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Witnessing Cold Turkey

Bill Krick


You loved God, and want to share Him with others. But what do you say to someone you have never met? How do you approach someone "cold turkey"?- and does any of this work, anyway? Using real-lfie experiences, this seminar will demonstrate how God can use YOU-and your church!- to reach the strangers around you.


Bill Krick has served for the past 14 years as the Literature Ministries director for Central California Conference, the cradle of California Youth Rush and GLOW programs. His great-great-grandfather became a Seventh-day Adventist when a faithful worker made a personal visit. For 22 consecutive summers, Bill has engaged in soul-winning literature work. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather, and two daughters, Savannah and Heidi.




  • August 4, 2017
    3:30 PM
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Father thank You for the chance we have to spend time thinking about how to reach people for Jesus we want to become better at it we want to do it more we want to be more successful and most of all we want to walk with Jesus we will walk with you please bless us today bless our time and a prayer that will leave here ready to smile at people and initiate witnessing toward them and I pray this in Jesus' name amen. The young man was in a at a parking lot. And he had glow tracts with him and he sees a man and he says to him he says to himself I'm going to go this guy and he had three tracks and he chose three tracks and handed them to the man and said here's something for you to read it's got a free offer on the back and you can look at the free offer later there's the free stuff and as he turned to go the man says wait. Where's the other guy. And he said what other guy he said. I've seen you before two months ago I had a dream that you came to me and there is a really tall strong good looking guy with you. And the guys let loose that is this is nobody with me he says but the tall guy said to me take what he has it's the truth. And the young man who was working with us said whoa and the guy says and and he said there were four four titles that the guy told me I needed any proceeded to list two of the tracks that he had just given him which were why going to church on Saturday and where is God when I'm hurting and he said but you have other tracks on the other ones were something about miss about Hell and mental health and the young man eyes got really big and he's like he says Whoa he's like I think I have those in my bag. In just a second he checks and sure enough he finds those two tracks and hand the man those two tracks the man knew the titles before he had given them to him. So the man said thank you very much I will read these and the man turned and walked away and the young man was just stunned. I mean if you came to the seminar hoping for some training. And some methods you'll get some of that but please remember this one main point. A track that stays in my purse or my wallet or my pocket. Cannot meet a divine appointment that God has for me. And witnessing a divine appointment an amazing witnessing story cannot happen unless I step out and do it. And that we found in our experience and in the history of twenty some years of doing this God uses people who are shy God uses people who are untrained he prefers trained people. But God uses anybody to meet the divine appointments he has set up for them and we're going to talking about that as well we talk about a several things but please remember this main point witnessing cold turkey is meeting the appointments that God has set up for you. That was cold turkey witnessing and that was using tracts as the introductory contact you there are lots of things you can do besides using tracts there are lots of things so in this seminar I will be answering the question what do you do if you don't have a relationship with someone but want to try something to reach him or her anyway. There was a lady named Jeanette sitting in her car actually she was walking toward her car and she was approached by a boy and a man and they said hello and they handed her some glow tracks and she actually received one of them was on the Sabbath they didn't know that she had already read a different tract on the Sabbath that they didn't know that she was convicted about the Sabbath All right. They didn't know that she had said God Do you really want me to keep the Sabbath if so please give me some sort of sign or evidence they didn't know any of that they just saw some lady in the parking lot and they walked up to her and handed her some tracts. You see my point. We don't know we don't know what God has set up for us and that's part of the fun that's part of the fun is we don't know what's going to happen. And. So today I'm going to look at four main points. Witnessing cold turkey the first one of the for the first point number one is Be Genuine be genuine OK Christ object lessons page one forty nine personal efforts for others should be preceded by much secret prayer for it requires great wisdom to understand the science of souls saving souls before communicating with men commune with Christ. People can sense or even smell as it were if we are not genuine or if we have our own agenda or we are pushing our own thing. You know there's a lot of suspicion today there's suspicion in today's world. This is now from Philip some on I'm going to give you a quote from him if you don't know who he is he teaches at Southern Methodist University and he wrote a book called Christ's way of reaching people the Christian sincere interest and love startles people. Why because most of us are so caught up in promoting ourselves loving things and using people that it comes as a pleasant surprise that someone genuinely cares without any old theory or motives. And then interesting so it's startle some people so even even when we have commune with Christ and we speak in insincerity. In genuineness people are still wondering is that really legit. Are you just trying to convert me. But people you know there are people who have practiced eyes they have they've they've they've seen you know religious abuse and they've been had their arm twisted I had some folks come to my door once. And they said hello were etc etc and they handed me a piece of literature and I immediately thought about saying some things that we had in common a commonality right so I immediately said two or three things that I knew what we would have in common and the guy looked at me like this and he immediately went for something he figured out we didn't have in common and became a little abrasive. So those are the kinds of experiences people have had they've they've had this abrasiveness or or or salesmanship so to speak and so there's sales resistance. We would call it sales resistance but the Christian sincere interest in love startles people I'm going to show you now excerpts from a letter that I received about one of the young people who goes out and goes witnessing for us OK and the letter actually came to the girl at my address OK so I scalped the letter here are our family OK this is the family that was witness to our family was talking again about you this morning after our Bible time there was something so different about you that I found very refreshing your gentle quiet spirit spoke volumes and set you apart from the typical people who often come around. I know others can sense that as well and I can see how God can use you in a powerful way to draw people to him so that you can that people can tell if if you're different people can tell if you're different ministry of healing page five twelve nothing. More needed in our work than the practical results of communion with God We should show by our daily lives that we have peace and rest in the Savior peace and rest there are a lot there's a whole lot of the world that doesn't have that and if we have it it's going to show his peace in the heart will shine forth in the countenance it will give to the voice of persuasive power men