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Poverty Cure: Powerful Principles to Help the Poor- Part 2

Dan Rachor



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you for life today for your mercy. Your yes your wonderful goodness to each one of us we pray for your presence. Or your Spirit of truth to be with us as we continue our study here today and prayed Jesus' name in. All right so it in cried Fred I swear that I had planned to cover yesterday by the way I've had a couple people ask me already so Shelly is making extra copies of the handouts from yesterday. She said she'd be about ten minutes late. And also all the handouts for today will come with her at that time OK. Most of you have a hand off from yesterday I just went back a few slides here. Because we didn't get really who didn't when able to finish so we're just going to finish yesterday's And here we go so we were talking about. Paternalism. Which I think we did find actually turn this on. It's really one definition. Others. Of his behavior which limits some person or groups liberty or autonomy for what is presumed to be that person's or group's own good OK soul is sort of a control. With. At least the appearance of doing so to help the person now as I said yesterday if it's a five year old that's probably a good thing right now you're talking about a group of adults is probably not such a good thing. And we just mentioned briefly that there's several different ways paternalism and I just chose three here resource spiritual and knowledge per turn alyssum again. Return Elysium. The tendency to see solutions in material terms. Foreign financial and other material resources into situations where it's probably not the most appropriate in other words handouts instead of investments. And again. By the way my dear wife is here this morning. So. You don't have to worry I will. If I'm going too fast or too slow or too much information or whatever it is I still tell me about of. Them times I even listen so. It's all right anyway we went over the SEST of the joint I want you to know that's why I'm going fast a little bit faster right. Spiritual paternalism and again we talk about this assuming the materially poor are inferior to us spiritually. We do that. And then paternalism it's almost been a few minutes on. We after all we're Americans we have money whatever the we is we're seventh day adventists whatever it is we have all the best ideas about how to do things OK. They're not here yet. Paternalism. Instead of partnerships to put it very briefly. Now we're going to talk about this a minute this is. From. A worker from the Lord in Africa making the statement sometimes we believe that people living in communities with high rates of poverty aren't as smart or capable as we are and we need to quote. Save them. Entering a community with this attitude can result in a condescending attitude that hinders relationships. Obviously this. And then this gentleman here who is a lawyer and a. What he called a journalist in Africa speaking about this is speaking specifically about you actually going to get a copy of this whole article here he's speaking specifically about. Trying to get my word here. Anyway the aid. Or what wasn't a few years ago they had these concerts to raise money for Africa OK celebrity a DESA term I want this is an article and I want to see the whole thing because it's very revealing of the attitudes of those in Africa at least I can give you several sources with the same disappointed being expressed here he says this is a little part of the article maybe a sentence or two one sentence actually they they that is the celebrities. And the Americans or the Western people they still believe us to be like children that they must save Scuse me. As if we don't realize ourselves what the source of our problem is the notice here there with the reaction they still believe us to be like children. That we we must say because we know OK so this is and we see this article ill see is a very strong very strong reaction to one of the celebrity concerts raising money for Africa and this. If I'm not able to share. With you all these share with you some sources of. In the strong reaction among thinking people the leaders really not political leaders unfortunately necessarily but leaders thought leaders in Africa toward and we'll see that in a video clip here and a little bit too OK now here the book Education Page sixteen a wonderful wonderful book this goes back to our beginning theme yesterday where we saw that every human being is created in God's image right here it says that every human being created in the image of God is in da with a power a kin to that of the Creator. Individuality how or to think and to do. And so this is keen so we can't you know we shouldn't swoop in and give people the solution to their problems because we know more no. A poor person a poverty stricken person no matter how poverty stricken they are in dollar was a power just like their Creator they have individuality they have power to think and to do and so yes we have resources and opportunities that they haven't had the privilege to have had DOESN'T MEAN AND fact that probably means we understand less their situation. Than they would thank you so much and. So to partner with them. Too to. Draw from them. Their own thoughts dreams ideas regarding their situation. OK