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  • August 3, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Evening. We're happy to see each one of you here this evening and we're looking forward to the blessing that God is going to give us I have with me this evening Bill not and he's the executive editor of administering view administers world and I also have Jared Thurman with me who is marketing director for administering view and director of strategy and innovation for something called A R T V So we're going to find out a little bit more what all that's about and A.S.I. enjoys a long relationship working together with administering review with Bill with Jared we're thankful for the privilege of having them here this evening well you know I know that things are getting smaller these days you know this review went from a larger format down just smaller format and then suddenly we just have a little card is this the new format for the advent of you know there's no microchip buried in here or in your hand do this and in reality this is just illustrating something about how this ministry has been growing so rapidly in the last two years were a family of products now not just one we're called administering view ministries but we publish Adventist World magazine which all of you get in your homes kids view our product for kids we have opera we have large websites social media options we are now a family that's the oldest thing in the church and also the newest thing in the church OK so what we can see then is that you're actually partnering with all different other ministries as well I often tell our team we did not build this organization tied on the faithfulness of church members built ministry few ministries so it's our job to shine a spotlight on partner ministries like A.S.I. and help other people discover what they're doing and how the Lord is working through that wonderful Well Jared it seems like your title is actually a little bit different than it was last year when you're here can you tell us what the changes are yeah we've got something X.. Riding. And it's not just one thing it's really a thought of what is tomorrow look like and how do you serve the church and those those that we love around us through the content of the administration you and all the things we're working on so I have the privilege and joy of agitating and rattling Bill's Cajun and finding ways in which we can better serve our church and those around us so one of those things is a our T.V. OK and our body is. I could say it's inspired somewhat by price object lessons do use a says or Ellen White says of Jesus in His day that the reason he spoke in parables was because it was the most popular form of storytelling especially with the Greeks OK Well what we know from the data today is by the year two thousand and twenty eight out of ten people will be using the Internet and eight of those people of the ten will be using it on their mobile device watching a video called short form content so our T.V. is really how do we deliver this timeless message in video format and mobile first and find ways in which we can easily share it with those around us and we are very excited that that launches this October OK that sounds exciting we're looking forward to it why did you tell us Jared a little bit about the booth and why people should go by the atmosphere of you Booth Yeah we're very excited we have recently finished a production and project with address where we sent a team over there to film in virtual reality and if you'll come by our booth or you can go by address Ruth you'll be able to put some of these V R goggles on and immerse yourself in the audio and the visuals of a village drilling a well and and being in that it's. Variance virtual reality has an impact where they're finding psychologically you actually believe you were there so I want to just invite you come by or booth and experience what that's like OK Sounds exciting Well Bill I know that we traditionally have thought of administering viewer ad minutes world as being a way that we get media out through print but could you tell us a little bit how administering view is changing and how it's progressive you know. Many times people think that if you're leaning forward toward new technologies somehow you're believing away from biblical truth we've taken it as a founding principle of what we're doing that we're conservative when it comes to truth but we're progressive when it comes to methodology we've got to find the ways to deliver to audiences the timeless truth of the scripture in a way that they will understand and will change their thinking so we're not only print centric Now we're developing audio podcasts we're working as Jarrett is said in short form on demand video our social media program is exploding we continue to publish the most widely spread magazines in the administration but it's a range of things it's a family of things because our goal isn't just to reach readers it's viewers readers listeners anyone who we can put the good news in front of and then it's a blessing to be here every year with administering to you in this partnership I know that we've had the privilege of partnering for a number of years now and I'd like to ask you Jared Why do you come every year how is the A.S.I. convention a blessing to you and to administrate of you I have found over the last ten years coming to. And now with our avenues for View team we come here for the best ideas we come here to inspire people and we come here to be inspired. What the seminars give us is a blessing what is done on this. Age is a blessing but I often find it's those short conversations in the halls and at luncheon at dinner that make me want to say I want to be an admin assist this week this year I want to be on fire for the Lord and I want to come back next year and experience that again and that's why we come we get amazing stories from here people walking the halls who stop and say Can I talk to you for a moment and suddenly unfolds a story that we want to tell the world about it's a story of faith or courage sometimes challenge with daunting circumstances those are stories that inspire believers literally around the world that come out of this convention every year and that's one of the big reasons we're here and then I want to thank both of you for partnering with A.S.I. we're so happy for the relationship with admins of you administers world and T.V. and everything that we've been forward thinking Q cutlass. Good evening is I. So how many of you went to the seminars today how many of you went to the seminars Oh wow look at all the hands how many of you are bad people and did not go to the seminar today you missed out Yes Well we're really excited about the seminars they were really well attended I very much I went through seminar after seminar I got to spot a lot and I just really was blessed and we just want to talk about what the treats that you have for tomorrow we want to talk about that tonight remember there's two sets of seminars there's a morning seminar and an afternoon seminar OK so here we go. Yes I'm Ron Woolsey with coming out ministries and tomorrow we're going to be showing our highly anticipated And newly released documentary journey interrupted following the journeys of five individuals through the gay culture and revealing the amazing love and compassion and redeeming power of our Lord Jesus Christ to reach the. Change the unchangeable. I think I'd like to be at that one but I have another one at ten forty five. Ten forty five tomorrow morning my name is Julie and from Australia I run a ministry called fight versus finance and at nine o'clock in here will be looking at the question Is it possible to be financially secure without becoming spiritually bankrupt and then at ten forty five will be answering the question about Christian I theist's you see a Christian I think he's a person who believes in God but trust in money that's at ten forty five. I'm Jim Davidson who are the Jesus and science seminars why Jesus and science why not the more academically palatable God in science or just religion and science or Jesus and science seminars point to Jesus through rock solid science combined with rock solid scripture come learn with us how to read the book of nature in the context of the great controversy between the devil who's lying about God and Jesus the Creator who can daily create enough us new hearts. The only thing better than living the Christian life is living the Christian life and enjoying it God just wants us to relish him God wants us to delight in him. And yet for most of my Christian life that was not my experience in fact it took me thirty years after my baptism to fall in love with Jesus. What was I missing how could I missed something so critical so important how can we as followers of Christ how can we enjoy God how can we relish our time with him and really sharing him with the world tomorrow afternoon at three thirty we're going to look at the lighting and the Almighty My name is Michael Danto we're going to have a seminar that talks about how we as individual Christians can enjoy God to the fullest. My name is Bill Crick from central California Conference and the title of our seminar is witnessing cold turkey witnessing cold turkey we're going to tell a lot of stories story after story we're going to look we're actually going to view a four minute video from an atheist describing how he felt as he was approached by a Christian and what he was thinking as he was approached by Christian will look at recent research that was just released from Stanford University about the effectiveness of approaching people cold turkey and lots of stories tomorrow afternoon. I'm Ted Wilson and Rinella and Wayne McKee and Kathy Mickey and Mike to his on are going to be sharing all of us are going to be sharing tomorrow about total member involvement everybody doing something for Jesus it's amazing how this simple concept which is certainly nothing new but it is something that the Lord has inspired us with how it is catching on all over the world God tells us that unless our members and our pastors and church workers join together we'll still be here let's head to have a total member involvement Rinella we really believe that Jesus is coming soon Amen and we believe that we can hasten his return and so we want to encourage you to come so that we can give you resources inspiration and encourage one another again in what really matters as people living in the last days please come to our seminar and be inspired. Now we just gave you a lot of tough choices didn't we and I'm going to give you three more. Like you to look at not right now but some time or other on your brochure and I have a booklet page eleven it gives you a list of all the some of the. And there's three others that we have not been listed yet we have Rhonda Fields righteousness by faith seeing further than Martin Luther if you've read Rhonda Fields book it's incredible it's amazing and he's going to be doing a seminar also Dr Markham he's going to be doing about the physiology of health and healing and how that your spiritual life really affects how you feel physically and then Dr Bennis coming out of a complacency how many of you have stress they have stress in your life well Dr business go talk about bad stress and good stress and how that some stress is actually good for you. How to handle that how to cope with that so that's exciting seminar so member we have two sets of seminars we have a morning seminar starting at ten forty five and then