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The Everlasting

Andre Waller


Since the beginning of time there has been a conflict between good & evil. In this message we explore the everlasting covenant, and what our purpose is as the last day church.


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions



  • July 30, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven. We thank you for the privilege that we've have in this time of peace. Where we can meet in this very unique place to preach our unique message. Clearly this is a time of peace. Father as we're about to open your word we ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit which is the only effectual teacher of truth. We pray this in Jesus' name amen. I was asked yesterday when the sun was finished by one person I'm quite sure someone else at the question but aren't very What did that sermon have to do with the Saints were. Let out as a good question. The thing is every sermon I talk about is in the same way every teaching is in the same chair. What we have to learn to do is keep the glasses or as a reading through the passages that make sense I don't have time to decode yesterday's sermon to help you see how it was in the same but I would ask the U.S. guard to teach you how to see the Bible through the lens of the sanctuary today we're going to cover the subject matter the everlasting covenant now there is no way that I'm going to finish a sermon so clearly you're just going to take the principles go back and study yourself a man. And so let's look together at this quotation this quotation says the great controversy between the prince of life and the Prince of Darkness has been going forward strengthening with each successive generation severe indeed have been a conflict waged between right and wrong between truth and error between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness truth has fought against error are an error against truth the conflict. It has existed for thousands of years it's almost like my friends when you think about it I'm only thirty eight years old or about to be thirty nine a couple days but I've only been here on planet earth this amount of time but I was born into a war. I was born into a conflict and I necessarily didn't choose to be in this conflict but the reality is we are in this conflict and this conflict is between truth and error between the prince of light and the prince of darkness so my mind likes to do a little analyser like to make model which are smaller brain because I'm a. See things in picture four So here's what I did I put a little chart up you know Revelation Chapter twelve talks about the woman and it talks about the dragon and idols are story the woman in Bible prophecy represents the church and the Dragon is the devil and Satan and these two powers have been at conflict with each other and remember the prophet says from the beginning of time this is been going on and it's going on all the way to our present day right so off we will try to for myself that's the beginning of time. This this is the end of time OK You see it every follow and then I I put here Adam and Eve the church in Eden and I put the serpent. Constantly there has been a struggle between two powers and then I put progressively here the altar church and the reason I called the altar church is because before sin there was no altar. When sin comes into the picture now God requires a sacrifice and so now the altar church if you will is put into place then Abel is the sentence Noah and Abraham these people have to worship at an altar and there was a group contrary to that we have the descent. It's of Cain Cain his descendants known as descendants except these persons that were born there after were in contrariness if I can use that as a word to the all to church there's always been a conflict. And then after that we have the wilderness church Solomon's temple and horrible temple and you know you talk about the children of Israel and then you have the job you cite they have vice a parasite you know all those names in the Bible to parasites parasites. The Hittites and the Canaanites Amalekites all these nations were contrary to God's chosen people you see the conflict constantly throughout the spear picture you have the Assyrians and the Egyptians the cow Deane's the Syrians the more by the Ammonites the Babylonians made a Persia Greece Rome goes on and then you have the Holy Place church the church that exist during what we consider the dark ages that churches contradicted by as you can see there papal is a there's always been a contrast a war between two ideas in other words I didn't make this up these names that I have on the screen literally historically have been proven. There's always been a conflict and now we have we have the most holy place church. We call it the remnant church and then my friends we're going to investigate throughout the Scriptures the purpose and reason for this last church but in order to understand the purpose for this last church we must understand from the very beginning so here we have it church above all the guardians of the covenant I don't rob that from any movie line. This is not guardians of the galaxy although technically we are. We are the guardians of the Covenant and my friends before we leave. This place today you're going to understand why that's so important and then the group below of course is the group of the rise of the rebellion this is the rebellion these are the persons and individuals men and contrariness to God. So we have a choice. At the end of the day we have a choice you've got to choose who you're going to serve there is no middle ground there is no time out more let me get it together first devil stay here stay in stay here God stay here they can stay here. None of that. None of that so let's study. You guys