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The goal of TMI is "Each One, Reach One, Lose None, Disciple All." Gain practical strategies and proven resources that can be easily implemented. Whether you're a lay member of a church leader, this presentation will provide relevant information that will lead to Total Member Involvement. 




  • August 4, 2017
    2:00 PM
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There in heaven Lord we thank you so much for the opportunity to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world and be able to be encouraged to we know that your word says that we should not for sake the gathering or ourselves together so much the more as we see your soon approaching and we just thank you for that your coming soon and we pray that during this time your Holy Spirit would abide with us and you would open our hearts and minds so that we could understand what you're calling us to do in these days that we live and we love you so much in your name. So how many of you have not heard of total member involvement before OK So we have a few people total number involvement is a really powerful exciting initiative that you're going to hear all about this whole seminar and we're even going to have elder Wilson and elder Ricky come up and share with us the big picture and some stories that have been happening over the years as well as why we're doing this exciting initiative for the world church and so without further ado I actually want to invite elder Wilson to come forward and he's going to share with us the purpose of total member involvement and and sort of the big picture what we can look forward to and why we should be involved with total member involvement. Thank you Renault and The Great to see all of you here what a privilege it is to talk about doing something for Jesus. I don't know about you but I believe that the coming of the Lord is very soon. Now you might expect the General Conference president to say that because he's paid to say that right. Anybody who is looking around and realizing what is happening. Has to realize things are closing in let me give you a little example. In one thousand nine hundred nine. The Roman Catholic Church and the Lutherans signed an interesting document. Called the joint statement on the doctrine of justification. Now that was one nine hundred ninety nine since that time churches have been approached they have been looking they have been considering they have been evaluating that particular document. And slowly the churches have come on board in support of that joint statement. In the year two thousand and six. The Methodist church signed on. In the year two thousand and sixteen. The Anglican church signed on. Just last month on July. And that's an interesting date because that was my dad's birthday he would have been ninety seven had he been alive and we will see him soon the Lord's coming. On July five the world communion of Reformed churches signed on. I was asking a colleague the other day I really wonder what about the Baptist church what are they going to do and he told me they are very interested. Now this should tell us where we are. Ed I see you here Ed Reed he's quite a. Scholar in the area of church developments and prophecy. It tells us that Seventh Day Adventists are going to be essentially the last church standing that still will support the Protestant Reformation. And this year October thirty one will be the five hundredth anniversary of that event that took place when Martin Luther nailed those ninety five theses to the door of the button burg Castle Cathedral. I just visited the cathedral Well it may not be exactly the way it was when he was there but that site just a few weeks ago. All of this is to say that when you look around you and see what is going on we realize that it is time for all of us in what we call the remnant church to actually see God's Spirit moving in a dramatic way I don't know about you but I hope you are praying for the falling of the Latter Rain of the Holy Spirit. The Seventh Day Adventist Church needs to be called to that great task that the Holy Spirit will prepare us for what is going to come. And I see Louis Torres there in the back Louis you preach this message and you help people get ready for that falling of the ladder rain lay people all over the world in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Are needing to be involved in what the church is trying to do because we are all members of the church so there should be no separation between the president of the General Conference and the. Amber in any local church because I'm a local church member to. Total member involvement now I know that many of you have read the statement before or heard us talk about it but in. Testimonies Volume nine pages one sixteen and one seventeen and I'll only read just a few words I'm not going to take all the time to go over this because we have a lot of other very interesting things to hear but this is the overview. It says here those who have the spiritual oversight of the church should devise ways and means by which an opportunity may be given to every member of the church to act some part in God's work every member. Then it says the leaders in God's cause as wise generals are to lay plans for at Vance moves all along the line in their planning they are to give special study to the work that can be done by the laity. For their friends and neighbors and then this one sentence which I keep repeating and I hope you will not get bored with hearing it and doing McKee who is our T.M.I. coordinator knows this one so well we we know it so well and we believe it. And I want you to get it in the context of what I just shared with you at the very beginning about the joint statement. On the doctrine of justification because by God's grace Seventh Day Adventists will never sign that statement we will never give up our wonderful privilege of believing according to what God has indicated we believe in just. If occasion but we believe it in the understanding of the full concept of Christ's righteousness That's the very core of the three angels messages but we will not give up our opportunity to believe it. As we understand it. But here's the sentence the work of God and get it now in the in the setting of everything that's happening politically economically Yes I know the stock market is right now doing unbelievable things. In a few months it could be going exactly in the opposite direction who knows in any case ecumenically politically socially you know a lot of problems in the in the social aspect of our. Of our world today the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers that's the crux of total member involvement everybody doing something for Jesus now what has this concept done around the world Duane is going to share a lot of exciting things around hello will share Michael will share but I just want to tell you that when this concept has been introduced to our church membership they have become so excited because they are saying yes we are part of this and no one can keep us away from telling about Jesus now that's always been something that the seventh day I'm just church has tried to encourage people to do but to help everyone to understand that there is no separation between administration of whatever the conference or the union or whatever and the church members perhaps this is a new concept to see. Some that you don't just return tie and give offerings in order for somebody else to do something we're all in it together total member involvement. When we introduce this in Rwanda and we had community services working we had health ministries outreach we had literature evangelism choir's