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How to Read Ellen White

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • June 13, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege we have of being here cant meaning we thank you for the stirring messages Lord. Even though they may have been uncomfortable some of them. We know Lord you reveal to us those areas where you are trying to draw us closer to yourself. And trying to give us victory over the enemies strongholds in our lives so we thank you so much we ask now that your spirit will continue to guide us in this presentation. Give us the ears to hear what the Spirit has to say to us we ask and prayed in Jesus' name amen. OK Couple things couple housecleaning things I need to do to start off with yesterday I want to clarify something from our yesterday's presentation what set. The mike is on. You're not hearing me. About the rest of you is Tony just deaf I moved it up a little bit there so let me let me just this number. OK. How's that was said. Yeah that's right yeah there's places up front. Right I'll put this back there's a front row. It be empty actually that's one thing I love about can't meaning because when I preach I mean I preach in this church you know I know people are going to say right there if it was a concert you know where they'd be they'd be right there Pollan job each other if they had to be but it can't mean guess what Front Row People have many people are just that way all of your just that way you're here you're the you're the choir the proverbial choir that loves spiritual things aimin Pastor Mark we sure do OK. Anyway yesterday we talked about the role of the prophet and I have to just be careful to clarify here sometimes I say things I have to be careful to clarify because we're talking in the. Text of Ellen White we leave with Zoe also they teach Ellen White that no no no no not Ellen White every prophet when I'm talking about the gift of prophecy even though it's in the context of Ellen White the gift of prophecy works the same for every prophet that makes it simple OK we complicate it when we try to make it different for every prophet it wasn't different you either prophet or not if you're a prophet of God you look through the Bible and you see how the prophets interacted News this is how it was this is how it worked and when I mentioned yesterday one of the key points yesterday was that some of the critics of the evidence church and Ellen why it's a huge problem with you having this is you allow yourself to be influenced in your doctrinal understandings by Illinois you out Ellen White to influence your reading of the Bible Well yes of course we do. Of course we do and guess what you might let Max Lucado influence your reading of the Bible so the point is people become off of this arrogant stuff and they don't realize every one of us is influenced by somebody just because your influence in your reading of the Bible doesn't mean you're not reading the Bible every one of us is influenced in a reading of the Bible Having said that I want to make it very clear Adventists don't take their doctrine from Illinois evidence take their doctrine from the Bible I just finished an entire evangelistic series and I didn't use Ellen White to prove one point I don't NEED TO IT COMES FROM THE BIBLE nobody in Jeremiah's day needed Jeremiah to prove the points essential to the faith from Jeremiah they did it for Moses but that does mean they didn't listen to Jeremiah or allow his his prophecies to influence their spiritual experience you following what I'm saying there so I make it very clear that agonised don't develop the doctrines are or. The foundation of the teachings are not from Ellen White They're from the Bible but you can go so far with that and that's what too many Christians do is they want to go so far with that that the prophet has no role. All whatsoever. So it's like no no no I just need the Bible the Bible only OK So God says Why I sent you this prophet Jeremiah don't need him why God I say over here don't need him there's a possible don't need him no that's not how it works because the same Bible tells you Oh by the way when the prophets come listen to them or as we looked in Second Chronicles thirty six yesterday you're going to come to the point where God has no more remedy to reach. So you can go one direction too far in letting the prophet the contemporary prophet or whatever become the foundation of doctrine that would be a mistake you can go the other direction in not allowing the prophet to have a role at all. And not allowing yourself to be corrected when God sends correction. I want to just put a little I want to I want to mention something that I mentioned are manual class earlier today and I really want you to get this and think this through and let this resonate in your mind far after Kant meeting the sermons that you sit through that you like the least are probably the ones you needed the most the one that bristles you and upsets you and gets you unless it's unless it's outright heresy but I'll even tell you this and sometimes because I think sometimes heresy look at the scripture again. It's not usually the heresy things it's the things that have the talking about me. Put yourself in the place of naked Demas naked Demas grew up in the church naked Demas was a church leader and what did Jesus tell naked Demas naked Amos unless your experience is a one hundred percent different your last. Would you be able to bear that if Jesus told that to you. Because I'm going to tell you something he's going to tell that every one of us to one degree or another as we're getting ready for the coming of Christ our experience needs to deepen before Jesus comes mind needs to deepen I'm going to be open to hearing that. I was I don't know as if I was fortunate enough or unfortunate enough last night to have missed pastor Doug sermon. The worst irony is I was on the platform last night and then after the platform we go into the platform room and there was a pastor I've been trying to cut touch base with here who we need to council over some pastor things well when it was all said and done the sermon was over I said you know I love this I'm going to go out and get some ice cream I'm sure you guys are there. Why after that service you know what sermons I don't know maybe I was conveniently absent. And my understanding was he didn't say you could never have ice cream but I didn't I didn't hear the whole thing but the point is when we hear those kind of things we get you know we don't want to have everything pointed out but what right now the Lord Jesus his work in the heavenly sanctuary is developing and fitting our characters so that we can see Him in glory standing on our feet without ever seeing death that's an awesome thing but he don't get there is you know the person doesn't come out through the through the operation without a little pain and sometimes it's painful but the Lord is the Lord as I like what's I've heard said before there's a difference between a butcher and a surgeon a butcher cuts to kill on a surgeon cuts to heal on the Lord is not a butcher he's a surgeon but he does do some cutting through His Word Well let's talk about inspiration and inspiration here of Ellen White the gift of prophecy once I turn my little clicker device on how inspired was Ellen White this is a question that comes up a lot it's like well you know what do we was everything she wrote inspired Are we supposed to follow and listen everything that she row well know not everything she wrote was inspired but we need to understand what was and what wasn't how to know the difference I want to start out with this particular statement you may be familiar with this from the book selected messages Volume one page forty eight the very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God. And she's to in the context if you read the full account. He's talking about the gift of prophecy in the last days the devil's focus his attack last deception is to going to be to make it have none effect now Illinois is using language which he often does the language of Scripture and I've got in there the scripture I'm not going to look that up but Mark seven is where Jesus told the religious leaders they had this practice in the practice was that as much as they had a responsibility according to law of God to provide for their parents in their old age they had a practice that was worked out