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Pioneers and the Trinity- Part 2

Daniel Scarone



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Those. Were the. Lessons. Of. Me. And I should. Be able to do it to Asian and I have to just use or apologize for that. I was. At least for the for the presentation if it's possible. Because I am allowed to be concerned about certain things that are happening however I'm going to continue with with the presentation of the topic today with with good spirit I will say even with. The Tekton that sometimes you know we're all the Tory and there are some people with different views you know and I am a little bit concerned for that and I am praying for for that situation because when it too hard I guess compassion. Lovingkindness. And I go this period in intreating with a difference however there are. Some details that are becoming a little bit of concern for me in the way in which some people behave in in this kind of R.C. twenty. Because some are bringing the situation to a confrontation and even when you are trying to deal with a Bible on your hand or showing the Bible and telling with a Bible. Even without There are no you know kind of understanding yesterday for example. I've been. And I am a poet by the way I So no reaction person. You understand what is that I am not reacted immediately after I began to sing how in the world can be that way you know. Yesterday in the afternoon we were discussing. About that let's go to the Bible Matthew twenty eight. Eighteen and nineteen Matthew twenty eight. Eighteen and nineteen. And so some people with. Or let me explain clearly this or known three Terry imbue or anti-Patriot you are attacking the Bible. Matthew twenty eight versus eighteen and nineteen. You have it. Could you read it could you. Very. Very. Well. Yes and. When you when you are over there the sex is with no question about in the name single or all of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Yesterday I mentioned. And I brought for that purpose. One noble text I'm in Greek. With with what we call the critical apparatus and. And one of the persons here began to question about what kind of Greek was out. At the beginning you know I was I accept it was confusing yes to the for the question. But but when you go to them to the dynamic of the process all to call the excess of the colics what number all the populace and month scripts were number and when there is a variance or a change or or in one version sais a different thing you are going to find out immediately that it is in the notes and in the notes say very clearly there is in these versions say this. Eternally for ever or some scene with quote and they say indecent in this or there's these in P. forty three Ses this way in P. nineteen Ses This way you are going to see the differences OK but when you go there there is no differences so then the question is why you are going to attack the Bible to support your version you understand what I'm saying so that that is something that for me I will say hey this is non-Christian whatever it is that is not that is not a Christian attitude because the evidence I am bringing in the evidence that I do have regarding that and I am sharing this sayings because we need. Grow up you know so what we are doing in the morning and if you have any questions regarding that please do it. And there is a. Paper in the afternoon we are dealing with questions OK yesterday in the morning we collect some questions. And we are going to be dealing with with that in the afternoon. Thank you you can write down the questions. Of course in the morning we are dealing with a history of the cell in the eye of the entities. Lucian of the doctrines and we were yesterday dealing with this in the eighteenth especially between eight hundred forty six and eight teen eighty eight or eighteen ninety eight Dulce range of time diplomacy tional stitch march in Ginetta was a can of or known trinitarian or anti-Patriot area I used my statement is clear regarding that. And yesterday we were we were checking let me turn off the light this is the first yes thank you. And the condition here East is clear. But let me get back to this because what I mean for example he moved from a former position. In one thousand nine hundred eighty one what i asked me that used to be an elite door of our work in those a selfish a paper he rolled and changed the OF JESUS us. Not created. Somebody asked me about the question about be got them because it didn't means that was me. Ada That is the involvement and for example one of the things that it is and this is my observation regarding this because in the Catholicism in the Catechism and this is a quotation of Capt Ickes I'm here he's the proud to come in for on Leave It to teach about the kana that means the library or. The bookstore of the Vatican. By the way this is a form of pork that was working the catechism and this is the quotation of the companies pay sixty five since the father has through Sion aeration given the Only Begotten Son everything that belongs to the Father except being the Father the Son has also eternally from the father. From whom he said turn born that the Holy Spirit cross see this from this song so technically here. The Catholic Church teaches that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son and the Son from the father. So sometimes when somebody are attacking our charge or steadily in what we believe it base upon the name three MITI and say eight Look guys you are in the same position like I told this is I will say no this is a position of Catholicism. I. I and I am not a prophet nor a son of a prophet OK but I am not going to say nothing similar to that because in the Bible you are not going to find out that thing. And we need to because for regarding regarding that the evidences regarding the. They got here in the in the Old Testament are in the New Testament are are really clear for me. One of them for example let me share with you because some people say