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The Adventist Theology of the Sanctuary Re-examined, Part 1

Henry Cha
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Good morning all of you. My name is Henry cha. The only reason why I told you that is because I know a lot of you don't know me. I am from a I come from a little town called Paradise in Northern California up there in the mountains so I guess I could tell you this morning in all honesty that I came all the way down from Paradise. To be videoed this morning how's that for an icebreaker. There's so much. I want to share with you this morning but there won't be enough time. I can be here all day talking to you about a sanctuary. As you know it's the stuff that make us who we are how many believe that. The sanctuary is what defines us as a people and the moment we marginalize that the moment we compromise on that. We have just lost our reason for being. So how many of you are prepared for a hard core Bible study this morning. Wonderful the Adventist theology of a sanctuary. I guarantee you that what you will be hearing this morning is not the same thing you heard thirty years ago or maybe ten years ago this is a deeper broader fresher look at a sanctuary doctrine. I took an interest in this message a long time ago. But it's only been. Two three years ago that I really really understood what it meant and I'm so privileged this morning to be here. To be your speaker. It's a wonderful privilege and I thank the the staff at Army for inviting me to be one of the presenters this morning. I'd like to be. Again our study. By quoting body in five of the testimony space five twenty. Here she says we are in the Great day of what. The Great Day of Atonement and the sacred work of Christ for the people of God that is going on at the present time in the heaven a sanctuary should be our what constant study what does constant mean. On and off once in a while. And again from Volume five of the testimonies five seventy five the great plan of redemption as revealed in the closing work of these last days should receive what. Close examination the scenes connected with the sanctuary above should make such an impression upon the minds and hearts of all that they may be able to impress others. If you want to impress others it has nothing to do with how you dress if you want to impress others what should you share with them. The sanctuary all need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of the Atonement which is going on in the sanctuary about of when this grand truth the seen and understood those who hold it will work in harmony with Christ to prepare a people to stand in the Great Day of God and their efforts will be. A failure as I would assess. Their efforts will be successful what is the secret. Of a successful evangelist effort. The sanctuary want to impress others point people to where Jesus is right now in the most holy place are they have an essential or he can't you can't be wrong if you do that. What is the reason why we need to study the sanctuary. Is essential water is something optional You know I hear a lot of people saying I don't need to study the sanctuary as long as I am. Good and I do not do anything bad. I don't need to study the sanctuary Have you heard people say that. The study of essential worry is not optional let me share with you at least seven reasons why we need to get into the sanctuary. The sake of work a price at the present time must be our constant study it must receive close examination as Alan you want said. And we need to become more intelligent in regard to the work of Atonement going on in the heavenly sanctuary. And you may be familiar with this next statement from great controversy for eighty eight where she says the subject of the sanctuary must be what now. Clearly understood by the people of God Otherwise what would you say. Who remembers that statement. Otherwise it would be impossible for them to exercise the faith that is essential at this time or to occupy the position God designs them to feel. Can you imagine that if you don't understand the sanctuary if we are not grounded in the sense you are service message it will be impossible to exercise was what the faith that is essential at this time and that the faith that was essential in the time of Martin Luther. Or even in the time John. But the faith that is needed at this time. As a whole. All different ballgame. Let me give you seven reasons why we need to study the sanctuary Here's number one. The sanctuary is both the foundation and center a pillar of our faith. Where am I getting that. Great controversy for zero nine the scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and the central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration unto two thousand and three hundred days and then what. Then the sanctuary shall be cleansed What is the central pillar and foundation of our faith. The message of the cleansing. Of the heavenly century do you know what that means. The message of the cleansing of a sanctuary in heaven. Has more to do than just the cleansing of furnishers the altars it has to do more with the cleansing of God's people. Your plans in my cleansing that is why we should take an interest in this. Here's the next reason. The center service message is present truth. It is present truth. Ela writing space sixty three says this There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God but it is present truth that the flock needs now what do we need now. Present truth I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth to do well upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sent to fight a soul Satan will here take every possible advantage to endure the cause. But such subjects ask the sanctuary. In connection with the two thousand three hundred days the commandments of God in the fate of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is stablished the fate of the doubting and give certainty to the glorious future these I have frequently these I have frequently seen. Where the principal subjects on which the messengers should well. If you want to know what present to this it's right there the sanctuary in connection with a two thousand three hundred days and the commandments of God and fate of Jesus the commandments of God and the fate of Jesus is shorthand for the third angel's message. So this is the stuff that makes us who we are you take away these. We have no more reason for being. No reason to be a celebrity nomination so that