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  • August 6, 2009
    6:45 PM
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their father in heaven is learning thank you so much for this kind in common and father with him her blessing as each one of us have come from our different places we pray that you send your Holy Spirit guy deployment must be concerned about the ministry and help us solve our that we may be more encouraged to go forward and bring these things in the practice enjoy different workplaces in our ministries and we thank you so much for the promise of your presence for this we ask in Jesus name and anything they are so many ministries that are going on all over the world and sharing price in the marketplace is now moral why for organization consulted this evening we live president for your and me all was well below and we leave there in the VP that Vice President for evangelical about all you are is sharing Christ in the marketplace to be used in and down blessing to New Year's Day you experience it and we humming in your challenging the work that but ASI is a growing force in Europe in this moment we are present in fourteen countries no membership is more than seven hundred members already on growing but the main challenge is to get on the laypeople moving working for Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel and that is what we are trying to do and we are very happy because we are finding a lot of simple in it is written for instance when we are developing the program with a new beginnings on their workings in small groups in all different countries in Spain particularly we we had a great experience the last months without program and in the few months and then in October we are going to have reaping campaigns over the country and Boston Robert Goss is going to leave the main one in Barcelona city and twenty five members of ASI are going to lead their own campaigns in different towns all the country so well this is what we want to do all over Europe and we sure that we going to do it with the hotel we also very active in the use evangelism not only modulates the most of training and running without a little bit about that Justin and me but I can proudly say that we've been working this year and a very important city that is some yellow legal posted dice the second Catholic city in the world and we have a very small church that but with our young people working on the that result is being great because all young people are now very happy with the work they have done their and the weeds that reads the number of four baptisms that we had and that in that place eigenvalues is something we'll saw a lot of people would Bible studies and we we praise the Lord for the work that has been done that but this is also being done in England in other countries in Europe but that I will let Eileen that these are responsible for evangelism in Europe to go on with it is my privilege to be here at Duke with evening first of all I would like to I would like to thing that I can be here because this obviously go anybody told me of me to assume about the preaching gospel in the euro and I both of them probably what does the preaching the gospel but got this message from the purpose of growth so difficult mission field maybe some of you come here Moffat Anand calling a unlike a phone call from you hope you are single and I think of you if you to be good example for our members because the unique Jamaica you have tools at the moment he translated the DVD programs new beginnings in many languages they started to use the program used for Jesus in some countries in Europe by Fran so Spain is done and got a Czech Republic and few others of course it's also very important to have school for training our evangelistic missionary workers at this very important it's my social two CAV unit more and more people including Pulitzer in Europe will not lift station of shedding the Christ's of the falsity that he will need much more markers for about four in Minnick on this restarting the work with both small groups and the five health that they are preventing some editing campaigns and some cities like Rome Italy Barcelona Spain was blown portable and Iraq Czech Republic and to be so pray for your people some use something to recycle reexported percentage of the home are now very likable that situation also I would like to mention I'm limited to if I working to perform again in the assembled one hundred members every year we have in some attending approximately one thousand people which is about ten percent of the membership some benefits in our company and they usually supported and alternate project in millions of what is involved on this project brought or the money on nice number of his also in our company have many projects before Jesus and the beginnings of a and three are preparing for two thousand eleven in spring of summary can convey with the government decided to so if one before and three are asking for prayers thank you Damon Angel is an out if one of the main medium by which the world will hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ and here we had run out we have Ron and Mike Davis K V L maybe would you know what JBL and is an upper side like a bear so happy even when I had my family love and care really are and would be happy to value but gave eleven and that we go by the villains are powerful power station call letters in that effort television station grants Pass Oregon the name of our organizations their life broadcasting network and that we were we were in Dallas about what was three years ago introducing the idea that that we would be purchasing of full power another full power television station in Roseburg area and then along with that I low-power Robert Stacy McCain and so were here to try the rest of the story so far but before we go would like to show you a short video about her life family I'm Parkfield record of his song corral them honor associated with the Ministry of better life broadcasting network I'm blessed with a charlatan and mighty things God is not just continuing to do it was broadcast for some quick history and how it all started on twenty plus years ago I remember when our founders Delmer and Wagner saw the need to have a inspiring television in the rogue Valley area suddenly back I communicate and how that need to become a reality in nineteen ninety that her life was on the air we are broadcasting to now sixteen broadcast spaces later with a six thousand square foot facility the reason potential viewing audience of over half a million people very soon we will more than double our potential viewing audience of over one million people with the acquisition of the relatively low-power station in low-power station by operating the military authority the Federal Communications Commission wires that all cable and satellite writers Terry broadcast on invasive programming languages and that designated market area this will cover the county 's offensive Douglas only is the opportunity is not a legally with the acquisition of a low-power digitalization wetland area the station will broadcast fifty one hundred three series and the counties of Washington Clackamas you will qualify for the state of what him while trying to please our neighbors out of their home the message of hope they so desperately excavation of those that is the business before you step on after they got here you only work right here in order thank you very in the Lord richly bless for his Lord he has been so good to better life in the and and actually all of Southern Oregon and soon to be all over again we are we believe God has given us the directive to go he and into all of Oregon and further down in the Northern California somewhere on our way to do just that we taken very seriously about that directive and he's providing the opportunities to continue to go and that I wanted to tell you now the rest of the story about to television stations of we have been working for three years trying to get the stations we had disappointments about them they didn't work out real well at one point in time is a matter of fact it was sold before we we could raise the money