like snakes. There's a few crazy people that like snakes one of my one of my good friends is getting married next week and he loves snakes. I love their looks I mean when you look at it without knowing what it's about the colors look nice they look at the head you like not that's not good. It's not. The Bible says in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen it says I would put him Nitty between the and the woman and between the hot seat and her seat each bruised head and bruised it's healed now we're going to dissect this you're going to see on the screen here I have Satan Satan has a seed. Because this is the I see and. Percy. So Satan has a seed and the warm in has a seed and there's a there's up that there's a covenant a promise that has been made in the verse and I'm going to highlight it here for you the carbon it says God will put enmity between the woman and the serpent God put him in sea between the one seed and the serpent see the sea walk crush the head of the. And number four of the serpent world rules the he'll. Win without it. When will that happen again I just want you to get in your mind because I'm not really going to preach because I don't have the voice to do it but I want you to see notice who is going to put in it in between the woman in the servant goddess who is going to put the energy between the sea of the two entities So who's responsible goddess. Not pause there to make the point even more clear back in the day I used to love. I used to love hip hop and R. and B.. You know I don't know if you know anything about hip hop R. and B.. I used to love Joe to see black street new edition and it has a little bit for its I'm not sure. But I used to love all that stuff and his guard did something for me he put a hatred in my heart for it. Before it was a little harder be like OK I'm not going to listen to Major blood today that from our best and I listen that and I listen and I couldn't help marriage I mean I love Mary J. You know so she's moved. But when I fell in love of Jesus he began to put inside of me something that made me hate that which I used to. The supernatural. That's trooper natural and what God's people must learn to do is depend upon the supernatural to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. So walked in my friends we seek to live right just Lee without the right just one. Can't do it but it's going to be further we're studying right now. So remember there's this emptiness was we put between the two. So notice here this is the what is this one. This is the same story when you leave this place. If you have not spent a one month straight. Two hours a day studying in the same chair I suggest you do that. Make it a hyper focus like make it like my devotions are going to be about the sanctuary my sleep times will be about sanctuary when I'm driving in the car I want to listen in about the sage way and he said Melissa two is going to be about I need to know about the Saints or the sanctuary is the expression of God's plan to end the same problem. Take the time to make this up part of your very thinking put the lens on so you can see things through God's lenses. So here's sage work. And I want you to notice something about this and I'm going to show you some of the numbers have to wonder if he says but the appoint the Levites over was to say. Notice that the tabernacle was called the tabernacle of the testimony Don't miss it notice the next part it says Exodus twenty five twenty says I twenty five thirty says. That upon the table shewbread before me how often always so there's a table that is set before God always will be for. Knows what the Scripture says here Exodus twenty seven twenty and now shall command the children of Israel that they bring the you are all love beaten for the light. So call the lamp to burn how often you see the word always been repeated table Shubrick always be forming the lightest of burn always notice Exodus twenty seven twenty one in the tabernacle of the congregation with out the veil which is before the it was I say. Testimony and his son show order from evening to morning before the more so before and the testimony the ten is called The ten of. Testimony they would make. Notice this. Axis thirty verse one and that also make an all to the bar an instance upon of ships a watch of the make it and the hour shop put it before the veil that is by the arc of the law. Notice how the Bible repeats itself its repeating itself is trying to get you to know where Mommy Mommy repeats or self you she expect you to remember is that right notice notice this Exodus thirty thirty six and thou shall be some of it very small and put it before the testimony in the tabernacle of the. Congregation again the idea before the testimony before the testimony before the testimony why notice. Exodus twenty five twenty one says and that will show put the mercy seat up above upon the ark and in the art thou shall put the. Interesting so in the ark you are now to put the testimony so that happened that was called the tabernacle of testimony. The instruments all put before the testimony the Laver is before the testimony and the Ark is the Ark of the totem it was the most important thing in the sanctuary. Come on now the most important thing in the same story is the testimony now what is the testimony the seal is called over further. Exodus twenty six thirty three and outs will hang upon the veil under the tach is that our May as bring in the other within the veil the Ark of the testimony and the veil shall divide unto you between the. Holy Place and the. So where is the Ark of the test some only roquet there where is it located it is located in the most holy place so you have a you have a separation we have a holy place and you have a most holy place and the most holy place is the most holy article which is the most the Ark