we have an afternoon seminar at three thirty and I hope to see you all there enjoy. Well family members that's what we are right family. I love coming to. So many of us have an amazing story don't we you go down through the exhibit hall it's one story after another. And tonight is members in action we're going to hear some of those stories and get to know some of our wonderful and sign members and the closest one to me is Dr Brian Schwartz who is from Dayton Ohio he's a physician at Kettering hospital I understand that you pray with all of your patients in the world did you start doing that. Well thank you Esther So that was a big change in my thinking so when I started off in medicine after going to heaven to smell local school I was not personally comfortable praying with patients but around two thousand and four two thousand and five there was a group that formed one of the ministries. Of A aside called amen the Medical of Angeles and that work we were challenged by Pastor Mark Finley to just start having a spiritual conversation with our patients and I came back from that meeting convicted in change and realized that I needed to start doing that and so I would pick out a patient here and there and start praying with them but I was. Picking out the ones I thought would respond at first but after a while I became convinced that I needed to pray with every single patient. That is something we are right. No matter what it is whether a physician or you have fired or officer we can always pray to somebody and so tell me you were tell me about a fire chief and some prayers that you had with him so having started praying with my patients this just revolutionize my practice that used to be that I would go to work that was where I worked I would do Sabbath school help out at church I'd go on mission trips but this is changed my practice into a ministry and I realize that I have people from all walks of life that come to my office I don't have to go out there to pass out literature I don't have to go out there to meet them they're coming to me and so one of them is the chief of the fire department one of our area cities. He needed heart surgery in and as my habit is we made the visit we got the right referrals and then by the way one of the things I offer to do with all my patients is to have a prayer with you like they have a prayer and he got tears in his eyes and just held my hand and we got done pray you said can you just pray one more time and he just really was touched by it and appreciated that and then seem like that was it but what I'm convinced that this does is it opens the door for them to realize the I am a safe person to have a spiritual conversation with and so two years later after he's recovered from surgery he comes in and he's got probably the third patient from the end and he's like Doc. You're a spiritual person can I ask you a question and all the sudden you ask me How do you know that the Bible is true and that turned in from a ten to fifteen minute visit to a forty five minute visit where my nurse had to come knock on the door and say Doc you got a couple more patients to see and I prayed with him again and he thanked me and he. Just had an interest in the Bible for the first time next year he came back doc you're smart person you believe in creation tell me why and so I just opened the door for him to see that I was somebody in the community that he could go to and ask those kind of questions when he was searching in his own heart. Just gaining trust you pray with all of your patients does that mean that you don't have any patients that are people who don't believe in God. So yeah it's a very good question so at first. Selected a few pretty soon I started offering to all my patients because if I missed one that I had prayed with before they got really upset the next time and literally in the last ten years I've had maybe a dozen patients say no I don't want to prayer will make a little M.P. in the charts I don't keep nagging them over and over. But I've prayed with the Jewish rabbi. In fact tell that story he needed a pacemaker he was in his eighty's he decided you know what I'm not having any more procedures I'm just going to die just let me go to hospice but my partner several what you just talked to Dr Schwartz about it and I came in and talked to him about it and he wasn't having it just like no I don't want to have anything to do with it so I got done I said By the way one of the things I offer to do is have a prayer would you mind if I had a perm with you and I prayed the way I pray a Christian prayer and when I got all done he had tears in his eyes and he said you know I'll go ahead and have that pacemaker and we've gotten to be friends over the years and he then confided in my wife later that when I walk. In the room he is like there is no way I'm having that pacemaker when I prayed with him the thought that went through his brain was praise God I've found a doctor who doesn't think he's God and really transformed our relationship he was wide open to having spiritual conversations. And wonderful and there's another story you want to share we have a couple of minutes left our last Would you like to tell us about a Muslim person that you so this isn't directly related to sharing with patients but carry medical center would have a fellowship program so we train doctors who have finished their residency in internal medicine and then go on and specialize in cardiology and then an additional year past that as an interventional cardiologist and I'm the director of the interventional cardiology falso so my fellows just see me interacting with patients of before every case before a procedure offered a prayer with them. Muslim and very Deval very kind hearted and I just got to really appreciate him through the year but one of my partners Dr Hahn of myself decided partway through the year last year that we'd start a Bible study group and we were going to show the funder in the Holy Land video series in invite our patients to come to the hospital to a room that we had to do these and Mohamed being just a really helpful guy saw me rolling that the television in the in the video machine down to a room let me get that for you let me get that for you I'll set it up and he didn't know what we were doing but he came he said of that and I just you're walking to stay we're having a Bible study and he stayed in he watched the video and then we talked about it in week after week after week he came he said that pretty soon it turned into a discussion where this is what we believe as Christians what do you think about that and we had this back and forth dialogue where he was very very open I was able to give him a copy of the great controversy really appreciated it and by the time that he graduated a year later and he's now practicing in a nearby town he said Dr Schwartz I just want to thank you for for sharing Jesus with me he said I believe that Jesus is the most. He is coming back soon and when he comes back I'm going to be ready in. Just a few months ago he's been a practice he is very respected in this community he sent me a check blank in the wind but he sent me a check for three thousand dollars a seduction please just send us to that ministry you talked about were physicians go overseas and help people with the Medical of angels and that work and so he's funding our minister is he's been touched by just the fact that I took the time to pray with patients and then take the time to just almost nonchalantly just share Jesus with him and it's had a huge impact Amen is not a wonderful that's something that each one of us can do is it not for just a few seconds when you pray there's somebody they are looking to God that's very powerful so we have this physician here we also have another couple of physicians tell us a little bit about yourself. Carlos Irizarry this is my wife Kathy Here is a very we're both family practice physician we worked and part of recall in the mission term for about six years then moved to mend and Louisiana where we practiced private practice for almost twenty five years and we retired recently and this past December. You're retired. That means you're picking up some new hobbies or going on vacation spending some time with grandchildren right well that's obviously what we were wondering about what are we going to do when we retire and there were two things that crossed our minds to considerations one was we wanted to be near an Adventist college to benefit from the the energy of the young people and programming that they would have there also we wanted to have a home that would have enough room so that we could invite guests who are and accommodate guests were interested in learning to live a healthy lifestyle. The fine a healthy lifestyle. Delineates that very well complements of that in her book ministry of healing page one twenty seven where she says pure airs on my abstemiousness. Exercise rest proper diet water trust in the vine power these are the true remedies now we've tried to teach these to our patients and have been extremely gratified to see significant benefits and those relatively few who have listened and make changes in their lives. Now we want to take this to the next level and fight people into our home so that we can better help them to internalize these concepts by actually putting them and getting their hands into it so to speak so rather than just listening to lectures we want to have them actually practice shopping for the food they prepare many of the meals and they will learn what it means to make time in their day for exercising devotion. OK So home Kathy he's talking about inviting people into your home what does that look like looks like fun OK You know it's really interesting our slash Healthy Living Center. It's just an amazing thing and that it's coming around I don't know if it's not there it is on the screen. This is a work of the Lord he planned our retirement. He's given more than we could ask or think in providing for us a place where we will live and be able to also have this plan of the healthy living center it is been constructed and is at getting finished. With the partnership. Hills. Many hours of labor go into that construction we've been in for a good part of that time and it's just interesting to me that so many hands have been involved I think just about every academy student every college student has been involved in the building of this place and the staff they've all been involved but not only that. Brother Steve Dyckman brought a team of young people I think they represented several academies and they came and labored put up sheetrock that was wonderful so we have this now it's located on a property belonging to the hills and I think some people may not know. This so this is a school that has both an academy and college it's located in a beautiful spot in Arkansas close to Arkansas and you can look that up on your map so this is our plan and the center it's nearing completion but not quite there yet we want to have people living in the home with us we have a large common area the pictures down but the large common area has very ample kitchen counters so people can be really involved in a large open living room where we can have instruction given. So instead of going to a class where they learn about healthy living whether be a cooking class or just you know there's a lot of different Healthy Living programs that are out there right now so you're talking about putting people in a home setting so that way they can practice cooking they can practice sleeping for