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The House on the Rock- Part 2

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio


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It has stood the test of time with God's Book the Bible. Still relevant in today's complex world. It is with. Messages of. Around the world. The. Foundations are such an essential part of the building component in places like San Francisco for example where there are frequent earthquakes they have developed foundations systems that are able to withstand the pressures of an earthquake so buildings still stay upright because they've been founded on a strong foundation that will not wither on their pressure in the Christian life in the spiritual life how can we be built in such a way that we won't wither under the pressure and the attacks of the devil you know the Bible says we're living in the end of time the bible also says that the devil is roaming about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour so it should be with utmost importance that we have established a solid foundation so we can withstand the attacks of the enemy as we've been talking about foundations I've had with me gassed pastor KARL So tell the C.D.'s that's a Karl want to welcome you back to it is written Canada so happy that you're here with us thank you Chris now for those of you who are watching for the first time with Pastor Carl Pastor Carl. Been a pastor for eighteen years the last five years he's taught at the collegiate level and about to complete a Ph D. dissertation so pretty soon we'll be calling you Dr Karl I don't know that many year students are ready to call you Dr there's no this isn't easy now now where we left off at the last show we we were asking the question fundamentally why don't we hear more people teaching more people preaching about this sanctuary and in particularly we're going to talk about history in just a moment but in particularly Are there any bible verses that help us understand why it is we simply just don't hear much about the sanctuary Yes Chris there are we're going to go to a text in Daniel eight and then we'll go later to Revelation thirteen you know the devil isn't very wise but he's smart and he knows where to attack any recognizes that the sanctuary is the framework it provides the system and guidance for in order to help us to understand God to understand how we are saved to understand how we worship to understand how we should get along with one another in ethical decisions that we have to make and even the process toward unity or what some may refer to as ecumenism and in that the Old Testament the sanctuary everything revolved around that all Israel life was gathered around that and just to review we've been discovering that even in the Old Testament sanctuary everything was oriented and geared toward the heavenly and then we discussed Hebrews Chapter twelve in Revelation chapter one and two where you have all these and Revelation four and five and others where you have all this rich imagery about the sanctuary and heaven and so that has that view of the heavenly sanctuary has been really eclipsed and there are real reasons that the Bible points to as to as to how this went about happening so just to pick it back up and we're. We'll go right here to Daniel but something I think you and I were talking before the show started and I think it's something important we need to point out because there may be somebody listening who has heard someone say you know the Old Testament sanctuary actually is just a copy or looks just like other ancient pagan sanctuaries or temples now we have established very clearly the Bible says the sanctuary in heaven has existed forever since the beginning of time and so I asked you the question could it be that the Hebrew Sanctuary while maybe coming after some of those pagan sanctuaries the Hebrew sanctuary is actually not a copy of those pagan sanctuaries but rather those pagan sanctuaries are a counterfeit to the true sanctuary What do you think about that you know but just before we go to Daniel why don't we just go to a book over a chapter twenty sounds good and and is equal Chapter twenty eight It talks about the rise or it actually explains the rebellion of Lucifer OK And in verse fourteen it says Thou art the anointed cherub that covers and I have set the sold out west upon the holy mountain of God has walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire that was perfect in my ways from the day that I was created till the nic when he was found in the now there are two things in verse fourteen that point to the heavenly sanctuary him as the annoying to cherub in the sanctuary in Solomon's temple you actually have four of them in first kings six twenty three to twenty eight and then he's in the midst of the stones of fire and his eco chapter one verses four and five you have the living creatures that are in the midst of the stones of fire reminiscent of Revelation four and five in the living creatures that are there so it's interesting that you that you make the point that these other pagan temples are actually counterfeits and and I think this text kind of explain. Why it tells us that Satan Lucifer was one of these covering cherubs and of course he would have first hand knowledge and firsthand experience about the realities of the heavenly sanctuary and one of the best things he can do then is to make counterfeits to make it look and appear as if all these pagan temples are really you know resembling the heavenly but yet he can't quite do that he can't make them an exact duplicate without ruining his own mission and his own purpose that's right so he will go ahead and then modify them and this and then some critical scholars that don't really believe that the Bible is inspired and that we can't use one text in order to illuminate another they'll pick up on that and say well hey the Hebrews really got this idea from all the surrounding nations when in fact is your question really alludes to. There was an arch enemy and he knew the plans and he was able to counterfeit this absolutely and now to our viewer if you are saying who is this arch enemy who is Lucifer who is Satan you can go to our youtube channel youtube dot com forward slash I.W. Canada there you can look up to different series know while the real story or Star Wars in both of those we trace the history of rebellion of