will take knowledge of us as of the first disciples that we have been with Jesus this will impart to the worker a power that nothing else can give I can't give it to you in this seminar. Your pastor can't give it to you you can't get it by training only with Jesus. That's what gives the voice a persuasive power there was a young woman who was that a coffee shop and she was talking to this man who turned out to be an atheist. And the atheist was so impressed by this young woman's sincerity and her genuineness that he called us and talked to us and this is as best as after the phone call we wrote it down and this is as best we can remember what the man said on the phone he said I'm not a Christian and I'm not a believer but she warmed my heart I believe she should be given special recognition because the way she spoke with such love and kindness. We explained to him that the young people go out and win this because they love Jesus not because they're forced to. Not because they're forced to by their church. And when we win when we told him that he said yes that's what she said to. Him. And then the man concluded his phone call with I don't like it when people pray for me but I let her pray and it was beautiful. Cool not a cool story. Touching people's lives. Amount of blessing thirty seven without a living faith in Christ as a personal savior it is impossible to make our influence felt in a sketch. TACL world a skeptical world it is in proportion to our own devotion and consecration to Christ that we had eggs exert an influence for the blessing and uplifting of mankind. I want to show you a video now. This is a video. Of a man who is an avowed atheist you may have heard of him he's an entertainer a comedian and a magician and he speaks against Christianity all the time. And this is the story it's a form of it it's a story about how he was approached by a Christian once in order to proselytize him listen carefully to what happens at the video but more. Want to talk about this I did open the show and at the end of the show I was I mention before we go out we would talk to folks you know Simon occasional autograph and shake hands and so on. And there was one guy waving over to the side of the what I call the hopper position after it was old or big guy probably about my age. Because. He had been the the guy who has a picture joke during our psychic comedian section to show us we had the props from that is handy because you get those away. From the joke book at the end of all the paper and stuff if you ever see the live show I start with explaining your problem to show to me given that I before. He wasn't the guy that night. And he walked over to me and he said. I was here last night at the show and. I saw the show I like that I want to he was very complimentary of the my use of language and. Complimentary about you know Augustine's nuff. Said Nice stuff it was to go into a piece of my stuff. And then he sighed brought this for him. And he handed me a Canadian pocket edition. Farce of the New Testament prophet of the songs we did as a record. Of songs and that is just part of the New Testament little book about this big stick. Which I wrote in the front of it. And I want you to have this. Kind of. Proselytizing. Really sort of a businessman. I'm saying I'm not crazy. You want to write me a I did all of this. And. It was really wonderful I believe he knew that I was an atheist. But he was not defensive and he looked me. Right in the eyes. And he was truly complimentary It wasn't in the way it didn't seem like empty flattery he was really. Kind and nice insane and looked me in the eyes and talked to me and then gave me this Bible. And I've always said you know like I don't respect people who go proselytize their respect at all if you believe that there's a heaven and hell and people could be going to hell or not. Getting eternal life or whatever and you think that well it's not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward and atheists who think that people shouldn't proselytize just leaving a local paper religion to yourself. How much you have to hate somebody to not proselytize how much you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that I mean if I believe you have a shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming to you and you didn't believe that that truck was bearing down on you there's a certain point right tackle you and this is more important than that. And I've always thought that and I've written about that I thought of it conceptually. This guy was a really good guy he was polite and all honest and sane and he cared enough about me to proselytize and give me a Bible which had written into a little note to me not very personal but just to like to show and so on and then like five phone numbers form an email address if I want to get in touch now I know there's no God and one polite person living his life right doesn't change that. But I'll tell you he was a very very very good man and. That's room more and with that kind of goodness. It's OK to have that deep of a disagreement I still think that religion does a lot of bad stuff but man that was a good man who gave me that book that's all I want to say. When you all think. Isn't that isn't that amazing. So here's this guy who makes fun of Christians and he's godless and revels in being godless and here a sincere Christian approaches him. And he can tell. He can tell what's happening and he can tell that this guy is genuine he's sincere he's not you know feeling like he doesn't have a dick I don't have a baseball bat in this and he's not weird he's normal he's polite he looks in the face. Very interesting with an interesting. Yeah people people can tell if you're genuine or if you're fake and that's why spending time with Jesus is the number one the number one. Thing to do before witnessing. To make our influence felt in a skeptical world and I'm going to quote from a guy named Larry Alex Tonton he's a famous Christian apologist This is from the magazine the Atlantic sincerity does not trump truth after all one can be sincerely wrong but sincerity is indispensable to any truth we wish others to believe. There is something when some even irresistible about a life lived with conviction I'm reminded of the Scottish philosopher and skeptic David Hume who was recognized among the crowd crowd of those listening to the preaching of George Whitfield the famed evangelist of the first great awakening OK so here's this huge crowd of people listening to this powerful evangelist and somebody looks around as well oh that's David Hume stood standing right there like what's going on what's that was this guy doing here this is what happens I thought you didn't believe in the Gospel someone asked I do not humorous slide then with a nod toward Whitfield he added but he does. There's something irresistible about a lot a life lived with conviction in sincerity. Cross object lessons to thirty two thousand can be reached in the most simple and humble way the most intellectual those who are looked upon as the. Worlds most gifted men and women are often refresh by the simple words of one who loves God and who can speak of that love as naturally as the worldling speaks of the things that interest him the most deeply Is it easy to talk about the Golden State Warriors victory. Is it easy for us to talk about worldly things or stock prices or whatever whatever the business is it's easy for us to talk about those things can we talk just as easily about the love of God For us about spiritual things can we talk easily speak about those things as naturally as the worldling talks about his stuff can we talk about spiritual things that easily that's a challenge to me. One of my mentors who is now since passed away from cancer. And then Brian and he taught me when I was a young man you taught me a lot about spirit prophecy a lot about outreach and gospel work and he wrote a couple of savvy school lesson quarterlies for the World Church really brilliant guy he grew up as a hippie with long hair and his teeth were falling out so I