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The Great Disappointment of 1844 Revisited

Henry Cha
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I'd like to begin our talk this morning with a word of prayer that's OK Heavenly Father. And the hour is come Lord. For me to. Talk about eighteen forty four. And what it means for us today living in two thousand and sixteen father used to be in spite of myself put your words in my mouth hide me Lord. Behind you. Forgive my sins. So that everything that I will share today will be. Beneficial and will result in our lives being changed thank you so much Lord for being so gracious in Jesus name we pray Amen. I'd like to begin our little presentation this morning with this quote from great controversy for zero nine are you all familiar with this. The scripture was above all others. Had been both the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration unto two thousand and three hundred days then to the sanctuary be cleansed Daniel eight fourteen these had been familiar words to all believers in the lord's soon coming by the lips of thousands was this prophecy repeated as. The watchword of their faith. All felt that upon the events there in foretold dependent there brightest expectations and most cherished hopes these prophetic days had been shown to germinate in the in the autumn of eight hundred forty four. With these beautiful words how can a hundred forty four turn out to be such a big mess for the Miller writes. Riotous. Expectations most cherished hope the watchword of their faith the minarets associated the cleansing of the sanctuary with the second coming of Jesus. And that message was the westward of a watchword of their faith their brightest expectations their most cherished hope where do they base their presumptions or presuppositions from. They took Daniel eight fourteen into two thousand three hundred a stance in the sanctuary be cleansed and they interpreted that to mean that the Earth would be cleansed with fire at the end of. Two thousand three hundred days. And Miller connected Daniel eight fourteen with second Peter chapter three eleven and twelve it says what. That the earth will burn like an oven and the second coming of Jesus. So he connected these two words and came up with a theology that Jesus was coming in eighteen forty four at the end of the two thousand three hundred days to cleanse the earth with fire. They also took Daniel seven thirteen and fourteen with SAS I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near him they took this verse to mean that Jesus was coming down here. And doing what. Coming down here to establish a kingdom. That will last forever a kingdom a dominion which will not pass away and his kingdom that she'll not be destroyed. So he string together these three verses and came with idea that Jesus was coming. To purify the earth and also the church and then establish His Kingdom. On Earth you're all familiar with that right what was the result of that. The result of that was the Miller writes suffered not just one but two disappointments. The first disappointment the first great disappointment was in the spring of eight hundred forty four. And the second disappointment. The second great disappointment was the fall of eight hundred forty four What is the difference between do these two disappointments in the first great disappointment no specific date was set. Jesus was coming any time between the spring of eighteen forty three. To the spring of eight hundred forty four. And when did and when that did not happen they set a new date that Jesus was coming. In October twenty two eight and forty four. How did. Miller come up with the idea that Jesus was coming any time between the spring of eighteen forty three to the spring of eighteen forty four. Where did he get that idea. Here's what Elm I says about what happened with William Miller when he was studying his Bible he had devoted two years to study the Bible when in eight hundred eighteen he reached the solemn conviction that in about twenty five years Christ would appear for the redemption of his people and here are the words of Miller himself I need not speak says Miller of the joy that filled my heart in view of the delightful prospect not of the ardent longings of my soul for a participation in the. Joyce of the redeemed the Bible was now to me a new book it was written it was indeed a feast. Of recent all that was dark mystical or obscure to me in its teachings had been dissipated from my mind before the clear light that now dawned from its sacred pages and our oh how bright and glorious the truth appeared what truth was this. That in twenty five years from eighteen eighteen. He started studying his Bible he started looking into Daniel in one thousand sixteen the date is very important very very important as you will see there on he became convicted that in twenty five years from eighteen eighteen. Jesus was going to come and cleanse the earth with fire and he was so happy how many here happy at the thought of Jesus coming again. Praise the Lord praise the Lord. From one thousand eight hundred twenty five years later and later would reach to what. Would reach to the Jewish year old eighteen forty four. Now the Jewish year of eight hundred forty four would be any time between the spring of eight hundred forty three the spring of eighteen forty four the Jews do not follow our calendar they go from spring to spring where as we go from January to December so will a good a Miller taught that Jesus could come any time between the spring of eight hundred forty three to the spring of eighteen forty four he did