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Are There People in Space

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


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Lift up the drum bit unload little breeding tears those a scolding you and cheer look at beauty in his Bijelo follow him see you Jesus is close to me. And. This is the voice of prophecy voice crying in the wilderness of Lee's modern day prepare you the way of the Lord. Close your garret. Again dears this is close maybe. You. From our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration you hear the music of the king's arrow Dell DELL Qur'an read Braille. The voice of prophecy speaker is H.M.S. Richard. Friend and. G.'s all OSA Liz lo these. Through do and they are good for you. Is trying. To live well over. Stephenville against this load of here's where you know. There's a fairly soon. To be. Well Osun clothes roll over a stolen sloop G.'s ost room look loads away it still ost Logies us to keep me to buy a. Big T.V. told us all over a. Hey it's Joe's load accused grid load. Of the load all over you could see the old It hurt all over Jeeves a slow day the. Fellow polies Kerry a man to man the mood ness fold the school over. Here's low these leave them no load and weird in Zen way as well over it where it ends Here's US we use those pieces beast to. Do I handle the load clothes away we hear it's Joe's Leunig Jesus to rule over the clothes we wear it it's just a little slow going Jeeves of us to keep me day by day is just like Jeeves Los Lobos a wave its job of a slow decay views grit load a load. Our Heavenly Father we sang. That I love the shed abroad in the hearts of believe heard. We thank the for the message of troops pray the ballot bless this broadcast to every listener everywhere in Christ's name. As mere. Flares worse if. There's. A. Blast. Sent from long. Before the. Dell DELL Qur'an Bob seem out invite us in the words of the old spiritual into a closer communion with each other and with God Let us break bread together. For a week bread to get it will. Eat these little will spread it around a little bit. When the. News. As it. Dream. Spread it was. Well it was planned. Land. On my knees were you a. Seems. Oh well over the. Years thieves done me. To mourn. On. Jerry did know our quartet bass has a solo for us now the living God. I'm a. Little mild heart of. The old. War It's all. Those work Lloyd with. I don't know it's but good old world told her the. Rose were told it was good. It's heard it was moving. As per his words are. Hard to. You know my heart of gold but it's was a revealing goal the fourth. I'm a my closest. I don't. Work or a month's mother or the close your mother come up and. Run to leave new mum look at the bolo goal overrun. With the games were slow to load. Up on all over the evolution of the list the. Will the. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker his subject are there real people in space. And something which a few years ago and I've been laughed out of court of course today is taken seriously by millions of people we propose in this message to take up the subject seriously and badly are there people in space are there intelligent beings in space now first of all it seems that we should realize that we ourselves are people in some. Bass speak to the earth and it should teach the other words we read in Holy Bible job twelve eight the earth itself is a dwelling place in space flying it to rethink speed is also whirling upon its axis at the rate of a thousand miles an hour here is a fact which will help us to realize that we are indeed writing a fast rocket through space Now if someone should ask us which direction is down we would point toward the floor toward the ground if we should point at the floor of the ground twelve hours later we would of course be pointing in exactly the opposite direction for that time the Earth would have turned half way round so you see there is no up or down in space merely the direction toward the center of the earth which changes every second life is possible in a thin layer of atmosphere that covers the surface of the planet but two or three miles out of human life is impossible except in a specially built air type vehicles. As you listen to this radio broadcast we are traveling on our space rocket at a speed of over a thousand miles a second or one million a half miles a day on a great circuit orbit over six hundred million miles. So you see we are moving now the earth does teach us that there are people in space we are people in space but what about other worlds other plants do they exist are there living beings in space what's the answer listen to these words from modern astronomer Dr Archie Crawford director of Berkeley observatory University of California not only do I believe that the other planets of our solar system are inhabited but I believe firmly that the worlds of the other solar systems are likewise inhabited. Recorded these words by J. Walter Rich in his book The Message of the stars page eighty seven now is this idea of Dr Crawford's we might say the idea of many other modern scientists in harmony the holy writ if you have a Bible hand it turned to ice. Forty fifth chapter verse eighteen here we read for this stuff the Lord that created the heavens God Himself that formed the earth and made it he has the stablished it he created it not in vain he formed it to be inhabited. If God formed this earth with all its wonders to be inhabited Is it not reasonable to believe that he formed some other worlds to be inhabited also of course there may be other reasons for creating heavenly bodies we know that our moon is not the habitation of living beings but was created for a specific purpose and contributes to the welfare of life upon the earth still the general idea seems sound if God created this planet of ours to be inhabited we may logically expect that this was his reason for creating other planets let us take a brief look at the other members of our sun family Mercury little brother planet nearest the sun seems to have no atmosphere exhibits phases like the moon. Probably is very very hot the next planet Venus often called the twin sister of the Earth shows a beautiful ring of light evidence of an atmosphere like mercury It seems to have no moon. Next comes our earth after Earth is Mars the red planet not quite as large as Earth a person weighing one hundred sixty pounds here would weigh only fifty seven pounds on mother's or winters twice as long as ours two white polar caps prove the existence of water or something frozen carbon dioxide or dry ice as we call it is atmosphere maybe