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Knowing Him as a Family, Part 2

Edwin Nebblett Maria Nebblett




  • August 7, 2009
    7:00 AM
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morning welcome to the worship this morning this beginner by closing our eyes and lifting our thoughts the Lord asking for his help here Russia's heavily father we want to hear from your throne as you call to each of our hearts what we can do to be more like you and to rightly represent you as individuals of those families here on our so we invite your presence here now Lord as we share from our hearts and Sharon saw that those who hear and if convicted by the Holy Spirit will turn to you to achieve the strength to do the things that you have called us to do in Jesus name amen we were excited when we heard that the theme for the early morning at devotionals this year would be knowing him as a family because for the past fifteen years we have been on a journey that has led us to the discovery of God 's special beautiful design and purpose for each family which is to experience intimacy with him as a family there is incredible joy and blessing for us and all others when we catch a vision of God 's design and seek to fulfill his glorious plan we find ourselves connected happy secure fulfilled and empowered and equipped with the most powerful evangelistic tool in our hand 's what is that evangelistic tool is a passage that is found in Adventist home page thirty two that clearly defines how I will be the most effective witnesses for the gospel of Jesus Christ it states the greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family this will recommend the truth as nothing else can for it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart so we want to share with you about a time in our lives when we came under the conviction that while we were professed Christians engaged in God 's work we were not connected to God and to one another in the way that God designed families to be and thus we were unable to witness of the effectiveness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our own lives our hearts and how by God 's grace this is changed and continues changing I graduated from the family practice residency of Hinsdale Hospital in the suburbs of Chicago in nineteen eighty one I completed a teaching fellowship I joined the faculty and I began teaching in the residency program I was practicing of statutes as a family physician I was administering the residency practice we were newlyweds Maria is a nurse she was working on the three to eleven shift so you can imagine how our lives crossed on different paths on the weekends I was busy with my responsibilities as a church elder and engaged in starting a new church I love to my wife but I was not tuned into her needs one as time went on we started a family I became more involved in service to others Maria learned to live with my busyness I was now involved in medium three the focus of reaching the secular world and then I added a children's series I was conducting health lectures at churches I had a part-time medical practice while now being the director of the residency program when I was at home I was often on the phone I was so busy doing God 's work that I had a little or no time for God we engage in a society where it seems that nearly every one is room for a time hurry and hassle technology has provided us with more so-called times dating devices than ever before in the history of mankind and yet we have hiring for meaningful communication and related than we have ever had before God says the NL and know that I imply it takes time with him first of all it takes is in the soul to be able to search out the deep things of God we can not experience real intimacy with our father and mess we take trying to have those periods of illness before him I'm a regular basis likewise I cannot experience intimacy with our houses we cannot experience closeness of the family actually take time once again for that meaningful Association deep communication and relatedness this is why cohesive families tend to be a thing of the past one pastor speaking of the people of God in the context of modern life has sad we have become a body of people that look more like a herd of cattle in this man he'd been a flock of God 's side green chairs and still waters and this is the way that I remember our lives being in the early years of our marriage I remember always longing for more pain with my husband and never feeling like I had enough as the months and years past we began having children and I grok stories from my mother up for a very happy family life in a large family so I wanted to have a large family but by the time we had three and then four was overwhelmed and I felt alone in the day to day clomiphene with the challenges of raising and an mothering and several young children I often ended via the day with tremendous fatigue with teachers and regret desiring with all my heart to be a happy a nurturing godly mother but often new losing my temper with them you see I was ignorant because I wasn't taking the time to be built and to learn out the father I was ignorant of the principles that could make our home that could bring peace and order into our home one evening I was especially fifteen and disappointed having learned that he was not coming home he had just admitted a woman in labor to the hospital and he would not be home that evening I lost my temper once again with our children I was trying to get them to bed early and they were not quickly cooperate the I yell at our forward with our seven -year-old I said when you are at your mother now what it was not infrequent for me to lose my temper with them it was different this time in that instead of bringing all activity to a halt that they usually did when I lost my temper in watching me in silent dread this time she spoke and it shocked me she said I can never please you big tears in your eyes will never be able to please you I was silenced by her words and I put them to bed quietly and filled with shame and regret kindly and then wondering all can I be so hurtful to the children then I will did so much in that I love so dearly for the first time I was struck by the ugliness of the sin of angry words and the devastating effect upon the heart I cried to God in this there that evening how would I learn to manage my children in a timely manner in way how could he spend too long to achieve that the model under an obeyed their parents without losing my cat for frequently and speaking words of condemnation to them in a passage from Ellen White that is found in the FDA Bible commentary among other places it says the greatest insult that we can inflict upon him upon price is to pretend to be his disciples while manifesting the spirit of Saint in our words our dispositions and our actions the same principle is stated in James one twenty six words they if any man among you seem to be religious and bridal is not his time but even his own heart this man's religion in green money religion friends what things mean during that period of my life I was as Roman