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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven I thank you so much for the privilege we have of being here can't meaning to fellowship together to learn of you together to study your word together to be of firm in our face together father. To be renewed in the image of Jesus Christ your Son Father be with us in this time we have together this afternoon. Were asking prayed in the name of Jesus for his. You know it's really funny I'm thinking about all of this and on my way I was thinking about what I'm just going to do with you right now I know what I'm going to share with you and that is Revelation twelve seventeen how many of you know what I can ask you to quote We could probably go a long part of it together Seventh Day Adventist Revelation twelve seventeen is key because it sent text in the Bible the points out the identifying characteristics of the remnant church there are three main ones I like to point out in Revelation twelve seventeen and there are two We usually dwell on the third one is what I want to emphasize right now and in fact it's already being emphasized as we sit here together and you don't even realize it at the moment but you will just momentarily Revelation twelve seventeen this with the Bible says and the dragon was a raise with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the what commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ which we've looked at to be the gift of prophecy the bottles pretty quick clear on that when you look that up and do some comparison Now here's the question what is what are the characteristics of the last day church or to the passage. That keeps coming it was a god. OK yeah there were the great the dragon is it war with them. We're speaking about the gift of prophecy the dragon hates two things in this passage he hates the commands of God and he hates it if the prophecy why does the dragon of all things the Bible could say you know what's interesting here it doesn't say outright in this verse that he hates Jesus Christ. Now if you talk about things the dragon Hey. Ates you would think that would be right there on the top of the list and it is it's almost a given but here it is a given. But I want to understand this the commandments and the gift of prophecy. Are closely aligned with Jesus Christ that's why the dragon hates me just hate them independently OK So when you hear things about the commandments or when you hear things about the gift of prophecy in the agonist her church or in any place but this is the context we're in and there are negative things don't be so quickly alarmed by that and say oh I don't know maybe this is from the Lord or you would be better inclined to say this is probably from the Lord because the devil hates this hates the commandments hates the gift of prophecy and so here I'm trying to get things together Eritreans not working and this isn't working and that isn't working. Yeah that makes sense it really does more sense and I had a figure. You hate them. So I want to start out here I don't have this on the screen for you yet hopefully it will be there shortly but this is the fundamental belief of the seven amateurs number eighteen again are our topic is Ellen White or the Bible and I'll tell you right away right away that's a misnomer that that's what people ask that's what people like well you guys like are you like you believe in L Y N N earlier do you believe in the Bible which one you don't have to be which one. It's both. And if it was one it would be the Bible because the Bible is why I personally believe in Ellen White as a prophet of God because the Bible tells me that the gift of prophecy is going to be in Gaza last a church the Bible defines certain things about it that's where I learned about the gift of prophecy it's not independent of the Bible but here's what fundamental belief number eighteen of the seven they have a church says. The gift of prophecy. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit I'm reading the fundamental belief one of the guests of the Holy Spirit is prophecy This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church as we've just seen in Scripture and was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. White as the Lord's messenger right we look at the gift of prophecy we learn that we have to prophesy is a prophet is a spokesperson for God so the prophet would be a messenger for the Lord. If indeed Ellen White had this prophetic gift which we as a church believe she did she would be a messenger for the Lord as the Lord's messenger her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth. I want you to note those words are going to come up in our presentation a continuing and authoritative source of truth and man I don't want to do this whole thing without Sly's I really want you to be able to get the benefit of those because I got a lot of them in this presentation. As the Lord's messenger her writings are continuing and authoritative source of truth which provide for the church comfort guidance instruction and correction they also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested that's our fundamental belief of the gift of prophecy a seven day Aves the Bible is the standard there is not the gift of prophecy is not the standard but there is a relation between the two. I want to I want you to be able to read. Off the screen. And I'm hopeful. Yeah let's let's pray again and ask the Lord I didn't mention the technology did I The Lord knows let's pray about that Father in Heaven forgive me for not bringing this up we know that you are in control of all things we know that the enemy is seeking to hinder everything that's. Happening on this camp GRAHAM FATHER We just pray for your mercy intervene for us now help these technological things to work for us or the further inside of your truth and your kingdom we ask in Jesus' name. OK. I'm going to read to you in light of that fundamental belief a few statements from critics of this position of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. This first one comes from a man named D.M. can write can write with a Seventh Day Adventist evangelist. Who ended up leaving the Seventh Day Adventist Church incidentally can write have lived with Alan and James Wyatt very interesting story one of the last hours we have of can write a scene weeping over the grave of Eleanor the casket of Alan White saying a truly truly noble Christian woman has gone so the man who fought so hard stayed in their home they helped him into ministry. Ended up turning against the church and this is what can write says one of the most common questions asked regarding Ellen White in her prophetic Oh this isn't cam right this is. This is my introduction and all we can write one of the most common questions asked regarding Ellen White and her prophetic gift is what is the relation between the writings of Ellen White in the Bible are they equal to the Bible do they constitute a second Bible Furthermore critics of the seven they have in a church and Ellen White argue that administers violate the Protestant principle of sola scriptura with means the Bible alone by having what they call dual authority is the Bible as one of the already and Ellen White as a second authority and they say you're not Protestant you don't believe in the Bible the Bible only because of that. D.M. can write in his book The Life of Mrs E.G. white Seventh Day Adventist prophet her false claims refuted. On page eighteen says this The Bible in the Bible only is not the creed of Seventh Day Adventists it is the Bible and something else it is the Bible and the writings of Mrs White. Christianity today in that article I was reading from on our first day together from February five one thousand eight hundred nine hundred ninety sorry. Says this traditional Adventism rests squarely upon the authority of Ellen G. White traditionalist so strongly defend distinctive