is. It's more open and so forth and this is what James White actually. Would make and I'm sure he would make another change then in eight hundred eighty where this one was called Christ the way of life and notice the difference with this picture it's still the idea of the shadow in the Old Testament there and the new but you notice what's the central part of the picture and so James White had this to say an eight hundred eighty as he was writing to Ellen White he says I have a sketch also of the new picture Behold the Lamb of God This differs from the eight hundred seventy six way of life in these particularly the lottery is removed Christ on the crossed. It is made large and placed in the center so here in a teen eighty one James White clearly is expressing in this evangelist Dick tool a change that took place in his own life and I want to ask or we want to see why that was what had happened why was there this change in his mind and notice what he says this is in an article that spring of one thousand nine hundred one he says Blessed said our Lord are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled and he's quoting from Matthew five six with some There is an unutterable yearning of soul for Christ and the writer is one of this class with some of us it has been business were care giving Christ but a little room in the mind and in the affections with others it has been nearly all theory dwelling upon the law and the prophets the nature and destiny of man and the message is talking about the first and second and third a nose message while destitute to an alarming degree of an indwelling Christ so it's possible to be caught up be very busy in work and still be. Destitute of an indwelling Christ our preachers James White continued need more encouragement they should preach Christ more and they should know more of him upon whom all our hopes of success here and of heaven here after depend so here James White has come to a time in his life and he's realizing that even in his own life Christ has not had that dwelling place in him as it should and he's sensing a need for something more one A Nother preacher that was traveling with James Wade in that spring wrote this about him James Whitey said during the last few months I was with James White about eight weeks so that I have had the best opportunities to know him thoroughly he often said to me. I've Atlee and also spoke of it over and over in nearly all his sermons this spring and summer that he felt he must be more tender toward his brother and more compassionate toward the airing and that he must cultivate more love for Christ and more patience in his trials as all will remember where ever he preached James White preached the past few months he dwelt largely upon faith in Christ and the boundless love of God. So James I didn't set aside all the admin is true and doctrines but he began to lift up Christ more and notice what it did to his own experience he became more tender he realized that others needed Christ more in fact this spilled over even into his own marriage I took this light out but there I had a couple slides were even his relationship with Ellen White changed in the spring of one thousand nine hundred one as he came to her and apologized for the things he had said in the past that had been hurtful to her and so there was a renewal of their consecration to one another in the spring of eighty one and this was all the result of James White's desire to see Christ lifted up more in his own life and in the church. Well that desires went even farther than just seeing a need in his own life he decided that in the spring of eighty one that they needed to move and notice what I want right here in the spring and early summer of eighty one we spent together at our home in Battle Creek my husband hoped to arrange his business so that we could go to the Pacific coast in the boat our ourselves to writing he felt we had made a mistake in allowing the apparent once of the cars in the entries of our brother and urged as in the act of labor in preaching when we should have been writing and then notice what he says She says My husband desired to present more fully the glorious subject of redemption and I had long contemplated the preparation of important books so here on why to saying we. James and I decided we need to be writing more and specifically on this subject of the good of redemption so here they are eight hundred eighty one and they decided we need to go to the Pacific coast get away from all the trials of being here at the center of the work and God was urging them to do this well at the last minute James white kind had a change of plan the notice would Ellen White says she says I urged upon him the importance of seeking a field of labor where we would be released from the burdens necessarily coming upon us a Battle Creek in reply he spoke of various matters which required attention before we could leave duties which someone must do so James White too many things going on I can't leave quite yet with tears he expressed his anxiety for our institutions at Battle Creek said he my life has been given to the upholding of these institutions it seems like death to leave them I would rather die than leave to see these institutions mismanaged or turn aside from the Purpose for which they were brought into existence so James white when it really came down to it he couldn't let go here he had this impression I need to be writing more on this subject of redemption our pastors needed that's where my work needs to go but he couldn't leave the heart of the work and he got to the point where he said I'd rather die than leave Battle Creek. And two weeks later he was dead. He caught a cold right after this and turn into pneumonia and two weeks later the Lord laid him to rest now that's