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1. Facing the Critic: Introduction

Jeff Dowell
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  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father we just want to thank you so much for loving us we thank you for the time we could come together and study your words together and Lord we know that this is a very difficult subject and we just pray for your guidance today of the Holy Spirit in Jesus wonderful name we pray Amen. Sort of look at introduction part one will be in five parts and today we're going to look at the introduction part one and we're going to look at the background of some of these guys who've actually been in administrations and have left the church so I've titled this particular meeting this series Facing the critics that's exactly what's happening when to face the critics you know by the way every wind of doctrine blow and yes it is a blow and in the church today our church it is you know the storm is coming in the ships going to go through you believe that. The ship is going to go through the ship is going to you ARE YOU READY FOR THAT ARE YOU READY FOR THE STORM. Has if we're not we're going to be shaken to and fro right we're going to be caught up with every wind of doctrine we're going to talk today about They'll Ratzlaff and others who's associated with the rats of heaven if you ever heard of the rats of before Wow then you know we're going to talk about don't you. Well let's look at it this way you could do one of two things. You could either watch. Ignore it right. Or you could deal with it that's alternative you have. Either big nor it or deal with it and we're going to deal with it and give a little background they are rats in their absence was a fourth generation Seventh Day Adventists S.T.A. and was educated in Sta schools from first grade through similary. The pastor to madness church for thirteen years seven of these years as a Bible teacher at Monterey Bay Academy at La Silva Beach California so he's got quite a background yes. Dale raft of has authored several books and magazines against the Seventh Day Adventist Church he is president of life assurance ministries. For the past twenty five years I have study Dale rats of books about the Sabbath I want to start with a statement they all makes very alarming statement. There ass of says many S.T.A. pastors no longer believe in a number of the unique teachings of historic Adventism However most hold their views in private and share them only with trusted associates many years ago when I conducted the seven month study of the Sabbath I felt no compulsion to persuade any of you to change your beliefs concerning the Sabbath However. Thank you however now that many years have transpired and I have restudy this subject and have received hundreds probably many thousands of phone calls letters and e-mails from both current and former Sabbath keepers I now feel I must share with you my deep concern I also know that there are many S.D.A. pastors college and university professors and some administrators and a Vangelis both currently employed and retired who have communicated with me that they do not hold many of Stas unique teaching. Including the Sabbath being the seal of God or the testing truth for the last days Sundays of the mark of the B S S D eight hundred forty five. Or sanctuary theology the writings of Ellen White as a continuing and authoritative source of truth or the administration being the remnant church of Bible prophecy. That's alarming statements there isn't. But see. How much very key question here how much of not believing does it take to be something else. It's a very important question it's very simple if you don't believe it go be something else it's that simple not complex it's that simple these people he says need our prayers on the one hand they want to be loyal to their church on the other they are seeking to help the church drop its cultic his story teachings and move the denomination to a crisis center. Or organization that focuses on the pier simple gospel of Jesus. Now how can these people remain in the church that he just spoke of with honesty integrity and most of all the true. Listen to this the mission of life assurance Ministries is to proclaim the good news of the New Covenant gospel of grace in Christ and to combat the heirs of legalism and false religion. It is with deep regret and sorrow that I now feel compelled to include the Adventist Church in the kingdom of the coals. I believe Dr Martin if you ever heard of Dr Walter Martin. Dr Walter Martin. He was. An apologetics Christian Research person who pressed the issue with Abu Anas of being with either a cold or not a cold and. He said this he said I believe Dr Martin had already made the change the Doc Martin died many years ago he died many years ago and right before he died. Dale's referring to that right now by saying I believe that Dr Martin had already made the change in his mind but died before he could make the change in print. Listen to what he says that when White did not invent erroneous theology but she say minute it into the foundation of Adventism the writings of Ellen White support and are often the chief support for all of their own biblical doctrines. Most administrate tell of and to tell evangelists evangelicals they no longer believe in investigative judgment or other heirs of Adventism will not publicly remounts these heirs now I want to suggest there are several books written in response to some of these things OK. For example Barbara Miller wrote an excellent book you need to get a copy of that if you can call the case for the investigative judgment so I'm going to give you a few little resources along the way that you can actually look at OK by Marvin Moore the case for the investigative judgment excellent book on investigative judgment then Judge Lake wrote a book called Ellen White under fire. This is a good book there are several. Ellen White under fire by Judd Lake. Then of course back Yochi wrote a few responses in his books in regard to Ratliff here. Wrote the Sabbath under cross fire and the Sabbath in the New Testament. Then of course Clifford Goldstein wrote graffiti in the Holy of Holies he deals some with the rats. And there are a few others that do too they deal with the rats of but the main thing we're going to look at today is people who have been Seventh Day Adventists and have left that been assured one such person is a woman by the name of Colleen tinker if you ever heard of calling tinker. Colleen tinker She's the editor of proclamation magazine. She works with Dale Ratliff and she's the editor proclamation magazine and so they've got issues coming out now my church is what I tell my church is to do one of two things either you throw it in the trash or give it to me. And we haven't had no problem with these guys think about that. Road in the tray or give it to me and I'll take care of it you see the issues here proclamation are targeted specifically for admin a sin the churches and in their homes the mailing list includes admin as pastors and we're talking around thirty some thousand OK the mailing list includes sadness pastors elders deacons and even laypeople in the churches may get it in their mailbox they get a hold of a directory in your names on it they'll send it to you. Now listen to what Coleen Says she says this and again she's the editor proclamation magazine she says this The Bible