went to see and I've been astonished. And the rest is history and he tells his his testimony tells us testimony he told of the time when he was sitting on the beach smoking with his friends I think and he was approached by a very courteous Christian he doesn't know who it was doesn't know what he was doing it was approached and the man said something to him that was inviting about spiritual things and Brian turned and said I'm not interested and the man persisted one more time and when the man persisted Brian turned and gate cussed him out directly and the man turned slowly turned and walked away Brian felt so bad after that experience because he knew that that man was representing God he felt so horrible inside of him self that was the turning point which made him turn and say maybe I should get maybe I should get my life together and actually seek God that was where the turning point of his whole life when some sincere Christian approached him. But that man of course. You'll never know until heaven. So you're. Witnessing cold turkey number one. Be genuine and that can only happen when we've taken time to be with Jesus number two number two initiate. Initiate. There is some risk involved when we initiate you know. We might say the wrong thing my wife was on the phone with a customer service representative once. She sitting here laughing. It was a customer service representative for some I don't remember who she was calling and they were done with their phone conversation and my wife said OK Thank you have a nice day and the man said OK love you. And then they hung up the phone quick. Hoops he said the wrong thing to me. There's some risk involved that will say the wrong thing. And that's that gives us some fear there's another reason why we have some fear. It's called civil in attention civil in attention in witnessing we break accepted privacy boundaries the phenomenon of ignoring people in a public setting has been labelled civil in attention and it constitutes an important part of our social code you ignore me I ignore you that way we can carry on the business for life without distracting one another. To a civil in attention. SOCIAL RESEARCHER Joanna Finkelstein says that social inattention is a means of making privacy possible within a crowd through culturally accepted forms of self distancing. OK you're on a subway and you're on one of those trams maybe you change planes in Dallas on your way here they have that tram when you're standing there you're wall to wall people but sometimes people are saying anything right OK that's civil inattention. So in witnessing we break that in in cold turkey witnessing this civil inattention is broken and it can lead to discomfort both both for the person who is the target of your the object of your witnessing and for us who are doing the witnessing. So that's where the discomfort or the fear the fear comes from this person is going to sense that civil inattention is broken. And how and how is that person going to respond. And that's the source of our fear so the solution to fear when we initiate is realizing a couple of things first of all we need to realize that many people are bothered by social by civil inattention they don't like it they feel isolated they feel they feel like nobody cares about them nobody speaks to them they feel like they they're they're alone and that's a terrible feeling especially for people who are divorcees or who are single and there are many of them out there there's a sense of loneliness and it's a myth that people will be offended and yell at you and all those things. And they just wanted to be left alone Number two we also have a fear because we know that many people have prejudices toward Seventh Day Adventists them particularly in certain areas of the country however I will tell you that as as the ecumenical movement has happened more and more in America and secularism it's made things more homogenized and so there's a lot less prejudice against seventh they have been to them than there ever has been by a long way now we know in the future that tolerance is going to give way to you know animosity we know that in the future but that's in the future. We've experienced in our work a lot less less prejudices than ever before and besides God has ways of preparing people I was on an airplane once it's fun taking your plane rides and see you sitting next to you how many people can can she can can't have an experience. Talking to somebody on an airplane OK Almost all of us are sitting on our plane once and I said to the lady next to me I said Where you going she says I'm going to the Middle East I'm a missionary she serves missionaries are organizations sort of missionaries I said wow that's amazing and so we talked about that she says What do you do I said Oh I am I work for the Seventh Day Adventist church she says oh Seventh Day Adventist and I thought she was going to say vegetarian Loma Linda. You know how do you know what the new no responses are Saturday she said no she first thing she said was seventy Agnes you guys have the most amazing that we see. She loved using Seventh Day Adventist Phelps. And evidently where she was doing mission work in the Middle East it was really useful to have Seventh Day Adventist felt for their children's programs. So you know God has stuff set up you don't have to worry about you don't don't realize that that prejudice against Seventh Day Adventist is not nearly as common as you think it is particularly in certain areas I've been here in Houston my wife who is going to share in a couple minutes I mean as far as I'm concerned Houston's piece of cake so easy sharing the load tracts here and talking to people about God it's the Bible Belt I haven't had any prejudice it's been fantastic I don't know where you're from and each area has its own particular challenges. But the biggest the biggest thing that will help us as we initiate and face fear is knowing that Jesus is with us. And that's what really dispels fear being a train somebody who's trained helps having skills having experience all those things help. But knowing that Jesus is with you is the ultimate I work with all kinds of people young people particularly and often young people will come with the parents usually it's the parents they'll come and they'll say oh but she so shy do you think she's going to be able to do this. OK. Sha doesn't matter it really it only matters a tiny tiny bit. Often young people who are shy do better than those who are not shy. The question is do you have Jesus walking with you are you sure Jesus is walking with you and do you have that conviction because that overrides. Shyness it overrides that. I was just last week there was a young woman named Asia and she was giving testimonies about what had happened the previous day and she said some amazing things happened she's I'm not going to tell you any other stories I'm just going to tell you that I asked Jesus to walk with me all day and it was one of the best I've ever had. Because Jesus is walking with you see that dispels fear that dispels fear so how to initiate. How to initiate. A watch the time here I don't have a clock. OK. So how to initiate number one I would just I would say be fascinated with and interested in everything related to people. I'm always looking around for something odd or interesting people's clothing will be interested in their dogs be interested the different places they live be interested in the books they're reading be interested in their vehicles be interested in their children be interested in their family members be interested in their accents there are all kinds of things that you can make friends up with and initiate with you when I'm on the phone with customer service representatives I often try to make it a game to figure out where they're from because just by their accent and I listen very carefully and I say are you from Wisconsin because there's a lot of great lakes accent she's And the customer service representative says How did you know I'm actually from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and