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Broken but Loved

Andre Waller


What does it mean to live in God's forgiveness? In this message we explore the story of the woman caught in adultery through the lens of the sanctuary.


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions



  • July 29, 2017
    11:45 AM
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Father in heaven. We thank you for your grace. And your mercy. You know me you know each one in this room you know we need. You know the frailness of what we are. So father right now we're asking for the gift of the Holy Spirit which is the only effect through teacher of truth. We pray all these things the name of Jesus and claim the merits of his holy a most precious blood Amen. So I'll try to figure out what to talk about and you know they gave me a whole list of concepts of what not and I. Couldn't get away from this one idea when I was a younger lad and I wanted to understand God I wanted to understand a plan of salvation I wanted to understand why we were who we were Seventh Day Adventists and I had a struggle because I didn't understand the great significance of us going to church on Staten A and somebody else going to church on Sunday we all love Jesus so I didn't understand the realities of the issues that we as a people have to really deal with so I prayed and asked God to give me understanding because I wanted to know what was true but even greater than that something began to happen in my heart not only that I want to understand what was truth God began the call me in the ministry and one thing I don't want to do is teach error. I would rather just stay in my house and do whatever I do I rather not preach this not one of my favorite things to do so Lord if I'm going to teach the truth please teach me what is truth because everybody has something to say somebody says right is what faith equals this somebody else this writer of my faith equals this there's this segment over here in this group over there father I don't want to be deceived I don't want to deceive anybody police. Show me what is true. So I've been struggling with the idea the Lord showed me something so today we're going to study with the Lord show me we're going to talk about broken. But love. Broken. But love there's a quotation I'm going to put it here for your purposes of studying great controversy page four twenty three paragraph one says the subject of the sanctuary was the key what was in my friend's was the key which the mystery of the disappointment of eighteen forty four it opened to a view to a complete system. What are they open to the reference. A complete system of truth connected and harmonious showing that God's hand had directed the great Advent movement and the revealing was it's a. Present duty as it brought to life the position and a work of his people I read a quote like that and I'm like OK what is it about the same cherry that creates this great system of truth but then I read this. Evangelism place two twenty one paragraph two says the correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith the correct understanding of the ministration that's interesting. My mind began to ponder trying to understand a key a foundation and then this verse was presented to me you can see here on the screen it says in Psalm seventy seven of verse thirteen that I way God is where my friends and the same two wary who is so great a god. God and song sixty eight twenty four says they have seen by Golding's Oh God in the goings of my God my king in the same to air so God's way is in the say to a god's going is in the sanctuary now my friends you may have heard what I'm saying to you before but I want you to put your thinking caps on we're going to go deeper hopefully And but if you have glasses and you put the glasses on and your lenses were red How would you see the room. Red if you took the same glasses and you changed the lenses you put purple lenses on those glasses. What how would you see the room. I'm telling the truth my friends are going to look at a story you know so well already you've heard it many times before but we're going to look at the story with the lens of the thing she wears that will get. A good look at a story using many times we're going to look at a story through the lens of the thing where hopefully you see it in three D. for D H D I don't know whatever do you want to look at it in. But I want you to see it the way got see that you'll start to see that if you put these glasses on this system begun to come very clear so notice this use you have may have seen this before but again I just love a video so you can stay if you've never seen it I'm introducing it to you now and hopefully you dream about it if you were better when and you're traveling along the way you would notice an organized community in the middle of a desert. Circum or or surrounding a tents and then that tent everything circle around you'll see those white linen that's there you walk inside and you walk inside you'll see the altar of sacrifice that's where they sacrifice the lamb for for the sins of the people and then once you get path. Their offer of sacrifice was a little further and you see the bronze Laver the bronze labor Again simplistic in nature very simple concept so simple a child can look and see and understand and then you walk inside the holy place and once you walk inside the holy