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Poverty Cure: Powerful Principles to Help the Poor- Part 3

Dan Rachor



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven we meet again today we begin are asking for your presence you would. By your wisdom and your. Trueness to whatever information is presented here today. We ask for yours present your sweet spirit to be in this class. We pray these things in Jesus name Amen. Yeah I sort of wish I could shut this door but I'm told I should not shut the store for. Security reasons I guess. Something like that yeah. Good mornin. All right here's a here's a quiz this is this is pass or fail by the way this is this is pass or fail quiz ready how many of you read the New York Times article all rock no action. All right and. Almost half you did OK. Need to punish those who read it but I'm just going to spend time on this K. because I know people are coming in and so anyway. He starts making reference to live eight that extraordinary media event that some people of good intentions in the west just orchestrated he said it would have left us Africans in different if we hadn't realized that it was an insult an insult scuse me both to us and to common sense. Says we have nothing against those who this month in the stadium a street a park in Berlin London mosque Philadelphia gathered crowds and played guitar and talked about global poverty and aid for Africa. We are trouble to think that they are so misguided about what Africa's real problem is and dismiss dismayed by their willingness to propose solutions on our behalf. We Africans know what the problem is and no one else should speak in our name Africa has min of Letters and Science great thinkers and stifled geniuses who at the risk of torture rise up to declare the truth and demand liberty. So you take that paragraph there and this is sort of a a situation this is. This is a part of the history of aid and I'm not wanting to make a judgment here I'm simply saying that. For example the World Bank and their charter. Written into their charter is the idea that we will ignore the government of whatever country were in. Well you can see where the they would have good motives for doing that you know they're there to feed the poor are. Unfortunately. Often times I'll just say too many times it has had the effect of propping up. Dictators. So it's kind of beyond us it's kind of complicated and they're sure that I'm going to be able to do much about that problem but it's a part of what we're talking about and this is what. This man is talking about he says Don't insult Africa this continent so rich yet so badly led instead insult its leaders who have ruined everything our anger is all the greater because despite all the presidents for life. Spite all the evidence of genocide we didn't hear anyone at live a raise a cry for democracy in Africa. Don't the organizers of the concerts realize that Africa lives under the old pression of rulers. Like and he mentions a name here who just eliminated term limits in Uganda so he can be president indefinitely and Omar Bongo has become a Miss Lee Rich in his three decades of running Gabon Don't they know what has happened in Cameroon Chad toggle and the Central African Republic Don't they understand that fighting poverty is fruitless if dictatorships remain in place. And he says that some more neither debt relief nor huge amounts of food aid nor an invasion of experts will change anything these will merely prop up the continent's dictators it's up to each nation to liberate itself and to help itself. But there is a problem in United States and Britain France the citizens vote to change their leaders those times when it wasn't possible to freely vote to change those leaders the people revolted. In Africa our leaders have led us into misery and we need to rid ourselves of these cancers we would have preferred for the musicians in Philadelphia and London to have marched and sung for political revolution instead they mourned a corpse while forgetting to a denounce the murderer. What is at issue is an Africa where dictators kill steal and usurp power yet are treated like heroes at meetings of the African Union. Was at issue as rulers like France saw a Bulls East I'm sure I pronounce that wrong the coup leader running the Central African Republic mentions another name here who just succeed his father as president of Togo free to trample universal suffrage and muzzle their people with no danger. That they'll lose their seats at the United Nations. Who here wants a concert against poverty when an African is born lives and dies without ever being able to vote freely. But the truth is that it was not for us. For Africa that the musicians at Live eight were singing it was to amuse the crowds and to clear their own consciences and whether they realize or not to reinforce dictatorships. They still believe us to be like children that they must save as if we don't realize ourself what the source the problem in so that's that's a cry from. An intellectual leader in Africa. So it's complicated. But the whole thing. Illustrates as I said yesterday paternalism and it also illustrates. Well yeah I mean it's just. Throwing money at the problem without really understanding the problem that's a principal as taking place for you know whole nations but it's also in our own dealing with individuals. Just throwing money at a problem we don't really haven't taken the time. To understand it yet me. And. OK so we're going to finish up talking about aid for just a little bit here and there we're going to move on. To something more positive but. I have just a little bit more video to show. And see what we got here on the same thing OK I saw eight minutes of the first eight minutes as is just a clear example how. Aid can hurt in the long term. Yes. It has or on the way but because I didn't finish