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Christianity 24-7- Part 1

Jed Genson Jodi Genson



  • June 12, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Father. You know each one of us you've been with us our whole life as little children as we grew up you saw us through the things that we've experienced with pain suffering anxiety. All kinds of different things and joys. You know us even grave in our names in the palm of your hands. You can't forget us thank you thank you Lord when Veitch your presence into this room right now listen I have this subject this isn't the most important subject that we can ever talk about and we need you to teach us and open our minds and our hearts that will not be freaked out about the future but will have confidence and assurance that you are with us and that you love us thank you for these people have come in here today and we ask your blessing in the name of Jesus Amen All right this is the first day here it's called the new birth experience. So what I want to do. And there's a principle that we need to keep our gaze on Jesus Christ. And we need to glance at ourselves OK don't look too deep about your mistakes and failures OK we need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus Christ because he's our hope he's begun a good work in us and he's promised to finish it OK some are say some things today and I'm a say it the Bible a spirit prophecy and say to my step on your toes but don't get mad or out the door and start crying because that's not the solution the solution is Jesus Christ right amen OK so. I read some first give your Bibles. You turn with me to. Second create the INS. Thirteen first five thirteen years. Five I guess I didn't introduce myself but my wife in our past is up in the U.P. we have three churches up there I think she said that but so it's a joy to be here with you OK Second Corinthians thirteen verse five Examine yourselves. So I didn't make that out I didn't I just didn't come to my head I mean God said that we need to examine ourselves whether you be in the faith. Prove your own selves No you are not your own selves how that Jesus Christ is in you if you heard that part before Jesus Christ as in you were his out found some in tell me where this man. Is the one twenty seven or to twenty. One twenty seven you know another one says. Anyway. There's two of that sound very alike but yes it's Christ in you the hope of course the mystery of godliness how Christ can actually live in us so Christ in you except he be reprobates and we don't want to be reprobates right. So and then this whole first section is going to be dealing with an issue we call righteousness by face but I just want to read something to hear that might encourage you it's on page one sixty one. In in a book called Gospel workers again the title of it is righteousness by faith righteous by fifty. And here goes. The thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us simply given to us not because of any merit. Not because we stop eating cheese. Not because. Not because of anything. On our part. But as a free gift from God We can explain it is simply a free gift and only thing we can do is reach out and accept that gift salvation free gift the enemy of God and man is not willing. That this true should be clearly presented for a knows that if the people receive a full way his power will be broken in their life OK so what's going to happen if we understand if we accept a righteous by face in Jesus Christ alone for salvation his power is going to be broken our life so we're not going to be sinning repenting saying repeating scenery pain that's not it gets really old and boring and discouraging OK So if enemy doesn't want you to understand it because you know he knows if you understand it and you apply it and use it it's part of broken your life and then you can go happily along skipping on into heaven. OK. Sounds easy and as we get into the story here it's not that easy but it's the truth. It's the truth and God's going to give us the power to be able to do that New Birth new birth experience are going to have a little bit of first of all why are we still here. We're told I'm not sure I have a slide we're told in was it. Eight hundred fifty seven or something and Jesus was ready to come but he didn't show up again come there's a reason for that. So why are we still here. There is a statement at Sun here someplace but I was quoting right now since it's in Christ lessons a lot of people don't like this statement because they take it out of context assess when Christ character is perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come OK. Now seeing that God does say that because God said He can do it. OK and people they get freaked out so the word perfect in their own never be perfect it's not about us it's about Jesus Christ OK Christ less of page sixty nine. OK so it is about a book evangelism the angels of God in their messages to me in represent time is very short. Thus it has always been presented to me it is true that time is continued longer than we expected in the early days of the mass message. The Savior did not appear as soon as we had hoped. But has the word of God failed Lord fail no NEVER it should be remembered that the promises and threatens of God are alike conditional so we can find what the conditions are. And had Adventist after the great disappointment eight hundred forty four. Health passed their faith and followed on unitedly in the opening provinces of God receiving the message of the third angel very important third Angelo and in the power of the Holy Spirit proclaiming it to the world they would have seen the salvation of God and the Lord would have wrought mightily with their efforts the work would have been completed and Christ would have come ere this to receive his people to the reward K. The third Angelo I'm not sure is on here it is on here and you to follow us life my wife is always on me to just follow a slight OK just post and sometimes I get carried away in an all star phone and slides and I'm three or four slides ahead and are backwards or something so I'll try to follow a slice today. So that the problem is they then accept the third angels message now a lot of times we group the third Angela with the three angels and so we say well it's a mark of the beast mark of the beast now that's not the thirty. Just message. For forty years to unbelief murmuring and rebellion shut out Anshan Israel from the land of Canaan the same sins have delayed the entrance of modern Israel into heavenly Canaan K. What is it their unbelief unbelief and what. Unbelief in the third Angelus message which gives us power to obey and keep the commandments. Large Size way preach evangelising means we push the commandments but then that we try it on her own to keep the commandments. But God's going to show us how we can do that so for forty years murmuring re belly and shut out engine Israel from Kansas same since they were committing today and why we haven't entered. In either case where the promises of God to follow it is the unbelief the whirling us on consecration and strife among the Lords P. professed people that have kept us in the world of sin and song for so long and since I've been in the church we have striven striven centering strimmer Stroman we should we have striven over a lot of details over the last forty years. Of things that are not helping