Adventist believes especially those that receive their stamp of approval from Mrs White's prophetic gift. OK now. Man I want to comment on so much of this because let me ask this question if Ellen White is truly a prophet of God. And add this Beliefs are truly biblical would you expect a true prophet. To affirm those beliefs. They say they said in the article that the traditional have a strongly defended stink of as beliefs especially those that receive the stamp of approval from Mrs what prophetic gift was she better if the biblical Amen Anyway they go on to say some among traditional Adventists emphasize her writings to the degree that they become be unpalatable interpreter of scripture using them as a shortcut to Biblical understanding I read that part the other day so they say evidence instead of studying the Bible they study Ellen White and that's where they get all their beliefs from that's the general gist of it OK. Now we're going to answer some of these things but I just want to put them out there man by the name of Dale rats laugh. As another former administers minister. Said the underlying error of the Seventh Day Adventist. Church is the belief that Ellen whites writings as stated in the fundamental belief which we just read. Quote are a continuing and authoritative source of truth he says as the underlying error. In White's writing should not be an authoritative source of truth only the Bible is the source of truth that's his mindset there now I'll answer that as we go on rants laugh has further argued that Ellen whites writings are the prism as he says it that colors every administers doctrine in other words that agonist don't settle on a doctrinal view unless they first consult Ellen whites writings. Is this true. And it better be. It better be you say whoa wait a minute I'm going to tell you something right now in this we're going to unfold avenues of got to skittish about the accusations of critics and we've done more to shape our faith from what critics are doing to us instead of going to the Bible and asking ourselves this question if God had a living prophet if I live for example back in Jeremiah's day should Jeremiah have influence I want to believe about scripture. So we can do that because your mind is in the Bible but I just want you to understand well we're going to this we're going to get into today what is the role what should be the role of a prophet if they are indeed a prophet of God. That looks more promising right there or get in there. So question number one that I'm going to pose in light of some of these accusations and in observations from critics is this what is the role of the modern profit in relation to the Bible what should it be. Is Ellen White equal to. The Bible. I'm going to I'm going to read a quote but I'm we're so close I'm just. Wanting to read it with me. OK I'm going to read it. To you get the other was up there you you've heard how do you heard people say this before are you going to seven they haven't been for a while well didn't yell might say that as long as we study the Bible we really wouldn't need her writings. OK now I want to tell you what she really says I'm going to quote the quote that people refer to I'll tell you this right now we get into a lot of trouble when our belief with our beliefs of L.-Y. in repeating what other people told us about Illinois. And this is what she said. This is found in test one of the church Volume two page six o five A says if you had made God's word your study. With a desire to reach the Bible standard and attained to Christian perfection you would not have needed the testimony. It is because you have neglected to acquaint yourself with God's inspired book that he has sought to reach you by simple direct testimonies listen carefully calling your attention to the words of inspiration which you had neglected to obey Now what's another way of saying that what was the attention being called to what were these words of inspiration Scripture right isn't that what we've already looked at about prophets the role of God's prophets has always been to point people back to scripture is not replacing scripture and Ellen Weiss says is of her own good gift if you'd study the Bible you wouldn't needed the extra counsel but because of your neglect to follow and obey Scripture God has given very direct and pointed testimonies to point you back to the audience she's writing to in this particular letter in the testimonies. To God's inspired book or. The words of inspiration you have neglected to follow in urging you to fashion your lives in accordance with its pure and elevated teachings now. I think of it this way Oh look we've got we've got. Lives on the screen. They antacid thank you so much a labor of love back there the sound and Ab boot OK So let me go to where we just were. That with this one. I'm a get a leg in my. Quaker Yeah it's just not moving I'm going to the next one. Let's take King David for a minute. OK this a good example King David had sinned with best. Right went on doing his own thing God sent Nathan the prophet to him two addresses in. Now let's just say that Nathan came to David with his testimony right extra biblical prophet Nathan didn't write anything in the Bible comes to the king and points out something David says you know what Nathan I believe God said somewhere that as long as I study the Bible I don't need a prophet a modern profit here's what I'm going to do I'm going to start to read my Bible more than OK with you Nathan and then you can go away. You think David could have done that please Lord listen to me carefully what God is saying is a past tense thing it's like because this has happened I had to send you prophet we can't go backwards I've got church members who say well you know I know that I'm going to read all my time to read my Bible more too late for that we are so darkened in our understandings that we needed the light of the give the props and I'll flesh that out as we go on. If we had this could have. In the case but that is not the case anymore now somebody says well develop might say she's a lesser light a point of the greater light you know what his her role as a prophet of God I'm going to put that on the screen but before I do that let me say this. There's so much I want to bring in here there's a lot that could be you know we could look up but we don't have time would all and I'm just going to say there is nowhere in scripture or elsewhere. As far as inspired writings go that tell us that different prophets have different degrees of inspiration and this is something has been tossed around in our church from some people Ellen White in fact G.-I Butler conference president at one point in time had taught at it was I think was the Battle Creek institute this concept of degrees of inspiration Ellen Ellen White had to write a letter to him say brother that's there's nothing in the Bible like that there's no degrees of it in other words this prophet is more inspired than this prophet so this prophet is more true than this prophet There's nothing like that anywhere in Scripture. There's no substantiation for that if a person is a prophet about so for example David could say that too is that Nathan look amazing you're not in the Bible like Jeremiah as they are and so I don't think you have as much weight and so I'm just not going to listen to you as much as I'm going to he couldn't do that OK that that when God sent a prophet with a message that prophets message was to be heeded whether that prophet was a big profit or a little prophet whether the prophet wrote a lot or little or nothing. And so Ellen White makes this particular statement. Review and Herald January twenty nine thousand zero three little light I'm sorry little heat is given in the Bible. And the Lord has given a what lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light now this is the way this has been interpreted by a number of seven the evidence they say well that means