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  • August 8, 2009
    8:00 PM
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I believe in God the father Almighty maker of heaven and art and of all things visible and invisible millions of Christians reviewed these words every Sunday as a young Episcopalian IQ said these words and believe them but it was only after it became an Adventist that I really understand the connection between worship and creation today about the scientist and a Seventh-day Adventist Christian I would like to share my insights on the importance of recognizing that God is indeed the maker of heaven and earth than a shower for my own experience I first attended in Al Dennis 's goal as a junior in college I was a recent convert ones of interest by the Holy Spirit through a fellow student at a state university in California the consistency of the teachings of the church the Bible date powerful testimony that this is where I belong since I was a science major it was particularly evident in the creation was an inextricable part of the great controversy willing to an Adventist college was a major step is a premedical student I took a class called for the field of science from Doctor Lloyd Downes some of you may know Louisiana's noticing my keen interest in philosophy especially regarding creation and evolution Doctor Downes encouraged me to change my plans to become a public plan to become a physician and pursue a career as a science teacher and research there was a dramatic decision for me I can only share with you the grief they went to my souls I made this change I'd already been accepted in the medical school that seem like a straightforward course but after hours of agonizing prayer I made the decision that I would follow where God left where this godly professor encouraged me to go this professor who could talk openly about his faith in the classroom and I've never looked back from that decision is a teacher at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene Texas I have tried to do the same for my students as Doctor Downes did for me I show them that science and faith can be integrated that science should not be isolated from the central affirmation of our faith that come onto with colleagues at Southwestern Adventist University in Southern Adventist University I have been working on a special research project for the last twelve years the goal is to explain what happened to twenty five thousand and dinosaurs aged thirty to forty feet long this bullet ended up on what is now a cattle ranch in eastern Wyoming each summer during the month of June we travel to Wyoming where we excavated a thousand or more bones we returned and the Southwestern Adventist University where we process them clean them labeled them and collate them I curate in the dark collection and I will be say more about that directly in two thousand July received word from a teacher at Trinity Christian Academy and exclude Christian school in Dallas Houston about the possibility of joining us on our dinosaur research project for a few days reassuring them that we would be happy to have them and discussed the logistics domain or tell me he would want to come first and check things out after all these were Seventh-day Adventist and they were strange people they came in they check this out very carefully and they were stunned to find that we were friendly spiritually minded Christians and were accommodating rather than indoctrinating and they've been coming ever since each summer they bring twenty middle school students to learn about dinosaurs are and to learn what Seventh-day Adventists are the subtext each year they lead with twenty students whose lives at an influence for the better in the words of the father one of the students a prominent Dallas businessman who stop by my office three years after his sonic onto the dinosaur project he said that experience changed my son 's life I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for him why don't I tell you this these fellow Christians were looking for scientists with genuinely open minds people who are willing to consider all the evidence they were thrilled to find teachers who challenged Darwin they were pleased to discover real scientists doing real research firm the recent creation in six literal days not evolution over millions of years they wanted to hear the evidence for water why catastrophic slide and we were happy to oblige them Seventh-day Adventist schools everywhere the opportunity to present the sort of education that will capture the attention of people like these teachers and students from Trinity Christian Academy if we do we really can be educational leaders now is not the time to back off to apologize or to keep silent but maybe you're not yet certain that creation is that important after all a lot of really intelligent people deny the Biblical account and some of them even make fun of the idea of believing what the Bible says let's take a quick work at Watsons at stake in this this past year I went through the whole Bible beginning of Genesis and ending with revelation looking for tax but had to do with creation I found twenty two pages of singlespaced text to talk about creation and the Creator God twenty six book cover this topic and some of them this is a major theme for the buck but what is its importance to us why does it matter so much number one the basis of our worship is explained in Revelation four eleven where we read that the twenty four elders fell down to worship God saying you are worthy O God I love these words to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they exist were created creation this fundamental worship Raima Paul says in Romans one twenty to twenty five for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse because although they knew God they did not glorify him as God nor were thankful that became futile in their thoughts their foolish hearts were darkened professing themselves to be wise they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God