of the covenant that holds the Ark of the testimony. Are you still with me all we're doing right now we're walking and mind you as we're walking like this you should begin to understand though the privilege and the responsibility that we who live in the Church of the most holy place ask. Let's go a little bit further. So in the arc of course you have the Ten Commandments and there's also two other elements or two other articles in the are what are their. Heirs rather but in a what else. Not Have you ever thought about why they are in the most holy place why didn't they just hang out in the hold in the holy place why is what the report why is the Aarons rod that budget in the most holy place in the ark itself why is that. Chosen by God and fact watch this time all right is my favorite when they brought the rod were the rods living or dead they are completely dead. So the only rod that but it was the rod that got supernaturally put life into. So where there was no strength no power no ability to do right things God says I will use this. One because the rod can receive no glory because it and they have life and in the first place. They tell you something Believe it or not and I say this quietly God will choose people in the last days to complete his work they have no trust in themselves. No trust in their abilities no trust in their degrees. And no trust in their preaching ability early teaching ability their whole life everything they are there they attribute to God Himself. And of God says go they go got this way they wait these are the type of leaders that God would choose to work for him in the last days. That's why they're in the most holy place what a part of manna was a part of manna in the most holy place. Gob revise what you say. OK it was a lot of growth ground through that now remember. Yes it's. It is a better life now watch this again we're just talking this morning. Linda the manna stop falling. Which of the vision. When they arrived in Canaan tell me what did the manna taste like. Honey what was the land of Canaan call the Land of Milk and. So the manna was a type of heaven. You and I are out of there. And the man in the most holy place never went old. Now the most holy places periods teaches us then that God will be those supernatural sustainer of his people and the last hours of verse history they will not depend upon themselves. Everything in the most. Holy Place is saying to us that God is King and we are merely his instruments. Which is more. Mind you the commandments here are written in stone All right well work it we're going to work a little bit more it says on the lower side of the Moses bring Aaron's rod again before the. To be kept for talking against the rebels. And that quite docile quite take away their murmuring from me that they die now. X. the sixteen thirty three says a most an errant or take a pot and put all my fall of man in there and lay it up before the Lord to be kept for your generations as the Lord commanded Moses or Aaron laid it before the. Testament. Notice here. Exodus thirty one eighteen. And he gave them to Moses when he had made an end of communing with him up on Mount Sinai two tables of testimony tables of stone written with the. So tell me why the testimony so important. It is the only article that literally wrote on. That's it. No other time they got it right on something other then must go to other places and Daniel he wrote on the on the wall many many it's actually a farce and that way when the balances are wanting and he wrote in the say. You know I wrote in the sand right I mean brings out yes about you know why you're on the set because if he wrote in stone the sins of those fears he is would have Bill immortalize. The road and says we can wipe it away. So Jesus writes his command. With his own finger on stone tell me if God write something on stone What does in order for it to change us to do it. And he's going to have to do with another finger writing on some stone is that right. Kid Just like that all of. This is God's testimony now I've been doing a lot of study like I have I like to think about a lot of different things regarding the scripture one of the things that I found to be sought profound as I began to study prophecy was that prophecy. Everything in regards to prophecy hinges on the testimony. Do you know that your happiness in your home and is on the testimony. Do you not your finances how you run them prosperity or no profit prosperity hinges on the testimony everything ever gars to prosperity hinges on how you respond to this law. And most turn away down the mouth and the two tables of testimony where in his hand the tables were written on both sides and on the one side and on the other where they were written the tables were of the work of God and the writings were the writing of God. The testimony. Let's go quickly in the most holy place up pass this pass this will pass this say sometime oh no here at this twenty five. According to all that I show the after the pattern of the tabernacle in the pattern of all the instruments or of even so shall you make it speaking regards the same jury and he and look that that made them after their pattern which was show the where my friends so at that time at the time that the commandments were given the same time the sanctuary pattern was given simultaneously but will give at the same time why. All right let's pass this. With a. About the just that I write God's law his character are reflection of himself so this law is this testimony his testimony is this character they are synonymous they're reflection of him it says the law of God the sin of the Law God is as sacred as God himself it is a revelation of his will a transcript of his character the expression of Divine Love and Wisdom the harmony of creation this and of this the harmony of creation depends upon the