that the Bible is important to follow all of that now and why it's kind of import we need to follow some of it. OK she cheats she obviously isn't on the same level as the Bible now I'm going to say this here. We don't put Ellen White on level with the Bible and let me explain what I mean by that she just gets confusing for some people when you say look prophets are prophets I don't care if Jeremiah or Paul are as they are Ellen White if God spoke a message through the messenger it's God's message. How do you how do you say God's message here is important God's message here isn't it's not for you and me to say If God saw fit to give a message it's an important message it doesn't matter who he gave it through. So the conclusion is so you're saying then L Y is on par with the Bible no I'm not and here's why because that was not the function or scope of the ministry of Ellen White or any individual prophet you have to understand that God had a purpose in giving scripture and Scripture is to be the collective word of the prophets the standard by which everything is judged an individual an individual prophet was never put in that position was never expected by God to fulfill that role that was not God's role in Ellen White in her gift or her ministry to make another bible so just because a prophet comes with a message from God and that message is authoritative. That's not to say it's another Bible because it has to be tested by the Bible. In any age we're going to go back in time a few times today because if we're going to understand the gift of prophecy today the only thing or the best thing we can do really the only thing we can do is compare it to Scripture and put ourself in a scriptural setting and the closest thing I figure we can come to is pretending we're alive in either let's say Jeremiah's day where we have a Bible but Jeremiah isn't in that Bible So Jeremiah would be a modern prophet like today Ellen White as modern prophet Russ that would be the equivalent or we can go back to the New Testament church where we have the Bible and then Paul is the modern prophet because he's not in the Bible though he had the gift of prophecy so he's outside the bible that would be the equivalent it would be like living in those days so you're back in Jeremiah's day. Jeremiah is not in the Bible you got a Bible here comes your mile How do I know that Jeremiah is a true prophet of God. Because if you read the book of Jeremiah you'll find that there are a whole lot of prophets in the book of Jeremiah you'll find in a lie just day in fact AND LIKE THIS DAY it on Mt Carmel after that whole event when the fire came down you remember what the Bible says happened after that. The Bible tells us that the prophets the false prophets were put to death you know how many there were I want to say it was four hundred fifty prophets of Bale and four hundred prophets of Astra's. That's a lot of false prophets. So how am I going to know here comes a guy says A Prophet of God How do I know. In any age what's the only way I can know that they're a true prophet. I've got a test I'm tested by what by the standard the Bible has always acted as a standard Ellen White never acted as a standard or push herself as a standard that was not the purpose of her ministry her ministry in her own words were to point back to the standard you follow that So what did she mean by a lesser light leading to a greater light now this I've heard this as I came into the church and her people quote Oh yeah it's a lesser light and then they throw out that you know she's not quite as important that's what that means and then I was reading desire of eight his name came across this one. The prophet John the Baptist was the connecting link between the two dispensations Old Testament the New Testament he was the what. Lesser light which is why it was to be followed by what. Now I was scratching my head those are whoa wait a minute I'm what I've heard from even seven am and says that lesser light means you're just not as important a prophet now here of course this is comparing to Jesus but she calls John the Baptist a lesser light yet he was the greatest of the prophets. What point is she making Well here's some help did you know when Ellen might use the terminology. Greater light she's actually just using a scriptural analogy are you aware of that as in Genesis. Genesis one sixteen says that God made two great lights the lesser light to rule the what day and the less I'm sorry the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night he made the stars also what's the greater light. The sun with a lesser light let me ask you this simple question does the moon have light really doesn't. It's reflective you follow that that was her whole point the prophet doesn't create light the prophet reflects light where's it at the light from the Lord that's all she's saying and so I don't why when she said I'm the lesser light to the people of the greater light she was just saying look I'm not taking the place of the Bible the Bible the standard for everybody as a rule of all your beliefs and all your practices I'm a reflector to point people back to the scripture. It wasn't an issue of saying her her council was less than the Bible but she had a different function from the Bible she was not acting as a standard for pointing people back to the standing let's go to this question here. Well that's the statement I just made that go to this question Should a modern prophets communications affect or alter ab lever's understanding or interpretations of the scripture. Is reading the prophets writings a short cut the Bible study as you said a deal rest last is you seven the evidence L.Y.S. to prism the colors all your understanding you've got to check with her first. Now a lot of people be here's the funny thing when I listen to some of the critics this is the spin that I always hear you have it is go to Ellen White all the time but we study the Bible. As as if I study the Bible with no outside influence but you haven't listened Ellen why I'm going to tell you something go to your Christian bookstore don't go to the A.B.C. go to the Christian bookstore and look at the Bibles. I'm going to say ninety five percent those Bibles are study bibles you wear that you think people buy those study bibles No read the study notes you think people are not being influenced by somebody here's where I'm coming from if I'm going to be influenced by somebody in my religious thinking of much rather be influenced by a prophet than some human being who has no tech come in inspired connection but let's put it back in our let's going our time machine again we're back in Jeremiah's day. And here comes your my this modern prophet so I go I test him right now here's a question I want to ask you see if I ask the question right off the bat especially in context with Illinois and I say do we really allow Ellen white to color our understanding of Bible teachings in light of the current current controversy Arneson reaction because we want to be bible christians if oh no we don't do that OK well hold on don't don't be so hasty if you lived in Jeremiah's day here comes Jeremiah with warning and I'm going to tell you something Jeremiah wrote things that aren't anywhere else in the prophets before Him. Like I said the other day he wasn't contradicting scripture but he brought new things in that were especially applicable to his time warn them about their practices warn them about the coming captivity of Babylon that they eat that God wanted them to avoid. Now if you lived in Jeremiah's day let me ask you this do you think god. Expected. Let me come back to that I want to I want to cover this for a minute let me let me pose a few things here it should be kept in mind that nobody living today was alive when the canon of scripture was closed OK when when the Bible was made the Bible and these books were included setter. And none were personally acquainted with the authors