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Beware of False Prophets

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you so much for Beautiful Day once again we thank you for the privilege we have of coming together so learn of you to study your word to be guided by your Holy Spirit father bless us now as we seek. To know you better to understand your will for our lives better. To be faithful to your word. To carry out the mission you've given us. Here at the end of time and he said the coming of Jesus but we ask and pray these things in the name of Jesus. I have to tell you that the you know in talking about the subject if you go to the seven habits books of A.B.C. over here you'll find a gazillion books on Ellen why. Books by Ellen White the books books on Ellen White her ministry about her ministry all kind of aspects of things and it's very difficult for me I'm I tend towards us to a fault and what that means is I like to give you twenty five thousand hours on The Spirit of Prophecy we got my five and so I fight through what do I present what do I not present so nothing I'm presenting in here is exhausted from the sense of sometimes if you meet with them or mindsets the reality is this it's been stated before and I agree with this it was born John's actually in the crisis of the the Desmond for controversy and the book The white lie came out by a man named Walter Ray and Warren Johns who is then legal counsel for the Seventh Day Adventist Church had labored with some of these people and he came to a conclusion he said you know if a person wants to believe no proof is possible but if a person doesn't want to I'm sorry if a person wants to believe no proof is necessary but if a person does not want to believe no proof is possible and the reality is I tend to want to give all the proof. Yet no. Knowing that all the proof in the world isn't going to change somebody's mind who wants to dig their heels in about something that's going to the same thing when it comes to the gift of prophecy but I do believe you know as much as I I would like to cover so many different things I do believe what I cover this week in regard to the gift of prophecy is plenty of evidence for anybody who wants to believe the Bible truth on this point and yesterday we talked about what the Bible says about prophets just gave a thumbnail sketch but the reason for that is because it is all whole hard to test somebody who claims to be a prophet or to evaluate a claim to the gift of prophecy when you don't know what the Bible says about prophets and I run into Christians all the time including seven am as Christians who really don't know what a bible prophet is. One of the issues for example we'll look at this later this week but just as a for instance one example is when people hear that Ellen White used other people's writings in her writings they say whoa hold em she got to be a false prophet oh guess what so did Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes these and the whole book of the problem. So you want to start finding fault with besar I don't believe she's a she's a false prophet if she did that well guess what you get a false bible in your hand. People don't understand how the gift works and so what we looked at yesterday just reviewing very briefly is that a prophet according to Scripture is a spokes person for God. A prophet is not a fortune teller or a future teller prognosticator whatever not the prophets don't foretell the future but for telling the future does not make one a prophet John the Baptist was the greatest of the prophets and we don't have anywhere where he foretold the future now somebody say hey but he said the Messiah is coming but that was present for his age he wasn't telling things down the ages that were going to come to pass like some other prophets did OK but that's not what constitutes a proper prophet is a spokes person for God We also learned that a prophet. Has Been got communication through a prophet has been God's chosen means of communication from in the words of Scripture since time began you read that in Luke one seventy was one of the passages we looked at now that doesn't mean God has a spoken in other ways whether face to face with some individuals as much as he could invoke a communication in we talk about the euro in the thumb and we talk about dreams that people have had who are non-profits who God spoke to but for the most part if you go through the Bible say how did God speak to his people most of the time it was through the prophetic ministry OK the gift of prophecy the Spirit of Prophecy the testimony of Jesus we look at these terms yesterday the Bible said that all of these spiritual gifts will be in the church until Jesus comes again we should be expecting there especially doesn't highlight the gift of prophecy as being a part of God's last day church one of the distinctive characteristics of Gaza last a church the testimony of Jesus now the wording for that the testimony of Jesus we look at that a little bit in a few different passages. That wording help to clarify for us that we talk about prophet being a spokesperson for God Is it God the Father that God the Son of God the Spirit we know they're all involved but from a scriptural standpoint the Bible says it's a testimony not of the father doesn't say this testimony of the spirit. Of the testimony of Jesus and we looked at a passage the Senate and second Peter points that same thing out that the testimony comes from Jesus himself that the voice of the prophets was Jesus in Old Testament times and new speaking to his people. So those are some things that we looked at yesterday in regard to the gift of prophecy and then the last thing we looked at we went to the book of thank you very much. The last thing we looked at was one of the roles of the gift of prophecy in the church and we look at the new. Estimate church where in the book of Acts there was a controversy over her the meaning of scripture and I looked at that for the specific reason of we know. That the Bible is the rule of face for the Christian in other words we get we understand doctrine from the Bible with this is the foundation of everything as Christians we believe and I shared with you a statement from an article about article in Christianity Today it's the same kind of thing you hear a lot of times regard seventh heaven is people still seven administers they say they believe the Bible they don't believe in the Bible they believe in the Bible and they believe in Ellen White and they actually have two bibles or two sources of authority or something like that we will explore that a little bit more tomorrow but let's just be clear on something. If the Bible is my rule of face. And the Bible tells me there will be prophets if I want to follow the Bible can I reject the prophets no and so to say well I am going to believe in the Bible and Ellen White No they believe in the Ellen White because they believe the Bible. And I said this to you yesterday and I'll challenge anybody if you say look I don't know about this all my thing has fine but the Bible says in the last days how many of you believe we're living in the last days you better find a church with a prophet in. It OK you don't know why you're not sure about oh OK fine but the Bible says the last A church is going to have the gift of prophecy OK that's not evidence didn't write that portion of the Bible that something and that's why I believe that's why I've looked at the Ministry of Ellen White and tested that ministry we're going to do some of that today. But in the early church we see prophets active in the early church and as much as the Bible is the rule of faith the question I posed at the end of yesterday is this what happens when I read the Bible and you read the Bible we all read the same by. And we all read the same passage but we come up with different ideas from that passage and I'm not talking about different. Different. Companion ideas or or harm harmonious ideas I'm talking about what happens if Rick reads a passage and he reads it one way and I read it exactly the opposite way. OK Well here's the rule of my faith in it's rule of his faith but we don't have unity here now how are we going to come to unity. Well we looked yesterday and if these for the Bible says the gifts of the spirit were given to bring us all to the unity of. The knowledge of Christ to the measure of the stature of two and to a perfect man in the measure of the stature the fullness of Christ we no longer be tossed to and fro with every wind doctrine. So the Bible's telling us is all the gifts of the Spirit's work to that end including the prophecy that when we're all reading the same Bible and we think we got it down with the Bible saying but we're coming to different conclusions God had a way to aid in that situation. He used the