the stuff that we are going to hear this morning is the stuff that makes us who we are I hope you're excited. It's about time. The third reason to understand the work of Jesus and to have an essential we studied a mosaic sanctuary in the services that were conducted there so we can get a better handle on what Jesus is doing right now for us in the have an essential so it doesn't look too distant know what I mean when we look at the type we understand the antitype That's the whole point of going back to liberty. Because Daniel and and the other books in the Old Testament to talk about the century so we can see Jesus more clearly so we can have a better relationship with him I was that sound. It's not a dead message. It's a message that brings Jesus close to us in a way to. He can never be. Reason in birth. Before that and the right is to fifty two. Through to sacrifices and offerings brought to the earthly sanctuary the children of Israel were to lay hold of them of the merits of a savior to come and in the wisdom of God the particulars of this work. Were given us that we might by looking to them understand the work of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary. How much of the understand of the typical sanctuary right now. I hope you know enough because I'm not going to go back you know and reinvent the wheel so to speak I'm going to assume that most of you here if not all have enough foundation for the stuff that we are going to share this morning because what we are going over this morning is advanced. The ology it's sanctuary for all one. Nonsense you are you want to learn. The earthly sanctuary and its services stupefied to have an essential body in the work of Christ there in this point is stressed is so important that it is stressed by Paul four times in the book of Hebrews each time focusing on a specific aspect of the sanctuary for example in he was nine verse nine the tabernacle and IT services as Paul said a figure for the time then present. He was talking about a services he was eight verse five the priesthood now was an example and shadow of heavenly things. He was ten verse one the sacrificial system was a shadow of good things to come this is a reference to Jesus coming down here in our humanity. Sacrifice and offerings she did not delight in but a body you have prepared for me. The type and to type relationship between the earthly and essential Warry in heaven makes it possible for us to understand the work of Jesus and have an essential Warry reason umber for the sanctuary is brought out in the prophecies for the time of the end in fact I'm going to submit to you this morning that the sanctuary service is the key. That unlocks the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation I use the sanctuary to interprets prophecy the seven churches the seven seals seven trumpets the final conflict all the way into the end it is the key that you need to unlock the mysteries of Daniel and Revelation. In life sketches to seventy eight years when Ellen White says in His word God has revealed saving truths as a people we should be earnest students of prophecy we should not rest until we become intelligent in regard to the subject of the sanctuary which is brought out where in the visions of Daniel and John. So it is not possible to understand Daniel and Revelation unless we have a good grip on the sanctuary. The dual ministration the difference in the benefits. Reason Number five the sanctuary serves as the framework upon which the gospel message but the time of the end as the everlasting Gospel can be rightly understood. And is a quote from science of the Times January thirteenth one thousand nine hundred eight the earthly temple is no more its mysterious veil has been rent asunder its sacred vessels have been demolished and the Jewish people are scattered to every part of the world but the judgments that fell on that nation are a symbol of those who will fall it fall on all. Who like Jerusalem No not the time of their visitation let no man mock the ancient Jewish economy of which Christ was the originator and the one to whom the types and shadows pointed in these types and shadows is revealed the everlasting gospel. The first and this message. Which is a proclamation of the everlasting Gospel is based on the Century service message box. So we need a sanctuary to understand what the first angel's message is all about and the second and the third. Reason undersexed its understanding is needed to actually size the faith that is essential at this time if I ask you what is the faith that we need right now at this time. How is this different from the faith you needed. In the time of Luther. Is there a difference. What is the faith that is essential at this time. It is the faith of Jesus. Here are they to keep the commandments of God. And the faith of Jesus more on this later on I hope you stay the fate of Jesus it's a much bigger faith. In our the fate of Jesus I don't have the reference right now but I can tell you. To believe that chases can completely and totally and fully save us from sin is the faith of Jesus in other words total victory over sin. Living a sinless life in sinful flesh believing that that can happen is the fate of Jesus. How many of you believe. That Jesus is going to put an end to sin in our lives before he comes not when he comes but before Jesus leaves the most holy place of them an essential way how many of you believe that that is the faith of Jesus this was not the faith in the time of Martin Luther in the time of Martin Luther you only needed faith to be forgiven. To be righteous by faith. The fate of Jesus is so much bigger than that and we cannot exercise that faith unless we understand the work of Jesus in the heaven a sanctuary. So his great controversy for eighty eight the subject of the sanctuary and beauty and the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God all need a knowledge for themselves. Your pastor can understand it for you you had to know it for yourself and not just for themselves of the possession and work of their great high priest. Who are we talking about here Jesus as our compassionate and merciful High Priest is work in a sanctuary Otherwise he says it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time or to occupy the position God wants them to fail. And reasonably seven. Essential service will soon be over how many of you how many of you believe this. We need to understand appreciate it while we can still derive benefit from it. What happens when