what is the glory of God and his creation that's what makes you God changed it into an image lately like corruptible man and birds and four-footed beasts and creeping thing never seen that story before therefore God gave them up to uncleanness in the lusts of their hearts to dishonor their bodies among themselves who changed the truth of God is creator ship in July and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever version is due to who created you that's the basis of biblical basis for worship is creation if we have evolved and worship is there to our ancestors man and birds and four-footed things creeping thing that's if God did not create us as he said he did we have no basis for worshiping him not only worship on our salvation is laid out in terms of creation one of my favorite tax for this there are many in the Bible connected to his IVF forty three why would I imagine many of you know that the Lord who created -year-old Jacobsen who form dual Israel creation they are not or I have read the engine I have called you by your name and you are mine creation redemption without the Genesis story of a perfect creation on a perfect without the story in Genesis perfect creation in a perfect earth with the subsequent fall leading to death responsibility for sin rests with God who chose to make manned by the process of evolution with sin and death an integral and necessary part of the process that takes away entirely with me for a sacrifice as a remedy for sin given to us who are wholly unworthy by a loving Savior without the story of Genesis without a perfect six-day creation we have no hope of redemption not only worship and salvation of the whole concept of God who God is and whether his word is trustworthy is invested in the fourth commandment in Exodus thirty one is not normally were returned for the story to listen to what he says there the Lord spoke to Moses saying for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested the most refresh and when he had made in the end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai he gave Moses through tablets of stone written with the finger of God everyone doesn't have to say God wrote his own finger in a tablet of stone he wrote that he had created the earth in six days it seems to me if God did not create in six literal days but he said he had and brought it with his finger in the table of stone development God deliberately deceitful if that were the case what hope do we have that other things he said are reliable or perhaps God didn't really say that writing and stone perhaps Moses made the story up that God created the earth in six days of Moses was lying and what all do we have done other things Moses wrote our true in that case the only reading about acids that does justice to God and his integrity is a straightforward one he told us precisely what he had done in an accident indelibly in rock with his own finger so the doctrine of creation is not just one in nine many important beliefs creation is about as fundamental as the depths of creation is the foundation of our faith students and Daniel revelation no that the remnant church is called into existence at the very time in Earth 's history when a major new apostasy arises concerning origins God 's remedy was to bring it of being a group of believers whose name seventh day Adventist emphasizes to cardinal doctrines price soon return and God 's creators saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come that's he is soon coming judgment is what is the news that means Jesus is coming back and worship him worship has the without Sabbath has to do with creation imu made the heavens and your deceased without water so what really happened in October of eighteen forty four this audience is all about the Millerite movement the great disappointment of new understanding of the heavenly sanctuary discovered our spiritual forebears I don't have to tell you about the beginning of the investigative judgment but another profoundly important event occurred at the same time possibly the same day foreseen in the wording of Revelation ten five and six that you compare the attacks were the parallel texts in Daniel chapter twelve verse seven will see that there's something added it is very timely in the revelation text the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and the land this is Revelation ten five and six raised his hand inhabitants whereby in who lives forever and ever who created the heavens and the things learned in the earth and the things Internet in the sea and the things that are inept feathers of the time no longer that tax about God 's creators it is not in the parallel passage in Daniel that was added here in Revelation because this was the time of the great deception on origins in two thousand nine the scientific world is marking the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin 's book origin of species but most people are utterly out of where a block buster of the book became out fifteen years earlier in the at October eighteen forty four the booklet entitled vestiges of the natural history of creation it was written and published anonymously by Robert Chambers a British bookseller in the four hundred page work it gives a comprehensive account of the origin of the universe the origin of life and even origin of human beings without God in a completely materialistic framework this book was the first deliver a promotion about godless theory of origins and it came out in mid-October eighteen forty four the book was an instant success selling over twenty thousand copies in seven additions during the first ten years making it perhaps the best-selling book of the whole nineteenth century it was widely distributed on the continent it was read by poets and statesmen like Abraham Lincoln and and Queen Victoria both had read the book this is the Sir David Brewster warned that this book vestiges said a fair chance of voice maintenance songs of science and sapping the foundations of religion