somebody like me that could be a struggle getting that rest but you know you're putting them outside and you mention that there is a garden in the backyard so they can go outside and get that sunshine and fresh air in little exercise and learn how to garden that garden is not there yet. But we want there to be a garden and we hope to be able to include all of these phases that will include the natural remedies that they will live that lifestyle with us for the time that they stay in our home which would be maybe a week session but I wanted to say one other thing in addition to being able to enjoy this opportunity in our retirement we will also be able to teach on the campus and that gives us more exposure to these wonderful young people which is just such a thrill a man all the programs on the campus right now when do you plan to have your first session you said it's not finished yet it's not quite finished yet it's getting there we also still have to give further work to preparing for the sessions so right now we're our target date is to have our first session somewhere in early two thousand eight hundred wonderful So these people that are here are watching on three D. And how can we get more information from you just come to the watch TAR Hills that's number seven all six watching all six o seven scuse me six o seven six o seven watch time hills. OK Wonderful you need a visit them and finally a bit more about it now I want to go to Mindy Now we were just talking about opening up your home for. You know to do healthy living instruction but what if there isn't a home what if you're living in a tent and so we're going to be hearing from. Targus and who is with impact hope and let's go ahead and play the video right now so they can see what we're talking about. And go to Africa. There was no one. Will. Leave there. I mean. No line. On. This like. To ask. Them. To. See. Us. A lot more to want to. OK now. We're talking about from Congo and Rwanda correctly OK. How many people are we talking about. People who are living in the Congo. In Rwanda. But the thing that caught our attention is we we knew about the genocide that happened in Rwanda in one thousand nine hundred four but we didn't realize what happened next so the genocide spilled over into neighboring countries including Zaire which is now the Congo the perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda fled for their lives fearing that they too would be killed for what they had done and so they fled into Tanzania and Burundi but in Zaire where they came they came across a group of people who are the same tribal systems as those found in Rwanda and so when they saw the. Lush farmlands in the Congo and herds of cattle and these people were the ones who were being killed in Rwanda they began genocide again well this area that was targeted had been proselytized by evangelists Adventist evangelists in the early one nine hundred so this whole area was primarily Seventh-Day Adventists Christians So this led to an influx of refugees into Rwanda and at times there were around one hundred thousand currently there's eighty thousand refugees and around eighty percent and higher in some cases in some camps one hundred percent of them are Seventh Day Adventist so my husband and I when we heard this we felt very compelled to do something about it. I'm a nurse and my husband's a business man but you know we prayed to do something involving missions and we felt like God was calling us to take part in helping in some way for these Adventists people our brothers and sisters right and I think that's a good point is that we're not talking about people we're talking about brothers and sisters and there are family and when you're sharing the story with me a really tough. My heart because we're talking about our brothers and sisters it could easily be any one of us here and so. What are you doing. While we found out we as we learn more about the conditions in the camp and the situations with the students and the young people we found out that agile Rwanda is actually in the camp and they provide education up to the ninth grade but after that there's no funding for further education and so my husband and I started an organization called Impact hope and we're sending students from the camps to grades ten through twelve plus one year of technical training to Adventist boarding schools in Rwanda so it's been a really great thing for the students and also to help the Adventist schools in Rwanda as well we have a picture up of this young lady with a mattress can you tell us a little bit about that so for six hundred dollars a school year we can take one refugee and put them into an Adventist boarding school in Rwanda and they say you've taken us to Europe because the contrast between the camps and these humble Adventist boarding schools is so extreme that they feel like they've really been transported to a different country and we're just so happy because they they have this confidence and they feel that their dreams have come true the dream that they never would have anticipated. Yes especially the fact that they're in an Adventist school is especially great well the last picture that you saw was a ling she is one of our shining stars and she's in technical school right now she graduated last year and now she's taking sewing and she sees the potential now she has a future and she can she knows that she doesn't have to remain in the refugee camps she doesn't have to continue this the cycle and so she's just incredibly grateful for the opportunity to. You earn money to make a living and to provide for not only herself but her future family so we're really excited about the impact and I don't think I understand the full impact until we go to heaven absolutely absolutely because you're not giving them only hope you're also helping them get it at livelihood and you're putting them in a position where they can actually do mission work and that's something that we need to remember too so this is only going on for about two years and you tell me that about four hundred in ten students already have been impacted is that correct that's right we have four hundred and ten students and they're all sponsorship based so we're just we would always encourage anyone who's interested in taking part of this program and becoming a sponsor to come to our booth at number four called Impact You can also find us on our website at impact. Dot org And we'd love to grow the numbers and help more of our Adventists brothers and sisters for only fifty dollars a month thank you so much thank you very much and so I really appreciate all of you sharing your stories tonight and I'm sure that many of us in the blast and hopefully we can go home with some new ideas as to how we can impact the community around us as well. I remember when I went to my first convention I actually didn't have any idea what else I even was I only went because I had a friend that was going to me but when I went to a aside it opened my eyes to a world that I didn't know existed to be honest I didn't know that they were all these ministries all of these people just doing these different things for the Lord and it made a strong strong impact on my life in fact. My first desires to go into doing more Ministry for God to to seeing that you saw in people that I meant to or. Working with A.S.I. working with you through Jesus programs and other things like that that I would have had no idea about had it not been for his I sense a need in our church. For a way that people can come together. For a place to to belong in the church I feel like sometimes. It gets portrayed like the epitome of admin tism is going to church and paying tithes and maybe participating in outreach sometimes. But in my personal experience it's so much more than that and there are so many of us that are striving in our daily lives to do things for the Lord but where do we fit or where do we come together I mean how do we get reinspired and network to get the support that we need and I see that as a huge need I see that is something that if we could really form that kind of network and do this together that all of us could benefit that all of us could grow and feel like we mean something in the church like we have a purpose we have a place in the church and that God is going to really be able to use not just the pastors not just the elders but those of us in every day life to do something for. Hello again and welcome to again to this segment of the members in action where we are listening to what members are doing and their part of God's vineyard How do you enjoy the story so far this evening. Each one of these gentlemen represent different ministries so welcome to all of you who are joining me here on the platform also this evening. Is the president and Wildwood Institute and lifestyle center and clinic. We're going to be talking about wildwood for just a minute but before we do that I'd like to. Maybe introduce you and perhaps you could tell us where you're from and how you got involved and how long you've been involved as president there are at Wildwood I've noticed a little Southern accent in your speech but not the kind of Southern accent that you run into here in Texas it comes from the deep south OK Africa Africa I was born to farming parents in South Africa. At the end of my high school my father. Wanted us to get some education when to hold a big college in South Africa when we graduated there we went farming and a lot convicted us to getting involved in medical missionary work worked out that we could come to Wildwood and we've been there for about twelve and a half years wonderful give me a bird's eye view of what it is and what you do there. Moderate is a ministry of dedicated lay people volunteers to serve us trying to spread God's love and His Word to hasten he soon return we have a video that will explain a little bit more about what Wildwood does and so perhaps if we could roll that video at this moment and it will give you a good idea as to what's about thank you. Hidden among the outskirts of Chattanooga. There is a place called Wildwood. A community of Seventh Day Adventists that focus on the ministry of Christ by claiming lives for his kingdom through medical missionary work health eventual ism and social interaction. Is that the money is the No to the general. And. We can't come in that smiley. So this isn't the only. Those that choose to last to the right away. A little while is that while good as well much more than what happens here and. It may start here but then people go out here and they go out and they start lifestyle centers they start projects they do mission where. These things work but very much in the wild it is basically what I want to get somewhere that they get fired they get trained but then they go to all the workers in the world and do amazing things for them. Does something like this. Well what is the result when you know it's inspiring meeting you're hearing about this miracle from the many resources that you have available. And then with the start of one would have a vision they believe ministry that would impact the world as well as the local community we are now living in the nature of that as medical missionary work this. One You recently celebrated an anniversary there Wildwood What was your what year was seventy five seventy five years and in that time there have been many miracles that have happened but some challenges also understand that this year there was a challenge but you were able to overcome that with God's help tell us a little bit about it I believe