one eighteen six folding the truth in unrighteousness if I cried to God that evening I really wanted victory but I lacked elements that are necessary for victory like the habit of consistent daily earnest study of the word of God specifically searching for the solution to the problems that challenge me in my daily experience that the power of the Holy Spirit I long for my husband to be spiritual leader and priest of our home to conduct family worship on a daily basis is a genus of into the answers that we needed so that we could be combat happy godly family that I knew God wanted us to be the only conducted worship on a hit or miss basis because he was too busy too busy with work ministry activities and commitments outside of our home someone call into your heart will conviction came to me on Sundays 's seventh birthday as I sat around and up boisterous children's voices and I'm looking at this seven -year-old child it dawned on me I did not know her I know what her favorite color was I did not know what the name was about things she drags around it looks like a teddy bear once in a while and Novick 's name was I realized with sadness that I had lived for seven years with this job in my heart while I longed to be a godly father was I defined the time every moment was concerned in the practice of medicine at the hospital teaching the art to up-and-coming physicians at the hospital I was Mister wonderful there I was a success work consumed me and I did not resist how many of you can relate to this I also managed to make time for outreach and for service to others but at home I was failing or brought brought me to conviction that day that something needed to change if I was to hear the words one day well done thou good and faithful service when the Lord asked me where is the beautiful flock that I gave you what during the rest of our time this morning we want to share with you the simple steps that God led us to take as we sought answers from his word there are two things that we as parents were missing in our lives that we came to understand were unnecessary absolutely necessary for us to become the happy cohesive vibrant fully functional full of purpose mission driven minded family that God designed every family to become the first Maria has already spoken up about little sisters if you've not already done this we just plead with you to experience the joy there's sure to be found in a personal Tim Rio living connection with Jesus Christ it is the connection that gives us the strength to overcome the areas in our lives where were having difficulty that we can experience victory over our flesh and continue will growth in grace which transforms our marriage our parenting and every aspect of our lives the second is a strong heart to heart connection amongst all numbers of our family first with Maria and myself and with each of our children so that we become partakers together of all the blessings that God wants to bestow on families and grew families while this look at the first element that we are missing the other challenge that we're faced with is that oftentimes we look for our own solutions but the solutions to any issues that we face are to be found in God 's word in John six sixty three of says it is the spirit that Quicken in the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life spiritual life can only be kindled revived and maintained by the Holy Spirit through the word of God so coming under this conviction I made the commitment fourteen years ago that I would spend the first hour of every day in God 's word since then I have sought to follow the admonition that I read one day in my devotions and steps to price page seventy where it says consecrate your self to God in the morning make this your very first work in a promised that as we do this our lives will be molded more and more after the life of Christ in Islip to make my study of God 's word very practical my personal needs like how to be a godly husband and how to be the father but God would have me to be unharmed to overcome the areas of weakness of the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to see I believe that making my study practical has made the most dramatic difference in my life is not always been easy to keep this commitment there are obstacles like spending long evenings engaged in projects or programs that make for a late day and make it very hard to get up in the morning to spend time in God 's word referring back to the text that Edwin quoted John six fifty three is the Spirit quickening the flesh profits nothing friend it was my flash that was in charge of my life in the illustration that I gave you off of my parenting in those early years and indeed profited nothing both my husband hectic hectic lifestyle and the resulting lack of spiritual leadership in our home in my own lack of my deep growing personal experience with God were leading out what he from the blessing that God has in store and that he wants to be still every family the blessing of nurturing and cohesive happy vibrant Christian family that is a powerful testimony to the world but essentially denying began to establish that living connection through the word of God with him on a daily basis through communion with him over the months and years that followed it made a dramatic difference in our family life friendly here to tell you that the air ace saving showers life changing power in the gospel of Jesus Christ and if I began to to make the feet of Jesus to make that the first priority on my day on a daily basis could be in began to experience that life changing power in my own life as a mother I needed to have all due to gain victory over my temper as I spent time in his word not at a hasty or careless reader would buy diligently searching for the solutions to to my challenges the Lord began to teach me the way that he willing and eager to teach anyone a bath who lack with them who lack knowledge he began to teach me how to consistently need to children and to my husband with the law sweetness on my lips now I don't have time to share with you that particular journey I share that in a different method but suffice it to say that possibly we ordered our priorities in our home in our life the Lord began to give us an experience that have not only our family through this day making our home is a little piece of heaven to live but it has given us a testimony to share with others of what Christ can do when we learn to surrender when we learned that the hike itself on a daily basis I wonder how many of you were here yesterday is a bit as though the meisters for sharing very powerful the principles that they were sharing with the things that the Lord began to teach us started taking the time with him when Celtic on the throne there can be no happiness no real happiness in a marriage and a parenting relationship twelve month die trying must live in him we can have all that we can become the inheritors of all the blessings that he wants to be stolen the Bible says taste and see taste and see that it is good the second element that I mentioned earlier that we were missing and the ability