perfect conformity of all beings up everything animate and what. To the law of the Creator. God as are dying laws for the government not only of living beings but of all the operations of nature so the laws of nature are also subject to the testimony. I following OK notice here is a revelation of His Will transcript of his character and expression of Divine Love and Wisdom. This is amazing because Notice it says animate what is that him in me. What is an enemy. All of this is subject to His law. But a little bit further everything is under fixed laws which cannot be disregarded but while everything in nature is governed by natural laws man alone. Of all the inhabits of the air is a middle bow to moral law all. Moral law to man the crowning work of creation what I suggesting God is given power to understand his requirements to comprehend the Justice and beneficence of his law and its sacred claims upon him I thought oh that's interesting so. Man. Has. Is a myth about some moral law Now not everything is amenable to moral law this chair is not amenable to moral lot. But humanity we are amenable to moral law. This is important to man the was to say. Now what is a crowning work when so I something is crowning What is that. It is it is it is the apex. It is the it is the it is the top of the line so when we were created we were created in whose image our friends wait wait wait wait wait till we deal with that and it says here. And of man. Are all swerving obedience is what. Just. Why is it that man is required to have swerving obedience. Now do you think of your life when you're walking in the day that I'm going to be I'm loyal to God all day like all they are my mind. Is Me and God or do you think like that don't answer out loud. But I want you to processing in mine. Who is Is God a convenience. Or easier everything. Loyalty this big man. And saying there's a believe that mental can be loyal to God. He doesn't believe him. Now I'm going to show you something again just so you can have a ten year in you're the principal can be stating a mile progress through one thousand nine hundred is the Lord by wisdom have found the Earth by understanding have to establish the heavens by his knowledge the depths are broken up and the cloud. Down the do I want you to note that by wisdom understanding and knowledge creation took place. You see that. A lot is this. We have the father. You have the Son and the Holy Spirit these three working as a unit this is love working as a unit and this love working as a unit a law is a stablished that allows for the creation. Of This World. And you can see the world for some reason my graphics are disappearing but that is supposed to be a world. Use your imagination. The world is a stablished on this foundation of the knowledge wisdom and understanding of God The world is a step wish. Now note this was the verse we just read that is talked about this stablish of the world and notice here through Wisdom is a house built it and by understanding it is established and by knowledge of the chambers be filled with precious and pleasant riches the same things that were necessary to build the world are the same things that are necessary to build a home. These is. The same foundational principle. So tell me how many of you can create a world. That's not of us so how many of you can three happy homes that would be none of us. It is supernatural you just get here and he's like waving but not waving. A So you brother. Is Like I know maybe that's not what I meant. I say this because. We have. To come into our understanding that of our natural selves we do not know how to sustain that which is righteous without the righteous one. Do you understand what I'm saying. We can't build happy homes without God. We can't build happy worlds without God. I'm going to pass this was around outside the creation of man what did a God create man. On the sixth day God created man on that day right there he creates man on the sixth day on the seventh day he rest now the creation of man I'm going to ask you a question hopefully you'll give me some answers question what was the nature of man before the fall and what is God's purpose in creating Menchaca So what was the nature of memory for the volume I know. He was on fall and he was perfect right so what was got purpose in the creation of mankind he by no. Communion fellowship not as this Genesis one twenty six this and got seven as many men in our image after our like this let them have dominion over fish of the sea or of value over the cattle over all the earth and over everything that truth upon the earth and so God created man in his own. Image of God melon female created He them. This is the book of the generations of Adam in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he. Male and female created He them blessed and blessed them and call their name Adam or ish in the NE in the day when they were created so a man was free to use created who's a rich. I wonder what that means. Notice here. When Adam came from the creators and he bore in his physical mental and spiritual nature. A likeness to his Maker. You thought when you made his image you just thought you had the spiritual part. Did you know that when we create it we're made to look like I. Don't I or when I was an. We're may visit go Minto and spiritual soul mind you think about it. God forms man to dust the ground presence was not here to wrestle life he wakes up his eyes hope and Satan sees who does he see. He sees God. Every member the devil hates God. So when he sees God formed if you will that an expression of the image of God there he says I can't get to that one so I want to get to this or. Are you seeing it. So my mind says OK what God's intent what's got purpose in creation of man it says and it was his purpose that the longer man lived the more fully he should