gift of prophecy to bring clarity on what he intended by the Scripture. And we looked at that we saw that in action in the book of Acts Chapter fifteen where there was a different difference of viewpoint on whether new believers should be circumcised or not be circumcised and the conclusion was reached when Peter stood up at the end of all the debate and discussion and referred everybody to a vision God gave him that communicated in an experience tied to that where the Gentile believers received the Holy Spirit before they were circumcised. And got it shown Peter and he said you know that a while back God showed me that the Gentiles would be partakers of the same salvation that we. We have and you know Peter had that vision where the she came down and we talked about that yesterday a little bit. And he said God to show me in that experience in Acts chapter ten that I should not call any man common or unclean and I said yesterday if you look at non ab in a scam and taters they all believe that when Peter said when Peter stood up there in X. fifteen he was referring to that experience in Acts ten but that experience in Acts ten refer to a vision Peter had in his prophetic role. So God used the gift of prophecy to bring clarity and then when they evaluated what Peter had said they sent a message to all the churches and said This is where we're going to stand on this interpretation of Scripture based on the scripture and the influence of the Spirit of Prophecy. And what did it do it united all those who accepted that council. OK so the early church in the midst of all the doctrine roll wins that would blow around in all the different viewpoints were able to remain united in their understanding and therefore carry forward their mission more effectively let me ask you how far an army gets if they're arguing with each other all the time we're in a war here and the devil knows it and so what's he going to do is going to try to get us bickering amongst ourselves. I'm going to tell you something of the Seventh Day Adventist Church allow the gift of prophecy to function in the church today the way it did in the early church we wouldn't be spending all the time bickering about the things we bicker about but the gift of prophecy has lost its Biblical place in our church. In the law to a large degree because of the misunderstanding people have on the role the gift of prophecy. And again I'm I'm getting a little bit into tomorrow's lesson so I don't want to go too far we reviewed a little bit yesterday they want to look at the idea of testing the gift of prophecy I want to go to Matthew seven with me. Matthew seven. You know what that means that just means tomorrow when we get all the controversial stuff. I just played an evangelist trick on you. That just gets you back tomorrow that's the whole that's the whole thing I like doing evangelistic meeting and I tell the people the meeting man if there is any night in this whole series you should have missed it would have been tonight because everything else from here on out gets better and it's like oh man I was just going to come in the summer you were just going to come to the seminar today if you're going to go check other ones out but you can't now because we're talking about all the Jews you are oh. Anyway Matthew chapter seven if you look at verse fifteen Jesus says these words be where all of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves who are going to actually come back to this we look at test of a prophet but I just want you to note the words of Jesus and I read referenced this yesterday. Now why would you tell a person. To be aware of false prophets if there were going to be any profits that were true prophets there are Christians they say well there there aren't any more prophets after the canon of scripture was closed God stop sending prophets and I showed you that yes they some people take Hebrews one to be saying that as I was saying it all because we already have John the Apostle came after he grew the center center but why would Jesus be warning against false prophets unless there would be true prophets by the very implication of his statement Jesus is telling us two things they're going to be true prophets and false prophets as first thing in the second thing is we've got to know the difference. How do we know the difference let's go to first Estonians chapter. Back I think I have it here I don't have the text on the screen. I have a general concept. First test on these five and if we look at verse versus one thousand and twenty. First Thessalonians all the t's are conveniently grouped together in the New Testament is nice right for your book of Hebrews and they're all in alphabetical order first Estonians five Verse one thousand says do not what I'm reading in the New King James version in the New King James Version says Do not quench the spirit does anybody have the N.I.V. here. What's it say. Do not put out the spirit spire but that didn't sound like a good thing DOES IT to put out that the I give quenching something is you got this fire burning that's the Holy Spirit You're just like. You said that's only a good idea for Christian though don't quit Well how would you would even think of doing that how would I quit the spirit spire how would I put out the spirit spire it was the next verse do not despise. Now it says prophecies of the New King James King James this prophesies that gives a little better understanding of what's being talked about it's not saying don't despise prophecies like don't hate you no two and Daniel seven with the beast and if someone is talking about something or prophesies or the utterances of a prophet. In fact I have it there in any ask me it says. You not despise prophetic utterances. Don't despise the messages that somebody claims that they're giving as a prophet but what does it say do not despise prophesies things verse twenty one what test all things and hold fast what is good so I want you to notice the way that he presents this don't whinge the spirit don't despise other don't shut if somebody claims have to give the problems you don't shut it out so no I don't believe in it. Also as if you do that you could be dousing the fire of the Holy Spirit. Test it now we're going to go to first John for we're going to see the same thing from a little different perspective first John for revelation you have first second and third John first John chapter four and verse one. Verse done four in verse one the Bible says. Beloved do not believe every spirit Now what did what did Paul say. Don't disbelieve every spirit right he's coming from the standpoint look don't reject everything John saying Don't believe everything either you can't just believe everything you hear Be can't reject everything you hear. The love you do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they have God because many false prophets have gone out in the world for the very common context of testing the spirits as you're testing the prophets those who claim to be prophets so the Bible tells us we should test prophets Well how do we do that well the Bible gives us tests there are four Spiritual Gifts tests that we're going to look at in a moment I want to touch just briefly on a physical phenomena I want to talk about here is there are certain physical characteristics if you decide certain physical characteristics that accompany the prophetic it such as loss of strength followed by supernatural strengthening we find that the experience of Daniel recorded in a chapter ten absence of breath awareness of supernatural communication etc. We find certain things that happened when a person has a who claim to be a prophet had when the biblical prophets had this INS and what have you there were supernatural occurrences that took place that couldn't happen naturally once again you know damage talks about no breast remaining you know we find some of these characteristics in the ministry of Ellen White In fact I think I have that outline on the next slide that these characteristics were evident in Ellen White's ministry has been corroborated by several eyewitness accounts throughout the ages there are people who saw her in vision and tested. Of supernatural phenomena I want to emphasize something here however the physical phenomena only testified to the what the supernatural nature of the vision of the not which side of the supernatural is in control so I wouldn't take a physical for example you may have heard the account of the vision and there are actually a number of visions where Ellen White in vision held up a large Bible you may have heard of one of those accounts Ellen White was not a big person she probably weighed about ninety five pounds dripping wet OK and she in one particular vision noted in like I said there are a few accounts of different visions where she helped with