us to the kingdom but we're fighting with each other we're arguing about things General Conference had a big session there were a lot of time and money was spent on certain issues but that's not that's not what God called us to do he told us a preach the gospel and reach every kindred tongue a nation. Things we deal with are not the gospel but we make the gospel out of it. Several have written to me inquiring if the message of justification by faith. It is the third angel's message and I have answered it is the third Angelus message in verity he that's the bottom line justification by faith in Christ alone what does that mean. Martin Luther stumble across this text in Romans one sixteen and seventeen in there someplace. That says The just shall live by faith alone and now blew him away he got so excited about that that he went told somebody else about it and the next thing we know we have this big what they call it the the Reformation write it down when texts are told it changes life and it should change ours to we get it presented uplifted savior this message to it to us to bring more permanently prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. Is presented justification through faith in the surety we're justified by faith in Jesus Christ Romans five one was Romans five one say. Just. Peace with God OK by faith in Jesus OK it's not ourselves a lot of times we start looking at ourselves and what we're doing or what we're not doing and then we get discouraged and some people leave the truth completely Some people just keep hanging on hoping that they're going to make it and God wants us to be marching to Zion right we've got that song margin is Iran not limping around and woe is me and the whole world's coming in around me he wants us to rise above those things and we can do it through him. Many had lost sight of Jesus. They need to have their eyes directed to theirs to hit his divine person his merits and his changes love for the human race this is what they lost sight of specially after the great disappointment in the one thousand nine hundred and out of the eight hundred the great. Disappointingly we ended up with a Christian Science a job Witnesses Mormons a group of people that the study of things out and then they went different directions in the Seventh Day Adventists they got together they prayed their socks off and submitted their wills to gods of God We we messed up we want to know where we messed up and so then the sanctuary truth came out and they stuck together. All power is given to us hands that he may dispense rich gives unto him in imparting a priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agents his own perfect obedience his righteous he's giving us to us why because. Our OF OUR were helpless were helpless without Christ. This is the message that God commanded to give to the world is the third angel's message so instead of pushing the righteousness of Christ edgiest guys can change our lives and keep us from falling and make us new creatures we're talking about don't get the market to based. The way not to get to the mark of the beast is the get the seal of God Does that make sense you guys OK and that's by receiving the righteous of the genus crisis perfect obedience. Which is to be played proclaim with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large member we're praying for the point of the Holy Spirit twenty four seven for a number of years and I asked in the last church were written in Washington I said What are you praying for what do you expect to happen and a lighting bolt come down and zap me or something and know it's about convicting a sin about us or in your life to Jesus and allowing him to live in you the hope of glory. That's what that's what this outpouring the Holy Spirit will take San our allies to convict us of sin that's what the Holy Spirit's job is. And then instead of fighting him say well I don't think that's a big deal we submit to him a sick a lord you got me you got all of me and then we're changed. Now this is another aspect of what's happening in our day here. I saw a very large company professing the name of Christ. The God did not recognize them as his. He had no pleasure in them. Satan seem to assume a religious character and was very willing that people should think that they were Christians OK stay awake now with me going to get a little heavier so as we're examining ourselves being a check ourselves out as God the most important thing in my life is you have my thoughts my best interests my money my my activities my my what's what. We call a. Yeah thank you so those days as you have everything of me. That there are Christians he was even anxious that they should believe in Jesus that his crucifixion his resurrection do you guys believe in heaven do you just Christ actually walk this earth and and he was tempted No all points like we are and yet without sin and he died and he was resurrected to newness of life and he was transported to heaven a set the right hand of God. To mediate for us you believe that. The same believes that Satan knows it he was there. Satan and his angels fully believe all this themselves and tremble. But if this faith does not promote to good works and lead those who profess to imitate a self-denying life of Christ Satan is not disturbed OK so all we have to do is go out and do some good works and then we can make it we can feed people close people. Do all kinds of good works that's all we have to do. Know OK Satan is not disturbed because for their merely assumed a Christian name while their hearts are still carnal. And he can use them even use them in his work even better than if they had never made a profession and I've been in some churches where I've seen this in real life where people call themselves Christians but then they act like the devil you know seventy M. is churches. So we don't want to be that way doing OK. The new birth is a rare experience in this world in two thousand and sixteen this is a reason why there are so many plexi as in the churches many so many who assume the name of Christ are unsanctified and holy and we belong to a church one time there were three retired ministers in it and I was on the board we have board meetings and there was a new guy a new pastor and he was teaching something different than what the old guys were taught and they would get upset so upset the in this one meeting they were going to jump up and actually got up and they were going to punch him and I said wait a bit you guys where we're Christians here you know right yeah yeah OK and then sit down The calm down but we've seen this in real life where people are calling ourselves Christians and yet we're acting out of Christ we're not having that meek and lowly and sweet spirit Jesus head they've been baptized but they were buried alive and this is a major problem did not die and are therefore they did not raise to newness of life and we've been involved in vandalism I started in for I was fourteen years old helping the pastor out I left the church for ten years but sense and we've been involved in a lot of different evangelistic meanings and we always do the same things we try to get him through the twenty seven fundamentals in the Suzi intellectually exit except that OK. Now they're ready and over and over again we see that that's not true that's not exactly what's happening they're getting a intellectual knowledge of the