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Godhead Questions and Answers- Part 2

Daniel Scarone



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Well. Normally this. This presentation has to do with question and answers that were made in the morning. Regarding the topic of the Trinity and I'm going to to mention today in the morning I made a. Presentation regarding certain topics on their website with Taishan a feeling she quite that I use in the morning. That is. They did not die humanity. And demand that left a few moments ago ask me where where the manuscript one thirty one. Eighteen ninety seven and I didn't put that in the notes today but I repeat manuscript one thirty one eighteen ninety seven. And a normally I am dealing and please I'm going to say something because I don't want to tell me that I cannot permit to date what happened yesterday. And that is this is a seminar oriented given. For Seventh Day Adventists members. That believe in the twenty fundamental beliefs saw if you don't please. I don't know if I am going to enter into Are these peut or into our war regarding this but I do believe in the twenty eight fundamental beliefs. And besides that fact. This is oriented to give interment to those who are bringing some troubles into the charts of the nine. Doctrines of fundamental docs. Rings in the charge and we are under attack in this moment let me share with you that we are under attack regarding the creation doctrine we are under attack regarding the sanctuary doctrine we are under attack regarding the sabbath that is not are nothing new rather than that that it is and we are on the attack regarding the divinity of the Lord Jesus the divinity of the Holy Spirit. Also regarding the topic of the Trinity so what I'm going to share with you is my point of view based upon the Bible and the views of the Seventh Day Adventist Church regarding this these topics saw. And police if you have any question let me share with you that the only moment in which I am going to have a moment for doing some question and answer is to morrow in late in the morning in the presentation because. This is the only present Asian I am going to to make today. And to morrow I am. Going to be flying away to do or start another thing on Friday in other country saw that it is a special moment in this in these things but I'm going to try to deal with some questions that probably are against our view us as a church and I'm going to do it. In the best of my respect. With seafront service and so on and with Christian spirit that I'm going to share with you. My view based upon the Bible OK. To the in the morning I received a very good and interesting question it is based upon the General Conference. Website in which they put a video by. I don't remember the name of the guy regarding the examples of the Trinity and use an egg. And base the unity in the idea of the shell the egg York and the egg white. To reflect the unity of that. I am going to say that when you read the book. And this is not a perfect book but this is the best that I can share I think in in in lay people I avoided if you read the book some kind of. Images or or comparisons for God or the tree and. I am not inclined to do that. You know. We cannot compare God of with anything. So that is that is my my philosophy rather than regarding that saw I'm not I have to confess that I am not. Feeling good when I saw the film by this in our conference I didn't write I didn't protest I didn't say Look I don't see the light in doing this but I am not sharing in favor of that I I heard a pastor. That used to have credentials with a cell in there then to chart comparing in. The Trinity with with humans. Functions. Firms of lawyers he say in a moment. I'm not going to invite anyone to go into that direction. We might have differences in the reason in their understanding but my advice my my pastoral advice is let's go to the Bible and read the Bible as it is. And compare texts with text there are moments in which a devival is figurative symbolic Sometimes we are going to find out in the Bible some reference that are going to enlighten our vision of the Holy Spirit is going to help us in the understanding of that that is my advice regarding the out today in the afternoon probably where we are going to do is to share with you some sings. Regarding. Some point a few Yesterday I received a very very long question. And references and the reference as I put it here all of them with I didn't jump over anything because. I have respect for every person that is making questions here if not there were snobbery somebody put it at the end and I'm going to refer in general because I'm going to share with you some of these things the one of the question that I received today in the morning is how many times the Holy Spirit appear. In the Bible him bodily form or. In bodily form. I invite you to open your Bible and we are going to loop problem here a lot of exercise Milliken exercise today in doing that in Matthew three sixteen and seventeen I will not be asked to return soon could you read that and Mark Chapter one Verse ten and eleven could you read that and look three twenty one and twenty two. Are long could you help us Acts chapter two verses one and two and three and four and I reserve our comment at the end of that that is regarding Revelation one for. Us. Well simple when you read Could you mention the. So I avoid the repetition so butter Matthew three sixteen and seventeen. When he. Was low the heavens were open. And he saw this fear of God. Lighting up on you and lo a voice from heaven saying this is my beloved Son in all I will be when I find the funding the answer and this this is my first perception that is in the in the Bible regarding our kind of bodily comparison of the spirit here because say like