reveal here is what. The more fully reflect the glory of the Creator So the purpose of God in the creation of man was so that man in fellowship will grow more and more into the image of God. OK you may think that has nothing to do with anything well maybe it does I don't know. This I'm a posit you another question. I give you one word to describe God You only have one word one chance. What word would you use to describe God's. Love that I was looking for that some ice if it were there to. The school of God is love. So the purpose of God in the creation of man was that mankind would grow more and more and more to reflect the image of love. That was his purpose that was his intent he did not intend for us to have all these pop problems and issues. Is not his purpose but his purposes intent when he created us was what he was like This is like when we when I had my wife and I got married and I thought I was in love when I married her I really did I thought I was in love. And then we had a baby. And there was this new love that kind of just grew up like I don't even know what that was that was come it was like wow I love this. And he literally she could fit my hand from ear to here as the tiny she was now she's like this. But I'm thinking OK we brought this little Wanted to the world my intent now with her is we don't shower her with love. I want to be happy. I want to take her places we will enjoy things together. I want to talk to her now for a while you know she was calling everything that everything was that. This was that he had this was that it everything was that. So much when she called me that he had intercepted. And this is this is not acceptable. But one day one day there was a difference I could tell she began to recognize me as daddy and everything else was everything else and she recognized what I was to her. I was her father. She was my daughter. There was a revelation there that began to develop. And also to know those swans becoming somewhat intelligent not quite the. With. Developing. Now she's ten going on twenty five. And it's so interesting now I'm telling you this because I know that when you when you get the point you'll get it I remember waking up one particular morning and just when she was younger she was in the crib and I remember walking over to the crib and looking over into the crib and saying I love this movie. Of United. She had even know she sleep. And almost like in that moment in time that I'm saying that to her got spiritual to my mind as I undress say that over you every night man. Every night. I love this boy. My drug of the boy to him I would thirty eight by he's like a jillion. I'm saying that I'm talking to you right now because I want you to begin to understand when God forms man of the dust of the ground and breeze into him the breath of life he now looks like his creator. His intent now is to fellowship with His own creation to develop this this person if you will and help him become more and more like himself which is only perfection. Which is only love so now when you read in Genesis which says and it says go to Genesis one twenty six I want to read this to you but I want to read it to you with the translation of what you have in your mind right now. This is one twenty six says And God said Genesis one twenty six Yes Yes Genesis one twenty six. I don't know yet there's no Genesis one hundred two in Genesis Chapter one Verse twenty six so it says And God said. But let's replace God with the word love is that OK. And love said Let Us make man. In our image. And after our likeness and let love have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fall the end or the cattle roll of the earth and over every can within a few with upon the earth and so love created love in his own image. And the end the image of love created he him male and female created He them so in the creation. God creates a man. And he is love and he puts love over all creation. And he tells love now this is how love worse this is not love service does not love approaches but what happens what happens watch this so we read this first on love love will love this every day you know you supposed to read this chapter you know that right we have struck the three first Corinthians thirteen every day so put it in your To Do lists. Or past this. I want to show you what happens in a moment with it here as there are forty three seven says even every one of us call them my name for I have created him for my number got purpose in the creation of men for I have formed him gay I have made him I say forty six thirteen says I bring near my righteousness it shall not be far off and my salvation shall not tarry and I will place salvation is I am for Israel my glory Dockery's man for his glory. So what is God's purpose of creation of men when Adam came from the Creator sand I read that already he bore in his physical mental spiritual nature a likeness to his Maker God created man in his own image thank you and it was his purpose that the longer men live the more fully he revealed the image his image and the more fully reflect the glory of his create. God's purpose revealed this image reflect the glory of his creator. Mind you I'm setting you up so bad right now I just want you to know I'm setting you up. I just want you to know it so when we do it you can walk away here understand exactly what we're supposed to be doing right now OK so here goes. All his faculties were capable of capable of development their capacity and vigor were continually to increase that's was the scope offered for their exercise glorious the field opened to their research the mysteries of the visible universe the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge invited man study face to face heart to heart communion with his maker was his high privilege. You know I read stories like like where you talk