not set a specific date folks some of us a lot of us think that Miller is responsible for the October twenty two and forty four date he was not. I just want to put it out as a corrective he said no date because he understood it about. Said no man. No worth what no one no man no worth the hour or so where the miller had not had nothing to do with this day. What happened when Jesus did not come. They waited from spring awaiting forty three they counted the months. Follow it in forty three. The winter away in forty three and then the spring awaiting forty four came in Jesus did not come why. The second disappointment. What do we know about a second great disappointment Are you familiar with the seventh month movement. For sure and if you're familiar. I think we need to understand a little bit more just a little bit more about our history as well on top of the ology the seventh month movement. Is the movement that is responsible for coming up with the October twenty to date I'm going to be no Samual as snow. Yes some summer you're raising your hands the seventh month movement seventh month what does that expression bring to your mind what is the seventh month. The day of atonement the Day of Atonement. The seventh month movement was founded by Samuel and no. One morning Joseph Bates was preaching. After the great after the great after the first great disappointment and while he was preaching. He was told to come down from the puppet because Sammy was no had just arrived and had a very important in. Mation to share with the congregation and this is what Samuel Snow said. I got it I got it. Jesus is coming. On October twenty two hundred forty four we were wrong about the sprain to spring reckoning you know I said that. Because he discovered that the decree of Arctic Circle season I've been working our six lease you're in for fifty seven B.C. to allow the Jews to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple the city the streets and the walls thereof was not made in the spring of eighteenth in the spring zero four fifty seven B C But when. In the fall of forty seven B.C.. So that was why they were disappointed about the spring to spring reckoning and where did they get October twenty to date. Eighteen forty four came from day from Daniel eight fourteen on the two thousand three hundred days that brings us to eight hundred forty four but where did it get October twenty two he took it from the day of atonement live Erica sixteen on that day show the priest make an atonement for you to Clancy you that's the Day of Atonement and the Day of Atonement over eight hundred forty four in the calendar. Fell on October twenty two in our calendar folks if that makes sense so they were happy they were happy they had a new message. Now they know exactly when Jesus was going to come. In the summer of eight hundred forty four. We have what is known as the midnight cry. Do you know what that is. Yes the midnight try. By. The seventh month movement led by Samuel as no applied the parable of the ten virgins to them ascend we are the ten virgins. And we must get the cry go you out to meet him the bridegroom cometh when. When was the bride I'm coming October twenty two I was the midnight. So we need to get ready to. Go you out to meet him. What happened to me earlier this time folks. William Miller was kind of in the backseat now. It wasn't him I was leading the movement it was Samuel and snow and you know what happened do you know why a lot of people took this message of October twenty two seriously. What gave empathies to this message in the summer of eight hundred forty four three months. The fulfillment of prophecy which was. The fall of the Ottoman Empire a wonderful Josiah lit. How many of you understand. What we're talking about here yes wonderful Josiah ledge predicted that the Ottoman Empire would fall when. August eleven eight hundred forty. And that was fulfilled to the letter and the people said wow if they smell arise were right about this prophecy. Then they must be also right about Oct twenty two eighteen forty four so there was a huge commotion. In North America as a result of the preaching that Jesus was coming. In October twenty two and forty four. Miller did not accept this date until two weeks. Just before that date at first Miller rejected the October twenty two date but then two weeks before that he changed his mind. And accepted it. The question is what went wrong. Which part of Daniel eight fourteen did William Miller get wrong. Which part of Daniel eight fourteen did he not understand. Why you did all that research in two years from eight in sixteen to eighteen eighteen and in a failure of folks. He got the time right this understanding of the time element of Daniel eight fourteen was right. Two thousand three hundred years would end in eighteen forty four he got it right what was he wrong then. He was wrong on the event you see Diarmaid fourteen is composed of two parts a part that has to do with time the two thousand three hundred days or years and the part that has to do with events the cleansing of the sanctuary. Miller was wrong the event. Because. He interpreted the sense you are it to mean. Exactly he thought just like all the rest of the denominator is back there that the earth was the Senshi worry it wasn't just his own idea so that's why. He made the mistake do we still have that belief today. Do we still believe in the sense you are is the earth now we know a lot better because who do we have to thank for for this. It was Hiram as and who got the impression as he was walking through a cornfield as you know of Jesus moving from the holy to the most