place you see the table of shewbread there two stacks one for the father one for the son you see the golden candle sticks the seven golden candlesticks there are so much deaconess and that's not what I study at the moment and then we have the altar of instance where the prayers of the saints were mean little with the merits of Christ you walk inside there you see the most holy place the Ark of the Covenant and God sure kind of glory standing there in the midst and all of this was surrounding the law of God that has that part of manna and the air was raw that but not showed you that because I want you to put the lens on. You have your glasses are. All right saw seventy three. Look at some seventy three. And we're just going to walk it this morning I want to be thinking of some seventy three and we're going to begin reading that verse one. Psalm seventy three in verse one the Bible says truly God is good to Andre your Bible says that right. Your should say your name truly God is good to Israel even to such as are of a clean heart but asked for me ma I feed were all moles gone my steps had will now I slip now why why would my feet be almost done why would I almost live why would almost leave God Notice what it says for I was envious of the foolish one I saw the prosperity of the weak it for there are no bands in their death but their strength is firm they are not troubled as other. Neither are they played like other men therefore pride compasses them about as a chain violence cover them as a garment their eyes stand out with fat as they have more than a heart could wish. They are corrupt and speak quickly concerning oppression they speak lawfully they set their mouth against the heavens and their tongue walk it through there are therefore this people return of hither the waters of our full are a full cup running out to them and they say how of God No way this is their knowledge and the most high behold these are the young god and the who prosper in the world they increase and what my friends this and it's easy is easy now keep in mind the song was writing he says I almost left the church. Oh most fell away from God because I was watching the way did. You ever seen the T.V. show M.T.V. Cribs. You ever want and you look at the rappers and the gangsters and they Flossy the chillin he like man and I'm trying to be a Christian being strong with low and make those make it money. And God like I got no problem they got this beautiful girl over here they have this guy right here everybody love beyond say. I will address let you know like your mind start getting captivated just a little bit or maybe that's not you maybe you just want to be rich you know the the guy who has Amazon just became the richest man in the world maybe you just want to make money. Maybe that's your focus maybe you just want to of to be famous Maybe that's your maybe that's your thing. Your feet almost wellnigh slip why because you are envious of the wicked. But watch not what the Bible says continued on. The question he asked himself verse thirteen says there Lee He actually makes a statement verily I have clearance my heart high. Ah and vain and washed my hands in its and see for all the day long have I been bled and trace in every morning if I say I will speak thus behold I should have been the guest a generation of the children when I thought to know this it was to us the word painful from a now my favorite word one of my favorite top five words nor the Bible. Until. He felt this way for sixteen verses looking at the wicked Observateur how wealthy they were Observateur how popular they were Observateur how prosperous they seemed until until what my friends until I wint into the. Sanctuary of gone then understood I there and. So there's something about this situation that opens up a pause ation if you will to stop us from longing after the world so then my question is what is it that he sees in the things that calls as one to say I don't want to be like the world. I don't want what the world has to offer. What is it that he sees in the sanctuary. Let's call it a bit faster because I have a lot to cover and a little bit of TAR notice this must you know it's funny oh my sis is given the health talk I'm praying the guy like OK SHA priest the sermon because I have so much stuff in my head and I only have so much time with you and I feel like I'm robbing you if I don't give you a lot of information but if I give you a lot of race you won't remember anything anyway it's just this conflict so muscles there stands up and she reads John Chapter seven verse thirty seven and thirty eight the exact text that we're about to study. Obviously also fascinated the Praised God. Now I want to give you a little bit of contexts Jesus and John to go to John very quickly go to John because we're actually going to just study Johnson. And John eight in the context with the lens of the Saints where. So Jesus is at the feast there's a gathering now whenever there is this feast as a gathering of all the adult men in Israel all to gather at these feast the Bible says that this is the last day of the fees now the last day of the feast they had this ceremony where they would actually get a bowl of water they will go to a river and gather the water out of the river and walk in a very like ceremony fashion from what from the river all the way to the temple and this was to reflect and remember how God has