yesterday I mean I think I'm skipping my Bible portion today and pretty much what's in the handout is my Bible portion so I will be good on that I'll just do that tomorrow. So yeah after that. I have a short thing about N.G.O.s and then another talk by an African economist Professor intellectual leader very short and. There will be about done with that OK. Experience with the so that that is. The way that you can. Start to be something that's from. Him and. I thought that. So there are some friends from Haiti that started a solar lighting business from scratch in it up by being able to hire a number of fathers from shanty towns change their lives and we see what happened at the beginning didn't. You have nothing to do speaking to. You know the numbers going to. Be given. To them. You know maybe. The. Ira Ira. Will. You. Marry. Him. Oh. So. Now. You're. OK so it's want to say that. The Either a mention the one in G. all their partners worldwide who are doing things quite a bit differently. There I think they're in. I want to say but many many countries they are a group of. Frankly reformed businessmen I mean what I say reformed I mean. Because. You know reform the church or you call Krista reform yes and I was so you know I've been I said I've done a lot of reading and so on so forth and before I. Saw them on this video I actually discovered this partners worldwide and I was thrilled. Because I could see they were doing things totally differently and then the final they were writing Grand Rapids Michigan and there are many many countries around the world. Businessmen who are going to these countries as advisors. Coming alongside helping it's really really a tremendous thing that they're doing. And I said we'll talk about them a little bit tomorrow. This one to skip a little section here. It's hard to get exact I'm just going to start here will see about ten seconds or so I don't know what. And. I think. You know me and. You may. Know we haven't. I have one. Mother and I think the number. You know our. Futures. And life. All. Of them. Very. Far. I counted eight. Hundred we are. One. And we're only. Very. Very good and. Unlike your last. Level there is. Very are. They are I think what all of. This is. The founder of soft tithing B.S. up. There is a skip that part there. For us just a little bit Scuse me. May want to go to. Our disco there are. A lot although I need to take a binary Thank you. If. You. Don't. Need. Anybody at all. Honor me. I do. Yeah they will all. Know who or. How. You know. Right. Now what will be. Will. Know. What. Words. We really. Need. More. Or. More one. Oh no. No. This will. Be. All. You. Know. You need all more and more more. Movie. But I know. Because. Of the government. By going. Around. Together now everything was going very well OK so while the little step here I think we already. Saw that Porson there so I was going to jump ahead just a teeny bit I want you to see a. Pretty interesting about one minute here. Or after this guy. Is not available on your tour that is you got to buy. From. Ordinary. You. Everywhere I. When my. Morning. From. Everybody. Everybody knew he you know the. Room was. All right so. That is our. Video of the rest of our section about eight K. and well actually I wanted to show you just one more because I want to just be aware you mentioned. That. See here you mentioned you to. See. These particular bales are are not I do actually they do have a short short flicks of them on your two bigger pie that under Ah. On your two under the Channel called Acton Institute Acton a C.P.O. and as in Lord Acton. I just wanted to show you very short of another important player. Will says awful due to us can't. And ah this is. Another Afrikaner woman that came out of. Who got her masters at Harvard her Ph D. at Oxford. She's an economist she worked for the. Us you know well big Western financial companies and she wrote a book called Dead Aid He's very passionate highly intelligent I'm just going to have a for about a minute and a half here because she is important I guess you could say player and less important. Opinion. Influencer OK realistically. I was born and raised in Zambia but educated. More. Or. Solution. Is. To. See. What. Reason. Back. In. Seventy. Six when I have to. This is. Now. Is. Years so damn busy Moya her book Dead Aid. It's. Been around a while eventually get around to hell my brother feel less is not on there just because it has been around a while but. Highly intelligent and again a passionate spokesperson for Africa saying. Please don't help us any more after we are doing it. OK So that is the end of the section if you are bad enough now you told me deflated. Yes. Shores. Were out let's do that. OK. All right great minds think alike come. So soon as I give this. I don't know how long the talk on this one slide here we're going to go into that OK so here is. You know what because this is the only slight I'm going to use the restroom to save talk to morrow because I'm trying to put things in this way and I'll have I'm going to have him call a did when you come in so. OK So Teach a man to fish this is we already made reference to this in our class also even in our video I think the money made reference to this well known saying you know give a fish say for a day teach and fifty for a lifetime. What this phrase sort of misses and what we need to be aware of what we need to think about is. I guess you could say the actual lake that the fishing is being done in. I can teach a person to fish up in Northern Ontario it won't take much teaching you know they can put about anything on the end of the line and before very long they're going to pull out a great big fish right well I take them down to my hometown and take them to the Flint River teach them out of fish. Why they're probably not going to have much success right. And this is this this