holy place isn't that right. And as a result of that powerful impression. He got two more friends and the three of them you can see at the Han and here they got together and studied the sent to Ari in the book of Hebrews in the book of Leviticus the Book of Daniel and a few other books and they discovered that Jesus instead of coming down here on earth instead moved from the holy to the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary in eight and forty four to do a work of final ministration this much we know about our history right and that's very good but here's my question for you is my question. Why was Miller able to correctly interpret the time element of Daniel eight fourteen but not the event. Why did he only get half of Daniel eight fourteen. Did he not study enough. Was two years too short to understand Daniel eight fourteen. What do you think is the answer. To this question. It was supposed to be a better experience OK. Who said that. The proper I'm sorry. OK. The prophecy must be fulfilled I heard someone say sealed. What was sealed up. The Book of Daniel was sealed up. The entire book of Daniel what was sealed up. The vision of. Oh. Alright let's just get to the point here we don't have a lot of time. This is the answer folks and a lot of you got it right praise the Lord for that the part of Daniel eight fourteen that had to do with the event books. Was sealed up while the part that had to do with the time. The two thousand and three in the days was not sealed up. How do we know this. The part of Daniel eight fourteen it had to do with the time two thousand three hundred years was never sealed up but the part of Daniel eight fourteen that had to do with the event the cleansing of a sanctuary that was sealed up. This is why Daniel I mean sorry not Daniel William Miller got only half of Daniel eight fourteen right he got the part that was not sealed up and they got the part that was sealed up wrong. Because it was sealed up let's let's find out how this works out. The answer is in Daniel eight twenty six this is this is the verse that we need to really really come to grips with to understand not only our history. Not only what happened in eighteen forty four but also to understand. What our theology is about the cleansing of a sanctuary Are you ready than the late one of success and the version of the evening and the morning which was told is true wherefore shut though observation for each other before how long many days. Can you memorize dispatch it's right now in one minute before I take it off the screen because we would be coming back to this. And the vision of the evening and morning which was always true wherefore shut up the vision which will be for many days how many words how many times do you see the word vision here. To write. How many words are used in this Bible verse for vision. How many words. One in English. I'm glad you pointed it out Ser because that's not what it says in the original and this is what opened my eyes as to what really happened in eighteen forty four and why Daniel missed the boat when it came to the event about the cleansing of a sanctuary this gave me a lot of hope and lot of encouragement and here is in the Hebrew. And the moderate of the evening in the morning which was told is true wherefore shut up the. Cars own it shall be for many days now how would you have known that this is what's in the original if we are just reading it from the English it's not so obvious folks that's why sometimes it helps to know just a little bit of biblical languages not much I remember what one of my theology professor told me. About Bible translations. He said. To read from a Bible translation is like to kiss your wife with a veil in between. You not getting the real stuff. So this is important for us to understand there are two words Daniel uses for the English word vision here and for a very for two very important reasons. But before we get there let's talk about the matter a what is it. From our rate of the evening and morning what do you think is that a reference to it's right there in the Book of Daniel Chapter eight what do you think that is. The memory of the evening and mornings what to think what do you think is that a reference to. What vision is this referring to this is. That time. How do we know that because Daniel eight fourteen really says under two thousand three hundred evening morning is what is SAS in the original words I don't like the way the King James Version you know scrambled all this up in the original Daniel eight fourteen says unto two thousand three hundred what evening mornings so this my RE is a reference to that part of Daniel eight fourteen evening mornings are reference to time notice what else we know about this it is a vision related to time you know the four fifty seven B.C. to eight hundred forty four B.C. you know ball game and some intervening time spans in between like the seventy prophetic weeks they're all part of that right yes we are trying to understand not only our history but our theology as well. Here. The question is true it will take place. And the vision is not sealed there's nothing in Daniel eight twenty six that says that the moderate of the evening and mornings is sealed What about the cars on. The vision is for many days it will be longer than the two thousand three hundred years vision. And what else is sad about it. The vision this vision see that up Daniel seal up the vision. Why did Daniel use two words for vision here now. To clearly distinguish between the vision based on time and the vision based on event. Because there are two different things intersecting here so to make sure we are not confusing these two things he uses two words. And the other. Reason to clearly differentiate which version is sealed and which one is not sealed folks. OK Are you still following me you're not sleepy yet. All right the my ray vision what is that again. The time which is. Two thousand three hundred evening and morning so. Yes That shouldn't be too hard to understand right. What about because own body think that is the cause own that is going to take a long time in fact much longer than two thousand three hundred years and which is sealed up what is that all about. What is that is open year Bibles to Daniel eight since we're there we need to really really really Master Daniel eight because this is where our whole and when is the Jala G.