so it helps us make a little connection and of course a southern accent there's Tennessee in Texas and those are little different Ok how about dogs there was a dog in the airplane flying out. Sure there was an enormous puppy it was a Great Dane puppy. Big you know face compared to rest his body his his paws were just huge you know beauty is a beaut most beautiful dog I didn't sit next to that guy but I am I sort of the conversation with him based on that DOES THAT was an easy that was super easy to start a conversation. What about someone at in line at the grocery store they have twenty muffin boxes in their basket we're going to say. A lot of kids OK I hadn't thought of that that's a great answer do you have twenty kids OK you must like muffins perfect opportunity to share a health tract. Study people's faces look at the look on people's faces can tell you a lot you know I was a cash register at the grocery store some time ago and the look of tiredness on the girl's face and she just looked tired. And so I just said to her here's your shift almost done. And she looked at me because you know eat customers are you know it's there it's all kind of left brained object if you push people through and they want to get out there you know pay their money and they want to get out and she said Ya'll I have an hour left. So immediately there's a small connection between the two of us because she saw that I I cared now that wasn't long we didn't have a long conversation there's a line behind me but it's perfect to give a tract perfect attract and when she read the tract she hopefully will remember that I noticed how she was feeling. And this can't be forced this can't be forced I remember I was teaching teenagers to do this and the kid looked at he was and added the word look and he looked at the yard because we were talking to comment on landscaping and he says Oh you have a beautiful tree in your yard but the tree was this scraggly little stunted thing and it was obviously not the right thing to say and the guy's like what are you talking about so you. It can't be forced it has to be natural. So how about someone reading the Bible. Or see anybody reading the Bible I was in a hotel last week we can have a go whatever that was and these three ladies walking or walking down the hallway with their bibles. What do you say. Are you on your way to church you but it was it was a Friday so I said so I said Yeah so I said so I see Bibles are you ladies on your way somewhere and they said yes we're on our way to a Bible study and I was I was either carrying bibles whenever I see anybody reading the Bible in the airport or wherever I am I often like to say hey that's a good book. And they look at me and they go yeah it's a good book and. OK so so so it's a way to open up a little conversation we do initiate while still making the other people feel that person feel OK. And then of course I love you caring tracts and there are lots of ways to witness tracks are an excellent way to witness cold turkey and I like doing that there are other ways though as well. Yes. Yes. This sister is saying every piece of mail that she sends out to when she writes a check to pay her her electricity bill or whatever it is she every single one she put the tract inside you know where you got that from that's actually from the writings of Ellen Wright you've been doing it for years and what recommends that we do that she says you can often enclose a tract without increasing postage she actually mentions that thank you sister very good be an observer of people ask God to give you insight into what to say to them OK so I was on another plane and there was a a lady. Coming down the aisle you know I was I was in one of these planes that has two seats in an aisle and three seats and the seat next to me was empty and I thought well be able to spread out and just at the last minute a lady came down the aisle had a little heavy set is going to sit right next to me and I thought OK Lord here this is great and she had a certain nobility about her and she was friendly but she was she was noble and self-assured but not in a bad way she was she was very polite and she sat down and got her things settled and I thought to myself you know she looks like she's that kind of a wealthy person. And and so I said and I was in Washington D.C. about the way this was awash in D.C. for a flight from D.C. to the west coast or something and so I I smiled at her and I said and I said I said something to her and I said well you know you look like a high ranking government official. And we laughed and she laughed and she says actually I am. She was one of the five Federal Trade Commission appointed by Ronald Reagan. Wow. So we had a nice conversation. And you know you never know who God is going to throw into your power you never know I was on another plane last plane story as another plane and as this was in a lot of widebody was two I'll five I'll two I think so there was an empty seat next to me and sure enough here comes a young woman down the aisle and I got I noticed her that she seemed to have this again the same nobility about her and that maybe she was from a wealthy family or from a responsible family and she needed help putting her suitcase up so I helped her put her suitcase up and she sat down next to me and we chatted a little bit and she says that she attends this university she was university student probably age twenty and she attends this large university thirty five thousand students and I thought to myself. I bet she has of some position of responsibility so I said to her so don't tell me let me guess you're in student government and she laughed and she says actually I am. She was one of the top six people that there was on student government for that enormous university and we began to chat and begin to talk about God and her for her father was a very wealthy owns a jewelry company and you could tell by how she was dressed. And. At the end of our conversation she was Christian but only nominally I had with me a book that I had taken with me to give out it was it's called life without limits by Clifford Goldstein some of you may have seen That's a great book to hand out to secular people. And he writes very well for secular people and it was a hardback and I done read it and I was done with that night one of the pass along instead of keep it and so I am I wrote in it and I gave it to her. As a gift when she left and I hope she read it. Be an observer of people. A priest. Praise God. Step steps to Christ to a priest wonderful. Do you carry literature with you wherever you go I hope you do I hope you do be an observer of people be an observer of people desire they just want to see you from time to time John the Baptist went forth to mingle with man and he was ever an interested observer of what was passing in the world with vision and limited by the Divine Spirit He studied the characters of men that he might understand how to reach their hearts with the message from heaven. There was a Last week I was on the street with a young person and as we approached this lady she was smiling she was smiling and I thought why is this lady smiling I mean she's just smiling. A lot and as we walked up to her and then her little daughter was about eight years old and she was smiling and I thought it is genetic like what you know what's the deal that there's not the most beautiful smiles on. And so I asked them you know we talked to them and this I said so why are you smiling and I asked the little girl this and she says we have happiness in our family. And that nice. We have happiness in our family. Yeah and in the end we made friends with them and they signed up for personal battle studies. So again I noticed seeing things that are special about people or maybe that are a little different or positive. You know it helps to make that little connection one of my friends Heidi tells a story about how she was sitting at a window at one of these Buffy's fresh choice Sweet Tomatoes maybe you have them where you live one of these all you can eat