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  • August 8, 2009
    10:45 AM
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let's pray our father in heaven we have come to your sanctuary today to receive a blessing and were confident that we will because we've invited your Holy Spirit to be here today you know our hearts you know our minds and give us that which we need in Christ name we pray amen I was traveling in northern India visiting a number of new churches that it been established and we came to this little village and they actually have built a church yet so we were worshiping in the head elders house and do as we came in I noticed that the place was packed entire living room the bedroom kitchen people outside the doors looking in the windows and a Aloysius stuff so we kind of worship and saying and prayed and spoke together and I finally has the worship service came to an NIS they had over how did the church to come established in this village the committees at all I was hoping you'd asked me that and then he told me to do one day he said I got up and said my son was sick and the next day my son grew just a little bit worse in the next day he was worse in the next day he was worth but after a couple weeks he couldn't get out of bed he said one day my uncle came to me and he said what what what all you don't he said while he said we've taken into the Doctor to the hospital to the specialist as a matter practice gotten to the point where we called in the that healer and he came but there absolutely is nothing that's been effective we have tried at all the evidence says that it's impossible many uncle kind of smiled at him and said will you know he said there is a young man who has come to our village and he said he claims to be a worshiper and to know the creator of the world and he said there are people in our village who have knowledge and blessed spiritually but they haven't less physically because I think you ought to bring your son he said only I can't bring my son these two six nautical set I I think you should come he will pray for your son and so they agreed upon a time and on that time that young men set I got my bicycle is that I rode through the village I went down the dirt road I went down the asphalt road several kilometers and I came to the village my uncle because I came into that Billy Jesus and there I met this young man he invited me and he says well he said I only know one thing to do this is and that's the parade of career the world is that we got down in our nieces I thought well you know he might pray for five or ten minutes he said that he prayed for ten minutes fifteen twenty twenty five minutes is that after about thirty minutes of praying specifically for my son he said okay we can stand up now is that I believe you should go home he said I'm just impressed that the Lord is answered our prayer and your little boys can be standing on the front porch to meet you he said you can't imagine he said the hope that began to fill my heart visit my uncle and I we ran all product ports we jumped on our bicycles and would begin to write down that asphalt road is that I was quite a bit younger than my uncle is that I now rode him is that I got to the dirt road I make attorneys we work we were going as fast as we could he said I came through the village came around the spirit tree and he said when I came around that tree past the corner of the barn is that I stop the bicycle he says because on the front porch with my son reset after that peace is the spirit tree was cut down they said and we began to study about the God of the creator of the world and then he looked at me smiled is that I want you to remember this he said nevertheless always trust them nevertheless always trust them there's an interesting story to open your Bibles found in Luke chapter I want to just run through this just a little bit not read every detail of it it's a story that's familiar to us it starts in verse one and basically the first few verses that there are say that Jesus was preaching and he stepped out on the boat of Simon Peter and he said Peter would you mind pushing the boat on a little bit and those first perk you versus they indicate that really there is no record of what Jesus was preaching about all it says in those first few verses is that Jesus came to an end of his preaching he was preaching about the gospel he was preaching about and he came to an end of his preaching and then it records that Jesus said to Peter Peter force your boats out into the deep and not let your nets down for a catch now it doesn't really record everything probably that Peter was thinking because I'm sure that as Christ said that that that suggestion fell on the ears of many people and I can just imagine being a companion of Peter and working on a Nets playing and then all of a sudden I hear this a take and that's back in dump them in the water again and out and up for a catch and I'm sure there's quite a few people are probably worth with thinking you've got to be kidding it doesn't doesn't really record what Peter exactly was thinking but there is an indication of what he was thinking in verse five because we like immersed by Peter said he looked at Jesus and Peter said Lord we have been fishing all night and we have caught how much zero we haven't caught anything I'm sure he would think and let why don't I stick with the fishing you stick with breaching the said because you don't catch space in the daytime you catch fish at night but there is that little word that little word that comes in there that I love in the King James version because it says Peter said never the less because you have asked me we will go out and cast our nets into the deep nevertheless and of course we know the rest of the story to push the boat out they cast their nets into the deep they got some any patient when they begin to pull them in the next the nets for a put them into boats he called his partners the boat began to say you know it