were singing young people involved everybody doing something it turned the country upside down. We just had our wonderful opportunity in Romania in February and the Lord is working in a very special way there it's a different place than Rwanda next next year we're going to someplace very different and not a lot of people can go with us because it's a much smaller operation but I want you to pray for it in Japan. It's not that it's a smaller place in terms of the population it's just that our church is much smaller we have only about fifteen thousand church members in Japan and the average age is sixty six that ought to tell you the challenge we have in Japan but I want to tell you our leaders and our pastors and doing Mickey is going to tell you about some of our pastors and what happened in men in Doro in Philippines with some of our Japanese pastors and lay people extraordinary we are looking forward to something absolutely phenomenal through the Holy Spirit's power in Japan the next year we're going to India and I'll be preaching in that's in two thousand and nineteen preaching in Calcutta a very tough place for seventy AD was I don't think we have more than about one thousand five hundred seventh day adventists in Calcutta but all across the country will be having activities many of you. In be involved with that there are other activities for next year the Duane can tell you about and then we'll be going to probably a poor New Guinea in two thousand and twenty but this is just one thing that we're doing this has nothing to do with what everybody else is doing all over this globe total member involvement I am so excited about what church members are now gaining as their vision and their mission and that we are all in this together and because of the Lord soon coming he says he is going to pour out the latter rain and then we will really see things move I hope we will be ready for that great opportunity but this means that all of us personally need a connection with Jesus without that T.M.I. is just a big front means nothing so our personal connection with Christ is so vital our prayer life our sinking into the Word of God into understanding the instructions from the Spirit of Prophecy all of us focusing in a humble way about what God wants to do. Allowing the Holy Spirit to take away from our hearts things that divide us. Situations where perhaps pride gets in the way and where I have a conviction on something and I'm going to fight on this conviction until this and this and this the Lord helps to lower that profile in our hearts because we're not here to prove a point we're here to point people to Jesus total member involvement Well I could talk a lot. More but Duwayne has some exciting things on right now and Michael and I know you're going to be blessed as we focus upon T M I God's plan for all of us to do something for Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing elder Wilson you know I'm so excited to have church leadership as a young person I'm excited to have church leadership that is encouraging and pushing us to be involved Amen leadership who tells us that there is no difference between anyone that's in a paid position and the lame members in the church we're all in this together we're a team together I've been so privileged to work with Agnes world radio over the last of just four week two weeks three weeks whatever time is gone by but I've been working with them with the Duane McKee who is the president there and also the director of the corner for total member involvement and I just want to invite him up to share with us some of the things that have been happening this past year with total member involvement and to share stories and inspiration and how you can get involved as well. Thank you. And we're very privileged to have an L I working with us we have several of our staff from a that we are here with you raise your hands if you work with a W.R.. Yes Yes Thank you so much for being here with us actually that and we have a lot of your representatives I think with Dr Pak We have recruited what twenty twenty two field represent these Ok here in North America thrilling things total member involvement started before the join the conversation we started I think in Manila had a wonderful series there are lots of people involved lots of meetings same thing happened in Harare Zimbabwe I can't remember I wasn't sixty thousand were bad times it seems like something like that in Zimbabwe thirty thousand thirty. Thousand and Zimbabwe and then the last year just over a year ago my had this it's a lot of things that happened last year and and they're all wound thrilling. Over two thousand evangelistic means at one time people doing all kinds of things say they were given callow as a way to poor people callous building houses giving insurance cards away all kinds of community outreach projects everyone can do something for Jesus that's what T M I total member involvement is all about somebody said that means to many people in Indianapolis it doesn't. It means total member involvement and it's out of Wilson said Jesus won't come this is what makes it very clear until we all get involved and so that's the goal with T.M.I. for us all to do something we have a short video oh by the way also Romania Eastern Europe over four thousand evangelistic meetings at one time can you imagine that that's not Africa that's not the Philippines that Europe over four thousand evangelistic meetings in Romania self two thousand Cathy how many. Two thousand and seventeen Oh it was that's right is this is two thousand and seventy actually they had more than that. Two thousand and twenty two OK Thanks so much. Yeah it was thrilling and they're still bad ties in people in Romania and next year next year well we'll go there in a minute but. Short video I think you'll enjoy this very much. Greetings from the island of Mindanao here in the Philippines The big question is how can we train. Japanese testers to preach evangelists experience in their own country next to their parents or as in the Philippines. For Christ. Who is ruled radio goal was to not move in the Philippines at the same time to the heart of evangelism. This be done simultaneously most thought it would work. With a D.V.R. move forward in faith. This island is one of the most promising in all of the Philippines. Is home to over eight hundred thousand people most of whom make their living by fishing along the coast last time in the I suppose. The mountains are fullest countless and mooched diligence that is all about and sometimes it doesn't what it is about to do not to add in this world with. Three months ago a W.R. started broadcasting that we were going to be holding evangelist experience when they're all for Christ in people they came to do those evangelistic series more mostly Japanese pastors and most of them had never preached a series before it was almost to be a film school of evangelism for Maranatha Japan two thousand and eighteen. All in doing mass in layman got involved and began broadcasting every day nine radio stations four people each so thirty six laymen. These are local lay people who have an interest in sharing Jesus day volunteer their time they go into the studio and they talk for two hours who is lame and began broadcasting but after three meetings as not having to sit sponsor a bit discouraged they begin to doubt the effectiveness of the raid they wondered if anyone was even listening there was no response from the listeners and they wondered is this even working. He decided to see you have a Bible question of the day. The question of a I think it's the most brilliant idea of the day before they would have a sermon like I'm a student