and yesterday I've been I've been sharing with with you guys some things so let me share with you something that is in the book of face value. And in the book of. Chapter forty eight book of. Chapter forty eight. Verses to us through. Through our sixteen. And story for bring my kind of electronic Bible you know sometimes I prefer I prefer the paper Bible. So believe me that I prefer I prefer that. Olga is right about that but she's kind of old so. Well that's a problem sorry for that we were given thanks for the rain and also praying for those who suffer. That is that is a true so let's go to. For that OK let's go to the Bible and let's let's agree this is important you say a forty eight versus twelve thirteen fourteen six through sixteen that I was safe here hurricane and to me or jake of a nice trail my Colt I am he. Now this picture began to identify himself OK I am here. I am the first. I also I am the last. The. First and the last Ok so when when this speaker is telling you that he's the first or the last your mind normally is going to all the places in the Bible certain took took took took took there in several places and counseling me the A clean the Book of Revelation. And who is who is the speaker. The Lord the Lord is very clear here mind can also had laid the foundation of the earth now you are mine again is searching in the Bible to. Go strong for in Genesis one two three two Hebrews Chapter one Verse one two three because that is what the Bible do and and you are going to search because he's from the beginning and laid the foundation of the earth and my right hand. And in the Heavens when I call him to the end they stand up together and you assemble yourself and hear which among them the clearer this things the Lord. Had love to him he will do his play sure on Bobby learn and he's on his arm shall be on because the hands I haven't I haven't spoken yet I have called him I have brought him and he shall make his way prosperous conjure near to mean here yet these I have not spoken in secret from the beginning from the time that it wass there and now the Bible says here and now the long God and he says Spirit has sent me. That's good. So probably it is you know it is it is none necessary to read from versus twelve through sixteen because sixteen is enough. Excuse me is not the word is. Good. For God. And the Spirit has sent me the Lord he says Spirit has sent me here so for me the three persons are here. There's. Only one and I am the LORD your God I ask. Yeah. So when you go to the Bible there the evidence in the Bible is very clear so when when you go to the and reach of the New Testament the New Testament is not giving you a new information the New Testament is reinforcing information coming from from the Old Testament so this is. Not the. Surface but the separate two to the law and say send me the Lord he's a spirit sent me. OK. Coming back to them to the topic regarding the pioneers of the charge. Here their conviction of of of some of then brother of frisbee. See John e's wasa one of the of a person there is rowing in he was growing in the faith you know. And we of all saw was one of those who nad the then three MITI in that time you know the reality is meet he wrote about Jesus being the first created remember something I mentioned before he moved that post. To be gotten you know. And also it is important to remember that the. The power unit came with a different back room. Different Brocken beans. You can they in certain sense your your personal beliefs into a new kind of faith sometimes. And you are discovering for me let me share with you that the in the charts or in the oven to chart to the quarterly in summer school quarterly. School in which we are growing and I've been are now I've been seeing people growing in the faith and learning more and more an in-depth. Piece of growing you are changing sometimes in positions I will say. And sometimes you learn sometimes you are you know putting aside some things and you are learning more things and you are. Putting aside certain beliefs and growing in the face saw that is part in certain sense of our experience in the charge in through the school of course so they were coming from the Christian connection and yesterday all we were mentioning the Christian connection were known tree. And some of them. And sometimes I need to distinguish non-treated Aryans with anti train. Means that they are I will say peacefully in the charge but Tyrion are taking in. Against the Trinity a non-treated Tyrion sometimes are more quiet not neutral but didn't show the colors of them and they are in that kind of facetious myth though these are were train Tyrion. Were treated and that these were trained child in city were Trinitarian So so some of the. That view of the pioneers were very complex in those Ace saw him. We need to remember something. The main topic in those days was not the Trinity. Dissentient topic was not the Trinity the essential topic was not the person of Jesus the central topic West not the person of the Holy Ghost so in those days they may be in issue were prophecies second coming of the Lord on the. Colver debate discovery of course of the Sabbath so all they were you know going into that direction. The umbrella was very wide and besides that fact there were not articles of faith or fundamental beliefs. So will indeed that kind of situation that breed of dogs enviroment in among the pioneers it is in Dallas one Congress in one thousand eight hundred that our peers are calling my knowledge the first version of the fundamental beliefs and here are the things that are in the consideration. Of that that I put here in the in the in the screen here. The second topic there is one God Father Son Holy Spirit remember the first one is the Holy Scriptures the unity of the three quick turn a person so one the Son God Eternal Son for ever it's really good and the Holy Spirit is a thief so that these. Mean moment in which the fundamental beliefs are reaffirm in something coming from one thousand nine