that we are blessed but Chad and and this past year we've had challenges on our education fund with medical missionary training program we were seeking different type of visa and as we asked questions the state decided that they needed to shut us down and. They told us to remove our Web page and they did some further investigation but by the Lord's grace we were able to get legal opinion and as we saw that legal opinion we were Benchley granted religious exemption for education program and that was a real placing you see the Lord's hand in that decision. And so the Education Department is back up and running back up and running are we training missionaries that go all around the world and there is a project that A.S.I. is helping you with what's that all about we have a community center that we have started it project and thanks to as I and donors were able to start this project we've had many challenges in location in licensing weather but we are ready to roll and hopefully by the end of the summer we will have at least the earth work done and so it's been a real blessing and again we want to thank you to A.S.I. for the support that is being given to us. In that seventy five years again many many stories that couldn't be recounted but perhaps you have just one you could share with us we have so many and is. On the education front we have lives being changed characters being formed in our lifestyles and to the we we get to see firsthand God's healing and Michelle was experiencing numbness tingling hands and feet and legs and eventually she was diagnosed with M.S. and. After a lot of medication a hospital stay she decided that she didn't want to continue with this the rest of her life after she was released from hospital she decided to go on a juice fast and take things into our own hands she experienced healing in a significant way but a short time after she started to. Begin and her own words here we called Wildwood and within a few hours we arrived I did not think that I could financially afford to stay the twenty five days but God opened the door it was such a blessing under the care of doctors who are not trying to push poison into your veins but to use God's method of healing combined with a knowledge of the body to facilitate healing and restoration and she says I appreciated the fact that the doctors took time to pray with each of us as patients I've seen works Americans in my life and in the lives of the other guests that were with me before I left Wildwood my symptoms had abated during my time at Wildwood I received not only physical healing but also emotional and spiritual healing and as we listened to these destinies of the last I guess it's a highlight every two weeks in our program to year how the Lord is actively healing people and changing lives of the physical healing is important but it's the spiritual healing that we're really at Obama's been a pleasure speaking to you thank you so much. John Davison is the president of even Valley perhaps you could tell me was. Let's say five years ago the being the president of the valley something that you were planning to do and was on the top of your list. I wouldn't think you I'm sorry about that five years ago no one year ago no really OK well it wasn't unless I was out on the radar OK Tell us how it happened. Well it's kind of a longer story but it happened by Lisa Hodges coming to my house and asking me to do that but there is kind of a lengthy story that goes along with that yeah we don't have time for the whole story of course but the key here is. When God calls you need to be. Really answer it and we discussed just a little bit about what that means for you OK about that well being born in a Seventh Day Adventist home and baptized the twelve years old like many of us you grow up being a Seventh Day Adventist but really not dedicating your life to the Lord you do all the right things but you don't dedicate yourself and my dad would tell me as I grew up in even he would tell me today you have to dedicate yourself on conditionally and that's the hard part isn't it unconditionally think about that for a second when when a military army surrenders unconditionally and that's your heart giving that to God and saying whatever you want me to do I will do and then now we've got a video that explains just a little bit about what even that lady is about and also you've had some challenges in the last year or so and so we want to know those are but if we could look at the video that will explain what in belly is and what you do there. In one nine hundred sixty two even Valley Institute of wellness was founded at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain National Park. A lifestyle center we're starting a few years later to reach out to those who were in health crisis implementing God's natural laws of Kalak outlined in the Bible in our treatments our guests experience rest healing and peace in the beautiful nature setting surrounding the property more importantly they were brought to the knowledge of Jesus who only can give true healing both physically and spiritually. Today Valley is blessed with more than thirty dedicated volunteers on staff our two week natural remedies program has helped hundreds of people to restore their health and their faith in. Our three month. Educational Program which combines medical missionary work and evangelism has provided our students with knowledge and tools that have been used to improve the lives of believers and nonbelievers all across the globe. In two thousand and seven we also started a new program geared towards health professionals the natural remedies program for health professionals is an intensive one month program designed to quit individuals with medical backgrounds. Carotene in Valley Our mission is to restore the lives of our guests students and community members in the use of Scripture based education natural remedies and spiritual nourishment. But the challenges are big and ever changing in two thousand and ten even Valley operations were threatened by some requirements imposed by the county included in their list was a one million dollars you sewer plant by God's grace since August twenty sixth the new sewer plant has been fully operational the boy's dormitory has been recently renovated with funds donated for this purpose home rooms receive new carpet a fresh coat of paint and new furniture. Heating Valley's lifestyle center must be expanded more space and new equipment means we can accommodate more guests and perform treatments and programs that are not possible with our current structure. Until our Lord and Savior returns many people still need to be touched by the medical missionary work please pray for even Valley as we continue in our journey to share God's love through the gift of better health. Now John the a video mentions one challenge but there's another challenge that you mentioned also in your recent. Of the project offering that will help with that challenge tell us what it is yeah that challenge is a a new kitchen the county came just like they did with the sewer plant there and they said we needed to make a change and the changes we needed to a commercial kitchen we are cooking there and it's it's not legal if you will and so we are working towards building a brand new commercial kitchen so they said we love it you're doing just need to be legal so we can be legal OK. It wouldn't be complete if you didn't tell us a little bit of a story about what's going on and what the Lord's doing it even Valley right now where you saw a little bit about the education department students learning to do what we do there to eat in the valley our lifestyle center I'm just going to tell you a quick story at the lifestyle center there was a group of people that came. It was about a month ago we do an outreach session it's one week long and there was a man there that talked to me and he said I really didn't have a good picture of God I had a picture in my mind of what God was like but after dealing with our people there in the lifestyle center and studying the Bible each morning we have worship at six thirty each morning he says now I have a new picture of what God is God is love the way that you treated treat me here shows what God is like and so his complete picture of God has changed I see a loving God a God who wants to me to spend eternity with Him That's the picture that we need to leave with people isn't it that's right whether there are Bible believing Christians or not Bible believing Christians they still need to have that picture they may arise to to sions John thank you for talking to say thank you. The next organization is a new organization called Adventist help and in fact that it's a I guess you could say actually a fast moving up and coming entrepreneurial rough. And tumble kind of organization and so you're doing some exciting work I like to introduce some of you probably most of you know. Has been in mission work for many decades and a good friend and also a new friend Dr Michael Vaughan Horst and I think I mangled your name appropriately and you are also involved and in this new work. I'd like for him to take just a moment to give us the Cliff Notes version of what the work is and how it really came to be it's something that's fairly brand new and just always evolving so give us a an overview of the camp two years ago at the N.S.A. Europe convention we went to Budapest we found three thousand five hundred refugees sleeping in the local train station and as I remember from North America came to me and said Kim can you give me ten minutes with your board he said sure he presented to the board an opportunity to serve these hundreds of thousands of people in a tangible way as they were fleeing war and tear in Syria Iraq Afghanistan and we had no idea what would happen three months later what you see here a advantage helping initiative was created we ended up with a bus turned into a clinic on the shores of Lesbos this facility was the one and only medical emergency facility on that island as you see the picture of the boats here people coming in just imagine yourself having lived in a desert you end up here we all know that thousands of people have drowned on their way Mord lead wonderfully in this ministry thousands of people have been ministered unto volunteers from around the world fly themselves that they pay for themselves to be there and they serve the needs of these folks when they closed. Turkey so the boats can come out they close the. Gates agrees so the refugees could enter Europe they asked us to establish a facility at a refugee camp and you saw in that slide a forty foot container. A person whom we all know. That I said. Sorry yes I remember your dad. Heard about had been a cell he appealed to the Friday to the president as he said can add then as he helped come to Iraq there is a great need in Iraq for this type of ministry we kind of drew sticks to see who would win the trip to Iraq and I won so I got to go to Iraq and shortly thereafter my good friend here Dr Michael Caine or Stan from South Africa came to spearhead that work in Iraq. He was a great strength he was in Greece and so in Iraq what you're going to see is a partnership between Maine and the Middle East North Africa. Middle East North Africa right and address an Adventist help and volunteers from around the world. Dr Michael maybe you can give us an idea of. What typically is going on at the. Well it's a hospital there in Iraq and. How did it get going exactly there in that vicinity and did you do it all by yourself. So this has been