and start ranting about those stations and ask God to two to interrupt that sell for for the sake of the people up in those four counties because they need to hear the message of Jesus Christ it can intervene in our behalf and about eight months after after that we got a call from the seller there an and he said are you still interested in stations and we said yes well to make a long story short the day of space we started off at a four million dollar price they wanted for we negotiated two seven Dennis so then there now they came back and we negotiated one nine million then we then while we were raising the funds that the seller went bankrupt so we start all over again and renegotiate nine hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and then as a result we did by yesterday 's allergic class yesterday for nine hundred thousand dollars we have another seventy five thousand dollars savings and now where we been praying about Portland for a long time and so we got up I been talking to some people of important have stations and comparable stations of the one we that were negotiated a price on our selling for three million or three plus three million plus and so it seemed like a lot of money split them we were considering it needs an out of the blue a guy called me and said we been on your website we see what you're doing we believe that God is behind this organization we have a television station and in Portland and would like to sell it to you and and I said well tell me more and he said like facility for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars about that somewhere else Americo and that at that in that market is incredible but he said well you know since whenever broker involved with salty for seven hundred thousand solar were on our way to raising the funds for that station as well I doubt we don't we don't have a booth here but we do have a relationship with Doctor Frank and Rosalie heard they have a booth is in three three thirty two so they know how to contact us they also are pledging certain amount of money for the worthy can talent but that they have toward better life so you want to contact us if you can get a hold of them okay in Abu thank you very much thank you Rhonda Martha Beth of joy to you you him now will finish this statement a family that prays together a family that does ministry together about that Patty 's double years ago we lived in North Carolina in April we did an Italian out tonight with planted near member friends about our story here tonight Linda and Sidney Whiting and the idea that we could go around and cover our own church territory going door-to-door passing out help magazines which we get our kids loved it all the other kids in the church did to some more recently within the DY C and we know them senior citizens there and observed they filibustered and they all know the schedule out door-to-door seven afternoon so I thought you know what can we do this at home and December we were eating out in little towns in mile south of where we live in the town of Dunsmuir California an old railroad town population two thousand note SDA church presence and we drove around town little bit and we got an idea LOL is that restaurant hadn't opened yet and am so we were waiting around and manage around town I came on this town is so in our case if you realize there's nothing going on here we should get it going door-to-door here so what we did was the next few weeks we went to church we got up in front of the church instead well this afternoon going to be at our friend Scott's house and he got the maps of the city map out the city population about two thousand people so we had about fifteen people I think the first Sabbath to practicing in the church cinema it are our test run you know practicing so we would be afraid going door-to-door and we went out in the community and in five weeks we were able to cover the whole city by the time we were done we had about thirty members of the about a sixty eighty member church showing up going door-to-door with this it was really excited million units in a little bit about what it's like going door-to-door one of me wanted to discus some people say it is scary well if you have any fears about it on the tree does anybody can do it and the point to going door-to-door is not to the people that I can assure you down it's the people that are searching any meeting people where they were thereat and on their level and you you right there and you can talk to them and each other you care about what you believe and by spending time and on being willing to sympathize with them and their problems and whatever's going on about the deliberate so Melissa tell us a little bit did you meet anyone what's come out of this door-to-door experience I believe in the second fact that everywhere out as I was out having a actually a really great experience and I went to the lease house and actually see open is really friendly she opened the door and said come on and down the toilet we are therefore an and at we eventually got sensitive phrases like we're likely you want while studying a fantasy said yes and we had been one of the night my summer night honey night activity for the whole summer I then am going to Bible studies and was one of the others metrics and it's better not it's been a really good experience for me and I usually encourage all use out there especially it is scary on this game for us out of silent but a brand-new enjoy that Anna Grant Ronnie doing I never felt doing anything else nine A reason out people that maybe otherwise not been able to reach out to be wanted to tell us there was a girl who was attending our church and see that a response to how we run out of them also talk to the response of the other people we've gone through and what programs that we need now to develop in our church to meet that need repaired adults with young people because they can do more comfortable in one of the goals of an out of me has the time and how is life in my things haven't been very happy for her and on a sunny afternoon in Missouri are going out she said if I knew I had to look forward to every seven afternoon I would never dress up again Mrs. L silly praise God for that I went to add the way we are door approach frequently we get into a reach people without and just shutting the door and what you just read about better life broadcasting network is our local three ABN affiliate station people can turn on their TVs at home and watch three ABN of a better life broadcasting so we went to the door with a hi my name is Kathy and I'm with other like broadcasting network or are you able to get that station we asked what kind of programs they watch what they enjoy and we find the health program for kids programs some prophecy many people are watching those programs are being blessed if they weren't we are able to tell them down it we had literature we pass them out we gave out programs that and we also sign people up for Bible studies it was just drilling in fact I figure it also tonight another family for my church is here with us there involved with this project and following up with Bible studies are so excited about in the last ten seconds that you have the appeal that you would make the audience we did not know what we were doing and explain that to our church and we said if you'd like to try this word garment think you can and your own church media is the best way to reach people find out how three ABN Hotel or whatever it is is available in your own area and use that they we are locally supporting this channel in our area do you get it and use that as a medium to discuss all kinds of issues a man follow-up a man repaving an opportunity to meet them then you know Hassan is a great motivator let's look at all his motivation was not persecute but when he became on his motivation was to proclaim what we have filled a gentleman with another great passion Wayne at one and Patrick Dubois while and then going to tell you tonight about their passion without that's right beneath we do have a passion in our passion is for the province of Québec Canada first and foremost we really feel that there is a great need there