of Scripture in light of this everything we read in the Bible becomes a matter of interpretation. Everything is interpretation I didn't know Paul you didn't know Paul nobody else was a critic's didn't know Paul right they didn't live in that time period so we all have to interpret what we're reading by. Something. In addition there's no such thing as an unbiased or uninfluenced person when it comes to interpret the Bible because every human being has been influenced by some worldview since birth everybody is influenced by somebody thinking like it or not that's reality so these critic claims that say you guys allow yourself to be a we're all being influenced by something or somebody. The key question is this if I'm going to be influenced in my interpretations of scripture anyway would it be better to be influenced by a prophet or by someone else. It got expect here's the question is posing to God expect his followers to allow their interpretations of the writings of Moses you keep in mind up through the New Testament all they have is the Old Testament. They didn't have been Paul didn't have the New Testament he wasn't teaching the Gospel from the New Testament was teaching from the Old Testament when Jesus walked on the road to mask and he told the disciples the Bible says beginning at Moses in the prophets expounded in the scriptures all things concerning himself that was all Testament right. Did God expect his followers to allow their interpretations of the writings of Moses or the other prophets for that matter to be influenced by the prophetic utterances of Jeremiah eyes they are Paul so in Jeremiah's day did God expect his people to allow what Jeremiah said to affect their interpretation of what they were reading in the Books of Moses. I'll ask a simple follow up question what happened to the people who didn't allow themselves to be influenced by Jeremiah. They were taken captive in the battle some of those who did as well. They were taken taken away captive and they lost their souls. Unless they repented of it right what about Paul's day let's go to Paul's day here you are your faithful Jew growing up learning the scripture you know the Scripture you've learned the scripture from the time your youth you hear the rabbis teaching everything else and here comes this you didn't hear of her teaching of Jesus for whatever reason some people didn't hear comes the Apostle Paul he's preaching that this man Jesus you heard about him he was the Christ he was the Messiah maybe you did hear the teachings of Jesus but anyway here comes Paul and Paul. Goes to scripture and he puts this spin on the text you've grown up with the you've never heard before he says they all pointed to Jesus of Nazareth that he was the Christ. You think God expected is people to allow hall to influence their understanding of scripture. What was the result of those who didn't allow themselves to be influenced. They rejected Christ and were lost. So I'm not ashamed in any way shape or form to say if I've tested somebody as a modern prophet I allow that modern prophet to influence the way I understand scripture. It would be fatal for a person. To do anything less because anything less is rejecting a prophet of God. Which incidentally God's people have done really well throughout the centuries. You just go through the Bible and look at how God's people have treated the prophets think of a prophet God's people load. Listen to the words of Jesus Jerusalem Jerusalem Tao that kill us the prophets and stone us those who are sent on to the how often I would have gathered you together as a hen gathers your chicks under wings but you would not write what did Stephen say when he was being stoned right before he was stoned to death which of the prophecy did not your father's persecute What did Jesus say Luke thirteen thirty three he said can it be that a prophet should perish outside Jerusalem. What was his point they're never going to make it alive outside Jerusalem because my people are going to kill him first that's what he was saying Luke six twenty six Jesus says. To you and all men speak well of you for so did their fathers of the false prophets before you know that was there the price you were promised people love the false prophets. What he's saying Jeremiah five. The prophets prophesied falsely in the previous bear rule by their means and my people. Remember what it says and people love to have it so. We like. Now so happy about. It should not surprise us today that we see such resistance against the gift of prophecy. God always intended that his prophets what influences people why else would you send a prophet. Why would you send a pretzel got the but we got the Bible why would God we have the bible back in Jeremiah's day we have the Bible in Paul's day why continue sending prophet. Go with me to Second Chronicles thirty six. This is really one of the saddest text in all the Bible. Second Chronicles thirty six. But is important it's important for us today. Way back before the Psalms after the Samuel's and Kings and Chronicles thirty six right down at the end of the story chronicles of God's dealing with his peoples the last chapter of the second book of The Chronicles. I'm going to start a verse fourteen. The Bible says here more over and notice the wording more over what's next word all the leaders of the priests and the people transgress more and more quoting to all the abominations of the nations and there is ever just fall in the practices the world is not a good thing oh let me ask you this when when God's people follow the practices of the world where they headed. To eternal laws right should God care about that you bet he should and he does and will see it right here they are practicing all these things following abomination of the nations and they defiled the house of the Lord which he had consecrated in Jerusalem and the Lord God of their fathers sent what. Warnings to them by his messengers you can see those messenger the prophets here in a moment by his messengers rising up early in sending them that phrase used to puzzle me the more I thought about it I thought of it this way why do you get up early for something I'm not talking to you say I get up early every day to go to work and I mean extra early. Yeah maybe you're catching a flight maybe with this some priority that all I got some alarm earlier today because I really need to get up early when the Lord interjects this year and he says I sent my messengers rising up early I mean you're trying to picture God even sleep right God said his alarm clock early why this was a priority for him in running the entire universe this was a priority why you see it right here rising up early and sending them because he had compassion on his people you know just welling plays. I mean. I was going to say it amazes me how God deals with this people in the Bible and the soon as I start thinking that you know when I get a thing it's amazing how God dealt with me so many years after years and time after time where I rejected him and ran from him and did my own thing I praise the Lord he had compassion. And in his compassion he appealed to his people but what is the same for sixteen they mocked the messengers of God despised his words right not their words his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the Lord rose against the people to there was was no remedy and then the King of it came evident as a cetera so here the Bible tells us that God sent His prophets until there was nothing more he could do that's what a saying till there was no remedy is nothing else he could do and God has given his word and then God throughout the generations ascent profit is why because we keep going our own way we have a way of justifying ourselves in what we do excusing ourselves and say oh no I am from. In the Bible and so God brings a prophet in the prophets because very specifically and says The other thing these said you're following You're not following