truth but it's not changing their heart and so we need to get to the heart in order for people to be ready to meet Jesus Christ I was fourteen years old. My mom and dad live in a tavern they were in the tavern and I would sleep in the back of the tavern and on Friday nights and sowed Saturday night Sabbath Saturday I would go to the local theater and that was my babysitter and then when I got out of noon minute night or one o'clock whenever the second show got over I would go to the tavern sit in the car and wait for my parents to come out and I remember several times at four five six years old crying for my mommy to come out you know and going to the door knocking when Mommy come out you know and sometimes she would come out sometimes she would and I remember going home several times at two in morning and no one would be there and so that's the way I grew up at fourteen years old my mom's from her life to Jesus Christ and she became a born again Christian and our life changed and I stayed with her and I was baptized at fourteen years old into the seventh to have his church I was not born again but I learned some basic Biblical understandings OK about the Bible not born again so. I hung in there for about three or four years went to Academy and was asked to leave and all that type of stuff and so I I left the church eighteen. Now draft in the military go to Vietnam didn't happen I didn't get killed I actually made it through it all right and so I came back I just live my old lifestyle seem a lifestyle I did before I. Left that's of us contact. We get it so. At I think I was twenty one. I was down at San Antonio Texas in the military pastor wrote me a letter saying you know you should probably consider getting rebaptized because if you go to Vietnam and get killed at least you'll go to heaven OK is baptized baptism a key to heaven I mean is that how I get in I've got and then if I got in with me here I have to baptismal seems who simply is and usually keep it in there anyway he talked me into it I thought that's probably a good idea because I don't want to go to hell and burn right I mean nobody really wants to do that so I I said OK when I come home from my basic training I will get rebaptized Well I came down orders over six hundred some guys in my company and everybody went to Vietnam except ten of us I was one of the ten and I was sent to Tacoma Washington to work in a hospital so I was going to Vietnam so if I'm not going to Vietnam killed and I don't you get rebaptized some excess. So I went on saw my mom in the pastor came over saw me and said You promise you're going to get rebaptized So you need to you need to fulfill your promise and so I said OK I'll do that we went down and went to a twenty seven fundamental Doctor's a seventy M. a church OK and I did that when I was fourteen it didn't change my life and so now I'm going to say material again and it didn't change my life OK I got another head knowledge of the teachings of our church. So I try to live that the good fight a face that Paul talks about for about three months or you can dance drink smoke in wear jewelry and that stuff and I did that for three months until it got really boring and dry. And lifeless. And then probably you know at the end of three months a friend of mine from a from the academy they went to school he was in the army too he came by a preacher's kid asked of all want to go for a ride and so we went cruising around and offer me a cigarette and start smoking right then never looked back and just went more into alcohol and tobacco and drugs and everything else I didn't look back I didn't really believe there was a god and just harden my heart so it's like when you turn away from the light and images you just are there to take everything away so so I live that way for about ten years most died out there so my friends did die and that lifestyle never made it back I had a mother that prayed or socks off for me and I'm very grateful for her and my sister big time and the more she prayed for me the worse I got but they never gave up they had all night perming one New Years and. They prayed that I'd make my decision one way or the other and that's scary because there are things that happen in my life where I just felt that withdrawing of God's Spirit I didn't it was God's Spirit but I felt separate alone cold you know and so at doubt point I was pretty messed up and the Holy Spirit I can say that now I didn't knowing the Holy Spirit said you know go see your mom and I agreed with him and so I went back home and she saw that I was pretty down and she starred having me drink water. Get fresh air. Get exercise walk around vegetarian cooking food. We call it a lot of health. And it worked and God gave my mind back and I started seeking God on my own and not because somebody else was telling me to do it and so I started reading the Word and praying and I pray this prayer God if you're real. If you're out there I want to know you I don't want to know what the Catholics believe or the Pentecostals are admins I want to know you and John seventeen three says this is life eternal. That they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ and now ascend and so I took that text and I started in Genesis I started reading the Scriptures with the idea to know guy. And being skeptical at this point I get to the half of the first text in the beginning God and I stop OK now I need to exercise faith right in the beginning God And so you have. Voices talk to me What are you gonna do with that. Well OK I have to believe it and I can reject it if I reject it I'm not a I'm better off right now I'm not going to find God by rejecting it so I thought well OK that I'm going to say there is a God And so because I accepted at one point on faith that which God gives to every man a measure of faith right we all have the ability to say yes I'm going to believe that and I said OK God I'm going to take it you are going to believe that you're real and you're there OK one night and I'm still struggling you guys with my habits of Cameroon the bio I'm still struggled my habits and I came home one night it was Friday night I was going to church the next day and I had a few drinks with some people. I came home and I realized I had no power to stop doing bad things I couldn't stop smoking couldn't stop drinking smoking dope nothing I realized that and so I just got on a floor and Cryos to God. Listen if you're real I need help I can't do what's right I can't stop doing bad things and so I need you if you're real as I'm praying that prayer this thought came into my mind say I'm real and I love you. And that blew me away because everybody in the world actually honestly only want love they want somebody to care about him and have the creator of the universe care about you and speak to you like that that I'm real and I love you and that broke my heart and so I said God I'm going to serve you the rest of my life and that's it that's all I know and so that's what I've been doing for last thirty eight years thirty nine years something like that OK so now I go to the preacher. And I said I guess preacher said hi I want to get me out rebaptized he didn't know me and my mom went to church there so he said well who are you going to tell my story OK great well we'll have to sit down have some studies so OK this is good so we went to the twenty seven fundamental doctrines of. Same once