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Walking in the Light: Rejecting Antichrists

David Asscherick
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David Asscherick

Speaker of Light Bearers and Co-founder of ARISE.




  • August 8, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him hammering our happy Sabbath are you having a good convention I love the morning because my voice is so deep I like this thing in the morning sing the base well we've been studying in our Sabbath school lesson the epistles of John and it has been an excellent quarterly comedy of you have been studying faithfully your lesson quarterly let me see you raise your hands right I remember when I first became a seven p.m. and is one of the things that drew me to the church one of the things that initially really appealed to me was the fact that this was not an isolated Verrocchio church but it is a worldwide church any same and that and one of the things that gives a worldwide church the kind of coherence and cohesiveness that we have I is the fact that all over the world all of our members whether they are in Australia or they are in America or they are in Africa all over the world we study the same thing from week to week month-to-month Sabbath to Sabbath and quarter to quarter amen and I think that's right I think it's very important for us as Seventh-day Adventists who can be very busy to take seriously not just the study of God 's word in general but to take very seriously the Sabbath school commentary I believe that God guides the general conference and the other men women that are in charge of planning and strategizing these quarterlies so that we receive these quarterlies right on time to study things that are critical for Ross at this pump point in Earth 's history and so were going to be talking today not in a semi- fashion but were going to be going through the lesson and our lesson this week was on antichrists what was it on everyone antichrists and the title of the lesson is walking in the light rejecting antichrists and is even going to the lessor not quite halfway through we had this sort of miniseries walking in the light keeping his commandments walking in the light being ready for the coming of Christ and now walking in the light rejecting antichrists and so the essence the the the guts of what will you be talking about today is this topic of the antichrist but especially from the perspective of first John and also will look a little bit second Johnson before we get into Scripture proper was begin with a word of prayer as we commence with our lesson study father in heaven we anticipate your presence among us we are not inviting you to come and be with us because we believe you were here before any of us got here the father we are glorying in the fact that you and invited us to come and meet with you father we're living in perilous and portentous signs we're living in strange times we are living in a hostile times and father many of us have not made Scripture the priority that it should be and we need to be recalibrated we need to be re- focused and we pray today father that as we study this very serious and biblical topic of the antichrist that you would give us a urgency and sense of immediacy that today is the day of salvation and that now is the accepted time father today we hear your voice and so we want to heed the admonition of the psalmist not to harden our hearts so please father as we open your word in this marvelous supernatural transaction may be inspiring spirit now become the instructing spirit and father may you open us to you read us and may our sense of urgency in our sense of immediacy the increase as a result of this study is our prayer in Jesus name let everyone say a man let's all open together to the epistle of first John first John Emma going to chapter two what chapter are we going to everyone chapter two walking in the light rejecting antichrists now first John chapter two our cousins that were going to be concentrating on in our lesson study brings out for this week begins in verse nineteen were going to begin reading in verse eighteen and extend down to verse twenty seven Sorin first John chapter two beginning in verse eighteen John's as little children it is the last hour and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming there's our word and even now many antichrists have come by which we know that it is the last hour they went out from us but they were not of us for if they had been of us they would've continued with us they went out that they might be manifested that none of them were of us but you have an anointing from the holy one and you know all things I have not written to you because you do not know the truth but because you do know it and that no lie is of the truth who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ he is what is your Bible say there what's next for years again the third time he is antichrist who denies the father and the son whoever denies the son does not have the father either Leverett knowledge is the son has the father also verse twenty four therefore let that abide in you would you heard from the beginning if what you heard from the beginning abides in you you also will abide in the sun and in the father and this is the promise that he is promised us eternal life these things I have written you concerning those who are trying to measure Bible say there trying to seduce you trying to deceive you trying to trick you but the anointing which you have received from him abides in you and you do not need that anyone teach you but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things that is true and is not a lie and just as it is taught you you will abide in him this is the path if