our Dolph in verse sixteen which are the is the same but under the ME. Dark glasses. And straight way out of the water the heavens open and the spirit like descending upon him and like you haven't seen that I love it so I. Thank you. And. Now with all the people were baptized in Jesus also in their time. They have been opened and the Holy Spirit sent. In badly like a doubt and a voice came from heaven. You are my son my beloved son with you I am the. OK. OK sorry it was three twenty one and right. Now thank you three twenty one twenty two twenty thank you. You know. Exactly to the ends of the floor in the day I was fully come they were all going to the Lord when. Suddenly there came a sound from heaven and rushing my building all the time I was sitting. There appeared to them just like I said I'm sure. You're all. Thank you here what we have is this the first the first three mentions that is that he says Synoptics they call that is Matthew that is the book of Mark and look. You. Boldly Campari son. The they would appear in the in the book of Luke it doesn't appears in the book of Mark. But say in the book of Mark like a dog like a doll that is the expression and the difference in between is that in the case of the book of Acts appears like. In a form but it's not. A Bali you know it's the kind of flames that our peers saw of course. They're all that are they all other that I do have is is questionable and I don't know if I am going to share but I put it in my notes and I'm going to share with you because it is clearly perceivable by the author that is the the John the Book of Revelation chapter one and verse four an input in it with a note here and children say John to the seven churches which are in Asia Grace be unto you and peace from him which is and which was and which is to come and from the seven Spirit which are before His throne in the Book of Revelation the spirit of peace in from the troll and that is that is a kind of of description that you are going to find out but I will say. They answer to their to a question I will say is based upon Matthew Mark Luke and the Book of Acts certainly. Opinionated or or often two to difference of understanding is Revelation one for OK. The other question I do have here so how does how does the Holy Spirit fits of the finishing of person a being. With a personality intellect we'll. OK are here I there is a lot a lot of of verses that I will like to share with you regarding this and I guess I I touch base this in the book but my. Book this short in certain sense but here is a little bit longer you know sometimes say the doors the command not to over past certain amount of patience. In respect of that. But you pay the price that not highly uncertain amount I will say of information once you took that route on and. Let me share with you some sun sinks that are for me quite interested in for example the Bible the fines or sais that the Holy Spirit grieves and it's clear in the Bible let me share with you Do you mind if I asked to you to the rest of you the reading is any problem. I ask you. To read are for example efficiency chop to force burst thirty. Efficiency chapter four for births thirty and. Sister to read from Grauman's chapter three fifteen thirty. And. Living divine. The No you know your name but Romans chapter eight verse twenty seven. Let me comment tell it to beat once you read quick to start. Order. OK here say so very clearly a Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption so it's. The Holy Spirit might be grieved that is clear in the text so one thing here second is another observation love. Is a romance chapter fifteen. Yes the Holy Spirit of God Yes. Yes the Holy Spirit of God So it's about. Yes I I mean to preach the. Now we're now with Christ with me I should build on another me and nation. Romance. It's. Right. Here. So here grief and loss. To thinks this interesting So let's let's go to Rome and Chapter eight twenty seven. You know. What. Here it is to me at the station already seen to be we're. OK thank you has a man. So if you began to sum up the things he's grieve loft and then there are no quotation here is harsh knowing what the mind of the spirit. This. If we go to all other elements. Can continue with you our sister. Second somewhat Chapter twenty three versed to. Battle Could you read X. eight twenty nine. Eight twenty nine. And brother. X. ten nineteen. And Acts eleven twelve. And I guess that for the moment this is enough is the second some of chapter twenty three verse two. Says the Spirit is the Lord's. Let me. OK thank you by me say the version my version say through me. OK version sometimes expresses same sayings in different ways OK the next Texas Acts eight twenty nine in that period to go here OK. Yeah. And that is part of the ministry but again their spirit appears in the Bible speaking talking to our disciple Philip in this case. The next one. Yes thank you well to you this is the spirit to hear the whole. Thank you and could you read the next one and still living in the spirit. World. And. So again. I can use some of the lower verses but I guess is not necessary in this case but if you want. Take not I can share with you but the idea under this concept is that in the Bible is clear that there is Spirit is speaking to speak to holy man speaks to prophets and so on the up is clear so let me share with you some of the verses and I'm going to quote briefly and I'm going to chump into the other point X. twenty eight twenty five twenty six X. book of Acts twenty eight twenty five twenty six The By the way. When I was. When I was in South America I mean I've been teaching theology and somebody asked me. To teach of the book of facts and going to the Book of Acts one thing that I was surprising reason and that attentively were asked the function and the work