with the temple that if they would pronounce the word Corben over their possessions. Which was a way of of dedicating that whatever possession as a gift to the temple if they would pronounce Corben over their possessions what that meant was they can enjoy their possessions as long as they live but they couldn't give it to anybody else because it didn't belong belong to the temple so the temple would let them use it but not the parents or any of it so instead of providing for Mom and Dad it's like hey I'm going on vacation is not going to anything I want but I can't give my money to anybody else it goes to the temple and Jesus rebuked that and he said you've made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition OK that same phrase and it's important for us to understand what that means to make of none effect did not mean they disagreed with it it was that they said I don't believe in that commandment I don't believe in the instruction of God. Making it have not effect was simply saying it doesn't apply to me. And let me to ask you a question I don't want you to answer it out loud do we hear that today with a lot of what Ellen Weiss says Why I don't think it applies to us today that's exactly what we're told the deception is and incidentally pastor Cameron brought this up was it this morning or yesterday morning that or maybe it was in our class yesterday I mean use it to address one thing to deceive person will never say is I'm I'm being deceived. Because as soon as you say that you're on to see the problem of the deceased person is they don't know they're being deceived this is a deception in the last deception of Satan is to make it known effect the testimony of the Spirit of God Satan will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God's remnant people in the true testimony I just want you to have a heads up on that that's why we're having this seminar incidentally and that's why I've given seminars like this all over the place and people come to them because we're hearing this stuff all the time and we're uncertain. The Lord wants us to have confidence now these are the modes of Divine communication I just want to understand the process here as you see it on the screen. We when we talk about inspiration we use the word oftentimes in a wrong way from a theological standpoint we are what we talk about every everything being inspired all that sermon was inspired this person was fired over this book and this is inspired you know I read this comic strip it was oh it's no inspiration from a theological standpoint is something that applies to commute the only inspired persons in the Bible are prophets inspiration makes one a prophet and here's how the process works there are three things from a theological standpoint that happened in this communication process God speaks to the prophet through a process called revelation he reveals his message to the prophet. The Prophet. Through inspiration communicates the message to the people. The people God then through illumination helps the people to receive the message OK now prophets wrote the Bible right so does that mean if I read the Bible I'm going to get with the Bible trying to say no because if I am not willing if I don't want to follow if I'm not open to the leading of the Spirit of God If I'm not open to lumination I'm not going to get it spiritual things are spiritually understood OK so I'm not going to go into a lot more into that process but I understand that when we talk about inspiration and how inspire. Some were talking about the role of prophets we're not talking about that inspiration the whole book or song or something else from a theological standpoint that would really be an incorrect application now you can still use it but understand what you're saying what you're dealing with we're talking about inspiration we're talking about. Prophets the Bible is inspired because it was written by inspired people prophets of God. Are all spiritual books inspired and somebody asked Ellen White the question notice how she answered it I dare not say they were not lead of God for Christ leads into all truth so for example when your pastor preaches a sermon or you might read a good Christian book or something God lead them but being lead is not inspiration. But when it comes to inspiration in the fullest sense of the word I answer no because inspiration as I said is what happens when God communicates through a prophet now see Raymond Holmes said it this way Dr Holmes of you're familiar with the literary creations of other human authors and writers can be and often are inspiring but they are not inspired the Bible is an inspired document because its author is God and the way Ellen White put it is the writers of the Bible were God's penman So God was it was his message when the prophet spoke it was God's message the prophet didn't say thus say it's me as does say of the Lord and it was that they became a channel of communication. Now there are three. There are more than this but they are breaking it down into three basic ones three differing views of inspiration of how inspiration works the first one is verbal or mechanical the eye of the mind said here is that when God communicates the message to the prophet he communicates it verbatim word for word and God says. Thus write this down does the US Say it say it the Lord. Did it at that it did it and that's how it happens now that's it. It's a verbal or mechanical view of inspiration a Seven Day Adventists don't believe in that for a number of reasons I think it's pretty clear you could follow this through pretty clearly in the Bible that this is not the case to me one of the clearest evidence of this is the four Gospels I mean a god dictated everything word for word why do you have such a variation in the communication of the messages and what have you the next mode is plenary or thought inspiration this understanding says that God gave the message to the prophet in the Prophet a human being put that message in their own words God guided in the process but allow the human beings own. Background for lack of a better expression to to come across and I have to be careful in that because what we do when we come to understand I would say all that means there's a lot of error than in what was inspired and people pick the scripture apart when they think that way that's not what I thought inspiration says thought inspiration believes that all the words of scripture are inspired all scriptures given by inspiration of God That's what the Bible says is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction instruction righteousness so God speaks to the prophet the prophet communicates and I believe that the reason that that happens take for the four Gospels for example I mean Luke was a doctor I don't I don't know for sure what Mark was but I've heard Mark's Gospel called the athletes gospel because he covers everything in sixteen chapters that take somebody else way more the do and he you hit you read the Gospel of Mark and boom you're running you hit the ground running but they have different backgrounds in those different backgrounds meet people different ways I want to love about that and what I think is very important especially the context of this camp meeting is that's why you are called to give Bible study is. A man Pastor Maher I believe it I've been listening to it here and I because you. Or your personality is such that you can reach people nobody else can reach I mean some people think I'm a pastor and I can reach everybody some people can't stand me i drive some people crazy I hate sometimes coming to a new church because I know some people are going to say I love a sermon something like how many years of this do we have to endure but it's how it goes God uses different people with different and he uses you with your particular give us and personality and so the thought inspiration and this is what I believe the Bible employed in this is what we a seven day Avon's believe was used through the Bible in Ellen White is that God gives the thoughts guys the process but the prophet puts it in his or her own words. To let the last one there near orthodox view are sometimes called the existential view or the post-modern view and there's other names but this is what we would call today higher criticism or the historical critical Well historical critical is kind of a term that can incorporate a lot of things but this viewpoint says that the