about Moses going to Iraq and then passing by him or Joshua having taken shoes off his feet because he's dead in a holy war the stories like that and I say father. You're no respecter of persons. Will you please help me have that experience. How many of you would just love to be in the presence of God. See you have to put in your bring that these stories are not fictitious. This is not Spiderman or Batman Iron Man or pokey man. This is talking about the son of man and Jesus Christ the righteous one this is God's intent for his creation and we got us face to face communion that's what he wants but. Tell me what is the one thing that separates face to face communion. So of sin is the only thing stopping me from having face to face communion with God that we need to figure out how to get sin out of. The equation. That makes sense everybody. And in my mind as I'm walking through this there are people that literally have a problem what I'm saying to you right now you know that. People would rather stay in their sins and still be saved. Because they treat salvation from the same mindset of selfishness I wanted to be saved unless they want to do me. Some ices that is as of if it's of if if I if I do that is it's obviously. This is the question isn't whether enough of the salvific the question is do you love Jesus. Will this please your master will this bring glory to his name or. Not it is so thick. You. Notice the fallen man Genesis three you know the story. Now had he remained loyal to God. All this would have been here is how long are. The right eternal wages he would have continued to gain new treasures of knowledge to discover fresh springs of happiness and to obtain clearing a clear conceptions of the wisdom the power and the love of God more and more fully Would he have fulfilled the object of His creation more and more fully have reflected the creator's glory. But instead disobedience. Disobedience equals image distortion. I hear one of their. We are created in the image of God made to look like it made to talk like him to be like him but when we turn from God then the image that God intended for us to retain is now the story. So as the object. Notice this disconnection equals image distortion. Disobedience equals Emmis distortion disconnection equals Emmy's distortion question are you connected. The issue is being connected. The issue is making sure that there's nothing in your experience that is blocking fellowship with God. That's the issue. Because at the end of the day got was to do something supernatural as we are that dry rot we are that lifeless component that God says I will take that which is nothing and bring supernatural reflection of my character through that this is the generation in which we live. The most holy place experience the way in which ways of those. It was the will of God that Adam and Eve should not know evil that's interesting. The knowledge of good have been freely given them but the knowledge of evil of sin of it's results of it's wearing toil of anxious care of disappointment and grief of pain and death this was in love what this was before said. But what what is present now. Not of the sins present now yes. The results are present now yes wearing toy a present now yes and just care present now if disappointment and grief is that present. Pain and death is oppressed. So let me say this is in love allowed. Allowed now so you should ask me why we're asking but thanks rest of the glad so glad you're asked we're going to explore that cause of as we go a little bit further. Past that restoration of the image of God You need to be reeducated. Watch Let's read a couple of passages are much much more time like. Ten minutes this is apostasy my friends. Romans chapter eight. Roma chapter a. Going to read verse twenty eight and twenty nine. Romans eight twenty eight twenty nine says For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to his Tell me what is God's purpose. To restore the image of God. That means the more closely we have fellowship and communion the more and more we began to look like him we are called for that purpose OK verse twenty nine for what is that whatever verse twenty nine for home he did for no he also did predestinate to be conformed. To the what to the come forward to the image of his son that he might be the first born among all the brother and so was caused in ten that we be conformed to the image of his that's isn't there let's go for a second written in chapter three. In fact if a couple people can go ahead of me grab the verses then you can read about Lao. And if he does move faster away we move faster than the very time this here. Second prettiest chapter three verse eighteen says but we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord the idea is that we are to begin to be reformed or changed back into the areas that God intended I found the idea it was called The other one is just pick one. Chapter three verse it. Collages chapter three. And verse ten the Bible says and put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him do you see it in other words every verse I have here talks about God's intent to restore an image back in to man. And as you walk into the most holy place as you go into this this room where only perfection of by us we are then to be transformed into the image of God It's in that room that God's law is right there it's all over for. Satan. Which is fierce the patients run the heart of Jesus. The Savior could not see through the horrors of the Hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave a conqueror or tell him of the father's substance of a sacrifice he feared that sin was so offensive the guard that their separation was to be what they were. This is what Jesus as a man is going to. Calvary. Cries felt the anguish which the sinner will feel when mercy shall no longer