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What is the Final Atonement?

Dennis Priebe


  • May 1, 2005
    10:30 AM


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well we have come to the very last meeting heavenly and always seems like that's where we end up too soon this is the rather unusual week for us my family and myself because we have spent ten whole days in one place at related breath will usually on our road after two days in one meeting heading for the next church wherever it might be around in and it is been a real privilege for us to spend this week for week here meeting with large and small groups of talking about the essentials of Seventh-day Adventist faith in the gospel so we began last week with a beautiful weekend I enjoyed it tremendously we love them out with guys that we spent here and I thank you for your willingness to be a special place on this campus with a very unique purpose of the letter the law are just one little point in addition to our books and tapes which are available if you would like a little pamphlet or booklet to take home with you just come up and ask me afterwards and I'll be glad to share an item or two with you that might be of some help stuff now the text we read this morning is the focus of our last subject we want to know this morning exactly what Jesus Christ is doing in the heavenly sanctuary as we speak what is going on right now today in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary that matters to me that matters to us as a group what difference does it make that Jesus is there in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary going to just begin with a short statement from patriarchs and Prophets page three fifty seven and three fifty eight that tells us something that we kind of know what we one of cries while it was to release the repentant sinner from the condemnation of the law was not to cancel the sin that we really think about it we usually think of the service is being wiped out wrong but the blood of Christ was not to cancel the sin it did release us from the combination of guilt of the sin the sin would stand on record in the sanctuary until the final atonement then by virtue of the atoning blood of Christ the sins of all the truly penitent will be blotted from the books of heaven God 's sanctuary will be read or clans from the record of sin so we want to know exactly what is it that is going on in the final atonement the word final atonement is not a word used in Christianity that phrase doesn't exist in all Christian thinking the atonement was completed at the cross finish no more needing to be done everything settled Jesus is going to come whenever he chooses after that nothing to be desired final atonement is probably the biggest concept that has been hit by evangelical scholars when they come to us in the Seventh-day Adventist church and suggested we are truly not mainstream Christians at all because of our belief in this final until so were going to believe in it we better know why I'm here to take it back to someone that the some of the older ones in Adventism know the name of the name is Robert Brinsley a name that is factored into Adventism for over forty years now but I think you way back to the sixties in which he said something like this concept of final atonement is the one and only contribution that Adventists have made in Christian theology now that's an interesting statement you think about we have not contributed our major doctrines we have borrowed our major doctrines from others all of them but when it comes to the sanctuary and especially the final work in the heavenly sanctuary to borrow that from anyone that wasn't there there must be a refusal to be embarrassed with this peculiar teaching at their I'm afraid we have when the attacks that come our way what do you mean final atonement it was all completed at the cross we have begun to back off and listen well it just means the benefits of the cross are being mediated from the heavenly sanctuary it and we've explained it this way and that way to make it less objectionable to those who talk to us in a critical way we have become embarrassed by the here the term very much anymore final atonement does anybody really talk about it any discussions on quite rare and then he said many now teach that the saints will not be sinless until the second Advent of Christ but such a teaching must resulting casting aside the doctrine of a cleansed sanctuary before Jesus comes it must lead to rejection of the final installment of the most holy place and the special ceiling to take place in the minds of the hundred forty four thousand you begin to see how many things are linked together here are forty four thousand ceiling final atonement plan sanctuary all predicated on the fact that there will be a group of settlers people before Jesus God when one man is removed the others begin to crumble of the know have the Adventist message as we used to have so we want to know we want to know what that means Ellen White said it this way she said all not some all need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of the atonement which is going on in the sanctuary about that atonement when this grand truth is seen and understood those who hold that will work in harmony with Christ to prepare people to stand in the great day of God and their efforts will be successful when will we succeed in our mission when will the word no as God intended it to go when this grant through the room the grand truth of the Bible atonement that is going on in the sanctuary but when it is seen and understood if we don't talk about it if we explain it away if we saw as opened by saying well and we really don't mean that like it sounds is that seeing and understanding new we wonder why our work has been less than successful we are ignoring the heart and soul of what makes Adventism different and unique and special and special messages your world no one else how can we really fulfill her mission all yes on sorry reference for his testimonies volume five page five seventy five we need to know what was going on in that sanctuary all right now I'm not going to share anything new with you this morning nothing that I say is there is no new ground I have not researched new material and found things that no one else has found before what I'm going to share with you comes from way back in Adventism what is here right now is over fifty years old and the Seventh-day Adventist church we have to go back and find an out-of-print book called the sanctuary and the service of the sanctuary service by ML Andreasen and go find the last chapter in that book minimal tell you more than perhaps you have never read before about the final film in the shares and exerts will talk about them as we go through the final demonstration of what the gospel can do for humanity and inhumanity is still in the future will happen at the foot of the great missionary spirit of the first century when Paul and Peter and the apostles without sharing the message of the gospel into the entire civilized world in that generation and what about the time of the Millerite movement how can it be that the final demonstration is still in the future Christ shown the way into the human