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Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)




  • August 5, 2009
    6:45 PM
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I haven't man will pray our precious heavenly father Lord you see me here as the young person a server interview you know my deficiencies you know my selfish desires you know me better than anyone and yet you've selected me this evening to preach to your people I pray that as you as we invite your spirit into this auditorium may all distractions be taken away many angels feel fill the empty seats in Maines speaks through me tonight Lord like you never have before not so people can leave here tonight in Saint Justin preached a powerful sermon but so that they can leave here tonight and say they saw Jesus and they learn more about your love Lord be with us as we dive into your Scriptures and may give us a new look at life tomorrow I humbly pray these things in your precious name payment it was not that long ago that I was there ASI youth for Jesus and Columbus Ohio were going out door-to-door whereas simply inviting people to the meeting that we're happy I was teamed up with one of the younger you for Jesus I was considering a face senior view for Jesus if there is such hierarchy and in you for Jesus turns we're going out door-to-door knocking on doors and to be honest it wasn't going that well before meeting with rejection they were slamming the door in our faith and it was getting a little discouraging and I was speaking that night so I I honestly myself a couple times and you know what my time is my even been better spent preparing for my son how is about writing and giving whence we came to the last cul-de-sac we went through the house as we knocked on the door is not that many people gained in the knowing when they did they pretty much slammed in her face and we got to meet the cul-de-sac and no young lady I was with said Justin we need to go back to that one how are thinking to myself we went there once she she Ernie didn't come to the door why on earth do we need to go there again but I was the senior youth so I couldn't say that out loud we went back to the door because of her persistence we knocked on the door and old middle-aged I'd say lady came to the door by the name of Kathleen Kathleen opened the door let us come in and she began to say what tears in her eyes I'm so happy UK I'm so happy you stopped by my house this afternoon to see what I've been in and out of jail I'm a terrible mother I have three kids and I couldn't be any worse than I'm addicted to cocaine am addicted to heroin to be honest I've been ready to collect what online Kathleen said with tears welling up in her eyes this morning I got out of my bag and zip last time I cried out to God God sends someone to my door today to tell me the good news about you we enter that home we had a Bible study we invited her to the meetings and Kathleen Jane Knight after night she made the decision after decision I shutter to think what would've happened if that on senior youth wouldn't have been with us we haven't gone back to that door to meet with Kathleen I believe her eternal destiny would've been much different turn with me to the book of John you got Matthew Mark Luke and then John will spend the majority will spend probably the balance of our evening inside the book of John I like John because John I believe it inside Matthew Seinfeld Marx sidestepped will read through them and put things in his account of Jesus that he believed had the capacity to believe the had the capability to change the world easily find things in the book of John that we don't find in Matthew Mark or Luke Wharton study one of those unique stories tonight John for in verse four John for inverse for you with me John four and verse four and he had to pass through Samaria now if you read the text quickly enough you could make a valuable lesson I would submit you will in the world was seen as doing going through Samaria you see at the time of Jesus a bitter hatred existed between the jewelers and Miss America you'll remember that in this time it seems you wanted to go to the other side of Samaria was common for them to take a long route around the city so that they wouldn't have to associate themselves any witness American so why was Jesus going through this city of Samaria something Stevens was on some sort of a time crunch he needed to get to the other side and not he was going great through your shortest route possible that might be possible some may say that Jesus wanted to prove a point that he wanted to arrive the Balinese ring listen racial traditions and associate himself with the Samaritan I would argue that even more possible but in my minds eye I could share it a little differently in my mind I can assure a woman waking up that morning that same morning Jesus was walking through the desert I think it is unnamed woman almost unable to rise out of her back society has deemed her a social outcast first things always are unsurpassable nothing good can ever come of her life she laid there in a bad place meaningless and thinking and hollow inside and it is in the risk it off I think sharing my minds eye risking it all one last time I see an unnamed woman kneeling beside her bed that morning as she awake tears streaming down her face she cries out for God to reveal himself to her she cries out for God to give ourselves to give her a purpose to give her a sense seven initially arrived that morning he rises with a smile with that Blessed assurance because Jesus is her feet Brenda God I serve is not a God of accidents and coincidental encounters Jesus was that well for reasons he was there to answer a grant in aid and a heavenly object in my question I would propose tonight to Austin and listen to nature how many people across our path who woke up in the morning crying out for God how many people are walking by when all heaven was waiting for us to rise to our true purpose how many people as God orchestrated for you to meet so you can share the gospel with God is not a God of Max and Vincent went to dental encounters is placed to hear on this earth for a reason for a specific purpose John Ford verse five so he came to a