after all hadn't been the only source of our direction to leave the admin is church now we've been taught as Adam is to believe the Bible right a red flag should go right up with that statement right there red flag. To resign or positions with an admin as publication a well known have in this publication and to join Trinity Church the Holy Spirit had done that directing. Did you notice what she says there the Bible after all hadn't been the only source but the Holy Spirit directed her to leave bad in this church that's dangerous isn't it. Why is that dangerous because the Bible says so notice what the Bible says now the Spirit speaks of the expressly that in the latter times some shall walk depart from the faith there are going to be those who will depart from the faith now listen to what John says beloved believe not every spirit. Right. But what are we to do try the spirits whether they are of God That's exactly what we're going to do so the question we would ask is What are the beliefs of these former rather than as what churches do they belong to that's a good question isn't what churches do they belong to. What Colleen coauthored in contributor with her husband Richard they wrote Have you ever heard a rose publications you could pick them up and Baker book out you could pick them up in our own bookstores A.B.C. Rose's got a whole series of different topics Well she and her husband coauthored this one right here called Ten Questions and answers on Seventh Day Adventists them and you can find it in Baker book out and some of these publishing and Christian bookstores you can find it well it's interesting because the guy who is that editor of this is a man by the name of Paul Carden He's the editor of this particular rose publication and Paul Carden was an associate with Dr Walter Martin. If that tells you something. Say Paul Carden hall Carden is the executive director of centers for apologetics research Paul has the. Voted over thirty years of his life to cult related research so he was in the SO shit with Dr Walter Martin now Paul Carden is an authority and spokes person and many of the they all rats those conferences have actually been this conference before and this right here is where Paul card matter of fact this is Paul Carden son show up very good and this right here right here is where he sat right there as Paul Carden Now Paul Carden had wrote in their raps this book called The Truth About ad been a Struth that something isn't that the truth about ads in this true. Now listen to a car Carden says in this book. Many current admin the sleepers from all levels of S. The ADA nomination have been in communication with our ministry and have encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing. As dangerous and something's wrong there don't you think. Most of these people are aware that there are many imbedded errors in Adventism Nevertheless they remain in the S.D.A. church for one or more of the following reasons I'm going to give you the reasons that he says and right here they are number one. To help badness understand the gospel. That's interesting isn't it number two. To change the church from the inside. Number three to stay for job security in retirement. Or Number four to stay for family and reputation these people were to remain anonymous and we will grant their requests. Not one of those is a good reason at all do you agree none of those are good. Reasons none of them. You see the problem would be wouldn't this be deceptive if a person belong to a denomination or church that they didn't believe. And teach. That doesn't make any sense no sense at all it's very simple the reason you belong is because you believe it is the truth that's why you belong there's many here that your family members aren't in the church right. I'm the only one of my wife's the only one in our family you see so truth makes all the difference and for a Christian that should be a core desire in your heart I want to know the truth of God's work so why belong to something that you believe is not the truth. To me that's deception. Listen to what the Bible says about that come out of her my people if you're into something that's not the truth why would you stay there doesn't matter about retirement doesn't matter about family it's better is about you in the Lord and truth right that's where it needs to be why would you be a bad time is member of a church that you know is teaching air. That makes absolutely no sense to me to do that the snow up your car goes on to say. That. It's dangerous. Right right. Right Paul Carden goes on to say thousands of former Seventh Day Adventists What does he say thousands. Now say to some. That may not be a big thing but I tell you what if just one of those thousands just one where your family member it would be important just like what happened in Waco Texas you know people talked about Waco but listen if one of those people would be in your relative who had been very serious were. Very serious he says thousands of former Seventh Day Adventists who have made the transition to the simple gospel of Christ and have become Bible only believers Now that's a key phrase many people used today but in order to check that out we need to know the Bible to check that out right. And you're going to find a lot of these people who use that terminology Bible only believers aren't really Bible only believers it's like you said just a minute ago believe it because they say so. Or he goes on to say and have become Bible only believers have expressed to us the joy of the freedom they experience in Christ they have a deep desire to help free others from the bondage of ads and. This is what they teach so the question we ask our admin a sicko you know really friends it doesn't matter what they say what matters is really what does the Bible teach sometimes these kind of things ruffle rough or feathers right I didn't get us all worked up but the fact is we're in good company they said the same thing about Jesus they said remember Paul that sect that's cold. You know there was a time when I first came in the church that really bothered me right and I'm sure bothers you too but I got past that because why when you have a love of the truth that changes ever everything there has to be a settling in of love not just the true a love of the true Walter Martin wrote a book called The Kingdom of the cults. And a better. Mine was going to introduce me to Walter Martin before he died but it didn't happen and Walter Martin wrote this book the kingdom of the cults as a resource material for people who are into research and cults and he also wrote a book called The Truth About seven they haven't tism I have these books. And he wrote this book called The Truth About seven they haven't isn't now how all of this came about was the issue of questions on doctrine. It was Walter Martin in the theologians or the name of Dr Donald barn house and they came and they came to the General Conference and they put the pressure on us to write a book in response to some of the things that people were saying about adding a sick him up with questions on doctrine Well I'm going to give you a resource to look at that will help you with this and that's called doctrinal discussions you see that book to the right. Doctrinal discussions you want to write that down by the way that if you ever heard the clear word Bible. Or Dr Jack Blanco he gave that book to me in person when we were friends and he gave me