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Hebrews 13 "Final Class and Summary of Book"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 15, 2009
    9:00 AM
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him us out with him this is a serious class beer on Chapter thirteen which is the last chapter in the sale I anticipate that we will send are studying today but there seems fully starless void of her father in heaven we thank you for this day we thank you for the opportunity to study your ornament as we study Hebrews thirteen year bosses special way this is my prayer in Jesus name and are easy with Chapter thirteen now we finished he was sheltered from last time and hall and really seneschal is some of his main points by the end of chapter twelve chapters twelve and you have working in the Jesus the author and finisher of our faith run the race of patience of the fourth talking about coming to Mount Zion and the pathway to Mount Zion and the number of other topics and all the things can't try together the concept of Jesus as our high Priest on results of the right hand of God Valley health system run this race with patients that leads us all the way to Mount Zion and that's ultimately the call of the hundred and forty four thousand he will stand mounts on the lam for you can see that we are coming to Mount Zion in verse twenty two chapter twelve Paul Connors ties everything together and then chapter thirteen is just sort of parting instruction to the Hebrews just as a reminder of who he's right here in the immediate context this was written in sixteen sixty four years before the destruction of Jerusalem and so it was important for the Jewish Christians the Hebrew Christians to I understand that the Jewish ceremonial law was no longer important because if they hung onto that they would hang on the sample among Jerusalem was surrounded they want to stay in the city instead I get it now as Jesus until the music services glass instructions of the Jewish Hebrew Christians Hebert Christians just before the destruction of Jerusalem but there's also language in here that applies to US today is also started Chapter thirteen person on board says what brotherly love and sending so is one of the things that we think about when we think of God 's people to write a race of patients and for us and how we are headed to Mount Zion and chapter twelve we see the concept of following peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see the word in verse fourteen at chapter twelve we also see how roots of bitterness considering up among us in verse fifteen of Chapter twelve is just a reminder to let brotherly love continue we don't want to be defiled by having bitterness between our brothers and sisters it is no a little point there in the New Year's honors to be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares and in verse three continues as I do remember them that are in bonds is down within them which suffer adversity as being yourselves also in the body and what is Paul Sangster all the same knowledge and entertain strangers you don't neither these people are made either angels that even if they're not you should take care of these people and also that if you are suffering adversity now if this sounds than anywhere tonight in the words of Christ it should because the Matthew chapter five turn to Matthew chapter twenty five versus thirty five and thirty six Jesus says for I was an hundred and you gave me mean I was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you expect me naked anime club me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and he came on to me and so these are the people fear their name and realized that they were ministering to the Lord in the judgment gradient judgment when the two camps the sheep manure is sent before the Lord Jesus will say that she pay when I was hungry he said when I was a stranger and you certainly and folders for my mistake be not forgetful to entertain strangers and sometimes you're actually entertaining Angels and we can think of the story of Abraham Morrissey entertains angels and actuaries even entertain God saw served as there is also another point within this concept and that is the benevolent work as Ellen White initially called for medical missionary work we don't have to be a doctor with several letters passed your name is she due to medical missionary words and to reach out to those in need people are hungry on how to be a doctor to figure out that food will help you and I need and the Lord has given us instructions a helpless people and Paul as he is for instruction of the sea versus the not forgetful to entertain strangers remember them that our university many years on the sort of it the compilation I have ideas that he's trying to gather resources marriage is honorable in all and that undefiled before mongers and adulterers God will judge them as race for fourth I will make a point there are certain etc. Remus sighed as I would say that you have said that that people who are married should only have certain relations if they want to have children call sizzling the that is honorable so if you want to have a theological argument not infamous but here's a Bible verse that clearly comes up and believe it or not even in the last couple of years a well-known minister and off on that idea is no longer in the ministry see if those ideas are out there on the and obviously the key point warmongers and adulterers God will judge there is the literal component and that is also the spiritual about how modern-day Babylon makes all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication the outbound woman the mother of harlots and so there is a letter spiritual as well and it's interesting hundred and forty four thousand are described as virgins not defiled with women that's clearly spiritual language and says spiritual application you want to be part of a hundred and forty four thousand don't need a file with women without talking about that one who is the mother of Carlos Tomita filed by Apple on the mother and her harlot daughters is a continuing underside of your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as you have for he had said I will never leave the North forsakes the first six that we need bold say the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do enemy alike this reverses now notice what policy was downbeat savages be concerned with what you have now you are focuses first of all you're breaking the template tenth amendment don't come as a end-user family you're not to be concerned with what you have and if you're not concerned with what you have that means you're not satisfied with God and if you're not satisfied with God you can't really say the Lord is my helper and then you can't really say will not interfere with man's is because you don't really think that God is self luminous way that he said he is doable thing here and in and then we can't really boldly say the Lord is my health that usually downtown is fourth thankful for what we have and by the way the work conversation in the original language talks about the mind in the state of mind as it relates to mommy that's actually that's the idea to try to be conveyed here they met him nevertheless if we are to stand with what God has given his support for the things of this earth for we do have needs that were not savages then we can have confidence in God we can know that he really never will