body and in that body demonstrated the power of God men are to follow his example improve that what God did in Christ we can do in every human being who submits the use you stay right there the world is awaiting this demonstration why is it that the non-Christian people are not too excited about Christians when they come and talk to them about Christ sometimes could be that they're not seeing a very good demonstration of what Christianity really is all about sometimes the standards of Christian missionaries are lower than the standards of the people of their coming to when the crimes and how can that be exciting to lower one standard to become a Christian the witness of Christians has not been a powerful witness to Jesus Christ has it's been a witness to Christian westernized culture more than to the message in the person of Jesus Christ unfortunately I pray that the world is awaiting a demonstration of true Christianity true Christlike when it has been accomplished the end will come another huge thing when the demonstration is clearly seen by the world the end will come from local builders plan the will of shown himself true and saving the liar 's government will stand vindicated unless the first paragraph of that last chapter major major statement of what we are and what our purpose is as the last generation now and continues the plan of salvation must of necessity include not only forgiveness of sin but complete restoration salvation from sin is more than forgiveness of sin forgiveness presupposes sin and is conditioned upon breaking with it sanctification is separation from sin and indicates deliverance from its power and victory over at the first is a means to neutralize the effect of sin the second is a restoration of power for complete victory and there you have the essence of the difference between those two gospels but we talked about last weekend that everyone believes in the forgiveness of God to forgive our sins and our guilt that is a given there is no question about that but there is a decided the emphasis of deliverance from sin in the Christian gospel deliverance from sin seems to be that impossible dream that we all wish for hope for pray for and never will achieve but there is something more than forgiveness of sin there is restoration which is the heart and soul gospel thus it shall be the last generation of men living on the earth through them God 's final demonstration of what he can do with humanity will be given he will take the weakest of the week both bearing the sins of their forefathers and then show the power of God my friends you feel verily we spiritually do feel like this slip and fall so easily you feel like there is no reserved power those are one one direct word of God through his greatest work in impossible situations he brings Moses and the Israelites right after the Red Sea the mountains to one side of the Israel and the and the Egyptian army behind them he deliberately took the letter bigger lead than somewhere else he took them to the impossible situation to show that it was not human devising and not human ingenuity and nonhuman planning but it was God 's power that would get them through and that's what is going to do when everyone including the watching universes these are the worst possible subject your benefit than and make them a witness for the rest of eternity those people living in the twentieth and the twenty first century impossible because of they will be subjected to every temptation but they will not yield they will demonstrate that it is possible to live without sin the very demonstration for which the world is looking for which God has been preparing it will become evident to all that the gospel really can't say to the uttermost God is not true to say that's the issue is not this the gospel just they covering up of what did the defects that God can change or is God going to remove remove those events from the characters is true it is in the last generation of men living on the earth that God 's power and the sanctification will stand fully revealed that demonstration is God 's invitation notice I don't vindicate God and you don't did in a blog vindicates himself through you and me to never get up with it around there is a huge charge they were trying to do something for God and that is a human work separate no it is God working in us as we give him permission to do the impossible in and through us it clears him of any and all charges which Satan has placed against them in the last generation God is vindicated and say that the nest was all about is that the charges of Satan against the character of the law of God and God 's plan on getting along farther in this chapter the demonstration which God intends to make with the last generation on earth means much more to the people of the God and God 's law will really be cast that is a vital question many deny that it can be done that's the Christian world others willingly say it can do that via good old yes we keep the law we keep along with most of them are on our chapels we put on our end in a flat in God 's love really began when the whole question of commandment keeping is considered the problem assumes large proportion God 's laws exceedingly broad it takes cognizance of the thoughts and intents of the heart it judges motives as well as act thoughts as well as words commandment keeping needs entire sanctification the holy life unswerving allegiance to write entire separation from sin and victory over at well-made mortal man cry out who is sufficiently with nothing to say wiki law that is the highest of all claims that could ever be made and keeping the law is a very is is impossible by the spring yet to produce the people that will keep the all the path which God has set himself and which he expects to accomplish once again let's focus on that God has said that as he is that and he is going to accomplish it we are just the willing ones there are two words which Seventh-day Adventists need to learn memorized and speak over and over again the two words are yes or when God speaks and wants to work we say yes or not but Lord but well well Lord I amort I'm not sure I can lord always got a bedroom wall that you can learn few words dance move when God speaks clearly even we can't figure out why he's saying that but we sure did say that city is being sure to say not of human interpretation of what God is saying when God says something is thank you yes when the statement of challenge are issued by Satan no one can keep the law is impossible if there be any that can do it or that have been a show eliminate where are they that keep the Commandments God will there is no railing against there is no arguing with Satan God will quietly answer here on a fifty of the faith you can't say that you he says you're the one they are they the professor gave the Commandments of God but one day one day he'll be able to say here they are when God commands them to keep his laws does not serve the purpose he has in mind have only a few him elegantly done it is not in line with God 's character the big outstanding men of strong purpose of the firm training and demonstrate through than what he can do is much more in harmony with his plan to make his requirements such that even the