one particular one she held the Bible out in fact she held out a forty five degree angle it says on one of those big family Bibles for about. Double check this here but it was about forty five minutes or so at least a half hour now how many of you been to the Ellen White House with the evidence historic village here in Michigan Creek area and they have been or have be Bible but they have a in fact I got to see one of the Bibles when I was in elms Haven one of the homes in California where she passed away but they have an equivalent sized Bible in Battle Creek in the village and I went there with a class of our manuals to students once and we cracked We took turns holding that thing out and I think I went about fifty eight seconds OK it's not you don't just know I don't care the strong our biggest guy that that won the contest went for about I don't know seventy seconds or something like that you're not holding out for half hour it's just not happening and then at a forty five degree angle this particular a countess eyewitnesses that there were things that would happen when L. white women division in the early years it was such a new thing to people and. So they would check out they would there people they would put meters under her. Nose to see if she was breathing because it didn't appear to be any breathing into that maybe this is a trick and. The believers in the early Advent movement would say yeah you know come up and tester because you know that it wanted people to be sure but regardless the point that I want to make is there were certain things that once people checked it out were evidently supernatural OK so it wasn't a trick. But just because something supernatural doesn't mean it's from God So that's that's why I'm not going to make a big deal about that particular. You want to write verses down OK if those are if I mean this is not exhaustive on every place you're going to find an account of a prophetic experience but there are certain things again if I'm testing somebody who claims the gift of prophecy I want to compare it to the Bible well what the Bible prophets do if this person is a real prophet I'm going to see the same kind of things that I see with the Bible prophets Well there are these. Physical phenomena associated with Ellen White Now one interesting situation was when a man named Dr Brown in a part of me was a Parkville Michigan this man was a spiritualist OK was not a Christian but he was as he was a spiritualist where he believed in communication the dead what have you. And he said when he heard about Ellen White all this is just a trick I've seen this thing a hundred times she has a vision and anywhere around here you come and get me and I'll snap read that thing in a minute well she had a vision in it when Dr Brown was presidents and the story is the story goes the brethren went from the place she was and grab Dr Brown said Come on you said you could snap around I want you to. The Bible story says that he came over and. He went up and examined her and she wasn't breathing there was no breath whatsoever and you know they invited him come up doctor and check it out he checked her out and they said his face flushed hail and he turned and headed for the door and a panic and the brother and shut of no no no no wait a minute you said you could pull out and tell what's going on here and he said I don't know she doesn't breathe she doesn't breathe let me out of here and he was out and he was very uncomfortable about it and loft shares the story I think it's in his book The Great Second Advent movement and he said it's curious that whatever spirit was controlling the spiritualist doctor felt very uncomfortable in the presence of the spirit that was calling out and showing on white during this time again that's not a that's not an evidence that I would take I'm going to say all somebody a prophet because they had the supernatural experience I'm just going to say this is more than a trick there's a supernatural power here so how do we evaluate from a biblical standpoint the validity of the prophets. And we're going to go to for physical tests of profit there are more that we could look at but these are the basic ones and the ones I think we can get to this afternoon the first one is that a true prophet will never contradict Revealed Truth who came to read through these number going to go through Wanted to time I'm going to explain them a little bit and we'll go to the ministry of Alawite the second one is that a true prophet will acknowledge the nature and mission of Jesus Christ. The third test is that a true prophet will manifest the fruit of righteousness and the fourth Test is that a true prophet predictions should be impossible there will come to pass. A mere one and will lead people to a closer walk with Jesus those are the ports yes that we're going to look at in Scripture and then apply to the ministry of Ellen White Now we looked at this text yesterday but let's go there today and Isaiah Chapter eight I was eight in verse. Twenty. Eight In verse twenty. Eight In verse twenty the Bible says to the law into the testimony if they do not speak according to this word it is because what. There is no light in them now I told you yesterday the law in the mind in this passage the Torah was the first five books of the Bible the books of Moses and then the testimony was the writings of the prophets which would be the equivalent of the scripture not Today we say this we read as a twenty we rightly apply this to Scripture and we say to the launch of the test to the scripture if it doesn't fit with scripture it's not from God. Amen so the very first test is if a prophet is a true prophet that prophet will not contradict revealed truth now let me make something very clear will expound on this as we go through the week this is not to say that a profit will never give more information there are people who fell in white because they say I'm gonna websites I say Well and white brings this up and in sheets brings up a detail that isn't in the text. Well now hold on a minute see they did it's easier to do with Ellen White but you got to understand that Ellen White is not the first extra biblical that is outside the Bible prophet when Jeremiah for example appeared on the scene he wasn't in the Bible if you lived in Jeremiah's day you would have a Bible and then here comes this guy named Jeremiah he claims to be a prophet from God So here's the Bible and then there's the prophet now what are you going to do and I'm going to tell you something if you read Jeremiah you'll find up you'll find out the Jeremiah brings up details of things that aren't in any of the other books of the Bible. That does that make him a false prophet. Only if he contradicts the Bible. And if we could just think of it this way if a prophet couldn't bring up any additional details why in the world would god bother sending a prophet. Oh I was going to send a prophet say the same thing oh here's another go say the same thing and said the same thing and say the same thing the reason that you bring the prophet is a prophet brings up more details to enhance the point so that God can say you know maybe you missed this point before so I'm going to be a little more. Sometimes the detail has to do with the situations being addressed right Jeremiah was addressing Israel and their apostasy it a certain time in their history. But the point. Of test number one is a true prophet of God will not contradict revealed truth and I'm going to go contrary to Scripture. Their message is not going to be different from the messenger script you're not going to say oh here comes a prophet and they say that's and so and therefore that negates what went earlier and that's kind of our kind of our mindset that I don't know I don't hear it as much I don't watch much T.V. and I don't get the commercials but you know I remember one of the key things they probably still do this I've got to still do I know that you because I still go in the store and the new and improved. New and Improved new and improved Windex really when it's been the same for the last five thousand years I don't know when it came to be but you know new and improved and there's a mindset that people have that if something is new or it's true or or better. You're aware that right it's not true that if it's newer It's better. But. Why am I bringing this up if you take for example you take a church like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints the Mormon Church. They have. One of their founders Joseph Smith they believe had the gift of prophecy. But the distinction or the difference and where are my. Mation in anybody's I think the study of them and this test number one they fail test number one because Joseph Smith's understanding was and the Mormon Church is understanding is his revelation was a later revelation