not a reflection I don't think on James Whitey Turmel destiny I'm not saying that but the Lord knew he had laid a burden on him he wasn't ready. So the Lord moved on notice this is very interesting I only had a dream a couple weeks later James White is dead and she has a dream and in her dream James White is talking to her and he saying this in her dream we have made a mistake we have responded to urgent invitation. Of our brother in to attend important meetings we have not the heart to refuse these meetings have worn us both more than we were aware we might have done a great deal for years with our pins and this is James White again in a dream talking to Ellen on this subject people need to that we have had light upon and can present before them which others do not have and I would submit to you that James White in this dream is talking about that emphasis on redemption and righteousness by faith thus can you work when your strength returns he's telling Elam as it will and you can do far more with your pin than with your voice we ought to have gone to the Pacific coast before and devoted our time and energies to writing will you do this now will you as your strength returns take your PIN and write out these things we have so long anticipated and make a slowly there is important matter which the people need and based on the context of James White's last few year of life I believe he's specifically saying we need to lift up Christ more and the message of righteousness by faith well is interesting because only a couple of years later looks back to the death of her husband in this is what she says when I sat with my hand the hand of my dying husband in my own I knew that God was at work while I sat there on the bed by his side he in such feverishness it was there like a clear chain of light presented before me the workmen are buried but the work shall go on I have workman. That Schildt take hold of this work Fear not be not discouraged it shall go forward it was there that I understood that I was to take the work in the burden stronger than I ever born before it was there that I promised the Lord that I would stand by my post of duty to do as far as possible the work that God had given me to do. With the understanding notice that God was to bring in an element in this work that we have not had yet so here are even at the side of her dying husband God is promising her I will lay down one but I will raise up others and specifically with a message that we have not yet had again I feel like this is right in the church in the train of those events that were happening in eight hundred eighty one and James White's life. Well I relocated to California after James White died she moved in with her son in for a short while in Oakland and then found her own home in Healdsburg but in the summer of eighty two she became very sick and she went to the sanitarium for about a week there in hopes of getting well and after about a week's time she decided it really wasn't helping her and she came to the point where she really felt like she as we'll would pass on to the grave with her husband and in the US late summer October of one thousand nine hundred two there was a camp meeting there in the hills burg and Ellen White ask before she died if she couldn't be taken out to this camp meeting and so she get was put into the back of his buggy and they took her out on that first Sabbath October seven to hear the meetings there at the Hillsborough camp meeting this is what she says Sabbath for noon she was very feeble hardly able to leave her bed but at noon she said prepare me a place in the large tent where I can hear the speaker possibly the sound of the speaker's voice will prove a blessing to me I am hoping for something to bring new life. So I will might actually had a couch brought up close to the front of the tent there where she could sit and listen to the Sabbath sermon and interestingly enough this is the preacher's topic that day was on Adventist history and how God had led from eight hundred four. Before to the present time in one thousand nine hundred two and I wonder if that didn't revive her as she saw the way God had worked in the past how we bless this movement will notice what happens right after the sermon she asked if a couple men could help or up to the podium and she wanted to share her last words to the audience there in the congregation before she died she figured this would be the last time she would speak and this is how it was reported after she had spoken a few sentences there was a change in her voice an attitude she felt a thrill of healing power as she proceeded with her address her strength was manifest she stood firmly and did not need to hold on to the desk for support the large congregation witnessed the healing all noticed the change in her voice and many observed the change in her countenance they saw the sudden transition from a death like paleness to the flush of health as the natural colors were seen one of the non S.D.A. businessmen of Hillsborough exclaimed Americal is rot in sight of this whole congregation So here's Owen white chics basically saying this is the last time I'm going to speak before I die she stands up to speak and as she's talking giving her final address the Lord heals her. Well as often is the case if God heals you then he's got to put you to work right. So they ask him why can you stay at the camp meeting and she spoke five times more while she was there and on the last Sabbath of the CAN'T meeting one week later Oct fourteenth it was a rainy foggy Sabbath afternoon and Ellen White preached on the subject of the gospel of his grace that was her topic. And sitting in the back of that tent on that October fourteenth day he was a young man twenty said. And years old and this is what he writes