much rarer than ours Jupiter is our little nearest large planet in fact it's the largest of all the planets in our system thirteen hundred times as large as the earth each year equals twelve hours a man standing on the Earth's equator travels about a thousand miles an hour with a rotation of up. In it on Jupiter he would travel twenty eight thousand miles an hour the clouds of Jupiter are so dense that astronomers have not been able to see its surface on these clouds there's a great red spot about thirty thousand miles long and ten thousand miles wide seems to be an island of frozen ammonia the gas often used in refrigeration plant if it is the surface temperature of Jupiter must be very low thirty seven degrees or more below zero we really know little about conditions on Jupiter but we do know that it has at least eleven moons Saturn the least dense of all the planets is light enough to float in water it was the most remote planet known to man before the telescope was invented it has Nine Moons one of which moves in the direction opposite to that of the others Saturn with its three concentric rings of glory composed of untold millions of tiny moon looks and its family of nine Mons is a thing of beauty and a joy for ever after Saturn comes your initial barely visible to the unaided eye if you know exactly where to look we know a little of it and it's for D.M. moons. We know still less of Neptune discovered by mathematics before it was seen by means of a powerful telescope on September twenty three eight hundred forty six as far as we know it has one solitary model it takes Neptune one hundred and sixty five of our years to travel once around the sun. It has travelled only a little more than half way around since it was discovered and the last discovered of our solar families little Pluto. First seen on Clyde Tombaugh turned the telescope of the Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff Arizona toward the constellation of Gemini on January twenty one thousand nine hundred thirty it takes two hundred fifty years to make its journey around the sun. Imagine the length of it summer or winter if it has seasons can life exist on any of these planets excepting Earth we do not know but we need to remember that there may be forms of life of which we are entirely ignorant. We need to remember too that our sun is not the only sun in the universe we live in the center of what is called the Milky Way system a lens shaped assemblage of glowing Suns or stars one astronomer Dr Gerard Cooper says that there are one billion of these blazing suns in the Milky Way others say that two billion of already been photographed in our galaxy and additional five hundred million will soon be added when the filming is done by the two hundred inch telescope on Mt Palomar Some even believe that the astronomers may reveal forty billion suns in the Milky Way Well one billion are forty million what difference does it make both figures are absolutely in comprehensible to us our son has at least nine planets in his train suppose these billion or forty billion other suns in our own galaxy have an average of nine planets each or even one planet each and Suppose one planet in nine is inhabited. Just think of the hundreds and hundreds of millions of inhabited worlds but that isn't the end of it astronomers tell us that our Milky Way system or island universe is only one of at least two hundred million other galaxies which they know to exist beyond the limits of our most powerful telescopes who knows how many more hundreds of millions of galaxies with their billions of blazing sons and billions upon billions upon billions of A. Habit worlds that may exist the thought overwhelms us when we go out at night and look at the glowing sky we may point our finger in almost any direction and say there is life there there is life there. There is life there and why not for do we not read in the Holy Scriptures and I'm quoting eyes they are forty verse fifteen behold the nations that is the nations of this world are as a drop of a bucket and are counted as the small dust of the balance behold he takes up the aisles as a very little thing this earth of this nation's only a small part. Like the tiniest imaginable grain of sand on the face of the desert in comparison with all the a measurable immensity about us. Think of Arcturus that majestic sun flaming through the sky a thousand times larger than our sun. Is it not reasonable to believe that that great sun draws with him a mighty train of planets on which intelligent creatures reside here other words in the Book of Job can style guide Arcturus with his sons S O N S Job thirty eight thirty two that isn't all there is further evidence direct from the Bible that there are dwellers in the heavens turn to the twelfth chapter The Book of Revelation verse twelve therefore rejoice you heavens and ye that dwell in them all to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea where the devil has come down under you having great wrath because he know it that he hath but a short time do these dwellers of the celestial spaces ever suffer sickness and pain Do they ever die is the terrible spiritual disease of seeing no one among them or is this earth the only planet which ever were. And a stray The wandering sheep from which the master came to die which will attempt to answer these questions in our topic next week journey to the moon in the meantime let us remember there's the glories and wonders of the sky and the mysteries of interstellar space are themselves proofs and evidences of the existence of a creative power and of the wisdom of the God of creation for the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament show us his handiwork day on the day after a speech and night on Tonight Show with knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. Closer to end the closer the end was Greek we threw all over it was a lose its own. Feet Yeah the load was all over the air you. Loose the. There's the. Her any. Certain live through a live to listen no no end. Carlos. Luck. Oh look close read. The end. And now we say you have faith in God Behold the stars on high have faith in God Line heart to him apply. I have faith in God a far yet ever not I have face dear friend in God. I hope that you will not only tell others of our broadcast but Tune in again next week for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy. The Lord bless thee and keep see the Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious son to lead the Lord lift up his countenance upon duty and give the peace. There's an end.


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