in Québec among the French-speaking people and I just wanted to give you a little bit of an overview of the province of Québec because a lot of people ask me where is Québec in a lot of questions about Québec because Canada might not be as well-known of the United States it is I just wanted to show you a few statistics about our back and then we wanted to of course talk mostly about the ministry so we have some graphics here for example in Québec there are about seven five million people living there in fact in the surface area of Québec is the largest province in Canada and is the second-largest when it comes to population and everything just the French-Canadians had lived there there's about six million but what is very interesting in fact very sad is that if you take the Adventist French-Canadians in the province there are only about five hundred that means is only once every twelve thousand people in the province which is far lower than most places in the world in fact even some places that we would consider practically untouched the right here in North America we had a place that is in dire need of the gospel and we really feel that God is calling us to do the little we can to be able to proclaim the gospel and one way that we feel is important to do that is by using media and the Lord is blessing us in using radio and were to talk about that person I think Patrick has done something to share with us about that arguing money is Patrick Dupuis but it doesn't get any more French than not so I won't hold it against you which is so privileged to have the opportunity to use media to reach a French Canadians with the gospel we been working on a radio broadcast a thirty minute program that is broadcast weekly in Québec but also a lot in friends in not different parts of Europe on radio seventy four so it's been a blessing to move forward using media especially radio and I just have a quick testimony I like to share with all of you as the program was being aired one evening soon after he gave the contact information we always make available free of charge as steps to Christ to those who want and a lady called and she said you know I'm amazed that I didn't listen to your program but my husband asked me to phone this number and not get this free book that you're getting all steps to Christ but the amazing part is that I've been a Christian for a very long time is of my children and we been praying for a husband and and and their father for many years and he just wouldn't give his heart to Christ and after listening to the thirty minute program he came to see me asked me if I would please call and and obtain the book because you want to know more about you Christ so that was a really wonderful experience for us experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit to media and we regularly receive e-mails enough people asking us questions to the Internet about the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ and which is so privileged to be able to work together when myself in this ministry that targets French-speaking people worldwide when would you mind telling us a bit more about what the future holds for better living ministry shall be happy to I get the Lord is the only one that really knows what the future has been of course that he put in our hearts the desire to make plans and to see how the Lord will bless those plan were very thankful because the Lord has blessed with us in fact next up were going to start recording TV programs that were going to be airing as well and so we're very excited about that taking it from the stepper radio on to the next step will begin to talk even more people and it's our desire to continue to work the Lord has blessed enough been able to have a small studio where we can produce right there on site and we're very thankful were also very thankful for the door that the Lord is open for us to be able to work with our local church in our local conference because we're supporting ministry of the seven Dennis Church and that's fairly new in Québec and so it's just so refreshing to be able to see laypeople that are starting to get involved and active in doing things and and to see that kind of synergy that we can have in the working together so we are really really excited about what the future holds and we really want to invite you to keep us in your prayers because there is so much need out there for the French-speaking population in fact there are about five hundred and twenty million people that speak French in the world worldwide so it is a very vast mission field so we want to focus where we where we live birth in Québec but we want the Lord be able to use it to touch other French-speaking people over the world they are both there we don't accept the booth because my mood is here behind state so if anybody wants to come and see me I'm behind Dave striving to help everybody to get on stage thank you Wayne was an effort to put take care of your lab and now I would like you to look over Nemo Mulder she is the founder of youth connect Incorporated and off exactly as you connect ABC youth contact is a cyberspace ministry for you by you and its design for them to send field experience and now the Niagara Falls of God 's love for your unique ministry the court is even viable DH 's back and that's an online interactive teen Bible study that incorporates hot topic for every class and by linking issues okay will take a little deeper than a Bible day sounds so interesting what is it exactly simply if teen digging into the words and sharing their life journey with God and blessing other teams around the world through technology and so this technology is it broadcast live for this on the Internet oriented prerecorded out of network and extravagant events are broadcasted live for free record it and on location at Academy 's youth camps and youth rallies church is will go wherever the team are and even be creative about on the beach on the mountain tops wherever it is the Livelink technology what type of technology are utilizing the other big events are done through a web conferencing similar to what employers use to conduct staff meetings with their staff and we are using drama beside fifteen panel music sell it it's very up-to-date nothing is device on your here it likely does that have to do with you connect right disassembly kids and I'm actually on call twenty four seven team think you can call e-mail tax anytime day or night into their particular evangelism that goes along with the physical loud their main purpose that they're getting in touch with me is maybe to give prayer requests it might be in an emergency or crisis and little affect on what I'd love to add to it is tagged evangelism evangelism but to make evangelism is simply e-mailing or texting current events and applying as spiritual message to act and ninety nine season allowing the Holy Spirit sprouting an understanding of a particular testimony from some one of your participants in the yes on me yes yet I'd like to tell you back Cathy she's eighteen years old we met her through IE Bible take event she shared her testimony of her heart rate and term life of abuse of eating disorders of suicidal attempts and self injury accident and it was incredible to see how God can touch your life totally transform and turn it around to give her or any life healing flow and a purpose Cassidy is now learning to begin each new day with God leading totally on God is learning to orgasm to live the triggers and the flashback and expert the damages cannot be erased in her past but for her Jesus is the radical answer and by things that God she's experiencing that there's nothing that can happen that between the two of him they can't handle will understand you have something that Kathy has written because of coming to this program yes I like the services upon and at the based on Isaiah sixty four eight is called the plotter designed I want into your shop one day to see you are working with some clay you toileting and did so beautifully a glorious piece for all I see that this clay exit squirms what does he not know yes still needs to learn you on the potter the designer of the night but it's