about his experience that day as Illinois preached. In Hillsboro California many years ago the writer set in a tent one dismal rainy afternoon where a servant of the Lord was presenting the gospel of His grace in the midst of that discourse an experience came to me that was the turning point in my life suddenly a life shone about me and the tent seemed to loom and as though the sun were shining I saw Christ crucified for me and to me it was revealed for the first time in my life the fact that God loved me and that Christ gave Himself for me personally and it was all for me. I knew that this light that came to me was a revelation direct from heaven therefore I knew in the Bible I should find the message of God's love for individual sinners and I resolved that the rest of my life should be devoted to finding it there and making it plain to others. And make the light that shone upon me that day from the cross of Christ has been my guide and all my Bible study wherever I have turned in the sacred book I have found Christ set forth as the power of God to salvation of individuals and I have never found anything else. And some of you already know but that young man who set in the back of the tent on that rainy afternoon October day was Elliot Wagner he was actually the. The what they call it he ran the sanitarium So he was the president of the sanitarium there in saving or above ill save in there and within a year he retired from his job as a physician after this experience and joined with a T. Jones became editor of the signs he was. Pastor of Oakland Jones was Pastor San Francisco church they begin teaching at the college and together although they never sit down and study together they began to present this message on their heart that was lifting up Christ and His righteousness and all the trews of Adventism. And notice what happened in eight hundred eighty eight when they presented in Minneapolis and Ellen White was there heard them for the first time this is what she said when Brother Wagner brought out these ideas in Minneapolis it was the first clear teaching on this subject from any human lips I had heard except NG notice the conversations between myself and my husband what's he talking about eight hundred eighty one before he died when they were talking about this scene that needed to come to us as a church it is because God has presented it to me in vision that I see it so clearly and they cannot see it she's talking about the brother in there at Minneapolis who are resisting this light. Because they have never had it presented to them as I have and when another presented it every fiber of my heart said amen and this is exactly what happened at Minneapolis the reason Ellen White knew was because she'd heard this she had. Been discussing this before with her husband. Six years before seven years before her husband had died and got to promise I will raise up others that will have the same burden and she recognized the fulfillment of that Minneapolis well she would say that there is much more that could be said but she said this God raised up these men to bring blame the truth I say yes or the question Has God raised up these men to proclaim the truth I say yes God has sent men to bring us the truth that we should not have had unless God sent somebody to. Ringgit to us and again she's referring to the fact the promise that God made her yes your husband is being laid to rest but I will raise up others. God well God will ever give them to know he has given these men Jones and Wagner a work to do and a message to bear which is present truth for this time they knew that wherever this message comes its fruits are good now this is just quickly I want to show you the slide some have said that you know I want never preached or the church didn't preach on righteousness by feet before eight hundred eighty eight and that really is not true. But you'll notice the use of words eight hundred eighty and post eight hundred eighty now some of that has to do with the fact that she wrote much more after eight hundred eighty S. But still you notice that the emphasis clearly. Increases on the subject of righteousness by faith and of course desire of ages Christ object lesson steps to Christ and other hallmark books were published after the US. Message came to us as a people. Righteousness by faith God's message for a dying world now notice that different terms that we use to describe righteousness by faith and I think sometimes it's so simple we forget how big of a part the message of righteousness by faith is to us as a people it's in the latest see in message we talk about that it's the heart of the third angel's message it's of course we just occasion right as my faith the righteousness of Christ the message of Revelation eighteen one the Fourth Angel loud cry in Latter Rain all of these things are talking about the same subject. And the eighteen message or the most precious message so just notice quickly some of these statements all white made in that the. Years following Minneapolis the message given to us by Jones and Wagner is the message of God to the latest see in church so there she clearly ties those two together the latest in message has been sounding take this message in all its phases and sounded forth to the people wherever Providence opens the way justification by faith and the righteousness of Christ are the themes to be presented to a perishing world oh that you may open the door of your heart to Jesus so you know it's not just a message for us as a people it's a message to go to the world. Another statement she made eight hundred ninety several have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the third angel's message I have answered it's the third angel's message in verity or truth so again you notice how these all tied