this one angel now turned arch deceiver once known as Lucifer now known as Satan so Pastor Carl very clear and I wanted to point that out because what we're seeing is we're seeing counterfeits and it makes sense the devil was in heaven at one time he would have known the layout of the sanctuary and hidden his best attempt to make religions that actually worship him he lays out this sanctuary system that is a false or counterfeit but we have something else going on here that we don't hear about the sanctuary very much we actually see in the Book of Daniel that the sanctuary is trampled Yes let's talk about that and then we'll jump to Revelation. Thirteen All right so let's go back to Daniel Chapter eight. And we'll pick it up at verse at first eight it says Therefore the he goat waxed very great this is the kingdom of Greece this male go yes he was strong and the great horn was broken and for it came up for notable ones toward the four winds of heaven so Alexander's empire is broken and it goes to the four winds of heaven. And it says out of one of them came forth a little horn which waxed exceeding great where the south toward the east and toward the pleasant land and so out of one of these horns and out of one of the directions of the compass at the same time this little horn would arise and. There's a book by his name is Edwin de Kock brilliant South African scholar who traced the close relationship between the Greeks and the Romans OK he traced it historically but also prophetically and I'm not going to bombard our audience with a whole bunch of texts the stablish in this but here and Daniel Chapter eight this is basically a Grecian horn. Alexander's a Grecian King and his empire splits up into four and so these are four Grecian empires and then the little horn would grow up out of one of those empires and that happened to actually be the Empire of the Western the Western Greeks OK in Italy right which was really the cradle of of Greek philosophy you have philosophers like part minute he is unlike Python Egeris and the more famous ones then who assumed some of their their teachings were like Plato and Aristotle OK And so there you have the development of Greek thinking and so how did Greek thinking basically affect the sanctuary Well just before we get to that point let's look at one of the activities of the little horn in verse eleven it says he magnified himself even to the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away and the place of his sanctuary was cast down. Now we've discussed the fact that there are earthly sanctuaries the earthly tent and the temple structure that's about that also there's a sanctuary in heaven so the question is well this casting doubt on which one does it refer to well in verse fourteen under two thousand three hundred days then the century so shall be cleansed if we apply the year day principle which is a principle that has been well known by biblical scholars employed through with all the Reformation fathers as well if we employ that we're not looking for a cleansing of any earthly sanctuary that will be twenty three hundred years into the future that's right so we're talking about the cleansing of of a of a heavenly sanctuary we're talking about the fact that when it says the place of his sanctuary was cast down what it really means is the instrumental role that the sanctuary would play would be completely eclipsed so the place of the sanctuary being cast down and Psalm ninety seven verse two it links the place of God sanctuary with God's throne and that righteousness and judgment are the foundation of his throne Yes And so this is an attack on the heavenly sanctuary Well how exactly do they do that I mean the little horn can't fly up into heaven and wrench the angel the one you know the all the angels off their posts and the rest will God Himself right this is obviously speaking in metaphorical terms when it talks about casting down his place Yes So this is a casting down of the systematic role and nature of the sanctuary that it would no longer be the lens through which God's people would then understand who God was his character or how to be saved or how to worship or how to make ethical decisions and so forth and so on that's not would be completely eclipsed and they did that through the Greeks thought that ultimate reality was with was outside of time and space and what they mean by that they call it timelessness OK and in timelessness there is no past there is no present there is no future there is no succession of time so there's a complete lack and. Audibility of ultimate reality with time and space OK now that's unpack that just a little bit because there might be somebody watching him whew I just kind of feel like the train went well went by there so yes so the let's be clear now you use the word lens so many use a little analogy you know almost all of us have been to the eye doctor at some point in our life and as we go to the eye doctor the eye doctor puts that little device up and then they're trying to find the right prescription for you and they'll go number one number two number one number two and as they're flipping that one is a little out of focus one is in focus this sanctuary if we can take that analogy is like the lens that makes everything crystal clear. The little horn power the cradle of philosophy the cradle of of really modern philosophy there in the western Greek empire which was actually in Italy gives rise to a new system of interpretation a new lens using that same analogy that when you flip the lens everything is blurred However in order to attempt to bring some crystallizing of the blurring. The explanation is that both things aren't really blurry they may appear blurry but it's not really blurry and in that context let's talk about this timelessness now a little bit to help it really be concrete for the viewer for the listener today what do you mean by that the timelessness How is that in opposition to the sanctuary OK very good. And it's a hard concept kind of to grasp you know what you know my wife tells me she tells me you know what I have to study all this philosophy because it's hard to study systematic theology without studying philosophy and so when we head into all this she says you know you're not living in the real world and most of the time she's Grech to but I tell you what it. Has a massive impact on Christianity and the real world OK and it