So partnership not parenting then. But partnering with. Well. How it is is OK so. Yeah so don't assume that we know when we I read one account where the people from the West I don't remember what organization but where they were coming in and telling these farmers in one of the poverty in a one of the developing countries you know that they should be they should be varying their crops from year to year and so on and you should be complaining this this year in this next year well yes it makes sense to us when we know about that saving the soil and so on but in these people understood there was other crops too but what they knew is that they had to have a crop every year or they starve therefore they were playing the crop which had the highest degree of possibility every year of giving them a harvest. So there's an example where from the west we know we have a university train we know that they should be you know having a variety for the sake of our soil but what we don't know. Is that they know they can take a chance on that. That's an example instead of and so. They would have been nice to go in and listen to learn to to go as a learner and. Of course people have been oppressed and everything else they may need help. To. Haul needs tools to you. Use these tools in their lives. That facilitate that yes we should not come in with. The answers. Yes. Everybody can get a copy of what you just brought in but let me just face this tiny little sexist section here OK How's that my oh I just want you know Shelly is great one reason she's lazy because I was late getting to those papers just so you know that. And she was very cheerful about it OK here we have in the Bible ah Jesus said which if you intervene ability does not sit down first encounter the cost whether he has enough to finish it right was talking to human beings human beings have the ability to do what to sit down to create a tower in their mind before they actually go out and build it right every human being has that power no matter how poor and that's obviously there you know mentally have some organic issues or something like that but God has made given every human being the power to think and to do. And. We helping people so much more we can help them. Silla take them certainly not discourage them from using that power. Come let us reason together. Yes we're going to talk about it in a quite a bit the. More not one right right so and one more scripture here I like this one even though it's negative woe to those who divide. Iniquity and work out evil on their bad night they figure out what they're going to do the next day right. At morning light they practice it because it is in the. Hower of their hand OK so here is shoals even though we had good have the power to think and to do. God has given this to every human being and we have to understand that no matter how poor. Human beings are creating God's image there and die. With the same ability that the Creator Himself has the power to think and to do. And if we go in and tell them what to think and tell them what to do we will be doing more harm than good in the long run. Now and again I told you yesterday on the make I mind is not to make rules for anybody These are principles. You know if we go to some tribe in there like in the south of the Philippines there where the you know if they're practicing killing in all of their children or whatever then. Probably we need to help them to think about that you know so you're going to send everything is in his context OK now. Here again if we think that people living in poverty have the creative capacity to lift themselves out of it our missions turn into mutually beneficial partnerships. Yeah all right so it's all right now are starting today OK here's our story for today or you want me to turn this off for not so much. That help at all or. The first couple sighs with the photographs you know they're not to be as clear all K.. How many conversations does it take to pass out one of these papers here. We need to have a committee meeting and decide. OK this is a young lady here by the name of Jeralyn Hey. Boy oh boy I will be sure after this class of the I will give her the paper so. It will have I want to stapled actually tomorrow. This is a young lady here named Geralyn who happens to live on the island of neg roasts. In the Philippines OK this is where Geralyn and I think twelve the twelve family members live. This is Geralyn as you beautiful. This is her home here her one room hut you can see the clothes for the I think the twelve people that live in this hot store here and here. Here is the outside. There's me there. I. Don't I'm. OK. And I say I got one more picture here is the house from from afar think from across the river actually. This. Family along with a number of other families they live on a river here and and there's squatters there. And in that river they take their bath I say they've got a long pole with a. Cup like thing on the end of it they put it in the river and they pick up. They're able to give themselves a shower that way it's kind of fun to watch but. They also. Go to the bathroom in that river they also get their water from that river and they also get their living from that river remember they're describing next to the river but they. The adults mainly. Go down and they dive down to the bomb that river and they bring up a thing