everybody looking at today we will be branching out and other passages but the central idea here is that John was concerned about these infiltrators he was concerned about a group of separatists and probably is the lesson quarterly brings out the separatists had Gnostic leanings Gnostic influences and we find John's pastoral heart John's pastoral concern on full display and he says I'm writing this to you concerning those who are trying to deceive you then he goes on to use the term antichrist not once not twice but three times he says they are antichrist they are antichrist they are antichrist now the word Antichrist occurs only five times in Scripture five times all of them in the epistles of John in fact what were going to do now is just jump over to chapter four and noticed the second usage year of antichrist the second passage in which John uses this term go with me to chapter four we begin in verse one beloved do not believe every spirit but what should we do with the spirits test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God notice first three and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of what everyone Antichrist would you ever heard was coming and is even now in the world the Antichrist apparently already was in the world or at least the spirit of antichrist and John identifies these Gnostic leanings separatists that were infiltrating his church is probably the churches in and around Ephesus as Antichrist figures uses this word antichrist in three ways year he says Antichrist in the singular antichrists in the plural and the spirit of antichrist as well let's look at our third passage we go from first jaunt to second John second John is only one chapter they are so that's an easy one to figure out second John chapter one will begin in verse seven it says for many deceivers there's that word again have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh this is a deceiver and a lot antichrist there is the fifth and final usage of antichrist in the model so we just done an exhaustive study on the word antichrist in Scripture there they're all here in first John and second John that is what he goes on to say that look to yourselves that we do not lose the things that we worked for but that we may receive a full reward whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God he who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the father and the Sun versus ten eleven are really striking and him and frankly strike us as almost unchristian as almost too strong notice what he says if anyone comes to you John writing to his church 's pastoral heart on full display if anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine do not receive him into your house nor greeted him for he who greets him shares in his one in his evil deeds you've you can really get the sense here that Sean is very concerned deeply concerned in fact there's this sense of urgency and immediacy saturates the epistles of John and here we find John with his pastoral heart on full display and he says if these people come to you and they want to come into your house don't even let them in your house in fact don't even greet them in the streets don't greet them in the marketplace because he receives them and greets them is actually a participant is acquiescing to their evil deeds question is John concerned yes or no is a very concern you have a sense of immediacy the sense of urgency as absolutely on display here and John's when these antichrists when these the zebras come to you do not receive them what was taking place probably as we begin to put the pictures together is that there were a group of infiltrators is a bar he suggested is the less important request and poorly brings out they were not strictly influence likely now the word Gnostic comes from the Greek word gnosis it means to know it means to let everyone to know for example many of us I have heard someone say they are an agnostic you might've met someone and that you tried to witness to them and they said you know I'm not sure I don't know I don't consider myself a believer I consider myself to be an agnostic while an agnostic is simply the opposite of a Gnostic if something is symmetrical if you have a piece of paper that is symmetrical if you folded in half the two halves are the same if you have something that is asymmetrical when you fold in half if you have not the same and so a Gnostic is someone who knows an agnostic is someone who claims not to know in the first second and third centuries this Gnostic influenced Harris he was one of the great hurdles of the early church faced and basically many scholars believe that Gnosticism cannot be defined as a homogenous entity there is discussion about what exactly Gnosticism is and while he may not be able to put all of the pieces together we can be sure of a few things what these Gnostics were basically doing especially in John's case year is they were subtly infiltrating the church they were suddenly what everyone infiltrating the church and never saying things probably like this what John is teaching he was great what others are teaching you is fine but we know but we want everyone we know what's really going on it's nice that they thought you and I have got you started but now it's time to advance into more life into more knowledge about not being know what is taking place in many of the things that they purported to know Stewart in direct opposition description now some of you are really into conspiracy theories is that very FNL I won't make you raise your hands and embarrass yourselves now there is a grand conspiracy I do believe not in a conspiracy theory but in an actual conspiracy in the conspiracy is to keep you away from Jesus can you say amen