at what happens to you when you die that next day then that would be the question of the day for you go when you die and the first five people who call the ads we get a special gift either a cell phone with a recorded programs on it a little radio a steps to price as the listeners called in and they had contact with them they would actually go to those villages and meet those people personally. This is dedication this is people that are not being paid to do this but people that love the Lord and are doing whatever they can to draw someone to Christ. One day while here in mentor a revisit of the six Day store that's run by two Adventist ladies they're open six days a week their clothes on Sabbath this mother daughter duo decided to take their little radio set it out in front of their store and it wasn't long before people from the mountains started coming down I know there was some that were walking one hour every day to come down just to listen to the radio music started coming on and all of a sudden and everybody's clapping and and I'm wondering Did someone prompt them to clap just because we're there but no they clap every single day when that music comes on because they're so excited about the broadcast. There was nine hundred seventy seven we were missionaries and saw you're in the Congo living on the mission station in the Kasai I was on safari and because I was at the village in cocoa and within cocoa sway the next morning I woke up oh. He knocked on my door neighbor's Bertha she said passionately baptized me and I said Sure Bertha up at Guy's you know why would you walk twenty miles all night long to be that she says something I'll never forget she said patch to Mickey I am so sick and tired of those old world I want to go home and see Jesus I thought I would never see that kind of a desire to be baptized that excitement again in my ministry my life but it happened it has happened right now here in the Philippines our group of people twenty five of them walked out of the mountains across the jungles and rivers and streams to be bad guys twelve of them are bad guys it was so exciting they walked not twenty miles not twenty markets forty eight miles it was thrilling believe to baptize these people they had so much excitement and desire to see things and. We are experiencing the outpouring of really spirit here on this island. We knew we would have success here but we never imagined we would have the success that we are having here today. Some of these Japanese pastors their entire lives States baptize one or maybe two people a year and to be here at all sun had this mass bad tism where there baptized in twenty five thirty people it will change their lives forever and they're going to take that fire and they're going to go back to Japan. To see that Chris and come up out of the wireless sets and still lay on their face there's nothing like that and new times that life for him. And that's what this out of his life. As a result of a dozen hours ministry him endure to be our dad ties in more than one thousand five hundred. I thought before that great deal of networking and Dora now I believe that God is still working radio which people and to pay people for school. Thank you so much for your support of administering the WHO's bible programs in the trade all countries and through all last no no Borders thank you for your prayers and for your support which makes all this possible May God bless you nice miracles and not to my grandparents all missions storybooks this is happening now we are reaching the final chapters in earth's history and God's spirit is being born out all over this world. It's time to take our listeners some broadcasts to baptism this is a W R three sixty. Three sixty S total member and vomit. With a W.R. making a to B. are three sixty getting people involved the. Lord won't come until we're all involved doing something for Jesus one thing it's important to remember we all can't preach but we all can pray we all can do something can't we Cathy said Be sure you say some of you have some church members who think they can do anything they can pray and they can make a difference everybody. We can do something for Jesus we have seen this over and over and over again the important thing is our Wilson I've said this many times you must connect the dots. You must connect the dots a friend of mine said he's here actually said to me two or three months ago he said the way we've been doing health Symon arse at our church the best. For thirty years and you know how many bad guys I said no. None. He said you know why we haven't connected the dots. So whether you do a series of meetings if you do it by itself. In a vacuum you probably won't succeed. Where there is a hell seminar a stress seminar whatever if it's by itself you probably won't succeed you need to connect together with a plan program throughout the year in your church and God will bless and remarkable way as you plan together calendar driven put it together plan it together make it work God will bless over in Kenya and Tanzania and Uganda they just had total memory of all kinds of prayer events all kinds of social events all kinds of community service events and those three countries we supplied them by the way with a thousand. Video projectors. Like this. One hundred dollars one thousand two hundred lumens Now you can go on the Internet and buy similar I bought probably twenty of them none of them work with a flash drive that's the problem they work with videos but not a Power Point. Water has taken this one had it changed had the firmware changed over in China. Now you just have the video projector stick the flash drive in. VO it works and you can do a series and to use the new beginning sermons you use the printed sermons it works beautifully We had one thousand used after one hundred thirty thousand people have been baptized this year and East Africa because of total member involvement all working together for Jesus a man. God is going to do something great special as his people all twenty million of them join hands together pray together plan together get involved and total member and vomit and then the work will be finished and gin then Jesus will come as Cammie said in the video it's time it's time I've had enough haven't you it's time for Jesus to come. Amen praise the Lord that made me so excited to see the picture the video of all of those people walking for how many miles forty eight miles through the jungle and that is that just blows my mind forty eight miles to come down to it to be baptized how many of you were in the morning meeting today with Julian Archer and as he showed the statistics it really opened my eyes to see how much those people there there's a reason why in other countries people really sense their need for God I want to turn our country in North America and wherever you're from I want this to be a place where we again sense our need for God and I praise God because it can happen if it can happen as we all join hands together as a team and tell people about the Jesus that we love I want to invite my friend Mike to resign up here he's the director for a great Bible college in Arizona called Souls west and you know one thing that I truly believe I grew up in this country. I was born in Berrien Springs and I grew up here and I believe that even though we see the videos and the pictures and everything of what's happening around the world I believe that it can happen here tio Amen and it is happening here and we want to share with you some of those stories of faithful church members right here in America that are living for God as lay members lately leaders and that are working as hard as they can to see Jesus come