hundred one so it is about what fifty years of difference. That is settled but. The power you nears by the way we're we're battling in sometimes with articles of faith of other confessions and when you read them you go to them. To the. Other Indies review. Outlanders University in in the in the basement of funders universities it is a place in which you are going to see the archives and you read the former are reviewed you are going to see some articles on several of them were they sue pon you know articles of faces Kassin the articles of faith of all the confessions saw in those days there were not our kind of systematic theology as does. B. I mentioned yesterday was more be. Our that is important to taking count regarding the pioneers. And the tendency that they use they didn't compare for example that the. Were some scenes in them that were close to Catholicism because also Catholicism was evolving for me by the way a former Catholic it was a surprise to see in the catechism of diversion one nine hundred ninety. I don't know if you're familiar with outgoing of catechise you so that is. The Although she truly by the way something like this is an encyclopedia cutting when I when I was a key. And I went to the chart the Catechism was a certain thing fifty eight pages no more than done you know. Of course with the change of the commandments and so on that for me was shocking. And I learned that because in the catechism my my time I mentioned that and for me it was shocking to see that the catalytic charge made the change of the commandments and to see that in the Catholic ngs East today until today you can find a version he's called the catechism Greaseman and you are going to find out that the dick chart changed they Halim lists all of the seventh and put it on Sunday and for me was a very very big big issue when I discovered that because of course it was a big big change. And I. And I left the charge in that moment Catholic charge. So the perception of some of then was regarding the war Trinity that was associated with Catholicism and cattle he says was associated with a poster seen for then that was something that they cannot accept. In those days so what may they change because. My be able to share with you all this stuff. Because these are you know all are to cause of ready our head our late hundred sixty nine. Seven I loathe because until I mention. Between eighteen forty six. Eighteen ninety eight you are going to find out that kind of of thing that was part of the training Tyrion spirit by the way. Tory. Dissented untie Trinitarian spirit we need to. We need to. Be very careful how we. Percent are where diffidence a sin charge. Because even even those who believe in the Trinity sometimes are not with good the spirit in defending what they believe but in but church is not for five. Churches not four five please if you if you are greedy with a show about witnesses is better that you will lose your over witnesses but if you if you are a seventh day of the N.T. this is better that you align with it when in fundamental beliefs and if you have any other concern well. But my perception is that some people in the charge are trying to infiltrate that the charge and tried to do son seen underneath. And move in you know behind this scenes and each of you to literature or given you little create in about this. Period in the back of the people that is not good that is not good I not for that we need to confront to think and speak about that in the Christian way he was good this spirit but not doing that kind of thing Spicer's told Spaulding when he works right in. The HE story one of the first version of the history of said in the event is chart that his father after becoming certain they are then to see who he was a formally they Baptist minister remember the. Seven They bought this were very close in the in the early stages of the charge to with with the Seventh Day Adventist he grew softened it. Turning that small for in Battle Creek that he sees preaching. That is you know the perception of some of them so the point is that what made did change so. What were the recent of the pioneers of for accepting the point of view this is I'm going to enter in this moment. To give you our sort of a. Of eighteen forty six through eight hundred eighty eight about they are about this topic and you can get this on the Internet too if you want Jerry moon historian of their seventh day adventist chart rolled the section and basically the recency of the. Of the Trinity is in a thing to seize here he says the first recent was they did not see a biblical evidence of or form. Three Persons in one God here there that is one of the point that he mentions this is not the norm of course. It is the simplest form the concept of the treaties are sort of a firman on deal three D. of the Scriptures both the Oneness and the Trina's of God The secondary sun. Their power universe or the early seven they are then this. Gave four expecting the Trinity was the misconception that it made regarding the Father the Son us he then means that he's the second of the second concept that is important and here lug room kind right and Whitney were in the in the same position regarding the God in that you know. The concept that the Father and the Son are in then to. It is fairly close or approximates to a nation here is a call more the least and by the way in the book I put some some diversities of vision regarding to treating the glossary at the end of the book you are going to find out. The third recent. Is. An objection also to the Trinity doctrine was based on the misconception that it teach the existence of three guards. That means. The Holy Spirit is. Our God different you know from the other and the other so the Father Son and Holy Spirit are each dog. Will be three gods wrote room. In eight hundred sixty one. By the way he was not only President but also a writer of the review and sell it here in those days talking about a hundred sixty one. Ford research on what they believe in the