full sand take it over the side and dump it and they do that and then they finally get a fifty pound bag of sand. And they have to haul way up the steep hill I mean up the bank of the river then even farther up to the street where according to my recollection they get about a dollar for that fifty pound bag of sand. And. And some days they sell a bag of sand some days they don't some days they sell more than one bag. Geralyn here here last year she and her friend were in town and whatever and somehow they were they agreed to enter into a cab they were invited into a cab for a ride with which contained two men in it plus the cab driver. And the cab driver who in God's great Providence turned out to be a Seventh Day Adventist who did not know Geralyn at all. Or her friend but he could see the that something was not right. And these men's. Actions not just attitudes but actions toward these girls and these men told the cab driver to go to such and such a place where instinctively he knew that wasn't a good idea. And so he drove to the police station. And one. The man got away the other man was found guilty. Of of. Human to human trafficking now. This is the Philippines. Island of Negril and. Well by the grace of God This is something I have an assist cab driver who is paying attention. We never have seen these girls again. That's. That's a fit part of the face of poverty in our world. All right so. As is probably not a very good title I put that on there a long time ago but that's what it is OK We're going to talk about aid today and talk about aid. And. The first thing we want to do is define like we did yesterday just to find this I'm so sorry. Yesterday we differentiated between relief and development right Agra administers Velleman and relief So CA ssion OK So please understand the difference it's very important. So we have we have. Zero what I do here we have relief which of course is in the crisis the hurricane the tsunami whatever it is this. Requires a media life saving action. Even then. Probably is better if I'm not in the way of the people who have been trained to respond to these things probably if I want to do something I should send money. Unless I have some perv. Press or reason or training to be their. Rehabilitation is to bring people back to where they were before the crisis hit. And then of course development is to help people whether it's to have a water supply or or you know to help them improve their situation. And so. It's very important to you know the man the Samaritan I mean that's a Samaritan but the man that's a Samaritan helped who was beat by the side of the road. This was relief right as was relief. The good Samaritan I know because in my Bible it has more verses there OK The Good Samaritan nine months later was a still supporting this guy who was completely healed caught it by the way no I really don't have more verses in my Bible Kay I'm just saying. He helped this man in a crisis really he gave and helped him. But once a man was healed of his injuries and so on and so forth he didn't support him there to mold tell where he could just sit around and. Write. And tell he was well that's what I said. All right and so. We want to spend a little bit of time and and see that there was a relief effort probably more than one to one particular relief effort in the Bible OK And this starts Aaron Axel Levon twenty seven twenty eight and says there that a certain man named Agabus a prophet stood up and showed by the spirit that it was going to be a great famine throughout all the world this happened in the days of Claudius. Caesar so this was foretold and it was told there Silas not straight you just have to kind of Crick your head there will be straight and says Then the disciples each according to his ability need terminus in relief to the brother and drawing in Judeo today apparently was especially hit hard and this they also did in sent to the elders by the hands of Barnabas and saw So here was a grassroots relief effort during a famine helping the brother in Judea. And then as this famine evidently went on for some time and the results of it we find the Apostle Paul. Having his various churches that he had raised up. Saving money setting aside money so that when he comes. He says they'll be no collections when I come and. Is. Making an appeal for relief effort during a famine. And again he says when I come whenever you approve by your letters I will send bearing your gift but if it is fitting that I go also they will go with me and Paul did go so here we have a relief. Effort here in the Bible. It is beautiful. And. See here. Started to the clock we go to ten forty five right. Now. Notice the same apostle Paul writing that's alone eons. He said listen we commanded you when we were there that's a strong word is it. If anyone. Work neither shall he. That strong language. But he is writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit isn't he. Then he will not work neither will he eat. And I should raise my hand for those who didn't get page two. OK It pays to his left. I don't have his to. I don't take yours anyway it is good for me to know what's ahead sometimes OK. Notice. What he the same Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonians Thank you. Thank you. OK I see all right. He said we hear that there are some who walk among you in a disorderly manner not