a look at this again. And it got to the point that he had sent messages to the point where there was nothing more he could do or nothing more he could say we see this a number of times in Scripture one of the most prominent ones in my mind is Jesus before Herod. You remember when Jesus appeared before Herod in the Bible says Herod had one and he longed to see Geez he was hoping to see Jesus he hoped to see some miracle by him whatever a new member here keep Jesus came on trial was passed over from pilot to Herod. And hared charge of the people making false accusations you don't hear what they're saying about you in the Bible said Jesus answered not nothing here. That puzzled me for a while so I thought Why how can you hear how can you answer nothing I mean here is it when Jesus wants people saved right sure Harris made his mistakes but Jesus come on I mean. Do something say something if you were to say something right now maybe you could save this man you think Jesus would lose an opportunity to save a soul no way so why would we say anything here let me ask you what the what the crowning act of Herod was. Not that was another. I should say the crowning act but but the act that the turning point you had. What was it. You had John the Baptist beheaded who was John the prophet of God What happens when you have the prophet of God beheaded let me ask you this What more does Jesus have to say. Than he's already said to us who is prophet so we seem to think that we'll just are disregard the prophet and it's up to me to tell God to talk to me whatever way I tell him he has to talk to me. I need understanding I need like God says OK I'll say your prophet are like that prophet Lord you tell me No the Lord already told him everything he had to say there was nothing more that could have been said that he didn't hear from John he had sealed his fate so when Jesus stood for Arab What a good as. Everything had been said. It is never safe to disregard the word of the prophets of God. Yes God expected his followers to allow their interpretations of Scripture that does mean we're not still getting the meaning from Scripture but come on let's be honest how many times you study the Bible then figure later you got it wrong. Many times have you gone over some in the Bible and said well I'm going to have thought that for years and I'm reading this past wrong. I'll give you a quick example Matthew sixteen forever read Matthew sixteen and Jesus said the. On this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it and forever I thought yeah the gates of hell will not prevail against a church and here I picture the Church of God's people in here huddled behind the gates of the gates were protecting us from the enemy. That's not what it's saying is not the gates of the church. In the text Jesus at the gates of hell will not prevail that's not the church hall behind the gates that's held behind the gates in the church is attacking the gates and going in to rescue people out that's a little bit different isn't it further I read that the wrong way wherever I read that the wrong way but you know. You learn new things don't you. Yeah. Yeah and that's what a Cessna fees is for the property to bring to unity of the faith to bring us back to a one as of understanding Scripture because of all these in fact I read an interesting statement just recently by Ellen White she said if there weren't so many false prophets in the world teachers whatever she said if people just had the Bible were allowed to read the Bible themselves without the input they get from so many people they would all come to a clear knowledge of the truth that would mean a problem. And I see that somebody in our man you're a man your class was asking today you know I'm study with his atheist and what happens when I'm study with about the Sabbath they have questions I suppose no problem. No problem because if they're not going to church somewhere and they're not getting fed a bunch of Babylon they're not getting a cup after cup about. It look like the Bible is plain the Bible becomes confused when you got to try to fit it in with the O'Brien skins right that Jesus talked about anyway and you keep. Oh is belief in a modern prophet as a continuing authoritative source of truth really a violation of the Protestant principle of sola scriptura and others when they say you guys believe in a way yeah I thought you believed in the Bible the Bible only. This is the same argument the religious leaders of Christ day urged as their reason for not accepting is the chains are you where they are go to John nine with me I want you to see it this is the same thing they said to Jesus what will follow the Bible the Bible Only Jesus. Are going to follow you incidentally Jesus came in the role of prophet so it says on the road to Massa to disciple said haven't heard Jesus of Nazareth a proper word indeed he's a spokesperson for God and more course but John nine. Verse twenty nine now look at a sense here. I mean chimes in this OK. Let's go back this is after the man the man born blind was here you and they were trying to get on him and say well this man how this man he's a series of book whether the center or not I don't know all I know is a line and I see. Now it's in this aftermath verse twenty. Six Then they said to him again What did he do to you how did he open your eyes and he said to them I told you already and you did not listen why do you want to hear it again do you also want to become his disciples I love this. You guys want to become a cycles look at their response. We know that God spoke to Moses. A No no they were biled him and said You are his disciple but we are Moses disciples This is Moses to them. Scripture. Moses is the Bible Jesus is a modern prophet they were Moses disciples you're his disciple where Moses disciples with Verse twenty I'm sure we know that God spoke to Moses as for this fellow we do not know where he is from. I know that's what they're saying we follow the Bible the Bible Only we don't need this modern prophet. And hear the same thing today book if you follow the Bible why would you be afraid of a modern prophet. What why what's going to be the issue if you follow the Bible the Bible only first of all your bible says just like mine doesn't if even for eleven that we give so apostles prophets pastors evangelists and teachers are going to be in the church and so we all come to the unity of faith in Jesus comes again. So you should have an issue with finding a prophet last a church is going to have a problem we know that from the Bible. You think you would expect in fact you have to expect in fact if I refuse the gift of prophecy. Today. Could I be following the Bible the Bible on the impossible if I refused to accept a prophet in the role of a prophet a continuing an authoritative source. Of Truth so the prophet was could I be said to be following the Bible the Bible only no good. If I'm going to follow the Bible in the Bible only I get to follow what it says and I get a look for what it teaches and that includes prophets now did the fair season did these religious leaders did they really follow the Bible the Bible only know because now. When they would accept Jesus back he says that John five with John five with me. Look at John five verse forty four. John five in verse forty four the Bible says how can you believe who receive honor from one another and do not seek the honor that comes from the only god do you not think that I shall accuse you to the Father there is one whom accuses you or who accuses you Moses in whom you trust or if you believe Moses you would believe me for he wrote about me. Now Ellen why is she one and could say the exact same thing if you really believe the Bible the Bible only you believe about me because the Bible wrote about me. Is true. It's true. And as is the religious leader said we have Moses and that's all we need Moses and Moses only. But were they really following the