this book doctrinal discussions it deals with the issues what Walter Martin raised excellent book called doctrinal discussions now Martin goes on to say it is my conviction that one cannot be a true Jehovah's Witness Morman Christian Scientists Unitarian Spirit is it cetera and be a Christian in the biblical sense of the term. But it is perfectly possible to be a Seventh Day Adventists and be a true follower of Jesus Christ the spite certain heterodox concepts which will be discussed and he goes on in that book to discuss some of those things now based on Walter Martin's research he concluded that administers was not a colt. OK Now here's how Dale rats of gets around the issue today because Dale Rasul flipped up. WALTER MARTIN Here's how I gets the around the issue today here's what they'll say is it is clear that waterboarding saw the administration slipping back into wot its coal to eke past. The that. I believe Dr Martin had already made the change in his mind but died before he could make the change in print. That and course Walter Martin can answer for himself because he's dead now. You say. Martin also said the inspiration for ninety percent that's a high percentage isn't it. So we need it and we need to look at this carefully the inspiration for ninety percent of the destructive personal criticism leveled against Mrs White is found in the writings of Dudley him can write D.M. can write laid the foundation for all future destructive criticism of Seventh Day Adventists I'm now that if you ever heard a D.M. can write. For those who've never heard of them can write him can write had been an admin as pastor for twenty eight years in Ellen White today twenty eight years he wrote a book called Seventh Day Adventists them renounced after an expense a spirit of twenty eight years by a prominent minister and writer of that faith D.M. ten right now this no one can write said. To criticize expose and condemn others is not a pleasant task but when religious teachers in thrown error and mislead honest people silence would be unkind and sensible This is what can write said being profoundly convinced that Seventh Day Adventists them is a system of error I feel it my duty to publish what I know of it now some of these guys would tell you the truth lead them out of that Minister why I am a witness an example to you today that the truth lead me into the. In this church and we both can't be right. It's one of the other. So here's a good book you could read in response to can right and so on the right. It's been in different titles won titles in defense of the faith by Branson and also it's titled The Truth and replied to can write and if you get a chance to come across that book some of these books are out of print or excellent books are people need those books in their library. But this is a response to can write excellent work. Branson William Henry Branson. OK. Yeah now some of these you could get on a P.D.F. file which is really good because if you want to cut and paste and put statements in the paper and printed out stuff like that so you could get some of these books in the P.D.F. file OK Now the question I want to ask has anyone here ever read Brenton's response to ten rights charges anybody here. Did you got that right good in. Now you could look around your brother and you could see. How many really looked at that right. You see that and I bring that up as a point because later I'm going to come back around to that to show you why I just said that. See here it is right now I'm amazed how many people leave the ads in this church without reading our responses to such charges by the critics in other words don't jump too quick. Don't jump too quick. All these guys have been critics of Adventism him wriggles back in one thousand nine hundred and yeah Dr Walter Martin can write Dr Jerry glass and you have heard that name before Dr Jerry Gladson Desmond for da Carson Paul card they all rats of put a whole lot of trust in. What these people say as if this is the final word Franz the Bible is the final word the Bible so here's what we have out of it ex sad minister outreach a ministry of former Seventh Day Adventists. Now they're Roxas ministry J. Mark Martin calling tinker and a host of others have mushroom into an enormous amount of support for X. administers they have launched an attack on that minister. Literally they've done this I'm going to show you what they attack so I've titled this series Facing the critics Now again these are former Stas. You know it's one thing to talk to your Baptist friend on a subject prisoner then to talk to a former as the it's been in the church for twenty years and leave right. You can't you can't bring them back saying the same old same old right so we're going to learn some things to deal with in this series X. seven is. Free from Adventism that's one thing they say oh ow I don't have to keep the Sabbath I'm free from Adventism I'm free from the Sabbath. Yeah right free from heaven white false prophet that's what people think and of course they're experts you see because they've been in that minister too right no gospel in Adventism. Free from the eight hundred forty four investigative judgment mazing new covenant people that I have keep will come when I'm New Covenant Christian you hear that Oh Grace see Grace and then of course they say as the a is was a call. So they say all this and more about the church. I was doing a series of Angelus to meetings one time and. One of the elders in my church his mother came to the to that town to visit her son and she had been in Phoenix Arizona where J. Mark Martin is on the never heard of J. Mark Martin but J. Marc Marc put a whole series of tapes out in regard to dealing with seven they had in his right as well she she spread all those tapes all over town when I was doing this series of meetings so you can imagine what that did to the media right well that's what they did with J. Mark Mark listen to this this is the guy that did the tapes. He does a whole series called Why do Christians go to church on Sundays right there. J. Marc Maron a senior pastor of Calvary Community Church in Phoenix he received a B.A. in theology from Pacific Union College that's ours. And pastored for six years in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Now watch what happens when he leaves that minister he starts a church Now watch what happens Mark started a non-denominational church in one thousand nine hundred two that has grown into a fellowship of over twelve thousand believes and you know we struggle in our churches and prayer meeting get two or three people for prayer meeting you know and drive by some of these mega churches and thousands of people. In one thousand nine hundred eighty four an invitation was extended by Pastor Chuck Smith you have heard Chuck Smith out of coast Mesa California he's passed away now but big mega church thousands and thousands of members friends out of the be right here in THE TRUTH IN THE be a part of that with thousands of people. So don't compare that with our church. You see. Mark's teaching is an extended in an hour reached the Seventh Day Adventists as well as radio programs in the Phoenix area and an extensive podcast CD and D.V.D. ministry received by. I thousands each month. Now remember J. Mark Martin was a Seventh Day Adventists Pastor Martin is quoted in their routes this book as saying this seven day Adventist teachings are rapidly spreading around the world