buffet she was sitting there having her lunch or whatever and she was eating and eating and there was a couple right across from her and she observed them and she she thought wow this couple they they look like they are they look like they have a again this sort of honesty about them she says I wonder how I could approach them and she she thought how you know I'm not sure what to do so she finished her meal and she walked over and started to make conversation with them and to make a long story short I let you tell you in her words their names were Alan and Mona he was a retired accountant and then they asked me the million dollar question what do you do I love it when people ask me that I can seriously bust out with the whole Gospel right then and there I told them that I study with people to help them understand the Bible in Jesus so you can say that no matter what profession you do you can say I'm a Christian. Blank I'm a Christian accountant and a Christian physical therapist because our as a side teaches. We are in the market place but we're there for a reason we're there for a reason. So the woman's face. Lit up I love Jesus she said. May I and then as they made friends the lady said man I have your number I want you to teach me more about Jesus and the Bible. She said You won't believe this but just last night I was pleading with God to send someone across my path to show me the truth from the Bible and I believe he sent you. But our eyes filled with tears as we prayed together thanking the Lord for this divine appointment OK So as another example of how God sets it up for us we don't have to manufacture it you know. There's another guy in the story short story he works it in and out burger making french fries it's the potato in there pulls the lever outcome french fries they stick him in the fryer another potato OK you're making potato you know in and out burger they actually use potatoes instead of potatoes from somewhere else and then you get the fries or case that's in and out burger they're cutting slicing tomatoes they're making burgers and Josh while he's making french fries. Starts talking to his coworker about prophecy. And his coworker is very interested long story short she starts coming to the Seventh Day Adventist Church he was he was in administers she starts coming to the minister she gets baptized She's now a church plant leader in California meanwhile her brother also has been convicted and given his life to Christ he's leading a bunch of young people witnessing this summer Meanwhile their friend Mike who also worked in and out all four of these people worked in and out burger Mike also was convicted and converted was baptized as a some of they haven't asked after studying just because one guy shared his faith while he was making french fries. So someone might say someone might say but what do I talk about what do I talk about OK I'm going to give you a simple a simple rule OK this is if you're taking notes is a good thing to write down here's a simple rule talk about what matters most to that person. Talk about what matters most to that person. What matters most to men what that was like with a question that usually ask when you usually ask when you first meet a man. What. What do you do for a living right OK men often get their identity. From what they do for a living right OK So so that's often what they care about women women often get their identity from their. Relationships. OK relationships with their husbands their children now this is not always the case many women get their identities from their work and many men get their identities from their relationships but this is you just broad generalities OK Women often care a lot about their relationships their family their grandkids how many grandkids do you have how many kids do you have it cetera OK so that's often what about kids if you're witnessing to a kid but you can think about. School that's a good school. Food somebody has some teenagers OK OK What they're doing their fair time dolls. OK video games OK how about pets OK what's the name of your Dolly if you have a small child small girl what's the name of your dolly right OK how about older people what they care about how about a housewife How about a businessman in a shirt and a tie How about an environmentalist. How about a chimney sweep who comes over to your house I just had to have my woodstove chimney cleaned. So this I we call this guy he comes over he's wearing all black climbs up on the roof comes in here with this thing sucks out all but the so it sticks this thing up there doesn't inspection all that stuff and it's kind of a gruff guy long hair and when he's done I chat with him I said How's business going. To business good huh. Yeah business is good and we start talking and to make a long story short we start talking and he start he starts talking he could tell I had a genuine interest in him in him he starts talking about how it's been so difficult because one of his friends committed suicide. And it just happened a few months ago and the family wasn't recovering and he doesn't understand how that can happen and I talked to him about God and where could God be in that situation and and then he says yeah but he says but when I was a child I was molested by the Catholic priest. And he begins to tell the pain of that experience and his friends who had the same experience a long way away from where I live he grew and grew up near where I live. And he's telling me this experience he starts weeping there's a chimney sweep it's all black he's got stood on him he's weeping. Because he's sharing about what has happened in his life. You know. Initiating with people is risky. But God has those things set up for us he has those things set up for us when we are willing to initiate he has people for us to reach we left him with some literature I called a friend of mine who has a weekly Bible study. And he said I And he said I will invite him personally. And the principal the prince who we just talked about was talk about what matters to that person right talk about what matters to that person and most people are willing to talk about themselves aren't they they're willing to talk about themselves. Most of us are willing to talk about ourselves aren't we. So in fact if you're sitting down and it's a social engagement and you get the other person talking about himself the whole time he'll think that you're an amazing conversationalist right. OK Most people are willing to talk about themselves. How about. When people ask you questions but that's just too good to pass up that's a witnessing opportunity that falls right into our laps I was with a group of young people at a Subway sandwich shop recently and we all ordered vegetarian sandwiches and by the end the ladies like Wait are you guys all vegetarians. I said yes we are a perfect perfect opportunity to pull out hell tracks and explain what the deal is. As with my daughter she was maybe four years old or something and we were at a sandwich shop and she looked at the at the meat there and she says Daddy is that dead animal and she said in a really loud voice. There are people behind this. But there are opportunities that come to us like that where people ask us questions that are leading questions. How about What are you reading when somebody says What are you reading you know I'm glad when people ask me that because I can turn that into a witnessing opportunity. And so when there appears to be no opening when there appears to be no opening at all. What do you do. There seems to be NO NO gigantic Great Dane puppy that you can comment on and there are not twenty muffin containers in there groceries it they're not you know what do you do what do you do if it's completely cold and you have nothing but you feel like you want to reach someone there's nothing that I found is better than handing them a tract handing people to attract OK and here's all you have to say it's so easy it's so easy all you have to say is here's something for you to read when you have time. Here's something for you to read when