-D. is based on false so we can't afford to be wishy washy on this chapter. Daniel eight verse one let's all read together what it says and this will all become clear to you as we go along here. God willing. Then await verses one two three. In the third year of the reign of King by jazzer a Karzai on what it Daniel say because own vision appeared to me even and to me Daniel after that which appeared to me at first and I saw in acres own again verse two and it came to pass when I saw I was at the where. The solution palace in. The province of evil I'm and I saw in a Cuz own three times folks he repeats this to make sure we're not getting mixed up with his own and my read it's the cause own vision. And then if you keep reading what events are included in this because own vision. Is the vision about the ram. The goat and the little horn isn't it right and then all of the nasty things that these powers will do not only to each other but to God's people so in Daniel eight hundred thirteen Daniel is exasperated in Daniel eight thirteen in desperation Daniel eight then assess in verse thirteen and I heard one say in speaking and another saint unto that certain saint which spake How long shall be the CA's own how long will you let this evil happen to God's people. How long will discuss zone rain it seems like it's taking too long for God's people to be in the fire as a result of the. Persecution. Coming from these powers and the answer was under two thousand three hundred days then What then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. In Daniel eight fifteen. What does Daniel say in verse fifteen you see following along with me is this interesting. Yes Are you beginning to see clearly what we are about what we are about and what our sensuality teaching is all about and where it were and where it's based on in verse three thousand dinars says and it came to pass when I even Daniel had seen the cars own what is this guy's own again. Is it the two thousand three hundred days now what is this the RAM the goat and the little horn that long period. Of suppression and subjugation from these powers. I wanted to know the meaning of because own then behold there stood before me as an appearance of a man. Will jump to verse seventeen What does Gabriel tell Daniel in verse seventeen. So we came nearer. Stood and when he came I was afraid and fell upon my face and he said unto me understand all Son of Man for it is the time of the end the time of the end shall be the cause own. Not of us this cause own will reach until when the time of the end notice the matter radiation does not reach until the time of the end how long is the mar a vision go. Until eight hundred forty four only I hope you get that. So and then from Verse twenty and on words what does the angel Gabriel do in answer to Daniel's request for an explanation of the cause own vision. From verse twenty and on words he says the RAM is what now. What is the Ram Yes there are now so as to having two horns are the king of media and Persia and the and the rough go is the king of Grisha So the Angel Gabriel spends time explaining to Daniel what the meaning of the cars own vision is are you following along yes OK I'm trying to make this as painless as possible because this is a solid advantage the ology books solid evidence the already. Basic Adventist theology. OK. What about Daniel eight sixteen what is Gabriel told by God to do in Daniel eight sixteen. And I heard a man's voice be tween the banks of you lie it's called in said Gabriel Gabriel what make this man to understand the modern. This is not because own any more the moderate what is the Mari again the time two thousand three hundred days make this man to understand the modern. Vision. Did Daniel understand them are rare in this chapter. Yes or no. Look at verse twenty seven Look at verse twenty seven. And I Daniel fainted and was six certain days afterward I rose and did the king's business and I was astonished at the. Monterey and none understood it you see it this way this to worsen vision is really messing us up right and so we need to know because it keeps switching back and forth switching back and forth Well I'm glad you here to me this morning it's about time we understand what is really going on in Daniel eight. Because we are getting a lot of flak for our teaching on essential Warry. So when does Daniel big understand the Marrero of the two thousand three hundred days Chapter nine twelve years later the Angel Gabriel goes back to Daniel. To finish. That business that could not be finished in Daniel eight twelve years later Daniel nine twenty seven says. Daniel line twenty three says Daniel nine twenty three at the beginning of those supplications the commandment came forth in Ike and come to surely for thou art greatly beloved therefore understand the matter and consider there are what you think. The Madre