expedient the communication of God was more the experience the subject of experience of the writer than it was a direct communication and to in some people who take this form this viewpoint say that there may not have been any communication whatsoever between God in the Prophet It was an experience or something they felt and then they wrote and it came you know something developed out of that now this is why I don't know if any of you hear of wondered this I have times past you you're aware that there are Christians who don't believe that well they don't believe in creation they don't believe in the virgin birth they don't believe that Jesus worked miracles are you aware of that OK and yeah how can you wait a minute how can you. Write because they don't believe that this was inspired the way you believe it was inspired they believe for example that when Moses wrote Genesis it wasn't necessarily something that God said was true it's something Moses felt was true. Or maybe Moses didn't even write it but if he did you know the whole thing is there's not a real substance behind it is the is the understanding that's why you can get these varied like really dear there were no miracles in the Bible but that's where some people are so these are the tenets three tenets of Higher Criticism The first is that inspiration is subjective rather than object of in other words the subject the profit of the writer it was their experience but it may not have been an objective truth may never even really have happened like the flood may not have happened but the prop told the story and from their point to them it was true hear people say things like this. The Bible contains the Word of God rather than actually being the Word of God you know this is how the Roman Catholic Church will explain the Bible if you look at some of their statements we believe the Bible in fact is one of the statement we believe that both the Bible and divine tradition contain the word of God. You know on the surface you might say that that sounds pretty good no contains the Word of God but it isn't all the Word of God which means then you need a priest or a scholar to tell you which part is inspired and which part isn't inspired which we're getting to in just a moment. And then the last part inspiration is quantitative rather than qualitative there may not be quality to it but you know the inspiration is it's all tied to a subjective experience of the Prophet I want you to notice what Scripture says and I don't have time to do an exhaustive study here but you remember the road to May as this is what Jesus said to those disciples or what the Bible says of Jesus it says that he opened was their understanding that they might comprehend the Scripture I just want you to get real clear here that he didn't change the scripture to meet their understanding he changed their understanding to meet the scripture higher criticism works on changing the Scripture to make it relevant or understandable or whatever that's not what the Bible teaches the Bible doesn't need modified. To meet us in our condition we need to be modified to be in harmony with the Bible the reader must adapt to the Bible and not the Bible to the reader OK but that's not where you go with higher criticism now Dr Holmes continues in his book Tip of the iceberg to say this he describes this higher criticism as a secular approach to Scripture This method requires practical atheism in order to function and it does I mean you can call yourself a Christian but to believe that there was no flooding there was no miracle virgin birth or any of that look you're an atheist to call yourself Christian if that's how you're believing because Christianity is based on the scripture and so anyway he goes on to say this position this viewpoint Higher Criticism posits that the Bible is a human product that came into being by means of an evolutionary process and that the history it records cannot be assumed factual unreliable or don't call don't tell me that's faith in the Bible or in the God of the Bible but that's but this is that's higher criticism he goes on to say perhaps it should be noted that while some interpreters listen carefully some interpreters reject the historical critical method itself just as higher criticism we've been talking about. They nevertheless accept many or all of its conclusions now let me just rephrase that what that saying is there are a lot of people even seventh day Avon's who think that the Bible believing Christians but their conclusions about what they believe about the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are really nothing more than higher criticism. You can't get to the end of it the conclusion some people come to without employing higher criticism. And won't get real practical about that in just a moment. I want to share another statement that Dr Holmes has in that book if you haven't read the book Tip of the iceberg just incredible on. The inspiration of this whole idea of inspiration if the humanity of scripture is emphasized to the denigration of its divinity. I'd let me explain that before read on he he's guarding against something where we work so hard to make the Bible more personable we talk about the weakness and in such of the writers what happens is we begin to lose the divine element you say well we would never do that let me ask you something what have we been doing to Ellen White in recent years I when I started teaching this class and I told you I went back to my experience and I was out of you having a church my family left the church I live in my mom and stepdad left over the desert for crisis I didn't finish the story mom's here mom if your hand is momma mom's here she's in the seven am disturbed Perris the Lord but we were out for quite a while and this belief of the Spirit of Prophecy some of these questions out was part of it that had let us out. At any rate what was I going to say. Is that have been anybody else here. Yeah OK so so THANKS THANKS FOR HELP ME OUT THERE. With the. With the with the higher we wouldn't do this higher critism Susan thing with the Bible but a lot of I've heard a lot here a lot of this with Ellen White where we've emphasized I started teaching the. I think I did initially I did a seminar on this in my chair I studied this stuff out I did a seminar in my my Church in Grand Rapids at the time and I was invited to go over to a rise when it was here in Michigan to teach now they have had other teachers and this is what I was told at the time they said the problem is we get these other teachers and they spend so much time talking about how Ellen White was a real person she was a nice lady and all of this and and they said that's. What our students need it bores them I'm going to tell you something and I'm speaking to those of us who are older here some of us who are older had some kind of bad experience and bad baggage in the Avenues Turgeon we try so desperately to guard our young people against it. And we end up guarding our young people get the very thing they're looking for. I'll tell you if you look at the G C I don't know if you've ever been to A G Y Z but if you want to see these they preach that all the kids all the stuff that we're afraid will drive them out of the church and they love it. There. And and I I know a little bit of where that's coming from having been out of the church or coming back in but but this is what I was told You know this is what these guys are coming in and and we've had a lot of I'm not I'm not doubting that that we talk about a little bit of our own like the person and all of that but where do you read in the Bible the bill section of Jeremiah the person. Isaiah the person I know this is going to be hard for you to understand you know because Jeremiah he's going to talk real straight to assume before he does that let me tell you how nice of a guy he was. I read an interesting story in fact there's a book in the A.B.C. it's in the new book list I'm trying to remember the name of it I can't remember the name of it off the top of my head the author is James Nicks some you know James Nicks is with the Ellen White estate and it's a book on stories of of you know Ellen White what have you and he tells the story of Ellen White's granddaughter. Ella Robinson Ella white Robinson and when oh I have lived in Australia and when. Ella was a girl she heard her father was Willy Y W C Y L My son they would have a lot of people stay in