weakest need not fail so that none can ever say that God demands that which can be done my only a few it is for this reason that God has reserved his greatest demonstration for the last generation this generation bears the results of accumulated sins if any are we they are if any suffered from inherited tendencies they do if any have an excuse because of weakness of any kind they have given therefore these can heed the commandments there is no excuse for anyone in any other generation not doing so also we don't think myself that when doing we think of ourselves as a pretty intelligent generation we have gone to the moon we have a space shuttle we have a telescope out there in space that takes pictures of the galaxy we have conquered the diseases of mankind the we are the intelligent the advance one that's not the way it really is my friend we are very within us all where our minds might be helped by all the technological advances so that we are far more advanced than generations that preceded us what have one of our more violent nature is it improving because of the week we better understand that and if the get rid of this pride self-sufficiency and we had something you realize there is very little in us that is Helen my comments the greatest manifestation of the power of God is seen in human nature brought him him him that you prefer that ministry placement is near the end of this chapter he says are ready for the challenge he has widened his eyes the supreme exhibition has been reserved until the final contest out of the last generation God will select his chosen ones not the stronger the mighty not be offered or the original Budweiser the learned but common ordinary people will God take them through and buy them make his demonstration Satan has claimed that those when the fastest serve God and I felt from mercenary motives that God has hampered them and that he Satan does not have free access to them if you were given full provision oppresses gays they also would be won over many charges that God is afraid to let them do this give me a fair chance Satan says and I will win out and so the silent forever statements charges to make it evident that his people are serving him from motives of loyalty and right without reference to reward the software what is our motivation for being Seventh-day Adventists today is it to be translated is it to escape the grade is it to be enjoying the beauties of heaven to escape all the pressures of this earth be they students asked or family problems or work or what ever or suffering okay what is our motivation for being Seventh-day Adventists and even more importantly for believing in the name and power of Jesus Christ is without reference to more the last generation the last generation will learn the song of Moses and the laugh Moses and Jesus both agreed on one thing all that matters is God winning the great controversy whether I survive or not is not the issue Rod walked through the goal is not what I am being what I'm a Christian all that matters is that babies stop by just because there's not enough from a business world does not continue the cycle of pain misery and suffering that Satan will almost matter is that God unseat Satan from his claim ownership of Mister without reference to remove that's what were talking about here to clear his own name and the character of the character of the charges of injustice and arbitrariness to show to Angels amendment is locked handicap by the weakness of man under the most discouraging circumstances not permit cited in the last generation to try his people to the utmost they will be threatened and tortured and persecuted they will stand face-to-face with after the issuance of the decree to worship the beast and his image but they will not heal they are willing to die rather than to send will they stand the test dehumanize it seems impossible if only God would come to their rescue all would be well they are determined to resist the evil one if need be they will die but they will not send Satan has no power and never has had to make any man sin are we clear on that Satan does not have power to make you stand he didn't attempt agency views you can threaten money cannot compel he is a defeated bowl he does not have the right to manipulate your mind you can manipulate your circumstances we cannot manipulate you and now God demonstrates through the weakest of the week that there is no excuse and never has been any for sending hitmen in the last generation can successfully repel Satan 's attack if they can do him all off again and the sanctuary and the flow what excuses there for members of one God told him sanctuary so is crystal clear to an entire watching universe that there are no special favors under the table for favoritism everyone will know that this is a do or die situation either God has full power or you have no power all or nothing don't think that is the matter of greatest importance in the universe is not the salvation of man important as that may seem the most important thing is the clearing of God 's name from the false accusations made by safe when you have sold when he has been the dominant reason for the existence of the Seventh-day Adventist church in all of our material presented all the way through my training through Academy College and seminary that was presented to me as the number one reason for the existence of the Seventh-day Adventist church the most important reason the matter of greatest importance itself the controversy is drawing to a close God is preparing his people for the last great conflict Satan is also getting ready the issue is before us and will be decided in the lives of God 's people God is depending upon us as he did upon Joe is his confidence well-placed God is resting his honor upon weak human being and their willingness to respond as incredible as that sounds and that thought is repugnant to most Christian how can God lays his success and his victory over Satan in the hands of weak human being if possible this is the most Christians in Minneapolis for more predestination that's all cut and dried God has supreme power ill take care of it no he wants to the time is that we can influence that predestination is not rejoice rejoice that God places not take the risk in letting us participate in the work of winning the great controversy is his confidence well-placed is a wonderful privilege on safest people to help clear God 's name are testimony it is wonderful that we are permitted to justify foreign it must never be forgotten however that this testimony is the testimony of life not merely on word in him was life and the life was the light of men it was so with Christ it must be so with us online should be aligned as his life was to give people the life is more than the habit of track our life is the life as we live we give life to others without life without our living the life are words abide alone but as our life becomes light our words become effective than we do away with the arguing of the complaining and criticizing and all of the great theology I think that we do and come down to one basic level of our life reflect the life of Christ were neighbors do we show the spirit of Christ when we interact in our daily activity all the great