why not because own. Daniel already understood as own right the round a goat the little horn but now the Angel Gabriel is told in Daniel nine twenty seven Daniel I have come to give you scaled understanding consider the matter and understand the vision. Understand. Matter and consider. How many of you can follow me. So far yes wonderful I see a lot of hints. In Daniel ten verse one. This is the word of Daniel this is Daniel's words in the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed into Daniel whose name was called Bel Taishi hazard and the thing was true but the time appointed was long and he understood the thing and he had understanding of the Mara. Do you see the whole picture now what it is changed to Gabriel say seventy weeks are cut off from this Marek vision and it belongs to the Jews it prophesied about the restoration of the temple and then the coming of the Messiah his baptism as you know his crucifixion at the middle of the last week of that prophetic time period and then finally the destruction of Jerusalem on account of their rejection of the Messiah this is the Monterrey vision goes you've got it now yes wonderful. Now here's my question for you. Which part of the Cause oh invasion was sealed up you think. Was it the entire cause own vision or just a portion of the cars own vision. A portion of because own vision which portion. Which Paul which part of the cause own the vision that was based on events not time was part of that you think was sealed up. The cleansing of essential worry the yes they're all events the rhyme you know the media pressure Greece Rome all the way of the second coming of Jesus which part of that was sealed up the part folks that had to do. With the time of the end. The part of that long vision that had to do with the time of the end how do we prove that. Before that why was it sealed up. Why was it sealed up. Because it had to do with the time of the end it had to do with people living in your time in my time now it had nothing to do with the Daniel and the Jews as that makes sense for simple isn't it let me read to you a state with Mel White. This is great controversy three hundred twenty nine I'm sorry the reference is wrong it's actually the Apostles five eighty five. In the Revelation all the books of the Bible meet and end here is the complement of the Book of Daniel one is prophecy the other is a revelation the book that was sealed is not Revelation but that portion of the prophecy of Daniel relating to what. That time of the end when did the time of the end begin. In forty four. Seventy nine eight or the house is divided. It doesn't matter eight hundred forty four is still after seventy ninety eight right so we're all on the same boat here as long as it's not before seventy ninety eight isn't right the we all understand seventy nine hundred eight most of us. But this is Alan White though. That's Alan White before I give you the answer to that question from the Bible here is the Monterey. Two thousand three hundred years or Prophetic days from forty seven to eight hundred forty four. And there is the cause own vision you see that. Yes the along there is it's extends from the time will be no pressure all the way until the second coming of Jesus. Which of these two visions rich until the time of the end. The CA's own the RAM the go the classic percent you want all these events until the second coming of Jesus. The time of the end is sealed. Because he did not pertain to the Jews. In summary the my re the two thousand three hundred days based on time the CA's own based on events unrelated to time RAM go to the horn classical or sanctuary and all the nine yards there. Extends only underneath the my ray vision extends only until age in forty four because oen extends until the second coming of Jesus the my ray vision is explained where. In Daniel nine twelve years later the Angel Gabriel comes back to Daniel to explain the meaning of the two thousand three hundred days while the CA's own vision is explained to Daniel where. In Daniel eight verse twenty and onwards to ram is made Oprah shouldn't go it is what. Grease in the Little Horn. Rome it does not say that but it's implied and then finally the Maret vision is not sealed. But the part of the Kurds own vision that long patient that pertain to the time of the end was sealed. How do we know from the Bible not from Ellen White now that only that part of the prophecy that pertained to the time of the end was sealed based open your Bible to Daniel twelve. Are you still with me yes. How do we prove from the Bible not from Ellen White. That only the part of the cars own vision that long vision related to events was sealed only to top only the part that had to do we. For the time of the end Daniel two times are Daniel twelve and we will read verses. Worst What do you think it is here verse four says but the hour Daniel shut up the word seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge will be increased this verse does not really tell you which part of the cause own vision was sealed it just says seal up seal up shut up the word seal the book the book. Which part of Daniel twelve will tell you that only the part of the time of the end was sealed up if you keep reading folks if you keep reading the angel of the angel is explaining to Daniel. The events that will take place as part of this vision I'm going to read verse five all the way to for zzz. Seven. Then I dine a lot and behold there stood other two to one on the side of the river and the other on that side of the bank of the river and one said to the mantle Oh that Elin and which was upon the waters of the