of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts to the point that I ate all the students that in my estimation probably we need to change the name of the book because we call acts of the Apostles thinking in that they begin in East you know Peter and Paul. You know in the pension and in the leading of the charges but when you focus attentively you see the function of the Holy Spirit in the book of facts directing and lead in the charge in a in a wonderful way you know it is quite interesting and this is police are not done don't say that I am for all of change in the name of the book not pleased and that is a book of all God don't do that to me. Another quotation is first Timothy Chapter forswears one. First team of this. For one Hebrews chapter three verse a seven through eight revelations Revelation two seven Revelation two servant Revelation fourteen thirteen Revelation fourteen thirteen Revelation twenty two. So in. Twenty to seventy thank you sorry. Twenty two so. Two to one seven. And before that fourteen thirteen to seven OK there the other the other concept could you could you help us OK First Corinthians chapter two verse eleven. Acts. Fifteen twenty eight. First Corinthians chapter two verse eleven. Among. US The man said this. With. Us. No one knows the. Spirit Thank you. Sister Yes one yes. Good holy girls and two. Greater. OK. The last two thinks I will like to put maybe a couple of things regarding these two verses that I share with you. No leash No the spirit knows its clear in First Corinthians chapter two verse eleven. Hast our war in this of goodness. In the next text that our sisters read Acts fifteen twenty eight took. Some of the elements here. Grieves loves has a mind speaks no warnings of goodness. We came back here and restart from here Potter book of Arts. All story sorry sorry sorry sorry please support as I said earlier. Which one of your yes. Friends like oh yes we are OK. OK Perfect sorry for that. And thank you leader for remind me of my compliments problems with jumping over a five three and. I'm probably what we need to work five three in this point is Fighter E. Yes. Five OK three but Peters said in an earlier why it's a field you're hard to lie to the Holy Spirit he. Thank you. I will I promise I will not jump over you next science if if I need to but. Here here is the point this can be the last to do. So or are not to do other elements here and you have a new thing so X. Buster chapter five for verse and nine. Then Peter said there is a baby have and three together it can be or little the whole of them which can bear it that I have been at the door and he'll carry me now. Your version six to. Ten to. Test. OK Yes agree here that. Somebody if you have test. Because I don't have test in my version OK OK it's probably I am with contaminated version. OK Now maybe the nuking shame say is that so yeah OK the next one to help us in remember. Of the book of Acts Chapter twenty twenty eight. Book of Acts Chapter twenty twenty eight. Twenty verse twenty eight yes. You're fortunate here to settle into one of which the Holy Spirit has made you want. To shatter the church which is perfect. Thank you so here they have the Bible say the Holy Spirit is making the leaders and making then oversee years upon the congregation so there are all the elements that you are on today all others before. Chapter five thirty two. Could you read Acts Chapter five three two. Yes five three two. We are. In. That. So I can be a witness here there is another function. Or got to have your OK. O. or go. This is not a speaking in crime. It's talking to me in Spanish she said I don't have the rival by the way could you read Acts Chapter seven fifty one X. seven fifty one. And me missed. You. Guys are yours always just bullies here as you. Saw can be resisted that is the point here so. One one of the things that for me it is. Called my attention several times regarding the person of the Holy Spirit is the blasphemy. Against the Holy Spirit in the Bible so for me this is a very very strong point regarding that because that is not. The godly know anyone else they all other. Person Divine persons that we can find in the Bible so blasphemy of the. Of the Holy Spirit it is an important. Point here that the only thing that is important regarding the Holy Spirit is teaches intercepts Lisa gives life and can feel the hearts of the people so there are similar things that I don't know if I am answering your question quite well but there are a lot of elements here regarding this this this points so. This is not a question that I received yesterday. It's. It. Is a question regarding the thrones and it's a nice way. Why isn't the Holy Spirit being mentioned being heaven or sitting in the throne in the Bible. So let's let's go on to the Book of Revelation and probably we are going to comment a couple of things that are are important and I'm going to answer based upon they be a ride by the way be a Raisa research that you may have. Regarding some question biblical questions when you have some of them is online Biblical research institute. Sorry. Are you OK. OK And you can find in the Internet. You can type Seventh Day Adventists chart be a rock or Biblical research institute and you are going to find out a lot of research and question and answers things. And some of then are are old and some of them are very very new and very good by the way. So first of all the role of the spirit in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Revelation Revelation eleven eleven. The spirit is called this period of life. Are called into a new can share in for him and. There are other translations speaks about the birth of life. That is to say. Because this period brings life and is life and in the Bible Life Is it into five with God and also with the Lord Jesus