again so might come share with us these stories. Thank you rebel and have the privilege of sharing with you some amazing stories of late lay members church regular church folks doing some amazing things all over this over here in North America just to give you some background I am the director of souls West it's an acronym for the Seventh Day Adventists outreach leadership school based in the Pacific Union and we have the privilege of going to maybe over thirty to forty churches a year we do have teams in they do campus seeing and there we do evangelist experience we pass out glow and because of all the churches we get a visit a year we get to hear all of these powerful stories from people who are just doing regular things going to work but sharing their faith with Christ in the marketplace and they're totally involved they're involved with their local church so I get that I have the privilege of sharing some of these stories with you. I want introduce you to some of them are my good friends and by the way we're trying to make it where these videos which you're going to see are going to be available as well we can probably have them on the total number involvement site but some of these videos we put our brand new and we maybe some of you heard the presentation last night but A.S.I. is giving us some money so we can feature more videos so if you have a compelling story of someone who had who's doing amazing things and who is a soul winner or maybe you're doing that please talk to me so we can feed you feature you in some of these presentations and some of these videos we have these three minute small little video nets that I like to for. That I like to show wherever I go so when I introduce you to my friend Calvin Calvin is a dentist in Seattle some of you may know him and he has a powerful story basically God used him in a mighty way to start Army Bible camp in and he was noticing though that as people were coming to his bible camp and learning about the Bible he wasn't reaching a lot of not avenues and so he decided to start a new ministry him in my good friend run to pray and even though he's a full time dentist his passion is exercise and working out and so they started a ministry called F five in this ministry focuses on how you can have fun how you can have fitness and fellowship and what they do is they have these yearly gatherings they have these huge yearly gatherings Well sometimes it's in the Grand Canyon this year is in Wyoming at the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole and what they do is they and they tell their avenues friends from all over the nation to invite anyone they know who's interested in fitness and it's a bridge event for non avenues to so that they can see that hey there are some really awesome people out there they have a lot of fun they're interested in fitness and they also are into fellowship and because of this ministry there have been many testimonies of people who have lost weight who are a lot healthier and also more important than that many of them who are starting to go to church or learn about the Bible and that's one of the coolest things so you can see more about them they have their website you can search Google F five challenge or on Facebook at five challenge and they just started about a year ago and they currently have over two thousand followers on Facebook and they're reaching so many people who are just not interested in spiritual thinks I want to tell you about my friend David Seca David. He works in construction in sunny San Diego he is a key owns his own construction business but when he's not doing that he is a sole winner in fact he is running the longest small group in America he has no. Not missed a day he told me in ten years a small group that it may be once a week and even on holidays or Christmas or if he's gone he opens up his house and a bunch of random strangers infiltrate his house in San Diego because you know they just can't find anyplace it's expensive real estate they're in God's blessed him with a home and he opens up his house and he tells me just opens it up he leaves the key in a place and everyone just comes in and he says you know what if someone robbed my house anyways we have no jewelry here we have nothing expensive I mean what are they going to steal a bunch of Bibles and a bunch of you know vegetarian food and so in his mind he says I have no risk I have nothing to fear and so he doesn't mind he opens up his house and recently he started his own restaurant called stems S.-T. E.M.'s It's in San Diego downtown area it's a vegetarian restaurant and guess what in his restaurant he also opens it up for bible studies so on Friday night they have Bible studies he'll have groups meet in his restaurant so not only is his house an evangelist accent or his restaurant and everything else he does any magic for I think it's twelve years now they have not closed their Bible study once and even if he's not there everyone else can come to his small group I also want to tell you about my good friend Phil in Tina fill in Tina they have a powerful story because Phil his grandfather was the first I believe one of the first avenues in the country of Iraq and long story short is he grew up here in the United States and he back slid Well recently has given his heart to God but he's one of these computer types who's not very good socially and he's not good at talking to people and so I want you to hear a story we actually have a little video of it. God can use anyone including someone maybe some of you who are afraid to knock on doors so that's what I want to show you with Phil story. I had a heavy foot. I kept pushing kept pushing kept pushing and one day the car gave in and the engine blew I lost control and hit hundred miles an hour. And it up on the other side of the highway went that kind of put my head in my priest the first time so they knew I was OK but I wasn't conscious. The rest of the hospital arms you know kind of on and on consciousness and. To coordinate. Max and in my life and that got me to think about God again. After the hospital. My parents cells and just alone with my own thoughts God and the Bible I Sareen the Bible again and I just sat it each. No sure what I learned so I tried doing outreach and knocking at doors because I felt like that's my job my duty and I said you know I have nor do you I can't do this you know because of the words in the mouth and that you know which defined and. Spoiled that you know how they didn't try to get I didn't have. The skills to knock on doors put I didn't know computers I didn't know how to code a website. And told started. I'm full of and I don't you know and if we do I ministry proof directory is an online ministry it's a basically it's a rare. Three of my book questions and answers whether that's through text we have over thirteen hundred questions and answers we're just starting a new department making answer survival questions with videos from various speakers. Over twenty thousand you. Get to pick the over one hundred thousand views a month my husband isn't very much if you feed a brain the average chick my job is more to talk to people every concert got it might not be with a method it's popular to ask you what's in your hands and you'll see what I can do this will put that on the altar of God who can use that and who either connect you with someone who can be used or who would use it as a store. And the founder of directory. As you can see my friend Philip he even tells you that he is not very good at meeting people sometimes he stumbles with his words what's what to say and he gets nervous when he knocks on doors maybe you can relate and so he said OK I can do that but