is the thing we have to keep in mind is that. African people Haitian people they know how to fish number one they have not been given access to the lake that is to free markets. Number two the lake that they're fishing in is so polluted. As in corruption and dictatorship and high taxes and loan sharks and whatever else is on the list. That. Even if they catch a little tiny fish it's it's not even going to be good you see you get the point. So. And this again is the macro picture and you and I may not have much influence on that and these as individuals you'd like to think we would. Eventually as a group. But we have to be aware of the threat to ation and that is a situation. That goes back to the paternalism people in these countries are not poor because they're dumber than us it's because they're born in a place where the lake is not much good for fishing. And this is extremely important now just want to give you an example here. From Hernando De Soto his book The mystery of capitalism. I'm going to show you some video from him in a moment he is one of the people who is done more to help the poor and this world than. You know he's one of the top five in my in my book and. I just want to share a few thoughts from his book before we go into that introducing him on video. Here. He says Imagine a country were noble like nobody can identify who owns what. Addresses cannot be easily verified people cannot be made to pay their debts resources cannot conveniently be turned in to money ownership cannot be divided into shares descriptions of assets are not standard I. Raised and cannot be easily compared and the rules a Govern property vary from neighborhood to neighborhood or even from street to street you just put yourself into the life of a developing country or former communist nation more precisely you have imagined life for eighty percent of US population which is marked off as sharply from us westernized elite as black and white South Africans were once separated by apartheid so he's saying that a lack of property rights and a lack of rule of law. Are huge. When it comes to poverty and here is a little story here so by the way this man. He's from Peru is an economist from Peru and there was I guess I'll just call them communists for lack of a more precise term sort of it's communists last terrorists who are running the show there and. As an economist began to understand he finally understood he wrote a book about private property the right of private property and how you know all as one major reform the other just simple rule of law well he was his his offices were bombed his biggest car was bombed his offices were machine gun or one of the other Either way it's not a very pleasant experience he had had published a book and that's when he started experiencing these things he told himself as he said he was walking anyway he's about ready to pull out he said no he said you know that I don't know if this man's Roman Catholic I don't I really don't know but he said no this is this is truth the world is dying for and I'm going forward and by God's grace he conquered is to live at a huge influence in Peru and now he his services are. Asked far from many countries around the world simply trying to help these countries sort out these issues of private property and rule of law. And this want to share this experience here. He went into it in Peru and they have done this have repeated this experiment in various countries. One his lawyer friends told him that he want to have a business they could do that in about thirty days but thirty days. He himself you know a man of means and successful person and speaks English and so on but he took to I think there are graduate students. They are in and they bought a I think two sewing machines or something like this. And he said he wanted them to go out and set up legalizes business. These two individuals going from memory here. I'm just going to read this. He says Our goal is to create a new and perfectly legal business. The team then began filling out the form standing in the lines and making the bus trips into central Lima to get all the certifications required to operate according to the letter of the law a small business in Peru notice they spent six hours a day at it and finally registered the business two hundred and eighty nine days nadir. Six hours a day two hundred eighty nine days later they were able to open a business was as he says here although the garment workshop was geared to operating with only one worker the cost of legal registration was one thousand two hundred thirty one dollars thirty one times the monthly minimum wage. He says to obtain legal authorization to build. A house on state owned land took six years and eleven months. Requiring two hundred seven administrative steps and fifty two government offices. To obtain a legal title for that piece of land took seven hundred twenty eight steps we also found that a private bus jitney or taxi driver who wanted to obtain official recognition of his route faced twenty six months of red tape. Also mentions here the Philippines person who has built a dwelling in the settlement on either stayed on or privately owned urban land to purchase it legally he would have to form an association with his neighbors in order to qualify for state housing finance programme the entire process could necessitate a one hundred sixty eight steps involving fifty three public and private agencies in taking thirteen to twenty five years. Well it's it's called corruption. It's called corruption the rockers. So this is a part of the late you see them saying and. Here I just want tell the story. Here United States as a family that moved here they're refugees they have to be Korean refugees. You don't know about the Qur'an but they suffered horribly in their current state which is in the country of Burma and just I mean