teachings of Moses no Deuteronomy eighteen that's where Moses foretells the coming of Jesus in the role of a prophet incident. Now I love the story maybe some of your familiar with this a paraphrase did a little bit to make a little bit easier but you're right a smith in answering this Bible the Bible only argument gives a story about going on a voyage over C. he says Suppose we're about to start upon a voyage the owner of the ship gives us a book of directions telling us that it contains sufficient instructions for our whole journey and that if we will follow them we will reach safely reach our destination so we're going on the journey and we get a book of directions OK And as long as I follow the book of directions I'll get we're going to go out check this out. Once we've set sail we open our guide book to learn its contents. We find that its author lays down general principles to guide us in our voyage and instructs us as for. Ours is practical touching the various problems that may arise until journey's end tells me all about my journey what I'm going to have to look out for. But he also tells us the author of the instructions. That the last part of our journey will be especially dangerous but for this part of the journey he says I have provided you a pilot who will meet you and give you the extra guidance you will mean. He just finding a way to. Practically explain what the Bible says about the gift of prophecy in the last days in the last is God's going to make sure the gift of prophecy is in the church as a special God Why because the very elect would be deceived in that age if it were possible going to be treacherous and dangerous perilous times a comet cetera so the guidebook tells us that we're going to have this special pilot. You must be careful to pay special attention to his instruction it says in the guide book. With these directions we reached the dangerous time we were warned of and the pilot shows up as promised. But as he offers his services some of the crew rise up against him we have the original book of directions they say and that's enough for us we don't need anything else. Which of the crew members now follow that original book of directions those who reject the pilot or those who receive them as that book instructs them to do. You be the judge you get the picture you can't reject the pilot that the instruction book said to receive and say you're following instruction book and you can't reject the gift of prophecy that the Bible said would be in the last days and still say you're from the Bible so that sounds really really good from the other side to say Oh you haven't if you guys don't believe in the Bible you know you don't follow but promised the sola scriptura principle of the Reformation Oh yes we do. More so than any other. Because we're we're following all the guide book not just the parts we like. So what's the real issue. I mean honestly you know we're going to talk about it's funny to me in a. In a big part funny with to me about this whole you know Ellen White of the Bible I mean there are some reasonable questions but here's the thing. I told you the other day and those who weren't here all reiterated now that the Bible is the product of the prophets. You know who wrote the Bible the prophets. You know I we have a Bible because of profits so it seems kind of odd to pit prophets against the Bible. Right and lesser a false prophet. But if the prophets been tested and it is found true there's not a well do we follow my or the Bible you're making an unnecessary. Test there if it's a true prophet God you're never going to have to side decide between one and the other right now there's an initial test period but look once you've found the Prophet to be a prophet of God You don't have to worry about their prophet contradicting the Bible the Prophet will enhance the Bible you know perhaps some of you are still testing that in your experience. That's something that I have tested in my experience and I have seen in my own expert Well share with you that in a minute about what my own experience has been with the gift of prophecy it is quite a journey as I told the other day my mean when I came back into the church my family had left the church for at least one of the reasons being Ellen White the gift of prophecy. But what is the real issue here Christians regularly extol the praises I'm sorry the virtues of this or that author scholar or pastor quoting them or referring to their teachings with the approval of their peers write your sermons I mean I am going to Spasso quote Every author under the sun. Quote You know this person and that person and I'm just you know the whatever what could Amis authors not to have us authors secular authors atheists and everything else to make our points but whoa we start to bring up something that we might be from a prophet of God now. Why why would that be have you ever noticed that kind of thing you might have noticed it in yourself you ask yourself why do you get so your taters I've had some members of Aspen Well it's just because we have nonbelievers here oh OK so we can quote atheist but we can't tell you why we get irritated. I'm going to tell you from scripture why we get here to go with me. Go with me to the book of Matthew. Chapter and not Matthew Luke Luke Chapter twenty. This is a real interesting count that happened between Jesus and the religious leaders Luke Chapter twenty and verse one. Luke twenty in verse one. The heading in my Bible says Jesus authority question. Has not happened on one of those days as he taught in the people in the temple and preached the gospel that the chief priest in the scribes together with the elders confronted him. And spoke to him saying tell us by what authority are you doing these things or who is he who gave you this authority. But he answered and said to them I will ask you one thing and answer me the baptism of John was it from heaven or from men. And they reasoned among themselves saying If we say From heaven he will say why then did you not believe him but if we say From men all the people will stone us for they are persuaded that John was a prophet. So they answered that they did not know where it was from and Jesus said to them Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things. Wow I know this isn't it I this is an incredible passage to me you get what's happening become an air. Jesus where do you get your authority in Jesus look I'm going to ask you a question you answer mine and I'll answer yours. John the Baptist Where'd he get his authority from. Now want and what does that have to do with anything right there asking him about where is authority he switches this around and says you know where John the Baptist get his authority why would he ask that question. OK What was I have to do with anything. OK. What was the connection though between John and Jesus. Was that now me. OK Well let me know where did John get his that authority from. Where did Jesus get his authority from. OK So they both got their authority from the same place and Jesus knew it don't miss this Jesus knew if you recognize my authority my prophet you're not going to recognize it in me. So we like to think that well I don't know about these profits but I'll accept Jesus no you wouldn't. No you wouldn't the same authority it's the same voice and same teaching Jesus taught through a prophet or taught himself but throughout the ages he's talked to prophets before and after his ministry here on earth and he knew with these religious leaders I'm throwing casting pearls before the swine unless they can answer this question and notice what it said he asked they knew the answer and they knew what they thought doing the Bible says He asked them where John that is there already and one of a thing. They didn't believe in meant to be a prophet so why not just out and say it hey we don't think John's prophet why didn't they say it. They were afraid of the people because people thought