to keep the hearts was the ability for us to be able to win and keep the hearts of our children in the book child guidance page one forty eight it says listen listen carefully you must you must win their affection if you would impress religious truth upon their hearts before the heart cry of many parents have lost the hearts of their children and then see their children making decisions that chefs bring their hearts to grief if you want to impress religious truths on your children's hearts you must have their heart first this requires time it requires your presence I tell my brothers that our wives and our children need more than a paycheck they need us to be present not distracted present we need to give ourselves to our wives and our children as the priests on the home as the one appointed to lead them to the kingdom of heaven the Bible requires us to leave it's not an option Ephesians five twenty three says for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the Savior of the body have you thought of yourself brothers as being the savior for your family this salvation prices the one that gives us the strength to do this but you aren't back to your part as I sought to learn how to do this in my devotional time one day I read into fragrant volumes that I like to recall mine character and personality volume one page one sixty two all our powers are to be used for Christ this is good debt we each owe to God and forming a relationship with Christ the renewed man is but coming back to his appointed relationship with God he is a representative of Christ and he is ever to watch and what pray and watch unto prayer is GOP's lie around him nine and a far off his first GOG 's first duty is to his children and his earnest relatives think can excuse him for neglecting the inner circle for the larger circle outside all was this a call to my heart in the day of final reckoning fathers and mothers will be required to answer in regard to their children parents will be asked what they did and said to secure the salvation of the souls they took upon themselves the responsibility of bringing into the world did they neglect their lands leaving them to the care of strangers fathers mothers are you allowing your children to grow up in impurity and send out great this was the one that really hit me up rate could done for others will not cancel the debt you owe to God to care for your children the spiritual welfare of your family comes first taken him with the cross of Calvary laboring for them as those that must give an account old has called to my heart but I needed to reprioritize my life to it in the way that God would have me to do great get a great deal goods on for others will not cancel the debt you owe to God to care for your children the Old Testament and with a prophecy of a boy and one that would cry in the wilderness calling people to repentance and reformation preparing a people for the first coming of the Lord it is funny Malachi four versus four three six and it said behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of that great and dreadful day of the Lord and he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers we are told that this message is also applicable at the end of time in order to prepare our people to be ready for the second coming of the Lord and we believe that it is very appropriate that it can in trying message would include turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and of the children to their fathers because friends Satan has so arranged modern life that parenting most parents don't have time for their children to be among the time the patient involved they have no time for communicating spiritual values as we are admonished to do in Deuteronomy chapter six verses six and seven we had you should do is to share with them and everything that got his eye as we sit in our houses as we walked by the way when we lie down and when we rise up parents don't have time to simply or left hand to their children to play with the children to befriend them to win their hearts no time to put into place the women that make for a happy home it is no wonder that in their teens the heart of their children are more violent to the hearts of their peers into the hearts of that there can not the way that God meant for it to be do you have time for this in your life you finding time to follow this Deuteronomy six six oh seven lifestyle is not the way you live your life or are you finding that you have no time for this because the important always get our eyes on the altar of the urgent friends in that is the way that it is in your life then it is time we would invite you to right now without any late without delay any longer read more here the priorities in your life after having order you see we need to give ourselves first to God into our spouses into our children that only for children not only for this moment by moment instruction in godliness guidance and correction but also a laughing refreshing association in recreation recreation that behind the hearts of parents and children in a bond that cannot be easily broken indeed we are told that we must prepare the soil of our children heart is not in the faction is not preparing to receive the seed of truth that's found in Adventist home page eighteen well we hit we are here to tell you that in taking time over the past fifteen years first of all to get ourselves to each other and to our children taken time to take a threat in their interests we found that there are have not only been around two hours and a deeper love than we ever dreamed possible it has made them more winning to hear what we have sought to teach them about over the years more willing to select for themselves to engrave the values that we have purpose to pass on to them now at this point some of you may be sitting here saying I blew it now what awaken my children are grown were estranged what can I do brothers and sisters as long as there is life there is hope Jesus is the answer to your Savior and say Lord what would you have me to do you can instill reach the hardened heart of a child and will she will use away I believe it's focusing on where you say Lord I don't know what to do where do I start first place to start is on your knees I'm willing to do whatever you would have me to do second thing you do you find where you can connect with them that will show you away a common ground and then you can build the bridges it is even an adult child with grandchildren great-grandchildren you can still connect with them for the King the sisters we've seen it happen over and over again do not give up where there is life there is hope practically speaking taking time to give ourselves to our children require some hard decisions I want to share with you what some of those were for us and the fruit of those decisions I knew from God 's word that there is a season for everything under the sun and that this was the season for me to stop doing so many good things good things outside of the home that were keeping me from having a proper focus on my home mission field that's what I called so I made some tough