their house and because of that there was a lot of extra chores to do because you have these guests you have bedding the washing and dishes to do what her job was to scrub the big iron kettles that they cooked in and she had to take them out to the sand pit and scrub these things and hated it hated hated it and she was aware of her grandmother and the role that she has. And accepted that as a prophet and she was about eleven or twelve years old if I ever corporate call the story correctly anyway she began to pray to the Lord that He would reveal Now this was her father at this point and her stepmother and she would begin to pray that the Lord would reveal to Ellen White Her grandmother how hard her stepmother was being on her and give her a testimony for her stepmother to lighten up. And she began praying this prayer Well guess what happened Ellen White received a vision from the Lord outlining among other things her granddaughter's experience I don't want you to miss is her granddaughter was praying God hears our prayers this girl wanted to do God's Will she really did but she didn't think God's will was what it was going to be because that testimony came back and said Ellen you need to work a little harder. And not complain so much now here's what I here's the point I want to make to you how do you think Ella got how do you think she felt when she heard that. Not just convicted and listen to me and don't miss it downright mad angry OK sometimes we when we're convicted we feel like well they would just tell me in a different nicer way that is not true. When you there is no nice way to cross somebody I've had people tell me as a pastor I'm a certain guys come to me they're like you know you want to follow the revellers there's one guy told me says you want to follow the revelation model when you counsel people you know Jesus gave a benefit something he said he called it making a sandwich you want to tell him something nice and then you know put the straight what it counsel in the middle and put some nice on the other and then like I do this and this is always going to work people still get angry it doesn't mean you're nice and people are happy until you say but by the way there is something I need to talk to you about what and that's. I'm not saying not to be nice but I'm I'm saying we need to reckon that sometimes we get bread. It doesn't matter how nice the person is or not nice a person is there's a there's a conviction thing is there. Yes or. No. That's right there are two groups of people one accord and but anyway. So I'm going along too far on this this is where we're going into I just want you to understand that this is a tendency I have seen in our church especially with Ellen White have seen it with the Scriptures Well we're just we're going to focus on the human side of things simply because Now notice what he's saying this book was written in the seventy's I believe and I find it fascinating because he says here is what I see in our church today if the humanity of scripture is emphasized to the denigration of its divinity a logical progression of thought will lead to an emphasis on the humanity of Jesus to the denigration of his divinity which happens to the extreme in higher criticism they don't believe in the miracles or what have you Son of Man will have more meaning than Son of God. In practical terms this paradigm shift will make preaching less doctrinal and more therapeutic focusing less and less on Revealed Truth and more and more in human relationships we are there we are there I did my log revelation series people come from other churches and they say man they don't produce a Bible in my church. I'm just saying you should never have any emphasis on but I'm just saying that. We spend message less and less time in the word and we just get up and we talk about experiences and tell stories and that's exactly what he said would happen but it is it's an outgrowth of the way that we're looking at scripture and some of us are totally oblivious to what's happening in our own understandings. Ellen My says this in regard to higher criticism to many the Bible is a lamp without oil because they have turned their minds into channels of speculative belief that bring misunderstanding and confusion the work of Higher Criticism in dissecting conjecturing reconstructing is destroying faith in the Bible as a divine revelation it is robbing God's Word of the power to control uplift and inspire human lives. How does it do that well look when I start viewing the Bible as something that is kind of inspired part is part isn't how is that going to control my life I mean I'm not going to let something control my life that isn't inspired and so it begins to happen is rather than taking it as well this is what God saying to me I start to say I wonder if this part inspired or not and it in it loses its ability to conform my life. You talk to a person who believes in higher criticism and they're just not into the Bible is just a interesting book with some good advice here and there. Yeah it's inspiring that would be good and I want you to notice this here. What this leads to your view of the bible is going to lead you to one of two experiences and Dr Holmes puts it this way you're going to be you're going to end up depending on how you view these things either asking the faith question or the doubters question. The faith question this is a person who accepts that the Bible is the inspired word of God If I take this book of the whole book as the inspired word of God Then when I read something in it that I don't understand. The question I'm going to ask is. What does it mean why because I've already excepted it as true I just don't understand it but. If I don't accept it as inspired by God. Or parts of it are inspired and parts are. Then what I'm going to be asking when I run into something I don't understand is not what does it mean my first question is going to be is it true or is it inspired. Now you say well I don't do that with the Bible let me ask you seven S. are you doing that with Ellen whites writings. We read what we don't understand it where do we go we begin to backpedal and say well I'm not sure about that part being inspired instead of having accepted it as. This is come coming from the prophet of God The question I should be asking is I know it's inspired What does it mean what's its application to me. How you understand these things you have a profound impact on your experience what God is trying to do through your experience. Is Ellen White infallible as I was saying does can she not make mistakes no and this is coming from Professor Littlejohn who used to work in the Battle Creek college back in the day and he said this No neither do they believe that Peter Paul is infallible. They believe that the Holy Spirit which inspired Peter in Paul was infallible they believe also that Mrs White has from time to time received revelations from the Spirit of God and that revelations made to her by the Spirit of God are just as reliable as revelations made by the same spirit to other persons I think that's a good answer that makes perfect sense with any prophet of God If a prophet of God was inspired by the Spirit of God The Spirit of God was not wrong. Now the question the following question that people ask is Well so what of those writings where you know we talked about these times when she received this revelation how do we know which was which was we'll get into that Ellen White herself said this in selected messages Volume one in regard to infallibility I. Never claimed it God alone is infallible his word is true and in Him is no variables variableness or shadow of turning and we were talking about that this week a White always pointed to the Bible as a standard in the rule of faith and so again we see that here. In another place she makes this statement she says there are times when common things must be stated common thoughts must occupy the mind common letters must be written and information given that has passed from one to another of the workers and she's explaining that there are times I just got to write common things on everything I write is inspired and you've probably heard it said that a gross of this wasn't inspired by God you know dropping a note to a friend was inspired by God could have been if it was a council which I'll talk about in a minute she goes on to say this such words such information are not given under the special