for decades there has been a need for a clear and concise of biblical examination of fundamental teachings of this church and remember he'd been a part of it. This ready reference on Adventism compares biblical Christianity with contemporary Adventism and quickly gives the reader an understanding of the major issues and answers truth about ADD to distribute is a ministry tool that will equip many to meet the questions of those interested in Adventism as well as share the gospel with the searching thousands within the Seventh Day Adventist Church where. With in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. These are acts Adventists do whatever they can to discredit the administration or. Whatever they can that's exactly what they do Jeremiah films the ever Jeremiah films they came out with a movie on Ellen White called Seven Day Adventists in the spirit behind the church and there's a lot of misinformation in this video a lot of misinformation Now if you want to look at a good source to deal with this Have you ever heard of Bob pickles a response to the video excellent book I talked with Bob about this and it is an excellent book Don't jump to conclusions when you hear something study it out Bob pickle guy with a name of Bob pickle and call response to the video. Jeremiah films is done stuff on Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons and Christian Scientists and that kind of thing and so they I knew one day they would come out with one on seven then and they did. They they did another guy by the name of Dirk Anderson former had been is he's got a website. And his website has all kinds of websites exposing Ellen wide exposing Seventh-Day Adventists and all this but I want to tell you some friends. They've really distorted what had been believe I mean really discord and we're going to look at some of that through the week to see how they've done that and again proclamation these issues are all about ADD than us you know I was a Baptist I received a letter one time from Jerry Falwell to go into the Baptists ministry when he started Lynchburg there Liberty University and I love my Baptist friends but I don't go back and write marm books and magazines against those Baptist people I want to win them I want to win them to Jesus you see that there puts up a big barrier yes or no it really does but they've written all kinds of stuff. Administers being attacked from all directions so many sources are available that reject the teachings of that in a church and like I said what this class is about is preventative. Let's deal with it before it happens to us in our people in our church Amen. Don't wait till it happens discussion panels on questions and answers about admin is teachings of Ellen White they have all kinds of these conferences all kinds of they discuss such subjects as the remnant or mark of the beast with a host of other admin is teaching investigative judgment and their main discussion is Ellen White. I actually attended one of Bell's meetings and I was very disappointed very disappointed you see because they wouldn't want us to be on that panel. They would want any of us to be on that panel matter of fact you heard of run to pray Ron and I was at one of these meetings Well here's what's important about this in twenty thirteen watches in two thousand and thirteen they all rafts of coal. In tanker Paul Carden J. Mark Martin I e-mailed all four of these people with one question one very simple question and I'm going to put the e-mails on the screen so you can see it OK because it's interesting the question I asked them on the mark of the beast All right here's the question I asked Dale I sent an email to Dale Dale I just have one question that needs only a yes or no answer. Did Ellen White originate the doctrine that the mark of the beast is being under one question you see they bring this up in their panel discussion. So I'm going to deal with the thing they raise and I just ask that one question and it's either yes or no either she did or she didn't Yes Am I right. That's not a complicated that's not a trick question that's not a trap question that's an honest question Did Ellen White originate the idea that the mark of the bee is keeping Sunday and then I said thanks that's it no reply. I've never gotten a reply from their rats of on that question and I'm going to show you why in just a second so I emailed Colleen tinker the editor proclamation magazine same question. I just have one question and they don't leave a yes or no answer did Ellen why did originate the doctrine that the mark of the beast is keeping Sunday thanks now the point is they're the ones that raise the issue about the mark of the beast. OK so I'm simply dealing with him precisely with what the issue is they raise direct. No reply now I hear other friends of mine say oh they they contact them and they reply all the time you've heard of Martin Webber and and they go back and forth with Martin. Weber and and Rasul has gone back and forth of back Yochi And yet on this very simple question I get no reply from and there's a reason for. So Paul Carden who work with royal WALTER MARTIN So shit with Walter Martin. Apologetics research expert write so I email Paul Carden same question. I just have one question that needs only a yes or no answer did open wide originate the doctrine that the mark of the beast is keeping Sunday thanks that for. No reply. So I emailed J. Mark Martin in Phoenix Arizona because Martin Martin he's got this big ministry against Adams and here's what I said I said I just have one question that needs only a yes or no answer did Ellen White originate the doctrine that the mark of the beast is keeping Sunday thanks I got a reply from me. You're going to be shocked to hear the reply here it is it in it evolved with a when whites great controversy visions the Lord bless you and keep you because of calorie Pastor Mark Martin calorie Community Church Phoenix Arizona so he says it evolved with a great controversy vision you see a problem with out among the problem with that or is it found. Why doesn't he give me the page number why didn't he just simply tell me words are because I'm going to show you Evan White did not originate that very thing. Evolved. That you're watching carefully think so so we're going to we're going to look at this carefully because you're going to be shocked this is really amazing you've heard of the Reformation Reformation period Well I hope to share with you some today you've never seen about the Reformation watch this. In sixteen fifty seven I have this entire book. Sixteen fifty seven Thomas tell them the seventh day sabbath sought out and celebrated sixteen fifty seven he said Sunday is the mark of the beast. Was there any Seventh Day Adventist and sixteen fifty seven was Ellen White in sixteen fifty seven she certainly couldn't of originated the idea that Sunday is the mark of the B.. Hill M T I L L A M If you Google in his name Thomas Tell them you'll get the whole book right there Pedia. OK do that very important because this priest seeds that minister a long time done. Excellent book too. So far so far this book is probably one of the oldest known authors published outside of the Bible that recognizes the seventh day sabbath would be a test. That the end of time and would stand in the stink contrast of the mark of the beast or the tempted change in watt times and laws by mean and that was in the Reformation. Reformation. This predates