working at all but are busybodies. All those who are such we command and exhort you to our Lord Jesus Christ that they work in quietness and eat their own ground. So here is a very important principle they donned by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The same Apostle Paul did all he could to help those who are in a famine is also here suggesting that if a person is not willing to work that's what he meant. Fine but they shouldn't either. And. Here in the book ministry of healing we have these words. We may give to the poor and harm them by teaching them to be the pendent. Sucks giving encourages selfishness and. Helplessness. Now often at least to I don't most of strive against and intemperance. No man who can earn his own livelihood has a right to be penned on others. Now why would we do this we would do this because we haven't really searched our own motives. We maybe not recognize they were doing this to make ourselves feel good or ourselves look good or whatever the case is and instead of having our true heart with the person we're trying to help. Of course we all make mistakes sometimes we misunderstand the situation and. We are also counseled that. We should in some cases help people and ask questions later as a very very temporary help ask questions after that but the general principles laid down here we may give to the poor and harm them by teaching them to be dependent. Yes but to have this life here because I have a friend here. In. Me. But lying something like. Money and this is then over the years of trying to. Try to help and it's like. She has to challenge of morals and it's right. Over her you know or soon will be. No. RICE So we're throwing. Money at a problem in money is not the problem this is a temporal or financial or turn alyssum we're not looking at the whole person we're seen. We're just we're using money as the to leave the problem that's not the problem we're not looking at this person as in the image of God and what is the problem. We deep in the problem we deep in the problems. Right. Right. All right here again Paul wrote to tell me this is amazing really honor widows who are really whittles. Of any widow has children or grandchildren let them first learn to show piety at home and to repay their parents for this is a good example forgot he saying look. We should honor a widow who is a true will if they have children and grandchildren Ah that's their responsibility not the churches. I can't cover every detail of this is a principle. Obviously everything yeah OK And this is the context by the way in which it says what if any does not provide for his own especially for those of his household this is the context widows is the United faith worth in the believer OK so here again a church should at least be asking the question Whose responsibility is this. This lady needs help but here is her son who is has a yacht and so on and so forth. We can help this lady what are we doing to this son we're harming that son aren't we best if he's a member of the church. Where really harming him. Or where I mean he may says right here is worse than an unbeliever So we may it may be. Eternal harm that we're causing whatever you want to stand the principle OK. Paul as. You know was full of the love of God beyond. I think anything we've ever experienced I think safely say that but here he saying he's laying down this principle and. Obviously is for good. Was at pains to game. All right OK now. Here he says Do not let a widow under sixty years all be taken into the number and not unless she has been the wife of one man one report of a good works and so on he actually lays down several characteristics some of which are cultural I can say that some of which would have a hard time now to really think to apply them today yes. The number of widows who are on the support of the church so that's the other side of this of course is that before Social Security and all the stuff body there was those who are the number who the church had said yes we are responsible for these days because they're true unless they don't have a son a grandson and they have been faithful to the Lord and so on I mean it's pretty strong it's very strong OK so. You know all K. the next live. That's a question is a bit a lot of books written on that. OK He even says refuse the younger widows why because they will learn to be I don't. We can give to these younger whittles Blessed are now this Paul is not saying Look when the husband dies you know he's not saying don't go there take a meal Don't you know fix the broken lock that the guy who's been sick in bed wasn't able to feed he's not. Saying that he is saying do not support certainly don't put them on among the number why they'll learn to be idle they're young they can take care of themselves. Or learn to. That's the correct this I mean this is from the Bible by the way this is strong language. All right now so these are principles and on so we saw the Apostle Paul when there was a famine was a crisis he was there he was on it but he didn't have any countenance for supporting those who chose not to work when they were able to work and so on. Yes. Yes let them work. Yes I believe in. Both those places they work a student's work as a part of the program. OK. You know live a little oh do of. What he's talking about were the student whether on a phone call. Whether. As