because always first the Lord because He created life in the beginning and the Lord. When you go to the New Testament this is quite interesting that every time that he found that person is a moment of first rection saw it's quite interesting also that the topic in the Bible. But in the Book of Revelation. Mentions that there is spirit is one of the Divine persons. Let me share let me share with you here the point or clarify my view regarding that. The Holy Spirit in the Bible and genera it is are both the human level. Is above the human level least of ball of their A level. Is close to the person of the Lord to the person of Jesus and that kind of. Three angle or triac Dick relationship or triple relation is very clear in the in the Bible so always the Holy Spirit is very in arm or officiating in that kind of of of relationship I am using the word three triad the. Bad. Because I couldn't find another word for Express in the triple or. Into relationship with God the Father and the Lord Jesus. Saw the Troon of the spirit. There is no throne of this period in the Book of Revelation but it is important to understand that never in the Bible or in the Book of Revelation this period is described as sitting in the throne of. God and there are some reason for that first the emphasis placed on on crisis that is to the right of throne and limit clarify something here regarding the throne there are not Thrones for God There is only one throne. For the Lord and the Lord Jesus is sit right by this when you go to the Bible and I mention the relation for nine for example the relation for six of Revelation four five revelation four four. And you are going the because the sister chapter of the vision of the throne it is important to taking count that appears that way the book of Hebrews also. It is in the same condition. Chapter eight verse one and chapter eight verse two. Book of Hebrews Chapter eight verse one and two second. The emphasis. Of the spirit is associated. With. With the Sunday neared the throne or in front of the throne but we need to remember something regarding the spirit his work the work of the Holy Spirit is with us because he is the Paraclete toss He is our loss but our clip of their counsel or that was sent in substitution of the Lord Jesus so he's working with ass here. Appears in the Book of Revelation function in force. Salvation close in or close to the throne but under Bible say's but to be present. On percent in the full money fifty patients I would say that their spirit because the seven Spirit of God sent out into all the earth. And he has been war kin under the command of the Lord in that kind of service. That is their understanding regarding this this this topic. Let me share with you. And I'm going to enter into that in a moment that I've been reflecting a little bit on what you see in this work. Try Yeah Leaks forms in the Bible I didn't finish this so if you ask me of you are going to ask me this let me give me a. Time to finish for that because I mean I've been checking a little bit. With my with all others about this that. This is kind of. A statistical distribution sorry for for the cough. When I was working. On on this topic. The presence of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. In the New Testament. Appears in a kind of interchange in Sun Times forms. If if you say Father Son and Holy Spirit I really hated this way so it's that this kill it artistically you can put Father. A spirit and song and here is the function father Holy Spirit and so on so the next one will be its own father unholy spirit so in Father and Holy Spirit so on a spirit and father and his spirit father and son if Peter and father saw my. Reflection regarding this is can this be present in the New Testament in that way. And I began to search in the New Testament regarding the triadic function in the New Testament in a moment by the way I call my wife lira and say you understand that I'm entering into a kind of heresy or what do you think about this. Let me see I work better in the morning give me the paper and I am going to check about that and I'm going to tell you tomorrow saw she began to check and. And this is this is the point for example this is a traditional form and this is in the verse you know in the in the verse in the bible go ye the four and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit what is this form. Of this. This is Bible. Which. I answered that yesterday but I can answer it I can answer but basically what we said is. This that when when we go. This is. This is the New Testament with with it. As a problem. The Holy Fathers are. In. The Bible the Bible commentary there is no Again why would come up say that verse nineteen added that neither of. Them had this moment or you heard. Everything but then you people say that well I believe it because when you see it you call it likely than you originally. Believed when we hear. The father called the man when he. Left out. So of course. Yeah but let me ask you something place you say Bible seven they haven't a Bible commentary because I know. You heard sometimes it is curious I never heard that I have the seven day I went if I will come into your home and I never see that that thing but I was I was approaching to you to show you that here is in there. And there is no nor variance. This is is there. Yeah. No no no no Matthew Matthew their fifth the fifth book or has to be. Matthew perfect. Matthew twenty eight OK. Yes. That's. Correct. And issue the other well it's a very good thing it is the one you. First John. Verisign Well that's that's that's a horse of another color Yes because. Yes I know. That. This is this is the so-called comma in Yes Yeah I've never heard this one French version. I I I never read in the seventy seventy five a commentary that. Basically what I am