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Knowing Him as a Family, Part 3

Byron Smith Janice Smith




  • August 8, 2009
    7:00 AM
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but one by one all of those calls just dwindles away and I defined fully and in the meantime I kept getting calls from the school board chairman way up north while finally around May the first time he called me had been in in December finally around me I decided your God talks to us and really good ways I decided that clearly he was calling me to go to this little tiny school way up north where I had never been before and you know a suicide recognized God calling me to do that about it why is going to the mission field and I was dedicating my life to a single said to be in the mission field while I got up there and started teaching school and it was a grand challenge as you can imagine your one rooms when everything and it was so cool because then I had been teaching school for maybe a month and a half and this is one that can we be on the result meets right away it was just a just wonderful while they got married that within it we met in October and we got married the following July and in the meantime before we got married we had gotten a call to go teach school in Ontario California and actually the lances hero plants is on the school board there and we took the call thinking that it would be a good opportunity for him to continue to continue his studies in agriculture at Cal poly Pomona and so we we took the got married in pack up our stuff and moved to Southern California we had never either of us lived in big cities really before and so that's a pretty big change for us and started teaching school really liked it the school had a work study program and so it's really really wonderful and before not married we had talk a lot however little bit but not a lot about having children but there was one thing we were on the same page about and that was that we really weren't in a hurry we figured you know couple years at least before we had kids to say to her was not for five now I was thinking to you or by thinking four five twelve we would start drawing we lived in Fontana school is in Ontario and in his college within Pomona so we would drive in the morning from from Fontana to Ontario and a roundabout I would say late October I got hit with the belief that okay okay maybe anyway December I got hit with the baby bags sold bad and so from from then on and great mourning we would be driving down the freeway to school and everything only just one little baby please will be one one well finally in January he said he gave in and so he said one month I give you one month to see if it works and it did and for kids later I'm so glad he gave been well late when we got pregnant I was hot it was just you have no likeness you do it it's so exciting and along with the excitement suddenly I was struck with both we were so struck with this incredible responsibility for me we were going to be bringing a new life into the world and so we started reading child guidance morning of course I read it before but really started reading it because we wanted to sponsor both parents from my standpoint that's a lot I can say about that five to say once ones she actually conceived as pregnant I was so excited until waiting until we could get the confirmation that Jackson was pregnant was the longest three weeks of my life it was just amazing and done them I was one of these kind of guys that as I was growing up as a teenager and so on you'd see some lady bring a new baby to church and all the other women would gather around the next list isn't here she so cute as a darling little baby and I would look out I'd say the only reason I sang that is because they're wanting to be polite those newborn babies in marketing are the ugliest thing and about the time we got close to having our own baby I last checked up actually we went to the hospital land BC and done afterward on visiting with the doctor I decided that we should swing by the nursery and I've I felt that I should see how bad it was going to look one actually got one of these things so week we got down to the nursery and I looked through the window and there were probably three or four babies in the end the nurses than and I looked up and I said I would take any of those those that darling is little things wrong when Janet was born September twenty four she was blue blue blue suit out of bed very difficult delivery and down just covered with this cottage cheesy kind of stuff and body I took one look at her and said the most beautiful baby I've ever seen on the one by the way it just is things just got a message in mind that's all I can say anyway I carried this little baby up and down the halls the hospital old-time Southerners started telling me that it I needed to leave her alone after we took her home she was on with me I take her work this multi- baby in her low back every chance I got I would get up in the morning and help my personal devotions in her bedroom and you know I know that it talks about her mother 's love but I can tell you God represents himself not as a mother but as a father the love of the father for his children is is something that I think very many people really acknowledged because men tend to be more reserved with their emotions but a father 's love runs very deep and done I remember one morning when I was solving my devotions I looked over the edge the crib at this low baby still only brought a few months old and I was just admiring her looking at her and I said you know one of these days you're going to be six years old you can go to school and then I burst out laughing at the absolute absurdity of that little thing ever