river How long shall it be till the end of these wonders and I heard a man clothed in a linen which was upon the waters of the river when he held up his right hand and his left hand and to heaven and swear by him that liberty for ever and ever that it shall be a time what times and I have and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people then all these things will be finished. What is the time times and half a time your reference to. I'm sorry. That twelve sixty years isn't a right that ends in seven hundred ninety eight so this angel is explaining the events that will take place up to. That time isn't that right now. To the time up to the time half the time and the dividing of time and you know. Then Daniel in verse seven. Verse eight Daniel says and I heard but I understood not then I said earlier in my or my lord what shall be the end of these things Daniel is asking all right what happens after seventy ninety eight what happens after how is it going to end. What's beyond seventy nine eight you know what the angel said verse nine. And what does the angel tell Gabriel What does the angel Gabriel who or whoever does Angelus What does he tell Daniel. He said Go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed. Till the time of the end. Not of words I'm sorry Daniel I can't go beyond seventy ninety eight here. You know what I'm saying. Because this is sealed up the Angel went a spark explaining because own vision until seventeen ninety eight but won't go any further because that makes sense folks. This is why Jesus. Never said anything about the cleansing of essential Warry you know what I mean. Here referencing he made reference to them are a vision in Matthew twenty four fifteen if you use here. Of the Abomination spoken by Daniel the prophet. What. What do we do. If you see the abomination spoken of by Daniel and the prophet stand in the holy place what should we do. Run for your life don't turn back is not right Jesus made reference to them are a vision why. Because that vision. Was not sealed but Jesus made no reference whatsoever to the planting of essential worry or to any event related to that the disciples of Jesus never said anything about the cleansing of a sanctuary. That makes no sense yes. Paul in Daniel in Hebrews Chapter nine verse five if you still remember the question we had at the beginning how come Miller could. Understand the first part of Daniel eight fourteen but not the end of the event this is what we're trying to answer right now in the here is Chapter nine verse five What is Paul tell. The Hebrew converts about the work in the second apartment of the sanctuary. Paula was explaining about what's happening in the first apartment but when it came to the second apartment of the sanctuary. The ministration that had to do with the cleansing what the spores say. I cannot now speak about this particularly why did I say that. It wasn't clear there was no light on it it was sealed up folks when I was doing youth ministry back in. Many many many many ages ago. In Southern California I was asked about the question this question. If you think that the day of atonement is important and the cleansing of a sanctuary Why is the New Testament silent about it. Have you ever been asked that question. Why is that why is there is nothing said about this. You know the answer it was sealed up. Until the time of the end folks. Do you understand now. Why William Miller could not interpret the meaning of the sanctuary and the cleansing of essential Warry in eight hundred sixteen votes. Why. It was still sealed up in eighteen sixteen to eighteen eighteen. You know in fairness to Miller we need to understand this because Miller is the laughing stock. Of the world today because of that glitch he did he made in eight hundred forty four Miller did everything he could. Everything that was available all the light that he had at a time time he could go no further because the light would not be unsealed until the time of the end folks. My making sense are you beginning to see more clearly our history yes. The truth about the cleansing of a sense you want to belong to the time of the end and was still sealed up when Miller was studying the subject in one thousand nine hundred sixteen to eighteen eighteen folks so we can't blame the poor man he did his best I would have done the same thing you would have done the same thing under the circumstances. See how did it get to this point my RE Because own god is good God is so good it's not so difficult you just have to put on your your advantage thinking caps on to our arrive at his conclusion and there it is very deuce. It would not be and sealed until the time of the end after seventy nine eight. And when is this unsealed now. When is the SEAL part of the CA's own vision that had to do with the glancing of the century Warrior where and when is that unsealed. Yes. This is why after all over twenty two and forty four. Hiram adds and is given a view of Jesus moving from the holy to the most holy place why it's been on the sea of the wonderful praise the Lord you understand yes this is all pictured in the vision of the mighty angel in Revelation ten with a little open book in this and what do you think that is. It was sealed up in the time of Daniel it was unsealed in Revelation ten Amen and this is the time that we're living in result privileged to be living at a time when all of. Prophecy is unsealed there is nothing more hidden in our view folks make sense. And we went over this already so I'm not going to. Yes. Now folks listen. Because the moderated version. Was not sealed up it was the privilege of the juice. To