one of the most exciting parts use of it would be involved in his medical career. So we can see you rocking in February this year to possibly open up a small clinic like we opened in Greece possibly two or three bits and I walked into the office and we talked about the possibilities for putting up the suits and collaborating with outer of Kurdistan and from there just skyrocketed I actually don't even know how it happened but. The facility we have on the ground is a forty five bed hospital a six consultation room primary care. You know it's a mental health unit a dental unit that's. Being developed at the moment nine bid emergency unit with a three bit Heikki unit an X. ray unit and ultrasound facility and a laboratory plus a pharmacy. Which is absolutely nothing short of a miracle. Year we're really excited to be on the ground just to give you an idea of the location. We're actually twenty kilometers east of the twenty miles east of the city of Mosul. So for those of you following Middle Eastern the events happening in the Middle East this is this is the one of the strongholds of ISIS and the liberation process that's been underway for the past few months in the area has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and currently we as a cluster of five into the displaced persons camps. With collective populations of one hundred thousand people that's twenty thousand children sitting with no access to emergency care inpatient facilities on the ground and that's where every does help have stepped in and put this facility together. So yeah it's incredible to be there to give an idea of people we dealing with. This is a population that has absolutely no medical care for three years you know that every day we seen children that are have been starving to death they've been living on. Rice water the parents have been eating grass which they buy for twelve dollars a kilogram they've been eating cat's meat that they bought for forty five dollars per kilogram that's they've been starving it's been a siege of biblical proportions. So reading with children with the rest of us with severe acute malnutrition we're dealing with people with severe mental health issues we're dealing with people who have seen crucifixions on a day to day basis people who have had the children be hated people who've had the brothers and sisters thrown off buildings. Been tortured and we see children are clinics that have have been electrocuted and tortured. BOCES. So this is a this is a group of people who are incredibly vulnerable these are not terrorists these are victims of terrorism and we reach out to them it's a beautiful interim widgets that's in for the winter. This type of work this is something that you could probably tell us. Stories for for hours unfortunately we only have a few seconds left so if someone wants to get involved and the work that you're doing someone here is listening and they'd like to get involved how can they get involved in what you're doing right now we have an advocate help booth here at the convention and I invite you to come see Klaus Michel see myself this is been a faith adventure from day one we responded to a call that God put before us and it's been a miracle to watch it happen every two weeks we have bills to pay we have no money in the bank account We need volunteers from around the world to keep this hospital open we went from a forty foot clinic to a forty five bed hospital we have no administration we have no paid help it's simply a miracle that we see God working to touch the lives of people to share the love of Christ in a tangible way in countries where we have not had success in years past please come by the booth or you can visit www dot advantage Help dot org Thank you so much gentlemen and. Pray for each one of your ministries We'll keep you in prayer and we know that God is blessing and he will continue to bless in the future thank you so much. I do what I do because I believe that the Gospel is the most beautiful compelling thing there is at times I don't believe that we communicated as beautifully as we can so I designed for ministries of the ad finished church because the message is beautiful the audience doesn't really see it I think size really great because it provides an opportunity for me to meet bunch of really great people who have been doing very. Work in the church and as I want to work with Atlantis ministries and help them communicate what they're doing I I love knowing what they are doing and it inspires me to be a better Christian and I think that's something that we can all see as having great value. We're delighted to be here tonight and to talk about some fantastic things that God is doing in the lives of people who are ministering right out on the frontlines I want to get right to it Fred and Jill corn fourth are here I want you to know that Fred is our new chapter president for the North Pacific Union conference. Up there Fred you were a part of A.S.I. a long time ago but tell us you know it's remarkable to think to be back to involved with A.S.I. the last two or three years there's been so much good done by a Aside that we felt drawn back to it and we've become very involved very involved and it's been a wonderful experience we just see so much potential and as you can tell from all the other people before just wonderful miracles of God happening in people's lives every day so in Boise which is where our home is. We just completed an Amen Clinic where we had. Just under fourteen hundred people that came through over a three day period and I think one of the most remarkable things to me was that over half of our volunteers were in their twenty's and thirty's so it was a younger group but it was really remarkable to see these people getting involved in people's lives and my wife has some stories that she'd like to tell it came from the clinic itself. What a pleasure it was to work in the mission field of boy. I know that we hear about the mission being so far away that really in our hometowns you can find mission field. It's wherever you live so yes it was a privilege for us to serve there in this capacity at this medical clinic. I am a pediatric nurse by education and by training and so I gravitate towards the children and one of my stories is about a little girl her name was not me and her mother actually their whole family there were three kids and a mother and a father that came to my attention because they were a very special family they had waited in line for five hours to finally get her daughter to be seen for a vision only to find out that she didn't quite make the age bracket and that we had advertised for and so were turned away long story short we went back in line and waited again and waited three hours to get to dental because she also had a tooth ache. So they made it to the front of the line only to find out that you know it was going to be the end of the day and these people were so gracious and and beautiful about having to wait this whole time and they weren't angry so we ended up getting them and because we realized she really needed her vision done we got her through the process really quick and she just was so excited about finally getting glasses she just said I just want to see I just want to see so upon testing found out that she had such horrible vision that we couldn't help her that day and she was just sobbing You know I just want to see come to find out her family heard her parents her mother was a stay at home mom but her dad had three jobs and they were all part time so they didn't have any health insurance and she was going to be able to get screened for vision till second grade and she was only six years old so she was going to have to wait several years to get screened so we ended up giving her the strongest prescription glasses that we could and sent her home so she couldn't still see very well but she was just. And she put on her bright yellow glasses that she had picked She was so excited so we know in a few weeks later she got her real classes so we know that we just helped this one family and they came back the next day and got all their dental work done and it was just such a privilege to be placed in in her life another superfast stories we had seen like a lot of our people that came for the dental needed extraction and a lot of them had job interviews that they were really looking forward to doing so wanted to be their best so we just really felt like we were empowering people by helping their health. Our theme in Boise was Love heals and that's going to be the title of our northwest convention in the spring of two thousand and eighteen but. We had a home that our company had built that was on the market and a real attorney had showed the home and it noticed that the crawl space cover was not quite in there straight and correct and after the showing went back and looked and found in the crawl space that there was a sleeping bag and some clothes and we found out that a young man eighteen years old who had aged out of the foster care program and was still just a junior in high school had nowhere else to live and so he had somehow found his way into the home and was lived there at night and then when he'd go off to school during the day he would put his stuff in the crawl space and so that impacted us and we're setting up some homes in the area that have an older couple that will have two or three of these kids that have aged out of the foster care system and we're hoping that they're going to able to live there for two or three years till they get on their feet maybe even get into college is our hope we're also helping with a number of orphanages around the world it's been a huge blessing to us there's been about thirty or so orphanages that we have helped in different places and there's just you know sometimes there are so much need and I think that's one of the positive factors. About A.S.I.O. is that you know you can't do it alone and there's so much encouragement that comes when you're with people that have that like mindedness of being a conduit for God's love and that's something that Jill and I both we have committed ourselves to is seeking out people that are like minded that are like hearted and whether it's a clinic an orphanage a foster home. And one two last little things that we're involved with too and I shouldn't say little but. If we have the slide about human trafficking there's millions of people that are caught up in human trafficking right now and only one percent are actually rescued from that environment can you imagine that just one percent are actually rescued and we are area in Boise which has the community of Boise about seven hundred thousand people has over seventy percent church attendance but we have one of the highest hit rates for reported human trafficking so even though you would think it would be a Christian community we've got a real problem on our hands and we're also reaching out trying to do something there as well so Fred and Jill you are actually in the business of commercial real estate that's correct but you are finding every way that you can to do ministry every minute a man that's awesome D. Casper da glad to have you here. It's my understanding that you grew up in the shadow of a big satellite dish that's true Tell us about that you know I grew up about twenty five to thirty miles away from the three Even World Headquarters and had never actually heard of us haven't they have this for twenty one years and found it on television in the fall of two thousand and six OK so the television station next door you