Jesus leaves they have an essential worry. It's all over. Is going to be all over so. If we want to derive benefit from that work. We have to derive it before he leaves the sanctuary but we can't derive benefit if we don't follow him there. By fate if you don't know the way to have an essential Warry we get no benefit that's what added to what sensing great kind of receive for thirty the Jews. Who could not follow Jesus by faith in they have a sense you are a COULD NOT derive benefit could not receive pardon for their sins. L. or right in forty eight when Jesus leaves essential Warry then those who are holy and righteous will be holy and righteous still for their sins will then be blotted out and they will be sealed with the seal of God with the seal of the Living God but those that are I'm just and filthy will be unjust and filthy still for then there will be no priest in the sense you are a to offer their sacrifices their confessions in their prayers before the father's For own Therefore what is done to rescue souls from the coming storm of Wrath must be done before Jesus leaves the most holy place of the have an essential Warry. This is a fearful statement I don't know if you. You grasp the urgency of that statement. Before he leaves they have an essential Warry that's all that matters after that it's all over. So let's begin now is just introduction by the way. Let's begin. I've taken the liberty to do a question answer type of. Study this morning I don't usually do it. Because I thought this might be more interesting more interactive. Here's the first question. What do apartments comprise the early century worried it should be easy now. Holy in most holy place let's go to he was Chapter nine it's all read together he was Chancellor nine verses one. The five for context. He was Chapter nine versus one two five here Paul explains the layout of the sanctuary the earthly sanctuary then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service and a worldly sanctuary for there was a tabernacle made the first where in was the candlestick and the table and the shewbread which is called the sanctuary and after the second veil the tabernacle which is called What. The holiest of all which had a golden sensor in the ark of the Covenant overlaid round about with gold where in was the golden pot that had men or an errant rod that bought it and the tables of the covenant. And over it the cherubims of glory shattering the mercy seat of which we cannot now speak particularly. Here's a little. Illustration of that holy place where you have the candlestick. The. Altar of incense and table of shewbread. And after that you have the most holy place so how many of you can relate with this right now this is the easy part of our talk nothing involved here. The most holy place you have the Ark of the Covenant what was inside the ark by the way. The rod of Aaron the man and the Ten Commandments that's right part of this not talk about the court yet but here this now the altar burnt offering. The labor and this is a far as. The people could go he would bring their sin offerings as you know and offer them when they were convicted and wanted to confess a particular sin. Question number two. What two services were conducted in the sense. You water throughout the year. The data service and the Day of Atonement service this much we know don't worry you can also read that in VS six and seven he was Chapter nine so let's read it together now when these things with us are Dane the priests went always often always into the first tabernacle accomplishing the service of God What did Paul call the data service. The service of God That's an interesting expression and the same Greek word we read in verse one and verily the first covenant also had ordinances of a divine service that divine service in verse one is the same service of God In verse six Lot three are in the Greek which simply means service of God. Verse seven but into the second went to high priest alone once every year not without blood which he offered for himself and forty errors of the people. Why did High Priest what go alone in the most holy place on the day we're told meant. According to Paul. To offer. Sacrifices for what now. For the errors of the people do you know what he meant by that. I'm sorry. Sins of ignorance. Is that what your bible says. It's more than that folks but let's not go ahead of ourselves here I would get into that in such detail as we progress here. So we have the data service where the priests went always or continually The Greek word is the Yop on toast meaning nonstop uninterrupted continuous the priests always continuously. You went into the first tabernacle or the Holy Place accomplishing the service of God. And you have the Day of Atonement where the priest went alone in the second apartment once every year with the blood which he offered for himself and for the errors of the people. The word errors here this is a very important word. And you dare not miss what Paul really meant by that so we will go deep into that as we make progress in our presentation here next question question number three. Why did Paul call the data service the service of God Why do you think he called it that. Did God tell most us to build a sanctuary so people can come and serve Him is the what the point us. That he could do well among them. Why did Paul call this not a service of God who is serving who who do you think. God is serving such as the whole point of the sanctuary the sanctuary of service was established by God primarily not to benefit himself but to benefit a congregation of sinners and rebels folks. In the sanctuary God would condescend and stoop low in order to do the deal with the sins of the people. In the century service God is condescending there is a work of condescension going on. Because of us we have turned to dwell in place of God. Into a glorified dumpster for sin folks I don't understand how a perfect holy sin hating God would allow. Sin coming from you and I to be transferred. There. So we will not perish in our sins why does he do that. Because his love for us is stronger than sin his love for us is stronger than death in fact through the sanctuary service a holy God would humble himself to clean his people all their sins and of their defilement. How many of you are touched by that. I say six I say forty three of us twenty four brings this all out so clearly we have made God to serve us with our sins and we have wearied or burden him with our iniquities. So now do we