provided water from a rock OK so they're taking this water out of the river and they're walking with it in a very solemn ceremony and it's quiet. They're walking and it's quiet and Jesus in the midst of the quietness says If any man says. He disturbed there are the doxy of the situation. If any man Service let him come unto me and drink. He has everyone's attention at this point right this is supposed to be quiet this man's Busta now in the middle of the church claiming saying and I'll read it and read it any man let him come unto me and drink he that believeth on me after the script there have said out of his belly a shell flow rivers of why. If you lot of true story this is TRUE STORY this really happened I was not going to doors down there Scottsboro Alabama a friend of mine a loony and I were walking door to door we knocked on this one door every week we would go to this door and every week we would only see a hand so he would not. The door of the hand will come out he'll give us the lesson never saw his body just his hand to give the lesson he will give the lesson back and they would close the door there's a heaven for three weeks in a row. For if we come like Lord OK this is getting kind of weird we need to actually meet this guy. So we pray Father give us access to this brother. So we go not the door the fourth week but man opens the door wide open come in so we come and we sit down we can have Bible study and as I'm going through you know when you're young Bible teacher you stick with the lesson you know the question and then there's the answer and question there's lesser so I'm going through given question if there's nothing wrong with that I'm doing that and the man stops me in the middle. He says I want what you have. If this weird and random I What would you have any merely the Spirit of God spoke to my mind. I said to him Sorry I can't give you what I have but I can tell you where to get it. By the sisters the people in this world. The other day I have a quite a few Roman Catholic friends quite a few Now I don't know how it happened but it happened. It's happened and this one particular friend of mine is very wealthy I mean he has quite a bit of money and we're talking we're just talking and I didn't tell him that I was a preacher or a teacher or anything and then he says under you priest or should. I say Yeah he says I want to listen to one of your sermons on my. Brother I don't think you're ready for one of my sermons I. Love you man but are. You ready for one of us he said no he said no he says we're all searching for truth. He says You You I like what you say I like how you carry yourself thirsty. Thirsty I said. So I'm looking at the Texan I'm seeing Jesus and then he ministers I will give him a drink and he will have issues of water coming out of him life coming out of her. Now this angers the leadership now we're going to progress to this remember now we're walking through the same to a carefully I'm going to show you how but this angers the leadership and I want you to see the discussion that begins to happen the people start saying Is Jesus for from this place is he a prophet is he the Christ it's over the so on verse forty five. It says then came the officers to the chief priests and Ferris's and they said of the him Why have you not brought him. The officers and third never man spake like this. Sister White says Never a man spake like this because never a man lived like this. Never man spake like this or they would even touch of the power that was coming through they were. Not going to touch there are something special about this man listen what I'm reading about this man but I'm saying that all of God's Will leavers should be walking in this type of power and this type of spirit. This does not need to be a theoretical gain for you. This does not need to be another conference where you just say I had a good time go back and live your life the same way you were living it no you can leave this place on fire for God knowing that you are affecting people just by walking into the room. But wait there's more it says in verse forty seven then answered in the fair seas are you also deceived. Have any of the rulers or the fairies is believed on him but this people who know of not. The law a curse Nicodemus that of them he that came to Jesus that night being one of them that the law judge any man before to hear him and know not what he do with the answer descend on him are there also of Galilee searched and look for out of Galilee arise of no profit and every man went on to his own house so that's the end of that section of the story next day next morning first one Jesus witness to the Mount of Olives and early in the morning he came again to the temple and how many people my friends so the people that were there yesterday that heard him say if you're thirsty come unto me they came from morning manna. They're gathered there because they are knowing that he has something to offer and they don't know where else to get it but from him so they're there early Now watch. And all the people came up to him and he set down and talked them into scribes and fair Z's brought on to him a woman taken in adultery and when they had set her in the midst they say they have a master this woman was taken in adultery in the very act now Moses in the law commanded us that such should be stoned what say is that. All right so let's go over further. One