don't drink and smoke nor jury don't eat between meals don't you know whatever and I knew them. So I but he threw in this other one folks listen this one. After you get baptized if for some reason you slip up and you marry or you sleep with a married woman. That doesn't necessarily mean that you will but you Las as long as you're doing more good than evil you'll be in heaven OK you heard that before. Yeah so that's not Adventists and that's not Bible OK but it is coming out of the world you think well that's pretty cool I mean I can sin now nineteen or you know forty or fifty nine fifty percent of the time as long as I'm doing more good than evil you know so that was a lie but I didn't know it and so I said OK fine I went home and I was Prancer God is actually and God showed me in the Bible and spare progs you know it's not true and whatever you go in the grave doing you come up the same way you're not changed in the grave and then. To really top it off I had that exact temptation about three weeks after I got baptized exact him Taishan and in the midst of that temptation is the first time I've ever done this but it's possible I'm I'm praying I sit in my mind in this case and we're going to call it is and brace. And I'm thinking God help me that's all I could pray and boom says I pray that there's a knock on the door and I go whoa what in the world is happening and I push this lay aside I went to the door and there's a church member there. And I go wow open the door way inside outside and I said you know what's going on the guy talk to me I have no idea what he's talking about I'm thinking about what's going on inside the apartment you know and I'm praying God what and what's what I do here what's you know how do I get out his thing. And so as I was praying at the church member left I went back and I said listen. You're going to have to leave you know I can't see you anymore you scamp to go and so. She called herself a bunch of names and all until about and I apologized so she lays and I fall on the floor and I was God what is going on here you know this is something different here happening ever before there is this valid this flesh and spirit and if you've ever heard of that before no one ever taught me that during the three times I went to the twenty seven final male doctors no one ever taught me about the flesh and the spirit and what to do about it and so I it I had a first hand experience and a lesson from God himself where he delivered me out of it here's a promise for it works every single time first Corinthians ten thirteen. First print is ten thirteen God said I will not allow you. To be tempted above what you are able to bear. And with the temptation provide a way to escape OK now my temptation at that point might. Wife and I hadn't met my wife or anything was a sexual one OK but there are temptations to criticise to complained to murmur their temptations for inappropriate music inappropriate reading material inappropriate television watching whatever you want to call it's inappropriate there's that there's a deliverance for you through that OK it works every time I mean being totally freaked out we went we took some kids down to Billy's on our first mission trip got down there no one was there to pick us up we didn't know where to go they were living out in some jungle hut didn't know how to get ahold of the guy and here I'm going anxious and worried I've got ten thousand dollars in my money belt to help build a doctor's house OK now I'm being tempted with worry my myself out of God's hands OK Now God said I will never leave you or for sake you we remember that we're into this in Hebrews I'll never leave you or seek you. Thirty five so no matter what you're going through if you're stressed out Jesus said I will never leave you. I'll come to you OK here's another one I'm with you always even to the end of the world at the twenty eight twenty I'm with you always even to the in the world. OK so I got baptized this is my third time around this time I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ I didn't do it because my mom wanted me to or the pastor wanted me to or somebody else I did it because I wanted to live for Jesus Christ OK know of let me see how far I am ahead of my slides OK because there's an important. Statement here and it says when I'm weary of sin I don't know where it is. OK OK We're going to. Show you when we get there. Given to me. Things so but it says in the book evangelism when your person becomes weary of sin. Then God accepts them as his own so large so what we give our lessons and I'm doing as I give we did three evangelists a series during unlock revelation so when you become weary of sin that's what I'm looking for are you sick and tired of the way you're living. And if you are in your weary of it then you go to God used to God I am tired of me of myself I'm tired of being critical of everybody I'm tired looking down my nose at every time something doesn't go wrong I'm picking apart or what they're doing I'm tired of that I'm tired of gossiping I'm tired of talking behind people's backs. And i Touch and. Don't raise your hand don't raise your hands but the sins of the church were like that you know I've been a number of churches there's always that. Spirit that spirit there and God wants to heal that part so when Christ character is perfect reboost reproduced in people then he will come Christ character is loving kind merciful forgiving patient and he's just he does things that is just and right and that's the spirit he wants us to him before he can come now if we're going to be fighting over the code the carpet you know we just build a new church and the good people get in fights over the carpet Well they didn't do it the way I want to do is I'm a leave my take my money and go someplace else this type of stuff that's not the Spirit of Christ Spirit Christ brings unity and unity and the unity he's talking about is unit unifying on truth not air there's a movement right now for us to unify on air and that's now it's not the unity that Jesus talking about right are you aware that. OK We don't want to be a part in that unification OK So and. This thing about being born again. Yet many people are buried alive now in Rwanda how many remember the massacre in Rwanda in one thousand Yeah you know there are actually seventy have a speedball that were killing each other OK now we can say it was a cultural thing and all this stuff but really the say is behind all of this murder hatred anger whatever shape and size it comes in it's Satan's originator of it and so. There was almost a million people murdered in Rwanda and some of our people were killing each other well how could they do without people who say that how can they do that their church members because church members ship is not going to get you in the kingdom. It's knowing God. And having his character reproduced in our lives. OK so we got Rwanda then I worked in amazing facts for a couple years teaching in the school evangelism and we'd have young people come in there and some were like seventy years old and some were twenty years old and they would they would be all excited about Lord they just found out there since I've been forgiven they're all excited and so they want to go tell somebody and so they come into the class. And. I would share my part about how the Gospel works and how to say you know the flesh and those types