being six years old and done now she's twenty three almost twenty four and happens about the time Jenna was born we moved the night John starting and operating a vegetable greenhouse in northern responder and over the years working with plans farming I began to notice that in the Bible doesn't all whole lot of references to reaping and sowing seed planting harvest fruits with me you probably don't notice it until you actually become a farmer and then you start seeing how much it sucks that the Bible increased object lesson page thirty three Brewers top paragraph one it says by the parable of the sewer crisis illustrates the things of the kingdom of heaven and the work of the great husbandman farmer for his people liked this sewer in the field he came to scatter the heavenly grain of truth says because simplicity the parable of the sewer has not been valued as it should be from the natural seed cast into the soil Christ desires to lead our minds to the gospel speed the sewing of which results in bringing them back to his loyalty to God he gave the parable of a tiny seed is the sovereign of the heavens and the same laws that govern earthly feet selling govern the sowing the seeds of truth when asked about that one sentence that last one that she read is profound think about this same laws that govern earthly scene selling govern the selling of the seeds of June as always if you want to know how to have a better more productive and dynamic spiritual life where can you go to look at earthly scene so in other words if you look at how you deal with scenes and how you grow plants what you learn there is exactly the same laws that you will find governing your own spiritual life is something that I don't think very many people I'm speaking out myself appreciate not what is done out to do with families I believe that the same principles obviously to be successful as a parent to be successful as a husband and wife Nicole are about use your own spiritual life because God is love and if we changed his spiritual principles into our life there will be long and there will be success this morning I would like to focus on three simple profound truths just three if we understand these three points and practice them you will be successful as a parent guaranteed I know a lot of people think of parenting as a complicated procedure I think parenting is a lot more simple than we give it credit for Bible says be not deceived God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows will he also reap in book of John chapter fifteen Jesus is just getting ready just getting ready to be crucified to end this is the earthly ministry and is talking to the disciples and he has this verse the statement he makes John chapter fifteen in verse one where he used as I am the vine what comes next my father is the gardener now I've heard out my whole life and it was only recently that it sideway occurred to make your Jesus is saying Jesus was the son of God in this verse Jesus is actually stating the relationship between a father and a son is just described as the relationship between a gardener and a plan so if that's the case then my children are plants and on the garden and some hundred and twenty eight verse three it and your sons will be like all acute around your table there's so many neat verses like this and some hundred and forty four verse twelve it has been our sons in their youth will be like a well nurtured plans and I the FDA verse eleven says he'll will be like a well watered garden so the first principle for successful parenting and and I think the same thing is true for four husband-wife relationships is you have to see your children as gardens not if if we take the idea our children are gardens how many here have ever raised the dark is working when you think of planting a garden what do you actually think up you go down and say I want to find some long skinny seeds and I want to find some round perfectly polished black seeds and I'd like to get some oval-shaped seeds and pointy ones some really gnarly looking sleeve is not what you think of when you think of gardening I have never ever met a gardener and I've never seen a seed catalog ever showed pictures of seeds people don't care about the same when they think of the garden they are immediately start planning what they want to hire best from the garden I want some core and when they say corn they are thinking of the seabed thinking of those long years of white or sweet yellow corn and are thinking of summer day rolling and in some water and sprinkling some solvent chewing down on the delicious crunchy sweet corn and they want some watermelons and then think of juice in the rat spinning you see your brother we think of gardening and we think of harvest and I think the second basic principle guaranteed parenting is that you plan your harvest before you plant a seed when you when you look at the newborn baby and you have all those emotions surging through you as a father is a mother about this new child it's easy to forget that principle and you just start giving whatever comes along to them and you don't think anything about it you hope that someday you can conference in their life that you wish them to have an nine testimony page two hundred and twenty one page two hundred and twenty two it says there are great live in covering the world of nature and spiritual things are controlled by principles equally certain in the spring and must be employed if the desired results are to be attained so you notice this is saying here that spiritual outcomes are just as certain as natural outcomes of your plan is to do the deal with him right you are going to have a predictable harvest and if you deal with spiritual things it's going the same way