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H.M.S. Richards Sr.


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Lift up the drum pit and load little green you kids oh says Hello Big didn't cheer look you feel dreams be Jolo Poland still do Jesus is coming again. And. This is the bodies of prophecy voice crying in the wilderness of these modern day. Prepare you the way of the load. You're getting here's this is cold maybe you get a. Voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration you'll hear the music of the king's hero's. Bride braving the voice of prophecy speaker is H.M.S. Richard. Oh my brother do you know losin you love food was well done was coming and um trued he's the luck of yellow side elevation on. You in the look followed you. All this money in the love of money Brotherhood this time you in the UK fold you. Leave your Syrians all over the blood to come close their ears find you in the luck float you. Who then go love through the street Sun Power where you preach the good to the man you are the few who say to every you follow the envelope there's. In the look for you who all of this money even the luck Muslim Brotherhood There's one here in the run up for you who lead your citizens for blood of blood good cause there's money in the look closer you lose. Let us pray. Heavenly Father. We seek God blessing upon this broadcast. And upon everyone who hears bless our listeners in North America salsa mouth and straightener seal and Europe. And all parts of the world where we may be heard tool in Christ's name. Let me use a player son of quote it or man is near to lose upload hard come up with oh no playing here somewhere soon Kyin Old Mole lair just near truth done it a long gun of. Jesus blessed Redeemer. Who are sent from the heart of gone from you hold us who follow me fourteen. To the heart. Of God. All over. For you to move the roll over. Of the. You close. The. Lid told us he was. A bit closer to load the. Loaves. A a close to the low for load. Was. A loaf a little over ten fold live below the. Heat. Of the load if you recall. On the prudish. US He was a. Credit to. The. Here again is the king's hero's quartet the offer an old song but a new arrangement. Might go. Fish. With. The. Heat. So. Keep. The. Heat. We're. So. Close you well over. Me all over it with a load. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the police a prophecy speaker is subject we have some questions dear voice of prophecy I've been told that when Jesus comes the second time he will come secretly and for proof I was told to read for such a lonely as for sixteen and seventeen where does one get any idea of secrecy out of that. Well that's my answer to Where would it be. Let's read the verse you mention for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God in the dead in Christ shall rise first then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord. According to the wording of this description of our Lord's return there will be three sounds the sound of the life the sound of the shout the sound of the trump of God In addition the graves will be torn open the resurrected saints will shout old death where is the sting a little grave or is that a victory first Corinthians fifteen fifty five what a joyous time that will be for all God's people who are caught up to meet the Lord in the air but think also of the great layout of the last address to the rocks and mountains fall on us and hide us from the face of him that's it is on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb Revelation six sixteen Jesus used the word. Secret only once in reference to a second coming here it is in Matthew twenty four twenty six where for if they shal say unto you behold he is in the desert going out for three whole years in the secret chambers believe it not there certainly no comfort in these verses for any teaching of a secret return of our Lord on the other hand we are admonished here not to believe anyone who might say that he has come secretly Christ's coming is not to be secret for as the lightning comes out of the east and shine of the even of the West said Jesus so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be in Matthew twenty four twenty seven dear sir don't you think the preaching of the Christian faith has now reached practically all the world answer it has reach spots in practically all the world but in the last minute the world population has increased by eighty three during the last hour the population of the world is increased by about five thousand people since this time yesterday it has increased one hundred twenty thousand a pretty good sized city since this time last year it has increased nearly forty four million had forty four million people receive the Christian faith in the last twelve months think about it the population of the world is growing faster than the effective preaching of Christ is being brought to them for example Arabia with seven million population has fewer than fifty native Christians in the whole country in New York City with at least eight million people nearly fifty five percent are on affiliated with any faith whatever Time magazine says that twenty seven percent are Catholics a little over ten percent are Jews and seven percent Protestants This leaves over half the population of that city without any religious faith and this is a city in a so-called Christian land the great meetings of Billy Graham in New York must have brought the gospel to the attend. Of millions Jesus said this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for the witness on to all nations and then shall the end come Matthew twenty four fourteen let us do our part faithfully to proclaim the gospel by life by word by sacrificial getting question do you think God really know what we're doing all the time answered the Bible says that I don't know it's my down sitting on my own uprising I understand just my thought of far off Psalm one hundred thirty nine too in these days of rapidly advancing science it would be ridiculous for anyone to deny that the Creator does not know everything is going on when by our modern electronic devices we can keep in touch with people see them hear them even count their heartbeats a thousand miles away by the way and ultra high speed cameras just been invented which can take pictures at the rate of four million a second believe it or not as many as five exposures in sequence can be made on a single plate a film with exposure time a shortest twenty mill a cross seconds whatever that is or less than one fiftieth of a millionth of a second. Question Why does God not take us out of this world if he does not want us to be contaminated by it well God's people are in the world but they're not of it Jesus said I have given them by word and the world of hated them because they are not of the world even as I am not of the world John seventeen fourteen Jesus prayed that they might be kept from the evil verse fifteen God's people are in this world for a purpose in verse eighteen we read as I have sent me into the world even so have I also sent them into the world. In Matthew five thirteen we read that geezer's sales of his people ye are the salt of the earth salts of preservatives. God's people are on this earth to be a blessing to others some scientists had written of a certain little spider in South America that has a home under the water it has the power of forming a bubble about itself in which like a diving bell it sinks to the bottom and remains there for hours breathing the air flow from