leave or forsake us and we really can say with boldness is that he is our helper and we won't fear what man with the address now what you notice and that concept is if we do not fear what man teachers means that in a in a healthy way we have the fear of God will see your man we serialized we are we are mindful of what man thinks of us we only care about what God thinks of us and how he provides for so consciousness is a relicensing mannerism is an important point to suffer was seen as a guide of hospitality a medical missionary work the idea of the honorable person for the honor of marriage and the idea of not coveting and having confidence that God takes care of us that he provides us and then continuing under seven remember them which have the rule over you are the marginal reading the King James is remember them which are the guides are relieved to have spoken unto you the word of God to say follow considering the end of their conversation about what Paul is saying here is what the spiritual leaders you have led you into this faith to follow and considering the end of their conversation came anything while service of saying that we should follow minimum set of God among us with the very next verse says this helps understand what follows first eighth is Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever so here's one the guy to its hot he had done so by following Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and because they have followed him they have followed that shrews that has always been the same yesterday today and forever as so use this if their conversation speaks of Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever you can have confidence the following to your teaching the thoughtful enough of Hollis saying and here we are two forty verse thirteen verse eight and it saves engravers that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and the context in the researching is that it supports teaching of Jesus Christ and the principles of Jesus Christ I have never changed I have confidence in what the teaching and noticed a very are you saying her side pieces be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines so here's the form is Jesus Christ is always the same so if someone started teaching you a new daughter that contradicts a old truths don't follow don't be carried about with divers and strange doctrines because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever to change the other contradictions also if your Bible teacher is teaching is something that clearly goes against God that's being carried about with divers and strange doctrines but if your Bible teacher is teaching you to trust in the word of God every word you can have confidence in you can follow the ultimately we follow Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever so be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines for it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace not with needs which have not profited them to have five have been occupied and they are in now all was starting to get into this concept of like what the media studies talking my CRE talk about in Hebrews chapter span where he talks about needs and dreams of urgency receptor nine sorry receivers chapter nine verse ten that pertains to the earthly sanctuary service where you have meats and drinks and divers Washington Cardinal Cornyn ordinances impose until the time of reformation the Reformation is when Jesus died on the cross there was a change from the ceremonial system to the system that Christ established within the cross is what Paul is saying here is okay it's good to be established with race the race I thought has provided for us through the death of Jesus and by the way look at your Jewish forefathers the media offerings of the column performed didn't profit the media they rejected Christ that which was supposed to point and shoot Christ ultimately they ended up rejecting instead of accepting and then verse ten he says we have an altar wherever they have no right to eat which serve the time tabernacle is a nice talk about the Jewish ceremonial something like in our system only those who are all of us have the right to worship him in verse eleven through the bodies of those beasts whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest percent are burned without they can now this is a little bit of a theological points on the explainable trying to say here certain offerings the flash of the animals would be eaten by the priests in the sanctuary of the sin offering specifically the sin offering when it was offered in the outer courtyard the flash was then taken outside of the sanctuary burned outside the key and what that with some Volokh of is that when Jesus came and died see all jarring outside the city of Jerusalem secures a savior of the world he should be the wound job and according to tighten outside theoretically he should have died in the sample but he was actually taken outside of the city Jerusalem and crucified on the cross multiple pulses in the next releases wherefore Jesus also in Jesus by the way was the sin offering as he was the ultimate sin offering wherefore Jesus also that he might sanctify the people with his own blood suffered without thinking a CCD illustration policymaking here with a seminar him animals that were the sin offering would then be taken after they were sacrificed within the taken outside of the sanctuary and their bodies would be burned that was what he did with the synoptic Jesus you what the sin offering also died without the key and there's a key point universe focuses cheeses sanctifies the people with his own was down I assume a lot of time on this that commonly appear as people are theologians say that were justified by the blood of Christ and that is true and then were sanctified by the washing of water through the words and the blood of Christ justifies us in he watches as her clean this up with water and when he was stressed in the side blood and water came out in the blog justifies us in one of us actually not available to each message is an idea that some theologians came up with because series thirteen resources not only does Hezbollah justifies it also sanctifies him and it is what justifies us and sanctify this out mentally separate justification and sanctification salvation and the salvation process because the price of the wine is the salvation process that is what justifies us and sacrifices that means justification and sanctification are part of salvation I see that so if someone tries to sell you the justification is the only part of salvation leadership in the research and twelve things that his blood sacrifices as well his blood as part of salvation so she justifies us and he sanctifies us with his lot in what Paul is saying here to the Hebrews as well as what can our old system only those who have the right one wine he was using urine sample once Jesus died outside the camp near battled system that's just not good enough as far as how this is salvation for everyone so what was not wanting to the sample try to be like an exclusive group of humans we are Hebrew Christians salvation is for everyone Jesus died outside of Jerusalem because he designed for everyone not just your veggies not just for the Sievers Paisley and we had our needs and we are alternately we together that does not get enough we had a week system now that is for everyone not just for us and so the next thing