learn it to study it isn't a right. What happened. If they had understood the two thousand three hundred days especially the first part of two thousand the seventy prophetic weeks they would not have ended. Rejecting the Messiah right where are the Jews today. Yes. Right. Jesus said to the Jews that the Ninevites. Would condemn them in the judgment why. Because. The Ninevites repented. At the preaching of Jonah and someone bigger then Jonah is here isn't that right yes. You know what. The miller. It's just might condemn us in the judgements. For the same reason. There is a call to repent a bigger call to repent than what Miller did then to repentance that Miller. Brought out an eight hundred forty four. There is a much bigger call to repent today because there is a call to afflict the soul on the day but home and we will not repent books. Could it be. That the militants. Who preach the first dangerous message and went through this deep repentance back in the eighteen forties Could it be that they just might condemn many of us because we have failed to heed the call to be zealous therefore and repent of works. I don't have a lot of time left. But this statement from great Connor received three to nine. I think this is from other writings I keep getting at OK early writings two three eight two three nine explains to us what the miller rights went through and how deeply converted they were even though their theology was wrong works the Saints anxiously awaited for their Lord fasting and watching and almost what. Constant prayer I'm talking about their experience now their theology might have been off a little bit. So they were what now remember they were Sunday keepers. And they were wrong about their theology about a sanctuary but look at their experience even some sinners look forward to the time of terror but the great mass manifested a spirit of Satan in their opposition to the message they mocked and scoffed repeating everywhere no man no of the day and already our evil angels urged them on to harden their hearts and to reject every ray of light from heaven that they might be fastened in the snare of same. And many who profess to be looking for Christ had no part in the work of the message the glory of God which they had witnessed the humility and deep devotion of the waiting ones and the overwhelming weight of evidence caused them to profess to receive the truth but they had not been converted they were not ready for the second coming of the Lord. A spirit of Solomon earnest prayer was everywhere felt by the Saints I would pay anything to have this experience I don't care my theology is wrong folks if I can have this experience now about you I would be jumping up and down with you away this was what they went through in eighteen forty two eight and forty four two disappointments folks to disappoint us imagine that. Angels were watching with the deepest interest the fact of the message and were elevating those who received it and drawing them from earthly things to obtain large supplies from salvations fountain God's people were then accepted him Can you imagine that they were accepted but there's the obvious he was wrong. They were not keeping the Sabbath they were keeping the first day of the week but God accepted them Jesus looked upon them with pleasure for his image was reflected in them they had a made a fair sacrifice and anti consecration and expected to be changed to immortality but they were destined again to be sadly disappointed the time to which they looked expecting deliverance past they were still upon the earth and the effects of the curse never seemed more visible they had placed their affections on heaven this is a rebuke to a lot of us today within myself. And in sweet anticipation had tasted the immortal deliverance but their hopes were not realized. The most important thing is. There was not his appointment. Where is the disappointment if I can have this experience. God is not disappointed I'm not disappointed. Where you think. I'm out of time I'm going to skip the rest of the slides here. You know. William Miller just might condemn a lot of us in the judgment because even though his theology was off. What did he do with that message. With Baroness folks he you know he was the type. That said I don't want to be the center of attention I'm not a speaker and not a look went. But since God. Is asking me to resend this message I go out and do it do we have that spirit. Are we willing to preach the sanctuary and the message of the cleansing in the sanctuary. What will it take for us to be passionate with a sanctuary folks. What will it take for us. To share this message. To make it the watchword of our faith. The source of our brightest hope in our most cherished expectations so. I'm skipping a lot of slides here. What will it take for us to eat the book to find the sweet in our mouth the book that contains the unsealed messages of Daniel eight fourteen books and hoping this morning but that by the grace of God The words you will hear this morning will convict you and me of our need to make essential worry our constant study as I once asked involving five base five twenty. To become more intelligent in the work of Atonement going on in the Sanctuary while in five five seventy five to clearly understand the subject of the sanctuary. Hey controversy for eighty eight I pray this morning that we. Will step forward and finish what Millet did not finish because Jason cannot come until the sanctuary is closed. That's my wishing my prayer thank you this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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