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When Does God Forgive Sins?

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


The Captain Calls - King's Heralds

Hold Thou My Hand - Del Delker, Accompanied by Alfred Walters

Hallelujah, What a Saviour - King's Heralds

Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet - King's Heralds


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If the drone didn't let. This go. And cheer the people who dreams be Jolo float and see. Jesus is. And. This is the voice of prophecy Loyce crying in the wilderness of these modern days prepare you the way of the Lord. And. This is close. A. Voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music again today you hear the music of the king's heroes still delicate and bright bright with the voice of prophecy speaker is H.M.S. rich. There's the food there's a load food renewed love. Here's. The. Shuttle. To you. And to use. To you. If you follow scrabble over your speed load. I'm quoting. You. You. Use. Load on to you he used love for Woman's they hating shallow to see he is close to none in right out of a good mold of the men been done out of. Hundred Years follow them to the we love you know Week Ending followed by shallow full of big ole reasons I blow them to you it's all over and tears flowed untuk is running specie for all of us close the whole ocean cries told it reduced. And for the rescue of a million cars on all of them to Globe you told. Them to you follow them to you use all owed to you. Our Father which art in heaven. We thank Thee for the Mercers for the light truths for the eye of forgiveness and gardens. Bless us today we pray in this broadcast and May everyone who listens find blessing to. In Christ's name we ask it. Of me as a song of quote rare. Just near to lose all over the loaf Larry Summers is. Our. Guest near truth. At all over the globe and. Jesus. Last read team are. Sent from the heart. Of God. Hold us. Before the. New year to the heart. Of God. Our. We have a special treat for you now Alfred waters violinist Orchestra conducted last year to college on Lincoln California assists Dell DELL care in presenting that beautiful prayer in song hold out my hand. Was. Was was was. Was. Was. A. Was was. Was. Was. Was. Was. Was. Was. Was was. A. Load. Was was. In. The spirit is to you claim. This. The. There it was a little over. Well over. A. Little over. A savage. Mr Richards and the king's heroes are continuing their itinerary of public appearances they will be in Grand Ledge Michigan at the Seventh Day Adventist campgrounds tonight August nine through the eleventh Terrio Canada at the actual missionary college Tuesday evening August twelfth Union Springs New York at Union Springs Academy on Wednesday evening August thirteen Washington New Hampshire at the Seventh Day Adventist church on Saturday August sixteen we would like to encourage all of our friends in these areas to attend the voice of prophecy rally nearest you and now here is H.M.S. Richards to answer the question when does God forgive sins. Friends its summer time and a voice of prophecy Broadcasting Group is making public appearances all over the country but the office work must go on the broadcasting must go on in spite of rising costs so we hope you will not forget to write to the voice of prophecy box fifty five Los Angles California now our subject for today when does God forgive sins. We often hear men. Mr say when we ask God to forgive us he forgives us. Now that statement is true and it's not true that is it's true at some times and not true at other times why because of the conditions of God's forgiveness does not come merely for the asking it depends upon the conditions that go along with the asking remember this talk is cheap there are some people who sins God will never forgive because they never ask him for proof of that statement read James for verse two and there are others who ask and receive not because they ask us that's the third verse of James four yes some people may repent of their sins and still God does not forgive them why because the conditions of forgiveness are not fully met Jesus said not everyone that say as under me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that do with the will of My Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day Lord Lord have we not in diet named on many wonderful works and then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me he that work iniquity Matthew seven twenty one and onward. Yes these people were real religious very religious extremely religious they did great works in Christ's name he did not deny that but still they will be rejected in the day of judgment you see words are real in God's sight only when they express the true meaning of our hearts we may use good words before God and not get good results because our hearts. Or not sincere not truly repentant. There was the apostate backslidden old prophet below. We read about him in numbers the twenty second chapter. Finally when his sin was found out he confessed I have seen it verse thirty four tells us that. But there was no repentance with it and he went on to destruction and eternal loss. We read about that in Numbers thirty one verse eight David said these very same words I have seen Second Samuel twelve thirteen but David sins were forgiven his words were the same but his heart was not the same as bail him. David's heart was right and immediately the word of assurance came to him from God's servant the prophet the Lord has put away the I.C.M. dollars shalt not die. Some time ago that Christian digest carried an article saying there is a vast difference between being sorry for saying and being sorry you're caught between confessing you're saying as an confessing some other fellows between seeing your own faults and seeing some other person's between conversion of the head and conversion of the heart between being led by the Holy Spirit and being led by your own imagination. Between being persecuted for righteousness' sake and being persecuted for foolishness sake. And so there is a great difference. Yes friend we may be religious very religious and yet be rejected in the day of judgment words even good words religious words ceremonies sacraments church membership church office church recognition all these things will be cheap very. Very cheap even worse than cheap if we put them in place of repentance and depend upon them for salvation. God forgave David sin because he truly repented and showed it by meeting the conditions of forgiveness the conditions of forgiveness are to first repentance and the confession real genuine repentance being sorry for the sin itself here are David's own words in some thirty two three when I kept silence my bones waxed all through my roaring all day long for day and night I hand was heavy