is called adultery she's brought here from before Jesus in the midst so let's let's name all the characters in the room you have the congregation yes you have a Congress you have a whole bunch of people that's there you have Jesus that's there you have the scribes and Pharisees that's there you have the woman that's caught in adultery that's there everybody got to the characters but now we need to answer a couple of questions Who is Jesus talked to me who is Jesus is God John chapter one but with me very quickly. John chapter one. Who is this John chapter one. First one the Bible says you know what by heart. The Bible says In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was the same as a million in with God all things were made by him without he was anything made that was made in Him was life and the life was the light of men verse forty. It says and the Word was made flesh. And dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of what to say. All right so I'm going to Paul's. I want you to pay attention and even what I say what I'm about to say I in a figurative way I'm taking my shoes off my feet. When the Bible says that the Word became flesh. That means he put this on. The Word became flesh God put flesh on. My hair when I was there. The depths behind that concept should just rock our mental brain cells. The Word became flesh let me use a different way of saying the same concept you see here this is the ten commandments these commandments and the in the end the book of I believe Exodus order army calls it the ten words. This is the Word of God This is the expression of the perfection of what God is in fact let's do a lot O. biblical comparison God's character is holy God's law is holy God it's characters truth God's laws through God's character is right as God's laws righteous God is perfect God's law is perfect God's law or god character is spiritual God's law is spiritual. Character is eternal God's law is eternal the Bible teaches. That God is unchangeable got character is on change of zero and the Bible teaches that God's law is on unchangeable God is love. And God's law is love oxalate Paul for a second that does marinate must make the connection if God's law is a reflection of his own person then when we see Jesus walking on earth in human form he's walking and perfect righteousness not I here when I say hold having you here in John go with me to the Book of Psalms one nineteen and I want you to read one seventy two. Psalm one nineteen. One seventy two and watch what the Bible says. The Bible says my tongue speak of the I was the word word for all the myths are Was this what you call a Hebrew parallelism you see there it says my tongue will speak of that word all the commandments are righteousness word and commandments go together God's law is righteousness so here you have Jesus us a perfect man. Walking among us an imperfect people tell me how did the imperfect people respond to the perfect man. Let me ask a different question as we put it on them. How those how do we. Respond to the perfect man. It is easy to put the onus on live for killing Jesus. I'm Aris of the see you John Chapter three. I'm a reverse sixteen because we all know that verse seven thing seventy percent of us know that verse eighteen some of us don't know that. So let's go John three sixteen says For God so loved the world that he gave. His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not what perish but have everlasting life for gossip not his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be what they watch this. He that believeth on Him is not condemn it but he that believeth of not is condemned already because he had not believed in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God and this is the condemnation what is the condemnation what is the condemnation and this is the condemnation that light is come into the world and me love what. They love darkness I'm asking a personal question right now you don't have to look at me you can look away I don't I'm one actual person the question do you love darkness. Less qualified will love this he said Jesus says if you love me you do one. So if you don't love if you don't keep His commandments and it says that you don't want. And if you're not given as commandments and you're doing something else that means you love darkness. So I ask again I want you to examine your heart as I ask you the question because I noticed beard is already doing it do you love darkness. Is there any darkness in your experience that you're holding on to that God is saying let me be the light in your darkness. Remember examining the characters Jesus is God and the one man that has now been thrown at his feet. Is thrown at the feet of who. Of God. Perfection my friends is standing there. Flawlessness is standing there the woman has been thrown at perfections feet. Stay with me. The next question I have this scribes and Pharisees who are these scoundrels. Matthew chapter twenty three watch carefully. Or you go to Matthew chapter twenty three we're going to read Jesus's interaction near the end of his ministry with these persons. Matthew twenty three begin the verse one the Bible says the Bible says then spake Jesus to the multitude and two is the site was saying the scribes and the fair See sit and the seat of who my friends this and most See well as interesting so that means there are in a position of what