what I can't do it and he realized the first he said you know maybe I can make some videos he realize he's not even good at talking in front of a camera so he did as he had a bunch of friends who he got with three minute five minute just Bible questions so someone he puts a question as What happens when you die a question when we know the second coming is near and because he knows coding and he knows how to get his website a lot of hits he got these videos to blow up on social media and this was a year ago when I talked to him that his videos were getting one hundred thousand views per month magine that imagine if you were getting one hundred thousand people coming to your church right that's unheard of but here is this guy who's shy there's not enough. On doors trips upon his words but God can still use them you know that tells me that God can use anyone I don't have much time so I'm just going to get into a couple of other stories on one evangelist to heart so I got to tell you a few testimonies this one is a really awesome story this is on the story of love. I don't know if you know the story but the C.E.O. of Oracle he owns this island now he bought it for five hundred million about four years ago and in the one nine hundred forty S. and fifty's what happened was there was a young guy who graduated from Hawaiian mission Academy and he had this desire to go and knock on doors in this tiny island called. So he went in he graduated from H M A which is in oil who and he took a boat and he went to learn a by himself and he when he started distributing great Conover's he's well within three or four days of got kicked out of the island they basically said hey what are you doing here is a private island get out of here so he leaves but it turns out that one of those great controversies became an activated time bomb a few months later someone read it they were convicted and they started to do some research and find out who is this by it's by some seventy Avenue so she finds out who they are she calls the whole Y. in conference mission at the time and they do an evangelistic series downtown in the in the town square now if you've ever been to the either only two hotels and it's they're both Four Seasons and it's five hundred dollars a night there's only one stop light and gas is almost seven dollars a gallon tells you a little bit about this island it's a resort island so here they have this evangelist It series turns out the owner of the island at the time his mother was sick and she happened to be getting treatment at one of our avenues hospitals God's timing is always perfect. When the at the conclusion of the Vangelis stick series The owner of the island at the time he said I'm so touched with the message and I'm so touched with also your health. Care system and I really believe that that's really what God intended for us to have the right arm of the Gospel we have the gospel and his mother's getting treated at our hospitals on the mainland What are the chances of that when he said I want to do something special for you so he gives the seven they haven't missed her chin land that we still own today give us our own church and give us our own house to this day if you go to the island of Lanai you will see that now the reason why tell us do you it's kind of kind of sad because the church has dwindled in attendance from fifty to twenty to ten and sometimes Now there's only two or three people but we still have that church church available and I was so pleased that my students were able to do an evangelistic series here and while they were preaching the series I was doing a series. In the island of Oahu and it turns out we were sent to the Mormon area of LA E.A. If you've ever been to Hawaii there is B. Y. U. Hawaii and there's a Polynesian Cultural Center and we have a small church right there called and so we had the privilege of preaching an evangelistic meeting there and when we were preaching the meeting you know we decided knock on doors was decided to go out and ask for bible studies Well the people who are not going on their doors they're basically saying hey we're Mormon This is Mormon country what are you guys doing here and to the other people who are not Mormon they mistook us as Mormon and so we were not having very much success in our like they were souls was what we do is we knock on doors and we offer Bible studies and give out literature but that wasn't working so we came up with a plan and this is where hopefully this will give you some ideas what we decided to do say OK let's look at our team there is like five or six of us what can we do and we started to talk about what are some talents that we have and one person said I can do this in I can do this and what we realize is everyone on that team we could all play the piano how limited it was we could play the piano and we said OK let's take let's do another approach let's go back into the area and let's offer free piano lessons so we were. And did that you wouldn't believe it we got people to sign up for piano lessons and so we said OK now we got students in our piano school what do we do next and we said OK I got an idea let's have them play for special music at the Vangelis Tech series let's call that the recital So here we have Uncle Joseph he was one of our contacts my good friend A.J. of Bible work at the time and what happened was we said OK we will have you we told him about you know hey praise God I mean you're doing your lessons and we're telling them that you know and the nice thing is the piano lessons are at the church so they had to come to the church they're used to coming to the church for piano lessons so we told them hey we have a recital for you you know you've gone through four or five of these panel lessons and music lessons you're going to play it's going to be at seven P.M. on Tuesday night and so forth so here we go opening night we have Uncle Joseph and he plays piano lessons he places his piece I mean it was not a very good piece but I'm sure the spirit still led right. When he goes to after the piano lesson he listens to the message and he's absolutely convicted of the message that is preached and because of that he realizes you know I really want to come back so guess what he came night after night after night at the end of the Vangelis stick series he decided to give his heart to Jesus and get baptized Amen. But here's the thing after he got baptized he started to reflect about what God had done in his life and he looked at me and he looked at by work and said hey. You tricked me. And we're like OK what do we say and then he said I think you said that is the only way I would be here that is the only way that I go to church is by you guys offering piano lessons thank you so much for not quitting thank you so much for knocking on my doors and he said let me tell you something you guys actually knocked on my doors twice before you offered piano lessons and you you offered Bible studies. And you offered literature and I don't want anything of it I thought you were Mormons but when you offer piano lessons I said those are one hundred dollars an hour I mean those are fifty bucks an hour you'd be a fool not to sign up for that so the reason why I tell you this story is because I know that God has given some of you some talents maybe for some of you you know another language maybe for some of you you play an instrument. You can just use what's in your hand what do you have because you can use that for God's honor and his glory. Thank you so much Michel I know that there are many talents in this room and I've been inspired to use what God has given me and you know the thing is is that I as I have been in ministry and I know I look