discovered in two thousand and six so what programs that you start watching does a bachelor's most amazing prophecy series that he did Darion Springs was the first thing the super helpful I remember thinking it wasn't doctrinally rooted in Everett. Thinking I've never heard this before but that's what the text says and the more I was hearing after that was David Asterix discover prophecy series and from there I went to find anything in David's that I could on the Internet to dismiss you were baptized with at December fourth two thousand and ten December fourth two thousand and ten is your anniversary and you became a Seventh Day Adventist because of the television station next door and your ministry Yeah and then you become involved in ministry in fact I believe you are now leading a ministry right next door to three Abia Yeah we're ministry is actually located on Miracle lane we're on the right next to the original T.V. studio so unseen Media Group the ministry I work for that's where we're located Yeah OK Now tell us a little bit about that ministry so we're a professional filmmaking organization so we create content internally but we're doing a lot of work for other organizations of this picture here is some devotion of videos that your wife sees been releasing through Facebook we produced those for them there's another video we urge picture we have right after this of a cooking program we did for a physician here in Texas Dr Donna Cooper Dockery and she has a television program encouraging people to get healthy and how to use food as medicine so we actually filmed some cooking programs for those television shows that she has while we were down in Texas earlier this year we've done stuff for like Net school evangelists who made their promo video and other places so that's the industry that we used to raise funds to do a lot of ministry so we do filmmaking professionally but our burden is to raise funds to use internally to be able to do a lot of ministry so we have basically our burden is to make content to reach young people through social media that's principle that's Christ center that's modern but we also have training programs to equip young people to do media so the next picture that we have here is from our summer film camp basically thirteen to seventeen year olds for two weeks in the summers they get a chance to actually learn how to make their own short film we teach them how to write a script how to do the storyboarding had a film with. Cameras had to edit on Final Cut Pro and we let them use MacBook Pros to do that and then we have a film festival to three B. in church at the end of those two weeks for the new show they've made it was a huge success the year that we did it last year and then we also have a nine month internship training program called Idea this is one of our interns actually giving a devotional at Harvard Hills academy where we did a week of prayer this last fall and the next picture is of small groups happening where we had a youth event called war plans basically training churches to start small groups and particularly to grow their youth groups in their community dealing with heart issues for young people shoring to the point like TED talk format when they were going to small groups and start to digest even more and then we kind of leave them with materials to watch together into small groups for the following week to grow their youth group so that's our burden is media and evangelism the IDEA program the nine month training program is basically like film school in a school evangelism put together so if people have an interest in digital media but also have an interest in how to give a Bible study how to preach how to share their faith we teach them all of that and it's an internship format so it's not just sitting in the classroom all day and learning which is very very hands on so I travel do week a prayer and speak at a school somewhere they come with make this year to when we travel do film and others our girls last year actually filmed that and did the editing for it so you get to work on hands on projects to advance the world churches mission it's an awesome opportunity we're really excited for it so that's the ministry side that we're doing we travel and speak in churches we do weekends a week of prayers and any youth events things like that that's one of our biggest burdens is to not just make content but also be involved in personal ministry and probably the most amazing testimony I've witnessed in the times I've been it on the scene since August of two thousand and fifteen is someone given a D.V.D. of a sermon I shared a church locally so running this filmmaking industry has allowed us to do lots of. Personal ministry and preaching churches and do other things is what keeps the doors open so an opportunity that came from this was our priest in a church and a family member gave them the D.V.D. then that to cover the sufferings of Christ in the through the cross and this person has wrestled with homosexuality for years they were a young person and they heard this message and they had the most profound response to the Gospel I've ever seen in my life and they could not turn this message off they literally put it on repeat when the message ended and put that on nonstop repeat for days they even let this thing playing for their dogs to listen to when they left their house they couldn't turn it off because for the first time in his life he saw that he could be state first time in his life it is an awful experience a religion not an advantage in another church but it just been it had received a whole lot of scrutiny and unbelief being heaped upon him by Christians and so he thought this is the way that Christians feel about me this must be the way that God feels about me but to hear this message he saw that God is not hate and that God actually loves and cares for me and would end up happening was he told me the most profound thing I've ever heard in my life he said that message separated me from being gay. It literally separated him from a former identity he had had and he said that it was for the first time in my life I saw the I don't have to identify myself as a homosexual that he just doesn't see me that way and just an amazing amazing story that is continued to strengthen my faith in the Gospel and in know that because of the work that God has allowed us to do in filmmaking we can actually see this make a difference in people's lives all around the country. If I'm hearing correctly and it's very moving thank you there's two really good passions to really strong passions you have one is training you want to train other people especially young people to be able to utilize the passion that God has given them in their skill development but you're also reaching out and touching specific P.. Bowl three a ministry personal ministry one hundred percent it's awesome thank you very much for what you're doing Thank you it's my privilege to introduce my good friend. Hails he comes from the beautiful city of Prague Czech Republic and Roddy MS is a businessman he actually is and commercial he makes his living in commercial real estate we have two commercial real estate people up here today but. Several years ago you discovered that your passion. Was to see people come to Christ and evangelism and you heard about a little program called New Beginnings and I want you just to tell us a little bit about how you have use New Beginnings which of course all of you know is the D.V.D. project we actually teach laypeople to preach sermons you use that extensively in Prague tell us about it. Good evening. We would like to thank. His new beginnings be using this this project is one of them is. Public meetings typically five times a week. The are doing once a year and. Here I go to do something for the business people because business people rarely can attend all the meetings five times a week so we decided to prepare for people from business community during three days old when he thinks like a life study of the preacher and things. He's a book that's awesome So two ways this one point out the traditional way of preaching you've used where you do the regular programs but also the intensive and that intensive is something new we've all been very impressed watching that three day intensive Roddy test. That out sometimes the Europeans lead the way and we're glad for that but you know there was an experience that you had you took a group down to Tanzania. And in Tanzania you were going to do a mission trip from from central Europe and you were going to go on that project Tell us a little bit about how you were how many people you took and how this guy sitting next to Richard Richard glad to have you here to Richard got involved in this. A long time for a private. Corporation video for us and his father asked me. To take his. And. Hoped it would be a great experience for him OK Now Richard you want to direct the question to you now you got to go on this trip what was your situation right at that time in your life. And my situation I can tell you at that time I was a big mess I was a big wreck. In my high school years I ended up experimented with some drugs and I ended up being addicted for about ten years of my life and right around the time that I met redeeming about the time that my mom had enough and with me over here in the United States and she said go back to your father and work with him for some time maybe he'll straighten you out so thinking that I would just go back to the Czech Republic and. Kind of a scape this addiction. That did not happen actually got even worse I ended up using heroin and methamphetamines over there. I didn't end up meeting redeem and started doing some video work for him with my father. And some of the first work that we had the opportunity to do was the new beginnings and when we started the New Beginnings I started seeing some very revolutionary things that I. Never heard of I mean I've heard of Jesus before but just as you know some maybe mythical character but the things that I heard there the whole twenty five lectures we had I mean my world got flipped upside down. And so that was the beginning of maybe some sort of at least a mental transformation so then soon enough I heard the theory because I did three of those seminars and after that but my addiction kept getting worse and worse I mean. I was just a wreck I mean I could still videotape I could still function and all that but as long as I had my dose that was priority at that time that was MY GOD SO WHAT it up happening my father he knew of that So yesterday he said look. Can I take my son with me to you know the Tanzania maybe that'll have an influence because I mean trust me he was hopeless with me I mean he you know what to do anymore so redeem said yes and I appreciate that a lot because they knew about my situation and you know to say the least so we have you know risk takers one of the things about business people have to be risk takers so you took a risk that this guy could come and still contribute right are you glad you did the risk. That's right we're looking for Jesus so you were grateful that he took the risk on you Richard and you recognized that he was taking a risk Yeah I did recognize that I mean it was a big risk but at the same time what end up happening is that I was there for about one month and that was the first time that I was actually in a community with some of the Adventist for one month I mean can go anywhere you know and I met this other guy Bill and he had the same experience or he went through an addiction