then authority and power and they're supposed to be representatives of who. Of God They're supposed to be representatives of God. Don't forget the characters Jesus is the perfect one Moses is the one that disseminated or gave the law to the people yes or no. Watch So notice how Jesus names these guys going forward he's talking directly to the scribes and fair sea's I want you to look at verse number thirteen but what to you scribes and their season hypocrites verse fourteen won't see you scribes and Vera sees and what pictures it quotes you scribes and Pharisees and hypocrites look at verse sixteen wall unto you you eat blahing the gods like you verse seven seeing Eve fools and blind look verse nineteen you fools and blind seems like Jesus got a problem with these guys. Stay with me for a moment I mean I should just why would you that brawl with these guys was what was this issue how many times he called people names in the Bible you know that many times so the issue is let me say and the issue is that these are supposed to be the rap presented to lives of God and they are misrepresenting God but they are still claiming that they are representatives of God. So when Jesus says you travel Ladden see to bring them into the church body but you make them too for a child of the devil why because you have a form. You have a position you haven't met. But you don't have power. So what they were this is this in the ME carefully what these men were trying to do was take the law from the outside and. They would tend to take righteous There's from the outside in Jesus was righteous from the inside out. So they made about rules all right I'm going and I'm going to translate the rules into regular conservative Adventism for our day. That OK can I do that you want. You know I have a wife he still loves me and. Whether you love me or not they're after doesn't matter. One of things they say which is really good. We need to eat healthy. Yeah to three meals a day at Bess at least have you wait to have your your water that you drink needs to be you know you need to drink enough water so that you don't stay hydrated which is good but there's more. Vegetarian diet. Stay away from the flesh too you know and the body takes three to four days for three days for me to digest four days for cheese digest it's true safe return to that world of music don't listen to that. Show you listen to only Kurt frankly even that maybe not do that. We have we have the outside rules. Which to a large degree are right rules. But to conform to outside rules without having an end her know change is the definition of insanity. The Bible says a double minded man is say. So you have Jesus' perfection you have the woman comments are you have the scribes appears he is represented of Moses' law. And you have the congregation that's all there to see Jesus and you have this one. A woman without question is a sinner yes or no she has been caught red handed if you will she's got a Facebook live her. The God of red hair and it there's no denying the reality of what's transpired. She's caught. Now oftentimes when I hear the story told the object of the story is the woman. But I want to tell you something the object of the story is not the one that. I want to show you this. So here and I think I've said so many things already but so Jesus is the glory of God but full of grace and truth God's name is his glory this truth name equals all those things that character is revealed. Condition is exposed the decision is made now. I am going to leave it on the screen so you can ponder possibly some of those things but I want to go back to John for a moment go back to John look at Chapter eight and I want to show you this. Number made a huge mistake first of all when they entrap the woman because the man also should have been caught and brought in Yes everybody agrees. The woman is thrown at the feet of Jesus that was actually miscalculation on their part they should've never brought her if they were going to try to condemn or. But what happened was not what it says in verse number six. This they said tempting him that they might have a have to accuse him now when he says that please understand that no Jew had the right to condemn anyone to death that was reserved for the Romans so if Jesus had said yes she deserved to die because she committed adultery then they would have been we gotta go Romans lock him up. But if Jesus has said no she doesn't deserve to die let her go then but I see he does not respect Moses. You see the person in in trouble here is actually Jesus. They're trying to trap Jesus you do you think when you say it's about you. The devil entrapped you. He said she what. Makes you fall down and gets all over let's stopping you I go I want to go to this is Matt and God Jesus is right there the devil throws you his we say look this is what YOU DIE FOR. Hypocrisy in this crew. It's not ever about us brothers sisters. The devil is using us as upon. Now when you when you begin to ponder the reality of what's about to transpire here it's our four. So Jesus because he's so awesome and so smooth and so far what he's like to get so far ahead everybody else knows what he does budgies are stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground as though he heard them not can you see it. They talk in Jesus like you don't hear. And he just writes. Books of a couple seconds it is rights he has rights. So