inspiration of the Spirit of God So no not everything else was wrote was inspired we don't treat it that way. How can I know the difference this is a little compilers note in I think it's for selected messages the third selected messages. They make this point every I'm sorry except for that which is in the nature of everyday matters or biographical that which Mrs White sent before the people and that's the key so you have to understand something prophets wrote ordinary things and said ordinary things. But at the same time a prophet knew that now think about it for a minute imagine that you are prophet of God You have the prophetic give you already know then that people are going to have a tendency to take what you say as what. As counsel from God yes or no. If they believe it and they believe your prophet then when you speak they're going to assume was. Its counsel from God So you already should be thinking I'm going to have to be very guarded in how I say things. Now time permitted I would show you statement after statement where Ellen White does that very thing and says things like that when Ellen White wrote things as counsel. She wasn't giving her opinion or going to see that in a moment because she knew the tendency of people she knew the role that she had so we don't have to be confused if it's in one of those books that's given as counsel that's what it was. So notice this is what again the I believe was curators of the white estate that made this compilers note except for that which is in the nature of everyday matters or biographical that which Mrs White sent before the people was based upon the visions given to her whether or not she used the term I saw she in her day and we today draw the line not between books and letters etc but between the sacred and the common none need be confused or no one need be confused now let me just say this I have through my own study come to the conviction that Ellen White is a prophet of God the one fitting the description the last days and I'm going to tell you something that may surprise you I have read I have read all of her counsels I've read a lot of her counsels and I've never run into a situation where I had a conflict with the Word of God I've never had a situation like Whoa wait a minute what is says it all is books there is aspired out so what is that changing things for us I'll tell you where we run into the challenges here. We're running into the challenges where people read something in one of those books and wish that thing was uninspired. I told you yesterday look if in of people the expression here some of you were here yesterday the expression I hear from a lot of people is well I see what you know he always says I don't see it that way. Of course you don't see it that way that's why God sent a profit. The profit was the see here First Samuel nine nine The prophet was to reveal the problem as the eyes sad for the blind last a church the prophet is a one to bring to our understanding those things we wouldn't see otherwise. It was. One way makes a great statement the book steps to Christ and says that Satan has a delusion he's working on. She says the closer we come to Christ the more faulty We will appear in our own eyes. Never read that before. The more faulty we appear in our own eyes she said this is evidence. This is evidence that the delusions of Satan have. Lost their power and that the vivifying or life giving influence of the Spirit of God has come upon you. Now think that through. You asked me to do that. The closer we come to Christ the more faulty We will appear in our own honest this. Is Yeah this is evidence that the delusions of Satan have lost their power and the vivifying influence of the Spirit of God has come upon anyway I think it's page sixty four sixty five and maybe fifty nine sixty somewhere in there you can do a word search on it but the point is this if the more said I if I see myself if I see more of my sinfulness the closer I come to Christ and see his delusions have lost their power than what's his delusion. That I don't see my sinfulness Well why would he want to deceive me and see my simpleness why wouldn't he want me to see my sinfulness. Because if I don't see my sinfulness I'm not going to sense my need of Christ. Now you've got to grasp this I've loved what eighty Jones said one of our pioneers back in the day he said Man when we see our simpleness we tend to get all upset he said we ought to be rejoicing in praising God because you can't see your sinfulness unless the Spirit of God shows you and so when you see your simple this praise God you have so much of the Holy Spirit that you can see your sinfulness. As the devil tries to discourage us with that but that's good news is the Spirit of God comes and he's in lightning but the thing is the. It's of God pointed out those things we could not see otherwise so you know when you went oh I write something you say I don't see it that way it's probably why you're reading it. Probably why God gave it we know so in all my experience I've not had this conflict whereas it all has to I've read these books about white Now I wish I had you know I got the conflict in the eye I don't have a conflict between this and the Scripture all I've ever experience in in my own experience with all whites writings is a better understanding of the Bible more confidence in the Bible less and less of any kind of higher critical skepticism of the Bible more and more confidence in the Bible this is what I desire to live by rule my life in a lot of the has to do with Illinois Council putting pointing in that direction. Listen to a couple statements here that she makes of her writing she says in this place I am now looking over my what dire reason copies of letters I'm only reading it and I pointing that out because sometimes you're like well it's just you know it's just a complex series just so that you understand those of you are Seventh Day Adventist you know the complex series of prophets prophets and kings are of Ages actually Apostles and great controversy Here's a news flash for some of you those books were written for the general public not used in church members. Oh we don't want to give a great controversy that's haven't no had no is get written for the general public. Lot of us haven't even read through those books she's looking over the diaries and letters what these are councils that God had given and if time permitted it doesn't I am now looking over my diaries and copies of letters written for several years back I have the most precious matter to reproduce in place before the people in testimony form. While I'm able to do this work the people must have things to revive past history that they may see notice this that there is one straight chain of truth without one heretical sentence in that which I have written that's a powerful statement there isn't it now that you are if you read more. Well what you realize she's not bragging here she didn't have confidence herself but she wanted to people to know God's people to know she had confidence in her gift we see the same kind of confidence in the Bible prophets in this place she says so I could message is Volume three The Holy Ghost is the author of the Scriptures and of the Spirit of Prophecy it's a product of inspiration that's all is saying. Now notice this. The new issue came up and we have the reason I'm showing this is we have these discussions on whether Ellen White should have some kind of say in. You know our When we're when we're fighting over doctrinal things like that we're an X. fifteen we looked at the other day so what do we do well and why should never be used to solve a doctrinal matter. OK that's not Biblical we showed that the prophet was used to solve Dr matters it matters next fifteen if you weren't here to read it Peter stands up and refers to his vision as a kind of the. Point that is going to bring clarity notice which he says here I supposed that the question of organization was settled forever now this was something that had been discussed in our church how organization worked and what have you I suppose that the question of organization was settled forever with those who believe the testimonies given through sister wife. Let's just pause right there what she saying. I suppose to soon as our people read that it was a testimony given through me they realize that it came from God and that would have settled the matter for us when we're looking at scripture