writing and causing you so much strife I've watched in astonishment your patient face you respect stubborn choices and allow trial in error at one's own pace this plate falls and breaks plan failed and deep heartaches and tears with understanding flight down your cheeks her father wanted to Jean whatever went wrong I ask you as you pick up the pieces so gentle and strong your plan is in action you moistened and softened the cracks on the spinning wheel you restore its glory your greatest supplies everything it may this time the clay is softened in complete trust pliable obedience cakes shaped at your touch tenderness and character molded in the home of your hands as you craft a piece of breathtaking reflecting the sun shine ways of your son yet although are you are our father William of the clay you are the party we are all the work of your hand Isaiah sixty four eight amen thank you so much learning please pray for her godly praise is working so much in the administrative in our faith if I next get has something very unique to share with when preparing for baptism the traditional approach is to give them a set of Bible studies on the twenty seventh on a medical leave can however Karen Lewis I guess you have developed a set of possible studies that have a unique approach in direct in a relationship with Jesus which I be happy to first if I wanted to let you know that in really how it began it through my inspiration from my containing thinly on my husband and I see you're from Chicago and years ago Finley a very young mark in the field back in the day sideburns down to here in our did a series of evangelistic series brought my husband and I into the church and I saw the dedication and passion with which markedly in leave work and I'm anything but a godly couple but my church had asked me to be a part by the worker I just said that I wanted to do whatever it is that God called me to do and what happened was that we had an on thirteen we had some polite non- cabinet people one of them with Kathy Kathy was going to a beery painful divorce now she was that she was a Catholic the one thing you getting a lot of Catholics we don't know anything about the Bible we don't understand the gospel okay will Catholic Kathy was going to a painful divorce and if we get a chance to get to know her in fellowship with her she said hey my kids would like to come and visit your church and I thought really I looked at her kids and the one with like pummeling on the other one is not really oh two one comments licensure we would like to have economy about eleven three routes and capping the church came to church and work were no hugging her canopy come over here we're all excited laughter about the second and third time you sent me I think that your first Bible study anyway I said to hurt you what do we have what the bond of our friends have women friends that you already know after we get together at each other 's homes and we the we wrote in each others homes would bring the Bible think that's one usage of and she said would you like from work and not do any housework in short we come to the Taj Mahal Kathy because Apple went to give you an idea of how affluent she went her divorce settlement was twenty six million dollars okay very I well I was all excited this is my first Bible study that we can have looking for a series of really great Bible study on how to disciple her and practical living and Christian living I went to be ABC I'm looking there is one of the Bible things out there but nothing that would really touch your heart of hearts how to live the Christian life and filled the night before the Bible study I'm desperate I have nothing here will give her my first Bible study so I just will make these before please help me I have nothing sensed God saying go to the computer and write how I can piece I thought okay C- fifteen in writing in English you know how I'm not a writer that I wrote and I'm next to you it was like the computer just took off the first Bible study with how the Bible gives you peace for all born with a hole in her heart we try to fill it with things like you know relationships and in marriage and children and career our appealing enough that his relationship with Jesus Christ and so he was at Bible study she loved it I thought all next weekend to find some really great series of Bible lessons in findings of the plant the study of how she got to learn the problem why you need a Savior and so I did I did all of the research on it lacks a story selected illustrations and then she said how can I never knew that I was enacted on the next word and a really great ability to know to the next one was held at safety beautiful redeeming love of our Lord Jesus Christ and then why and what it was that Jesus died on the second the second death on the cross and how it shows his incredible love for by the time I finished with twenty five lessons she was baptized but not like that I had higher survival the first nine all about Jesus and let me tell you Jesus said in John twelve thirty two I am lifted up will draw all men to myself who's doing the work all we have to do is present Jesus wanted tell you when you present Jesus and all his beauty and all his charm it's like the interest of electrified like angels are all around you and Jesus said make disciples for me was really disciple people and how to live the Christian life control to really know Jesus personally many people in our churches are burning you know what I'm saying and I will tell you when I I trained laypeople when in Denver Colorado is the Bible and people with never given by the police before having baptisms and their people are excited in bringing more people I have and guess what I went to tell you something this is this is a testimony of Jesus Christ and he gets all the glory but I did eighty five I think that I have given three have been baptized that that is just amazing and that that is price and sell if any of you would like these three studies from eighty would like free Bible studies okay think about that here's the website listing events that match your data remember this one in a wide set follow me and I'll make you fishers of what men what you used to catch fish with a net right lifting achievement that Matt that one enters the theories thirty Bible lessons for adults kids ages seven through twelve it's a free resource it right now entire conferences are using it if there been translated into five different languages Spanish is completed Chinese is completed we got it in German Korean and Russian and so God has told that share him we need to share him use them the highway by way and tell them how crazy Jesus is about the May nine thank you thank you Karen I think you've seen how God has seen people in various ministry I encourage you today find how to share how you can share a man who is to him will is to time there is naïve and will see you as you will non- for him to an let me introduce you to Scott Criswell Scott is the director of the Buddhist studies center in Bangkok Thailand Scott how long you live in Thailand we been there the last seven years and before this we at the time of the family but so you have been now living among the majority Buddhist population from a year going on fourteen years why can't you because there are millions upon millions of people who do not know Jesus Christ how many Buddhists do you estimate there are in the world it's hard to tell exactly how many because they mix it with Chinese religions of various religions but I would say about a billion people are strongly influenced by Buddhism one building in Buddhists in the world will Jesus come before the Buddhists are reached with the gospel I don't believe so I believe they are very much on his heart that he loves them and that he would miss them for eternity if they were there with them how many septa how many people live in Thailand right now they are probably sixty two million people and how many Seventh-day Adventists all around ten to twelve thousand and how many of those whatever Buddhist background not very many most come from anonymous backgrounds from the tribal groups through mounds of sixty two million people living