choices and understand that for me saying no was very hard and disappointing others was like cutting razors in my flesh I resigned from media work for a time I resigned from my membership on boards and other service opportunities that require that I be out of the home taking time away from my family and I focused rather on surface and outreach that we could do as a family so he moved to the country which we believe to be the setting most conducive to the accomplishment of our goals our primary purpose became the spiritual nurture of our family and binding our hearts to Jesus Christ and to one another so we took advantage of opportunities for service and outreach as a family and we use the two small churches and our county as training ground for our children to develop their talents for service and leadership we spent many seasons in communion with God and with one another in nature we took the time to start God 's word we made the memorization of Scripture a priority in our lives seeking to make it the rule we also took time to do things with our children that were enjoyable for them as you might have been Adventist home page one can make the evening a pleasant social season off family reunion after the day 's duties so we took a an hour in the evening right before family worship for family time so we read books together or are played games or did engage in other activities that were enjoyable for them that were exciting to them such as writing by the end in the moonlight on the long winter evenings are playing hide and seek in the snow over the months and years that followed we began to see the fruit of that time investment we began to see it in our marriage first of all week we saw in our relationship with our father because that was our first priority and we began to see that in in the heart finding that was taking place not just between us and the children of the tool among the siblings themselves and friends the fruit was sweet when we thought cooperate with God taking the time to follow his instructions taking the time to be still before him to learn a pain to learn how to guide the South in taking the time to bond with one another our family can become all that God designed them to be and we are told that his peace and grace and knowledge will pervade the family circle precious perfume as Venice home page seventeen him home and become low and even become me the family a beautiful symbol of the family of heaven light in the community that we find ourselves equally with the most powerful evangelistic tool in our hands because we have something that will mean for because we have something that people think is no longer possible today our for young people the Lord their fully committed to him fully committed to our family they are each other's best friend this factor was that they would rather spend time with our family than with anyone else on earth the heart-to-heart connection that is near a sweet they are fully engaged in service to their Savior in our ministry is a family with restoration international sharing of practical aware individuals and families that have been very busy pursuing their studies three of them already in engaged in their college studies and yet there is devoted to God first into his service and they're willing to sacrifice for Christ's sake because that is their passion we invested in them and now they are willing and eager to invest their life in the service of their master honey I want to give people a sense of hope that they be listening saying my teenagers for that it'll never happen when we first made these hard choices that our children see us this is great what was their response when they prefer start actually they did not we one of the first things that we instituted what they having family time and the truth is that until this time we had some close friends in our lives that with all our children were bonded more than they were with their own sibling and so as we started having family time and said okay from now on the cake they were in which is going to do special things together and they looked at infant what about when we can honor a friend 's house you see they were not it didn't show up but we persevered bursts of the year first of their brothers and sisters don't give up persevered to say more I'm willing to do whatever you have me to do but don't you don't give up we persevered in the date came after a month months when one evening we said to them you know tonight looking to do something to a friend were going to go over to our friend 's house the particular friends who company they had commented more than anything else and our oldest satellite well with it happens our family time enacted will that is our family time that we're doing tonight for a family type what you see we were engaged in reading a particularly granting story and interesting always end on a cliffhanger character building story and he wanted to be together to learn what was happening so she said well can we can we go to their house on other day I knew that God was blessing in another passage from Adventist home to be going quietly picking all of these things from the home child guidance for the subsistence of the wealth of information on our hands use them to have the answers to the questions that you need to take time to read another passage and that is home we read where we how we can accomplish setting getting the home setting and the work that the Lord would have us to do and it says I was sphere of influence may seem narrow our ability small our opportunities you our requirements limited yet wonderful possibilities of hours through a faithful use of the opportunities of our own homes if we will open our hearts and homes to the divine principles of life we shall become channels for currents of life giving power from our homes will flow streams of healing bringing the life of beauty and fruitfulness where now are barrenness and death this is found in page thirty two weeks have been experiencing the fulfillment of that promise in a very tangible way in our home for the past year and a half as we opened our home in a ministry of hospitality in our community we've invited our neighbors and people that I encounter in my medical practice to an evening of food fellowship music and Bible study which we now do on a regular basis as time permits we have been amazed by the results they confirm that the world is hungering and thirsting to see the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very practical way doing it's amazing work to change lives of a family at a time when families are falling apart we pray that our testimony will be an encouragement to you to reestablish your priorities if they are not ordered a right to seek to place the proper emphasis on the first work ethic in his righteousness will be made manifest in the lives of your family and my business and will and will and medium Westerners might not ever is having maintenance services and industry learn more and I find a note in Anaheim is a worry as a free online service please visit www. maneuver is not


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