young I am young and I have you know only been in this tree for about ten years and through that time I have been still blown away with the resources that the same they have it is church has if you want to do any ministry we have a resource for you it's all out there there's someone to train you it's just having the willingness to actually follow through and to stop and think What can I do for God So before we go through this last section I want to share with you a few resources that we wanted to point you to and the first one is of course what you have that you were given at the door which is this it has a lot of different tips and ideas I want to encourage you to go to the website you site up here at the beginning as well T.M.I. Oh man I should have actually written that down I think it's to my dad I've been a star org And you can go there and there are a hundred different ideas you can do how many ideas a hundred different things that you can do one thing that you can do to put into practice today what we're talking about is this outreach card at A.S.I. we're doing in A.S.I. ongoing outreach you got this in your registration bag and if you don't have it you can grab one before you leave but basically you pass out. Some glow here to non and attendees there are several of them around outside right out the doors walking through this building as well and when you're when you complete it you can go to the A.S.I. booth and grab a few free things that we have for you but I just want to share with you something that actually just happened a couple hours ago I was preparing for the seminar and I thought Oh my goodness I haven't passed out my twenty pieces of glory yet and I'm going to come up here and tell people they need to and so I was I was there you know preparing and I saw someone that I felt convicted to give a piece of glow to because literally I felt convicted because I was about to come and talk to you see that's what happens when you share if you're convicted do the same thing that you're talking about so I went up to her and I said oh hey you know before I go this is something you can read when you get bored and she said oh wow and I said Have you gotten one of these yet thinking you know maybe she already got one there's tons of us here and she said No I haven't actually I've never seen it said All these are so great and I asked her if she was Christian and she started opening up to me and she said Oh thank you so much I just been really needing stuff like this she said I've been watching you guys down there in the meetings I've been looking through the window here and just been wondering what you guys are doing so I gave her the information so she could watch it on T.V. while she watches it from her window as well and we started talking I said can I pray for you because I remembered on the card it says Pray for five nine A.S.I. attendees and even even I felt a little nervous and I was that can I pray for you and she said Yes you know I really need prayer I said What can I pray for you for and she said I don't want to give you I know I don't want to open up too much but I have been feeling convicted about things in my life that need to change and she said and I feel so convicted but I don't know what to do about it because I'm not strong enough and I said relating with her and I said you know what I know what you mean and the Bible talks about how we don't even know how to do the things we know that we should and I started telling her about how Jesus. Will do it for her and in her eyes she surrenders of self to God and as we shared she said thank you so much for giving this to me because I started wondering you know is God even listening to my prayers anymore does he even care about me because I'm not doing I'm not living the way I should and we prayed and she was so thankful and I thought to myself Man how many people are there right under our nose walking through this building everywhere we go Ellen White says that every year millions upon millions of people are passing into eternity unwarned and unsaved they are all around us they're everywhere and yet here we are timid and shy and we're here to tell you today that God can use you and God wants to use you today even before tonight you can have a divine appointment you take out that piece of glow you offer to pray with someone on the way to the hotel God wants to use you today and your talents today and we can't wait for someone else to take initiative and do something he's wanting to use you today before we go into our last section here I want to invite elder Mickey up to share just a little bit more he had something he wanted to share thank you so much for Nell in the brochures that you have you have a what looks like it's total memory vomit it has one hundred different ideas that she was talking about that you can use by the way the Japanese pastors came to mend Durrell to preach evangelistic sermons in English. Cherami. In English they had to go back to Japan with their excitement one conference President Paschal Bara told Kathy he said. I have never been. To an evangelistic meeting before in my life. Except he said when I was a kid I went to one. And now I'm preaching one. He was so thrilled and excited he had tears in his eyes. And he laughed as May the passers did he said thank you thank you for why she had done for my pastors now to preach in English they had to practice most of the day in English so we would have an anguish speaking person from Japan. Preach the sermon say one line everything the Bible and then the Japanese would say the Bible. We had three or four Japanese lined up and wanting the speaker and they repeat it and repeat and repeat until they got it right the next phrase this took hours with lots of sweat blood and tears. And then he got the idea he said well I go back to Japan I'm going to have an English language school. And use the same sermons. And teach Japanese to speak English repeating the sermons over and over and over and over. We just told some people at best your best pathway to health in a committee just before this meeting. They're getting ready for Phoenix we have lots of ethnic groups in Phoenix. And we said this is a way that your ethnic groups can learn English we'll give them the new beginning sermons and what take a person who speaks English they don't have to know their language whether they're from Rwanda or from Thailand or wherever or Peru they can learn English by preaching evangelistic sermons in English over and over and over again then they take their sermons all to practice that night on their family a man. A man so there are lots of innovative ways that we can do not hard to share Jesus that's total member involvement. Thank you so much. To Wilson's going to have her on a bit. I just want to say that the General Conference is heavily involved many of us of the G.C. have gone we feel it's our duty to model to the world church that you can do this. The busiest person in the church as our general conference President and I have watched him even before this initiative year after year take two weeks out of his busy schedule and preach an evangelistic series of meetings if he can do it. We all should be able to be involved at least two if you can't preach do something out do it two weeks go with us on a trip do something for Jesus but I am so impressed that our general conference President has such a passion by the way he does this for other reasons too he tells me he's this is how he survives spiritually it revitalizes your soul when you preach the Adventists Massey's folks it really does. Praise the Lord. I want to highlight something that Elder Wilson said at the beginning which was that being involved