upon me like knowledge of my sin unto thee and mine iniquity have I not had I said I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord and all for gave us the iniquity of my sin so we see here that David both confessed and repented as a result he was forgiven dial for gave us the iniquity of my scene then happiness came to him as we read in verse seven Notice in verse six that David repented in time in a time when they all may have to be found as he put it he didn't wait too long when Dr Evans a well known preacher was a student at the moody Institute in Chicago he used to go down to the Pacific Garden Mission there one night he was talking to a man about his soul the man argued against him he said I don't believe the Bible I'm an atheist. Evans repeated diverse except to repent he shall all likewise perish Luke thirteen three then the fellow ridiculed him I told you I didn't believe it again Evan school did accept your repaint you shall all likewise perish the unbeliever stubbornly said you disgusting fellow what's the use of telling me that again heavens repeated the verse angered the man struck him between the eyes and knocked him down his Bible flew one way the young preacher the other. God sustained him he got up and said my friend God loves you and accept you repent you shall all likewise perish the very next night that man was in the mission before meeting time he said I couldn't sleep last night all over the wall I read except you repent you shall all likewise perish I saw it on my pillow in the morning when I got up I saw except your repaint of the breakfast table and also the day of his being there before me. And I have come back to set it and he did and so should we everywhere the Apostle Paul when he preached that they should repent and turn to God acts twenty six twenty the very foundation of the Gospel is described in Hebrews six one as repentance from dead works and of faith toward God to the great crowd on the day of Pentecost the apostle Peter said repent you therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out X. three that's the only way to meet the judgment I confession and repentance and a time when God can be found true repentance means that turning of the life round in the opposite direction to turn away from evil if I present direction through sin leads to destruction we must turn around a motorist about fifty miles outside Washington D.C. once asked a young farmer by the roadside off guard west of Washington in the way you're headed the farmer said it's about twenty five thousand miles but if you turn around it'll be about fifty three the Greek word translated repent literally means change your mind other words get a new point of view that's what Jesus was saying change your mind but the kingdom of heaven is at hand you see just looking on merely at the words but at the motif looking at the inside of a man's mind the Bible says man look at on the outward appearance but the Lord look at on the heart for Samuel sixteen seven he was royal Smith who said that no man is ever. More than four steps from God and those steps are conviction repentance consecration and faith repentance is the heart sorrow and a clear life and suing a Shakespeare put it and good Martin Luther said to do so no more is the truest repentance here it is in plain words that anyone can understand in Proverbs twenty eight thirteen he that covered his sin shall not prosper but who so confess it and forsake if them shall have mercy and the judgment it's in God's pardon that counts and only God's pardon it is said that in the reign of Charles the First a prisoner was brought to trial on the jury found him guilty throughout all the proceedings a man seen common concern even when the judge pronounced sentence upon him he didn't say a word. Just took a paper from his pocket and handed it to the judge it was the King's full pardon which a messenger had brought just in time to set him free with that pardon in his pocket he feared nothing and so it will be on the day of judgment if we have Christ's free pardon for see and we shall not be afraid of anything if we have come to God in true repentance and have confessed and for sake an hour since we can have the bless at issuance that our sins are forgiven and that there is nothing against us the blood of Jesus Christ Himself covers all our scenes so we read in first John one nine if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our scenes if we confess he will forgive but some who know what the Holy Word of God says about sin seem to say to themselves what's the use there's no use trying God hates me because I'm a sinner and that's the end of it they go on into the darkness they're like the way we're young fellow who ran away from home was not heard from for years then in some way Word got to him that his father had died and he returned home his mother received him kind. The whole family was gathered together for the reading of the will by the lawyer everyone was surprised but the Will went on in great detail telling of the wayward career of this runaway boy he became disturbed then angry finally stamped out of the room left the house and was not heard from for three years when he came back he was informed at the will after telling about his stubbornness and waywardness went on to bequeath him fifteen thousand dollars Just think of the sorrow he would have saved himself if he had only stayed until the lawyer had finished reading the will. There are some people who only half read the Bible they go away from it dissatisfied they read only part of it remember the Book of God says the wages of sin is death that's true enough. There's the condemnation there's the bitterness but the very same book the very same chapter and the very same verse also says but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans six twenty three so you see God does forgive sin the Scripture says so Jesus says so and he forgives our scenes not merely for the asking but for the asking when the conditions are met when we repent when we confess when we turn away from our sins it's a simple clear reasonable offer by the Lord come now and let us reason together says the Lord though your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be a red like crimson. They shall be as will. Your sig below us Carlos. Shall do. Your sig. This show is well out it was nolo so. Do. You do. It. Do you. Transcript. Of. The. Transcript. And remain. On the list same time next week on The Voice of prophecy when I. Again bring you this inspirational broadcast my urge you to keep looking up ever going forward in faith. Have faith in God. Above Earth's rush and D. and. Have faith in God. To bring salvation and. Have faith in God for giving all our See and. Have faith dear friend. In God.


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