the Seventh Day Adventist Church by nearly two hundred years this demonstrates that this concept is neither new nor uniquely Seventh-Day Adventist and was in point of fact founded during the Reformation So the next time you hear somebody say well you know Ellen White come up with this false teaching about Sunday being the mark of the beast ask him Is she the one that originated that. She didn't not at all. This is a very exciting find that we believe every seven by adding the should read and be aware of another issue that comes up all the time is what Ledger is a. Great you see when I came in to have a church I had no problem with that. Why because who could put a copyright law on God's truth. Had a man put a copyright on God's truth. Who does man think. You see and then Sidney Cleveland come along he writes a book called white washed cynically even former Seventh Day Adventist pastor the fat minister wrote a book against their own white called white washed and it's forwarded by Dale wrestlers. Now there's an excellent response to this excellent I happen to know a guy I met him a few years ago. And this is just hot off the press I think you really appreciate it this is called the white lie so. And this is a good response to what you just saw there by Walter Ray and Sidney Cleaver So if you get a chance if they have one in the A.B.C. pick it up it's heavy duty but I tell you what if you don't get it the first time that's OK put it down and reread it and reaches a little section of the time. You say he's actually written two books dealing with the issue of pleasure ism and how and why he's been accused of plagiarism and all that kind of thing so that's an excellent resource that you could go to. Now let's start a little bit with the rest of here on his book it was forwarded by da Carson which de Carson is a well known theologian all around the world well known theologians Now this was Dale's first book The Carson over here to the right would be a Carson is a professor of New Testament Trinity evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield Illinois down by Chicago and he wrote the forward to Dale's book. He wrote He's the editor of this book from Sabbath the Lord's Day Day Carson is a like a set of well known theologians around the world and this was a response to back yogis book. From Sabbath to Sunday you remember back yogis doctoral dissertation so Carson and his team put together a book to respond to back Yochi. And that was this book right here OK Would they all Rastus relies heavily on this book heavily OK And the thing is a lot of these things have just simply been pared it. You know they hear it from somebody else and they paired on to somebody else and then somebody else and so what I would recommend you really study these things out for yourself so they responded back yogis book what Dale's first book gained a lot of support an affirmation matter of fact John the poor he said this in Dale's But my honest feeling is that this is the first responsible book on the issues of saboteur nism I know of it is thorough and scholarly yet easy reading you have tackled unsatisfied every issue relative to the subject isn't that amazing Now that's what this guy is saying about restless book. He goes on to say you have tastefully and honestly led the reader to conclusions based solely on scripture your work will undoubtedly become a reference for all future studies on the subject of the Sabbath. Alan Crandall. Is a Presbyterian pastor listen to what he says he says I was impressed that your biblical and theological arguments have been carefully constructed the logical flow is excellent and at the same time you didn't neglect the reader's need for personal encouragement and faith building now Raymond to trail who was the editor of the S.T.A. Bible commentary now that should ring a bell for us yes. The editor of the Seventh Day Adventists Bible Commentary he wrote a part on this book right here by rats live and listen to what he says I was. Shocked to hear what he said and read it. My impression is that you have produced by far the best document I have ever read dealing with the subject from this point of view I believe you have done your best to be fair with the evidence I was shocked when I read that by the editor of the Seventh Day Adventists by become Would you be shocked to read their. Own Dale's book. DR ROBERT CARLIN when he says Julian and I finish reading your mania script we have found in it we have found it to be it highly informative very persuasive logical easily readable and scripturally accurate. We cannot or do strongly enough to get this work on Christian bookstore shelves as soon as possible. Cathy chick This is what she said we can give your study presentation of praise you have unveiled so many mysteries about the Sabbath and it is thrilling to see how it relates to our relationship with Jesus we are looking forward to seeing this imprint so it can be circulated and shared with friends. In Dail second book which also has gained a lot of support and affirmation Dale adds and omits from his first book so he takes some things out of his first book and then he adds some other things and it's very important we're going to go as we go through this week we're going to cover some of those points in Dale's third book right here the third one. Which also has gained the most notoriety and a lot of support and affirmation Dale as a response to Dr Ronn do pray have you ever heard Iran to pray OK So Dale he didn't know what to do with Ron's book I'm just going to summarize it for you not tell you what happened he didn't know what to do with Ron did praise book because Dale's not a Hebrew scholar he didn't know what to do with it. So he did something very interesting he contacted Dr Jerry Gladson Waqt a Hebrew scholar. If you've ever heard of Dr Jerry Gladson. Dr Jerry Gladson is a well known Hebrew theologian OK And so when Ron wrote this book even if you got this book right here OK. Well if you get a chance to pick it up baby see and I'm not their sales person I'm telling you these are books that are very relevant to the subject so Ron wrote a book called judging the Sabbath discovering what can be found in cautions to sixteen by run to pray so. They all rats if goes to Jerry Gladson. And he says you need to write a response to Ron to praise book. So when wrong to pray had written judging the Sabbath what can be found cautions to sixteen they all published a revised edition This is latest He ripped he published a revised edition of Sabbath in Christ and added a response to Ron do pray by Jerry Gladson. Now Jerry Gladson was a Seventh Day Adventists theologian. His expertise was the biblical languages that was his expertise. How would the rest of Doesn't known I'm going to share with you in just a second so Dr Glass that he writes this book called The theologians journey from Seventh Day Adventists them to mainstream Christianity. Higher book on his journey from the administers to mainstream Christianity OK Now Dr Gary Gladson was my professor of biblical exigency. That's interesting isn't that he was my professor. Of biblical X. Jesus. And he left Adam a church now what. This does that mean now because he was a Hebrew scholar I should leave that INS church absolutely not. So don't get wrapped up in people got it. And think well they must know right. Because people do that laying certainly this guy was an admin this the login and he leaves the church