it was a newer revelation therefore it superseded earlier revelations Now it's interesting to get into a discussion because I have people say on the one hand. Do you believe the Bible is these five studies with how many of you study with people who the church does this anybody if you study with them and you ask me say Look I'll study with you but we're going to stick with the Bible do you believe the Bible's inspired word of God and this is what they'll say as far as it's rightly. Translated. OK. And what they're really saying is Joseph Smith was given the gold plates led there by the angel Moroni I so he could correct the errors in the Bible. Among other things I mean that's the whole concept and yet if you press them on that say well you guys don't agree to oh no we don't contradict the Bible Book of Mormon doesn't contradict the Bible but what was Joseph Smith. So anyway it's confusing thing but the reality is they view the gift of prophecy as something that your Joseph Smith came later and it was newer and therefore he superseded anything that was passed Same thing with. The idea of Mohammad Mohammad was a prophet he was a new or prophet and because he was new he had the cutting edge information that updated in outdated everything else everything else that came out they did He was the new thing well that fails test number one a true prophet of God is not going to contradict that which came before and say you know I know before used to be this way but now it's this way. And so it's just a test and oneness is a fairly straight forward test Ellen White never put herself above the Bible orc or diminish the Bible in any way I shared some statements yesterday I just have a few here this one I did look at yesterday we're looking at again today Ellen White says among other things in her right. I recommend to you dear reader the Word of God as the rule of your faith and practice. By that word we are to be judged. God has in that word promise to give visions in the last days speaking of the gift of prophecy her gift of prophecy. Not for a what new rule of faith in other words the gift of prophecy some of the evidence don't believe the gift of prophecy through Ellen White was to supersede the Bible to take the new place and say OK now we did have the Bible now we have Ellen White We don't need this or or you know it's going to correct that we don't do it that way she didn't do it that way not her new rule of faith but for the comfort of its people and to correct those who ere from what kind of truth Bible truth that is there. I mention this yesterday that's what the prophets have always done the prophets of God have always pointed God's people back and said Now I know you think you're following this but look at this again you're not you're not following this here and it always pointed back to the Bible as a rule of faith was ever that way in her ministry. Test Number two they're going to look at a true probable acknowledge the nature and mission of Jesus Christ we were in first John four we're going to go there again first John chapter four. First John chapter four and verse one. We're going to read verses one through three there John chapter four verse one says Beloved do not believe every spirit but do what test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that does not compare that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And. This is the spirit of the anti-Christ which you have heard was coming in is now already in the world. And I'm going to have to get controversial here for a minute and then I'm going to have to just refer you to a more extensive study. You like extensive studies done to you. I thought you did first thing here I want you to note is. From from a from a Christian and non-Christian standpoint. Up a true prophet of God is obviously going to acknowledge Jesus Christ the ministry of Christ the mission of Christ to this world the see he's a son of God is the savior of the world he came to save us from sin he got uncovered cross for the sin the world that kind of thing OK so you have a nose for Dahmus you have a gene Dixon and these other people claim to have some prophetic gift sorry they fail test number two and test number one incidentally but the point is that a true prophet God is going to be within the Christian faith. That I was almost a no brainer should be OK But furthermore you say well that's not controversial shouldn't be. Furthermore it says that every spirit that doesn't does not compress that Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh is not of God and it does something else with this now if you've been in the Seventh Day Adventist Church for a while you got involved perhaps or at least been. Aware of debates over the nature of Christ nature of Christ debates Well I'm going to tell you if you read in the Spirit of Prophecy writings you're going to find eloquent repeatedly using the phrase Jesus Christ to our sinful nature our fallen nature cetera et al Some people have proposed that Jesus Christ so at the nature of Adam before the fall you may have heard that before I'm not getting into all that but if you want more detail on a study you go to audio verse look up Pastor Mark Howard I did a whole presentation on this recently. All that it's time someone finally told you the truth about the nature right. Go listen to that I think the evidence is clear and you can have a different viewpoint but I want you to drop something I want to draw something out that a lot of people don't think about or are aware about first of all let me make this clear this is something that historically we believe the seventh heaven is that Jesus Christ came and took the same nature we're in only with a divine mind that he came to this earth and entered on the complex on the same ground that you and I can be on once we receive Christ in our convert. The whole concept is this that when we receive Christ Jesus demonstrated the kind of life we can live if we're committed. And I'm telling you this is been almost lost among us like what Jesus died is our sacrifice and so OK I'm saved because he did this he say the reason he did what he did is so we could live a different kind of life. And for some years in my ministry I actually kind of soft pedal that a little bit because there's so much from controversy and I don't want to get into controversial things. But in recent years I thought you know it's so clear Biblically the spirit of prophecy and something that it was one of the most exciting things I learned when I first became a Christian that I can actually by the grace of Christ overcome the sin has that has been. Going to run that race like the book of Hebrews says with my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith Jesus Christ it was exciting to me it still is exciting to me and people will say well you know how do we know and this is that I just want you to understand some of the dynamics of the well I need to have this in on in our understanding of Jesus Christ taking. Our For the fallen human nature. The flesh that we have never believed that Jesus sinned had any taint of sin any thought of sin was any trace of sin on the person of Jesus and you say that to somebody that you think Jesus in No not at all but here's what you have to understand. The Bible brings up that those who don't acknowledge the nature Jesus coming in the flesh. Are anti-Christ they're in harmony with the anti-Christ you follow that the passage OK now we know if you've done any study most of you here have done the study on this prophetically we know the end of Christ power represents to people Rome does anybody know the Papal Rome position on the nature of price. How many of you have ever heard the Immaculate Conception OK you know what that is I'll tell you what I used to think the macula conception was that Mary. Was impregnated by the Holy Spirit That's not to. Know the Immaculate Conception is the beneath that Mary was sinless because otherwise she would have passed on a sinful nature to Jesus and Jesus couldn't have a sinful nature because of the original sin concept and so Mary had to be sinless that's the teaching of anti-Christ. Now the Bible says here that the person who doesn't believe Jesus is come in the flesh. Is anti-Christ or in harmony with the Anti-Christ Well that leaves us with little question as to what is talking about here Jesus came in our humanity I want you to refer in fact we have time in a Bible study I think the Bible break this down very clearly text comes right to my mind as Hebrews chapter two and verses fourteen and fifteen it says that. In as much as the children are speaking of you and me are partakers of flesh and blood speaking of Jesus now he himself likewise are in the same way took part in the same flesh and blood. That he through death might destroy him that the power of death