doesn't indicate that Peter was part of that action because it said that Peter was found at the peak of Jesus and he was very said hello I'm a simple man and you know that was the time that Jesus said look come with me I will make you fishers of men nevertheless I believe with all my heart that now as never before in the history of our church we need a nevertheless generation this morning I like to speak with you about three aspects of the Christian journey God calling his people were nevertheless experience the first aspect I want to talk to you about is that nevertheless to believe that the gospel the hope of the gospel includes unit includes me never to I would like to talk to you about the fact that we need to live and believe God 's Word the Bible and number three I would like to talk with you about nevertheless regardless of the evidence of mission he is calling us to be his witness let's take a look at the first item is not not too long ago I was looking at some information that was generated from a research project conducted at Andrews University it was a world survey and it was piece of that information that caused me a little concern one area that caused me a little concerned as I look at that is that I discovered that there was a larger percentage of seventh day Adventist around the world that I was comfortable with that indicated that they were not confident of their salvation is that I'm not I'm not I don't have the assurance of my salvation that I have no idea who's in the audience today there may be some here today to say while I'm not I'm not real confident pastor you don't know my background I want to review just a little bit like Dan the character and personality of God I want to call those of you that have that question today do I nevertheless experience to say because he said it I trust him let's look at some text open your Bibles Isaiah the first chapter verse eighteen what is a site it says come on let's be reasonable together I don't care your sins are like scarlet I'll cleanse them and I'll give you righteousness and all cleaned up when you look at Romans being a chapter and you start reading them first thirty five into the end of the chapter there all begins a description of my relationship with Jesus he indicates that there is not anything that can separate us from Jesus love nothing find it in there they don't really description I bet principalities of darkness this and that tragedies nothing can separate you from God 's love that's what it says I also like the text in Ezekiel the eighteenth chapter starting in verse twenty it indicates that every man woman will die for their send you won't die for your sons and thirty euros but your doctor your but when you look at verse twenty one it says that you will accept my plan that you will live according to what I have asked you to do I'll will forget those sins and I will give you a life and not death in the news gets even better in verse twenty two because it indicates there that if you will take that life that Jesus will not recall those sins anymore is that good news now these are my words they happen to be what the Bible says most popular text and the world John three sixteen for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that what whoever believes in him are not going to perish but they're going to have eternal life I also like the description that John that the regulator gives you look at chapter six of the book of Revelation and there's a description thereof the opening of the sixth seal and I don't plan to get into the opening of seals today but it really is a description of the world at the end of time great tragedies are happening all over the place things are in turmoil the leaders of the world are living in fear there asking the mountains fall under matter in verse seventeen it says who then shall be able to stand on happy that John doesn't leave us hanging in the air because as you come down a chapter seven you find that John is in vision and a standing around the throne of God and there is an elder that comes up to JonBenet Elder says for these people that are dressed in white robes and Johnson laterally now you know the answer to that better than I do why don't you tell me and then the elders as the John John these are the people who came through that great tribulation we just read about in chapter six the end of the world and he said they are standing here today for one reason their standing here because they took their dirty filthy rags and they washed them in the blood of the Lamb and Jesus gave them life and not death that's why they're here in a regardless of the evidence we need to say nevertheless I'll trust them I've had people come to an e-mail statement faster you don't know my background like if you just knew the things that I've done if you have any idea what I've been into you wouldn't be operating like this friends this is not my words we need a generation of the church that accepts the fact that Jesus has paid the sacrifice these pages sacrifice if you happen to be one of those years seated that have that little doubt I challenge you to have a nevertheless experience I want to come to item number two I want to talk about living your by the Bible how then shall I live how my going to live you can be assured for every truth there is in the Bible that the devil has a deception there's another way he will make sure that there's evidence that leads you're not awake what there's no evidence for what God want you to do it I can't help but turned to the book of the Hebrews in Chapter 11 I just review some names very quickly with you you can put over and not your Bible to Hebrews eleven Nola though it had never rained never the less he spent all hundred and twenty years preaching and building an art Abraham promised to be the father of a great nation nevertheless he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac Joseph though he was the second citizen of Egypt and surrounded by the power and the glory and