Anyway sorry. We're the student whether here. Or abroad work is a good press of all now we have to be careful we don't overwhelm when they do go to their studies and all that and that's why mag I'm OK so wonderful because they can go on a maggot book if. God calls them to do that they can be encouraged to do it OK now thank you for bringing that up. If you believe in man or woman has Wiggles that them or. And leave them and do not let the church be a burden and may relieve those who are really widows. Again this is strong language this is this is strongly was I think is often ignored. Right if they don't have Suppose some sort of family support other words it's laid here very clearly family before church. This is a principle as big family before church. And if we use. Hopefully so we call the home tourch yes land. Right if the church steps in and when the the family and does what the family should be doing that there again this is not a rule every situation is there but most cases are doing harm to that family. OK. All right Rick Warren. You heard the name before most of you and I understand that he's probably a he is a converso person a month in a circles he has certain ecumenical views and so on and so forth however he has traveled as he says here in. One hundred sixty four different countries for in the past thirty years. He said he's witnessed first hand that almost And this is we're switching gears a little bit here it was what he said this is not a fly by the night type of person OK. He said this. Thirty years hundred sixty four countries I've witnessed first hand that almost every government and N G O O poverty program is actually harmful to the pore hurting them in the long run rather than helping. The typical poverty program creates dependency robs people of the. Dignity stifles initiative and can foster a what have you done for me lately sense of entitlement this is strong language but this is written by a man who's been all over the world written by a man who is who has done a lot for people suffering and especially with AIDS around the world this is not a you know right wing whatever he simply saying what he has observed and he's almost never seen government or in geo aid that was actually helping. He says the biblical way to help people rise out of poverty is through wealth creation not wealth redistribution. So. You know what the that's what the today is negative today today is negative the next two days we're going to talk about that OK. I want to work finally. Yeah and. Yes sir. Yeah I got a couple papers if we have time I have an A and second a call or two of the pope so I want to just refer to. OK Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus who had far as I'm concerned is a giant and poverty alleviation he's been he has had influence around the world including and I States we're going to talk about him I think is tomorrow. Tomorrow or the next day I think is tomorrow. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work among the poor. Or is not a right wing non caring individual he says that charity only perpetuates poverty by taking away initiative from the pour a by the way if you were here yesterday it was fairly positive right we talk about principles. And just tell us today is negative but we need to know K. so charity only perpetuates poverty by taking away initiative from the part this is a person as probably as far as I know. I've done more for the poor in this world than any single individual denying them literally tomorrow I have the video of him and now. Here is a man a pastor in Nicaragua and the Americans were coming then with their mission trips short term mission trips and and bringing things each way they came and brought more things and oddly the one of the pastors noticed that this guy didn't seem to be comfortable. And he says kind of try to get him to talk but he wouldn't really talk. But he pushed him and pushed him. And finally he said look. These mission trips are destroying the initiative of my people they're turning my people into baggers and. Yeah so because he watched me observe them slowly change. Into expecting the next wave of freebies OK. It's a principle again I'm not applying it to anybody I'm saying it's a principle OK. But again this is a perv. Take cares very very much about his people and this is what he is saying hey Herman Chinnery has who will see on video here in a moment I think. Bill Gates of after X. we saw a little bit of him yesterday right. He just says was plain common sense there was a bad day and there is good and. Bad A is one that makes people dependent on aid good aid is that short term aid that empowers people to be able to live on their own. And again these are not uncaring and right wing type of people do I have another slide after that and more OK. You know this. Jesus was rich he became poor for us. Through his poverty we might become rence right if we just think about that. Jesus came and made us whole then. He came and made us whole he didn't come and say or send be forgiving you even though you're still you know robbing banks every single week no he changed our lives right or he's in the process of changing our lives. As though he did a true work he wasn't interested to be able to report you know we we. Fed hundred people you know he wasn't a boss a to sticks or fund raising or whatever he was about changing human