usually takes me a few sessions in class in order to try to break it down so I'll try to I'll try to do my best. Socrates was having these these debates with the Sophos and that means the wise ones yes and the Sophos were relativists which which meant that you know they believed that you could make anything anything you want. This the truth could be black today and then white tomorrow got it and so kind of the idea what's true for you is true for you what's true for me is true for me yes relativism correct All right relativism and Socrates who was really working and assuming the insights of per minute isn't and I thought I was saying no there is a truth that doesn't change OK And so and he base that on the immortality of the soul which was then based on this idea that Ultimate Reality has no time and no space OK that was considered unchangeable so there's no such thing and ultimate reality as there is a past is a present there's a future that doesn't exist anymore and that ended up being the template from which the early church the medieval church began to understand who God was so when the Bible says God is unchangeable they say they interpret that to mean that he actually doesn't interact with His creation as that would lessen his perfection Got it OK so timeless me timelessness means the in compatibility of time and space with ultimate reality because there is no time and space and that stands in direct opposition to the sanctuary because the sanctuary is a real place correct that exists in real time now that time has been forever since the beginning but where the sanctuary actually the very function of the sanctuary itself as outlined in its Exodus twenty five eight is God once the sanctuary to be the. Because he wants to do well amongst us and so you have the rise of philosophy which is essentially saying God's timelessness is actually his lack of desire or lack of intent to interact personally with these beings because there is no reality so to speak it's impossible for him to do that in other words whereas the Biblical framework of the sanctuary that lens that brings everything crystal clear is that God wants to dwell among us God wants to relate with us and God wants to save us and God wants to take us to a real haven't where we would have a real home with him where he sits on the throne in the real sanctuary and I in my in my head of the summarizing that have to help us out here yeah and that we're actually doing real things yes we're not inhibited by the same things that inhibit us here and now but we're actually doing real things and you know that brought me to my conversion experience actually and I didn't really have a lot of Bible instruction growing up but the contemporary teaching about Heaven is that where you're just going to be kind of like on puffy clouds playing harps for all the ceaseless ages of eternity and as a young man of twenty one and twenty two years old you know that wasn't very appealing you know it's like well who would want to who would want to go there but when you talk about the fact that in heaven we're not only going to see Christ and see the father face to face but have but have association with angels to see the vastness of God's handiwork doing real things and so these ideas are are very pervasive we're just kind of touching on the sheer consequences of some of them right brand here but yes if the Greek ideas true it changes everything it changes how we view God It changes how we view ultimate reality. It changes how we're saved it changes the methods that we use for worship and the and the whole thing just snowballs after that. So we're continuing to dwell on this question why don't we hear much about it Karl Are there any other text that might help us in this understanding of how the sanctuary is being cast down something in the Book of Revelation that my dad give us a little clue in as to what has happened yes let's turn to Revelation Chapter thirteen OK You know those those books fit together like a hand in a glove and often the themes that Daniel raises John the Revelator go as goes ahead and picks up on absolutely and so we're in Revelation Chapter thirteen and. In verse five It talks about this beast that comes up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and and in verse two it says The Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and this brings us back to Daniel Chapter seven yes and that leopard represents Greece and it says this is feet was the feet of a bear that represented me to Persia backed and then a Chapter seven and his mouth is the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power his seat and great authority now notice very closely in verse two that the frame of this animal is the leopard. Which which means that although this is a Roman beast here that we're talking Yes Yes And again there's a close association not only historically but prophetically between Greece and Rome when the Romans took over they were the superiors of the Greeks as far as militarily as far as I am in a strait of Lee but yet there was one place where they didn't conquer and that was in the area of philosophy that's right and they ended up incorporating the Greek philosophical structure into their system and in verse five we see here it says there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power was given unto him to continue forty in two months and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme His name and here. Is tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven so here's stated a little differently than Daniel Chapter eight but this beast that rises up out of the sea would blast FIM the tabernacle and he would he would eclipse it from our view he would he would completely reinterpret it he would set up his own earthly priestly system and duplicate that which is on have it in heaven here on Earth and at the same time eclipse our view from what's going on there in heaven and you mentioned this in our last show together so we have this the Bible actually says there would come a time where the temple the sanctuary and now we have another word here introduced the tabernacle all of those are synonymous words would be cast down would be trampled under foot and you use you keep using this word eclipse I love that because because this sun The sun is pervasive the sun shines unless there is an eclipse and so the Greek philosophy which actually found its home