in Thailand most than Buddhists and very very few with Adventist are have a Buddhist background Scott what breakthroughs have been taking place in the Buddhist population in the last few years God is releasing some fantastic things happen in places like Cambodia Vietnam where thousands of income followers of Jesus Christ in other countries it's been a bit slower like to the land in the unmarked but is beginning to happen with new little groups in totally new ethnic groups as well we had only after a hundred years work in Thailand about three Seventh-day Adventist churches in Bangkok until four or five years ago but what's happened in the last few years from a church is a groups we have now we have likely going on twenty twenty two somewhere like that little groups popping up all through the city their God is beginning to move in some unique ways and ASI is a part of that and I was asked by a part of this project to reach out to Buddhists a couple years ago they got behind financially you folks got behind financially a new beginnings projects to put together thirty specials evangelistic sermons just prepared for people that know biblical background evil or good it's why we need them can I open my Bible study Daniel Suan evangelist Shirley Cannon God can use anything but he also causes to think about the audience it was speaking to them come close to them to their values what they know what they are feeling and then make a bridge is wonderful truths let's suppose I'm a Buddhist walking down the street what a white think what's my worldview do I believe in a personal God now you would not believe in a personal God your primary focus would be a better do some good because of karma I do good I will receive good if I do that I will receive the power these lessons that ASI is financing making any impact on the Buddhist mind then what kind of topics do you start with and how they different from the traditional approach the PowerPoint lessons that we use we use both in public and personal evangelism we have used it in Bangkok with city people and they seem excited about it it needs we start with maybe their family problems there finances education various things up then we begin to introduce them to the God they don't know the God they've never heard about before that answers prayer and has power to change their lives Scott you have begun a church there group in your home talk to us a little bit about that we have a time on the air along the red rice fields one little pond in every Sabbath about twenty to thirty people come from our neighbors from the town where were at on some of them were we've opened our laptop underneath their house the program on little children and other kids in the cats running around they are responding because because they needed your landlady 's been baptized she was why Shia Buddhist background see definitely was the talks about whimsies to pray to whoever is out there's even know who and God answered prayer centers to rent your home and later introducer to know her Savior how do you intend to use these resources we hope not only to use them in public and personal evangelism but then select the way that we have presented it be something that can inspire others to video to radio ANSI website evangelism so ASIS participating in a project to reach literally tens and thousands and millions of Buddhists I sure hope so I believe that God is just beginning to move upon his church not long ago we known about many religions that Buddhism has been kind of quiet people haven't really thought a lot about it now people are beginning to pray people are beginning to plan to reach out to them in greater way why is it that many people in the West returning to Buddhism I tell you this is something that is really hitting me hard even just as trip home I visited my hometown and found the city of ten thousand Buddhas they are celebrating is the largest monastery North American my hometown people are turning to Buddhism in the West I believe because they are not finding Jesus in the churches they are looking at Messina simplicity a a search for purity harmony materialistic focus in Buddhism and they like it seems to be helping people what unique message you Seventh-day Adventists have to offer Buddhists what is for that very unique methods I believe that we simply have the most essential things that it was could mean besides the morality and their good lives they need a living God they don't count that they need somebody who can change their heart given power over their extends help them love their enemy beyond that they need salvation at a Seventh-day Adventist we present a gospel message that fully life-changing many many Buddhists are put off by this idea of cheap grace that you spent all your life when you just get forgiven we present a gospel that that goes deep to what there's searching what when it comes to the special thing that some of the evidence have to share it's extremely important because when a Buddhist looks at Christianity they often just assume what is Western his book is Christian Hollywood politics materialism and they say why do I need that what is and is so much better in their minds so when they begin to see a true Seventh-day Adventist caring Christian they see something different for instance our message of simplicity Jesus is coming soon so don't waste your money in a fancy house fancy car let alone jewelry Jesus is near they can see it there seeking for harmony for peace for quietness in this crazy rat race life what is the Sabbath about but at twenty four break from all that seek what is eternal to put aside the things of the world to care for your family and your own health there are many more things but those are things you can look at in the lessons if you are interested you want to reach out to people who don't have any biblical background come by our booth one one nine and we can share with you the CD that has been worked on with these power points and the other materials for reaching out to boots God is using ASI in a powerful way to assist many projects in the world in one way he is using it is to reach the Buddhist population I'd like to pause at this point in the program and pray for one billion Buddhists in the world I like to pray that God will create openings that we now do not see and like to pray that God will raise up labor 's last year at ASI a young man is bonded to an appeal enjoying Scott in working for the Buddhist population I believe that there are people sitting here tonight in people watching by television that God may touch your heart to make the supreme sacrifice and to spend time in an overseas mission assignments and let's pray right now for one billion Buddhists and that God will raise up laborers when you bow your heads with me just now thought there in heaven I placed my arm on Scott shoulders praying that you would continually bless him and his dear wife Julian 's children they have committed thirteen years of their life to live in mission service and you are using them powerfully I pray that you give them strength and health and wisdom I press special blessing on the resources that ASI has provide father make these resources be scattered by the tens of thousands to reach our Buddhist friends and father when I think of one billion Buddhists in the world that the barely touched with the gospel many have no idea who God is many of never the name of Jesus Lord to take a miracle to reach them but you are a God of miracles and I pray tonight to get all that Lawrence and that the doors would be open for this figure you were in Jesus we thank you that you are raising up laborers who make the sacrifice to leave the comfort and convenience of their home admission service still attracts the brightest and the best he pray they get raise up those laborers in the name of Jesus amen amen time now for another one of our members in action segments and I hope you look forward to this as much as I do I think it's one of my favorite parts of of our convention it is truly worth a visit talking about what God has done in each of our lives there's nothing I think that qualifies as worship more than that praising the Lord for the work he's