you don't when we think about about the harvest I think it is one thing that I hear about because I'm white male and so many problems in our society caused by men being insensitive uncaring we don't have those emotional attributes to not admit you hear this all the time I start asking myself armed men incapable of feeling I'm not sensitive I don't think so no one are one alone why is going on he naturally tends to things like you know the Cowboys and Indians right and he hasn't thrown toy gun is out there is planting a seed you're planting a seed and I can promise you that looking at some of the person has something to kill even in fun and even in play when not exceed comes to bear fruit what kind of fruit is this young man going to be having is certainly not going to sensitivity to the feelings of others and certainly not going to be caring and sympathy one little boy goes out with his football and he starts looking at everybody else on the field as his opponent and he's going to win and they have to lose when he marries and I can promise you most of your married sometimes very very rarely you know the one single while your spouse is your adversary your power and your having an argument I'm sorry I'm review and the man just doesn't seem to gather it doesn't care and I would like to suggest that there is a reason why the harvest is beginning to sell and I would like to suggest that reason is is that years and years before the scenes that were solemn were not shown because of the harvest that they wanted to get as parents and I certainly wish that I have my parenting to do over again the Leon interesting thing is is that in the greenhouse business we have we so fifteen fifteen thousand tomato seeds to the acre and the seed companies charging anywhere from about fifty cents a seed to a policy why would why would some gardeners alike may be willing to pay the kind of money to buy a seed when you can go down and pick any tomato cut it open and pull the seeds out it's on the fifteen minute job the reason is that the breeders of those seeds can promise me what the outcome is going to be here they help some of these will spend hours with the seed companies discussing these things that were looking for such as how fast the green parts on tomato are there let x that sits on top of a nice red tomato and how long the stem as that goes between the fine and the fruit and how uniform with the cluster ripens and how tall the plan to all these things don't seem like a very important although when you suddenly start harvesting those fruits you start having problems because this guarantee and made the tomato small of the harvest after harvest the little green calyx on top dries out too quickly it is pretty on the shelf those are things that suddenly become important so before we even plant the seed we start discussing these attributes with the breeder this is what we want now the third principle is the first one as the children are gardens the second one is you plan your harvest before you so you see in the third one is every thought and every feeling is a feed and every seed produces fruit sauce like itself every thought and every feeling as a seat so every thought you were not today when the seed produces you going to have a lot more of the same kind of thoughts in the same kind feelings down the road in the eighth eleven and twelve the meaning of the parable exceeding and the word of God goes along the path it ones whose year and then the devil and takes away the word from their heart this this parable is interesting how is the work of God in your heart is only one way and I know of that the word can be in your heart announces thoughts and feelings so when it says that the seed is the word of God Jesus is actually saying the seed is all about the word of God is not the only thing goes to your head Matthew thirteen verse twenty four to twenty eight cents Jesus told them another parable the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field but while everyone was sleeping his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away when the wheat sprouted informed had been the weeds also appeared notice the weeds didn't appear right away the there will the Jesus told here is one that were very familiar with and we always think of this parable in terms of blogging a lot the wicked are going to be in the church clearly in the time that's true I think we missed the point that Jesus wanted us to get why he told it wasn't but hey you got to accept the fact that is not people going to be there if you think about it Jesus told this parable immediately after he told a parable to that Janice just read before about the shower in the field so the symbolism should be the same the reason Jesus represented the wicked is because God also says that if a man thinks in his heart so is he if you're wicked it's because you've got wicked thoughts and if you're a son of the kingdom it's because you have accepted the word of God is the ruling standard of your life so Jesus says really talking about the thoughts and feelings are going through these people 's minds not so much who they actually are as individuals and Jesus is saying here here's a field and the gardener came in he said the good field and then wanted to do he left the field alone unguarded untended and provided an opportunity for an enemy to so tears weeds and I think if you look at other parables Jesus told I think the message that he really wanted us to focus on is to watch and to guard the field that we are in charge of so that we will reduce the chance that the enemy has to get in there and so seems that are unfavorable in thinking about the everything you see and more specifically everything your child sees everything your child