the wealth nevertheless he gave instructions to his family he said when I die take my bones with you I'm going with God 's plan I think of Moses who was the heir to the throne of Egypt again everything that the Earth can offer with his nevertheless he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter I think also of the Israelites they'd never seen a see you open up but nevertheless when it opened up they walked through those columns of water the Israelites had never seen a walled fumble down when people shouting but nevertheless they circled that city seven times they blew the trumpets and they shouted in the wall came down think of Elijah in the midst of no evidence that there was going to be a drought nevertheless he told the king is not generating and then a few years later and the evidence that there was no rain coming they stood before the king is dead nevertheless it's generating people who prayed were to be fed to the lions nevertheless Daniel D prayed three times a day starting your Bibles with me do well to the second book of Timothy I wanted to look at chapter three in verses one to provide just the kind of scan through that it's interesting as this passage begins with Paul says this passage refers to the end of time what sets look at it read it at the end of time I like to believe it were living at that time right now at the end of time and then Paul begins to describe what will be considered to be ordinary living at and I think we've all read this passage he begins to say that at the end of times to be perilous times people get allowed themselves to become it just boasters proud blasphemers disobedient without natural affection to be going down the list there lovers of pleasure more than lovers this of God and you can read the list of the description that Paul says this is going to be ordinary living et al. paper to say that you have to behave if it's going to be the thing you have to do it interesting we live in a world that wants it both ways they think they want to enjoy the wisdom of the world and yet they want to be found as people have a reputation of being people who were there when I have it on both sides I'm reminded of a little boy whose behavior had become such that the teacher I do ask him Johnny what's the definition of a lie Johnny said well is that a lie is an abomination unto the Lord in a very present help in time of trouble we want to have it both ways want to have it both ways recently I got a new Webster's dictionary as I was that of looking up some words I suddenly came across the word Enron Enron now when I said that where I saw a number you go yeah I shook your head and I was expecting to read a definition is that a company that went bankrupt but you know that's not the definition they gave they used it as a synonym for dishonesty a lack of integrity in the dictionary that has become ordinary behavior it was interesting as you come down to the end of that passage second Timothy three verses one to five all in one translation says but nevertheless from such stay away that's not what God 's calling us to that's not the lifestyle that he's calling us to know the Bible it warns us of those who would so embrace the idle of their own thinking their own and supposed annihilates that they cast aside the treasures of God 's word and eight take on the wisdom of the world in the world today there is a great debate on origins and creation in a Richard Dawkins can write his book entitled the God delusion Christopher Hitchens can write his book God is not great Jerry Coyne why evolution is true Shawn Farrell done making of the fittest they can fill their books with the theories of radiometric dating stacked sequence heat dissipation plate tectonics and they can describe those berries and the statistical language of being significant at the oh five level the scores and canonical correlations and two-way analysis of variance but nevertheless the world was created in six literal contiguous days God 's word is calling us to a nevertheless experience take it rated place it in your hearts want to talk to you about the third area God has called us regardless of the evidence of mission to be his witnesses I have an opportunity to be part of a lot of discussions regarding church growth that had people come up to meet his wife I really don't have any talents I don't have any wisdom I don't have any gifts in this area hasn't less than what can I possibly can be you know our neighbors do you know the kind of environment I live in it's impossible all the evidence that the legislature can't do this develop this morning I'm happy to be a member of a church that pioneers for this movement to have had a nevertheless experience they set an example for us and you imagine those early pioneers to view them studying the Bible you know William Miller going through the truest and Ellen and James White and those those early pioneers and as they study this and while we've we've got to proclaim this to other people than you imagine as they looked out engineers found the nearest city the state the United what were they thinking I recall some of those stories Joseph Bates is that an early time he was developing a little pamphlet on the Sabbath it was at a time when really he had some questions about Ellen White being a prophet and other light had some questions about his theory on the Sabbath that's how early I'm talking about and as he was working on his little track his wife Dana damage is severe we don't have any flour could you buy some oh sure I'll begat glad to do it out of the store reached in his pocket pulled out little coin and it was the only one you had in the guys and will not abide by pounds of flour he got that took it home and we handed it to his wife she looked at it she burst into tears she said is this what we've come to your essay Captain sailed the world when you brought home flourless by the barrel full she left the room as he continued working on the track he was impressed to put under the