knowledge we possess in the knowledge of what prophecy will will how the prophecies will be fulfilled in the book of Revelation and we got Daniel eleven all figured out exactly as little curve right down to the end of the last verse and we have not love we are sounding brass let us concentrate not on figuring all failed knowledge for prophecy as much as living what we have found in Jesus Christ life delete is the truth is the truth of that life is lived in harmony with his will all this is closely connected with the work of the day of the phone first thing we do mention that word so far as on that day the people of Israel having confessed their sins were completely clan they had already been forgiven now sin was separated from them they were holy and without blame the camp of Israel was clean we are now living in the grade of a typical day of the cleansing of the sanctuary every sand must be confessed that by faith he sent beforehand the judgment as the high priest enters into the most holy for God 's people now understand face-to-face with God they must know that every sin is the best that no state of evil remains and now the sentence which is the one sentence I hope you'll remember from the day the cleansing of the sanctuary in heaven is dependent upon the cleansing of God 's people that is you you state that radical cleansing of God 's sanctuary in heaven is worth on the final installment is dependent upon the cleansing of God 's people on earth would you think about it how else could be how good God cleanses sanctuary from all sin blot out the records of sin clean every record out throw it away on the backs of on the back of Satan were still pouring off our confessions the then needed continual treatment forgive handling by the blood of Jesus Christ how can you clean it up one more would be coming in clean that one up one more would be done again it's got to stop here before so him a him hardest plan here then the sanctuary can be cleansed as an official statement of what is happening here is all about the heart is all about the harm to get too tied up in well one of the apartments like in heaven is there a curtain or a door and how to do what is the color not know it's all about the cleansing of the heart we love details because that gets us away from the matters of the heart so he continues how it works and then the dog 's feet will be holy and without blame in them every sin must be burned out so that they will be able to stand in the sizable holy God and live with our now you say well that was Justin L Andreasen let's try on a barren office page two forty nine there must be a purifying of the soul here upon the earth be in harmony with Christ cleansing of the sanctuary and have purifying cleanse and then review and Herald February eleven eighty nine crisis cleansing the temple in heaven from the sins of the people and we must work in harmony with him upon your cleansing the sold temple from its moral defile cleansing funds to parts of one process in parts of one process by the way the term is the final phone phone here to film their plan from all references well as I said this is not is not a new message when I did review is over fifty years old but you say well that might have been and some do say this that might've been just and raises idea he had some was kind of you know under censure by the brethren anyway maybe didn't have all the strife Bob Barry Weber written by Gerard Van state of the seminary and he says the cleansing of the church according to William Miller and most of his followers was a cleansing from walls and an apostasy on a bugle William about this cleansing in the heart after eighteen forty four Faith Lapidus continued to maintain the concept of a dual cleansing your here and there are other cleansing in heaven on earth and cleansing in heaven neglecting the earthly dimension of the astrophysical day of atonement profoundly affected the spiritual condition of the church the lifestyle of believers and the impact of their witness on nonmember is it with the same lower waiting for God is working cleansing of their when he cleanses until step out of the sanctuary of comeback the third and were just waiting while we wait for you God that has profoundly affected the way we see our mission in the Seventh-day Adventist church he says regressing to the pre- eighteen forty four sanctuary view which can find Christ minister ministry to only that of intercessor is a serious neglect of present through Christian churches all through those years believe in Christ intercessory ministry involved in the sanctuary of heaven we have become the side effect told that well he just mediating the benefits of what he didn't tell you just sharing what he did and is sharing the benefits to us of what he did on the cross and we say that is the final phone with this whole thing down I thought the final installment of all that was going on from A.D. thirty one to eighteen forty four many Christians understood that he says this provides a false gospel of false assurance in that it fails to tell people what will happen if they knew would Priceline will offer of overcoming grace the true interpretation will retain the three-dimensional or two level understanding of Christ they live on the ministry on earth today as well as in heaven so perhaps it isn't just a modern-day invention breath Libby Miller had touches the back in his understanding of the soul must be planned even though he didn't understand the full cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary but there was the soul cleansing that needed to take place someone else has made this comment and I thought it was worth sharing he says there's always been around there's always been a remnant people of God but he says the people who compose the remnant through history were not always fully mature or perfect the criterion for their character was loyalty not always perfection the fact that the final generation of mankind closes when the final atonement of Jesus high priestly mediation is completed since the last remnant of receipt in a different category than any previous remnant because reservoir had the opportunity to be forgiven the rent at the end the longer have forgiveness available as a unique category a unique period of time a unique experience and across something else in the very unique perspective Alan Reinhardt is the religious liberty secretary of the Pacific Union conference I hope you get to read some of his articles in the Pacific Union recorder they are always well thought through and carefully carefully articulated and then and what he has found is that maybe just maybe religious liberty and the cleansing of the sanctuary might be connected together with all ultimate freedom is valid only when we enter the most holy place life a and experience the complete release from guilt and sin a much more thorough repentance and cleansing of the heart sample formal conscious and unconscious and ultimate freedom of freedom America suffers from a moral and spiritual crisis but the solution is not found in the political process it can be found only in new covenant Park religion the benefits of Christ's high priestly ministry in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary churches today