of things and to to tell a discipline a sin and temptation lot of people are just being tempted they think they're singing all the time a lot of times it's just a temptation so we need to go into that and discuss that but so I was teaching this. And some of the things were going on some of the teachers that taught them how how to live and they would go home and they wouldn't know how to control their flash and so they go back into smoking dope or drugs or whatever they were into before they came to have CO or having sex with a bible study that they were having OK these types of things so there's something wrong with what we're. Sinning if we're just presenting it intellectual knowledge that will keep us from falling. Now Jesus said I can keep it from falling Jude twenty four right I can do that but unless we submit and say OK Lord I want you to keep me from falling. Then he can do it he will go against our wills OK but with the experience I have without lately I realize if I just pray Lord help me and I really want deliverance the power was there he was there to help me. And so it's when we get tired and weary of sin and our living and we cry out to God and say God I want to Newhart or be changed and then it will take place to know happen. New Birth Here we go this is how it works is how it works for me OK and I'm not anybody unusual son assuming that it's probably the same thing is going to happen to you. Not to tempt same temptations but to to recognize when a to temptation comes and what to do about it because Jesus felt every temptation we felt and yet he didn't as far as we know commit fornication adultry he didn't destroy his body with drugs but yet he felt the pull of the flesh and each one of us feel that poll. I said I started feeling it today when we got here and it was a different projector with different hooks up hookups I realize oh we're not going to be able to show this thing and I felt this little bit of anxiety but wait a minute gods I want to set this thing up I have no reason to be worried it's going to work out and guess what it worked out and I was tell my wife and I think she gets tired as I said Honey it's going to work out I don't know how it's going to work out but I think she gets tired of me saying that but it always does every situation we've been in our feet have gotten wet getting into the water like the chill of his era and yet we get in there boom. No the problem solved it's a manny How's it we were doing Bible work and we found out that when they had me taken money out of our checks we owed like six hundred some bucks back taxes so what we do freak out and start crying and running that road and. No we stop them we praise the Lord we don't know how this happened we're sorry but we don't have in my opinion the taxes sabots and I came over the emblems if somebody wanted me to give this to you I go really took it in the car it was holy money I open the envelope there's a thousand bucks in there slur you gave us more than we need. No way he delivered us he provided the money OK now I'm not suggesting that he's always going to provide you the money and I'm not saying but he's got an answer he's going to answer that's that's the awesome thing so that what it helps me to do is I can trust him and I can rest which is really what he wants us to do to rest in Him to be heard that before you know it's a true rest and so hard when when you know if things are piling up bills are piling up or whatever or you know you're a relative a sick in hospital or dying the brain tumor zone and you're trying to rest. And yet there's nothing really you can do about it to change the thing except. Except rest rest trust and rest this whole thing about eternal life and you know God willing it's all about trusting him and resting in Him. And that's our weakest point James. Yeah true that's what we're supposed to do and Sam interesting yeah OK so the new birth. Can someone tell me a probably the best place to go to in the Bible that would explain the new birth who yes ma'am they could name is John Chapter three. In fact in the desire of ages as. In no other place did. God explain the new birth as as he did in the story of naked being naked he missed and that's on the last page of the chapter and Nica Demas is like the second or third paragraph noun and I don't know where it's at but you can check that out for me you can tell me tomorrow. OK the new birth. Verily verily I say unto you except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God And so we say well how in the world can this happen I can't enter into my mother's womb. A second time. Negative us with a rich man highly educated he was a teacher of the law a fair see. And honor member of the National Council his own study of prophesy convinced him that Jesus was the one who was to come. You've been so impressed by the tension of Jesus that he made an important court appointment pointing to meet him one night thinking to enter into a theological discussion about the Kingdom of Heaven nikka gamest was shocked when just told him that he needed to be born again this is not theology it's just and I'm not talking just real life experience and all through this we do is going to share her part of this too of how she's experienced and was helping her with but it's not theology we try to divide all of the little Datsun tittle isn't crossing the t's and and we write books and. Mass quantities a literature on the Gospel which we can't even explain. But we try. OK but this is not the it's this is an experience that God wants each one of us to have because this is what God wants us to tell other people going tell what I've done for you OK so in an interview with nicotine as Jesus unfold the plan of salvation in his mission to the world this is it and this is the one to put in there thanks. In none of his subsequent discourses Did he explain so fully step by step the work necessary to be done in the hearts of all who would inherit the kingdom of heaven so as we read through the story I recommend you read that chapter of desire pages and make a Demas. Because it will help you to understand how to walk. The grid deception of human minds in Christ day was at a mere assent to the truth constitutes righteousness and I've gone to the twenty seven fundamental doctors three times and it didn't change my heart so it's not. In all human experience a theological so radical knowledge of the truth has been proved to be and sufficient for the saving of the soul and yet we need both union intellectual knowledge but we need the heart too and most of time a lot of times it's get stuck out here and it's harder to get down here. Than up here. It does not bring forth the fruits of righteousness and one of the fruits of righteousness. Help me love joy peace patience kindness. OK I know I've met and I've hung out with a number of admins folks and I'm a seventh in this notion of that that are not full of joy. They don't have a lot of happiness because a lot of them. Arcing on the edges seeing it's worrying about the time of trouble and how am I going to Xscape this thing and I can't be perfect. I taught a lady years ago this thirty some years ago in a place called Fedder way Washington and ole shoes are eighty's at the time totally freaked out about the time of trouble. And she died a few years later of natural causes she never met the time of trouble and so God wants us to have joy and peace