treaty will diminish the value of the Atonement. And these were saying strong Tylo she clearly. Because they thought in that way they say since civil ever leavin suffixed and God cannot die then if cries. As God He couldn't have died on Calvary they recently if only he she many died then his sacrifice was only a human one another quake for redemption. This in order to protect the reality of his day if all ON THE CROSS THE EARLY of the N.T. felt they had to the nag that cries and he's preexistent process of divine immortality. However. That recently may sound forth for some people. It is basic premises were checked by Ellen she why in a teen ninety seven because she sustained that when Jesus died on the cross date he did not that he meant to die. And here are all the quotations I am using here in the in this in this is a screen picture. The fifth recent of the section of the our patio nurse regarding the Trinity the fact that Christ is called Song of God. The beginning of the creation. Of God's. Revelation three fourteen was sought to prove that he must be of more recent. Than God the Father by the way. The book that you are having. There is an explanation about that and there is another explanation coming after in the Hispanic version that comes after these and also in the Italia version that is following both of them. Regarding this topic Revelation three fourteen and probably today in the afternoon I'm going to review that with those coming into into the topic that is the beginning of creation of God The topic for me. It is. It is curious that it is probably the first time I'm dealing with this inside the seven they haven't a chart. By the way because I used to be dealing with this talking with a seal of our witnesses because that is some fairly big meant. Coming from from then regarding in that they base upon this text telling that he the first being created ever based upon the text of of Revelation three fourteen. My view easily to be different today and I'm going to share in the afternoon about this. Six reason it worse our WITH of the reception of the Trinity that there are various expressions concern of the Holy Spirit which will indicate that. And sorie what I'm going to say but. The sick there is. It. Couldn't properly because it's in quotations be properly consider us a person such as. US it's being shared abroad in their heart Romans five five and power it out flesh our book of joy of chapter two verse twenty eight. Soul. Of course here is a brief note regarding the concept of person the term person is applied to God indicates a bean with personality intellect and will unlike the multiple gods of polytheists the three persons of the Biblical God are profoundly one important pose in mind character but not in person it is a quotation of an inch of white. Beings. Yes import. Yes. So what what make to change. That is a reason I am bringing to you I don't know if. Everybody irl received. The topic. Yes this is an excellent if. You didn't receive sorry. Please apologize. Close as I am I am indifferent about this material. But I am out of you didn't or sorry. WHAT NO NO NO NO NO. No no this is are these are to go. To those seven six using the Internet by the way it is called by their way. You didn't open you have one open one book open. The God we worship. You know for me this. No it's OK It's OK. I put but. I learned that sometimes people don't do not check. You know. The quotation. But in the. In page one or eight of the book. In page one zero eight it is it is a quotation of teen poit or and this is the version. OK. I. I can see there that these presentations of teen It is very very good presentation but when you reach that police champion to this or into the version in the Internet and you are going to have it by your service in your in your home computer or something. But that is that is the quotation that I am referring this is the paper by the way so if you put doubt you are going to find out the the thing. OK let's go on probably what we are going to do if we have time we are going to stop and read some of those things. They did change terms the change or the big change comes with the book of elenchi where I decide of the Asia. I'm going to slow down here a little bit to enter into this presentation of. Levy's chemical peel. I see some communication movement here. Sorry I'm sorry I. My wife's ace that sometimes a little bit. We say call in Spanish but I say even things. I'm not I'm not I I reserve that with with no intention you know. Sorry for that. Everybody got the things by the way by the way this things are available in your i Pad version. Quotation regard and you'll have it. So what make the change I was in that point I guess the publication of Helen she why this area of the Aisha's in one thousand nine hundred eight became a kind of you know what is contingent of device when you cross from never asked to California you have to cross off the continental divide you know is the moment or the place in the she over a fee or if you a say in which part the waters some to California some for the interior of all of us say. For the under four for the understanding in other than days of the Trinity. And it's quite interesting beginning with the first paragraph of the book. At least quite called into question the domain and view of the only other than disregarding the relationship of Christ to the father. Let me let me stop here for a moment remember she's frightened because today we will go to see we we we get to the site of the ages and sometimes we are with without the context in which that book is coming out of prayer. But remember that that book that she was writing in was. Coming from the press. The same probably printing. Machines were printing out they would meet writings. That were telling something different from what they wish you had was going to tell so that is the least important observation here to taking count because that is a big big change that he's going to affect the charges regarding this topic so. Here third sentence in