are choosing Caesar over God because they have failed to experience the power of God over sin this is the direct result of failing to enter the most holy place and wandering about outside they are grasping at political straws that you are America's moral and spiritual ills as a desperate measure when the only real and select and lasting solution can be in the individual heart transformation that God is so willing to do for us if we enter in my face I think this is there is how America could ever regain its greatness his heart transformation not political laws and and legislative effort another thought that might be of some help in ensuring more things than I normally get a chance thank you for the opportunity and a Desmond for in his major defense in nineteen eighty of his beliefs said something that was true but not understood very well he said US of us are aware that the investigative judgment was a late comer among us it was not taught by our pioneers in eighteen forty five he was not held by Edson Crozier or the whites during the eighteen forty two examine the record references don't see much about that during that year or two following eighteen forty four they were just beginning beginning to understand something about the sanctuary in heaven during those years what is the real point of eighteen forty four when you think about eighteen forty four when the word is October twenty two eighteen forty four what is the first thing that usually comes to mind when they think of what God is doing in the heavenly sanctuary judgment the investigative judgment the books are opened using the pictures you stand before the judgment from God in the heavenly angels watching automatically becomes the mind Don Neufeld one of the associate editors will review a few years back so that this way we should not equate the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary with the investigative judgment I say what is the name one should instead say as the villain why that the cleansing of the sanctuary in the fall of work of investigation a work of judgment some are not made born this distinction in mind and made the judgment of major significance of eighteen forty four the judgment is an important event but the final atonement and the blotting out of sin where the items upon which the ritual am available for our pioneers that understand that in the year two following eighteen forty four they did understand the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary in the blotting out of San and only after that a few years came an understanding of the investigative judgment so the real issue of eighteen forty four is not judgment the real issue is cleansing and body that perspective back I think we can understand better what finals on final work of cleansing final work of blotting out the judgment simply recognizes that it simply approves what God is doing in his cleansing where and it is not an enemy we have to fear it is something that will be to our advantage to go through this judgment when God blots out arson let's go back now to that original shadow which is the type of the him out they are the final informative in the book of Leviticus chapter sixteen and will just look at the very end of the whole days process in England verse twenty nine Leviticus chapter sixteen verse twenty nine the day and this shall be a statute for ever unto you that in the seventh month on the tenth day of the month you shall afflict your souls and do no work at all whether it be one of your own country or a stranger that sojourn among you for him that day shall the priest may an atonement for you are we really structurally unsound we say that there is Tallman being made now in the heavenly sanctuary this is right here on that day the priest is making in its own help them and offering sacrifices of the altar all during the year the development of and going on the death of the Messiah was being portrayed in every sacrifice on the altar of burnt offering but now on the day of atonement the priest makes an atonement it's another part of the atoning process it wasn't ended in the outer court at the altar of burnt offering we are not on shaky scriptural ground to say that there is a continuing work of atonement atonement in the most holy place and then it says to cleanse you that ye may be clean from all your sins before the Lord there is in so many words in the original shadow I know this is a work of cleansing is a work of removing of sin with one more statement from the spirit of prophecy we are in the great day of atonement and the state work Christ people often going on at the present time in the heavenly sanctuary should be our constant study will be coming anywhere close to that we should teach our children what the typical day of atonement signify that it was a special session of regularly Asian and confession of sins before God the asset typical day of atonement is to be on the same character are we wondering why we're not getting a message across to our younger generation about what happens is it really is all about are we wondering why they are flocking to the other Christian groups to hear how the Baptist young people and how the Pentecostal young people are finding a walk with the Lord and how they're experiencing a happy experience God and sharing with them anything about final atonement we are thank God forgives us God helps us to do the deal with our personal problems they like a the gospel is about God 's love and his mercy and his grace more than his acceptance of us exactly what about the something awful thing why shouldn't they go and find others who are having as good or better experiences the mail are we reaching our children with typical daily phone right here I wanted to very practical reference like you invest in one volume by a five twenty right here I wanted very practical theological of this life our going to abandon that talk about Pacific maybe it somehow we have certain teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church that are different from some of the teachings of the Christian world around why do we do that with a look at one more fix Ecclesiastes chapter three as a strange place to look for something available as him a bird chapter first for to everything there is a season at a time to every purpose under the heaven of time to be born and a time to die and find the plan at a time to pluck up that which is planted is not only common sense reasonable you don't know the harvest you haven't been planting was for a time to weep at a time to laugh a time to mourn and a time that David told what time is that time and place everything has a place everything legitimate as time and place a little is that time is that the fiberglass is that the time for dancing when we read in the book of Leviticus you shall afflict your souls Ellen Weiss is a time of great humiliation before God realizing our weakness and our past record and not very good please don't misunderstand I am not for a moment saying that we shouldn't have a smile on her face that we can enjoy a good laugh that is not the issue were talking about an overall perspective here and overall attitude of heart and spirit of the heart day of atonement is morning time at David's home it is weeping time