town of Samaria called sidecar near the field that Jacob had given to his son Joseph Jacobs well was there so Jesus wearing as he was from his journey was sitting beside the well it was about the six-hour it was new the sun was high in the sky making that he will unbearable and we find in the world spirit we exhaust is just returned from Judea where with all people rejected him it's been a while since he and his disciples have had any vote shall hunger exciting in his stomach the trip here to the well and got the new sweaty dirty he's physically tired you can kind of feel that that drive motors not more spent drive feeling you get in your mouth when it's been a while since you've had water the wind is saturated in point any fingers and I find most of us in this room is wearing my sandals and Jesus would be rather grumpy but I stay near the world was there waiting with open arms for his show first seven woman from Samaria came to draw water and unnamed woman in the Bible answers the fees and unnamed woman who secretly aids it has changed out with live an unnamed woman who has taken a life lived for the enemy and turn them to their creator an unnamed woman who was taken lives out of darkness and turn them in the path of light that unnamed woman enters the scene and without a doubt this woman's life has changed many people don't know a lot about this woman but here's what we can glean from this just come to the well alone is entirely possible that she is just a loner she likes to be alone nothing wrong with that it's possible that she's a social outcast as we find out later about her personal life it might not be up to par with the rest of the Samaritans so maybe society is somewhat faster out and we can also conclude that she is a poor person didn't have someone go to the well former Kansas is not someone with worldly well the final thing we can do can glean from this passage in the shoes of some American descent born verse seven the second part Jesus that never get me a drink of what about eight percent of you are with me tonight Jesus said give me a drink of what one sees is that the woman for a drink of water sure there is enough in Cheyenne Sandra Nesson on culture and let me know if you raise children as an aside we already talked about the intense hatred between the Jews and Samaritans but also it was on common for men to talk to women without their husbands friend clearly Jesus did not subscribe to the theory that one race or one that was better than another the one in question why Jesus the Jew would ask her for entering and we find Jesus 's response inverse can Jesus answered to her if you knew the gift of God and who it is that is saying to you give me a drink you would've asked him and he would have given you a limb mean water the creator of the universe takes an average conversation one in which physical needs are being addressed an appeal to her spiritual meaning in verse eleven the woman said to him Sir you have nothing to draw the water within the well is being where you get the living water the woman can foolishly misses the real appeal you can picture her face kind of puzzled almost in place obviously sir I'm here I love the water is hot and frankly that's the reason I came to allow this evening but you've got nothing to drive how can you get me this living water on that answer we can find out in verse twelve do you think you are better than us got been Jacob and God gave us this well the woman tries to reflect on her past experiences on her ancestors past three experiences and she tried to draw the relationship and she had with Christ send Jesus back using analogies at this point disaster you're probably just not good enough to get me the water but one unmolested savior we serve it is not give up on us after one attempt he wasn't even willing that one could perish he felt the holy purpose of the spelling on him he said the woman woke up right quick on the human race and he knew it that we what she needed you remember the relevant question for us to ponder tonight who is God put in your life who is facing the same struggles as this woman at the well who is God and trust in your abilities with you was so sure low shrill exchange inside Jesus appeals to her again in verse thirteen Jesus said over everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again the water that I will give him will be coming in a spring of water welling up to eternal life the wheels are kind of clicking inside her head she's contemplating thinking will ever physical needs she gives a all right sorry if it is water and if I will leave the Earth again handed over I hate the want to do well I hate the drive feeling I get in my mouth I don't even like the taste of water all day give me some other special sauce that I'll never get thirsty again it is Jesus takes inventory the situation on Surrey sure you are seeing this woman was then him when he is saying here he knows he was longing for whole longing for a better tomorrow waiting for something to live for so Gina foolish and how we can move in to Doctor John four hundred sixteen Jesus said to her don't call your husband can't hear the woman answered and I have no deals and are you are right in saying I have no husband for you have had how many twelve percent with me tonight Yum how many five hundred and the one your with now is not your husband like you upset is sure I want to analyze these three versus one month following the end of floor window there there seems doing this and five on the main scene mainstream Christianity a fallacy a misleading notion that Doctor and more will change by mainstream Christianity fielding of their job all their entitlement to soften the message amid that their sole purpose is to apologize for what is in the Bible and what it teaches and the edges of this foolishness is moving inside the sacred walls of our Seventh-day Adventist church I believe Jesus understood a key point the Holy Spirit inspiration into holy men and women was irrelevant in the time of Jesus but guess what that same Holy Spirit and you and me and my I live always relevant after housing years ago the Bible is relevant today and got shoes is not to come for another helping here is the Bible will be relevant God