is the devil and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetimes of the bondage he himself likewise took part of the same now that's what John saying a person is going to knowledge that Jesus the Son of God came into our humanity to overcome a once in those some statements from the Pentagon where she brings this up this. The first two are from the book desire of ages how many of you read that book and if you have not read that book you want to read the book desire Vade powerful book he says in our humanity Christ was to redeem in what. In what does a start on. Our humanity Christ was to redeem Adam's failure but when Adam was assailed by the tempter none of the effects of sin were upon him. He stood in the strength of perfect manhood possessing full vigor of mind and body look folks Jesus didn't come in need to take Adam's nature because Adam could have Adam could have lived a perfect life there's no there's no big deal with Adam living a life without sin the question in the whole universe now is how are fallen people ever going to live a life without sin. But Jesus showed it goes on to say it was not bus with Jesus when he entered the wilderness to cope with for four thousand years the race had been decreasing in physical strength mental power and moral worth and Christ took upon him the infirmities of degenerate humanity. Only the US could he rescue man from the lowest depths of his degradation it let's get that again very similar statement a little earlier in the book deserve it as it would have been an almost what in that you million that's what the title is a more than infinite humiliation because it says it would have been an almost infinite humiliation for the Son of God to take man's nature even when Adam stood in his innocence in Eden but Jesus accepted humanity when the race had been weakened by four thousand years of sin that's not hard to figure out is it. Some of you going to read that now say your head say what's the debate over. Say with a bit of debates over the debates over letting the spirit prophecy have its proper role in our church it we're going to hear more about that this week like every child of Adam he accepted the result of the working of the great law of heredity with what these results were is shown in the history of his. Early ancestors. He came with such a heredity to share our sorrows and temptations and to give us the example of a simplest life taking our humanity and yet living a sinless life takes away every excuse we go to Christ me except the grace of Christ and we should be able to live a different kind of life. Our lawyer. Son of the time July thirty nine thousand zero two she says the Son of God took upon him our sinful nature. Not arsed not even become a sinner took upon Himself our sinful nature knows clothing is what divinity with humanity so underneath it all he still is the divine Son of God which is what kept him from being sinful that he might associate with fallen humanity he sought to regain a poor man that which by disobedience Adam had lost now we could look at look a lot more statements to the point is this that's John's test test that what I just read the enterprise power does not agree with that in any way shape or form it is contrary they say oh no no no he couldn't have taken the nature of Adam's nature after the fall because then he would have been a sinner etc etc cetera that's what Catholicism teaches That's why you have the Immaculate Conception doctrine. But that. It's the whole ball of wax there now another avenue so this to ditch is a person could go in into you go or you can go into a ditch of making Jesus so unlike us instantly That's why the Roman Catholic Church has so many levels of mediation you have the priests and you have the the sayings and you have Mother Mary and all of these are in a mediators to smooth the way over because Jesus is so unlike us. And you've got to step your way through with the Bible says he's not ashamed to call us his brethren in the book of Hebrews because of us he's taking to taking our name. Now there's the flip side of that where you've got. For example the Jehovah's Witnesses who want to acknowledge the humanity of Jesus. The human nature Visa's but then they diminish the divine nature of Jesus OK so what this passage is bringing up is that a true prophet of God is going to acknowledge the Biblical teaching of both that Jesus was fully human and yet fully divine. And his divinity overpowered the weaknesses of humanity and overcame sin in our behalf we made overcome sin on our own account. That's test number to profit. In scripture Let's go to number three. A true prophet will manifest the fruit of righteousness Let's go back let's look at Matthew seven here and we were in Matthew seven and Tony we're going to go back there. Matthew seven now in that message I referenced for you that you can get an audio verse for free look it up I go over a lot of the history of our own church of that understanding of the teachings we just talked about Makah conception Scriptures and what have you so. It was my intention do a big study on the subject right now Matthew chapter seven and verse fifteen says we where false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but in really their ravenous wolves you will know them by what their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes a figs from dissolute Even so every good tree bears good fruit but a bad three bears bad fruit verse twenty again says Therefore by their fruits you will know them I want you to understand that there are two applications of this and look at this up one. This test. The late Roger Kuhn used to teach spirit of prophecy in the seminary and. Varian Springs and other places. Out of the orchard tests. This he says I'm sorry this is what I'm. Here this will be evident in both the character of the prophet and the effect of the applied teaching of the Prophet OK another word by their fruits you should know them you would expect that a true prophet of God would live a life that where their lifestyles in harmony with biblical principles you would expect that a prop of God say he's a man has several girlfriends that he's with and he goes out who he can and carouse and you would expect that OK you expect his wife would be his character would be one that would be in harmony with biblical principles but beyond that you would also expect that teaching of a true prophet of God would lead a person closer to God and closer to the Bible right and so not only the character of the prophet but the effect of the teaching of the prophet would lead in that direction so the fruit of it would be fruit unto righteousness and I want to give you some examples here. That. Some applications. And I have a number of them. That I'm not going to hurt you I'll give you a couple This is I'm going to share with you a. But what I have here an article written shortly after Ellen White's desk she died July sixteen thousand nine hundred fifteen This article appeared in The New York Independent on August twenty three nine hundred fifteen this is not a Christian paper this is a local newspaper that's. What was well known because of her leadership in the atmosphere she spoke around the world she was a very well known and well received speaker. This. Paper The New York Independent was a prestigious monthly journal published in New York and the editorial was this article in Time. Well an American prophetess. And this is what a part of that article sense. Did she receive divine this use and was she really chosen by the Holy Spirit to be indued with the charisma of prophecy prison is the Greek word for gift when we look at this group guess or was she the victim of an excited imagination. Why should we answer the article says one's doctrine of the Bible may affect the conclusion which that's really a powerful statement you know that we have basically saying look we're newspaper we're not a religious denomination so let the religious people argue that one out. Because they're the way they read the Bible may affect how they're going to accept but from our standpoint it goes on to say at any rate she was absolutely honest in her belief in her revel the revelations in other words she wasn't a sequel best we can see her life was worthy of them. She showed no spiritual pride and she sought no filthy Luker she lived the life and did the work of a worthy prophetess the most admirable of the American Society of succession. So here's an article from a non-Christian outside source commenting now at the end of L. Why is life on the character of this woman and I could read statement after statement where Ellen White's life was exemplary people loved her she was in and recognized her as a Christian woman in fact I'll share with you a piece of another one how many of you know the name Walter R. Mark. Walter Mark who wrote