in ministry it's it comes from our personal connection with God It comes from a heart that is deeply committed to Jesus and you know I have realized that what we need as a church is not necessarily better methods even though we could always improve but what we need is revival in our lives what we need is more of the Holy Spirit to fill us in to transform our lives and I wanted to end this time on focusing on that and I want to tell you a story about a good friend and her name is Vera on COBRA. You know she was not just a lame member she was a labor leader and when she spoke we knew she had all she had been with Jesus just that morning she had memorized scripture and she if you ever needed some type of encouragement she could just give it to you like that in quotes and in verses. And whenever you talk to her and she shared those quotes it sounded like she had just read it for the first time that morning it sounded like she had just read John three sixteen that for the first time that morning and she would say right now law is it God I'm easy and you know in those moments sometimes you don't feel very spiritual sometimes and she was the type of person where if you talk to her and you didn't feel very spiritual right then you'd be like man why she's so happy you know and then you'd be convicted and realize that's the way I should be she was a woman who exuded Christ because she had spent time with him I remember writing down a list of people who after I left their presence just being with them I would want to be more like Jesus have you guys met some of those people before you just interact with them and when you leave you're like I need to be more like Christ and she was right there on the list many people called her a modern doc and we marveled that we had walked in her presence that she was someone who just lived in the presence of Christ she was a nurse by trade and by Ministry and she whenever she saw a person this is one thing that really inspired me whenever she saw a person she would only see a soul that Jesus died for she never saw their social status what their education was what they looked like or smelled like or anything she just saw someone who Jesus died for you know less than two weeks ago I was on the phone with her asking if she could take a friend spot who had dropped out of speaking at the seminar and she happily agreed of course to share her testimony and I thought she'd be a great testimony to share because she was a living example and I thought man she'd be perfect to come share here A.S.I. I Little did I know that just a week later we would receive the news that she was lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life. The doctors tried all day and into the night to get her heart to beating. Again but it had suddenly stopped that morning and it was over she was thirty six years old. For all that knew her it just shook our world and it we couldn't help but scrutinize every part of her life you know and if we don't end up living to see Jesus comes people will scrutinize our lives the life that we lived what legacy did we leave what did we really live for. We couldn't believe that she such a person as her had walked on planet Earth and we were so sad because we believe that our generation needs more of her who knows what it's like to walk with God I share this story with you because I believe now more than ever that what our church needs is a revival of primitive godliness among us we need a deeper experience with Jesus and a greater understanding of what it means to walk with him in daily life we need a stronger prayer life how many of you need a stronger prayer life I'll be the first one to say that it is hard to keep up a consistent prayer life we get busy we get distracted we can to get blurred sometimes but I'm telling you that is because the devil is so afraid of God's people being on their knees and praying for souls he's afraid of that and so he won't stop no matter how long you've been in ministry he won't stop from trying to keep you from having a prayer life but it's what we desperately need because what we need is we need time with cheese this beholding him so that we can become changed and his influence washing away the pride in our lives keeping us from the people that we should be ministering to you know we need that cleansing spirit to wash away the love of pleasure that. We have the love of comfort the love of ease I love a comfortable life I love the life that I live in America where I have all my needs met and everything taken care of and I don't have to worry I don't have to sacrifice I don't have to give but yet like we heard this morning sometimes that can be our enemy when we realize now we don't feel our need for Jesus anymore and yet this strange stupor is upon us where we don't realize that we're in a very dangerous time where the devil is walking a rope around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and I want to live like this woman I knew Vera on Coba who would spend hours in the morning praying you know she was the type of person or if I ever needed to call and just pray she would answer and we would we would pray at six am every morning we would memorize paragraphs of sphere of prophecy and quotes and she just hungered for righteousness she wanted more and more and you know that's what happens if you find yourself in a position where you don't really feel like praying in the morning or you don't feel like having a devotional life start off doing it small little by little your hunger will grow as the Holy Spirit works on your heart and before you know it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it the Holy Spirit will start changing your desires from wanting all kinds of you know animation activity in you know our senses are so hyper to being able to sit in the presence of God and talk to him and commune with him and this is but she had she was an inspiring woman because she would work three days a week as a nurse and at one point in her life she felt so convicted about literature vandalism she had just read some Ellen White quotes and she would spend the next four days that she wasn't working as a nurse she would take twelve of her friends and they would go door to door not knowing what they were doing just going door to door passing out literature doing what they could so that people could hear the message at another point in her life. If she was working as a health coach a meeting people's felt needs in another point most recently she lived in Michigan and she would drive an hour and a half back and forth from work and and she would work nights and though the people that she was staying with would wonder sometimes when she would come back at two P.M. instead of that morning to go to sleep for the rest of the day and she would tell them Well I made Bible study contacts there and I needed to drop off my Bible study guides I need to study the Bible of people before I came back she was so committed to doing God's work even if it meant she only slept three or four hours every night what made the difference in Vera's life the power that she had came from her love communion with God She loved Jesus she loved being with him you know my friends that the key to total member involvement is not just knowing in your mind I need to go on this mission trip I need to give a Bible study I need to do this I know I need to it's sitting with Jesus and allowing his sweet spirit to transform your heart when you until you realize I must do this because I love the Lord I wanted to read to you a couple of quotes here as we close. In second Corinthians two it says now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ and through us does what defuses