and trying to figure out which way to go I figured that would have settled it. Now you may have your disagreements with that but I want you to be real clear I've heard people I've heard people from you know I don't know how to describe this from. You know lay people on up to high leadership in the administration say well you know we we shouldn't really let Ellen Y. L. Y. I never intended expected anybody to out her writings to be a definitive answer on anything that's not true look at her right here. I suppose this would be a done deal she said I thought people who. Read this believed it that's what she's saying I thought people who read these writings believe them. Now if they believe the testimonies Why did they were contrary to them. God has spoken upon these subjects should not should not that be enough. That's a good question isn't it. Since I want to tell you right now I could start going down the list of things that we do as practices in our church that we used to never do and we do it and we're OK with it and other people do it. I know I have been assumed by school kids over for movie night and we used it we use not even go near movie fear in a seven day having a church and we're just all OK with it we've got such clear Council and so many areas that we go contrary to you and I and we don't bat an eye and the reason I think we do it is because we live in a Christian culture where we compare ourselves among ourselves and don't ever stop to think if we're really living in harmony instead of looking at the word as my standard I say well I don't want to be extreme I mean I guess these guys think it's OK and these guys think it's OK And so I guess I guess it's OK. And the devil is neutering us. I gave you that I had a real good opportunity say amen to that have you seen it. I'm not trying to be critical I'm a seat of myself one of the hardest things is being and understand me. On the hardest things that I've experienced being around a lot of admin is sometimes we get in a cultural bubble and we stop seeking to be who God called us to be we stop searching the word we stop searching God's counsels and we just kind of float along and we we begin to acclimate to one another. And yet we are in I'm telling you we are in the very last moments of Earth has. And this is exactly why the devil is rocking us to sleep and singing lullabies. God has spoken on a number of things and we need to get familiar with them again I'm not saying this to be critical I'm speaking to myself Now don't you sense that here at this camp meeting God is calling for revival among us. But listen to me saying it's revival is never going to come without change. I recently preached on this in my church I mean the word revival means to bring back to life when I call I can get up and call for a violin everybody in the church how many vote of I have over our Bible pastor I mean it was one of those things like how many sinners are here you know I am I mean. It's a foregone conclusion as a minister I've done it a number of times how many here are sinners everybody raise their hand but then they get mad when I point out sin. I thought you just said you were down with this right. And when I say revival we all raise our hands but you know what we're saying is saying I'm spiritually dead and if you say oh wait a minute I'll put my hand down I'm not spiritually dead that you're saying you don't need revival. Here's Pastor Mark Howard I need revive. I need a revival and Jesus is coming how many times you and I let's just get real I mean look I'm not talking about us and church we're doing our holy thing what do you in the whole never get an argument a home with your spouse or with your kids and you stop and you think about it and you think about Jesus and you think about how unlike Jesus you are. And you say Lord Jesus have mercy on me a sin. Revived me according to your word so I'm talking about. So I gave the gift of prophecy in the last days to help to effect that to show us those areas of weakness that manna we won't listen to it if we we hire criticize it and say well you know some of this is inspired and some isn't. And I have to let you in on the fact that we're only going to get the presentation one today I mean this would happen. But it's still going to be good. I'm not going to get into everything I wanted to but I want to follow along here let's look at this again after this is that this is. This is an amazing statement elder H. I told you this one element wrote these Kelson or testimonies initially they took the names out people were still living and just so you understand how it worked with testimonies for the church God would instruct Ellen White to give testimony to individuals in the church typically church leaders because they were moving the work she didn't give a testimony to everybody she would write a letter God would say speak to this person just like Jeremiah he would go to the key meeting that everybody in the in the in Jerusalem but God would give those communications and the Lord instructed Ellen White to then make those counsels of bailable on a broader scale because we struggle with similar things and the same thing the Brother So and so might have struggled with a lot of other people would benefit from the Council on I mean I get fit hand in glove or you like reading this testimony if you've ever read the testimonies for the church let me tell you something if you haven't. Folks I'm going to tell you if more administering the testimonies for the church we wouldn't be we wouldn't be questioning as much about the spirit of prophecy we would be saying I don't know if Elmo is balance see what we do we get these compilations of stuff read a snippet here and snippet there we hear quote the sermon versus reading the counsel it was given. When I started reading the testimonies of the church the first thing I thought to myself after getting it into him is Lord have mercy I wish I had read these earlier because you're pointing out things I could have benefitted from before. But as as. You read through the testimonies Anyway they were they were you know they're things all read through a testimony to a certain person. No it was written to an individual person sometimes written to in a church and all returned there are things I say well obviously is not my situation but there are other things I'm reading along about Brother So and so are sisters so and so are church so and so and say yeah while they're messed up yeah look at a movie that's me right. And what she would do is as she would write this the nameless because it was put on a broader wouldn't put the original names inch put the elder in it would be as you go through the segment because they would be published every so many years or whatever a sister be rather see so you know elder age is no Howard here. It could be could be. But it's actually. A Smith she was writing to here in Battle Creek of the testimony about a creek no notice what she says though after I wrote you the long letter which has been being little by I'm sorry elder age she's not writing to Elder Smith but notice what happened this you know your eyes myth when he was are this is eight hundred eighty two he was one of our leaders well respected Ellen White was very supportive of him but that didn't mean he did make mistakes after I wrote you the long letter which has been be little by Elder Smith as a as merely an expression of my own opinion now knows what's happening oh my good counsel and the elder said it's your own opinion that's not counsel from God. Now notice what she goes on to say after this happened the Lord partially removed the restriction and I write what I do. I dare not say more now lest I go beyond what the spirit of the Lord has permitted me now that's one of those statements that gives you just a little bit of insight to realize Hello I just didn't free the writer opinions she was very careful in what she wrote and there were times when the Lord said Don't write anything on that there are other times where she said OK I'm writing a little bit but I got to be careful I don't want to say more than I should why because the Lord knew people are going to take this is counsel I don't want to be computer. She goes on I have given you the like God has given to me in no case have I given my own judgment or opinion. I have enough to write of what has been shown me without falling back on my own opinions. And notice what she goes on to say to