understand what essential service is the service of God. The service of God on account of our sins Hebrews eight verse five the priest served. Is the service of God to the priests serve and to the example and shadow of heavenly things. Is the service of God Matthew twenty verse twenty eight he did not come to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many people. So the first thing we understand about a century service is this it is the service of God for us God is serving us in love. If that does not break your heart nothing else will. What kind of service is this what this this service boils down to. What is the service of God all about it isn't God. Bearing our sins God taking our sins away from us transferring into the sanctuary so that we are no more responsible for them in. And who is responsible for them now. And soon as the Senate strands for the century you are not to worry about those since any more why because God bears them. Numbers eighteen verse one says and the Lord said unto Aaron thou and the sons and I father's house with the shall bear the iniquity of a sanctuary and value and the sons with the shall bear the iniquity of your priesthood it all boils down to sin bearing. Why does God do that. He does not want us to perish in our Since he would rather bear them he would rather have his sanctuary be defiled by saying than us perishing in them. And you that I just thank you for that. Than I had fourteen cents and you two thousand three hundred years. Then the sense you are a shall be cleansed What do you think the two thousand three hundred years is all about. The two thousand three hundred years is two thousand three hundred years. Of Sin bearing folks. How do I know that. How do I know that the two thousand three hundred years of Daniel eight fourteen our last years of God bears sin. I don't know if you know this but we use the Year Day principled only to translate two thousand three hundred mornings and evenings to two thousand three hundred years but let me tell you this right now that the year day principle that we like to use so much is based on the idea of sin bearing I don't know if you realize that. The verses that we use to defend the idea of. One day two a year principle is really based on same bearing let me give you the evidence right now. Numbers fourteen thirty four is one of the verses we use is day for a year shall you what. Bear your iniquities. Is equal for rest is four to six is the other verse we use but notice how the Year Day principle is tied up with the idea of sin bearing three hundred ninety the days this was the when is is each of us told to lie down on his left hand on the left side and was right outside for a certain number of days for what. To bear the iniquity of the house of Israel is equal for verse five says three hundred ninety days social where the iniquity of the house of Israel is for verse six you shall bear the iniquity of Judah forty days each day for a year. So what do you think then is that two thousand three hundred days prophecy all about. It is three hundred years it is two thousand three hundred years of sin bearing. God has been in the business of sin bearing for a long time now. Is not fair folks. Do you know that the work of sin bearing is painful. That it pains God to do this it burdensome it wearies him is aware some business but he does it anyway we have to make it stop. It in our right. Daniel eight fourteen tells us that God will not always be in the business of sin bearing. When the sanctuary is cleansed then what. There will be no more mechanics no more way for our sins to be transferred to the ham an essential water to defile it is all over. God would not. Always be in the business of bearing our sins was. It I really read this before. I think I did. So I want to read again earlier writings forty eight says everything that we need to derive benefit from the sanctuary must be derived before he leaves the most holy place of them essential after that God will bear since no longer next question question number four. When speaking of the data service why did Paul say that the priests always. Another was continuously go into the first apartment of the have an essential Warry Why did it need to be continuous. Uninterrupted. Because they sent continuously Thank you. Because we need continuous cover. Let's go over the the rituals that comprise the data service so to speak and let's find out what kind of services they where the morning and evening sacrifice how many of you know about the morning and even sacrifice. Some of you are raising your hands that's good this was a continuous service. Now this is what this is that with the actual offer upon the altar to lambs of the first year day by day continually Hebrew word is time eat. A lamb is offered in the morning. It was allowed to burn all day long and before it was conceived completely consumed another sacrifice was over that night and the sacrifice was burnt piece by piece to make it last until the following morning and this was a daily process morning and evening what was the point of all this. The rabbis thought that the morning sacrifice was to cover the sins of the entire camp but were committed the night before. Unconditionally folks and the evening sacrifice was offered to cover the sins that were committed throughout the camp all day long before anyone came with a sin offering with an individual sin offering the morning sacrifice covered the entire camp what does that tell you about God's unconditional right there he does not wait for you to bring your sin offering he cover issue. Unconditionally. This is called Forensic justification in theology but. So much for that. The lighting of the candlesticks. Caused the lamps to burn continually. To meet again in the Hebrew. When the morning sacrifice was offered a priest went into the first apartment and made sure there was light on the candle sticks the ritual of the incense when air and light of the lamps and even it shall burn incense upon it for a perpetual or continual or time meet again instance before the Lord throughout your generations so you can see that the data service every component of the data service was a continuous uninterrupted nonstop process why is that again. Because the camp needed cover the table of the shewbread and the actual sat upon the table of shewbread before me or the way were continually again or time need. The most important part of the data service was the offering of the sin offerings this too was a continuous process all