reads everything they hear everything they do create thoughts and feelings and those thoughts and feelings of seeds every second during a day is a father a feeling if you had that means this thirty six hundred seeds in our going into your child's hair they may not be things that you are paying attention to picture walking down the road there is a billboard that is a car driving by this and there's a sound that there's something happening it's creating a thought or feeling in your child's mind and is apparent if you want to if you want to have a fruitful garden you have to be planning what harvest you want for you plant the seed so you have to be thinking about what you want your children to see what you want your children to read what you want your children to hear before the accident exposed to high reply back well when we found out I was pregnant remember was a long time ago we were living in Southern California and basically mean for all intents and purposes it was in Los Angeles that wasn't because Ontario is a suburb about that was when we made our first critical decision of our parenting we deliberately left the city of Southern California and accepted a job way up north in the middle of nowhere in northern British Columbia and my husband took a job starting and operating a vegetable greenhouse there is a statement in happiness home which is really powerful it's on page a hundred and thirty seven that cabinets hundred and thirty seven paragraph one and it says Karen Sue denounced the Canaanites for offering their children to Moloch what are you doing why you are making a more costly offering to your mammon God and then when your children grow up unloved and unlovely character when they show decided him Friday and a tendency to infidelity white and you blame the fate you profess because it was unable to save them you are reaping that which you have sown the results of your selfish love of the world and neglect of the means of grace you moved your families into places of temptation and the ark of God your glory and defense you did not consider it essential and the Lord has not worked a miracle to deliver your children from temptation it on Verizon is a lot of things that when you walk down the street you can see and you see this kids running around young people I should say looking to refine some of them now I don't want to think of you whenever a look at pictures of when I was a teenager I wanted to so styles always change and I understand that but I would like to I'd like to say that what you children look is what they will look like in the future but they look at is what they will look like when when not want their kids to watch veggie tales and you see these people acting silly or they go up like in a while so it they're going to just be thinking of life in terms of fun and and foolishness so what you something as parents I think we have to be thinking about what do we want our children to look like what is the essential characters raises of course is not just about avoiding what's back there we really want is our children to be producing good for them what's the best way of doing that I think so often as parents have people we look at life from our perspective what is it that we need to do to advance our career or whatever it might be instead of thinking in terms of our children and Adventists home page a hundred and thirty nine paragraph one it says let your study to see back and make your homes as far from so I'm in Gomorrah as you can keep out of the large cities if possible make your homes in the quiet retirement of the country and this is a really interesting part it says major homes in the quiet retirement of the country even if you never become wealthy by so doing but locate where there is the influence parents can secure small homes in the country with land for cultivation where they can unfortunately more they can raise vegetables and small fruits take place of flesh meat which is so corrupting to the life blood coursing through veins on such places the children will not be surrounded with corrupting influences of city life God will help his people to find such homes outside the city at an Adventist homepage a hundred and thirty nine paragraph six and then and at minutes one hundred and thirty eight paragraph two it says better sacrifice any and every worldly consideration then to imperil the precious souls committed to your care and honestly it's not easy to live in the country you know the month comes in the house you get to Carl Queen and then it rained you can go somewhere and and the mud from the gravel roads get into the car and it's not as convenient people live in cities because it's convenient but it has to better sacrifice those worldly considerations and to imperil those precious souls that are committed to us there is a limit in the country is this kind of like a good good place to start when you think about providing good influences good seeds the children by Tom Schiller not his alone you don't want just to have a weed free guard no darkness of the content just to get rid of the weeds about things that they come into into the dark can you imagine taking a friend taking on showing you his garden and there's absolutely nothing but bare ground there and he's proud of it because there's no weeds he's eliminated all the wild things my kids don't listen to the music they don't wear makeup they don't wear jewelry they don't watch TV those are the week 's but that's not the purpose of garden the purpose of gardening is to get good fruit and how do developers reveal the difference between a weed and a good scene is nothing more and nothing less than one is useful in the others law thus the difference you see if you want to have a productive garden