together and then in eight hundred ninety five Ellen White makes this statement where she kind of summarizes this these years seven years that have gone prior to this the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. And the notice it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God That's the only way righteousness can come we can never produce a righteousness in our lives without Christ's righteousness to falling on us this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the third angels message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of the spirit in a large major So here in this statement I mean she just summarized as all of those concepts into one paragraph. But here is kind of the crux of the thing. Here's another Stayman element made in one thousand nine hundred six What is justification by faith. It is the work of God in the laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself when men see their own nothingness they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ and there is where the rub is really it's been the rub since. Martin Luther. Because sinful self doesn't like being laid in the dust where it really belongs. We want to think that we're pretty good after all and we'll take some of Jesus but not all that Jesus has to offer So here's where the rub comes in well here's another statement White made in one thousand nine hundred two you probably probably heard this November two thousand and two where she describes that this very message in one thousand nine hundred two was the beginning of the loud cry the time of test is just to punish she says for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ this in pardoning Redeemer this is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth and what worship quoting that from the angel that will glory will fill the whole earth revelation eighteen one so she saying this is that very light this is that light of that angel which will join and fill the whole earth Nov twenty two one thousand nine hundred two now there's a very interesting article that followed her statement in the review. By W. a call occurred he was the General Conference secretary and he asked a really important question of that time and I think it's a question for us to ponder as well he says why did the loud cry begin with a work for us rather than with a work from us younger stand his question why did the loud cry begin as a work for us why did it begin with the revelation of the. Righteousness of Christ the sin parting Redeemer among us as stated by Sister wade in her review of November twenty two eighty ninety two rather than with the cry from A to the world of the fall of Babylon. So here's his answer and the answer to these questions may be of interest but the answer is easy the Lord saw that we ourselves needed a fitting up before we are were prepared to do the work He designed us to do he saw that we needed to know what the Gospel the power of God into salvation is indeed before we could preach the everlasting Gospel in power and demonstration of the spirit to others and then he continues and to know and to be able to tell from personal possession what it was that the churches had lost before we could tell the world the cause of their fall why has Babyland fallen really at its core is because it has turned aside to the from the only righteousness there is in Christ to a righteousness that can be produced through sacraments and human merit that's really the underlying cause of Babylon's fall how can we go to Babylon and say that our fallen if we don't know where they've fallen from and where the answer lies personally by personal possession. He saw that as a people we had not yet the mind in us which was in Christ Jesus that there was still selfishness and us and they looking to self for righteousness and instill for goodness which was not there at all to saying why did god send a message to us for the loud cry to us it was so that we personally would be prepared. With a personal experience before we went out to the world and I say that still present truth today well how far reaching was the impact of this most precious message to be and I wish we could spend time just on this one slide but I believe that this message and there's evidence that God intended that this bright just missed by faith message would influence every branch of work in the church and you can see evidence of it in the eight hundred ninety S. education was to be built on the foundation of righteousness by faith and the whole focus of ministry coming out of education was for the purpose of you know fitting up people to take this message to the world. Publishing health and temperance and so forth and in fact. I didn't have time to talk more about it but Sutherland McGann who started Madison college there's a book out Madison God's beautiful farm and in that book you will see over a dozen times where references made to the impact that the message of righteousness by faith which came to the church at that time in Minneapolis and following impacted them so much of that it effected the way they did ministry it affected the way they wanted to see education and it led them in part to developing of Madison college which by the way A.S.I. has its roots in Madison college so if you didn't know that there's a book to pick up while you're here. This weekend. Well we're going to end with this idea to rivers of thoughts flowing out from one thousand nine hundred era now I don't want to be controversy old. But I suppose you can't really talk about these things without perhaps touching on controversy all things but there are really tooth ideas at least two but I believe there's. Two main ideas that have flown out of of one thousand nine hundred eight in regard to the message of righteousness by faith