day long people brought in. Sin offerings all kinds of people from Priest from the. Elders the leaders the princes the individuals they all came with their sin offerings and this was a continuous process blood continuously flowed into the sanctuary. Day by day year after year. And want to skip reading that leave it except for twenty twenty eight or twenty nine talks about a sin offering for the individual. This is from Ellen White the most important part of the day this ministration was the service performed in B. have individuals the repentant sinner brought a sin offering to the door of the tabernacle and placing his hand upon the victims had confessed his sins thus in figure transferring them from the him self to the penitent sorry to the innocent sacrifice. By his own hand the animal was then slain and the blood was carried by the priest into the into the holy place and sprinkled before the veil behind which was the ark containing the law that had the center the lot at the center had transgressed by this ceremony the saying was through the blood transferred in figure to the sanctuary so every day we see sin continuously being transferred to the sanctuary. What does this what does this say about the work of Christ and have an essential worry then. Is it correct to say that Jesus finished all of the cross and then sat down at the right and of God is now vacationing there and is just having a good time. Just like the typical service folks the work of Jesus in the have an essential war is a continuous nonstop uninterrupted round of ministration. Selected measures book one three forty three says. Christ as high priest with end of ale so immortalised Calvary that though he liveth unto God he die earth what. He dies can to New Orleans to sin and thus if any man sin he has an advocate with the father. The work of Christ in the having a sanctuary is what now. A work of a dying continually to sin. Have you grappled with that thought before. That's not the Bible say Jesus was offered once he suffered once for our sins how can Ellen White say that Jesus die is continually to sin. Let's think for a moment and see what that thought might mean and how that will impact us once we understand it. In Revelation Chapter five or six says it says and I beheld and lo in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts and in the midst of the elders stood a lamb acid had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. Tell me when did John write this passage. Thirty one eighty. When was the Book of Revelation written. Ninety five eighty. The Book of Revelation was written by John and I looked at most a ninety five eighty. In Revelation for us one John is told to come up either and I was sure the things that will come here after and the first thing he sees is the throne of God with a rainbow around it and a for a living creatures and a time for others and in chapter five he sees a land that was slain he sees Jesus doing his work of intercession but instead of seeing hyper high and high priest what is. Nancy and them that was laying Why is that sixty four years after the cross. Because the work of Christ interceding for us is the process of dying continuously to sin folks tell me if that's not a painful work. As long as we are sinning. The pain of Calvary will linger in the heart and mind of Jesus. That breaks my heart. In joy and in Revelation thirteen verse eight the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world as long as there is sin Jesus must present himself before the Father as the atoning sacrifice that is painful he must relive the pain and the agony of Calvary each time we sin. Do you understand what that means. Is a continuous process. Then what about across them did not Jesus suffer at Calvary once and that was it. What is Calvary. What is the cross. Education pays to sixty three are how many of you read his passes before. This is a really really powerful statement those who think of the result of hastening or hindering. The Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world if you think of its relation to God if you give thought to the suffering that same has cost our creator all heaven suffered in Christ's agony but that suffering did not begin or end with this manifestation in humanity but as you say it did not begin or end here. On Earth. The cross is a revelation to our DOL senses what kind of senses do we have. I hope you're not offended by that the cross is a revelation to our dull sense of the pain that from the from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God every departure from right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach this ideal brings grief and pain for that matter to him. As Jesus is standing before the father right now he is in pain and in agony for our sins as he bears our sins. The same pain that he had when he was down here being crucified. Is still with him it hasn't abated folks how many of you understand that concept. How many of you are having a hard time wrap your minds around that. Yes it is true though. Great conversely for one six the intercession I'm sorry his intercession is that of a pierced and broken body. A of a spotless life the wounded hands the pierced and side the marred feet plead for a fallen man whose redemption was purchased at such infinite cost. Are you beginning to see this. When Jesus as father my blood my blood. The father does not just seed of love he feels the pain as well. The understanding the concept means. This is the service of God For us it's got to stop folks I don't know about you but we need to bring that to a stop. And the sooner the better so when you read in here are seven twenty five where for he is able to save them to the uttermost. That comment to God by him seeing he ever lived. To make intercession for them what does that mean. He ever live to make intercession is continuously dying to sin. Ever living to make intercession. Ever dying for sin go figure. What does that mean. All I know is it's a very painful process. We can't share is sin while knowing that Jesus is suffering for us even right now as our High Priest in the sanctuary in heaven I hope you see this folks I hope you take this with you. Jesus Christ is represented as continually standing at the altar momentarily offering up a sacrifice for the sins of the world he is a minister of the true tabernacle with the Lord pits and not men here again Ellen your wife is right on the ball by saying that Jesus is continually doing this work just like him to type folks. Why