the book The Kingdom of the cults in fact Walter Martin anyway Walter Martin as he investigated the evidence he didn't agree with everything the seven the amateur believed the end he didn't agree with everything Ellen White wrote In fact he didn't believe she was really a prophet of God but he thought she was sincere in it and the reason I'm quoting from him is. If you if I can quote to you from some. He who believed in Ellen White or respect I don't see respected believed in Ellen White believes she was a prophet God you would expect that person to say oh yeah she was a she was a request in person but this is a critic of Ellen Y.. And this is what this critic of Illinois has to say about Ellen White. After reading the publications of the Seventh Day Adventist denomination and almost all the writings of Ellen G. White including her testimonies the writer This is Walter Martin believes that Mrs White was truly a were generally Christian woman you know what regenerate means loose a born again is what we would say a born again Christian woman who love the Lord Jesus Christ and dedicated herself unstintingly to the task of bearing witness for him as she felt led and then he goes on to list several things he disagreed with her on. And then continues but no one can dispute the fact that her writings conform to the basic principles of the historic gospel or they most certainly do. And then about a paragraph later he added all that she wrote on such subjects as salvation or Christian living characterizes her as a Christian in every sense of the term so this coming from a critics of the point is when we look at the door to test with Ellen White and we look at the character of her life people around her said Yeah she's a very Christian person who lives a Christian life contre generous etc etc. But now let's talk about her the fruit of her teachings. The fruit of those who. Apply for follow the writings of L. and why there was a study done it enters University energy university as a Seventh Day Adventist University in South of Michigan variance Springs area and. It may surprise some here with what I'm about to say a maybe not for many of us that all not all seven AM ists have a lot of appreciation for Ellen why. So there are some of the evidence you read Ellen White on a regular basis and those who don't and so what he and his university did was they studied eight thousand over eight thousand seventy evidence. Some of those who read Ellen whites writings on a regular basis and some who didn't and they compared the experience that interviewed these people and compared the experience of the two groups and this is what they found. They said readers those who regularly read readers have a closer relationship with Christ this was not them evaluating this is from their interview with people and people saying you know I feel like you know how do you feel in relation to Christ closer if this is their own experience saw readers have a closer relationship with Christ more certainty of their standing with God or their assurance and are more likely to have identified their spiritual gifts now for those who have been severed they have enough for a while I find this interesting because what we hear in the church a lot is all the people who read Ellen White they never have assurance of salvation not so according to the survey's. It was those who read elements writings have more assurance not less assurance. All and I missed that last part and more likely have are more likely to have identified their spiritual gifts they are more in favor of spending for public evangelism Amen to that and contribute for heavily to local missionary projects so they're more missionary minded and invested they feel more prepared for witnessing and actually engage in more witnessing and outreach programs so that the disciples of Jesus Christ they are more likely to study the Bible daily I like that one and I want I want to pause on that one this is where it is especially people new to the administers say oh I hear about this Ellen why it's a you know thing is I think have been a segue as they read a lot of Ellen white instead of reading the Bible not so what the survey results showed in fact for those of you who maybe knew the evidence church go to have this book center pick up in a white book and go to the back of the book and all of Ellen whites. Books are most of them in the back of the book there is a scripture index that is an index of all the scripture she used in that particular book and that's just the way our church has put it together and you won't find like this you'll find page after page after page after page because she regularly quotes in the first scripture and I know in my own experience when I began reading Ellen White's writings because there's so much scripture what do you think it made me want to do read more scripture and that's what we find from the survey results they're more likely to study the Bible daily to pray for specific people to meet in fellowship groups and to have daily family worship they see their church more positively and they're responsible for winning more calmer now that's in the book Seven them is believed to be seven to fifty eight it's not the whole study and Herbert Douglas in his book messenger of the war brings up an additional portion of the study that I found interesting he says from the study eighty two percent of the readers that is those who read Ellen whites writings on a regular basis eighty two percent of them usually or always have daily personal Bible study while only forty seven percent of the nonreaders do and again just emphasizing the point that from what we understand those who read more about why it's writings actually read more of the Bible not less of the body OK now that kind of fruit is that that's that's the fruit of righteousness that's the orchard test so there are other things we could look at but not now because we have time last month that test we're looking at is it true prophets predictions will come to pass and will lead people to a closer walk with Jesus let's look at these quickly I'm just looking at my the time that and I think that clock sped up when we started today. Jeremiah Chapter twenty eight let's actually go to now look at it I don't want to not look at that we can look at Deuteronomy they say similar things that we're going to Jeremiah first which is. Later in the Old Testament Jeremiah twenty. Eight burst nine. Jeremiah twenty eight verse nine. Knows what the Bible says here as for the prophet who prophesies peace or prophesies of Peace Now you have to understand that if you read the book of Jeremiah you will find that you had active true prophet and false prophets and there were false prophets all through the ages that were trying to undermine what the true prophets said and incidentally God's people more often sided with the false than the true talk about that this week as for the prophet of prophesies of peace when the word of the Prophet comes to pass the prophet will be known as what. The one who the Lord has truly sense. Let's go to Deuteronomy Chapter eighteen. Deuteronomy eighteen. In Deuteronomy eighteen we're going to go to verse twenty one this is what the Bible says and if you say in your heart how shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken. When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord if the thing does not happen or come to pass that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken the prophet has spoken it presumptuously you shall not be afraid of him afraid in the terms of if the prophet gives a warning Don't worry about the warning because if what he said The past has come to pass he is not one of my crop OK so the test here is that a true prophet predictions will come to pass I'm not going to look at the Deuteronomy text but the Durani text is interesting because it talks about those cases where a person may tell something that does come to pass and then they say let us go after other gods. The devil knows how to semi predicts some things to make them sound genuine but if the probably lead in you away from God in the Bible it's not a prophet of God. OK So we're looking for that property predictions coming to pass is one exception to this and that's conditional prophecies which I touch on here in just a moment. Now I don't have time to get into all of these I'm looking at the clock and I'm just going there's a select few things I do have listed up here but Ellen White has writings on. Health and on education and on parenting and I could cite you health experts from her day and from our day I can cite you education experts parenting experts who will tell you that this woman who had no more than a third grade formal education wrote things that were on the cutting edge in her day any even in our day on these topics. Just one of the things