he must be right. Don't go that direction stick with the buy. That's why we're to study the Bible for ourselves. Very important Well Dr Glass and associate is a lady by the name of Wilma Zala Bach and I know Wilma real well because we set side by side in classes. Now simply because she went and became Dr Gladstone's associate does that mean I should go to. Absolutely no. Friends I'm here to stay like Martin Luther said Here I stand. So in this book Sabbath in Christ this is a revised edition you can read it right here where he says does the letter of collages refer to the Sabbath in response to Randy pray by Jerry a Gladson So Ron copied off this section by Gladson and he gave it to me and I am writing a response to Dr Gladson on this very issue right here there are some problems with with what Dr Gladstone said and we're going to look at some of those things right here he's written on the back cover of the book right here Jerry gladsome he H.D. right there. I want to quote a few things by some of these guys in this book this is the third edition and here's what he says. For those who are troubled by the endless confusion surrounding the Biblical teachings regarding the keeping of the Sabbath a first of all I want to say some right here you know we mentioned some of the things they criticize for example the investigative judgment right we don't have to run from their. But it's interesting because they criticize us over that well listen if they can't see the simplicity of the Sabbath how in the world are going to see that. Think about because they have to dig a little bit more with a sample the sound of this very simple Remember the Sabbath day to keep it. Is a very simple in the four commandment. He goes on to say this he says welcome relief has arrived plunge into this work by Dale Rasmussen be refresh by remarkable breath of research about the biblical historical and theological background of the Sabbath this is a must read for anyone who questions how to interpret the Old Testament in light of the fulfilling work of Jesus Christ Rastus work demonstrates that those who rely on the keeping of the literal Sabbath have missed the sabbath that is ours in Rice did you get that. We keep a literal Sabbath going there saying that we miss the Sabbath that's really ours in Christ that's what they say feel Johnson never heard of Dr John MacArthur. Who feel Johnson works with grace to you ministries which is affiliated with Dr John MacArthur. And he's the executive director and listen to a field Johnson says about this book Rastus book Scripture is generally an ambiguous and easy to understand it is perception of this yet the apostle Peter acknowledged that scripture contains some things are to be understood second Peter three sixteen one of those difficult topics is the Sabbath cautions to sixteen and Romans fourteen five and six suggest that confusion on this subject was a problem even in the earliest church. Over the years much of what has been written about the Sabbath from both the church and the Colts has only contributed to the confusion. By the way friends truth will confuse No one what confuses truth is air mingled with truth that's what causes confusion Jesus says I am the way the. Is Jesus when anybody confused absolutely not truth does not confuse anyone it's the baggage the people carry with him from what they have been taught at school err a list of this that's why I'm grateful for the clarity and biblical inside the rats that brings to the issue Sabbath in Christ is a real treasure a simple straightforward understandable digest of the best insights on a very difficult issue clay Peck now Clay Peck was a Seventh Day Adventist pastor have you ever heard of clay Peck was a seven they had been is passed or he left the church started his own church in Colorado called Grace place of it if you ever heard of grace place you've heard of that before and. I actually won a couple back from grace place back into that minister. I should say are the Lord. The Lord let's let's check get that straight right well listen to this here's what Clay said interpretation of scripture correctly hinges on a proper understanding of the covenants and the crucial decision of whether to let the old or new covenant define the other theologically I greatly appreciate the assistance they were rats of his given through Sabbath and price for all who are seeking a clear understanding of the gospel of grace in Christ Jesus. Jeffrey Drew listen to what he said at last and easily readable work that untangles every link of the formidable claims of saboteur nism raps that has done this by laying the plain scriptures before our eyes and with great force of sweet persuasion causing us to see Jesus as a. Our priceless treasure Can you see how some of those words really sound right don't they really do. And in our last study this week on Friday we're going to cover one that really sounds good as when people say why don't have to keep the seventh day sabbath because Jesus is my sap we're going to cover that one thoroughly Friday. Listen to what John MacArthur Dr John MacArthur senior pastor Ph D. Grace Community Church Sun Valley California listen to what he says I'm impressed with the clarity precision and thoroughness of their wraps this work this book is a much needed treatment of the Sabbath controversy written with intelligent passion and full of insight and wisdom Mr Rastle of shows great care in his annulling of the complex biblical historical and theological issues this book will be a great encouragement and help to anyone struggling to understand what Scripture says about the South now as I mention Jerry Gladson listen to what Dr gladsome said about the rats of book and river keep in mind he was one of my professors of biblical text Jesus and listen to what he said the rest of has done us a real service in providing the best all around treatment of the Sabbath question to date he just hasn't read my book yet but it's come in the midday Anyway he says he says that his discussion is fair even handed in persuasive I highly recommend this book to anyone who anyone with a question about the Sabbath now feel Berber He's a pastor over St Joe. And listen to what he says feel Berber he says is the Seventh Day Adventist Church just another denomination among evangelicals which for some reason worship's on Saturday. That's what I used to believe that's what that in a church would like you to think since they want to be. Viewed as an evangelical but they are not. Pastoring in a community not far from Ender's University in Berrien Springs Michigan I was introduced to Dale raps lives ministry. In reading Dale's book Sabbath in Christ I quickly understood that they're keeping of the Fourth Commandment so fundamental to Adventism is not based on the truth of God's word in any way. Senior Pastor St Joe mission. They all makes that crystal clear biblically thing the logically and historically our true Sabbath is found in Christ alone and not in the keeping of the Old Covenant sign of the Sabbath given to Israel nor in the writings of Ellen G. White Adventism prophetess Dale's new edition has been strengthened with additional pin dates by Gerry Gladson a collage and which answers that in this latest attempt to make the Sabbath in verse this verse the Day of Atonement read the book go to God's word and let's get our theology straight. Joseph Stack this guy was in the part of the general worldwide church of God seventh