chapter one. The clear from the days of attorney T. the Lord Jesus Christ was one with the father. So Dr was very important to note regarding the topic of elenchi white in the book The silence the ages so that was making our very important how were you know however there are people. Or aren't I Trinitarians that can make that quotation also however when when you go ahead. This was not sufficiently Winnick in a key vote to clarify the procedure regarding the date of Jesus for us we can have seen all there's how you similar languish without believing in Christ and definitely eternal preexistence but later she say's in the. In I'm going to the quotation a moment in the in the resurrection of last arose. The resurrection and the life and following them with the seven. Ward calm and that will begin to turn the tide of. Among the of the nt is she say's into the side of the Asia's in cries. These life or first war. I'm borrowed. And derived. The sorrow of the Asia patient five hundred thirty that this powerful quotation in crisis life do you see everything in crisis. OK. Probably what we are going to do is to get some of this. Before the afternoon because I guess I made enough you know copies but it was it was not my mistakes or. In Crisis live. Under arrived that that three words of the seven. Of the servants because the first four are in crisis is life but after that I'm by rote and there I've. Shocking by the way we have also a very good translation into Spanish of this side of the Asia. It was translated by Chilean backroom person by the way and the version in Spanish is very good and this is a very neat translation in equivocal in the meaning of that. But every single ward where I'm the last and Chick pun because. I'm borrowed and arrived is you know reinforce in one concept saw that he. Let me share with you some of the of the. Of their reactions regarding dad here is one of them. Statements came. As a shock to the leadership off the charts and there is a sense who had become and now than just four four years earlier at the age of eighteen and who would eventually teach charts North American simian or e claim that the new concept was soul different from the previous understanding that some prominent leaders doubted whether Ellen she quite to have that really written it after Andrea sent enter the ministry in one thousand zero two he made a special trip to energy white California home to investigate each issue for himself. Any she acquired welcomed him and gave him access to the manuscripts. And he had brought with him a number of potations of foliage white books for of course to see if they were India in her own handwriting I can recall I wasa sure Ellyn of sister while I had never written those things in the books in crisis life or borrow and derive but now I found it in Care own writing Shust it had been published it was soul with all there is take men's. OP I found that they were quite all expressions. So the version that I am sharing with you. Today. The. This one this one this one did this this version. I don't know it is it is a little bit expensive sometimes to bring in in color you know but I made it in color Why because because you have here for example the notes. The notes and you are going to she curl it or writing regarding this and that is the rationale of team Poirier doing doubt because this is the kind of manuscript in which he made the presentation for that other than to stay alert because society in two thousand and six when he did the person and Team is a very detailed person regarding this and this is very useful because some people sometimes are take and are saying well some of these quotations can be doctored by somebody else in order to fix something of our own and say that it was made by elenchi why or something. And here is the proof so you are going to see those quotations. Regarded in regard in doubt and decease basically all of the testimonies of to the charge and this is the basis of the quotations you are going to find out regarding the version of the tree need that appears in the book at least and by the way. So that it's important to to have. In order to to do our search our review. In order to find some. To this to stop it. So that he still I will say. The big change why because after the dot. Things began to change and there was one. Big change in the. Interview of of the. Of the of the charge regarding this topic so. In the church what we can see is an evolving understanding of certain topics. We were reviewing in the past day changes under of the understanding of the Sabbath for example. Changes regarding the view of the Sabbath of servants changes regarding as to worship changes regarding food and style of life and so on so in the time of the pioneers there were kind of change in situations that is very clear eventually for understanding and so in the middle of current right. Today I'm not a plea couple any longer you know how Congress Western eventually. You know I don't know if you when I was in Seoul America. Sometimes I was tempted to do something like that because in those days I was dealing with more mon cher of our witnesses and so on. And can write do all these sums and in those days that was. That's what's critical sometimes something will say cracy here stops in front one charge Sunday morning when the charge was full pocket of members inside. And when they come out they were read in across the street. They all this side. Another Tyson saying Dublin Marine colonel D.M. Colonel. Challenge the posture of your charge to these cars what is the day or phrase based upon the Bible. And you know you the people what's coming out through China what's the other. What is what is what is that you know. And some people do say I'm going to invite to come. That was the end of that congregation. From that moment on the congregation was invited. Some became so and they have no interest and they all are continue with the former part of maybe no other place. Please don't say Royce or shade that I don't recommend in