genocide for decades and we have a number of them in in in the Grand Rapids area and this particular family arrived here about six seven months ago they were Buddhists six boys. They came directly from a refugee camp in Thailand where all these boys would have been born three of the boys belong to this lady sister who had died in any case we helped them to. Through their income taxes he came here start working right away in one of the rendering factories and. And so he needed to do with taxes so we helped him actually I was able to get him a point at one of the places in town legitimate places that does taxes for free for. Poor people and they did their taxes very well and then. When he came in then and then they got a letter from I.R.S. which of course they couldn't read the letter but I was able to read the letter and never saw such a letter in my life. I paid taxes about every three years but no. I never saw such a letter and maybe I guess it's new but they're saying because of you know. Identity theft before we send you your refund check if they had six kids so it's quite a check you know over a thousand dollars is a lot of money for these people more money than ever made in their whole lives for sure. But anyway. We need you to go online and. You know. We have some questions there so you can prove that you're you. So I took all the information I want on line and of course I couldn't I couldn't get the job done in the system said I'm sorry we can't put all the information in there sorry we can't you know we can't. Confirm who you are you're going to have to costs. But I already knew that I'd have to go to their house and. You know make sure they're sitting there to give this guy permission you know they would ask this lady or her husband you know is it OK if we talk to him so I went to their home made this call I'll say I got through quite quickly and. But no they don't do that we don't do that over the phone you have to make an appointment. And so all that was what it was I don't know all that was. Maybe or something so if we today was is the appointment and fortunately one of my friends is taking that family this afternoon to the I.R.S. loaded with oh by the way the guy told me I said well you know they have their Homeland Security card you know I would guess that wouldn't be easy to to you know make a counterfeit You know it's from the United States government you know you get that when you come here as a refugee and all we don't accept he said that's not on my list we don't accept that. So I just say here's this family this is where you know we can help. There's a lot of people in Michigan you know they come here they don't know the language they certainly don't know the system and. If I hadn't of happened to hear about this family. And I believe me I've heard of several cases where tax preparers have taken really good money to do a really poor job on these people's taxes and you know I would dare say although I don't know I would dare say they would never got their tax free and I I hope today goes well so. Not to sound like a politician or a anti politician but. Government can very much get in the way certainly does and most of these countries to some extent although think God not so much but even in our country yes this is the way I think. There might. Be. But then the and say the least yes but right now we're now. Under arrest everything. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah OK so. Teach a man to fish yes but be aware that many people do not have a lake deficient that's not meant yes or. It's you know I actually have it on tomorrow as a part of my positive things because partners worldwide basically I just show a few pictures or website and what not but they basically. It's a business people successful business people in their own countries around the world they come alongside of people they do and we talk about all this micro loans and so on and it's wonderful I just soul thrilled when I found that in geo they were mentioned on our video here that's why I brought them up today. Here we are now i'm gonna just do a short video introducing this Hernando De Soto K. C X I have I have ten and twenty five minutes is all I have. Let me I kind of gave you a verbal introduction about him. And therefore I think I'm going to go to this video. OK So this is going to be a fairly long you will see him in there but. I'm sorry I didn't have time to show you a little introduction of him in his work. And handle Desoto and he again he has had a huge influence around the world. Basically we. Working with. Private property and rule of law of law rights he's going into. As a as an advisor he's been invited to many many countries you know again I don't know what his belief system is I'm I'm kind of guessing he's Roman Catholic because from Peru as far as I'm concerned you know he's he's a man of God as it were he stood up at the peril of his life and he has given his life ah in a wonderful and powerful way. In helping the poor pay. Human beings created in the image of God. As Christians we're called to help the sometimes more help to make worse. We want to learn more so that the road. That OK are. You know that. You get about a metre high less than a metre high. And have. No money. So what. You. Know. You're sort. Of one side. Says I'm. Or one thing here. Or. Are there. Just. One. Is. Just. Well you. Know. Well you know just. There. Was. Another. Movie. Well now. You know. It was like. This is my property right. For spirit. Prosperity. One of the very well you are right. For. Your hair your. Wife You know our culture restaurants. Are. Some of the most intense. Search. Words. Were. No no. No no. Well you know we all are implicitly on some sort of place where the number. Of years ago was only muni. We always have you know I mean people claim that there's no roads can be put inside so government