you have time. Here's something for you to read when you have time here's something for you to read and you get a chance here's something for you to read when you get bored or the tollbooth operator. Who has there and there's almost no traffic and you know the Tolbert operator is going to be sitting there for another minute and a half or two minutes for the next car comes and they must be bored out of their brains. Here's something for you to read because it looks like traffic is slow today. If you ever go to Wal-Mart and you see all the cashiers standing around doing nothing definitely Here's a track for you to read if you're bored. Here's something for you to read and I like carrying glue traps sometimes a conversation comes first and then you can hand them a glow tract other times handing the track comes is first and then the conversation happens after you hand the tract So it's both Sometimes it happens both I was it at some of you may have heard me tell the story because I like the story so much it illustrates it's a good illustration so I'm at big lots and I was at big lots and I I was that there was a line of people behind me and I had to purchase batteries or something and I that the cashier helped me and I gave her a glow tract and she says Wait is this about God I said yes it's about God It's a Bible tract she says she says I know I need to get back to church and I have been asking God for a sign that I should go back to church Where's your church. Did that take any skill I just handed the lady a tract OK but but then we started talking and I and I said you know. It was beautiful to watch God set that up and as we talked I thought to myself you know there are five people in line behind me here so we better make this quick but. All because I started by handing a tract. Let me show you some new tracks we do have some new tracks that glow just briefly so that you're aware unity greater than truth question mark this celebrates the five hundred year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation it was written by Steve. And you know this October in only a couple of months is the five hundred year anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the ninety five theses This talks about the importance of Protestantism but we also have help from loneliness help from loneliness of this morning and this morning I was on my way. Back to where we're staying we're staying off campus about ten minutes away I dropped my wife off and I love my wife and so I stopped at the Kroger grocery store to buy her some bananas this morning because my wife loves bananas and we were basically out of bananas. So I walk into the store to buy some bananas and as I'm checking out I hand this tract and in another one to track I handed to the cashier and there wasn't there were very many people in the morning and I don't think there is anybody behind me and she says Oh Are these these from the buffet the Bible and she was so happy had a big gigantic smile and soon she looked at the dog she started laughing. And I walked out I went to the parking lot and a lady approached me and said Can I have some cash I need gas for my car I said I don't have any cash I don't carry any cash I said but I have bible tracts and I said Bible checks are going to be very useful to you because you need to put gas in your car I apologize and she laughed and she says no I like Bible tracts. That was this morning in the Kroger parking lot. And I think I handed her one of these to anyone help her loneliness by Dr David Rose It's a fantastic tract certainty in an uncertain world by Mark Finley. Also this is this can be for any culture anywhere around the world he wrote especially for that what is Jesus doing now see the little gavel there that's about the investigative judgment diabetes and done by Dr West young bird living water grandma surprises are second track for kids and this is about a puppy dog and how to take care of your puppy dog it's the health message for kids really need tracks a really special tract we have of course from the with these Where is God when i'm hurting what the World Needs Now this is people have a hard time not crying when they read this one talking with God about prayer a promise of peace those are directly from stuff to Christ hope for families steps to health Sunday is for football Saturday is for blank. OK That is why I go to church on Saturday with the football covered this is great to hand to hand to men during. And I love handing this to men because you know they're watching football and drinking beer or whatever every Sunday secrets of peak mental health and intelligent faith that's on Daniel Chapter two by the way evolution impossible by Dr Ashton and the end of the world it's a really dramatic cover isn't it. There's Why go to church on Saturday war in heaven death silent truth today's Ten Commandments ancient scrolls discovered forgotten caves about trust trust where there's a scripture and then what's wrong with gran'pa that state of the dead for children what's wrong with Grampa gift of joy that's from desire of ages easy to hand that one out at Christmas time and so is that by the way the easiest cold turkey witnessing I've ever done in my entire life I was outside a mall and I just handed out these and it was Christmas time it was December one thousand year something and I just handed this and said Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas hundreds of people just took them like mad so easy to do to do cold turkey wouldn't seem like that during Christmas time with that and I love the glow being part of total number involvement T M I T M I. O yes we get mistaken for Jehovah's Witnesses we do. We get we get confused and and we don't want to disrespect anyone but we don't want to have a case of mistaken identity that's for sure quick story there was a church member who was at a large mall and she was that of at a food court in that mall and she saw that the place was almost empty of customers but there were there were certain. Restaurants that were open and the people the workers were standing around with nothing to do. Perfect. Though had. Them tracts so she went and started handing tracts and she handed the one young girl a tract where is God when I'm hurting and the girl that the young worker who was dressed in her outfit to work at that restaurant immediately burst into tears. She says this is about God isn't it she says and she opened up out about her spiritual struggles. The church member listened to her invited her to church she took Bible studies and she was baptized praise God that's a cool story just at a food court in a mall in a mall. Other stories. This couple used to go to this restaurant they would leave glow with the waiter as part of the tip as part of his tip and he says they started a conversation they kept going back to the restaurant the young man who is the waiter started Bible studies and he was just baptized a few months ago. Praise God. By the way at this point I want to ask those cold this cold turkey witnessing actually work or are we just making ourselves feel better by witnessing does it actually work I want to just appeal to a very secular extremely In fact this is a very very secular authority just for a second this is M S N B C Some of you may watch this M S N B C is a very secular authority over on the right hand side is a guy named other both Dave and Dave the guy on the right here. Leads the leadership lab in Los Angeles which is issues this guy is a professor at Stanford University and they conducted a lot of research in fact M.S. N.B.C. is reporting on Stanford's research a potentially groundbreaking new study that shows how face to face conversations even brief ones can change actually change voters' minds on hot button issues and that opens up a brave new world for candidates and causes. Or. Even on an issue that deals with people's deeply held beliefs knocking on doors in gauging personally you see that that that can have an impact on moving those votes they fly sure that's what the data shows when we take the time to