done you know it's interesting I don't know if any of you heard that there are some Adventists who are involved in the model here about that while I have a couple of people with me here tonight and David finds Kleindienst and Madeleine Hamblin and are going to tell us a little bit about the monk personals start with you David can you tell us what organization you working with right now well first of all walls and spurn missionaries of the blind all in their minds at ease yeah it's a ministry is operated by Christian records services which is the Adventist church 's ministry to people were blind and visually impaired right thank you for that now tell us a little bit about the mob let's let's go right for that because at the new part of your program that was one of his of her Christian record that tells more about Martha what works like this we serve about twenty thousand blind people throughout the world who get all kinds of reading materials from Christian record but what we would like to do is to make a personal connection each one of them and so we are looking for laypeople from every church across North America who would like to have a ministry of visiting a blind person once a month okay tell us a little bit more about how that works are you going to get these people connected to the blind what we would do is we will give that person the name of the blind individual who lives in their local community who's been getting materials from us and we would ask that layperson to visit once a month to encourage them pray with that in mind individual and if they do not have a church where they can go invite them to the local administrators all right that's excellent it gives a good overview out now I'd like you to tell us a little bit about this how you found out about mom programs and your involvement with yourself I mean you got your wide and as I received information about and I looked at all the material this is something I can do I'm a busy person and because I'm an anti- member I know I should be witnessing but this was easy himself as a child my parents had always taught us that we needed to be involved in helping people less fortunate like this is something I can do there is a need and an opportunity and something you say easy to you to do maybe to some people here might look easy to tell is a little more about it in terms of how you found out about it in the first all it felt like God was calling me to get involved in this ministry after you read the material and we now know that the world is filled with lonely disillusion people and as Seventh-day Adventist Christian were really in a position to empathize with this type of a person until I know from experience that when I help other people I'm the one who gets a sense of helplessness and that my joy greatly increases amen can you tell is about so malignant through your ministry right now I'm working with four people I have two people who are very intelligent they both have Masters degrees I'm working with a ninety four -year-old woman and we take our beautiful Holly God willing over to her she's not had the time and then I have been working with an eleven -year-old boy the first of any way to meet this young boy I took their twelve -year-old grandson with me we took him seven story our team and when we came to the door the father was there I called ahead Larry King and the father was just so overwhelmed that somebody would come to visit his son in all the years that that they had this child no one had ever shown an interest in unevenness school so there are people that are out there in their lonely because they have this blindness that impacts them separates them from others the film you will bit more about this this humanity were talking about what what has happened with him since been working well with young boys mentally challenged in the family are very overwhelmed the second working with the blind people like I've come to understand that not only do blind people need a friend but the families need support and so this next week I will be going to the family of the spine related to show me how to help you to babysit for them so that they can have everything okay will now I wanted to remove a different direction what is happened you how has this impacted your life as you worked with his families these individuals we know I really believe that I have gotten a lot of joy in working with you people on a regular basis and we are having a lifestyle matters however make certain I'm inviting to lead the people to come in they've already said they would come so I'm signing that actually is going to benefit by working with the people and then I know that life had changed really in their brain by my caring for them and I see Mark clearly my own blessing my work for other people also when we work for others I think that we really give a spiritual legacy to our families that is more valuable than any monetary statement we can ever lead and I'm also great for printing the ceiling then again I like the feeling I get when I went from there is joy in service to the Lord is there a real joy in helping others that's why these ounces to partner with him he divides his ministry thank you so much for sharing with us as we are next ministry I guess you would say an interview our next guest disaster since she's going to telling us about working out with the depth as per you been working with the death for quite some time haven't you it feels like I'm done with his first elaborate on that please will both my parents and not my first time distant teens her age was seven years old wow so you are you have been working with the deaf all along but there's something new that you've been doing and that's what we want to talk about tonight tell us a little bit about the newest services for the deaf providing a liquid Administaff ministry and what we do is twofold first of all we get our reach deaf people all over North America and secondly we tried to nurture the current deaf members of behalf of the morning and evening working on isn't going to get X we have found two different organizations ahead Expos all across North America and they had about three to six thousand deaf people come to one eighty six love is like only everyone is theft so we had these that we had created in the amount like the leaves of autumn we try to get them in everybody's hands and they walk away the packet of information it's also not guide itself and that God loves them any one of them to be his children in he is coming to give them so you you're giving away these DVDs of these you are talking about wine were on death if you you been giving these away what is the content of those tell us a little more about what those have on what you mean really notices that the deaf community is highly sacrificed be carried out to millions of people in North America studies show that two to four percent or even church attending people so we have a vast majority that don't even have a relationship with Jesus Christ so the first DVD that we created that is in the packet tells them about God and that he loves them he desires a relationship with them and so what are they going to do about it in the people have loved it so much we have had many meanie excited comments about it and atheists have come to us saying how much they love this DVD they are showing in churches with no matter what denomination they are and we had noticed that people are accepting the atom and his people now because they realize we believe in Jesus Christ how many deaf people reduce their country about two million about two million how many have been there about three hundred or so and tell us about the work that you're doing with me at Dennis F and helping them training them work with others like those the inside of our ministry we tried to nurture members and they are so isolated all across North America and we had been happening this year will be caught dead beach it is a late training program and because the best thing that people can do is go out and reach out to their death friends we had two pastors for the deaf in North America they cannot do the work they cannot meet all two million deaf people so we had