the one idea is that Adventists message is really no different than just evangelical gospel and that's what needs to go to the world and that's also that idea is then read back into our history even rewriting our history to fit that idea the other thought is that God were not better than anybody but God raised up this church. To allow the full light of scriptures to be fully opened up in the plan of salvation and that is the message that needs to go to the world so I'm going to start with the one view and rather than beating around the bush so you don't know what I'm talking about I'm just going to be forthright so. Maybe I needed to sign a disclaimer that anything I say that doesn't represent as I you know is I don't want to be misrepresented as I but I think I'm OK here because I want us to know that we're dealing with confusion in our church today and there's a reason why and this confusion probably primarily has been around since the one nine hundred fifty S. So notice this in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. Doesn't Ford ask a question in Australian science of the times some have or there's a question asked of him some have affirmed that the theology of preachers Wagner and Jones of the one thousand century was an advance upon Reformation theology do you agree and this was his answer preachers Wagner and Jones at the famous Minneapolis conference of eighty eight had the first gleaning of light which erat radiated the Roman world in the first century Europe in the sixteenth Unfortunately neither man was clear on other important points such as this distinction between justification and sanctification. Now I can't go on more than just this one slider I would take up too much time but I want to make it clear by showing them that from even before Ford's day. The idea and who you really propagated this was that Jones and Wagner were way off. In their message and that they not only didn't represent the Reformation truth but they were bringing in air from the very beginning in fact he went on to say and one of his little articles or one of the pamphlet he put out that the reproduction of Jones and Wagner's teachings from the eighteen hundreds was the Omega apostasy and that's one A.D. I believe from where it was at well here's another Robert runs me course his pendulum pendulum swung in his life. From very. Ultraconservative to joining with Ford there in the late seventy's this is what he said as special periods in our history the gospel has struggled to break through to the advent community the year eight hundred eighty mark such a period Wagner had light on justification for they had been a scheme unity but better material on Justification by Faith could be found among Protestant scholars of his day so again this idea that really Jones and Wagner what God sent in the eight hundred eighty S. was not really new light it was actually not even as good as what Protestants htat biography put out in one nine hundred seventy nine this was actually produced by Britain's meads group and so it has his influence in it this was written by David McMahon He says E.J. Wagner had not fully recovered the Protestant message of justification by faith by eight hundred eighty six much less had he recovered Paul's message of justification if God used Wagner to bring light on the Gospel to the church then God was not shining the full blaze of even. Imperfect Reformation light on the Adventist community those who compare Wagner's earlier gropings after the Gospel with the clear doctrine of justification propounded by the best one thousand century Protestant Scargill scholars will be startled In other words same idea that what Jones and Wagner presented that God sent in eight hundred eighty S. was just really darkness compared to the light of Protestant scholars of their day. So this idea. Has come into our church since that time and still is propagated today here's another statement the genius of Jones and Wagner's eight hundred message was that they had combined the two halves of Revelation fourteen twelve they had not only taught the commandments of God but preach the doctrine of faith that the holiness preachers had proclaimed And so here this author suggests that really all that Jones and Wagner presented was just the concepts of the Holiness preachers meaning the Salvation Army preachers of the day combine that with the Sabbath and so forth and that the this is just basic Christian belief the two men have brought together the great truths of Adventism centering on the commands of God in the great truths of evangelical Christianity centering on the salvation by faith in Jesus in essence Mrs White was claiming that some they haven't asked at last had a complete understanding of the thirteen joules message that is they had united to those aspects of avenues the algae that were distinctly administers to the great theme of justification by faith that when White put it as White put it was being taught by the holiness preachers the result was that out of innocence eight hundred eighty eight have finally been in a position to present the through his message and all of its fullness and balance now he's supposedly quoting from Ellen White but he's misrepresenting what she said she didn't say that adman is message is a. Blending of evangelical holiness preaching extra. Team with. Keeping. Extreme And that's the thirteen jewels message truth is much higher than that and God has given us a truth that's far beyond I I hope I didn't lose you all there but that's one river of thought Here's another river of thought Ken as would same time period one thousand nine hundred six said this in our opinion the eight hundred eighty eight message was distinctive and included far more than Luther is gospel of justification by faith it had a strong