for the whole year that is brought to necessity this final day in which the high priest has to risk his life by going into the Shekinah glory and hoping that he can come out alive and the whole congregation waiting with bated breath to see if the preschool survivor they this is him him him him all the heaven were celebrated for celebrate what are we celebrating the day of atonement we must be celebrating something else that didn't come from the work they came because we have a phone understanding of the gospel and salvation and where walking a broad road celebrating Leah we gotten something to us that we got the misconception because we have forgotten about final installment and day of atonement and therefore we say well shouldn't we celebrate forgiveness of sins shouldn't we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ shouldn't we celebrate the truth of the Sabbath yes we can celebrate almost things but when is the celebration really see if I I tell my students that I will be happy to learn any dance steps that God you see a black right now I don't think I can handle very well I would make a mess of we are not in the dancing and laughing we are the severe and serious controversy the most serious time that Earth is ever seen in six thousand years in our focus needs to be sober and righteous as his films so very carefully thinking through not making quick judge understanding what God is now and what is now supplied Seventh-day Adventists have some unique teachings we believe in vegetarianism and our Christian friends have challenged us what you mean by that where do you find that in the Bible they have a list of needs that they ate that were supposed to be clean and him and Abraham prepare a dinner of meat for the heavenly messengers and what about Jesus himself didn't eat the Passover lamb with his family growing up as a boy every year what do you administer me your adding to Scripture your adding some of your own personal biases into the clear teaching of Scripture you are making an extra staff of five thousand and that is gotten pretty persuasive even a Seventh-day Adventist right but this isn't quite as important as we thought it was and then there is alcohol you look carefully in the Bible is a really hard time finding you totally as the principal Terry through consistently in the Bible what is the one of the elders and deacons not to do during the hit drama I think they're not supposed to do what about in the Old Testament where the princes are having trouble leaders of the people are having trouble and they are adjusted that they might take a little strong drinking from their why do we make a huge issue why don't we simply saving moderate in all things moderation is the principle of overdue even enough on and that is become persuasive among Seventh-day Adventists place and then there's another thing that Seventh-day Adventists have kind of gotten a little good these days here's a letter the Bible is more pro- jewelry that have high jewelry Joe whom God said was righteous receive several gold rings for relatives Joseph received the ring and gold chain from barrel Abraham send Rebecca of gold ring for her nose to golden bracelets gold and silver jewelry and when God was speaking of unfaithful Jerusalem he spoke of the love you have for her and the jewelry he had given her and their effects for each one of these points that are being made and so Seventh-day Adventists have taught that the jewelry is not to be worn as I look around I'm finding that the fair number of Seventh-day Adventist not too far from where we were sitting think that maybe this letter has more soundless and are previously perhaps this is an outdated cost that we can't really be as you are about as we used to it's not that important in God 's surely a matter well what about his Adventism going a step farther than the Bible are these customs that need to be adjusted in light of better understanding more sophisticated knowledge of God but now leave that for a moment and address the mother issues where the twelve tribes come from for their origin there were twelve son right of Jacob where those twelve sons come from now that we really want look at Ramon would you like to be Jacob in his household and before you answer too quickly really think about it there is Jacob he has worked seven years to marry the love of his life and what is the yet what the father all five would be the love of his life that he was bound by contract even than what really works seven more years for the love of his life and they live happily ever after what happened with the one you love and no children no children and what does that mean in the society of near Eastern life curse my God on no blessing God has shown her to be out of favor who has the children via Leah has the children can you imagine what is going on in that little family as Leah on Rachel with her suppose a favored status with her husband and God 's blessing upon Leah so what does Rachel suggest you I need a helper we got everything fixed life is unbearable here's a helper wife you will be my helper what you produce children through her and they will be my children because of legal standing she is my assistant what have you think this is that while one of my getting into don't think it was all great for Jacob I don't think any of us wanted to be in Jacobs shoes because you see what then happens because the assessment wife produces children and is Leah looking on she says that is fine no problem now he says not fair to again is why if Rachel can have an assistant I can have an assistant Jacob and you very live with that right now get used to it that's the way it is in this family the him why and twelve children come out of that mass twelve children who you know the story their squabbling with each other their competing is the favored mother is in the household they are ready to kill a brother a phase because that brother is seen to be the favorite son and they become the leaders of the chosen nation they become the twelve tribes of Israel and they their names are going to try on Jerusalem that prove that polygamy is blessed by God well if God does not then he blasts the result of all of that the whole tribes of Israel came out of that they are our spiritual ancestors we are spiritual Israel partly that was literal Israel yes God bless a polygamist relationship am not too but for why an agreement with proved from Scripture without a shadow of can you guess why there have been certain Christian religion medicine polygamy is not in the Bible of course it is if there is allowing blessed well it's try another one let's say you were in another country next few Israel and the Israel that you've done something bad to Israel and Israel and now come to get revenge and take back what was there and you happen to be in love of households that was conquered by the Israelite army you would be taken back as a slave to the family of Israel that had conquered your town or your building now there was one thing about being a slave in Israel that was different slight born in foreign countries that was it for the rest of your life you have no hope you would be a slave and there was no getting out in Israel there was a different procedure you can be held as a