in the area health as early as eight hundred sixty three where Ellen White had a first health vision. She was pointed out that tobacco was cancer causing now I'm going to tell you that when my grandmother who happened to die of lung cancer started smoking in the one nine hundred thirty S. cigarettes were being recommended for lung help. And now that's may sound crazy to us now but that's how it was then in fact I got a friend of mine has an order I wish I had I wish I had saved the copy of it an old an ad for a Camel cigarettes the painting was a Norman Rockwell painting it was in I don't know what magazine and it says in the ad your doctor recommends camel. And here Ellen White Way back in eight hundred sixty three was saying tobacco is going to cause cancer and people said You're crazy Well how did she know that when other people did and we could go right on down the line with these topics I don't have time now but you can find plenty of references to that kind of thing OK. Now Elle White also wrote about the resurgence of the papal employments Now this again may sound a little bit. For those of us living today well I don't know I don't know there are people today who still don't get it that Catholicism is the power to contend with at the end of time but when this country was founded America was very anti-Catholic because of the persecution from you know the Dark Age period and we were fleeing Americans were fleeing religious tyranny that started there in in. With Catholicism in Europe and then the Church of England policy that cetera notice the statement from Ellen Weiss book great controversy she says Rome is a meaning to reestablish her power to recover her lost supremacies let the principle once be established in the United States that the church may employ or control the power of the states that religious observances may be enforced by secular laws. In short that the authority of church and state is to dominate the conscience and the triumph of Rome in this country is assured her books I do not know if you've just been through a lot revelations you should heard a little bit of detail on this that this uniting of church and state is something that's being that has been pushed in our country for the last at least twenty years and it was unthinkable when she wrote the great controversy but it's not unthinkable now this is a prediction that has been fulfilled and continues to be as we get closer to this experience again writing of the ecumenical movement where Protestants and Catholics are going to come together which again was totally unthinkable if I only had time. To give you some of the historical details but notice the statement the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the goal to grasp the hand of spiritual ism. That is just a belief that you can communicate with dead which is found its way into the church which is something else he foretold would happen in a time when it wasn't common. They will reach over the a big. Just to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold union what kind of union threefold do you know what the Bible calls these this threefold union you go back to Providence the dragon the beast in the false prophet. Those are the care you know you however that revelation is threefold Union and so she's not I mean basically expounding on what scripture saying this country will follow in the steps of Roman trampling on the rights of conscience some of that has began to happen and it is continuing. I'm not going to read this one which is also very good quote Let's talk a little bit about. The rise of modern spiritualism I don't have the quotes up there I'm not going to take time on it. But when Ellen White had her first vision regarding spiritualism in America spiritualism to that point in witchcraft it was witchcraft in the Bible it was rich craft in the in the old days of the Salem witch trials and what have you and then you have the Rochester knockings in New York out of the familiar with the history of that we have a church right in Lansing a spiritualist church that started out with Rochester NAACP and. Your activity only it was Christianized and L N Y wrote and said this thing going to become so popular you won't be able to speak against it it's everything now then everything is in books and comics is the movie the song How do you communicate with the dead in this in church it wasn't churches before as God condemned it. But She foretold it and we live in the aftermath of the American Civil War Ellen White in her part Bill Michigan. She had a vision there and this one thing she saw and she states here in testimony to the church I think it's going to it will be coming up she said I have just been shown in vision that a number of states are going to join South Carolina in the secession and a terrible war will be the result in the vision I saw large armies raised by both north and the south. I was shown the battle raging I heard the booming of the cannon I saw the dead and wounded following every side. I was then taken to hospitals and saw the sufferings of the sick and wounded prisoners I was taken in. Sometimes this think with the vision to the homes of those who had lost sons brothers or husbands in the war there was distress and mourning over all and there will be men in this house the church where she was speaking that they will lose sons in that war I'm going to tell you that when she had this vision nobody believed that in fact the President Lincoln the leaders of the country Horace Greeley who is one of the big time. Writers in the newspaper said this woman's crazy this is not going to happen look who was it. Was a Green who said a few woman a few a women with broomsticks can go down there and beat out all the rebellion that's in South Carolina or whatever it was I mean they just didn't think it was going to be a big deal and when Ellen White made these kind of statements they said We know she's a false prophet now. But history tells us she was right and it's just absolutely amazing some things. That were foretold Now this statement this next one here. Has to do with World War one and two and I don't know that it's ever been I've heard people comment on it I'm going to comment I don't believe we published it that way what have you but here's a statement she wrote during the time of the American Civil War and I want you to check it out and think what the application would be. Now America is fighting itself right if you're another nation and you want to conquer America was the best time to do it or distracted fighting ourself this is what she said other nations are intently watching this nation for what purpose I was not informed and are making great preparations for some events I was shown the inhabitants of the earth in the utmost confusion noticed war bloodshed privation want famine and pestilence were brought in the lane. My attention was then called from the scene there seemed to be a little time of peace. Once more the inhabitants of the. Earth were presented before me again everything was in the utmost confusion strife war and bloodshed with famine pestilence raised everywhere other nations were engaged in this war in confusion let's see two nationwide wars with a little space of peace in between and that's pretty plain to me what was being addressed there now. That's just a smattering of a few different predictions that made that happened as she said. What is much more. Convincing for lack of a better expression mean. You have to understand the Bible profits. While they foretold to tour events generally told those things within the context of God's people God's people are going to face and so I can see the reason for some of these councils but the Bible prophets role was not so much to foretell the future. As to help God's people to be ready to do what God told them to do when he called them to do it and so what you'll find is many more the moment majority of the predictions of Ellen White had more to do. With counsel in regard to individuals who are taking wrong steps and I had a list of things here I was going to share with you and I'm just trying to think what I want to do to wrap this up I haven't talked about the conditional prophecies yet really want to I really want to touch on that. Jeremiah the prophet foretells gives the qualification not going to talk about conditional prophecies when we start tomorrow the really one answer that let me finish with this story there's a lot of stories I could tell you and I mean. The seven the evidence should. It not become established as a worldwide church without conflict and time and again where we. To try to expand the work in a different area we would run into conflicts that only as Ellen White was guided envisioning it Council we made it through those conflicts one that I'm not going to tell you but I'll just touch on