day you've heard the Worldwide Church of God. Or he was a part of that and their church split over these issues right down the middle their church split we have to ask the question Could that happen to us yes again we're not excluded from those things it could happen to our we believe he says this We believe the foundational text concepts and ideas you discuss are thoroughly supported by the biblical witness they're also clearly presented your explanation that Christ is the basis of the New Testament Law The Law of Christ is excellent perhaps stuffing is as vital to understanding the Sabbath question as the fact that the Old Covenant and the Mosaic Law must be interpreted by the New Covenant and read. And in a Christ centered way your consistent explication of this principle is absolutely necessary and correct I pray that Sabbath in Christ will be instrumental in opening hearts and minds to the truth of the gospel message that our Sabbath is the eternal spiritual rest we have in our Lord Garry and listen to what he says every true Christ follower wants to be among those who are described as more noble because they examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so they were rats those helpful little booklet will force many to look carefully to see whether what they have been taught is really what God's word says I'm so thankful that God has used Dale's ministry to bring many into the glorious freedom of the Gospel that God desires for his people. Now Esther shu. She's a former S.T.A. and here's her testimony Here's what she said I remember trying to find Ellen G. White's teachings in the Bible but I could never find them I had assumed that the sermons that I had been listening to had been based on scripture when in fact the vast majority were Ellen G. White's non biblical teachings. We were spoon fed information and never taught how to study the Bible properly I had no idea what it can cordons Bible Dictionary or Greek lexicon was I was invited to an off campus interdenominational Bible study. In that amazing That's right because I've been in the non-denominational church as well it was the beginning of the in for my old self. I was no longer being spoon fed information as an infant but had moved from milk to solid food of sound biblical T.. Ching. Now here's a new website for ravenous launch that was launched in January by life insurance ministry That's Dale Raffles ministry and what they've done in this particular ministry I'm going to show you how crucial it is because they're not playing around friends are really not they're attacking us in every direction they can in this particular website all these people have contributed to it and here's what they've done every one of our Sabbath school Quarterly's they're writing their own quarterly attacking that chord. You understand I'm saying so when you go to church on Sabbath and you set your Sabbath school class and you're reading the quarterly and you're discussing it these guys have written a quarterly to Kilner what our quarterly is saying in that amazing and they've done it twenty sixteen twenty fifteen all over Quarterly's twenty fourteen twenty thirteen all the way down all the way down to two thousand and nine so for every one of our Quarterly's They're attacking it directly. Directly so see they're not playing around and all these people here contribute to these Quarterly's attacking our cords. Say I want to know where the enemy is that what about you know some you guys been in the military you don't wait to do training the day you're going to go in combat do you. Know you train before you go into combat Well this is a war you know that a spiritual battle so why wait what happens to get ready for right why not study now and be ready so when these kind of people come around you're going to be two or three steps ahead of isn't that the way to do it. Absolutely. So there's all kinds of people involved in this and my conclusion after having studied this for twenty five years my conclusion that this group proclamation magazine X. sadness ministries. Is false and deceptive. That's my conclusion false conclusions false assumptions their whole ministry is false and deceptive and we're going to go through that this week OK we're going to go into per exact precise points so if you're going to miss a time Miss last Wednesday OK. I have two principles I use I'm as I come to conclusion I have two principles that I use in dealing with apologetics false teachings number one I call it the Jesus principle you can't go wrong if you're going to Jesus right you can't go wrong. So we're going to the Bible as we come to a conclusion today we're going to look at what I call the Jesus principle and here it is notice what Jesus says now they're trying to trap Jesus the Farriss Sadducees they're always trying to trap Jesus right but watch what happens and when he was come into the temple the chief priests and the elders of the people came and to him as he was teaching and that's what we're doing right teaching as he was teaching and said By what authority do is that how these things you say asked Jesus a question right. They asked Jesus a question. And he who gave the this authority to do this teaching so they're put in Jesus on the spot. OK Now when you get these other groups like proclamations and then they're going to try to put you on the spot you know add this a been in the hot seat for years yes literally but why not turn it around and put them in the hot see. What you think that be a good idea. Right because they put us in the hot seat Yes So this is what Jesus did notice what Jesus did and Jesus answered and said unto them. I also want to ask you one thing I like that don't you because see they're not expecting you to ask them that one thing so watch what happens. Which if you tell me I likewise will tell you by what authority I do these things. So what you're doing is you're turning it back around to give an example turning it around. Have you ever heard somebody say well we really don't know what day the Sabbath is time has been lost we've heard people say that now what do you suppose to be a good question to take and turn right around and head back to well how do you know Sunday is the day in honor of the resurrection of time has been or. I've never mind live heard somebody ever say Sundays been lost have you. Why not turn that question around and hand a right back to him. And you know in apologetics that works all the way through for example well how do you keep the Sabbath on around were you. Had a guy say to me just a few days ago what about the international date line you lose a day today I said that's interesting I said I've been all over the world I was in the way when I said let me tell you some if you go the International Date Line and go around to twenty five times when you stop or you younger. I said now this reversed and let's go fifty times the other direction are you older. See that they don't think that way do they they only think one way. So turn it around and hand it right back all right so Jesus is saying look us you ask your question now I'm going to answer your question providing us my question first. OK Now watch what Jesus did he ask a very important question just like I asked those guys about Sunday being the mark of the beast yes or no it's that simple not a trap question simple question yes or no so Jesus does the very thing that I'm used to. Principle that Jesus does notice what happened