been telling yesterday. Regarding your question is that. Here. In a critical part. That is that is not present. Means that the Texas clear how were the texts that I've been listening from this young lady and it is that is that is. That is problematic I will say situation any school. Call my union and I I normally do not use that until the charge may be clarified that Tex and my recommendation normally is that when you have any kind of dispute regarding the understanding of the person of Jesus let's go to Chapter five years twenty verse twenty for me is. Completely clear not regarding Trinity because. By the way the topic when you read. First Sean Chapter five is not about the Trinity It's not involved it and you are right if you were thinking that way because the context is very clear but chapter fibers twenty is very very strong and the. I don't know if somebody might be able to read it and if you have it I would request the framework to read it that because the shot is a powerful text regarding them the divinity of the Lord Jesus do have a very justified first twenty first twenty. He said and we know that the Son of God is come and have given us and. That we may know him that is true and we are in Him That is true even in His Son Jesus Christ this is the true God and eternal life this is true God and eternal life it is. This this is ALL it to be I like you. So. Well that is not the meaning of that's right. That is not the meaning here but but yeah but it is very clear they are than they are in the topic so the reason there is not there is no Also ration you find something very odd in that yeah OK thank you I appreciate your honesty and I I think that you are pursuing my transparency. A little you are going. Well. On the last worked on the last let's hold dear to me like us always here it's always good in life. Rather than rejecting a separate god to me that would be along the lines the rest of the Scriptures. You know. Yes. I mean. Let's hear what he have to say that way all these analysts agree and I have this coming and so on. It is said I would be honest creature if we look at it like. Right kids see it and instead enjoy the child just sixteen I didn't care where I go I will send a spirit of truth and if you really guide you into the little I think you're running low on it then we are with you yeah yeah right here they are the Holy Spirit is the beer to do what guys truly I don't own nation and that's why you know I just don't let it be because all the times you get into the building we don't see what God is trying to say to us I'm right here and they want to scream is here to do what to make sure I haven't heard the lie I believe that when you can't even get it right telling you hey we don't want you to tell us anything concerning. We don't want you to tell us how to live our life came out I didn't see that as last year I didn't want to get business. To get pregnant and this was what it's referring to and here shine it was very very shiny. This time and when you're in doubt it is Johnny did the pilot so I think that's where actions and base I was going just as with the last to. Know about but the function I think you know is that what is a bluff for me you know let's. Let me just like you don't in life based on out what I have right it's a little bit annoyed that it was hard to have a discussion with everybody to have a dialogue with Mark to you or to turn me OK but blasphemy in there in the Bible I specially in the New Testament is considering. A divine person as a human person. For example when Jesus saves before. While. I am a member of the shoes respective immediately that statement began to collect stones to stone him why because he they say he pronounce a blasphemy. What is the blasphemy being a human consider God OK The second thing is that all of the second scene is one of the other elements that you can bring maybe to for clarification or for the exercise of place occasion is a case of a fast and Jesus. When when he he. Say's you say so and. The conceptual thing was he was divine and Khalaf us say this is blasphemy So again it's the same thing that you are going to find in the in the in the in the in the process of so when you go to the Bible here it is interesting that the relationship with blasphemy it inboard can see either there is holy spirit something else of what really is. Because. By the way one of the things that is clear in the Bible for me is that of in India Greek used it came to refer to the Holy Spirit when and this is our very big diversity with some people like Jehovah Witnesses for example that concealer the spirit is divine a flat those kind of emanation of of the Lord eat could be but not our third person the least he is. And that is what appears in the by work A knows. When when when Jesus ace in John guesses fifteen twenty six please correct me if I am wrong in the reference but I am quoting you know by by heart and I can be wrong but one of those because appears several times between Chapter fourteen and fifteen and refers to the Holy Spirit like he not like it. And that is important in the Bible because that is a concept law concept of person treatment in the order in the Bible and that is. An important of salvation so what is the blasphemy regarding the Holy Spirit I do are really with you what what you say because the Holy Spirit is factor of conversion in all of us and when somebody is going to reject the presence of the Holy Spirit it is there I lost but actually. They're all there like Jesus that is working for our salvation. Rejecting him is going to put us in you know in the in the rolled of damnation So it's very clear that in about yes. Oh. Yes. And that's true. That's true. With you and. You remains the winning the go on this is again with the something this definable in the game winning goal is