you want your children to be trained to be useful and there's no better way of training your children to be useful then to get them employ doing useful things and none fundamentals of Christian education page three twenty two there is a very I think amazingly simple and profound statement and the home of advancing the cause of God in this country is in creating an new moral tastes in love of the work which will transform mind and character and I want to read that against you because as people we think that for young people what we need to do is just really get them to be spiritual and talk to them and and and then we need to do some entertaining things at them because that's what they keep concede into the gospel that listen to it again fundamentals of education page three hundred and twenty two the hope of advancing the cause of God in this country is in creating a new moral to in my work that will transform mind and character but amazing work transforms mind and character exits that love of work but work that you can live where I was listening to three p.m. one time and there was a doctor there the public policy to does the stop smoking seminar and he said something that I started to argue with them about but then I lost the argument so he says that we don't eat what we like what we do we like what we eat you like what you do you don't do what you like the same principle if you are always doing entertainment type stuff she always just doing fun things that stimulating things exciting things that how you training your taste buds which you like and nuts with two children along with Doctor to give them on the other hand if they do work and mom and down with them not the same throughout their mode we pop the weeds and mow the grass and whatever else that mom and dad have to be with them and if that's what they do that's what they will end up developing a taste for PennDOT is what they will end up loving and the love of work will transform mind and character amazing in fact it goes further than that it says the hope of the cause of God in this country isn't in some of the more direct evangelism that we believe in it sin creating a new moral taste in the problem work is a once your children have found the right seeds planted in the receives a growing by the laws of God in nature effect follows cause with unvarying certainty if you so with the right seats and you are a caring parent who is nurturing the fact will follow caused with unvarying certainty you can be assured of the harvest it and only if you are assured of the scene you are planting if you're letting your kids get any see that he thought or feeling that happens to come to them you have no idea what the outcome is going to be it's just a hope and a prayer but if your garden is conscious and deliberate and you are thinking everything your children seeing everything they do everything they read everything they hear you remember that it's asleep and it will produce more of the same it's either that zero weeds into the useful useless and if you plant the right seeds effect will follow cause with unvarying certainty we can absolutely depend upon the principles the laws that God is laid out for us that statement did he get any thread in the second volume of mind character and personality page four hundred and sixteen paragraph three that's two volume nine character and personality for sixteen paragraph three and it goes on it starts up a kingdom by the laws of God in nature effect follows Apollo five with varying insurgency the reading testifies to the sewing here no pretenses tolerated men may deceive their fellow man and may receive praise and compensation for the service which they have not rendered but in nature there can be no deception on the unfaithful gardener the harvest passes sentence of condemnation and in the highest sense this is true also in the spiritual realm once I like to read and pass and not closing Hebrews chapter twelve verse seven ten eleven says into her hardness as discipline what is discipline hardness hardship state as parents when I look at my little baby and I have not wonderful experience with four when I look at my little baby laying there it is is instinctive and natural for a father to want to protect this child as it is debris and unfortunately because we were born with the wrong natures we want to protect them from hardship but it says and do work hardship as discipline God is treating you as sons are fathers disciplined us for little while what as they thought best but God disciplines us for our good that we may share in his holiness no notice this note discipline the what was discipline was hardship no hardship seems pleasant at the time but painful later on however it produces a harvest of righteousness we have to reorient our values and priority suspense we see that hardship is the discipline that will produce a harvest of righteousness and as each as each one of us in our own way parents children whether it's our own grandchildren or just even influence those we come in contact with remember these three points children of Gardens you plan your harvest before you plant a seed and every thought and every feeling as a seed that will produce a harvest just like it was pretty bodyguard morning we are so thankful that you have given your word and your word has such powerful promises and such simple illustrations process to relate to creating you will bless us on the Sabbath day and blesses each item we need the found theater in borrowing a a a medium with us might not ever as poorly and not having to maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a note in and I is the word as a online service reason is www. nonbelievers


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