knew he was doing when he wrote his love letter to his fallen race that I would even go so far as disdain made up of things that are around today where is his local Gary Jesus is Jesus you don't understand except the woman for new CA love don't use any type of convicting material with her Jesus here approaches to old-fashioned children edition up enabler for Moses maybe for Joshua maybe forever off but that type of approach is again a work for a the Christian but Jesus knew better he knew the Bible was relevant as Christians and I hate admitted it is time for us to take a bold biblical refresh in the Bible is just as relevant today and I had Albert van there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that we should apologize for still arrogant so absolutely ridiculous for us as Christians to state and we have more insight then God did say that the Bible is irrelevant for the postmodern mind or whatever term you want to give to people that you don't think are ready for the Bible instead of the Bible take our feelings take our experiences take I love as if our feelings and love have more changing power that God and his sense of iron were the sharing liberal bloggers will continue to argue what the Bible is irrelevant what I'm going at this publication will write articles arguing the faulting cracks inside our holy Scriptures and until Jesus comes again and when anything fear and uncertainty will attack the fundamental belief in our church one by one now more than ever God is calling for a group an army of young and old black and white educated and uneducated he wants and for the doctor who will stand for the doctor and in the Bible more unapologetically cheesy beautiful principles to others understand I'm not discounting the need for us to act with love I love and respect combined with the changing power of our living God is dynamic you'll remember first Peter three in verse fifteen be prepared to give an account of the death transfer everything you believe if you're Seventh-day Adventist theoretically defendant from the Bible but do so in love and respect I think we belabor this point or not but I think it's important I'm not even talking about necessarily that the debate between creation and evolution because the sewers were passed that the devil brings something else into one of our existence we need several root ourselves in the Scriptures if you are building your house on love and experiences of other people you're building a house on essay in the say God needs us to root cells in the separation Scriptures incidentally if I can guess make a little commercial my father and my retainer is doing a seminar tomorrow at two o'clock is going to go over some or these things in detail I would urge you if you're a leader of our church if you are an active member of our church please be there it began to me that you can get it online after it happens but it God needs us to be biblically rooted friends is not that the thesis format of my method by any means but it's important I think it's particularly interesting that Jesus injects a little bit of doctrine a little bit edition into the life of the woman at the well Jesus said the variation may be legally and on I have a husband but actually biblically speaking you have five and the woman sidesteps the conviction putting the question back on Jesus Sir I perceive you are from the woman then goes on to explain the difference in worship style that brings up an age old Rob between the Samaritans and Jews dealer member during a time when the Temple was being rebuilt the Samaritans approached the Jews in fact were here we love to help rebuild this sample can you use us that Rutledge was that night the Samaritans and filled that the Samaritans somewhat karyotype irritated by the response went back to their place built a arrival temple at Mount Garrison and began to worship there so the woman said listen Jesus the Jews worship in their temple they think it's right as Americans worship ski racing uncertainties because you know us and yet sensitive with me said that Joomla! course of imaginable they think it's right they think that's what will save as Americans worship in temple may think if I may think of who will say that though I want to weigh in on it it's interesting to me because we find Jesus 's response to her in almost I did call it what you give to Nicodemus the chapter before essentially his responses this the Temple will not save you the place of worship will not save you the location of the Temple will not save you that I worship will not save you the relationship that Congress from God is the only real NJ that can lead to God it is the religion the vast to be born again the woman sensing she's out of what she believes to be legitimate excuses tries to procrastinate verse twenty five the woman said to him I know that the Messiah 's coming I've read about it in Deuteronomy he who is called Christ when he comes he will tell us all thing I want to interject just a little note into our story when it was still allowing God to use us to our full potential we serve the same God as the woman at the well adverse while we're right about the woman believe that God did incredible things in the past when Jacob and God relationship combined pretty much all countryside was given to our people all God was incredible in the past you understand sir and Nancy rejected in the future less than one day the Messiah will come and it is going to be awesome I mean off to all answers to our questions will be all questions your answers will come about the Messiah looked wrong it will be incredible the TNI software that same guy you can read about Jesus and the Bible all it is awesome I you what will Schindler me imparted in swallowing human lane where walking blindly saying why you are being shot up I mean God was awesome in the past and oh boy just you wait and see he has some real doozies in store for the future you better look out in the later rain I see little just before Jesus comes again miracle happy people will be joining the fray by that God will be on the in the future but when he projects God one thing you is that and made friends with the advent of the Lord are on the name now I want to belabor this point but I