this person who says it's her opinion she says you are doing as the children of Israel did again and again instead of repenting before God You reject his words and attribute all the warnings and reproof to the messenger whom the Lord sends. To do that today we have a tendency to do that we sure have a tendency to do that sort of allowing it to break us is one thing one of two things happens we either fall on the rock and we're broken or the rock falls on us and crushes us to powder in the language of Scripture. The Lord wants us to be broken before him with those contrary heart so he can transform us. Look at the title here now you guys want to help the devil and tell you how you do it. And facts Ellen White will tell us how to do it she says I have my work to do to meet the misconceptions of those who suppose themselves able to say what is testimony from God and what is human production. So let me just explain that a little bit. If I start dealing with either scripture or elements writings inspired writings to say well I don't know that they're all inspired. Then. If somebody just take the Bible for first just for starters if the Bible is partially inspired like not all parts are inspired and on all parts are as inspired as other parts which some people believe. How do I know it's follow. Well and not true I don't I keep. And how. If I if I pick and choose for how many to pick and choose. If the Bible is completely inspired. Then who's in control. Gaza and Israel but if the Bible's partially inspired now was. Some human being has to decide what to follow when what not whether it be me or my favorite pastor or scholar but it takes it away from God being the author and any time that happens it takes to get puts me in a position to be able to disregard certain parts of Ellen White is as highlighting the tendency some people have of saying Well I think this is inspired but I don't think that think she wrote over there is inspired OK so who's there who's to decide what's inspired who's not are you is your pastor is a scholar then it suddenly just becomes a human work and it's somebody swim to the side and then God becomes in the words of Scripture the author of confusion rather than the author of peace that would be the word Look there'd be the absolute worst thing God could do is give a prophet that was partially inspired. Is it think about it for a minute the gift of prophecy was to bring clarity to his people so when you're not certain when the prophet came and said Thus saith the Lord you are certain in let me put it in the context of where we are now we are in a battle the greatest battle that has ever been fought we're down at the very end of time or at a time where the scripture says that the very elect would be deceived if possible. Were to be on the frontlines of this battle we are gone soldiers in this battle what happens if we are united as an army. The Devils army despite all its other problems is united they're united in what they're doing. So what does God do God sends the gifts of the Spirit write a thesis for to bring us to the unit. See the face why because we can't fight a good battle if we're not united. So God sees to unite us on his word brings the gift of prophecy among us. So he gives a prophet he brings a prophet to his church that is kind of trustworthy. That is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. And let me clarify Ellen White was sometimes right and sometimes wrong but not in what was given his counsel Jeremiah was sometimes right and sometimes wrong by God and put the wrong in the word for us to it because God was trying to provide for his people and sure fire thus saith the Lord. So that we can have confidence we could have unity we can give a message and not give it kind of quietly with a P.P. boys because we're just not sure about it but with a loud voice because we have confidence in it. What good would it do for God then to send a prophet who was kind of. There would be worse than I but honestly if this were God you don't like look save your prophet save your time give me a break I have enough time trying to figure out right here is I study the Word and you're going to give me if the prophet know I've got to sit and figure out if it's worth listening to or not no that's not how we did it God gave a prophet like he has in every age as a definitive voice to a church to keep us moving forward to finish his work. I have my work to do to meet the misconceptions of those who suppose themselves able to say what is testimony from God and what is human production. If those who have done this work continue in this course say tannic agencies will choose for them. You're going to decide what to choose is your reading inspired writing is Sam going to choose what's inspired what's not guess what the devil going to come and sit down by Yoopers armor and say let me help you with that. Those who have helped souls to feel at liberty to specify what is of God in the testimonies and what are the uninspired words of SR Why we'll find that they were helping the devil in his work of deception. That might be real close to home for some of you maybe you've been in a situation where you've been that person to go to a friend of yours and Soudan worry about that I don't think that part the Del white road you were on the devil side. I don't take that to heart we've all been on the devil side in a lot of different ways but let's just say from here on out I'm not going to be on the other side anymore. Now that I see this I don't want to play that part anymore. Ellen White made this statement in the book page charts and prophets and even the King Saul was rebuked by the prophet Samuel you know what the problem was there you go back a little bit he was a beaut by the promise Samuel he just didn't see it that way and that's what I touched on earlier he didn't see it that way I could tell you story after story of people who didn't see it that way back then we read you this statement and then I will tell you couple stories of of people not seeing it that way but the US not seeing it that way that again that's why God sent the prophet Saul didn't see it that way the same but notice what it says here Saul acknowledged to Samuel to be a prophet some from God we have said they have a signal Jhelum going to be a prophet sent from gun and that is where goes on to say hence he should have accepted there were proof though he could not himself see that he had sin. That's why you accept for proof I mean it comes to you now in this case when it comes that you don't have to see it I'll tell you a story might tell you a couple I wish I had it in front of me I mean it just came to my mind to share but there was a. We have a college in Australia Avondale college. OK. One of the leaders of the college I forget his position he was administrator there I think was Professor Hughes. Professor refuser they had come to some anniversary of the college and they wanted to have a special event for the students so they had a big day of recreation play and now professor has this really interesting Ellen White had given counsel against football. And against. Football was one of the things in the brutality that's not to say I don't I don't know if time would permit we go into all this but I don't think that was to say so much anything about playing the game in general but with the tackling the brutality I don't know if you guys are where a movie just came out a Hollywood movie that met a little bit of heat because when under the bridge the injuries that have been sustained in playing this game. Anyway. Professor Hughes didn't want to you know go that route so he decided that he would play some different games along and shall give the short of the story. So they planned the day Ellen why had to devotional that day came and spoke about Daniel and his faithfulness and talk to young people about faithfulness and. Then the rest of the day they had planned with all these fun activities you have three legged races and they had carrion eggs on a spoon and little kind of activities like this and when I was not there for the rest of the day she had other things to do. The next morning and. If I have it right I might have all the time here is right I think was the next morning she talked to Professor Hughes and she said I need to talk to you and your staff now that what's interesting here is what I found so interesting about this story is I found a letter from Professor