plead for the guilty race it was the sins of said bringing the father's wrath upon him as man substitute that made the company drinks so bitter and broke the heart of the Son of God So this is happening at Calvary OK so I just want you to get in your mind when you see Jesus uncovering and he's dying there and he's agonizing there he's actually feeling the weight of all the sins of humanity at one time in one place. Every sinew commit it every sinew think about committing every sin that you're going to commit he felt in that one concentrated time in one place. As a man now mind you have another quotation that says that the cross is a reflection to our dull Census what God has been filling from from the beginning of time. The cross is a manifestation other words it's letting you see for the first time God's bleeding heart if you will. I think about this I'm. And what he pondering this will show you something else now this is this is at the cross other words at the cross This is what Jesus is feeling and that the cross This is what's about to transpire Satan saw that his disguise was torn away. His administration was laid open before the on Fallen Angels and for they have a new universe he had revealed him sir as a store where by shedding the blood of the Son of God. He had a brutal himself from the sympathies of the heavenly beings I thought that's an interesting word to use said. But these never heard of the song sympathy. Of the was a city of the devil seven of the four The devil is a song written by rock guy. Rolling Stone Beatles Beatles you know a lot about that I. Say. Alright sympathy for the Devil. The sympathies of heavenly beings are rooted now his forth his work was restricted whatever attitude he might assume he could no longer await the angels as they came from the heavenly courts and before them accuse Christ brother and of being clover the garment of blackness and the fountain of then the last link of sympathy between Satan and the heavenly world was well so open your Bible I want to show you where that is and Revelation Chapter twelve. Notice the Revelation Chapter twelve. And I want to try to around this out in a moment. We're going to start reading at verse. Number eleven. Sort of verse Ted verse senses and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom are God in the power of his Christ. For the Q.'s are of our brother an is cast down which accused them before God How often. This verse was fulfilled at Calvary. Verse eleven says and they overcame him by the world of the land where the word of their testimony in their love not their lives and to the death therefore rejoice you have been and ye that were in them but not as the next bar wall to the end have tears of what. They are in the sea why for the Devils come down to you having great wrath because the North you have what they. Sow at Calvary. And do they have is like we got another you know what we fully understand this this this numbskull rotten murdering Why would you kill the son of God. He's never done anything wrong he's never lied cheated Still he never committed adultery. Why why are you why you'd be no Jesus. What what what and these angels Finally in their brain because at some level they still clearly come a little bit of something for him like maybe he's right maybe maybe at the cross that's over number seventy but wait to I show you the next quote a ship. Is actually quite disturbing. Satan. Was not then destroyed. The angels did not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy that the cross. The principles at stake word to be more fully was a say. So principled as they can be more fully revealed what would that be and for the sake of what is the say. And for the sake of man. Satan's existence must be continued. I told you when I first read that sentence I cried. Do you mean for the sake of man says that I want him alive my sake. For the sake of man saves lives existence must be continued it's a man as well as angels must see the contrast between the prince of light and the prince of darkness he. Must choose whom he will serve. I wait a second See when I. These things I'm not a theorize or in other words I don't like the illogical arguments without practical application so this is what I did I read it again but when I read it I want you to read it like I read it but not with my name which yours watch it states it was not then destroyed. Angels do not even understand fully the prince of us think we're more fully revealed ever for the sake of what's his name. You know Andrew means man. Once you put your name there for the sake of put your name there. Would you dare put your name to put your name there. I mean my lady racists. I me that gets zero point where it's no longer necessary. For say to exist is to be. But the Bible says no you're not Roman six sixteen says no you're not that of whom you yourselves servants to obey His servants you are to whom you will day weather center to death or be and to righteousness and every time we thing knowingly and willfully I'm not talking about accidents or that you didn't know I'm not talking about those I'm talking about willful intentional you know this is wrong and you say God understands. It's only a little. Every time we say that. God says OK I will let the adversary continue to show you why this is not a good idea. For if God gave us what we deserve mediately the wages of sin is what So God does not give us death immediately what he allows us to feel what he listed disease if I would define disease. Disease is an effort of nature to free the systems from conditions that result from the violation of the laws of health so when I get a disease it's actually a blessing. When I hear what I'm saying. If I sniff it in him and I have it on a sore throat and I've had that it tells me at some level someplace I have violated law but the natural