he was let me tell you something plainly today and you may not see it now you'll see over the course of time if you don't see it right now there are a lot of leaders right here in the church today in the seventh heaven church who don't think elements any more of a prophet than the guy on the street but they will say it up front because you lose confidence in them. That's why we get a lot of people wishy washy and making decisions and not stand for things like what we just don't know what we believe. On this in and in that we get these all because they won't accept the authority that God put in the church. It's not a new thing Jesus recognized here and I'm going to tell you this is the issue this is the issue what is the what is the real issue behind it it's authority you see the prophet wasn't just an opinion of somebody the problem was the voice of God It's like when I leave my son and daughter home OK My son is nineteen of my daughter is thirteen and if I leave him home sorry my son just when he's about to turn twenty if I leave him home together that's all right until I say to my daughter now your brother is in charge. Right. Now that's the end of everything right in charge you can tell me what to do and I'm going to tell you this lies at the heart of the issue for every one of us because truth be told our Karl hearts do not like to be dictated to we want to have it our way and we come up with all these fancy Christian sounding arguments well I'm just not sure I want to make sure I'm following the Bible about you not making sure you follow the Bible you're fine we want to have your own way and you don't want the clear pointed statements it'll say yet you're interpreted the Bible's wrong. That's that's that's the issue. The underlying issue look at Luke nineteen with me. We see the issue in Luke nineteen that God people had instantly we were right close to that Luke nine hundred fourteen. This is the parable the mine is well let's let's go back just a little bit Jesus said in verse twelve therefore he said a certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return so we call ten of his service delivered to them ten minus and said to them do business till I come. Look at verse fourteen but who is that one who went to the far country who's he talking about. Jesus talking about himself after screws affixing ascended to heaven to go and he's going to come back again so when he went away into heaven he's going to come back again he's and trusted his servants to do business till he comes back. To be face one carrying out the Gospel message and cetera. But what does it say verse fourteen but his citizens what hated him in Senate delegation after him saying we will not have this man to reign over us that is the issue. We don't want to reign over us himself and we don't want him to reign over us to a prophet. If that voice is that voice of authority and so what's happened in recent years is there's a lot of attempt to try to lessen Ellen White's authority. Oh well you know I don't think New Testament prophets really had that role I think they were more pastoral and devotional Has anybody ever heard this one before the more pastoral devotional not a definitive authoritative voice right Wasn't that what the critics had a problem with an authority continuing authoritative that word authoritative authority Oh. Somebody is telling me how to believe. Somebody is always telling us how to believe. Either the Lord of the devil there always is always somebody telling us that I'm a young man here goes he Cademy I was talking to him after the service one day and he just in that rebellious phase was live and he can't wait to get out of Academy you know this year graduation beyond He was in the graduate school to be over this year so he could go and do what he wants he said nobody's going to tell me what to do. It's like somebody is already telling you what to do. It's the bad guy. We think we're in a room and we're disobeying God I'm doing in my own way no the enemy is dragging you around by the nose make no mistake you're serving one master or another. I believe it comes down to protect authority people don't like to be told what to do as I said the Bible says Roma seven eleven Paul says sin taking cation by the commandment deceived me if you read that passage all he's saying is sin that selfish heart of ours when the commandment comes and says Thou shalt not what do I say that I shall write. And it's just our nature it's resist it we have a nature that resists God's direction. I'm quoting to you from. Australian theologian Graham Bradford who wrote a book on the gift of prophecy called more than a prophet that I've retitled less than a prophet the whole point of the book is to try to define redefine Ellen why it's ministry is not having authority it is a good she's a good counsellor gave good advice but this is how the in in you got to get a quote is The book starts out you think you're right on track it's like hey this is pretty good until you get to the heart of what he's saying in this part of the question must be asked are we a free people free to grow in our understanding of the bible free to disagree with what she has written in the areas of science hell history prophecy energy are we free to disagree or the Prophets sure you are we've always been free to disagree with the profits at the peril of your own soul. But that's that's you notice my title there it has mine own way Lord the old hymn says have mine own way we like it the other way I have mine own way Lord what should a person do if they have that He can we goes on to say what should a person do if they find they have come to some other conclusion then what she has written do they surrender their private judgment of course they do the bible says the Bible says there is no scripture that's of any private interpretation. But you don't think you can have a private understanding of scripture that's wrong. God Her bid that we wouldn't have any way to point that wrong out but praise his name he sent the profits to give us clarity so low and in make sure we don't misinterpret things in the Bible you know there's a whole in some of you here of your new how many of your new seven they haven't you just recently heard about the Sabbath and you're like wow this this is a new thing right or for how long were you keeping Sunday really thinking that this is God's will you are reading the Bible you're reading it sincerely. Every one of us has. Read the Bible sincerely insincerely come to some wrong conclusion on something right praise God he's able to point us right now we're going by the Bible people going by the Bible Sunday keepers are going by the Bible they don't disbelieve the Bible but somehow they've come to a wrong understanding. God Through the Gift of Prophecy gives bestial clarity for the last days because the enemy is trying to trip us up left and right. Seventh Day Adventists are falling for this our lifestyle standards are a huge thing today we say we get into this one of the big debates in the church I did the lesson this morning on jewelry we don't even talk about the administers anymore we say Wow how can we be sure from scripture I want to tell you spirit prophecy clarifies that thing like nobody's business. But that's just exactly the point isn't See this is what happens I've had people come to me and say you have a pastor I don't see it that way course you don't see it that way that's why God sent a prophet. Right the Bible says the last eight years legacy is wretched and miserable in poor and blind what kind of blindness do you think is talking about this spiritual blindness in Jesus offers I said I'm going to take the ice after that last a church is the gift of prophecy in the Old Testament prophets were called seers First Samuel nine nine because they saw with God's eyes they saw what we can't see. That texting at two thirty I want to finish up with this Daniel two in verse thirty. You know it's