when they continue asking him he lifted up himself and said to them he that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her. Now at this point the woman is probably scared to death because in her mind she probably thinks that that present truth preacher is flawless. Cannot own the palsy for a second. I don't care how strong or how powerful any preacher is you better pray for him. You better pray for her Do not put preachers on pedestals we have more issues than anybody. Can ask is that right. You put preachers on pedestals are doing the wrong. Need to pray for them. All he preaches present truthiness we know you. Flawless. If wife will tell you the truth. Then. Pray for those preachers that you think are present true. He who is without sin cast the first stone I tell you the truth my friends those who are quick to pick up the stone and fat a woman a woman a Bible prophecy normally represents what my friends so the ministry lets at. The ministry that is quick to pick up a stone the stone the church is no ministry. God. Is not. And we want to be all that's present true because we we want to bring the street into the church. Does not present truth. So Jesus says He is a house it then let him cast the first stone and again he stooped down. To get his dues down and he wrote a look around and they Which heard it being convicted by their country you know what having Jesus right moment where are. They coming in looking away is right in. Name a safe area see sin bold. Next guy name sin home nice guy name when they come and look there convict it they drop the stone they walk away big mistake. That I did the right thing by dropping a stone this is that was the right thing but they should know walked away. They did the right thing by dropping the stone. But they should have not walked away. My friends I'm asking a question let you think about it for a second I really want you to examine your heart as we go into the study I want to know do you have any stones in your hand. A member of a particular place the one on a seminar or doing a seminar I can remember when it was a it was a evangelism training seminar but somehow got to dealing with people that had been molested when they were children. But it was theoretical In other words when I asked the question I was asking if erotically I wasn't asked to make of that experience or anything but I was actually theoretically God how would you handle it and so a sister in a room responded but what she responded I could tell I could tell in her voice that it was a theory. She was. How do you deal with this. That's a still have a stone and a hand you understand. I don't know what to say my theorizing in regards to what the gospel I mean I don't know what I don't know what to do with that. But God is in charge a man so last year asked the question there was another young man that was sitting in the back on the left hand side he rose a hand he said I was molested when I was a child. And I began to express. And say how he had given it to Jesus and how Jesus had given him peace of mind and peace of heart and then they offered the problem he was all in so it was like a room like this and they brought we all came here we pray in a choir and in the IT WAS lesson in relieving burden. But some of us stuff stones in our hands. We walk around ready to condemn our parents. To get them our church. I say drop the stone. But let it fall for me and only thing is don't leave Stay right there because Jesus is the only one that can deal with you. You drop the stone so they drop their stones and a says and notice what it says it says in verse nine and they Which heard it being convicted by their own conscious went out one by one beginning at the elders even to the last beginning at the El this even to the last. Beginning at the eldest son even to the last and Jesus was left was to say does that even make sense because remember where she thought where what was Jesus doing when she was known entity teaching or. There's a whole group of people there. So when he says that he was left alone alone as if the only person possible give. Possibly giver any condemnation there was only one lone person. That users left the congregation. Watching. The only one that can condemn at this point Jesus. I remember having a dream one time that this is not look like prophecy they had a drink. And I was studying the messages and you know the third angel message for a second angel's message first angels measure says and ass and and I saw the angel fly in the mists of heaven have the everlasting gospel preaching to them that when we are to every nation cager tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour is what judgement is come and which of the made heaven of sea is filled with water so I had a drink how to drink in my dream I was in church. Kind of like this. And I was sitting in the pew. And Snoop Dog was in the pulpit. When a stranger. So Snoop was in the pulpit and he pulls out a blunt because he's always smoking. He pulls out a blue and begins to smoke in the pulpit and he's about to preach of course in my dream I cannot have this so I stood up and I went to the pulpit. And I says No you can't do that I am man. And I remember for get up from my wife and tell you he says. Don't judge me. Now consumer dream oh I wake up I wake up for the dream like what was that you know because dreams come from a multiplicity of thoughts and. But