response to sin is immediate death that is what's supposed to happen but because of the cross I only suffer disease so I can get it in my mind hey why don't I follow the law. Suffering if now necessary because we're so hard headed. Or are headed. Else God has just been like let's let everything stay beautiful let's let the trees continue to flourish but the animal because our nature because if everything remained perfect and we were in our fall and state then we would see no need to change. That's why God blocked the tree he said don't let him eat from the tree of life because then sin would have been immortalized. So allow suffering allow paying. Don't given the full consequences of their sin give them time to recognize that this violation will eventually end in and death. That's love Fred's. That's love you will give me what I deserve of top dogs love. This Think about the last one used on your dirt. Angels is protecting you it's like don't hold on or don't. Hold on. Though give them what they deserve hold on. Hold on. They're going to wake up. A loud bit more paying they'll see. That. And for the second man since this is what we continue our journey as well as angels must see the contrast between the prince of light and the press of darkness Andrzej must choose whom he will serve. I say to my friends. Stuff and stop. Satan was exulting that he succeeded in the base of the image of God of humanity then Jesus came to respect their Jesus came to restore him in the image of his maker. Who none but Christ can fashion a new of the character that has been ruined by sin he came to Exparel the demons that have controlled the will. He came to lift us from the dust to reshape the mark haircutter after the pattern of his the by character and to make it beautiful with his own glory. This is the awful. Is not just about saving me from the penalty of sin it's talking about restore me back to what he intended from the very beginning. That's why you know Revelation thirteen. It says right here in Revelation thirteen. And they which is Dragon which gave power to the beast. And they will be saying who is like into the beast who is able to make war with them says that. And then jump down a little further it says. And I beheld of the beast come out of the earthly had two oars like a lamb he spake like a dragon and exercise all the power the first before him and cause of the earth and the world around to which the first piece was there was ill watch carefully. And he do a great wonder so that he make a fire come down from heaven in the earth in the sight of men and the sea with their lead only of the earth by the means of those miracles which have power to do with the side of the beast saying what he says. That they should make an image of the beast. Which had to move out a sword and did live. And they have power to give life into the image of the beast of the image of the beast both speak and cause that as many as would not wish of the image should be killed I said. You see the text. Direct contrary to Genesis. God God on the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man becomes a living soul that counterfeit movement is simply a distortion of the image. While the world is making an image to the beast. The body of Christ should be reflected in the image of His Son. Is not only about a day. It's about the God of that day. Is about the demonstration of the power of the Creator in a broken people. And my friends I tell you the truth. The devil thinks he has this thing up. Here it's almost like he's like let them have the you know the low conference the low shop thing you know. When they get make car and they go home. God. I know what they got on that i Pod. I know what they watch on youtube. I know real live here you protected like you even got wife I ride on five hours all right I can't function. The devil the devil is not playing man he knows he. Yes How much time. And in this short time you say I am not going to let anybody in this room including that guy preaching reflect the image of Jesus. I don't. I want him to be alive you know that was a lie right. Jesus can do abundantly above whatever we ask to think. Jesus is our solution for every problem in our life. You see a faulty church God sees it you. See it broken people God sees it to. God is so much better than ours. He loves this broken church. He loves this faulty people. And he says I will restore that which has been broken. Our brief life in that which has no life in it all. My friends I only have one want to build a day. Simple. How many of you want to be restored to the image of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that your prayer meets our needs Let's talk to the master. Let's enter into the most holy place. Father a tireless been. In well spent. Your testimony Lord you desire to write the hearts. Your plan is so perfect. Your love is so amazing. Father we don't want the devil to exist for us. Father we want our final decision to be. You and you alone. Show us lord how to see Jesus. Show us how to love him because we don't really love him like we should. Have heard preaching soul all this just kind of just preach it. But Father please work a miracle in us. Even now father. You've come to expel the demons from the will you. Expect. You're so tired. Your strength isn't a perfect your weakness. These work on your perfection inside of us for. When the devil presents our great sins or please visit your great side. We love you Lord. And Father we pray that you take our hearts for we cannot give them their your property. Keep them for we cannot keep them for the. Save us from ourselves. Un-Christ like cells. And Lotus lowered into the character and purse. Into the atmosphere for sweet love. Jesus you claim the mirrors I was holding the most precious blood. 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