as well so I talked to him and he was the first person actually open up to because you know that's kind of hiding it I mean I was kind of embarrassed about it so Bill was like man I was you know I was you know an addict as well with my why. But we gave ourselves to the Lord and from day to day it was gone from that at that time I mean I was going through hopelessness I thought it was never going to end I mean they tell you you know all these meetings and a and all the like oh you're an addict for life so that's a very helpless situation but. Just give yourself give yourself over to Jesus just talk them so I went back to the Czech Republic after this whole inspiring moment and about still took me another two years I mean it's quite some time and I went to rehab there and I did just that when that a big withdrawal came through because those seven years of opiates and I can tell you right now that's it's rough so over there in the detox I said Lord I was like if you're out there and if you're listening to me like all these people said that you were. I promise I will go the right way just get me out of this situation and I can tell you that the next day he did just that amen I want you all to know thank you go ahead. Thank you there's a there's a heart formula that Richard has shared and I want all of you both those of you who may be watching from home right now those of you who are an audience you may have struggled with addictions yourself. You may have a family member that struggles with addictions. Addictions are everywhere in our society but I want you to know that here's a man that had a two pronged approach one was give your heart to Jesus and pray right when a man gives or a woman gives their heart to Jesus and prays things happen Secondly you got professional help and went into rehab and the prayers were answered and you have had an incredible journey since that time and I want to take a few more minutes and just talk about your journey OK Now in that journey since you had that victory and you began your life has been full of all kinds of things tell us a little bit about that OK So the first thing was. After this miraculous healing came about and this is just after one prayer that I mean I didn't do anything else I just prayed so the next day I felt like I was maybe ten years younger so and I had this like tingle in my spine and I just knew that this was the way I mean everything just clicked from you know from what I learned from the New Beginnings and everything just clicked and all together and so what happened then is that obviously I went through the whole rehab and I came out fresh I mean I I went there I was like drug free for life I mean people are like Are you crazy you know you'll be back here again and you know they're doubting me and all that but I knew already in my heart I follow Jesus will be able to get me out and you know frankly I was like. What I was doing back then was that I need to go the opposite direction not just stay off the drugs I mean I need to go the whole nine yards as far away as I can and and I was like the best thing to do is to follow Jesus I mean he was. You know he was the definition of good so I did just that and from then on I figured I was like I got to tell people about this I mean obviously I mean this is if I would have done this earlier I would have done this way back so what end up happening is back to the rehab because there is a meeting to go back to as a member of the rehab progs finest. I was able to go back over there and share that share my testimony with them. During the winter time I go there at least once a week so OK good last last question I just want to ask if you a lot of people are listening to you right now and your testimony is a very powerful one Richard if you could say anything you want to do in these people or anybody who might be watching on television what would you say. OK Well I would say that. We do have to understand it's really difficult I mean you can't trust them which is why I was even surprised that I deemed it I mean knowing that you know I would I could be you know cause a lot of trouble I was. And reliable so I would say to them. Definitely have compassion and a lot of love. You know the trust part you can always have to keep an eye out but the prayer I think is very important the prayer is really important because I know the right team and a bunch of people from the organization that were praying for me because my dad reached out to them I didn't know that until later and so the prayer is definitely very important and then like you said in the beginning I mean the involvement in the community I think was very strong for me I mean that was a big testimony because I mean you can hear a lot of things let's say on the street but when you involve somebody in like a Seventh Day Adventist community that they can see the true love I mean I was telling myself I was like these people have something that I've never had I mean they have some kind of love that really really well and that's what and I'm happy that's what I got wrong me near to that so the prayer and then the involvement and then can you say amen. Thank you all now Rodney Moore you had last question Are you glad that you invited him to Tanzania. I'm. Experienced by experience he overcame our expectations Amen Amen thank you. I remember once upon a time I was. I started pastoring very early I was about twenty one years old and I remember sitting in my first board meeting and I asked him I didn't know about Robert's Rules of Order or anything of that kind and I said what you guys want to talk about. A board meeting started six o'clock and we ended at ten o'clock that evening four hours. I learned and the important thing about organization and that is before we expect to have a great outcome we must be willing to work for him the reason why the board meeting took about four hours. I realized that I had not I didn't have the tools to do something Greedo to organize the meeting and as a result we dragged on and wasted time and I really things like. Help with those things to give you tools to give you vision so that you're able to work well and time and really have a great idea and be fission and that is my tip that I want to leave with you work and work and work well for Christ. Good evening A.S.I. we have another offering in action this segment for you this is a project report Chester Clark is a board member of watch a toy hills in amity Arkansas tell us what was the project and how was the money used Well you know we really appreciate a aside because there's a vision not just to help ourselves supporting institutions but also to help them help themselves and through your generous funding we were able to build a warehouse to How's our literature evangelism books now what this does force is several things but importantly it helps us to buy books in larger quantities so that our students when they go out and sell them can have more profit the school can have more profit and we can continue to do this work and bless others now if this went beyond the students at Washington Hills Academy and college there are other benefits that other schools were able to benefit from that's right it does because you know we were able to buy in such larger quantities for example the the different organizations schools unions publishing departments had gotten together to try to buy a printing together to get the price down and they were hoping to get the price down about twenty five percent but with a larger warehouse and inventory were able to have we made a larger order and we were able to get the price down thirty seven percent from what we usually would pay for them and that helped all of us all the different schools and. Wishing works were workers around the North American division really is a phenomenal collaboration it is to get the word out through literature evangelism and I think it's also perhaps one of the largest if not the largest one day structure that we've built so far so it's a beautiful warehouse you'll see more about that in a minute case so we can go ahead and roll that video now. Canvassing is part of our memory from. The homes the school house the students. And most importantly it helps us as an army of you to fulfill because we commish. We distribute over seventy one thousand books a year from one of the mothers churches families want to do the same but they don't have the money. Myself With that in mind yes I see morning Washington somewhere else. In October twenty sixth sixty five students that canvassers themselves and volunteers came together to build the first one day where. You're going to be in this town they will stay here long but they're going to be going around the world really. Excited to see all the kids working to get a ship like a lion to hand. Down but. It's been amazing. So exciting I can't wait to even believe. Today and maybe Arkansas we have a center where small institutions churches and individuals can order the same books at a discounted price thanks to the vision and generosity of. A.S.I. members never seen God's promise as you can. See why this should be your experience and your church and your school and your life thank you for your commitment to finishing someone. That's incredible Chester very remarkable we're just very grateful very Asya for their vision for their assistance and we just pray that these books will be a blessing to many and I was reading and publishing ministry recently about late into baptisms and that is that people are reading trues But as the end of INS happen the Holy Spirit is going to give power to what they've been reading and many are going to be converted the truth by the books that are already out there and the many that are still to be sold so thank you as I thank you very much just. Our next and if you would like to introduce by way of video let's watch. The song the energy of. The specialized vising individuals with their solar needs as well as air conditioning. Any electric or gas questions they have my job is to make sure that their home is more energy efficient which helps environment which also helps the community. Helps the customers out save money so it's a win win it's a great way to help provide for my family God has blessed me with. You know when I first met this guy that my friend introduced me to. He gave me all the answers straight from the Bible most what I respected about his faith was asters came directly from the Bible and it was a man's opinion or man's understanding so I was very blessed by that. Today my wife and I are seven even as we've been blessed by the church more poignant blessed our Savior Jesus Christ. Is just out of blessing to have him in our lives our marriage parties boss us with a good family two wonderful kids son and a daughter and this absolutely was so we're very appreciative of our friends and those who lead us to Christ and we feel that is our mission and our desire to lead others to Christ as well. Cool thing is in our in our community our neighborhood there's not as many avenues However there's a Adventists right below us and since they moved then they moved in about three months ago we started thinking OK how can we eventually is our little area together so we are inviting our neighbors down numbers of friends and on having this to come over and study so it's been an absolute blessing we've reached out some of our neighbors by just simply inviting them out Friday night sometimes an idea or challenging for them but the secret is keep being persistent and the eventually come they may not come every night police