post office got up went down there Postmaster said sure enough you have a letter but you only five cents postage well I don't have five cents well I know you will trust you you're going to get you open it up is unimpressive there's money there that Postmaster opened up the letter and with a ten dollar bill with a note that said I've impressed that you have sacrificed all for the gospel and you need this money well Joseph H went down to the grocery store he bought a wagon load of groceries don't try that within dollars now and he said delivered to this address and when you get there ESA W ladies as you have the wrong address he snuck in the back door and continued to work on his track and sure enough after a short time this one I came along and she said there's someone delivering groceries I told him they had the wrong address I don't know exactly what happened but I can only imagine that day he stood up he embraced his wife and they had a nevertheless experience I've also been in the archives of the General conference at the privilege of reading letters from those early converts that were up in the northeastern part of the United States they spread out across America they wrote letters to Alan James White come to Iowa come to Montana to Oregon to California to Oklahoma Kansas we have started a group of believers here help us organize the church I think of the comment that Ellen White made Jesus this work will go forward but it's been a go forward in the spirit of sacrifice in the spirit of sacrifice the three angels message Revelation fourteen that messy spread across America about the eighteen eighties it came to the attention of our church leaders that Matthew twenty eight didn't say go to the United States but it said go to the whole world take this message to everybody every kindred nation trumping any culture you can take it everywhere when you look at that generation it was a generation that provided us with an example of a nevertheless experienced that goes down through time and he calls us today think of people like Abram Leroux he was a shepherd in a woodcutter lived in Sacramento San Francisco became centers of evangelism means very night by night it is hard for the Lord Jesus Christ and he became convinced that Jesus was coming again is coming soon so that after he was baptized he wrote a letter to the General conference which unveiled that letter a copy of it my hand and he said to send me as a missionary to Asia these that it's come to my thinking that there's not anyone in nature that knows this message send me I also read a letter that came back from the General conference and basically it said two things one you are too old and number two we don't have any money that's a common message from the General conference will have any money did that stop Abram Leroux it didn't stop evermore resold all the things he had a letdown but is on tickets to God about the sale of Manila Singapore Bangkok settled in Hong Kong there he printed his own literature he developed Bible study guides he worked year after year and pretty soon he wrote a letter to General conference it's saying a missionary because even though the evidence that I couldn't go any evidence that it was impossible nevertheless God 's provided a harvest today if we were worshiping in Hong Kong is that in here I could take you up to a lonely hillside and show you the grave of Abram Leroux he never came home he lies there in that port city on the edge of a great nation of China where just about fifteen years ago in eighteen thousand active members today nearly four hundred thousand in Asia more than two million Seventh-day Adventist when Abram Leroux say the sacrifice was worth it nevertheless we say that I also think of that farmer in the state of Kansas his name was George Ripple the pastor came by to visit him and they prayed together than George said you know the Lords placed the burden of my heart he said there's no know members no one that knows the three angels message on the continent of South America as I I think the Lord wants me to do this they separated the pastor went to pastor his other sixteen churches I never met again because George Ruppel sold everything took his family to New Orleans they bought tickets on about and they went to Buenos Aires Argentina in eighteen ninety four when deeply split on the continent he was one Seventh-day Adventist were thirty five million people all the evidence that is not possible how can you do this you're just one person not long ago I was a river black college and I asked them take me up to that little church I went to see it we drove up there I got out went into the church is not big step out of the church went over to the cemetery I walked down the road and there I stood at the foot the grave a neighbor on the above of George Ripple I realized that George Ripple is likely never would hope they gave their lives at this message might be known on the continent South America they stood there that day I couldn't help but wonder what would be like George Ripple could be alive today will be like I like to take into the city sent follows that only help there to realize that there are more than one thousand seven families churches and that city to realize that there's one three million members in Brazil to realize that their three hundred thousand members and Peru to make that realization would you say that the sacrifice is worth it somewhere he had a nevertheless this experience in his life they live in a grave in South American Argentina there waiting for Jesus to come and is not to be long they were in a medium weather worth it nevertheless I also stood at that cemetery the northeast portion of it it's a Lucy college and I stood there at the graves of their early pioneers and I recall how they sold everything they had in the northeastern part of the United States they took boats to South Africa they are they bought covered wagons and oxen and they traveled many miles across South Africa to Zimbabwe city