does he do that why does he have to continually. Intercede for us with all the pain included there here's a reason why there tolling sacrifice through a mediator is essential because of what because of the constant commission of sin. This is the reason why the service in have a needs to be what now. Uninterrupted it has to be constant why we need constant cover. Jesus is officiating in the presence of God offering up his shed blood as it had been slain as it had asked it had been a lamb slain Jesus presents the oblation offered for every hour. Friends and every shortcoming of the center. How many offenses. Every opens every shortcoming of the center is not a one selected message book one three forty three. Christ our mediator and the Holy Spirit are constantly interceding in man's behalf but the spirit pleads not for us as Thus Christ who presents his blood shed from the foundation of the world. Do you understand now why Paul said. The priests always went into the first tabernacle accomplishing the service of God. Are you beginning to understand more clearly now what essential service is all about. A man. What would happen if there is a break in this service for just one moment folks what would happen and we are still sending. A momentary break in this continuous ministration would be fatal to us would be fatal. Do you know why the plates are not falling right now in our heads. Because Jesus is still pleading in the sanctuary father my blood my blood because not all of us are sealed the for ages are holding the four winds of strife as you know in Revelation seven. Because Jesus is still pleading before the father. Continuous ministration into heaven a sanctuary means what now. Continuous cover for a rebellious world. But only until the sense you are he's cleansed let me make that clear. When the sense you are least glanced. Jesus steps out from between the father and. Guilty man and all hell will break loose folks. You know what I mean by that don't you yes wonderful early writings to eighty says it was impossible for the planes to be poured out while Jesus officiated in the sanctuary. And mind you this is a painful process again. But as he's worked very Spanish and his intercession close is then what. There is nothing to say to wrath of God and it breaks with fewer e upon the shelterless head of the kill the sinner who has slighted salvation and hated reproof. Next question question number five. What does this continuous service of God an essential worry give the worshipers there in in exchange for their sins and how is this received. So what benefit do we read what do we derive from this continuous round of ministration. Aside from the fact that he bears our cents as just a small part of it. What other benefits do we get from this continuous round of ministration. Who knows. Sanctification Yeah what else. Power and power meant not to sin yes. Listen folks taking our sins and place it in the sanctuary is just half of the equation it gets even better the outer half is God shares His perfection with us it's called justification by faith don't you realize that the Christian experience of Justification by Faith is a benefit of essential service. Don't you realize folks that the goal of the century or service is to brain God spoke. Action to us. No less than that. The goal of the center service is not just to take away our sin and leave us in leave us in a vacuum but to brain God's perfection to the worshippers this is brought out in the book of Hebrews at least three times by Paul. In here a Chapter seven Bristol haven't let's read that together I love the book of Hebrews. He was seven verse eleven says if there are four perfection whereby the Levitical priesthood were under it the people receive the law what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of the deck and not be called after the order of Aaron what is Paul saying here. What is saying is the reason why the priesthood was established was for perfection. To be provided for the worshippers except the human priests could not do it why. For they were human they were sinful themselves but what the human priest could not do Jesus does as a priest in the order of milk is a dick he brings God's perfection to us he takes away the sin first and then he covers us which is perfection is not well is not a lovely justification by faith. Is taught in the sanctuary. Now talking about the service we talked about the priesthood and now Paul talks about the service which is defined here as the offering of gifts and sacrifices Hebrews Chapter nine verse nine what this Paul say now about the service in the sanctuary. Which was a figure for the time then present in which we were offered both gifts and sacrifices that could not make him that did the service what perfect as pertaining to the consonance. What is false what is Paul say here now. What is saying is the center of service was established the offering of gifts and gifts and sacrifices was established to make the worshippers perfect. Except now the earthly services could not do it. What does it. The better service the one that's being done in heaven sanctuary is what accomplishes it amen but listen what kind of perfection are we talking about here. Perfect. As pertaining to the outward behavior is that what policy. No it's more than that it's perfect as pertaining to the conscience the mind folks the thoughts in the feelings the character that's what Paul is talking about here this is the goal of the work Jesus is doing in the heaven essential Laurie as holy as our High Priest. How many of you are excited. Yes. And then he was Chapter ten vs one in two we talked about the priesthood we talked about the services now we will talk about a sacrificial system why was the sacrificial system invented or established by God he was Chapter ten vs one in two. For having for the law having a shadow of good things to come and not the very image of things can never be those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually There you go again the word continually make the commerce their own to what perfect for then would they not have ceased to be offered because that the worshipers one splurged for once perfected in other words should have no more conscience of sin. I am blown away by this I. No about you. Why was a body prepared for Jesus' Hebrew stand versified. To do what the animal sacrifice could not do and what is it. To make the worshipers perfect as pertaining to the conscience so that there is no more consciousness no more