Hughes that he wrote later to Willie White and explain his experience through this whole thing you got to put yourself in his place here's. Guy's plan and he's trying to follow council doing the right thing trying to plan a day of activities for the kids. And here Illinois says yeah I need to talk to your staff she said what happened yesterday was offensive to God. He he could not see it. Could not see it in what in what they were doing what the problem was and he was irritated but he didn't he said he didn't tell his wife he didn't tell staff. He told his staff L. might want to speak with us she came in and spoke to them she said you want to speak to them in the students he said she's going to ruin it he said this and I'm paraphrasing but I'm giving the gist of what he his reaction this old lady doesn't know anything about young people what they need She's no woman who doesn't know what young people need that was what he thought and he spells it out in that letter he said it took him before the staff to talk to the staff and he said one of the ladies gets up and says if you think you know so much about deal with kids and you do it. In talk about you think about talking to Ellen White that way that way always say we would but I we would and we probably do and so anyway. Then she went talk to the students Well Professor Hughes says the students took it a lot better than we adults did and they seemed to roll along pretty good with it. But he said I was not resolved he said this whole thing was a problem and he went home and basically over the next few days he began to pray about it and study about it he was angry about it. Sister Sarah McInturff who is a nurse of Ellen White who lived in the area came over for something. You know was it Magnetar it was Sarah PAC who was helping in Australia and separate came over she was a secretary for own white but she came over and. Professor Hughes said so. Tell me something how is it that Ellen White tells us that we're we're supposed to be kids with our kids and then we do she condemns us for. For a for doing it. And Sister Peck said well I'm not sure I'll ask her what would you ask her tell me so she went and she asked Ellen when she came back the next day what she said she said these aren't kids are young men and women preparing for missionary service to prepare for Jesus to come to college students you understand. He began he continued studying in his own study and in the letter he basically shares with Willie White that as he went through it he began to see some of the principles that he had missed he was started studying what the Scripture says about competition. And he said I realize that what we were doing for the kids was not fitting them for what we believe is coming at seven they haven't. Changed the tenor of things that the school changed to more missionary emphasis and there's a testimony from a young man that this is an element biographer you can read it years later who enter the missionary field the said it started then he said I'll never remember I'll never forget being there that during that crisis and I remembered everything switching around at the school and we got more involved in missionary activity he said that's when I was converted and I gave my heart to the Lord became as you know it cetera et cetera so the aftermath was good. Now if you read some of the council I wish I had more time to give you the whole story of preaching the sermon a little while ago as I was talking to my congregation about you know this this whole thing about the Lord pointing out what we can't see Professor Hughes didn't see it at all he couldn't see any reasonable ness in it just like Saul could. There are going to be things you read that you're not going to agree with then your tendency just going to say wow I don't agree with that you need to pause a minute and ask yourself well this is is this man's counselor God's counsel. If I don't see it why am I not see. Maybe I need to Heavenly I said. Maybe I need to have in the eyes of. Brothers and Sisters Jesus is coming. I told my church recently and I'm going to tell you now I mean I've said that I've. And back in the church Wow I mean I was baptized in. One thousand nine hundred ninety four. So. Over twenty years now I've been back in the church praise God for it and ever so ever since I was baptized again Well let me rephrase that I was baptized but I wasn't baptized in the seventh heaven church member told you I didn't agree I told the pastor I didn't agree with Helen why I did agree to this at the other so I had a pat pastor baptized me not as a seven they haven't cited coming later in profession of faith. So I think it was a couple three years after that that I actually joined the church. But I've always felt Jesus is coming soon but I'm standing before you now and I'm going to tell you something I don't know what's going to be this next year this time I don't know if we're going to have a camp meeting next year. I'm not an alarmist anybody who knows me know I don't I don't follow world events like some people do but I'm telling you I don't know what next year hold at this time when I look at what's happening in the world and I've been studying prophecy and if you're seven the evidence you've been looking at this there is now is the time. To make our hearts right with the Lord now is the time for us to be honest with God and with ourselves now is it time to be seeking revival in his word and in the inspired writings now is the time to let God speak to our hearts and our minds and bring us back in harmony with His will and in doing that and in this process I'm going to tell you're going to be confronted with things in your life that you don't want to deal with. Just like me. But I'll tell you this I want to be like Jesus and I don't want to just be like Jesus here given a seminar you I want to be like Jesus in my home and I want to be like Jesus in front of my kids. And I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what's going to happen but I I have a pretty high certainty that I'm going to be pulled out of my home if I'm faithful and having this pastor I'm not going to be there I don't know. If you've ever read anything that happens in times of persecution I don't know what's going to happen to my family and when I'm part of for my family I want them to remember their dad was like Jesus. I don't know how you feel. The Lord is calling us. Offering to us. A renewal and revival and an experience unlike this world has ever seen. Where the whole world will see Jesus embodied in his church. But we've got allow Him to guide us. We would allow God allow that Heavenly I said to do his work. Are you willing. I want to leave this camp meeting a different person. I want to leave this camp meeting closer to Lord I want people to say man what happened to you Pastor. Oh people say that about you what happened to you. Wow you just something something's different you're more like Jesus. It's your desire that you desire raise your hands with me. Let's pray together father have a. Father as we have been considering these things. I think you know for the work your spirit does not just through the gift of prophecy father through all the gifts. In helping us to see our need for Christ. I thank you for the lengths you've gone in giving us such direct counsels to help us to become more Christ like in our words in our thoughts in our actions. Not just in the church but in our homes in our communities father our hearts by nature are resistant to truth. But I pray for each one here today that our hearts would be softened. That the Spirit of God will have his way with us. Yes as never before Father many of us here are parents. Who have. Deep heartfelt burdens for our children. But father we know our children are not going to have the kind of revival they need if mom and dad don't have it. Bother some here today are our children and you are calling them not some time in the future they're not the Church of tomorrow you're calling them now we see the mighty things you're doing through them and I pray Lord that you would help them not to repeat our mistakes. Help us all Lord. Here and Now at this camp meaning to choose to go onward and upward following the lamb where every go. That the world may see Jesus in us. And we may all be ready when we ask and pray it in his name is. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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