of Bulawayo went twenty miles east of the city and there they established to Lucy training Institute is a sender that they I couldn't help or to be like our deciding if they were alive what would they say if they realize that there are five million members on a cot bed nearly six million on the continent of Africa graduate schools and churches hospitals where they say the sacrifice was worth it nevertheless nevertheless I believe that God 's calling a generation to a nevertheless experienced I know that you know there are people here from all over the world and I I've had people come to me and say hello yell but it's really difficult in our neighborhood it's really difficult in this particular area in the last six months I've been on a little itinerary in planning sessions were certain countries in which we do not have Seventh-day Adventist I'm not going to name those countries on television it doesn't do our members any good over there but I think most of you know where they're at and it's very easy to come out there and intimate people who go was impossible all the evidence that you can't get it don't you know we been trying to do something or brighter here's nevertheless with a plan together you know we've talked about fifteen years ago owing to the ten forty window and that we're going to place an emphasis there is a church I want to give you just a little report on that just very very brief we had nine percent of our membership in that window in nineteen ninety the past fifteen years the membership inside that window is growing two hundred and forty percent while the membership and the rest of the world has grown eighty seven percent so I'm just telling you that God is performing miracles when we place our 's South and the spirit of sacrifice accidentally I want to thank you I want to thank ASI for playing a role in making a lot of that happen thank you I want to thank you as Seventh-day Adventist church members for your faithfulness in ties and mission offerings some of you say was that really make a difference I want to tell you it makes a huge difference because in that spirit of sacrifice God performs miracles today I can tell you thousands and thousands of new congregations that are worshiping in the tent party window among the Muslims the Hindus the boat is a animus the Communist and there they are for the first time somebody other worker a layman has gone there and they have written history and heaven because they had a nevertheless experience you want to be part of that you want to be part of that a lot of call you do that this morning a new generation drama nevertheless experience but they conclude by just telling the whole story I was in northern Mexico and that we gone there because we wanted to visit twelve new churches that would been established the work is not easy in North Mexico and out we come to a camp meeting where the twelve churches were coming together and the was a retired worker that had gone there and established these twelve churches but I suppose that day there were about twelve hundred people there and they were going to have quite a day of it singing praying preaching one of the special event that they were going to baptize forty seven people and it just happens to be the culture and that secure area that when you have a baptism that each person is going to be baptized stands before the microphone a difficult testimony so I was there seated on the front row and this long line any begin to give their little short testimony was just after one or two people this great big guy stood up and pride that the microphone he was bigger than I was and Adam Groff a Sidwell is a lot of users surprised to see me here today because let me tell you how this happened is that I was in my house one day he said I was drinking a beer and a set I heard this little knock on the door I opened up the door and here's the little boy about this tall and under his arm he had a great big Bible and he said to me not hello how are you good afternoon his first words were Mister you want to study the Bible with me and he thought wow what harm can there be a studying about this though got they set out the door ushered them in and he said you know day after day after day General Boykin I can study the Bible to me I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and nevertheless find and be ready when Jesus comes you know the amazing part that was and of those forty seven people there were seven people who gave the same testimony about the same little boy at the end of that baptism under Miranda stood up and he said it's a custom here to invite anyone else would like to prepare for baptism boys it would like to prepare I turned around to see if there might be someone would come forward and to my great shock there was a little boy this fall in the second role which stood up seven times and recognition they came up at the front said yes I want to be baptized and then I found out you can't baptize people in Mexico electric twelve he was eleven years old nevertheless a generation called to that friends I don't know I don't know your situation here this morning but if you need a competent Jesus has forgiven you I begged you to claim that nevertheless experience if some of the theories of the world and practices have made a little inroads into your life I pray that you will say no I'll have a nevertheless expressed hunger to live by God 's work I'm to believe what he teaches and if you been called to mission which every person you're as because that's what this church is about I would ask you to have a nevertheless experience I don't care what the evidence is it all be stepped up it nevertheless trust him best of luck the kingdom 's ruling and will nevertheless nevertheless on or around for a media with my body over a poorly and not having to learn more and I find the things that you can not a assignment is a word as for online newsroom is www. maneuver is not a


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