interesting in the prophecy of Daniel to read about the image and everything else but there's a little piece that we we often don't have as much time to deal with there that I think is at the heart of our issue that we're looking at here Daniel two in verse thirty. Let's start in verse twenty nine and notice what Daniel says to the king. He says ask Are you OK thoughts came to your mind while on your bed about what would come to pass after this. And he'll reveal secrets has made known to you what will be on notice verse thirty but as for me the secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than anyone living but for our sakes to make known the interpretation to the king and that you may know the one thoughts of your heart let me tell you something the prophets of God help us to see what's in our hearts that we would not see otherwise. My family as I mentioned had left the evidence church when I was young I was twenty six years old I was searching I began attending an avenue that. For all intents and purposes had pretty much decided not to believe in Illinois I'll just be honest with you and that was fine with me because I didn't need some old one thousand century prophet telling me what to do. I stand that was the reality I remember telling the pal talk the first pastor I was talking about getting baptized it's all a book I want to get baptized but I don't believe what your church church teaches about the gift of prophecy or about your rear about about coffee or about and I mentioned several things. As that was my attitude. But the Lord finds the weak spot and the weak spot for me at that time in my life as I wanted to know what the future no. I was fascinated with prophecy. And somebody said I know a book that is a great book about what's going to happen in the future it's a little book by Ellen White. Called early writings. So much to my chagrin I went and got myself a copy of early writings and began to read it I'm going to tell you my friends I was blown away just right away I began reading and as I read her description of the things that she saw I knew it was true as much as I mean I was opposed to I went into this thing opposed to it but it's. Tell you what you know I began to learn you know what was going to happen in Aden intrigued me. And so I went from there and I don't know what steps I took it wasn't long after that I was sitting in my living room one afternoon at seven afternoon. And I was reading the book the great controversy and one of the things I do this is a confession of sorts is a lot of times I don't read books cover to cover I pick a chapter in the middle Oh this one sounds interesting and that's what I did I was reading a chapter called the herald of the morning and in that particular chapter a great controversy element talks about the Second Coming of Christ and she compares it to the first coming of Christ and as she began to describe the first coming of Christ she talked about how all heaven was excited to announce the birth of Christ it was about to take place and he just came in they were looking over Jerusalem and everything else and in the midst of it all none of God's people were interested the priests were going to either their routines their formal routines in the temple the people wouldn't take in Joseph and Mary and there she finishes up this passage I'm giving you the sped up version she finished up the path finishes the passage with these words in the Joseph and Mary traveled to the furthest Eastern or whatever extremity of town and there in a wretched hole prepared for cattle the savior of the world as. I can't even begin to describe to you as I read through that chapter The Holy Spirit illuminated my mind and I began to picture Jesus in all his glory. Only to see the contrast of him laying all that aside in the way we treated him born in a in a barn. In a stable with animals there in a wretched hovel prepared for cattle the Savior the world and I read those words I just began to weep I was sitting by my wife on the couch my wife thought I'd gone insane I mean here I am and I don't I'm not on the to cry much but here I am I just start I just are we being over this and I can't stop myself and. I was thinking to myself It is funny that even in a moment of time I went from thinking those Jews were so insensitive and so stupid I mean they did was their messiah and they rejected him and they they they they they and the Spirit of God put his finger on my heart and he said you have rejected me you turn me away you're the one that put me out in the stable and I saw myself as the one who crucified the Son of God because of my sin and for the first time in my life I realized I was a personal sinner you know you have to realize your personal sinner before you can ever have a personal savior. And in that moment I saw myself as a personal sinner and yet I saw Jesus as a personal savior into this world to save me from myself. And I'll tell you what I mean that experience that experience of seeing what was in my heart has changed my life ever since I would trade everything I had before for the life I have now with Jesus Christ and it came as I was reading that little passage from Ellen White in the book early writings God showed me the HID the sin of my heart. That's a hard thing for us to deal with. That's the reason a lot of people find issues with the gift of prophecy but the reality is until we let the Lord do that for us we can't be saying. We'll never see ourselves needing the savior. Praise God we have a savior in Jesus and praise God that Jesus has spoken to us given us his testimony through His prophets to help us to see our need for him and his willingness to save us that's what the gift of prophecy is about and I believe that's what a lot of the contention is about because some of us think that we can resist that and still be saved we can go our own way have our own way and do our own thing it's not going to work that way. We've got to be open to the leading of Jesus we've got to be open to the converting power. And Jesus has given us that gift to help us to see what we wouldn't see otherwise yeah you're going to read things in the gay. If you read the writings of L. why you're going to say well I just don't see it that way. Just keep telling yourself that's why God gave this gift if you saw it that way you wouldn't need the gift of prophecy God's going to show you things you didn't see that way because he's trying to save your soul why because he had compassion on you his people and his dwelling place. But if we want to reject it. We're going to find ourselves in that place where there's no remedy for us. But where Jesus doesn't want us to come there he's reached out to say and I hope that we're willing to reach out our hands and take that gift that he has listen to the voice of God speaking the voice of Jesus speaking to his prophets so that we have a place in His Kingdom Amen Let's pray together father haven't. Bothered just pray that the things that we've studied today you would take these words. Spoken in the frailty of human language in that your Holy Spirit the Spirit that inspired the prophets would bring these troops home clearly to our heart in our. Lord there are things we have yet to learn new things about ourselves that we don't see clearly Lord you don't show them to us so that will be lost to show them to us so that we can be saved. And so that we can come into the fullness of joy that you intend each one of us to have so Father we thank you the ass now for you continue guides throughout the day we pray for the other similar speakers Lord our speaker this evening that you would bless their lips and may they be an encouragement to us. May we find that spiritual revival here it can mean so that when we leave this campground more everybody will know that we have been with mascot in his name for. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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