memory of sin folks. How many of you can relate with that. No more memory of sin this is. Another word no way of saying the sense will be blotted out when sins are blotted out you will no longer be able to remember them. This is the benefit of essential air service. To take away the sin and in exchange. Provide guys perfection to us the word perfect here is the Hebrew word to lead always means to make perfect complete to carry through completely to accomplish to finish to bring to an end. As the same words you find in Matthew five forty eight be therefore what perfect as your Father which is in heaven is perfect what is God requiring from us. Perfection is that asking too much not if you think of a sanctuary if you think of that in terms of what we can do is humanly impossible. But once we understand what essential service is all about. You begin to understand that what God requires he himself provides. That's a powerful thought folks so how many of your decided about our message to sanctuary. Do you not know that this is what you signed up for when you join the seven day Adventist Church. You signed up for this are you going to quit. What God requires he himself provides. And I was this done through a work of atonement in the sanctuary. The sanctuary service is not about us it's about Jesus who makes continuous intercession in the sanctuary he brought his blood in he was nine verse twelve so he can have something to offer for our sins. And I'm just blown away by the benefits that idea arrive from that work I don't know about you. This benefit the benefit we get from the sanctuary is courtesy of the work of Christ in the family sanctuary I hope you're thankful for that the least we can do is say what now thank you thank you Lord for what you do for us. Two things are needed for this work of atonement. How many of you have read part of Leviticus and I'm going to read it here but because it's going to take too long and I'm I'm also working under the assumption that you've already read you already at least read Leviticus Chapter four ten times. And in stand what it's all about in Leviticus Chapter four you have a lot of sin offerings right. For the priests for the elders for the rulers and for the individuals. In Leviticus Chapter four verses twenty seven to thirty five there you have the law of a sin offerings for the individual. Two things were needed the death of a sacrifice. But only that. It wasn't enough for the lamb to be slain or for the GO TO BE STRAIGHT to be slain in the case of the individual. But as. It was needed. What else was needed aside from the storm the from the slaying of the animal. The priest had to take the blood. Bring it into the holy place of the sanctuary and then sprinkle it before the bell is not right and on the altar of incense this was in the case of the congregation in the case of the individual the blood of a sacrifice was ministered by the priest where. In the courtyard the blood was sprinkled on the horns of the altar of instance in any case that that was how the same must transfer to the sanctuary. Two things were needed. The death of the sacrifice and the ministration of a priest verse thirty five cents if you turn with me to Leviticus forty five after these were done then what happened Leviticus Chapter four restarted five to save time we will just read that verse turn with me here to live it is chapter four restarted five in your Bible so if you can place the last part of that verse as what and the priest shall make an atonement for the sin that he had committed and it shall be forgiven him it shall be forgiven him at what point was forgiveness offered at what point was the same taken away and transferred to the sanctuary Anderson was forgiven. Was it after the sent after the animal was killed. Or after the priest sprinkled the blood. Yes after the priest sprinkled the blood now why it is very important. Why is this thought very important. How many of you have heard the saying that it's all done at the cross. Yes. It just started the cross is not the end of it the work of atonement is a dual process you need the death of a sacrifice and you need. A priest. Jesus had to bring his blood an essential body and minister there sort of sense can be forgiven. That makes sense. Both are needed now let me ask you a question as I continue here. Let me ask you a question which part of the century or service brought perfection to the worshipers do you think remember there were two services the data service and a year later this. Which. Of these two services brought perfection to the worshippers who says Daly. Who is as yearly OK A lot of you are raising your hands how about both folks. Both the data service and the yearly service brings God's perfection to the worshippers but you need to be able to tell the difference this is where it gets a little tricky Now this is where the hard core stuff comes in. The question is how this. Perfection. Let me rephrase that how is perfection brought to the worshippers through the daily service. Live it is for thirty five and appreciate make an atonement for a minute shall be forgiven him. Is there perfection in forgiveness. How do we know that. How do we know there is perfection in forgiveness it's always a two way exchange the taking away of sin and forgiveness is just one half of the equation the other half is God shares His righteousness with us. The work in the earthly sanctuary. To forgive sin prefigured the greater work that Jesus would accomplish for us in the have an essential way. Our right so when you read in first John the worst night for example if we forgive if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. There is forgiveness and there is cleansing in that work of cleansing folks. Perfection is included. What kind of professional my talking about. The data service is righteousness by faith which is the taking away of the same in forgiveness and being accounted perfect in Christ. And it is a benefit of essential service to daily service. Which is forgiveness of sin and justification by faith. Is being perfect where. In Christ this is the Lutheran gospel Martin Luther preached this and where was Jesus when Martin Luther was preaching right as a by faith. In the first apartment of the have an essential what I do things daily service ministration righteousness by faith is a benefit to what now. That daily service when John wrote first John burst nine if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that is a reference to the daily service being conducted