above which it has taken down with it when it comes to the surface it's perfectly dry no moisture penetrates the atmosphere in which it lives so it may be with Christ true believers while in this world we may be surrounded with a heavenly atmosphere and live for him here and now and bless others with our influence and witness. Here's another question about God's own knowledge. What does this text mean while God seeis me Genesis sixteen thirty you know answer. We suggest that it means just what it is saying. We read also in some thirty three thirteen the Lord look at from heaven he behold us all the sons of man from the place of his habitation you look at upon all the inhabitants of the earth the fashion of their hearts alike he consider us all their works that's plain isn't it the eighteenth one thousand words of the same song read behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him upon them but hope in His mercy to deliver their soul from death under keep them alive. In famine. Mr Westlake newsagent arrived home late one afternoon found his wife and children had gone to the zoo he was just having a little snack as relaxed in the living room as he finished his sandwich he said to himself I hope they got there all right then he turned on a T.V. set to see if there was anything worth looking at the first thing he saw was his wife and children at the zoo and was he surprised he saw them clearly watched until they went off the screen then he said I had no idea. That there was to be any television at the zoo when I turned the T.V. on I never dreamed of seeing this do and least of all that I expect to see my wife and children in fact they did not know that they had been televised until I returned home. In such televising should become general many people would be panic stricken and fear that their every action might be open to others yet millions go on about their daily pursuits completely oblivious to the fact that God does not mix and act an attitude a word or even a thought their voice or probably Would you please say something about Isaiah fifty three Verse five gladly best of all I will just read that wonderful passage of scripture he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we know he knew that Calgary that's the cross. I think I'll tell you an old story a story we've told before on this broadcast and I'm sure you'd like to hear it again in a country school in the mountains of West Virginia a new teacher came to take over no teacher never finished a term there because of trouble made by a group of rowdy boys. And one autumn a new teacher came young man just out of college she was frail stoop shouldered low chested not a single physical factor to indicate his ability to cope with the situation. On the day school opened he stood and faced this group of bullies and calmly said to the one hundred or more people's wasn't Girls we're going to continue this school through the term of course we're going to have ordered all time or we cannot do our work without it. There's an open sneer contemptuous ridicule and many faces then the young teacher continued but do not misunderstand me I realize I cannot cope with any of your larger boys I can't make you do anything if you don't wish to do I don't intend to make a single law enforce it. You will make. The rules for yourselves I propose then that we write on the board such laws as you think we ought to have to govern our school more in the light of bravado than otherwise one big fellow said I moved further we have a law against stealing another says i Movie have a law against lying so one after another they made their own rules until ten it been written on the board stops of the teacher ten laws are enough to govern even a nation they will certainly be sufficient to govern us here at school. But law must be maintained you know on if it's violated the offender must be punished what penalty do you suggest some of them propose that whoever violated one of these laws should be whipped by the teacher with a black gum whip and that no call be one but the culprit during the punishment days past weeks past the school time was about a for the over when one of the larger boys came to the teacher one day and complained that his lunch bucket been stolen investigation was made it wasn't long before the crime was fixed on the little fellow conspicuous because of his pinched face thin body sallow complection his coat and trousers were much too big for him as they had been cut down from an old suit of his father's he always kept his coat buttoned up around his neck teacher called him up to the front the boys soon made his confession yes I took it and I must bear my punishment but please let me keep my coat on teachers and the rules say the coat has to be taken off take it off the lad pleaded. Last Losing patience the teacher demanded the coach be removed and the boy a baby stood before the school with nothing on save these trousers he had no shirt no underclothes he stood there humiliated expecting the blows teacher's face went white he hesitated yet the law must be enforced the penalty paid and he said to the boy why did you do such a thing little fellow answered between the sobs my father died in August his last wish was that I should be educated mother said she would take in washing and do scrubbing to earn our living so I could. Go to school she's been sick now for two weeks nothing at home to eat for two days we've had only little soap in a quest of bread and yesterday nothing I'm so hungry that's what made me lunch teacher hesitated then a big voice in the back of the room cried out wait a minute Mr Teacher I'll take Jim's whipping for him. So I didn't break the law teacher put it to a vote in the school agreed John walk to the front took off his coat Betty shoulders bore the punishment when the teacher had finished she looked at the little culprit and said Now is the M. coming take your punishment school is up in arms no no you can't do that you can't punish two boys for the same thing you agreed to let John take Jim's punishment you can't punish him for what John's already suffered. Teachers So that's right I just wanted to prove to you that the law has been vindicated while the law is just it's also martial Jim does it go free from any further punishment. Little Jim ran over to John. Ruiz arms around his knees and with tears trickling down his cheek said John I know I love you all my life what do you want me to do I'll do whatever you want me to do I'm yours from now on. Well that illustrates Isaiah fifty three doesn't it Son of God our Lord Jesus bore the penalty which was our due for having transgressed the Holy Law of God. Can we not say to him Lord Jesus I love you all my life for doing what you did for me whatever you wish me to do I'll do I'm yours from now on forever. He bore our punishment which we couldn't bear he took the death which we'd taken we had no resurrection. When we need to believe in Him You see we commit ourselves to him. He was nailed to the cross for us. I knew to lose the crew was you knew who. Was you where you leading. Them was you. And the was Jesus was. Was. The. We see you when you land a and. Listen again next week for another broadcast presented by the voice of prophecy. The power of God knows no equal so let us keep looking up going forward in faith. Have faith in God Each puzzled hard to. Have faith in God and His true answer find. Have faith in God the merciful. And trying to. Have face dear friend. In golf. You're.


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