slave or six years maximum against your will on the seventh year you would go free unless you would come to love the household they had treated you well there cared for you live show you love not anger in an better and then treated you as a child or is a is a servant of the household and you could choose a view of your own free will to remain a slave or servant in the household for the rest of your life cognitive margin right up of both the house front porch piercing your here here's your new piercing your here with an all in all I spent and that would be the symbol that you would be a voluntary servant of the household for your life on the basis of bath isn't it clear that God approved of slavery and this is all theoretical folks just what arguments were used in our own country not too many years ago well in our lifetime many years ago but in Sweden history half years ago of course Scott authorize slavery he shouted in the Bible and any evidence to prove otherwise is a grid is a counterfeit of the word of God that was the argument of the slaveholders of the United States of America slavery allowed regulated and per minute by the God of heaven even in the New Testament folks remember the story of filling an unknown reason has no means of said runaway he was converted under Paul and wrong and what if all bills please send them back in the just wrote a letter urging believers to accept them as a brother him mandatory it would involve applying his counsel but he sent the slave back to his owner and he said Paul would I fall will be responsible for any financial loss the Jupiter property property New Testament New Testament no abolition of slavery even in the New Testament you see the arguments that could be used to endorse slavery in modern times try another how would you about if you were standing right at the side of Moses after he came down from Mount Sinai and the people had danced around the calf and the Lord was angry and Moses was angry and here was Moses calling all those who are loyal to God stand by the in the Levite tribe comes in standby mode then what is Goa and killed a of your brothers on your cold Israelites who were unfaithful to God in this parable the Valley go out and filled one by one hand-to-hand how would you give an couple of days you today with your values you with your understanding of what should and shouldn't be done with fewer than comfortable that day under God 's command through Moses 's chosen messenger to fill those that you have been talking to yesterday see again how a just war in the United States can be justified by the struggle of right against wrong good against evil God allowed that he permitted that he endorsed that he commanded it and of course we should go off and drop bombs on weaker people because they're bad or good music out easy him then you may want to defend these days are the same three with no farther polygamy slavery and killing we will let that be a subject for thought and reflection okay in other words we can do that and a whole lot of bang all whole lot of things based on facts in the Bible that the they were not comfortable with now usable why were all of those things allowed and approved by God you give me a simple answer to know that is not it because of the hardness of man's heart and because of the ignorance of the time act seventeen verse thirty was this a God does the links at the ignorance of people because they had not a chance to know is really come out from slavery they knew precious little about God the great controversy they knew hardly anything about God characteristics and he was treating them as an infant would be treated in an God allows things to be in those times because of the hardness of it Jesus say that precisely divorce on the issue of divorce because of the hardness of men's hearts but it was not solid was not God 's will it was not the purpose it was not God 's plan here is the biggest single way that we need to understand the Bible it is the biggest mistake that is made even by us today we must always differentiate between those things which are allowed by God because of the hardness of men's hearts but which are not his will from those things which are truly good will his plan and purpose and if we do not do that we will make all kinds of serious thing him greatest single problem in interpreting the Bible and we may have we even do it in the area of righteousness by faith we take the facts that say all men are sinners there is not one righteous no not one I can make it in the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots and we say there is will be centers of Jesus and we ignore all the taxes say what happens after born-again one bread one of the text explains the way it was before Christ one after Christ we jumbled together and we make the Bible say the opposite of what it means that yes we do need to be good hermeneutical interpreters of the Bible the long word we need to interpret the Bible accurately and put together what is God 's plan what is his will and what is his allow their two different things and that is where the Spirit of prophecy is the goal 's panel so much help without that we will visit you on what God allow and what God will need to have extra help on this one to understand God 's will on right now is bring it back to my original question what about vegetarianism where does that fit in this whole process but he is God 's will for the hardness of them thought what he is God 's will specifically outlined throughout the Bible as the ultimate purpose what was God 's diet as God created mankind what will be God 's diet as he re-creates this earth and all of human nature they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain there will be not know when I walked into heaven now I realize that in the in the in the ignorance of men's hearts there will be many people who walk into heaven not knowing what to expect but when I walked in the in I want to walk in without healthcare shock when I walked into heaven and view that great table spread out for as far as the eye can see am I going to be looking for a big Mac on that fateful some will some will Martin Luther will be looking for his tankard of ale he had every night every time I think it avail he will be looking for that on the great table spread out and it won't be until you that reeducated in God 's kindergarten class I would love to be able to walk into heaven and see everything on the table that I have enjoyed most on this earth and sent down to the best these than I could ever imagine cannot say where were the same thing I'm missing something in God 's plan is clearly a vegetarian diet not will not allow because of the blood and other things in the hardness of men's hearts is in the diet that's why Dave atonement final atonement is important right here because we are living in this very thin time versus three the time in which word is ready to march right up into heaven all right what about alcohol although there are evidences that alcohol was allowed in the Bible are there clear evidence is that it was not God 's will is not that hard defined as the view just look at two women in the book are well known with ethnic you just look at the evidence is that God says it is when it sisters itself in