Ses or planet. And it's just absolutely amazing to see people who are hungering for the truth they want to study and they're anxious to study and here we have the truth the only way to get out there is by making the effort taken action one author wanted to study people so and just really get to know that you know because if you will know that you know the Bible people will bring people to you. And this is actually what happened to this guy here you know his daughter brought him to me and we begin to send the Bible before you know it the daughter says the Bible and the following is baptized the daughter does profession her friend Greg is baptize and now her two brothers I believe are about ties one is a deep in the church and I believe even the mom is not doing right now so. Absolutely amazing and so. You know he loves the Lord I could tell and you know I you know it's just amazing to see his whole family households come to. Other crisis. Excellent. Michael two is on is the director for I share and for souls West you kind of where a couple of hats tell us oh I saw that at the end it said total member involvement but what does I share have to do with this I share is an acronym it's a ministry of the Pacific Union conference and it stands for I seek to help advance revival and evangelism and when the General Conference was coming up with this initiative of total member involvement they realized that in the West Coast's souls Wesson glowin and I share we were doing this already we were getting young people and laity involved and so they asked us to make some videos to feature all of these people who have been now are seven the Avonex that are winning others to Christ so we made these small videos and we want them to go viral basically So what do you hope to accomplish by using these vignettes Well we want to do is we realize that there are many people who are doing evangelism and a lot of times we don't know it we're in our local church and maybe we feel alone maybe we feel like we're the only ones doing it and so we thought that one way we can do this is feature stories from all over. The Pacific Union where I'm from and hopefully inspire others church members and others and it can go viral they could share via social media they could share it at their church I hope you saw this and I hope you're inspired to share this at your church now and that's what we really want we want people to go out into reach reach others for Jesus it's interesting you say that because I that's exactly what I thought I said I had to get my hands on that video and share it with my Met my church members so if the people here would like to be interested or interested in getting a hold of these then how can they get more information well this is just hot off the press we've just made these one way is we have the total number involvement some of our tomorrow myself had Wilson Rinella doing the key we're going to be talking about more method. And we're going to show more videos just like these but we're going to be putting them on the Web site they'll be on the General Conference total number involvement website and you can also check out our I share conference Orji and we're going to have them up there in the future OK Excellent Michael thank you so much for this brainstorming forget it given giving us more information about share thank you for having me Debbie you're welcome. And now coming to the to join me is Randy Bivins Randy Bivins is the chief operating officer for we are located just outside of Sacramento in Calcutta just north of Sacramento in the foothills now we are has the the blessing of being in the offering as well as one of the recent events of the overflow that we are praying for for tomorrow so tell us a little bit about what's going on there lots of things going on it well you know I don't even know where to begin but I tell you where I really want to begin is something that's really happened just in the last year or two year and a half when I started there four years ago we started engaging our our new start leadership team and we really realize that people come to us with health conditions but we realize they're fighting a spiritual battle and we created a team that would provide spiritual support for those patients so that they could actually be more successful in their health choices and I have to tell you Deb And you know the numbers already but we're on track for this year and mind you these people are paying to allow us to evangelize and we're on track to baptize over sixty five people this year out of New Start and that's just a new start we just started a depression recovering anxiety program a residential program today and that program is probably going to get us up to a hundred it probably baptizes about another thirty five we would baptize probably more out of depression recovery but there are fewer sessions than we have a new start so over one hundred patients are getting baptized now every year and we're now. Paying for the evangelism they're paying us to allow us to evangelize them how what kind of paradigm is that that is a great program and that's exciting that we're doing that and weekend God is really blessing now there's something else that's really close to my heart that's happening as far as the clinic Yeah absolutely about again about three years ago we had the vision of creating a clinic on campus we had a clinic building but they were the clinic was basically seeing our new start guess and maybe a few clinic people five a week or something like that but we had an idea because we're in a demographic in California where there are a lot of medic Cal which is medicaid medicare patients and they were getting adequate care so we had the plan of recruiting young aggressive like minded physicians and creating a rural health clinic which is a federal designation so that you can treat those medical patients and actually get reimbursed your cost rather than their regressive tax you know thirty dollars per contact visit or something like that they the team successfully got rural health clinic status and shortly after that we also remodeled a large part of the administration building and put in a actually a six room dental clinic which also qualifies under real health clinic and I know I've told you the numbers already the we're now seeing one thousand patients a month. That's incredible. One thousand patients a month and we've actually had our first Baptist I'm from the clinic because they have an aggressive follow up and Bible study and health outreach program within the clinic and we had a contractor who was homeless we actually provided him a place to stay he was studying with us and we really wanted to hire him on our planet services but we have a policy that you have to get baptized Seventh Day Adventists member and his point was I'm not going to get back. Ties just to get a job. And so we work with them and find a game of the point he got baptized and he's now working full time on our planet services and this is a an amazing kind of a our first trophy that came out of the clinic wonderful Now tell us about the nursing program the nursing program was really amazing when I started there again about four years ago I really thought that the nursing program was a total waste of money I just be honest I was wrong you know I've been wrong in other things I was wrong there. We were we realize it was going to take about two million dollars to get the nursing program off the ground because the state of California the B R and the board of rigid nurses have standards that you have to achieve and for example we need a skills lab and we just have mannequins and you know mannequins are probably a hundred bucks well the mannequins are now not one hundred dollars there are seventy thousand dollars. We needed about four hundred thousand dollars just in our skills lab we needed hospital beds and those are probably ten thousand dollars apiece actually had been a cell phone I contacted him I said Can you guys you know do you have any hospital beds we have he called me like the next day and he says Randy you can we have eight of them and I said I don't I only need six and he said no you didn't hear me I have eight come get them all or don't take anything so we got eight hospital beds free from admin self but the we we were applying for accreditation and actually I thought it was really an uphill battle I wasn't sure that that it was going to happen and we went down to Irvine California. Where Wilson's daughter not daughter sister surely Anderson was our head of our nursing program the time she was there there were three of us and we were at this meeting where they're going to decide if we can get approval and the program just before us was was actually put on probation because their skills training were thirty miles away from the school well now we had places in Loma Linda and when. Oh and we had them all over the state and I'm thinking they're going to crucify us. We got up there and they said and when I would be going to go by the students traveling all those miles and Dr Anderson said well I was just talking Dr Bevan's And I think we're probably going to go ahead and pay for them to we're going to transport them ourselves and he looked right at me and he goes is that right and I go well you got me on the spot Yeah that's right we'll do that and he goes fine Why didn't that other school do that and they gave us full approval I went up and talk to him afterward and I said you know we just want to thank you and he said I know you Adventist because I had an uncle who was at Oakwood College God had gone before us and we just graduated our for first cohort of nurses. All but one of them of actually taken there and Clark's exam and one hundred percent of them have passed their examinations so praise God men so you're offering can help to build the infrastructure to be able to support all of these ministries that are going on and we are yeah thank you typically people don't like to pay for infrastructure you know the offering is going to build some staff and student housing but without that infrastructure the baptisms can occur the graduations can occur we can't be sending these missionaries into all the world well thank you very much and thank you A.S.I. for the generous offering what collaborates collaboration is so important for us working together we can accomplish so much more as we do that together Thank you. Were you inspired and blessed tonight. As you heard the stories as you heard the experiences the opportunities that God has given each of these individuals that are up here you know as I was listening I was thinking to myself What can I do more than what I'm doing in our family business I have a daughter what am I doing to teach her to talk to people about Jesus to share Jesus with them and I just want to. Give you a challenge tonight to look in your heart to pour your heart out to God to tell him. I will go and help finish this work if that's your desire tonight. With me for the benediction. Thank you for challenging us tonight. Thank you for. Your commission that you have given us and Lord I pray that each of us here tonight as we go through this weekend and then. To our families that we will keep in mind the real reason you have put us here on this earth Lord help us to. Ourselves to you. That you put each day and. Be able to look up with you when you come to take us home ready to take that we have about you with. We thank you for your spirit. As laymen's services and industry. If you will.


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