Darwin himself in July eighteen forty four and finished the manuscript and committed at the publication was fearful he was devastated by the publication of vestiges thinking he had lost his chance to get credit worthy ideas he thought he deserved a modern historian James Secord recently has written a treatise on Chambers book published in two thousand in the following passage he spells out the sense of the importance of this work in changing people 's minds about evolution where did the change to take place we often think of Charles Darwin listen to this he says quote how did evolution game 's pivotal role in the public arena the answer turns out they had little to do with Darwinian biology little to do with Darwinian biology or Big Bang astronomy instead the critical period of the first half of the nineteenth century and the turning point is a response of readers to vestiges the turning point it's what the response of readers of this book published in mid- October eighteen forty four so that is what happened on earth in October eighteen forty four God brought this people into existence at the very time when this new apostasy was thrust on the world we are here to be the reverse of the breach the restorative has the walk-in what impact has this church have on the advance of evolution in two thousand four I attended a special symposium on creation and evolution sponsored by the geological Society of America at their meeting in Denver it was a big deal at this symposium to a separate speakers were considering the origin of the modern creation movement both of them showed a picture on the screen of the one person were done more to advance creationism than any other in the year of evolution first picture do you suppose was on the screen Ellen G White I was thrilled so what are we doing to promote greater to the God we can certainly honor him by accepting his word on the basis of the confidence we have in the I called in Hebrews one three by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are invisible that means that we have to exercise faith to believe in God 's preemption without I expect that we don't embrace it but we can do more those of us are a scientist can carry our experiments out to try to learn more about the past distributor and shut in these experiments give additional confidence to our understanding of God 's word if we use the information in the Bible to guide us as to what experiments might be interesting who knows what results we might have as God opens his treasured house as he promised in Deuteronomy a handful of Christians who are scientists nearly all of them Seventh-day Adventists have been pursuing these goals for many years I will try to give you a little sample of these operations I spent the month of May camp can detect in the deserts of Utah working with Doctor Leonard Brand share of the division of natural sciences at Loma Linda University and his students on a project designed to look through the entire geologic column to see what we can learn about time and process to see if the rock still is millions of years were told something about rapid sudden sedimentation we have long suspected that the rock record was not being read correctly by standard geologist but now we are examining it with quantitative tools that will allow us to say something specific like it's your fascinating progress report with me if we had time with you if we had time for now I can say that we're finding many indication there are inconsistencies between the standard long agency model and what we're seeing in the field although it may be some time before we can properly prepare and publish this data we will not hesitate to share with our church family I spent the month of June in a chat stamped in a remote region of eastern Wyoming in the least populated county in the least populated state United States or within excavating the remains of dinosaurs were over twelve years we first began this project at the invitation of an affable Christian gentleman rancher who wanted the resources of his rants to be used for science a secular paleontologist had been working on the ranch and when the ranch owner told them that he wanted him to share the idea of creation with young people he was bringing out the show dinosaurs do on his ranch the secular paleontologist was incensed that he would have to say something about creation didn't even say couldn't talk about evolution is a set I want you to tell them about creation he laughed as he laughed and shouted over his shoulder this is the last day that science will be done on the Hansen Ranch any interest here one of his students had scrolled same sentiment on a shark they left behind in in the spray paint that was a challenge we didn't take lightly without God we set out to do excellent science there would be a credit to the God we worship in the church we serve it is risky to link small plans with a big God he has taken us far beyond her aspirations and enabled us to pioneer new technologies will be high resolution GPS that we can map bones in the court and build virtual quarries in our computers reconstructions that have revolutionized the way paleontology can be done we can view in the computer photographic images of our quarries with all the bones in place even after the bump to them physically remove as a result paleontologists can now do something that they've always dreamed of which is to see what the phones look like in the ground where presented our results nearly at meetings of the geological Society of America and of the Society of vertebrate paleontologists four years later after we began we were having lunch with colleagues including a the head paleontologist at the Los Angeles County Museum and when he found out where we were working we were surprised he seemed in all dollars his comment was I hear that you're doing good work out there the word drug is circulating about us in spite of the fact that the secular paleontologists know we are believers in the biblical account of origins in a global