decided to build policeman leaving a policeman or a negro Missy's in a lot of Iraq is a sort of war over there and you actually it's always been there for him and there are other units knew inside the war the unit knew silence. Was actually the most you know your. Most of the reasons already and when you have a movie. This is a release for him in who are almost five. Or more. In a tsunami. Because. The situation just. For. Me. For the long term probably. More need. More the. More the. Reason. Why. There are more and more you know. Judge. All judges. Or. Rather. Trying to. Rule. Everybody knows everybody loved by. All who. Were reasonable more. Worldly X. was not you know about. This work and this is the legal. Work were all. Over the regime of. Lawyer. Our. Lord our. No we set up a small company about thirty. So we set up a smaller work far. Too soon with. Or overs under the supervision of. RICHARD GOYDER to go out there are very warming up our and our lives with all parts of our bows to following the sheep are a. Or was. Thinking you know really. Make. Any friends are. Actually. One of the great. Now. If you're on. Your own you're not. Sure. If. It's more. Of a. Goal. Of. You know. People maybe. This is not. Just your. The city has a power and we have this course. Of ours each just by. Our wealth. Because it's very hard to. Turn. One place. You know you know. Change the way work. Change the way the world. Where our. Lives are pretty right we're ready to. Risk our seventy years that. There. Are. Or what I was. Able to. Understand everybody and certainly. Around. Here was. Right you know. World people are already. There are. Ones. Where you work. The value. You know rule you know when you're sad everybody recent. Understand more. Money. If you have ten million farmers who are attacking. Me on my. Back. Are as small as far. Even as. To to learn that you can start an enemy now or actually. This is. All. So far so. All. In America's never. Go away and then this. Market more. So each day. Where you are. Or are. There not. Really sailors who are. Doing what while. Sure. There is more. Look we got. Your movie all. You can see. Was it was. A lot of. You know more or less good stuff. Who's your lawyer. Or will get a rush. This is. All going to start. Where are. Your. Private property you're in the US for those wires or were. They only worth your while or really was a well. Well my rather the word was well this was a story of you know. What your government you are. Most people. Here aren't you know there's an interesting study why. Not. Only changes there are. Actually changes them all you. People are the more we. See. Wouldn't you know it and. More might be. I know but it's. Not been an easy sell you know we're. Eating friend. Night in the mini then. Move on though they seem to she reminds me more hours later yes on. The roof of life and my property in the manner of it and you're doing OK. OK so. We're starting to talk about solutions Hernando de Soto is huge in that tomorrow we'll be talking about. Another individuals had a huge impact in and and something that is a little closer to. Some that we might I'm not saying would be but we might be able to get involved in and. Yes. Well if you're talking about an individual local basis yeah you know I my plan is to talk about that like on the fifth day here but. Clearly if an individual. I read about one John one guy shared his story of on a mission trip where he was painting a house and the strong healthy teenage boys who lived in a house were sitting on the front porch I would be a pretty clear example. You know. I think. I think. But it kind of starts before that it kind of starts before that in the sense of partnering if if we ourselves have have sort of said what the activity. It's going to be the help these people and there's less chance that they're going to buy into it and be involved in it that we have kind of partnered with them that them try to help them use their power to think and to do to come up with the plan themselves and to envision the benefits for them there's a much better chance that there will you know buy into it and take part of it I've read of. Mission trips or. Churches who've gone to places and installed you know electric generator and. Six seven months later they got a letter saying. You know your generator is broken down could you come and fix it. So there's a lot to partnering so that people out people only take ownership but I would say in the short answer question a person is not willing is a person not doing things one person said and I don't know if I buy this totally but I certainly hadn't tried I've tried to make it have an influence on me one person said paternalism and. He said. Don't do anything for anybody that they can do for themselves. That's pretty strong. But it's certainly something to keep in mind and think about. And I just said that to a person not too long ago who called me up and asked me about taking her to and on a social services and. Person been in this country for quite a while and I don't know how it sounded because I said you know. I think I think you can do that yourself. And the committed a little bit of a shock because they were used to that with me by and I you know but. So anyway. Yeah I mean I can't say I can't give you or. For every. OK. I want to spend the night. So. I really don't know. I wanted to or I do know that I really enjoy the videos that are has on their website the remains of individuals lives have been changed so I enjoy that. And. Write a draw well. Yeah. Yes praise God. All right I'm going to say Sure prayer I've got to go OK. I haven't just thank you for a light to understand in the Guardian. Our poverty stricken brothers and sisters in this world. Just need to. Train Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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