in the church the medieval church essentially crowds out the light. Of the sanctuary and something you mentioned in the last show was that in the church fathers Yeah thirty seven volumes of the church fathers. We find very little if any mention of the sanctuary at all no hardly anything at all you can punch up those terms in the search engine and you find absolutely nothing and Revelation was the last book that was written you're talking what nine hundred eighty ninety or ninety eighty or later yes and then you know you have some of these writings that are that are not too far from that on into the fifth sixth seventh century and there's nothing wow absolutely nothing now in these last you know last five minutes that we have together Pastor Carl what else do we see happening historically where the sanctuary is just falling off the scene you know you know I teach a class called History of Christianity and so I take. My students through a little more involved process of explaining Greek philosophy how Daniel and Revelation for see the rise of all this yes and because philosophy is sometimes so. It's it's so. Oblivious and so broad and so you know what does this have to do with anything and. And so people kind of have a hard time and so they don't study it but what we usually find is that even church fathers like let's say thirty million for example he was kind of not in competition but one of his contemporaries was was climate from Alexandria and Alexandria was a hotbed of Greek thinking yes and climate found no problem in amalgamating Greek philosophy in the Bible Tooley and on the other hand to despise that approach completely despised it but when it came to the issue of the Sabbath he ended up using greek philosophy in order to debunk the Sabbath by claiming that there is somehow a heavenly eternal Sabbath and then a temporal Sabbath and that Jesus kept the heavenly timeless Sabbath but he didn't keep the seventh day earthly Sabbath and so you can you can put your head in the sand and say you don't want to study philosophy but you will be doomed to be affected by it and this is been traced not only just in the early church fathers but even in some of the Protestant Reformers as well who like Martin Luther who called philosophy like the like the harlot but even still ended up using some of their systems in order to explain things that really have no basis in the Bible and so really some of the top thinkers have been affected by these Greek views follow of Alexandria a contemporary of Jesus who thought again you could about going to the Bible in Greek thinking when it came to the sanctuary he basically allegorize it away he completely spiritualized it away. When it came to even Augustine in the fifth. Century same thing happened when it came to Aquinas. A prominent Roman Catholic theologian in the thirteenth century again they basically just spiritualized it away why because their concept of Ultimate Reality has no room for this kind of spatial temporal structure in which God actually moves from place to place there's absolutely no room for it. So Pastor Karl we have about two minutes left so I'm just going to simply ask you this question we're going to pick this up more in our next show is there any hope do we see any hope for a restoration of our own thinking because. The Bible's quite clear God exists in time God exists in space. This sanctuary is the sanctuary it's a real. What hope do we have some chapter eleven verse three of the foundations of those are destroyed what can the righteous do the Sama says in verse four that the lower Lord's throne is in heaven even historically Chris as God's people were scattered from Jerusalem to Babylon and other lands because of their sins there came a time when they would return and when they returned what did they begin to do they began immediately to rebuild the sanctuary again and so as they came out of Babylon God had called them out of Babylon in order to rebuild the sanctuary he mentioned something earlier also in Revelation eleven verse one and that is after this great Babylonian. Disappear after this great disappointment yes with the Babylonian exile so to speak spiritually the very next thing is rise and measure the temple of God and that's what people began to do and there are more and more and more people doing it today and discovering the sanctuary is the system that helps explain everything and so as we conclude we have hope by spending time studying the sanctuary and just like we're in the doctor's office and he flips the little switch. And says number one or number two we can take this opportunity to choose number one and number one be building a foundation upon this section let's have prayer Pastor Carl and ask God to show us and point us in that light let's pray Heavenly Father we are so thankful that we could turn our eyes toward heaven. And know. That there is a God in heaven who sits on a throne in the sanctuary who wants to have a relationship with us and who is sending his son. To take us home please help us to embrace that hope today we pray in Jesus' name amen amen. Dear friends the God of Heaven the creator of the universe desires to have a personal relationship with you he has set a framework a foundation called the sanctuary to teach us about how we can have a relationship with him I want to offer you the book where God and I meet the sanctuary this book looks closely at the sanctuary its components and what it means for each of us as individuals Here's the information you need to receive today's offer. To request today's offer just log on to W.W.W. dot it is written canada dot ca That's W W W dot it is written canada dot ca for Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer you may call toll free at one eight hundred eight call I I.W. That's one eight eight eight call. Or if you wish you may write to us at it is written box twenty ten Oshawa Ontario L. one age seventy four. Sanctuary is a real place that provides a real foundation for the trouble of times in which with a. Difference God is calling upon you to place your foundation on that rock Pastor Carl thank you so much for being here and helping us to see this more clearly it's been. My dear friends I hope you enjoyed the program this week I invite you to join us again next week until then remember it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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