the glass beware and he talks about the dangers that it causes an and the evidence today is pretty clear that they did back then right brain cell brain cell quickly and him cry by this method proved that may create a south on June although we can find evidence is that the Bible does allow jewelry is there also clear evidence and here's one from the book of Revelation of the difference between two do women knows that how there described in the book of Revelation one with the jewelry of heaven one with the jewelry of birth there is a different and when God 's people truly repented in the Old Testament what usually came off and what game on when they were now it is a pattern all through the Bible and Paul makes a very strong statement about not the outward but the word is what we want to see is Grace are we also taking golf allowances for the hardness of men's hearts also supply the heart is arguing the same thing and using as an excuse for our personal desires not the lower if God is going to allow Julie mediating and alcohol then perhaps he is also going to allow in our time polygamy slavery and feeling their own fallback and we have to decide what package we want awful we don't think very well sometimes Julie on these issues recent was able to allow that is merciful he is loving and it is a matter that is going to be concerned with this is the day of atonement the final atonement is the time in which God 's children are going to be asking for the highest level the closest thing to heaven that earth can provide the way that they can just walk right into heaven without culture shock clothing moving it will be beautiful and they will love it and they want to ask where are those extra things that I used to have a life in my drawer before I went out known more about it all we just want right to have the final duration will be imitators of God 's ultimate will not his permissive allow the principle that we need to understand and this perhaps is what we did to your children is permissible when this is for simply asking the question is this allowable value of God is this essay is a good salon is a send to wow that's the narrow views there are some things which are not sand but don't help God 's cause and a they just don't vindicate God very well in our focus is not upon what is sin and what is not what vindicates God and what it is a safe our focus needs to be different and so on conclude remember I said that this was not an original teaching of my time or NL Andreasen time now I'll go back to eighteen eighty eight and the messengers that were sent to prepare God 's people for translation at that time versus Street the finishing of the mystery of God is the ending of the work of the gospel and the ending of the work of the gospel is first the taking away of all vestige of sand in the bringing in of everlasting righteousness of Christ fully formed within each believer alone manifest in the flesh of each believer in Jesus therefore the very first work in the cleansing of the sanctuary was the cleansing of the people if you get nothing else out of this morning that said the cleansing of the sanctuary is the cleansing of people that was preliminary and essential to the cleansing of the sanctuary itself to the finishing of the transgression and bring in everlasting righteousness in the heart and life of each one of the people themselves when the stream that flowed into the sanctuary was less stop at its source then and then alone the sanctuary itself we cleanse from the him from the people by the intercession of the breeze flowed into the sanctuary therefore by this we are plainly taught that the service of our great high priest in the cleansing of the true sanctuary must be preceded by the cleansing of each one of the believers the cleansing of each one who has a part in that service of the true high priest sanctuary so when you think of eighteen forty four and when you think of Jesus in the sanctuary of the word cleansing should be the first thing that comes cleansing blotting out just the second cleansing the reference of the threat that point there is a good reference for this in the consecrated way to Christian perfection by Aji Jones pages one thirteen to one nineteen a very very nice summary of everything I'm reading here RI the consecrated way to Christian perfection by AJ Joan pages one thirteen through one nineteen and one last word from God 's inspired service she said Christ is cleansing the heavenly sanctuary from the sins of the people that it is the work of all who are laborers together with God to be cleansing the sanctuary of the soul from everything that is offensive to him everything like evil surmising envy jealousy enmity and hatred will be put away did you notice he didn't say alcohol and tobacco and going about doing bad things out and these are the real sense of the heart and the evil surmising jealousy enmity and hatred for such things grieve the Holy Spirit of God and put Christ to an open shame love of self will not exist nor will any engaged in this work be popped up the example of Christ's life the consistency of the character will make his influence far-reaching he will be a living epistle known and read of all that have the manuscript manuscript fifteen eighteen eighty six but my friends that funds that's the final film that's what happened this is all about that's the uniqueness that's the one thing we have contributed physiology and it is very practical and practical in the way we live our daily law unlike the rest of the part of the final iPhone final generation they're not talk about last generation without talking about final there will be the last generation without the atonement is there will be the last generation and that is when God is waiting for is not waiting for some proclamation will wait you are final and father you have opened up your sanctuary you will open the doors of the most holy place that no one has been able to answer except Jesus Christ Myra and now Lord we want to answer in which Jesus is the only place we want to know what is happening there today right now today as we are worshiping on this we want to know what makes a difference in our lives because of what Jesus is doing better today that will change us today so Lord come into our hearts impress a new vision in our minds that we may see with divinely opened our eyes into that whole most holy place him on into Jesus Christ's ministry that we may take advantage of that power that energy that living for us that will change us completely then we will want to have this experience transform our lives that we will never again be quibbling about details but wanting to know how closely we can come your will and your plan in our daily lives that we will not be judgmental that we will not live holier than thou but we will always realize our weakness and our unfaithfulness so many ways and we will concentrate on reflecting the image of Jesus Christ Lord help us to transform not outwardly and inwardly which flows were maybe have this experience today direct from the heavenly sanctuary with no barriers between they are prayers as you write in that most holy place not stopping outside for any reason by asking Jesus


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