brother already addition to this grand conspiracy other conspiracies that sort of grab our attention and for some people to become absolutely consuming the conspiracy theory du jour is what exactly happened on 9/11 and that you meet people who were totally consumed with what actually took place and these people will come to us and they will say things like sure the media tells us that there were nineteen hijackers ensure the media tells us that Islamic fundamentalism Islamic rattlers radicalism but we know but we what's the word everyone but we know what's really going on and just about that time they hand you the DVD rack watch this DVD and you too will know you will also know what is going on behind the scenes you will have inside knowledge insight data inside information in many ways the Gnostics in John's day and in the early church were like these conspiracy theorists who were saying sure that's what others are telling you but we know what really happened this is what is really taking place behind the scenes now very significantly the word know is a critical word in the epistle of first in all of the and all of not just chapter Junior but in all of first John execs say first John and go to chapter five stay right there in first John and go to chapter five were talking about antichrists John identifies these nonstick influenced infiltrators as Antichrist were going to get down to our modern patient on this but first we want to understand textually and cons actually what was John addressing what was actually taking place we don't first John chapter five we read in verse thirteen and I want you to notice the recurrent theme here the recurrent idea here he says in verse thirteen these things I have written to you who belay believe in the name of the son of God that you may one is the word that you may now that you have eternal life and that you may continue to believe in the name of the son of God notice verse fifteen John is closing his epistle here's bringing this epistle to a close he says in verse fifteen and carefully what is the word if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we what's the word know that we have the petitions that we asked of them notice verse eighteen we know that whoever is born of God does not sin but you keep since he was been born of God keeps himself in the wicked one does not touch it verse nineteen we know that we are of God first flight and we know the sun about a stump noticed a recurring theme here is John is bringing his epistle to a close we know that we have eternal life we know that Jesus is the son of God we know that when we pray we have the things we asked of him we know we know we know we know we know in fact marvelously even though there are only five chapters five short chapters in the epistle of first John John actually uses the word know if I'm not mistaken I think I'm on this more than any other book in the New Testament this word know anything about in Matthew twenty eight chapters you think that the March sixteen chapters Luke twenty four chapters John twenty one chapters acts twenty eight chapters and here in five chapters John says we know we know we know we know we know we know why the emphasis on knowing what kinds actually because there were others who were coming in and saying well what John is not you is good what you've learned is good but we know what is really taking place behind the scenes are you with me SNL skit back on one occasion conscious of an absolutely fascinating he says I'm not writing to you because you don't know the truth we read that he does read this inverse longevity of you are not writing you because you don't know the truth is as I'm writing to you you remember because you do know the trip John in a marvelous stroke of pastoral wisdom and brilliance year basically rather than getting into a yelling match for some reason John couldn't travel to the church probably he was agent was unable to travel so he sends this epistle and and in a stroke of pastoral brilliance rather than getting into a yelling match with the Gnostics who were trying to infiltrate and to deceive the church who were saying we know what's really going on and according to that that the epistle some were being led astray John says they went out from us but they were not of us if they had been honestly would've remained with us and so people were going out they were leaving they were leaving so rather than getting into a yelling match with the Nazis are saying no we know and John says no we know and they say no we know this is the truth none of this is the truth none of this is the truth John says I'm not writing you because you don't know the truth I'm writing to you because you all ready know the truth and in the context he says because the Spirit himself has given you the truth in the same manner that reminds me of that marvelous story there when Jesus said to demands that are the Son of Man and a civil something or Elijah and Xavier John the Baptist some say you're one of the prophets and Jesus is okay will who do you think I envy your sneaks up on after the rest of the apostles and he says you are the Christ the son of God you are the Christ Jesus as his marvelous year he says Blessed are you Simon bar Jonah because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but who would you say revealed it to my father which is in heaven in other words men didn't teach you that God taught you that and when Sean writes here with with his past all are on full display and his concern on full display he says you don't need another human teacher in fact he says that you don't need anyone to teach you because you know all I John did not want to get into a yelling match what was the Gnostics versus yen and that the