trainees some of these deaf people who are deaf members we had trained about sixty so far this year in a large percentage of our death never sent also think that reaches that we do as we go to regions were and we had more death members and we train them on how to get almost any and they had been doing very well the parties started their Bible studies and we had a fixed event had taken training course and the last three months excellent so you are training the death of the Adventist to be able to share with you non- Adventist all around the world all around our nation anyway you tell me do have other languages express love our DVDs we went ahead and added titling in four languages because he wanted partly jugular we could to spread the gospel among staff all over the world excellent so then this ministry that you're doing tell us a couple stories you were telling me a little bit about these expos some of the interactions individual stories taken place if you been in these exposed to while I don't like to toot my own horn by any means but that have been to ask both very high in new place new city had never been to and attend deaf people walk across the aisle and look at the layout that spent religion is not only deal with adding beyond the new walk on a recognized mean a comeback as they are you know he somewhere and I just made them so they figure it out and get it was a DVD they watched him so they get excited and if you know what tax hurts me watch this error whenever and we've had a lot of those that one lady in particular want by Mrs. here in Phoenix by the way back in April is late a lot I see his mother that said I don't like that can see what I recognize me step back and she tried to figure out who it was that I am she's as DVD she started to tell me everything that was on the DVD nothing yes yes yes God is good and then none I said I have my new DVD she said another DVD and a hammer Agassi had just refused if anything the packet is all I have to happen after having and guys that was really exciting I we've also talked with many atheist there is one man who wants I have even thought of your Christian he thought he had the debates on his hands that he came back and he asked me if you believe that you want to know why I said well okay you don't believe in God okay sure why then well I my best friend was a pastor at death pastor and he died in Iceland before he died when she'd come down from heaven and hell me that God is real he never came back and seniors there is no God but that was easy for me to address us in the income he said Mike Godwin R I guess you could outweigh in so we started having a steady and stated that he was so excited in his eyepiece and you want to make the DVD amen amen will thank you for sharing this with us this evening I think it's a wonderful ministry are doing and Lord bless you and work thank you next up is the new nose from Black Hills health and education Center and a lot of you would recognize that he's been up here with us a lot serum about this before but tell us for those who don't know what Black Hills health and education Center is all about the wellness lifestyle program a week and people and help change the lives and also we educate people as well okay so you're mostly about lifestyle but you started branching out into several other areas and details about some of the things you're doing a little bit more spam we do not this old saying is a picture 's worth a thousand words so when we shot the other all right we're very beautiful temporary blast people feel like they found a piece of heaven when they come up dry center we have a medical program will write you doing a free clinic in Hot Springs South Dakota as well as helping people around the area and during bone density scans tell people realize where their current health status is an Atlanta personal training program would actually hope the community we have many people coming in we have our personal training school where we help people become personal trainers as you see they come in all shapes and sizes and ages and there we have information classes were doing we reach out to the community while speaking in low place of her most regular massages were people helping them out with that we also use our school and that with the people we teach them how to fix good healthy food and we provide the area with that good healthy food everyone lot of special programs and happy money putting aside the route there and then we have a lot of musical talent I'm not part of that so but we do have a lot of people have great talent and we so open that the community and finally this last picture shows a family Native American family that we reach out to we take up collections for them send out to them and what ends up happening is they're not getting excited about finding out about the gospel message J I'd like to back up a little bit about one of the things I saw there was you were talking about the personal trainers and refrigerate them I wanted to talk a little more about that what what is that the plan for that wire you doing well because a lot of people want involved in health ministry they don't know what to do or where to turn and so when you become a personal trainer you actually have a chance to work one-on-one with people in a very very close way and by doing that the whole ministry of Jesus was to reach the physical needs of the people which open up the gospel message and so are working with people we see tremendous things happening it's a real blessing we just just yesterday met him up to me as a body and spirit says I couldn't walk and often so watching your program start doing exercises and I'm walking milligrams on amen so you're telling me that there is not just a physical aspect of this but a spiritual one as well absolutely because you can do all the lecturers the exercise of treatment the medical workup on that from having his intercom until crisis centers will tell us about some of the people would've been impacted especially in a spiritual way of doing some of the stories well-known Samantha came out who was a totally yes he was a fireman in another fireman buddy came out and it was a program he was a heavy smoker we did trying them out the cigarettes although he still snuck some and then they went up the program for three years later he came back we didn't know if this man now had terminal lung cancer but what he wanted to do is get out to a place he felt very loved and accepted even though the time he was an atheist who we didn't know if he was coming out for me truly and he came up to the program went through it again with your nonmedical parts we never did catch on to his cancer but before he left we baptize in the factory humanity so it is not an isolated case and there we had a baptism septic later he was the first one that year to see what a lot of people would never go through and badges at program or job revelation seminar that took him to a wellness lifestyle center to learn about secure themselves we had a man whatever the coal mine tragedy who was a supergiant schools in San Diego and when he came out he said to me after the orientation I see you people are Christians here and I said what yes because I'm an atheist and I'm looking for one reason only this place anyone to management and on my Mountaineer and so I sent my brother see a sermon in your sermon at a day and it was okay I can live with that so it at the end of a day she was willing to leave but he said was what let's than low longer remembered and an Alaskan cruise but she talked medical and lifestyle center even though I said I don't want to get healthy women sounds like your husband 's right so you cannot anyway and at the day Marty some of them a longer and they're working to market it have to ball during graduation he got up and he said I really glad I chose to come here as my flight Amy said so in the beginning I'd rather see a sermon in your sermon any day now a vice scene sermons I help them I now want despite my life and how situations like that people rate yesterday Allison and want to get to know God or people leave our program is that you like I I caseload but I haven't liked your stuff all