have those conversations one in ten voters are changing their mind and changing their mind in a way that lasts this is from Stanford Business School. And this is the the David Brockman from Stanford It seems like there might be something about personal interaction and the way in which you can build a report and get people to be comfortable with the person they're talking to. As really interesting from a secular authority and now this is New York Times is the same guy same story from New York Times Magazine How do you change voters' minds at first Fleischer and his team tried cerebral arguments and appeals to fairness in their doorway conversations that failed miserably he said eventually the cameras tried to listening more emotional experiences that changed everything so in other words having some kind of emotional connection rather than just flat object of arguing with people right. Columbia University political science professor Donald Green conducted experience on experiments on voter behavior and found that canvassing is a more effective mobilization tool than telephone calls or direct mail so by canvassing they talking about going door to door totally cold. Fastening this is this is the world that worldly sources that these people haven't read Ellen White. Bottom line it's worth it. To initiate it's worth it to initiate Let's go to the last or the third one out of four connect OK So be genuine initiate number three is connect. Connect. How do you connect how do you connect well. We like to say that we like to quack. Quack Q A C. quack What does that stand for. Q A C. what does it stand for it stands for question. Answer. Connect. Question answer. Connect. What is it look like. Me. What kind of food do you like. Like Middle Eastern food oh you like Middle Eastern food that's amazing I have a friend who's from Lebanon and she makes the most bomb to believe all with lemon juice good. OK so I asked a question they give an answer and I tried to find some commonality right question answer connect Q We call it cracking. Question Answer connect what do you like to do in your free time. Or like watching birds Oh a bird watching you wouldn't believe what I saw the other day I saw a huge Goliath parents the world's largest Heron when I was in South Africa it was huge it was like an A three eighty with those huge wide bodies when it took off. That question answer connect try to find something that you can have a commonality on now everybody's different some people like to connect on cars OK what kind of an engine is that is that like a five liter engine I don't even know what a five liter engine is just made that up so you know I'm not into cars some of you are. OK My wife loves sewing and she's good at it. I like geography I like knowing where people are from I met some of you and I asked you where you were from that's fascinating to me so try to find some commonality you know Jesus did this Jesus did this OK now Jacob's well was there John for Jacob's well was there Jesus therefore OK this is the woman at the well we're familiar with the story is there for being weird from his journey. Sat thus by the well it was about the sixth hour that's that's new a woman of Samaria came to draw water Jesus said to her Give me a drink what was the commonality. Water. They were both sitting in they were both by the well so Jesus immediately found some commonality with with the lady. And immediately he jumped in and started talking about spiritual things but first he tried to find that commonality so give me a drink OK It was also very interesting that Jesus did not shy away from the political hot button issue which generally I like to do but Jesus went right for it you know she said where do we worship you know worship style Jews say in Jerusalem and he says Woman believe you me that it's not going to be here or Jerusalem and then he says something that's amazing to me he says it says You worship what you do not know we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews he says just like it is he says the truth so Jesus doesn't beat around the bush so there you know there is something to be said for speaking directly to people in certain situations I don't take more time on that. So asking open ended questions is good rather than saying Do you like Hondas say do you prefer Hondas or Toyotas and why. An open ended question also don't reveal all you know look at this when Jesus said to the woman at the Well Jesus said to her Go call your husband and come here. Why do you say that. She didn't have a husband why did he say I was going to come here he knew she didn't have a husband. But he was pretending as if he didn't know that. Right. That's right he wanted to demonstrate that he was in her words a prophet and demonstrate that he was divine OK and to get her to talk that's right now the most fascinating example of this is on the road to amaze us in Luke Chapter twenty four Jesus is walking with those two guys remember that story and the. You guys say to Jesus they don't know it's Jesus they say to him Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem and have you not known the things which happened there in those days and he said to them what things. Why why did why is you saying this he's pretending like he doesn't know what just happened. In worldly in worldly sense we would say playing dumb right but Jesus here does not reveal all that he knows why. He wants them to talk and he wants them to talk he wants them to share how they're feeling and he listens carefully and earns the right then to turn and to tell them oh let me explain what just happened. Right. What things and that that statement of Jesus fascinates me more more than almost any in the whole gospels that story is fascinating how Jesus dealt with people. And. Let me and the section with gospel workers page forty five Jesus spoke to people in a way that made them feel the completeness of his identification with their interests and happiness that's what we mean by connecting that's what we mean by connecting. Jesus they said this guy identifies completely with what I'm interested in and he wants me to be happy I know he does that's what they felt with Jesus. Gospel workers page forty five now let's do the last segment our time is rolling by the last segment is do it God has things set up. If the tractor remains in your pocket if the tractor remains in your purse the divine appointment cannot happen I've asked my wife to share a couple of testimonies she actually took the challenge that A.S.I. gave on the first night to witness to people around the Convention Center and she's going to tell us what happened. How did everybody. So did anyone else do some something on the challenge that A.S.I. gave us hand out tracts pray with somebody in the convention or outside the convention put your hand up if you did something off this card OK good if you take it is great. When I got out of the call on Thursday morning I said to myself Well now's the time to start and. I before I get distracted or lose my nerve or something. I as I was walking in saw a security guard and of course you know we always pray for divine appointment slowed to be with us and I walked over to her and I gave her a tract and then I said something to the effect of We're at the station convention and we'd like to pray for people is there anything you'd like pray for and she it was Jackie she wanted to pray for her job and so we had a lovely prayed together then I went inside and there was a man there with a trash can his name was Jerome from the Congo is French speaking I'm from South Africa so connected. And so then he also want to say I'm similar approach I give some approach he wanted to play for his job and then later in the day I was just leaving the auditorium off to the nine o'clock meeting and there was a man standing there with at the door big guy and I handed him a tract and I said. I asked him if you want to pray and he said Yes I mean you don't always expect this big tall strong guy to want prayer but he said yes we could pray for his grandfather so we stood