think it is very important for our site John is alive to day he wants you to start acting like it ten God is alive today and Friday doing awesome incredible things anyone see you to start acting like it tonight the woman at the well woke up that morning feeling hosts doing might the world had turned its back on her and she was in need of a safe Jesus was there to answer the call there's a world full of women and men just like her who woke up this will you be there to answer the call first twenty six Jesus said to her items be to you and he starts a project in the future the Messiah will comment will be incredible Jesus says you always knew you are speaking the person you are speaking up I him he verse twenty seven then his disciples came back and they marveled that he was talking with a woman but no one said what do you see or why are you talking to her the disciples came back to man only to find she is talking to a woman and not just a woman a Samaritan woman it was almost all hauling for the disciples you can picture them huddled together dumbfounded look on their face wondering why in the world see this would talk to a Samaritan woman but the Bible tells us that this site both dad and not the first read through this door alley just assume the disciples that nothing because of the racial divide they were holding sure their Jewish heritage and way of life but as I got a little remorse and reenact in the moment in my mind I began to wonder about something allow me to speculate with you a little bit this evening but understand something before we do that my speculation is not the received Doctor Ariel or to add a twenty nine fundamental belief it's purely a question I think we can apply to our lives as Christians living today and the disciples were sent off that afternoon to retrieve fluid for their master it was okay for the Jews to associate work with the Americans if they were buying something that they were seeking to gain something certainly not for any kind of friendship but it would be okay for the disciples to walk into Samaria and by food for their master now while it is not sure why magic you are the strengths and pathways chill went from Samaria I want assume that there was only one pathway that led from the well Jacobs allowed into the city of Samaria you're following me so far if you can assume that there was only one way you can conclude that this site will pass right by this same woman into their trip in the city the same woman I woke up that morning to Hardy and despair that same woman who longed to hear something in her life that would give her purpose the disciples the news they would have had the opportunity to change your life but a listing so in my speculation I would ponder this and the disciples necessary data in the day necessary with the God of divine appointments trying to leave the woman into the pathway of the disciples in grapple with how that's somewhat awkward meeting what a white woman comes in if I seem not normally based on their parameters she is a different race society of chapter outfits completely possible that she was dressed a little north and delete maybe your hair was a different color than they were he was still committed to receive existed when I should doubt and the justification in their mind is this she would have no interesting guy no point even telling her about Jesus friends if we label someone as having no interesting that we realistically doubt the power of God to change their life is not about if they do or do not have interesting it's about if God has the power to change their life disciples missed the woman at the well because they doubt to the power of God and even more important and relevant question is this we miss because we doubt to the power of God who woke up this morning met today with an ugly outfit calling their pink hair load interface with jewelry and fell to their knees crying out for God to put someone in their life is seldom purpose and meaning was that purpose in person intended to show the meaning URI and younger bypass someone with the good news because they probably wouldn't have any interests and he given up on a family member neighbor or coworker because they appear to have no interests God is calling for us to be messengers for him not to lead out whom we think guys or does not have interesting God desired ranges page one ninety four the gospel invitation is not to be narrowed down and presented only to a select group who we suppose will do us honor if they accept it the message is to be given to all not to be narrowed down to rethink guys are does not have interest the phase is to be given to all which say maybe she was dressed normal what then what of God the disciples minister speculated in your mind driving they meet on the deathly wrote the disciples collaborate together in German that the war they are on is more than than speaking with the one it's a shame that all of some area code in their lives because of the resumes of the disciples this perceived importance I thought they were doing learned anything Virginia is certainly that is more important than speaking with a woman caught in a fight they were on reaching out to this one so the question begs to be asked whom you when I met because we assume our work is more important than a lowly woman or man with a president of GUI see AFI what difference will it make it one boy or girl readme reach out to when were organizing such an harmony on SCLC a policy will not know million-dollar company that donates millions and should I be seeing about a woman doctor on the verge of solving cancer once a woman to me you must understand I'm the director of a rise again in fact it is written my time is more valuable than a woman on the president of a conference to union the division or even the GC my work is too great the disciples could've been welling up all scenario it appears because they were on a mission they thought was greater than he created such positions among us that all of New York City Los Angeles Seattle Phoenix could be lost perhaps you've been on a mission might the disciples the Jubilee was a little more important than a woman perhaps tonight God is calling you to reach your full potential is full potential he has for