the fragrance of his knowledge in every place for we are to God The fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing were called to be a fragrance if you don't feel like you can do something for God You can be something for God as you allow him to transform your life you can be a fragrance to everyone you come in contact with this woman didn't do anything very special she was just a woman of God and people were so inspired by her life Second Corinthians three says you are. A pistol written in our hearts known and read by all men clearly you are an epistle of Christ ministered to by us written not with ink but by who this spirit of the Living God not on Talbot's of stone but on tell bullets of flesh that is of the heart do you see the connection here when the Holy Spirit writes The new covenant on your heart you become an epistle to all men known and read by all men as the Spirit changes your life I wanted to read to you one last quote here in Christ object lessons page four nineteen it is the privilege of every soul to be a living channel through which God can communicate to the world the treasures of his grace the unsearchable riches of Christ and notice this do you want to know what Jesus wants his number one desire what's on his Christmas list his birthday less whatever it is what's on his topless there is nothing that Christ desires so much as agents who will represent to the world what his spirit and character there is nothing that the world needs so much as the manifestation through humanity of the Saviors love all heaven is waiting for channels through which can be poured the holy or oil to be a joy and blessing to human hearts can you say amen there is nothing that the world needs so much that is our appeal today our appeal is not only to think about how you can get involved but more importantly to drop down on your knees in the morning make time for Jesus make time to sit at his feet and look into his word my prayer every morning is Lord help me to be the most excited about prayer than anything else I could be doing help me to look into your word and think this is the most exciting place I could be I love your word more than my life could God make us into those people I know he can and that is my. Prayer that is the life that this woman lived and we want her legacy to live on we want to live like her and that's why I share this today because she lives like Christ and I want to challenge every single one of us to stop and pray what can I do what can I do to rearrange my schedule rearrange my priorities so that Jesus really is number one in my life you will see that as you allow him in you'll find more and more of these offer to Naji's still have the desire to go and share Christ wherever you are and I believe that as we do this every single one of us taking responsibility of our spiritual lives first will see Jesus come again I wanted to invite all the real thing to come up and have a closing prayer for us. What a touching appeal Rinella has given us I praise God for what he's put into your heart. And I only wish that Vera was here today. But her legacy will continue in each one of us as we're inspired to do something for Jesus. Revival and reformation is the foundation for T.M.I. and everything else we do. Five hundred years ago Martin Luther nailed those ninety five theses. One hundred twenty five years ago steps to Christ came out it's the anniversary hundred twenty five years read it. Lit it sink in revival and reformation our connection with Christ will help us in our outreach T.M.I. is it on the evangelist meetings going to Palauan Praise God you got that great trip. No T.M.I. is comprehensive health outreach. Talking to your neighbors holding small group meetings in your home. Passing out literature using social media using Adventists media in every possible way everything you can think about in touching people's lives and all of that has to be connected by the dots as Dwayne said and once in a while we hold these public meetings and believe me even here in the United States public evangelism is not dead. Let the Lord do what he will thank you Michael for what you and souls West. Are doing and thank you Duane for sharing with us today I heard of one of the most innovative T.M.I. outreach activities just the other day blasphemous rigor he the president of East Central Africa division told us about young people I think it was intends Anea who get big trash bins. And they put. Well they go through out an area of the city and they clean up the area because not every place in the world has trash collection like maybe you're used to. And they clean up the area and then they put they have these big signs on these big barrels that they've been collecting all the trash and it says total member involvement. And they put the bins in the nice vacant cleaned up areas of the villages and towns so that people will know Seventh Day Adventists have been there follow our example I mean you know what you can do anything trash collection What a great way to witness to people right God is going to use you in a powerful. Just before this I was at the Amen luncheon that's Adventist Medical evangelism network health professionals who get together they're doing a great job. And they even have a fascinating clinic called clinic in a box and they will take health professionals to little places and reach out but I shared with them one text that I want to read to you. Just before we pray it's in John the sixth chapter and it's John's rendition of the feeding of the five thousand in verse five and verse six is really interesting when you feel overwhelmed what can I do what can I how can I be part of T.M.I. What is it that God is asking me to do remember he has called you and he will empower you this is what happened then Jesus lifted up a XYZZY and seeing a great multitude coming toward him he said to Philip Now this was Jesus talking to Philip where shall we buy bread that these may eat. But this he that's Jesus said to test Him Philip for he himself Jesus knew what he Jesus would do. When Jesus asks you a question he asks you to do something he ask you to be part of total member involvement don't wonder why how it's going to happen or why he's asking you get out and do it because the Lord knows what he wants to do through you. Would you stand in prayer. Dear Lord thank you for these many people who are already doing so many things for you in your name and through the power of the Holy Spirit but help each. One of us to be reenergized every day as we're in contact with you through bible study through prayer through an understanding of your instruction in the spirit of prophecy through the impressions that we receive Lord we ask that you will then help us to do something about it to become part of total member involvement everybody doing something for Jesus connecting the dots and helping people to truly understand that eternal life is at stake now Lord thank you for all the testimonies we've heard Thank you for the witness that Vera has been while she was here alive may each of us with the life we have continue to share with others this precious Advent message the three angels messages pointing people to Christ to His righteousness to his sanctuary service to an understanding of the three angels messages in their totality and helping people to know that the second coming of Jesus Christ is imminent live within us and the Lord used us in Jesus' name we ask of a man. This video was produced by audio for yes I have it is layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about Sci please. Cite. Or if you like just three lines or leave this. Body of verse.


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