the time at all for the Holy Spirit to work here we as a staff at the well petty differences follow the teachings of the disciples come in one accord because that's when the problem Holy Spirit can work without the Holy Spirit nothing can happen and then you take it and reach out to the world not to retry Junior Benjamin evangelist in our community one person is not immune entering medicine health are the people are well and that Lord works through will make me a recommendation for the Voltaire you're thinking about an Alaskan cruise consider the glass house and even though it's not may get out there and exercise tomorrow morning I RI and you can now learn more about this lack kills have moved up to number eight twenty seven so stop by and visit that I can alright her next guesses Ellen Metcalf a IE that's something I'm going to have her describe to us right now IL and welcome and not tell us what is AIE 's and four and what is the thinking and I we call it a IE because it's too hard to say the whole name every time it's Adventist Institute of arts for your ship and AIE is a network of business owners who mentor young people to use their business spread the gospel all right and what this is administered Institute of entrepreneurial 's entrepreneurship that's an argument at all refer to it as a ID from Ron so how does it work tells about how the program is working in your hearts meant to work what we actually provide okay we actually arrange a weeklong business trip because the business trip and I wear a AIE mentor business owner brings a young person to their home or to their into their business both and shows them that intersection between business and ministry shows and how their sharing Christ in the marketplace right you find that there are students interested in in this type of program assistants are very interested in this in this program we did a survey at Southern Adventist University I don't year ago and of the fifty three students is that they wanted to use their business for the Lord evangelist thickly eighty percent were interested in an internship like this with it evangelistic reminded business owner excellent so do the business owners are they interested in is what do they get out of it why they would be all excited stories about financers that that are regular to my heart I have a friend David who owns assisted-living facilities in Colorado and he's mentored many young people over the years and he actually recently hired a Nancy of his and see was she want to spread the gospel her name is Maria now I and as part of her business running his facilities as administrator she wanted to share the gospel she went to church her first weekend in the town and found that there were two members of the church I was at and within two months greener now with her contacts that she had business and in the community than two months of being administrator six six five studies one was with a local Lutheran pastor and she kept working with these contacts over the over the time and by the end of her first year in this in the small-town kid to baptisms she held an evangelistic series is preaching on an Sabbath and double church is growing now instead of going the other way excellent liner weaknesses very much like what ants lies about his bigger starting people right at the beginning when they get ready to start their business your teaching them training them to share Christ in the marketplace exactly exactly we want to give we want to give everyone a chance to train a young person to share Christ in their marketplace given that hands-on and hands-on experience through Novell is just enclosing your little bit about how people can get involved away how anyone here could be involved in this program okay it's very simple business owners as I know many of you are your busy and we want to make it as easy and as simple as possible are you need to do is log on to a IE team .com and click the link to host and AIG business trip we needed scan through all the applicant applicants that come in and when there's someone who's interested in your industry will contact you and see if the time the location everything works out for your schedule we one make it easy for you to give that hands-on experience to a young person who wants to share the gospel all right you have a way that people can get a hold you outside of the website and explain your personally in particular hobby here all weekend we don't have a booth this year but I will be here all weekend and you're more than welcome to to get money any time I wanted to share if you don't mind up just a little snippet of how I want my vision is to share the gospel and in business back in the eighties these jobs was asked about his vision for Apple Computer and he said instead of saying I want to make it a large profit or I want to build the next supercomputer he said something very simple he said I want to change the world and I want our young people to catch that vision to change the world for eternity amen thank you thank you our next guest is Pamela Benson and pair was been doing some interesting Bible study and a lot of associated things with them and I'd like to have her tell us a little bit tonight about a book that she has and how this came about I'd like to backup a little bit now and tell the people how can you do this but why did you write the what got you started down this well it's targeted two days before really take off on tour and then the mother and sisters as I know I had we had an accident are stretched and just snap roll slipped two and half times and I receive the same breaks in my knack as Christopher Reed at the scene of the accident I had no feeling in my arms and legs and was blind the doctors said it was a matter of whether a screen to be paralyzed or not it was a matter whether as plaintiff in and did a miracle here I am and I'm not paralyzed in God 's will and and yeah you know the Lord better when things like that happen and I wanted to get into deeper study and enjoy this feeling that if I could use Strong 's concordance then I'm really understand what the Scripture says something better and you know there's a lot of winds of doctrine out there right right now and you have a tendency to have hesitation I really and just getting into it blind to be involved in fact that says test all things and hope you hold fast to that which is right and by understanding how to stay the Scriptures and don't have that fear anymore and on so I don't get that discount curtains could help me I didn't know how to use it since I pray Lord if you're leading me please send somebody to teach me because I figured everybody now uses something for me and I didn't mind the reason I didn't know how right and so is anything for me to teach me and I say learning that when the Scriptures is translated into English numerous Hebrew and Greek words were given only one English word and when we read the Scriptures we read our English understand the Scriptures and the we understand what they're saying and we can be so wrong for the title diamonds in the single and by the way mice Dorian accidents inherent to other times toward Dave my answer is in appendix as well as some really interesting things about the Benton sisters that one example of having a missing having the strongest concordance are in unicorns bringing a deeper understanding into the Scriptures with the Psalms ninety five eleven it says because you do not know my ways I say in my wrath he shall not enter into my rest Les Christ speaking right what would you say the word realist would be going to look at the concordance rate this is just a word rest and this is a text is mentioned and because you do not know my ways I see in my rat is not being married to me when I visit because she did not know my ways this Pacific word ways and is the road I walk the path I try and convince Christ speaking which will disable the road where his character it shows his character right his character the transcript of that is the law says you could say because you do not know my character or the law I see in my wrath will reduce a route would be and what you a


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