this. Please understand that this that is not you know but that was to belittle Lewsey of some of the guys in those days. But these are evolving view regarding the ministry of use of meal are accepted and believe in the second coming not the Sabbath Miller accepted the prophetic a period and he was. William Miller I mean and he said it was anti Trinitarian just the high and so remember remember that So these are kind of of changes in the charts of the Congo condition Alyson and the state of this. Was not uniform among the pioneers the meaning of eight hundred forty four. Two thousand three hundred years in the prophecy was also evolving in those days so they say they are free from Sunday to solve a. From six P.M. to six P.M. India of servants to even to even what's also in the sun sea ship the grey controversy that today's one of the from the mental believes was not clearly sound interview all thing good. Because remember something yesterday I mention that we called them pioneers but they do and called unself pioneers because they didn't know they were the pirate so all there is are kind of evolving in process in that time of day of the chart in those days it is curious about historically speaking the Southwest accepted also before the roll. Way going there in eighteen eighty year eighty eight began to presume certain sings and there were some tensions so the name of the doctrine of the Trinity was a problem of course that was all part of the entire vision so all we need to understand. Sure remove say is that we are indeed in the charts frame of the story a kind of evolve in indigo of one. Between eight hundred forty six eight hundred eighty eight there is an anti treaty in dominance. Is very clear you go to the to the other than to serve you books and so on and you are going to find out the OK but between eight hundred eighty eight one begins the movement of justification by faith through. Eighteen ninety eight that is a beginning in of dissatisfaction with the entire in his. In between eight hundred ninety eight nine hundred fifteen then he said change the part of dying shift very clear in history and there is declaring a fund to train Tyrion isn't in for on nine hundred fifteen through in one thousand nine hundred sixty even even when when the person who died does was the big big of inforce or of a change that was and she why so. Dominant for own in one thousand forty six I will change this to the present. To the present because I will say that with the appearance of seen Ternate these are kind of. Renew old change regarding the three need to. Three Italian topic nowadays I have to us separate because this is not. Some say in the least effective us only here in Michigan because. By the way I'm not going to be here on that we can because I'm going to go to Mexico and one of the topics they ask me to deal with is dystopic in Spanish so I'm going to do that because there are some kind of breed of version internation a version about that and that is something that is affecting the charge and I think that is. Part of transparency to accept the deceit in which we are dealing regarding this. Of course their situation I mention of the Internet and independent movement together are renewing our challenge regarding this. I understand this many of them have been. Here. And. They have. Faded. Like. The way we all want. To. Book that just shows. Us. But this is not. The many. Times the. More It was all about. So it. Becomes force. Kind of goes. On thank you thank you. Let me share with you that. We need to pray for the charge when we need to pray for our churches and we need to pray for our families because. This is bringing confusion disappearing in sometimes. Processes in which administrations to do something that is not good for the chart and sometimes intervene in process in sayings in some ways that are bringing division. And put in a size some. Some members that we need to we need to become more transplants regarding days my perception is that. With. With this situation what we need to know want to. Is to. Make slaw some saying that we were doing very good and there is the mission of the charge because in this moment what I am perceiving is those frictions internal frictions are bringing slow notice into the process of role in the ministry of the charge when when we go to the plain vision of the Scriptures and my my Russian and for right in the book even if you charge good or bad it is sub to you but I I made that with you know of good intentions and good plain heart maintain Chinese to sure what I see in the Bible what the Bible say not what to lotions say I not asking that he a lot she earns about what is your thinking about this or that I am sharing with you what is my personal reaction based upon reason the Bible and sharing with you in that what is in the Bible and that is my conviction and. I know what i am i notice of. I just. You know you. Well. This is not my voice I didn't I didn't pay here to come to. She's a good friend that. OK. Yeah. Well. But let's pray for the charts and. When when we dismissed today let's let's have a war the prayer in go. Through this Miss us with a word of prayer and they can encounter this and thank you for being with us and being supportive of that let's pray together today in the afternoon we're going to continue with question and answers thank you. All are going to you with. Humility. Talking about you and your son. Want to take off our shoes. And. Cross this with you know with respect to your friends. We want to pray for wisdom for healing the churches. And most of all for the truth prevail. Help us understand the Bible in me I think you. And I know your spirit. With anything else. You want to pray for troop numbers. And. You need to be on the. Full list and have you say. Here. That they all march we want. You to. Grant your blessing specially in this camp meeting will we send a converted changed there to hear what you are saying. We need you to help us you know. 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