congregation women confused and invariably divided John fingers these separatists John fingers these Gnostic influence separatists as antichrists antichrists antichrists many scholars believe that the word antichrist was itself coined by John you may have been the one formulated the work out now our our lesson here is rejecting antichrists I think it follows a logical pattern here a logical linear line of reasoning to suggest this if we're going to reject antichrists in modern times and even in John's time if they were going to reject antichrists they had to first know what an antichrist what's right with me has enough a box company reject something that you don't even have an identity and so we are rejecting antichrists in John's day there was no question no equivocation about what the antichrist was it was these separatists who had left who had actually gone out under the influence of these these Gnostic influenced teachers and were beginning to woo people away from John 's church likely in Ephesus when Emily and John says if these people can be don't break them certainly don't have been in your house not because John didn't want them to act in a kindly Christian and courteous manner but John knows that these deceptions are of such a character of such a subtlety that many of his burgeoning young sheep will be led away and and deceived by these individuals and he says don't even read these people now what is an antichrist while you think that prefix NT and you stick it on the front of a name or of a person it can mean several things it can mean being that person or purporting to be that person what we call in person nation or even more precisely person a should claiming to be begin also mean substitution taking the place of torment decries the seminary seeks to substitute for the real Christ in the context of first John being concerned the need the nucleus of the heresy revolved around the atonement and the incarnation of the Gnostics were beginning to say no Jesus was more like a projection TV wasn't a real flesh and blood because they had these very elaborate ideas about what spirit was in flesh was that it wasn't possible in their worldview for Jesus to actually than God and love actually than flash so you find John over and over again in the epistle to think this is he who came by water and blood he is Christ he came in the flesh because they were beginning to take issue with the actual incarnation which simply means the inflation of God but just because that was the first that being the original usage of antichrist John and Scripture does not limit antichrist only to those who have this Gnostic influence Tricia says for example accepted for verse twelve that Jesus Christ is the only name whereby people can be saved in the same end of that and so it is Christ and it is a correct understanding of Christ that that enables us to come to know God Jesus himself said no man cometh under the father but by me and so it ends up happening is is that saints it saints and begins to set up these counterfeit competing cries these counterfeit competing price interpose themselves between genuine believers and the real Christ and he will lose them away from the real Christ this can take many different forms when we come to the Middle Ages for example the reformers unanimously and uniformly fingered the church itself as antichrist they said the Roman church in the office of the Pope is none other office of antichrist and this wasn't Martin Luther in isolation this was the uniform virtually unanimous in fact I would argue the actually unanimous perspective on all of the reformers because what they saw was that Scripture had been supplanted and H system egg and enormous aren't biblical monolithic obstruction had placed itself between the believer and the Christ the reformers look at that incident energy crisis that is assistant is seeking to take the place to take the position of Christ does they said the office of the Pope is the office of antichrist and they said it over and over again the office of antichrist the office of antichrist and they were exactly writes and they were right because of the simple reason anything that seeks to interpose itself between the sincere believer and the genuine historical scriptural Christ is a very real sense and antichrist that's why John can use the term antichrists in the plural Antichrist in the singular that is a consummate Antichrist is not in the spirit of antichrist which is any spirit that seeks to interpose itself between the genuine believer and the scriptural Christ we together everyone yes or no now what does this mean for us today will according to Revelation chapter thirteen the very entity that the reformers unanimously fingered as the antichrist will actually become resurgence reborn and revitalized and will become again not just an antichrist but the consummate antichrist the consummate entity the consummate system who has set up a rival Christ and a rival system of salvation relationship with thirteen presents this in marvelous counterfeit language in fact many scholars of noted this and noted that in Revelation thirteen you have you have tried Asus and revelation for example depicted with horns and crowns and so do the antichrist these relation thirteen depicted with horns and crowns Christ is ministering for three and a half years on earth the Antichrist comes one thousand two hundred sixty eight to three half prophetic years Christ received the deadly wound and was raised was resurrected the antichrist of Jew receives a deadly wound and is healed and many have noted this counterfeit motif between the genuine Christ and his revelation thirteen antichrist and that's why it is absolutely biblical even though the nomenclature is