a set of. It's just a good use of the really. Deserve A just the twenty for. The most the station of the syndicate the oldest persistently sliding. Digitally in every standard of a section of Christ is a step towards the rejection of salvation two it is a story. Which is in the last twenty years and you know where the. Phrase. She used it several times that what they show I mean Matthew twenty. One thing yeah. Just. One place. Where. When Jesus cast out demons there's the day you can't be a coward you just said you're blasting disappeared. So when the form of blasphemy it is attributed to were the spirit. Yeah it's correct is correct OK OK. Question continue with the point in which I was. OK thank you sorry the interruption. So here is if they're. The form that I I would say the traditional form Father Son and Holy Ghost OK but read these and go to Peter first Peter chapter one verse two and that is our own game a topic that is quite interesting and this is the second line that I presented in their first. Flight you remember. Dave I would say select according to the for the knowledge of God the Father through santification of this spirit to obedience this praying clean of the blog of Jesus Christ so the form here father. Holy Spirit and so on here on grace and to you and peace be multiplied so in the Bible is quite interesting and there are a couple of authors on the New Testament that are working in this they diction and ses one appears Father Son and Holy Spirit are peace about eighteen times and that is the twenty four percent of the twenty seventy five times in which appears in the Bible and so on Holy Spirit and father appears fifteen times nineteen of the occurrences Son Father and Holy Spirit a piece about fourteen times one thousand times of the instances that appears in the Bible I am I am still developing this but there is a this is the sort of of picture that we have. In the three forms in the Bible that is Father Son Holy Spirit twenty four times Son Holy Spirit and father twenty times some father Holy Spirit one thousand times Holy Spirit song and father ten times Holy Spirit father song twelve times. Father Holy Spirit on son fifteen times. Sorry I know that sounds too much as to the sticks about about this but it's quite interesting to see and to read in in. In some verses in the New Testament. And let me let me share with you quickly if if if if quick exists when when time is is of yes and here but let me share with you some some examples. Let's read together here. Book of Matthew chapter two of eighteen for example. Chapter two of the book of Matthew burst eighteen Behold my servant who never have chance and saw the speaker is the Lord. About my servant the Lord Jesus. In whom my soul is well please and I will put my spirit upon him and he shall shew Shukman to Lucian ties you are going to see something similar in the book of Matthew three sixteen and seventeen will really read We are not going to read it. Because it's not of the essence and the classic is Matthew twenty eight versus one thousand and twenty if you go to the book of of Mark you are going to find the classic structure but here is a change in the book of Luke chapter three verse twenty one and twenty two and jump into the second kind of form that he's so Holy Spirit and the father. And the Bible say so now when all the people were about ties it come to pass a Cheesus. Also being baptized and praying the heaven was open and the holy Goss descended into bodily shape with like a dog upon him and a voice came from heaven which say below and so on in which I am well please so the father appears at the end of the list of these forms in the New Testament in the writings of Paul and the book a fox. There is a lot of triadic forms that you are going to find that are quite interesting so I mean clearly in my watching Pride in the mind of the Apostles in the New Testament that is clearly this this concept is clearly inserted in their minds. Because every time that they are reflecting thinking about the chart the name of God The name of the Lord Jesus and the name of the Spirit appears open their minds and they are crossing the starting finishing. Invoking on appealing sometimes in the name of then for example I don't know if I have it here but I will try. But this for example Second Chapter thirteen bears fourteen and. The Bible say. Finishing that peace deal and I am reading my thirty nine quotation in the triadic section of of references I do have here degrades of the Lord Jesus and the love of God and the communion of the Holocaust be be with you all I'm in. The grace of the Lord Jesus and the love of her and the communion of the Holocaust be with you all. It is. It is quite interesting that. For me very appealing to the mind and by the way when you are close in something in the charge and you are going to be dismissed I like it very much the point by the way here in this verse fourteen. If you see verse eleven is telling you something quite interesting you have you have it in you have it in your bible second Corinthians chapter thirteen bursts fourteen and verse eleven. The second coming thousands Chapter thirteen bears eleven you have it could you read by fairly wealthy person a country be a one man living. God. So. For me it why interesting verse eleven is speaking about. Got. One got. Only one God. Best fourteen say and the grace of the Lord Jesus and the love of God and the communion of the Holocaust be with you all I mean. A God bless you and so you do more in the morning. Yes you do moron I'm could you remain a little bit. Thank you have listened to everybody. And I hope that I didn't say nothing that sounds too much or a thing for you but. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little bit W.W.W..


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