ecclesia eschatological in. It was designed to prepare a people for translation at the second coming of Christ it called attention to the heavenly sanctuary it emphasized the humanity of Christ and declared Jesus to be not only our savior but our example one who lived a life of faith and showed us how to live that same kind of life so here can what is saying the message that God gave then not only John's Wagner but to us as a people is much higher calling Here's what Clinton will lean says he's on the be all right now this is what he wrote back in one thousand nine hundred eighty. He says while E.J. Wagner accepted the fundamental principles of the Reformation including justification by faith and the Bible as the final authority for Christians he viewed the third angel's message which of course included his own teachings as in advance beyond the days of the Reformation So again here Clint Whalen is saying that message is beyond its It builds on the Reformation but it goes beyond the Reformation another statement he made he says in addition attempts to trace E.J. Wagner's theology to Reformation figures like Luther is without tangible support because he was quoting from one of these other folks were there based. Saying that really all that Jones Wagner came with was a message just borrowed from. The Reform doctrine and actually quite honestly some of the teachings today. That are supposedly based on Luther and so forth are actually a rewrite in some degrees of what Luther taught in his day. Another one will Herbert Douglas wrote. Quite often on this he said the profound uniting of law and grace was Ellen why it's remarkable contribution to the crisis over salvation by faith further her message clearly demonstrates that this precious precious message was not a mere recovery of sixteenth century emphasis nor a borrowing of one thousand century Methodist descent talking about the holiness of preachers. In the eight hundred eighty emphasis linkage was further made between the results of a personal application of salvation by faith and the closing work of Christ in the most holy place so you see where he's going with this the sanctuary and righteousness by faith go hand in hand and that was not obviously top in Luther's day they ate in a day revelation of the righteousness of Christ was only the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth. The other rewrite Here's another statement that he makes referring back to the one nine hundred fifty S. and Douglas was alive during those times so he knows what took place and this is what he's right here in his book. The fork in the road the other rewrite has been the concurrent reluctance to review the theological detour that occurred since the one nine hundred fifty S. when denominational publications and academic classrooms of pine that the key contribution of the eight hundred eighty general conference was to recognize that Adventists have. Finally recovered the so-called emphasis of this Protestant Reformers regarding righteousness by faith so again he's saying he's quoting from some of the other writers I. Mentioned first nothing he says could be farther from the truth this line of reasoning where ever taught or preached poisons any genuine study of that remarkable conference further it has locked the door on what Ellen White called a most precious message a message that would prepare people for translation some day that door will be unlocked so here her Douglas is saying the message that God has given to us as a church is not just rewritten Reformation theology it is a full message of truth that is. Higher than extremes. And the last light here righteousness was Robert Whelan in short who of course were alive during that time as well and they wrote in this statement righteousness by face since eight hundred forty four is the third angel's message in verity Thus it is greater than that what the reformers taught and the popular churches understand today it is a message of abounding grace consistent with the unique admin is truth of the cleansing of the sanctuary a work contingent on the full cleansing of hearts of God's people on earth so to close I would just say that God does have a message that needs to go to the world but we have to understand it not only intellectually but by experience and that message at its core. Even when we're talking about Sabbath and Sunday issues. Is righteousness by faith in fact righteousness by faith the Sabbath is a sign of that very teaching. And Sunday is a sign of man's attempts to save himself. So I don't know if you got anything out of this presentation but. I would encourage us all to study like we've never studied before on this topic because it is coming around again in our own church and in the world because of this focus on the Reformation five hundred years and the question is is that reformation over or is it alive and well in the Evans church where you stand with me as we close. Father we thank you for a most precious message that you have given us as a people in our heritage and Lord we ask that you will help us as we open your word day by day that we will find that message there and we will find nothing else in the sense that it is the message that underlies every truth from Genesis to Revelation the truth that Jesus Christ the Son of God came to this earth to die for poor wretched sinners like me and Lord I pray that then we would turn around and we would share the good news what God can do with others as we come in contact in our businesses in our work. In our family I pray in Jesus name in this medium was produced by audio. Is layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Please visit. The site. Or if you'd like to listen more three lines are meant. To you verse.


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