you five Alan White speaking of the disciples their thoughts were fixed upon a great work to be done in the future they do not feed and right around them what they harvested began a month through the woman who is a good buy a whole people was brought to hear the Savior there were fixed upon the great work to be done in the future again don't let my speculation get in the way of you missing the point or the appeal I'm not pretending that extra insight into the Bible it is entirely possible the disciples never even crossed paths with this one but I believe the questions posed are still relevant and I believe them to be extremely convicting we must take a stand on these points gotten the pictures that will not doubt his power God needs you have to assume when does or does not meet him in life and without doubt God wants a generation was not designed with a hierarchy of life presidents directors and all of God 's people need to start concerning themselves with God 's truth rather for their lives breathes in a starving nation getting serious about getting the gospel message to the entire world Sebring the day is coming in the near future when many Christian many Seventh-day Adventists and possibly even ASI members will be silent Jesus will come again a glorious day it will be like Nemo flash from the case for the West half thousand times ten thousand Angels will fill the sky him will walk the line will see our body will be drawn in family 's only begotten that will be reunited in the clouds of husband and wife separated my tragedy will embrace millionaire it will meet in a crowded bar on to describe holiday for many and yet a strategy for a generic Christian Seventh-day Adventist and maybe even AFI members will face coworkers neighbors and even family rooms at the Saints are taken in the cloud will still will reign those who will remain will once again our priority 's are foolishness and stupidity will slay are very existing and is a fairly common front of unity those who remain will stand the elite can guess I'll leave and discuss they will want you now and you didn't tell us you will usually become like him I had and you never dreamed aware to me friends are only response will be silence the disciples get that same look maybe even that same question at Jacob 's well perhaps the woman sat done in disbelief at the return of the disciple the very men who knew Jesus said that would walk by and say nothing how could it happen how could it be you you know you didn't tell me you know about the same and you never breathe that were perhaps the woman sat stunned disbelief maybe Jesus stopped at that well at high noon not only does save Samaria but did teach the disciples all lesson maybe God is so great an e-mail seeing that even if there is each year when I a lot cannot halfway find it allow a small reenactment of the second coming that moment in time where Christians were Seventh-day Adventists are held accountable who they did in and did not tell the gospel to God is calling for a generation of followers who are unashamedly tell others about Christ that no matter the cost no matter the sacrifice no matter the fusing nomad no thing in life one we need to go unturned no coworker no neighbors and family members left and told how long will that Maureen Dowd and Jesus answered the holy calling to tell her the good news who has Jesus place in your life to alter their eternal best one woman at the well is God calling you to reach tonight the woman was excited about what she learned at Jacob 's well that hot sunny day so it's cited in fact that the Bible tells us he left the picture at the well she was I hope that was available MSN cell phone longing she was filled with a sense of purpose and she ran off to Samaria not knowing much not knowing how to give a eloquent Bible study not knowing how to get up in front of people and for each not knowing how to go through the Bible and explain all twenty eight fundamental beliefs but the Bible tells us in John verse six two three chapter six chapter four verse thirty nine many Americans from that town believed in him because of the woman's testimony in order for Jesus to reach the city of Samaria he had to reach one the city was conquered for Jesus because Jesus was able to reach one is a shame that we come to a place where it doesn't seem exciting for us the challenge is one beam reach your further reports before someone says we went out door-to-door when into the city and will have three baptisms we only had one room had to one was enough for the Savior of the world I think it should be enough for us to work for Christ should not feel that he cannot speak to me the workers for Christ should not feel that he cannot speak with the same earnestness to a few hearers as to a large company there may be only one to year the message but who can tell how far reaching its influence will be God 's calling for us to not weed out the people who we think do and do not why sees FNM by pink hair yellow haired jewelry tattoos doesn't matter God has the power to change their life God is calling for a generation not concerned with the high yard field life doesn't matter if you are president of something doesn't matter here director of something God is calling all of any generation and an army young and old to reach the world for him one person at a time God is calling for us to get our priorities straight did the disciples minister that hot sunny day on their way to Samaria I don't know what a day is coming when you and I will be held accountable we didn't have or did not miss a woman woke up that morning ready to call it quits online crying out to me they see hear Jesus was there to answer the call for the rest of your life men and women will wake up in the morning cheers will stream down their face they will cry out for God and have one last time send me someone who can share the hope with me send me someone who will give me the gospel message send me someone who will give me something to live for friends when you and I will be there to answer the call or e-mail with my mother in law having been willing to learn more about her number is the word you are all kinds are the www. outmaneuver


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