and happiness and all these these fruits of the spirit that's his will and saints always try to take our joy away from us and so when I when I feel upset or and I'm getting uptight about things like oh wait a minute that's not joy so I my mind so I'm going to have joy I don't care I'm going to laugh and smile and whatever and sometimes you can just laugh it off and get those endorphins things working and it works you feel better so OK Anyway a jealously guard of what is termed theological truth often accompanies a hatred for genuine truth as made manifest in life the darkest chapters of history are burdened with a record of crimes committed by bigoted religious Now we look at the life of Jesus Christ those people were stripped on the law they would they wouldn't even. Well they didn't want to Jesus having to do a Jesus on the Cross there in Sabbath days you know. So they were very strict bigoted religionists assistance. And we don't want to be that we want genuine truths what is genuine truth what's it look like compared to the faults now we can look at you know some of the teachings to come down through history through Catholicism or through the Greek mythology or some of the Roman teachings that our faults OK but we can look. To be able to change the Bible and Jesus Christ re talking about simple things like loving each other and treat other people the way you want to be treated. In a book mount of blessings that he uses that term says this is the answer. Take being a Christian is by treating people the way you want to be treated Oh that's not a problem and I'll just go do that and I can be saved. No it's Jesus in us that even makes this. Possible even to do that to love people where you want to be treated because I've been in some people are unloving unlovable or we're not. And yet by through faith in Christ he can change our hearts to make is that way to love people and lovely people to treat is not kind. The fair is this claim to be sure of Abraham and boasted of their possessions oracles of God Yet these advantages did not preserve them from sin selfishness selfishness is a root of sin you guys that's the bottom line when Adam and Eve sin it says that selfishness took the place of love and God is trying to restore enough love love for people and if you start talking about love then people get up to tight and say oh no you're talking this mushy love in your eyes talking about love God's love ya is luck never was were God's love I wouldn't be here and you know would you it's because of like God's love and mercy that we're even here today. Yet these advantages did not preserve them for selfishness the leg and greed for gain and the basis Apocrypha see so those are the things that are against us right there that last sentence. They thought themselves the greatest religious of the world but their so called Orthodox your teachings or doctrines lead them to crucify the Lord Jesus Christ. The same did danger. Still exist today in two thousand and sixteen. Steps towards the new birth. Number one here it is this is what happened to me I became weary of sin. I got I was tired of parties tired of the music I was listening to which is a miraculous thing that God did. The things I was doing that destroyed my body I was sick and tired of it and I just told him that night when I got down prayed God I'm tired of living. So we need to get we become weary of sin. This is just before I gave my life to Christ. I was twenty I was twenty seven years old here in a pitcher about the Army a couple of years just went back with my friends that I had in grade school high school just started playing baseball and party and drink and beer and about my life can imagine what life what a shallow life played baseball and drink beer. And women all over the world preaching the gospel sense and you know what the Philippines and down Caribbean a few times so it's a very it's a miracle it's an absolute miracle that God did it in my life and it simply came to the point being where is sin and submitting my will to God's will. God accepted them you and me in this room when they became weary of sin and tired carrying the guilt of some mistake I made forty years ago saying is to play a trick on me stuff that I did in high school he'd come and tell me lies you know and or hear when you did that and what I did I said Yeah I did that but God has changed my life and my God site now and then and those thoughts would go away so when he comes to you and starts lying to you about your past I've laid out on the lamb of god. You put your sins on the lamb of God it's there OK Still there. I've laid my sins a lamb of God because of the Atonement because of the price that Jesus Christ paid I'm set free you look at all these guys a Jesus healed the Bible you see your sins be forgiven me your sins be forgiven we've got to believe that. Your sins have been forgiven your new creature in Christ Jesus the old things are passed away he's made all things brand new now this is the text it John or Jesus gave to me in second Dessalines five seventeen. And I was really have a struggle with my past and some of the things in God gave me that text I would claim that over and over again I am a new creature the old things are passed away we have to believe that so we can move on. Second Christians five seventeen second can these five seventeen and I think this is where a lot of our people. Fail to if they don't forgive themselves. OK this text can cure mental illness. Believe that I was a new creature in Christ the old things are passed away he will all things become new Flip is three thirteen Paul said I forget those things which are behind. Flippin three three thirteen three thirteen is present towards the mark of the prize of the high calling did Paul have things to be guilty about yeah he had people arrested people killed died in prison and so I'm sure that the enemy was on his case to lying to him but he said this one thing I do pressing towards that Mark I'm forgetting those things which are behind I'm a new creature now I've been forgiven because of Jesus Christ because of the Atonement you told me is a beautiful thing same as not want to believe in the tone. That God because of Christ death on the cross he brought us back into that right relationship with the father. We are one in him now. Surrender So another hard when there's things in my life that were hard to surrender than other things one of them was music I really enjoyed rock and roll music. And so to give that up was almost like tearing away a part of my body and yet I knew it was it was bad it was wrong some of the songs were just say Tanny you know some of the words and things and so I gave that up like still remember the spirit is driving around town and this is after I was baptized gave my life to him. Driving around town I'm listening to some music that was inappropriate. And the Holy Spirit came in over the music as really cool when the Holy Spirit starts talking to you because I never had that happen before but several times those spirits are telling me things in the Holy Spirit said this you know you've given your life to Jesus now in this misery and Jesus cannot be in the same place you need to choose who you're going to serve. And mass like hammer whom. I've done my own thing my whole life I want to live for you now so I give you my music it was it was hard it was hard to surrender it was the same way I was