flow that's not all of my colleagues we determined that the bones were excavated were not going to end up in a musty basement somewhere as often happens with such things we developed an online museum to present our findings to the paleontological community within six years we have the largest collection of fossil dinosaur fossils on the Internet the only collection on the Internet that have pictures of all the bones we thought we would list our museum we were quite proud of it on a government-funded site run by University California Berkeley was standing always throughout represent online all sides with thoughtful content although the Berkeley site contain many links some of them were nothing more than Joe Smith homepage with a couple pictures of fossil I said argue out RL in any way and shortly there after received a letter saying that they had accepted our museum it would be they represented their I waited a week or so and then tried to find it online it didn't show up so I wrote asking where the link was to my astonishment they said we were not supposed to set your site was accepted it is still out for review three months later I got a rejection notice saying that our site was neither scientific nor educational it was a clear and blatant case of discrimination against us because of our personal belief in a creator God nothing on our sites advertise anything of our beliefs but the whole community knows that we are creations praise God we have pioneered in the field of online museums our website have the largest collection of dinosaur bones on the Internet and the only such site with photographs of all the bones but we are not scientific or educational to put it mildly I was not pleased but I was determined to do even more than the secular museums sites were doing since that time we have developed techniques for producing 3-D virtual reality images of the bones in addition to the photographs you can now see thousands of 3-D in forgive in your mouth and rotate the bone around and see it from all sides we did a paper on this technique at the geological Society of America meeting we also since we have developed these virtual-reality maps so we could see all the bones in the quarry we decided we would go one step further and allow those were visiting our site to click on a button it will show them where the bone they're looking at was found in the quarry so you can now do that enable in the collection you can click on the map but it out of the picture of the bone in the coordinate with all the bones that surround no other museum site in the world no other museum site in the world as these features we went on to present two additional papers at national meetings of the geological Society of America we published a paper in the symposium volume on our website we also launched an educational site sharing it in philosophically neutral terms excitement and interest of dinosaur so that students can learn about dinosaurs without learning about millions of years of evolution this is for public school children as well as Earl many of you would enjoy visiting this site seeing some of the neat things that there all this from a bunch of creationists of the small Seventh-day Adventist University in Texas by the life you want to go to besides the addresses FWA use Southwestern Adventist University .edu and you can put in front of that either fossil dinosaur or Dino did any one of those words to go to one of the sites a dinosaur paleontologist probably the best known dinosaur authority in the world recently gained our you learn out a map worries using the techniques we use while you were there we showed them our museums like in our educational site and he had within the director one of the largest museums in the world he has response in an e-mail with the following he said quote I was astounded I have never seen before such precise and comprehensive data management system for your paleontology and for the lab no other museum or university comes close for dinosaur this is a guy that's been on major dinosaur digs all over the world God has richly blessed us in this work it's a testimony to his name but this recognition during the last two weeks just before I came here I was camped in the chair high above the Arctic Circle where the sun circled the sky overhead twenty four hours a day the temperature stayed at zero degrees centigrade around-the-clock and magnetic compasses pointed anywhere but more we were looking at the positives were supposed to be seventeen million years old these plants were unique to go to build a house out of the water burned in your fireplace we got homes pros and cones out of permafrost that we brought back to examine to see whether we can get living cells out of them whether we can extract DNA if we're successful it will challenge the idea that these are seventeen million years old these and other projects have occupied our attention for a professional lifetime we have found encouraging results from every project we've undertaken giving us data consistent with the role model of Earth history and encouraging us to believe that there are lots of other answers out there yet to be found and we prove the biblical model of origins of the global plot correct no but I was never into your science is not about proving things it's about testing ideas with experiments idea of the correctly predict the outcomes of experiments that haven't yet been done are good ideas in science so far the biblical model of origins in a global flood provides a very good model of the seventh day Sabbath of the Lord your God and also not do any work now organized on or thy daughter more than a manservant of thy maidservant nor thy cattle nor thy stranger that is within thy gates for in six days the Lord made heaven and are the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how they were a medium with my noncancerous and is you would like to learn more and I find a shot a boy as a online sermon is www. online universe


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