lives one person at a time OK and that's he's our example and we think about trying to how. Those in poverty. Jesus came here with only one agenda I mean to bring glory to God and to vindicate God's character but in terms of us. He had no alter came to make us whole. Exactly and OK so then. Let's. Go to our video we're going to be in trouble here and it seems we have basically thirty minutes you know tough questions and I would tell you I have the answers but my wife is here and. She would tell you the truth. OK So listen I'm going to show I'm. I'm going to show some video here I probably will stop it at certain points. Let me just to OK I'll just tell you this OK somebody mention Haiti here you I just tell you this this is I don't say this lightly I'm not. In Haiti. The United States. Basically refuse by through tariffs to have Haitian farmers sell their rice in the United States. The United States did turn around and through its power and muscle. Get the Haitians to lower the tariff to almost nothing for sell American rice and to Haiti. And then. Our rice farmers grew true we were subsidized so they grew extra mana Rice and we flooded Haiti with three our almost free rice. We put the Haitian farmers. Into the cities where. I'm ashamed to tell you. Already business men were there waiting. Who needed the cheap labor. In the garment factory so you and I could wear our nice suits on Sabbath morning and so on OK this is aid in my saying that this was planned and this was evil I'm not saying that but it's pretty well documented this is what happened. And that's just a little background a little bit of what you'll see there and. I'll probably stop this is some point. All right so all. A lot to think about their OK probably not going to have time to look at that today this is the one I referenced earlier I had a sentence or two that the lawyer and. Journalist had quoted that I had quoted from New notice here as a fairly angry tone in this letter you read it and one of the things that I would like you to notice is that at least a couple different times he makes reference to dictators there on the back. In the first or the second paragraph. And says neither debt relief nor huge amounts of food aid nor an invasion of experts will change everything will change anything excuse me those will merely prop up the continent's dictators. A and then. Down in the second to last paragraph but the truth is that it was not for us for Africa that the musicians at Live eight were singing it was to music crowds to clear their own consciences and whether they realized it or not to reinforce dictatorships. They still believe us to be liked or they must save and so on. And so one of the problems with aid is is that you tend to ignore the political situation the old pressure and the corruption and so on like that that's what this man that's what this African intellectual The lady who was on the D.V.D. That's what they're that's one of the things they're responding to. And you'll see more about that. Tomorrow we have to squeeze some of today's into tomorrow and then you saw very clearly with the. Do They Know It's Christmas time and this was paternalism. On steroids I'm saying and you saw her reaction to that silliness you call it. And so really again it comes back to being a heart to heart with Jesus. Do we really really care about these people or what I'm saying. There's a fellow here in has a booth he's got a some kind of orphanage situation in Haiti and I mention this all the other public of N.G.O.s here right away said that's right he started talking about yes. Right. There. It was. So much in the Bible absolutely and let's be clear I mean the bible basically says in. Those on the right on the left are those who care about the poor right so this is not nothing I'm saying is to say just forget it you know but there is a right principles and wrong principles actually do more harm than good that's the problem and. And so. We need wisdom from Haven't we need to think about what we talk about so far as unintended consequences on intended consequences and so yes ma'am. Because you the taxpayer subsidized and that's why so as I said. We're going to have to finish up a little bit here from what we didn't get to today about eight and then we're going to go into some positive things that are having an impact Yes So we kind of have to see the lay of the land before we did that so that's what we've been doing and we'll just have two minutes though anybody want to say they we got two minutes Yes sir. How should I answer that the one of the things that I didn't hand out was the bibliography I'm going away to the mile because it's a I'll just say this as Christians we need to make sure that our real pure goal. Is to help people in poverty so in general we're starting out philosophically and we're moving toward practical in general and in general we started out international removing. More toward. The mastic and in general OK I don't want to. There's so much I want to cover and I just know the time is going to be tough but anyway I thought let's go ahead by our heads for prayer Father we have been blast live in this. Very prosperous country and we are trying to learn we're trying to understand and. We just pray you will help us as we continue this journey. Of Poverty cure. Raising Jesus in. 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