swearing I was same way it everything it could be the way I ate the pepperoni pizza two in the morning you know those types I surrender those things that Jesus Christ and it was you know what it became almost enjoyable I think actually I could say that it was enjoyable to be able to give those things up and allow him to come in and change my life I remember the first time I was going to church I just wear blue jeans and a leather coat because God except for me right where I am. Well I'm going to church and one day the Holy Spirit says you know Holy Spirit said this not the preacher not the teacher not you you're coming before the king of the universe you need that we're the best you have. And I thought it. That it's a man that's it's true I mean God created the greatest price in the world for me and I need to respect him and so I went out and I bought a suit which really felt funny to me that the piano legs were the weird thing that always kind of flop in the breeze you know on this it didn't feel comfortable but I did it because it was the appropriate attire for the occasion and so he got in wear suits and all kinds of stuff this is pretty fun I was saying Oh god what's the next thing was the next thing you know so yes surrender we need to do that whether it's a soap operas or what you're reading or whatever we need to submit at a guy and when you do that he's going to fill it with something better and he started he. Was listening to Christian music after I got really Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath those guys and now I'm listening Christian music and then I started this is really where I start listening to classical music was really far out. But it was you know it was good it was. That I started teaching these you know stress management classes in Neil merely saying yeah you need to listen then if it healed me I really believe that So yeah I recommend that to you too so am I doing my time enjoy. And but it is all there mine. OK great because I want to get to this next part. In giving ourselves to God we must necessarily give up all that would separate us from him. Who sort he be of you that forsakes not all that he has he cannot be My disciple and I think this is where really the rubber meets the road when it comes down to people's lives because they don't want to surrender all to guy I'll give him a little bit maybe maybe I'll go to church on Saturday but. You know some of these other details I'm not so. Sure I want to have those things out and so there's no growth after that so you know a whole load of church members going to church on Saturday but they haven't given anything else up and so they're fighting an argument about little things like who used the copier you know or how many copies did you make you know those types of things. So what sort of shall draw away the heart from God must be given out list is an ongoing situation. OK that's what we need to examine ourselves or something I put it in God's place. But when I gave my life to Christ and and I saw Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the first time for my sins then that experience filled that void that I was taking out of all those habits now Jesus was feeling that whole of rock N roll in and party and drink and whatever the other thing was because I saw the love of God in at the cross and then so those things filled. Were filled by that void was filled by the love of God You know I really believe that he would do that with everybody we cannot be half lords and half the world's we're not God's children unless we are such entirely. After I came in the church and course I was raised old school you know sixty's and stuff but I noticed that the music could change within the church even this was in the late seventies and even eighty's and I thought you know this is weird learn I gave all this stuff up and now it's creeping into the church the same type of type of stuff and so I believe this generation that we have dealing that we're dealing with right now because they didn't let go of some of their past they want to bring the past into the church and that's we're dealing with right now and you can't convince people of that because if you start saying things like that then they get upset with you and saying well you're an old timer you don't know what you're talking about but I really believe that it gives us things out there their experience with Jesus Christ would deepen and they would have victory and. Happing allowed. How long does it take to surrender our life to Christ. It takes a moment. This is out of review and herald though the moment we surrender our lives to God believing in Him we have his righteousness his right doing or his perfect obedience. You and I have it. Another one here. Repentance did you get that one. OK repentance after I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I hadn't really even repented yet I just gave him permission to take over and he's taken things out of my life I didn't really know that he was love and it's the love of God that draws us to him and brings us to get to repentance OK by generally knowing me yet and so. I was struggling with some resentment and things I held on from the past now I lived a totally un-Christ like life OK And so my lifestyle and things I were doing was not right just not right OK And so I was living with a lady I was going to college and I just be a straight for with your camera and just let you know where I was at and. My friend was also visiting with her in a very intimate way and I found out about it. In a course we broke up in Alaska but I held resentment and hatred towards those people and I wanted to get even and one day as I'm in my growth with Christ now. This thought was coming into me you know in order for you to move on in relationship with me you need to give up those thoughts and feelings. And then it was hard I saw a guy you know it really hurt her to live. I know that I've been hurt too. So you know let it go if you cannot let it go you cannot grow with me. And so. OK What do you want me to do. I want you to pray for. Oh praying for your enemy. So I said OK Lord that's it and so I started doing and I was crying and praying and crying. And. And so I let go that I read let go of resentment and hatred know that towards these people and then the Holy Spirit impressed me that listen you need to look beyond yourself this is not about you we need to keep that focus this is about Kingdom kena enlarging the kingdom it's about God and His love and mercy for all people. And so he let me pull back and he a loud me a see the bigger pitcher of this issue and so he impressed me and said I want you to pray for them and it was a number of years later but they says OK One day I woke up he said I want to pray I want to call Rick call Rick now he was my friend I said what. Call Rick what I want to call Rick just call Rick I don't nor Rick was got a phone but called the operator a bunch of things found out where he was. So I called him. And told him who I was and I give my life to Jesus Christ and I just want to know I had forgiven him you know and he started laughing at me and calling me names and event just so I hung up. And I said God that was a lot of fun why did you have me do that he never told me the answer until ten years later is fifteen years later and it's time I gave my life that he said OK now you need to color it. I did that ten years ago