Jesus asked the question the baptism of John wince was it from heaven or of man. That's a catch twenty two question isn't there in trouble if they say yes true and then trouble if they say no true. That's a catch twenty two that's exactly what Jesus did too. And they reasoned with themselves saying If we shall say From heaven he will say and us why did he not in believing right. But if we shall say that's of me isn't we fear the people for all hold John as a prophet so they were in a Catch twenty two position right as what Jesus did and they answered Jesus and said we cannot tell. And he said into them neither tell I you by what authority I do these things and he went on his way. So if you have to say goodbye see you later go. Don't stand there now argue with God. Paul I call this the Paul principle now we know the story about Paul this is really good what Paul does so I call this the Paul principle in apologetics watch what Paul does and Paul were asleep beholding the council he's in front of a council right he said this is what he said Men and brethren I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day but when Paul perceived So Paul's looking who's the audience isn't it we need to do the same thing we need to have perception spiritual perception. Now watch what Paul does but when Paul perceived that the one part were said is see us and the other faires sees he cried out in the council Men and brethren I am a fair see the son of a fair C. of the hope and resurrection of the dead I am called in question What is. That would happen and when he had said so there Rosa to synch in between the Fair see and do is now watch what he does and the multitude was. Divided. So see what did Paul do you know what I do meetings lots of times is what I do I say Listen friends don't get mad at me do not get upset with me take it to these guys who set it right I didn't make it up put the documentation there take it to them when I didn't avenge Lissac series I quote from the Methodist Church the Baptist Church the Presbyterian Church I don't quote from the heavens church got it so if there's a Methodist in the audience don't be mad at me take it up with your own God You see because all I'm doing is quoting them now watch what happens there's a division they did they're divided over this for the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection neither angel nor spared but the first he's confessed both so now we have here we have the first season against to the side you see and then Paul stands back like this and watches the fight go between the two Now why do I bring this up or here's why taking sides against each other Here's how it happens for example while remark. Taking sides against each other such Christians in his book called Here's what he says such Christian leaders as Louis tea towel bit him are gone John or rice Anthony who came and I have their books by the way in my library J.K. Van Dellen Herbert Berger and John R. Gresson or have taken the position that Adventism is in fact wot a colt system. Now that's these guys they've written books on this. Matter of fact Anthony Hokie mom was a professor at the Calvin Theological Seminary you have heard of Calvin he wrote a book called The four major cults and were in that book. OK And so this is guys who say add in a circle system but notice what Walter Martin says whereas the late Donald Gray barn house myself each shooter English and quite a few others have concluded the opposite so what would I do if I were using the pole principle I would pick these guys against each other and say Why argue with yourselves right and not stand back and watch it that's exactly what happens the way Paul did it so here's my conclusion don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Write that down don't jump to conclusions too quickly or somebody one of these guys may ask you a question you may not have the answer that's OK. But don't jump to you get the answer got it studied out. You know so i can we tell these guys are doing biped studies we don't know everything doing. So what do we do we don't let it go we just simply say well look that's a good question let me study that out not come back and we'll talk about it right give yourself some time read what we say in response to these guys got it that's what you need to do so the bottom line is to do was. Study the Bible friends if there's ever been a time we needed to study the Bible it is right now get into the Bible like you've never done before. That's what we need to do so I'm going to give you the rundown of this week Tuesday part two we're going to look at no formula evening in morning in Genesis so when you read Genesis chapter one you'll find that each day of creation was evening. Morning but when you come to the seventh day you don't see evening and morning they raise that is a point number two for which Tuesday we're going to look at no mention of the word Sabbath in Genesis we're going to look at that because these guys say well look if man and Adam was to keep the Sabbath why wasn't the word Sabbath mentioned in Genesis. So we're going to look at that OK now whens day part three we're going to look at no commandment they'll say well you know there was no commandment for man for Adam to keep the Sabbath engine is when you Regenesis say when we read the Fourth Commandment what does it say it's the Fourth Commandment right in the Tinkham image so though say from Adam to Moses there was no Sabbath because there is no commandment to keep the Sabbath not till Mt Sinai OK now they'll say like this nothing about man resting on the seven day because when you read Genesis What does it say And on the seventh day God rested and so those say well if Adam was to rest why doesn't the Bible say Adam was to rest as well because it does say God rest him right so they use that we're going to go into that for. Now Thursday I added this one because this is one that people really use a lot. In Colossians they'll say this if you've heard somebody say we don't that the Law was nailed to the cross. They say that we're going to go into that. They'll say that well what they'll say is nine commandments were repeated in the New Testament except the Fourth Commandment the so. They use that as a very important point well we're going to deal with that OK that would be Thursday and of course Friday Part five we're going to look that whole time period on Jesus is my Sabbath is that sounds good doesn't it doesn't that really sound good you know it's like of I remember Billy Graham when I was a Baptist Billy Graham said in front of thousands. And to people in a football stadium and it was a little girl that had asked Billy Graham about her mother who had died she was only nine years old and Billy Graham said Oh your mother is in heaven looking down on you right now now that sounds good doesn't it but is it true. See what I'm saying so this sounds good we're going to look at this this Friday OK Let me let me have prayer here and we'll close OK let's pray. Father we just want to thank you so much for the time we could come together and study your words together we pray for each person here Lord May your Holy Spirit empower us and we may present your word and truth Thank you Father for your wonderful love your mercy in your grains in Jesus wonderful name. In. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon. Is it W W W audio verse or.


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