by Jesus in the first apartment of the have of the century but is the result forgiveness just like in the type but more than that. Righteousness by faith what does that mean. What does that mean if Chapter one verses five to seven we are. Accepted in the Beloved we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins. Colossians one twenty eight that he might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus this is daily service benefit so now do you see that there is perfection even in the data service folks but where is the perfection. Where is the perfection not in you not in me where is it in Christ. In Jesus is why I am telling you perfection. Is provided as a benefit not only in the U.S. service but even in the daily service collage just to turn to ten you are complete in him. Colossus for verse twelve that you may stand perfect and complete There you go part of stacking these two words now. In all the will of God. Hebrews twelve twenty two twenty four those of us do I benefit from the work of Christ in to have an essential Ari. Are able to follow him there and are standing on Mount Zion and are member of the Church of the firstborn who are made up of just men made perfect. Just man made what perfect perfect in who Christ Jesus. You are sitting right now in heavenly places God looks at you as if you are there and you are perfect in Christ Jesus you don't look too excited. If I were preaching this in the in a American African congregation you would all be jumping up and down. Is not right no offense to anyone. Aren't you glad that you are all. Perfect in Christ Jesus. Why are we so down and out so guilt ridden. How can you think like that when Jesus covers us with his perfection right now if our sins are forgiven folks I didn't say blotted out I said forgiven remember forgiven. We have a break in a few minutes. How long it's been due HOW LONG AS JESUS been doing this work now of justifying and. Making people righteous by faith. For eighteen centuries this work of my administration continued in the first apartment where in the first apartment of the have an essential Warry the blood of Christ pleaded in be have of penitent believer secured their pardon and acceptance with the father in the words of Alan White steps to Christ basically to if you give yourself to Him and accept Him as your savior then what. Then sinful as your life may have been for his sake you are accounted what righteous was another word for righteous perfect. You are counted righteous Christ's character stands in place of your character and what kind of character are we talking about defective character Our character is defective Christ's birth a character stands in place of our defective character and your accepted before God just as if you have not sinned how many of you are praising God right now. This is justification by faith if you die tonight where do you go not immediately where you go. You go to heaven folks. This is justification by faith daily service benefit. Seven B.C. nine zero seven I like this statement a lot. Through a sacrifice human beings may reach the high ideals set before them and here at last the words you are complete where in him. Not having your own righteousness but the righteousness that he wrought out for you your imperfection is no longer seen while for you are clothed with the rope of Christ's perfection seven P.C. nine zero seven how many of you love this statement. Not as what she says she does not say your imperfection is taken away what does she say is no longer seen. It's hidden. For you are clothed with what the robe of Christ's perfection this is the gospel that Martin Luther preached. This is the gospel that Billy Graham preaches this is righteousness by faith and we all. Love that don't mean nothing wrong with its message. The blasted experience of righteousness by faith is being what now. Perfect in Christ and this can be yours even now right now even though Jesus is in the most holy place now is no longer in the first apartment Don't you realize that he is still doing his data service ministration there as well on top of his day of atonement service. Do you not know how many of you know that both the data service and the U.S. Service are going on right now in the most holy place that's in great controversy page three hundred eighty nine. Jaysus offers pardon from the most holy place now. So that's good news for us because we're so sinning we know we're living the time of judgement but we are still. Imperfect we're still defective so Jesus. Offers pardon where now from the most holy place of the blood from of the mouth of the heaven essential watery and this is a blessing experience Romans for six to eight says even as David also describes the blessedness of the man under whom God impute this righteousness without works. Saying bless it other he was iniquities are forgiven and who sense are covered bless it is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin. How many of you are blessed and right now. The experience of justification by faith. Is A Blessing experience. I don't know what you feel. But for me. I wouldn't be standing in front of you. If I did not know this if I did not experience this because I lived a very rough life when I was in but I was a Catholic I wasn't born raised advantaged. I don't even know I am stand he's a friend of you but I was not a pretty person growing up as a. Worldly person but because of righteousness by faith. I can stand before you whole knowing my sins are forgiven. And I saw this in the sanctuary service so it's a blessing experience I would like to share with all of you. Break time. Ten minutes. Amazing I'm right on the clock I can believe it. We will resume in ten minutes shall we have a closing prayer before we take off part and have and we thank you so much Lord for helping us understand better just now the work that is going on and to have an essential Laurie may our hearts be warmed maybe see Jesus. And the work that he's doing for us more clearly maybe fall in love with him Lord May we have the assurance. Our sins are forgiven and May our hearts be broken because of that Help us Lord bring an end to all the suffering that he is going through right now in heaven essential wanted because of our sins have mercy on us Lord do not allow us to displace and to forgive us our sins and use. Them in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your point if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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