then it dawned on me I know what it was you see the people of God have in their brains. Else that no one can judge them. Advices don't judge me. Everybody everybody says don't judge what you can't judge be I guess what we can't but yes OK. Jesus can why because he is perfection. I hear what I'm saying you say I don't judge you I can't judge you but there is one that does judge and he's sitting in judgment right now today the question is are you going to allow him to do for you what you can do for yourself. So here is. There's only one No there's no one left and a woman and notice a Says the woman standing in the midst of she was thrown into the midst before now the woman is standing. Jesus went down the woman got up Jesus would down one is. Standing now watch. As is when Jesus had lifted up himself and saw none but the one now that was how did he see is none but the woman. Is focused. He said under her Woman Where are those dime accusers have no man can them. Now again I want to positive that when Jesus as your question he's not asking because he doesn't know. Adam and Eve in the garden and he says where are you who told you you were naked did not ask because you don't know. The question is designed to cause a present reality in your brain. So where are you where are your accusers who care who has a right to condemn you they said I don't have a right to condemn you no one in this room has a right content to condemn you but there is one who. Stands as judge. They food judge is. Perfect in all his ways no woman says I love her answer. She said no man Lord. Jesus and. Neither do I condemn the. Go and sin no more. So the people who couldn't condemn in the first place there are now the only one that can get them says you go with me but I want you to do something I don't want you to sing anymore now mind you if this was an ordinary man speaking ordinary words this would have nothing to do with anything. Oh but Brian said last night when God speaks. Creates. When I hear him saying. This woman was a prostitute caught in the midst of an adulterous behavior at condemned by God Himself. God takes this woman puts away all the accusers then tells her to do something that's impossible. Go and sin no more now in this moment in time I need to think for a second what happened to the woman saying. Where do you go. Wait for giving OK so let's go to the Savior in our brain for a moment I don't think I want to string it so and let's go to the center in our brains so in this moment in time there was a transaction that took place OK The one in Santa Barbara says Roman three twenty three the wages of sin is there but for our sins for us anyway is one of these three twenty three sixty three you know them between also. So the wages of sin is death that's from a six point three. If no one man's wages which death. But she did not die what happened to the sen. A lot of. Somebody is going to pay for that. At that moment in time there was a transfer. Then has to be punished my friends. In that moment in time the woman now receives a life that she does not deserve a life that does not sin whose life is she receiving if she is nice and whose life is it so she is receiving somebody else's life. She is now walking in someone else's life. Because inside of you and me there is no ability to live without sinning. Now we trick ourselves because you know we have all these. Self Development books and you know I'm saying you you go in you do you do your certain mental exercises see you have your financial goals you get to go so you start believing that you do about something you go down there you work out biceps are. Looking good. You stop believing in yourself. The machine is on the pass these pass this. Genesis Genesis Chapter seventeen says Abraham was ninety years old and nine the Lord appeared to even seventy have. Might see God Now God does this for a reason I'm God born to a point here he says I am Almighty God What is God introduces us to Abraham as Almighty God because the next thing he says is impossible walk me for me and be that. He introduces a god introduces of self just like he does in the seven churches he introduces himself as the solution to the problem before he tells you what the problem is. I am on my. The guy. Now walked before me and beat out perfect. IMO muddy GA Now I want you to keep yourself sexually pure in this crazy random sexually hyper community can you do it. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I'm crucified with Christ the less I live yet not I but Christ live within me and the life that I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me we're talking about a supernatural life I understand what I'm saying. Oh wait there's more notice this. With less in space three thirty two Paragraph four says that having intelligences will work with a human agent who seeks with determined faith that perfection of care there which will reach out to perfection in action to everyone in Gaze in this work Christ says I am at your right hand to do what my friends. Can ask your question unless you question. Number. Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil is there are darkness in your life that you're holding on to that you're telling God I'm not ready to give this up right now I still gotta do me. I'm not ready yet. Is there anything in life like that. Jesus says look I'm here and I literally this is the house I so appreciated most of this morning she asked Do you believe in the Gospel. I mean you can undergo. So about a year to have now the question has been in my brain do I really believe. Because do you understand what the Bible is offering to us. The Bible is not just offering you forgiveness. The Bible or the Word of God is offering you victory. It's like OK you read a story the story says and Jesus walked on water you're like OK what's the there's in Jesus water water Superman flying you know they're like. Then you read Peter steps out on water and Peter walks on water like you really believe the story. Is that real. As Peter keeps his eyes on Jesus he walks on water that Real Story. Peter takes his eyes of Jesus he sinks below water. Have Peter ever seen anybody walk on water besides Jesus there's no other bible story in the scriptures that shows anybody walking toward. So literally Peter has his eyes of peace or Jesus only when Jesus said come because he could only be sustained by the word the word said comes or even while walking based on that word he's now walking or water. He has no natural ability to flow. And that's the same thing in Christianity brothers and sisters. We have no natural ability to be Christians. Our desires are for this world our passions are for this world everything it within us cries against God. And the God of the universe is coming. But I can't walk out come. Come. Are you that Labor have Elaine come. Home you can walk. Your prayer let it take you better work. If you can't see make some clay put on your eyes come. Question is do you believe the gospel. Then it's a struggle. I know why. When you take your eyes of Jesus is always a struggle. The secret is in the beholding. One of my favorite quotes is as the student of the Bible. Beholds the Redeemer. There's awake in the soul the mysterious power of faith adoration and love upon the v of cries the gazes Fleet's. And the beholder grows into the likeness of that which he adores. The secret is in the beholding. Last thing I'm a let my special music thing look at this and what now you're gonna get excited. But I got excited and I don't need to get it I just need you to think about it what a multiple of your next should revolutionize your brain cells. Here we go. As the will of man. Cooperates with the will of God. It. The wheel becomes what. Please this is not in Greek this is an English what is our middle to mean. I here in this. So the will of man when he cooperates with God man's will becomes all never voted. Whatever is to be done at his command may be accomplished at whose strength. And God's true. God is not asking you to be a Christian with your power. Jesus will not ask you to do all these righteous things and your own ability he say I have already proved curried at the cross I have seen it with my blood I have now given it to you by my spirit so you can live in this world holy people. Holy. All his bedding are and they place. Whatever yes you do. So that would provide the strength for you to do it. Whatever relationship these to be broken up he will give you the strength to do it. Andriy I think it will start this look you see my clock is meant. I am no money. Or it up or do what I say. What is God calling you to do. Is a calling to surrender your heart have you done that. Have you surrendered your heart to God. Have you submitted to his calling your life. Are you still have when the world have we in church hope that you can go to. You I see a slip in the have. Where you have got. I am of the. Conviction. That there's someone in this room who has not. Fully left all things at the feet of Jesus. And at this point Jesus is saying I'm here. Let me take the shame. And the guilt from you. And let me give you my life. If you have heard the voice of Jesus speak to your heart this afternoon. You want to give Jesus your heart. All of your heart for the first time. All of your heart for the first time. Just raise your hand where you are. Anyone like that here today. And meant. All of your heart for the first time. I see your hands you can put them down. Father in heaven you saw the hands that went up. No need for public demonstration just father and we ass. As a church body Lord that you surround each one that raise their hands with with angels that excel in strength. He has father that you take. Those hearts for we cannot give them their your property. We cannot keep them for the. Father please. My second appeal. You want to dedicate your life to Jesus. Rededicated dedicated. And you want to symbolize that by standing. Mass that you do that. To rededicate or dedicate your life to Jesus a step. Father were standing. And I was already standing when I'm standing in response to that same appeal fall. We need. There's nowhere else to go. There's nor the cleansing anywhere else. We let go of our rocks that are in our hands while. We're standing here alone with you. Father please. More of your spirit. More of your presence. Less theorising more experience Lord. Put a passion and us for people for souls. Put a love in us Father. The world will not. Know what to do with the love that exudes from your people. Father please show as more of Jesus. We pray this knowing that you have heard our prayer. And answered. In Jesus' name we pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio. First a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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