Lord it wasn't a happy experience no Unocal no. So of course I had to find another place removed in a land. Called him up. I don't believe it I want to talk to you yesterday I thought of you and I want to call you and talk to you I didn't want to call you why what's up is that I'm a boy or. I go away and wait a minute what do you mean you're a believer I gave my life to Jesus Christ and you start repairing again me I don't really think he was started for I said Brother I forgave you twenty years ago it's because when you know that I gave my life to Christ you know once anyway so we actually met and hugged each other and it was very it was a very warm and fuzzy school so just give to repentance God gives us this thing it's not we can't make ourselves sorry now you know today it's like repent AGO I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY you know and that's not repentance this race pins us up and so deep it just breaks your heart a never want to do it again and so that's that's the third step I called her so it could be a first but but I actually had a surrender my life to Christ before I could experience repentance and I think a book steps to Christ points out to you if you read that chapter on repentance and so this is something that really needs to happen within our church where there's true repentance and because then we associate with each other I'm looking at dawn as you know my sister you're you know part of me and so I can't do things against you I can't hurt you because I hurt you I'm hurting myself Am I hurting you I'm hurting God because I think desire mages has it. The way we treat others. Is the way we treat God and I don't want to crucify Christ anymore have done enough in my life and so as we interact with each other it's very easy for those walls to be broken down what we're seeing are you guys in a different light you're part of me OK. I know this can be hard to grasp for a while but that's that's. Reality. Lore is not slag promises some can't slackness but is long suffering towards us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance he wasn't willing Rick should perish or can he should perish but that they should come to the Pens too and I saw you know if they didn't get to know God they would be lost forever. And I don't want anyone to be lost forever do you not know that the goodness of God leads us repentance. I discovered in my journey there that of us playing out the goodness of God I was looking at God's character in the way he treats people you go through the Gospels you see the goodness of God And so now. This repent is that all the stuff that's going on my life and realize that God is GOOD GUY IS WONDERFUL he's he loves everybody every human being and everyone has the opportunity to be saved and I need to look at people in that way and so that that's what leads us to repentance now I start seeing God in a different light that he wasn't just hanging over my shoulder pointing out my sins and like a tyrant or something he didn't like me was trying to find something wrong with me. Now he's my father he loves me he cares about everything in my life and so he didn't take anything out of my life that was not for my good it was stuff that I was do is destroying myself with so he took those things out because he loved me so as a goodness of God that led me to repentance replan repents a close Sawyer for sin a turning away from it we shall not read now on sin unless we see it's in fullness until we turn away from it in the heart there will be no real change in the life and that's the problem we hang on to some things and so we can't have that complete change that God wants to give us. And then we need to confess. I confessed my sins and why did why do these things. Thoughts come back after I've confessed my sins why do they keep coming back here had that experience. You know there's a reason for that it's found in Isaiah. And I'll have to look that one up it's in thirty three I believe but it's. It dampens R.-E. Penzance and what I'll just tell you what I did and I tripped just yeah. Just tripped into the center of what I'm trying to say I fell into it I guess because I would I would confess a sin. And I'd be peace no doubt for a while and then a few weeks later that same thing would come back so God I confess it didn't you forgive me. And after I did this like three or four months until I was unhappy and wasn't having a joyful experience of God then the thought came to me just admit it you did it. Start doing this only when the thought would come back I did something and said Thank You Lord I'm thankful I'm not like that anymore thankful that you deliver me from that and so I would admit it and then that peace would come in and it's been gone for years now I don't that same confession doesn't keep coming back to me it's gone and I'll get you some information on that. It's on Thursday OK Ari jump ahead sorry. But because a lot of people struggle with this part of their experience and why's it keep coming back and so we'll deal with that on Thursday. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just or forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness we have got to believe this. It's time I'm out of time it's quarter after. OK. See how far today when I leave. I almost get there. Oh well just because this is the best part this is the most important part. Any good. There. So. You know I think so thanks Johnny. OK so after we do all those things actually this just a case in point happens at the very beginning when you let go and you serve in your life to Christ it happens in a moment. Just like Justified never sin that's the definition for justification just if you had never sinned in the little book steps of Christ page sixty two it says this if you give yourself to him in accepting me as your personal Savior today right now this afternoon doesn't matter what happened yesterday last week last year if you accept being right now this morning this afternoon as your personal savior then essential as your life may have been. For Christ's sake you are counted righteous. That's you thank you everyone is supposed to say that this is the best this is the best news usually I get excited start jumping up and down right here but I've learned in the past it doesn't really change anybody's experience but no think about this then as simple as your life may have been banned. For his sake you are counted right is Christ character stands in place of your character in place for you and he accepts you before God just as if you had not sinned. Right now today he had. OK I'll stop right there. As a prayer before you leave the. Lord to give him a lot of information. But it's critical father that we're not buried alive. As some of dies and that you might live and dwell in this lore. Please be that each person here come back and you know every day this week we're going to be sharing the same types of things how to walk how to say no to the flesh the difference between sin and reap. Please bring him back place help him right now from this point on Lord to walk with you in faith faith is trusting God believe that you love us and know what's best for our good we accept your your love and. Place our ignorance bless him now thank you Lord for being here today and we ask this and Jesus knew. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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