not there in Revelation thirteen to refer to the first beast of Revelation thirteen as the antichrist beast because this beast is seeking to set up to usurp the very position place preeminence and prominence of Christ by interposing its own system its own when everyone its own system and maybe we should quickly disabuse our minds of this idea that in order to be a counterfeit Christ have to dress up like he is you have to put on the relevant virginity Jesus and have the beard and carried across around not at all a counterfeit Christ and the antichrist the claims to deliver the claims to save my son means other than what Scripture identifies is the only way of salvation way with everyone you send out a select Antichrist in John's they were those that interpose themselves between the true Christ the incarnate Christ who died on Calvary Street to save us and the business file system doing that the believer for us and him in modern times there is going to be a consummate antichrist and in fact there is a consummate antichrist as we party said it is none other than the reborn revitalized research and church that the reformers unanimously fingered in the Middle Ages now this Antichrist is not slow to move and we are seeing right before our very eyes these last movements which are rapid words in fact I have an article right here with me dated July twenty six two thousand nine USA Today that says Pope calls for God centered global economy but it is reading the first but Benedict the sixteenth today called for reforming the United Nations in establishing a true political world political authority with fascinating language here real teeth with what everyone just a quick question of litigation or T4 providing for chewing for devouring actual political authority with real teeth to manage the global economy with a God centered ethic sounds very nuts sounds very good sounds very magnanimous sounds very wonderful in fact it goes on in his third encyclical a major teaching released as the G8 summit begins in Italy by the way this was well-timed this was not then and this was a happenstance is was absolutely calculated the release of the epistle of the encyclical the Pope says that such authority is urgently needed on a urgent need for a God centered global economy with Realty this is sounding surprisingly but not to us stop knots not to us startlingly like exactly what is then predicted in Revelation many hundreds of years ago two millennia ago and even more precisely and even more with more detail in great controversy about a hundred and fifty years ago urgently needed to end the current world financial crisis it should revive damaged economies reach toward disarmament without the sound disarmament food security and peace eleven Revelation chapter thirteen in the plainest of language suggests that this enzyme antichrist which is very similar to the antichrist that existed in John state seeking to interpose itself between the true believer and the historical Christ Revelation thirty he says that this power will use economics we is well-organized everyone economic effectiveness of our safe that you don't receive this mark of the beast this mark of allegiance to this enzyme antichrists but you will not be able to does anyone remember to buy or sell the letter that is economics there is going to be a significant economic pressure a significant economic pressure that is brought to bear on God 's people at the end of time it's going to go something like this easier you get along with our program either you acquiesce to do our desire for global disarmament all that Samsonite our desire for global peace our desired end either you get on board with our program or you yourself will not be able to sell you yourself will not be able to buy specific economic your pressure yes I know absolutely now if it was on the economic those of us and gardens and other things may be able for a time to endure what you actually see Revolution thirteen escalation from economic pressure to or else or else I'm so thrilled in Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve Scripture says in the plainest of language here is the patience of the saints here those that you know it keep the commandments of God and claim to their faith in Jesus beloved there is going to be a enzyme people who will reject the overtures of antichrist who will reject the overtures of end time system that is seek sought to usurp the power of Christ to interpose itself between us and the Christ my word of exultation for you today is the same that John gave to his church many hundreds of years ago and that is I'm not telling you these things because you don't know the truth but because you do know the truth beloved this is the time when we need to send no God we need to know him we need to know him we need to know him we need to know him we need to know him why because this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent amen amen let us pray father in heaven we are thrilled with the message today a message that by your grace we can reject antichrists and father we pray to the wood give us a desire to reject spirit of antichrist anything any filesystem that would seek to interpose an interrupt the relationship that you have with your people father may we be riveted to you may we be riveted to Christ and may we be riveted to Scripture so that when these overtures economic miraculous and eventually on pain of death come to us may we stand with Christ and we stand behind running or renaming and will are rare in the name of Jesus Brian went to her here with my body over forty and having been learn more and I live in a number it is a word was born on lines are the www. maneuvers


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