is the founding of Avondale college in Australia when we went to go one of the things when when when Abbott us were establishing our colleges one of the things that we really were in. Emphasizing was the work of agriculture you know Jesus use the agricultural examples the cycle of growing in harvesting to try to communicate spiritual truth it's good labor for the students it helps to clear the mind of too much brainwork during classes etc and so Avondale college among other colleges that we established intention was to establish Avondale with. Plenty of land for farming Well the problem was this we found a piece of land in Avondale and they said oh you can't farm this land they had soil experts come out text test the land and they said Man this is a bandicoot which is similar to a. It's like a I don't say rabbit and get the wrong but it's just it's a common rodents farm animal whatever in Austria this sort of bandicoot would have to pack his lunch walking across this land it's so very That's what the so I mean in other words you could never grow anything here and Ellen why the Lord told Ellen why she saw in a vision furrows in the ground and she saw men coming in saying nothing's going to grow here in the world says you need to go forward and I'm given the short of the story and so they got together the leaders of the church they prayed together Ellen why share with them it looked impossible that it would go the way that she saw in vision but they sided with her bought the land and the problem with the saw icebergs is they didn't understand the type of land they were used to a different kind of. I think there were several experts within our church that were from. Merican there or there there were many with American farmland there looking that dark soil in America was Sandy but it grew stuff great and ended up the course of this day we have ave a college and all the all the the farming that they did there in the trees the orchards and everything else it went just as God intended and I could tell story after story like how God led the movement but I want to finish with one about a man named Stephen Smith you may have heard this story because a lot of the council and predictions Ellen White gave were in regard to individuals who either were leaders in the church had the potential or just needed a warning for the sake of their souls and we find the same thing with Bible problems right now in the Prophet went to David Well Stephen Smith This man had been a part of the early Abbot movement you know when the evidence church was just starting up they came through eight hundred forty four in the predicted deeds of a common that did that that didn't happen and so what happened is Stephen Smith got caught up in them the multiple groups that that formulated after that time that began to predict Jesus would come oh how come Any hundred forty five a company can forty six a company forty seven. And as he was getting caught up in those things Ellen White warned him about it and he didn't take kindly to what he called the old woman's visions and so he decided you know I don't need any of that he kept going in this direction of joining up with these sensational groups now Meanwhile his wife remained a faithful Seventh Day Adventist but Stephen Smith kept going further and further away from the truth God revealed Now here's what happened Ellen White ended up writing a letter. To Stephen Smith to tell him the course he was on and where he was headed when he received it he saw her she was the return address he got so mad that she would dare write to him he didn't throw the letter away he went in his howl. Ne Ne Ne in his rage. He just wondered where to put that anyway ended up sticking this thing in an old trunk in his house. And forgot about for twenty eight years he forgot it in the mean time he kept on going and following these other movements he went from one to another to another joined this group joined that group and he became angry and angry at the seven they have been especially James and Ellen White people who knew him said he had the most lighting with the ring tone of any person they'd ever known he was cruel in his criticism and so much so people just didn't like the guy around. Years past and the some of you know him here today with age sometimes you mellow a little bit. And over the years of one failed group because every group we joined failed. His wife was still in the church still got the Church paper in which articles from Helen White appeared one day he picked up the the paper the church paper Gavin's paper the evidence review off the table there was an article cover story by Ellen White he read the article and he said you know that thing has a ring of truth. You begin to soften a little bit this went on for some time and you read more articles and began to soften well in this course of time a young man by the name of. Eugene farms we're now Eugene was a boy you know years ago because the twenty eight years passed and Stephen Smith a notable he became a minister in the seven am to church and Stephen Smith heard that he was preaching in a church twelve miles away and he thought I want to go and see you know young Eugene and see how he's doing so he walked the twelve miles of the church and in this is to the message and what Eugene Farnsworth wreaking on. But the remnant of a prophecy. Now in those days the preacher would preach the message and the end of the message he people would stand up and give testimony and when the mass is over Stephen Smith shuffle. Speak and Eugene Farnsworth think so because they knew Stephen Smith was like Here he goes he's going to go one of his tirades and do I let him talk to me I guess I better let him get it out of the system so he gave him the floor. And Stephen Smith said you know he says. I'm not here to fight with you guys I've done my share that long and short of it he says I've been fighting this movement and I've joined all these other movements and it seems that all the other ones fail but the people stay with this new movement they keep going forward and they become they keep getting more and more like Jesus all I've learned how to do is fight the bait which is I'm done fighting and I want to be I want to be a part of this people OK wow everybody is like amazed that this well meaning breaks up he goes home and on his way home what do you think he remembers. That letter from twenty years ago goes to us home searches around his house finds the letter opens the letter there it's been sealed up for twenty years reason that letter what Ellen White wrote him twenty years ago about what he would become if he kept going that way he was going. Only because he never changed he read a perfect history of what his life had. The next meeting came out. Stevens Eugene Farnsworth is preaching again this time on the gift of prophecy the richer. He gets up at the end of the message and he tells us testimony he says you know twenty eight years ago I received a letter from Ellen White and I thought I knew more than an old woman's vision. He said I read that testimony and a perfect picture of what my life has been because I never read and this is what he said I want to get the I want you to get the end of this he said if I had only read that letter back then. My life would have been very different I would have been a very different man today. But I didn't read it he says Well now I accept the gift I accept it is from God except it's true and of course he committed this way to be part of God's people. Now I want to leave you with this for a lot of us even the Seventh Day Adventists we've got a lot of an open unread letters sitting around maybe our bookshelves maybe in our where coffee tables. That if we would take the time to apply ourselves and read them. We might be very different people the kind of people Jesus wants us to be. Kind of people Jesus wants us to be so I want to challenge you today I'm going to tell you we're living in the last days God sent a messenger for these last days to help us be ready when Jesus you want to be ready when I sure do is that your desire it's my desire Let's pray together Father in heaven. Father I just thank you so much. For the great love you have for us in sending your Holy Spirit to lead us into truth and giving us the gifts of the Spirit to bring us into the unity of the thing Father I thank you for the gift of prophecy especially I thank you for the gift of prophecy in the remnant Church in these last days because Laure we want to be a different kind of people than what we used to be we want to be like Jesus and we want people who see us to know that we have been with Jesus bother this is our prayer help us to be more like Him We ask him pray in his name and for his in. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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