right there and we prayed and he said thank you very much and then I thought well I'll just go to the exhibits and I've got you know the whole prayed to three people are good and if I could just get half a tract out today you know if they said twenty so I said ten today ten tomorrow will be good and then I thought. What convicting me that it was time to go outside go go out of the convention center and I thought OK OK Laura I want to do what you want me to do and so I went outside the Convention Center and I walked around a little bit and I saw another lady that I could give a tract to and she received a tract that had a pig smile on her face but she was happy to receive prayer as well well walked a little further and then I met someone that I want to tell you about I I just I said Hello how are you something where you he looked at the tract. And it was the strict and he said. I need this. Breaking addictions he said I need this so we gauged in conversation and I said. I said what's going on you know and he said I have a little trouble with alcohol and so I spoke a little further with him I said Would you like pray and he was so glad that someone would pray for him I prayed for his addiction I spoke with him. And and I really felt like God had set that up and I'm sure he set up all the appointments with some people tell you that they appreciated or they they need what you have for them and so then I had my ten tracts were gone and I pulled out the other ten and I I was suddenly I was addicted and I just wanted to head up the globe. So I handed them out then I pulled out my extras and you know when God gets a hold of you and you're just out there doing it you know it's just a special experience isn't it and I know you all have many experiences that you could share I want to share another experience my daughter my so that ten years old and I. She hands out a lot of glow tracts wherever we go she's pulling out a glow even if I'm still playing. Something or whatever he's pulling up the glow and giving it and it's not because I made it she just likes to do that process a lot and sometimes I pray for a divine appointment because I feel like we have got a lot of glow not always know what happens well and we had prayed at some time been that we for divine appointment and she and I were at the ninety nine cent store and we went inside and there was a guy selling telephone plans or something sitting at a. Table and she gave him a tract fine so we walked around to the side and we walked past and a lady stopped me she was slowing the candles and she said What do you think is better this one all this one so we stood there and we smelt the candles and we give our opinion and at the end up without a lawyer tract and I still said to her Do you have a church home and she said. No that she didn't really and I think she wanted to get back into church we chatted for a moment I told I showed her how to get the bible studies on the back and then she said she looked at me and she said. Something to the effect of. I'm glad that I stopped you. Because she had received the help that she was really looking for and so I kept walking around the dollar store and we come back by this guy with the telephone plans and he holds up the Saturday tract and he says this court my attention and so we engage him you know what what caught your attention he says send is the Babylonian the sun worship day I have studied it and he goes on about the things he studied in history and I thought this guy has an administration or background and and saw thought. So I I took out more Glock the other tract the head and I gave them to him and asked me fellowship the church he said no he doesn't have a church connection and. The end my daughter said that I should give a flyer for our meeting so we went and got fires we give them a flyer as we were leaving the dollar store one of those guys that collecting the money you know with the Watts outfit on with a pail of some kind is collecting money for charity he was there he was just showing up to work and we handed him a lot checked as we walked by as we walked further he called us wait wait do you have any more ways I thought to myself three experiences in one store but never have. But we went back again to tract and we invited him to the meetings and we never know what God is going to do my last experience. Do you have a picture in a minute OK. Bill and I get this guy's name is Bob But then I would sound like Tom home and we were at church there and in the afternoon they were going on and after each and we loved doing after just some fun to talk to people and go door to door and so we went on the after each and normally how many people would go to a door do you think. One to kill if this church was five or five or seven we were in big groups and Bill and I thinking nothing's going to happen that was intimidated. Because you know that's what conventional wisdom tells you that some of the people in the group were kids and I don't know if I was even in the group and were walking around the house so they talking to people and it's the snow on the ground or crunching around it's looked really and we knocked on a certain door and. As I remembered I did the canvas I you know explained over doing and he said. Oh Oh so you guys will join us witnesses we said no we're Christians and he says you know I have a problem with you Christians you all worship on the wrong day and so he said Oh and one. They should we be worshipping God and he said Well on Saturday and he went on with that and so we said well actually we do worship on Saturday and we invited him to come and the pasta came up and invited him to prayer meeting and he started coming and to make a long story short he was that period we went up a few months later for his baptism from one cold day one cold doorknock what the Lord could do. Thank you for listening. In conclusion our time is up. Many are longing for some divine assurance there are a lot of people out there who are looking for something let me just go on to the end here Matthew twenty eight this is the great commission the point something out you know about the Great Commission. We're familiar with his word Go therefore and make disciples of all nations but if you notice at the end it says I am with you always even to the end of the age we claim that promise and we should claim that promise because his presence is always with us but notice that his presence is with us in a special way when we are going and making disciples just like the special blessing of the Sabbath right the special blessing of the Sabbath we experience God's presence every day but there's something special on the Sabbath isn't there we're promised God's presence always but this promise was given in the context of witnessing of going and doing outreach and mission and when you come back from the experience of doing outreach or mission or witnessing you don't feel gloomy do you. I'm sure many of you have experiences you could tell us. You know that Jesus has been with you you know the presence of Christ has been with you and that is what makes that so fulfilling and so exciting. I challenge each of us to do the same to do it to go. Knowing that his presence is with us let's pray. Thank you Lord for this time we've had to think about reaching out. And I pray that each of us here in this room will be willing. To spend that time with you so you can make us genuine and sincere. And that you will help us to initiate and connect. And Lord help us just to do it because we know that you have it set up for us you have special experiences for us. So I pray for pray for this life pray for our trip home on Sunday that you will give us each of us some small or large the most would share something with some. Losses now is the sound of hours coming. Just. This media was produced by audio for us having just layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about yes I believe. Yes I. Or if you would like to listen for three lines or leave it as a W W W Do you verse.


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