Paul says after Jesus suffered without the gate November thirteen he says let us go forth therefore on to him without they can bearing his reproach at once the whole thing here is similar salvation is not in Jerusalem and thousands use it might be a little bit hard to accept the fact that Jerusalem is really the city on the hill gleaming on the hill as the best place in the world so to speak anymore the honest is there a reproach and to give up that tradition and go outside the camp just as Jesus suffered without the need for a and why would that be informed Marty mentioned earlier that when the Roman army satirists around the city of Jerusalem is Jesus that it would nearly at this point thirty six years or so after about thirty six years earlier the Jews if they still were held in Jerusalem in the sample to sample Jerusalem Jerusalem this is the place and actually Jesus on thoughts and notes about the places to go outside the camp they want to stay for one now Jesus had to get out of here I know the Roman army surrounding the toy this is where salvation for salvation as always as an policy no one zero four therefore unto him under price is with Talbots and bearing his reproach in those shivers looking for sheer and have we no continuing city that we seek one attempts in Jerusalem is not a continuing study we see the new Jerusalem so this was important for the Hebrew people one sixty six eighty shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem for for us today as God 's people novices this is an illustration this is not a theological point per se just an illustration on Saddam and around the Normans point of what alternatives of illustration but it's interesting that in the last days there is a call to come out of another said and she received a heavenly city God calls his people to come out about one and to go to the heavenly Jerusalem and again I'm not saying that that the that is the main theological formula Paul turned to say here that it is interesting that people will say what was good enough for my parents and they always worship on Sunday this room or whatever and learning I know I'll see them home to why can I just keep doing it this way and the point is is that when God reveals to us is true through this time we need to act on and if the Jews of states that's in Jerusalem when the Roman army surrounded them they would have been destroyed like all the other millions of Jews who died during that time there is like when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed it was during Passover I believe Jews from all over the world were in the city and the Roman army came in and millions of them died in that siege and seventy ED and we want to be God 's people we want to follow his voice and worse not the one thing is the modern-day city would mean that one is those who are in Babylon would need to come out as we continue than verse fifteen by him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name so as we are on our way to heaven no matter what trials we are going through we should continually praise God for 16-bit to beauty and the communicate forget not for with such sacrifices God is well pleased these are the straightforward Christian principles of giving praise to God continually over seventeen obey them that have the real livery and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls the data must give account they may gear with joy not with grief and that is unprofitable for you I guess just like not submitting to the authority that the value for seeking pray for us who we trust we have a good conscience not willing to live honestly that I beseech you rather to be this that I may be restored he is now the last few verses are talking America final search and Marina look at these verses when we finished the chapter on a send us a few minutes to review the overall scene in the book of Hebrews season the first twenty ten a God of peace is not brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus or our Lord Jesus that great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting make you perfect in every good work to do his will working in you that which is well pleasing sight through Jesus Christ and Tammy glory forever and ever amen is a lot in this pathogen these two verses medicine in verse twenty says that God sees and brought again from the dead our work is not he remember from the study of the book of Romans for those of you who went through that is in our room and study in Romans chapter four speaking of Jesus being brought again from the dead this is related she is our belief in God police that we see in Raven for the faith of Abraham our righteousness is imputed to him because he fully broke believed that what God promised he was able to perform this twenty three twenty forces now was not written for his sake alone but it was imputed to him or twenty four for us also to him it shall be imputed if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead two is delivered for our offenses and was raised again for a justification that's what we see here righteousness is imputed in righteousness on the computer desk if we believe on God to raise that Jesus from the dead he was raised again for our justification and when you get around six Romans six talks about how we are buried with Christ by baptism the number six that gradually restore sorry for even as Christ was raised from the dev of the glory of the father we should also walk in newness of life so what's the significance of believing in Christ he was raised from the dead anything we believe that if God is all-powerful to raised Jesus from the dead he is all-powerful to raise us up to me were said to trespass his son 's interest thousands of them were raised to walk in newness of life and we are now dead to sin so the belief of being impeded as righteous as believing that God raises up and walked him why haul is making a passing reference is when he was thirteen the God of peace who brought up again from the dead are Lord Jesus that great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting father notice when does through the everlasting father make you perfect in every good work to do his will that we talk about the blood of Jesus earlier in this chapter Jesus is used to justify and to sanctify her and if the blood of the everlasting time one of the everlasting covenant for the first twenty one says to make you perfect in every good work to do his will working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight through Christ Jesus the first file magazine that any work that we do is through Christ Jesus Law and Microsoft's in his blog gives us power through Jesus Christ to do as well now we've talked about what God 's will is in the book of Hebrews to be ready remember and he rejected ten week described as being God 's will and talking about deceivers or seven this is speaking of Jesus for he says he resend resent and then said I Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do thy will O God as is of songs chapter forty versus a Jesus is like an idiot I will log on the basis of PA by laws within my heart and then some we see Jesus as Savior God will what's goggle goggle all written in your heart what is Jesus to you as the mediator the new covenant members sixteen amperes chapter ten he writes his law into our hearts this what are the life you God 's will which is God 's law in his heart and the new covenant what she delighted to use his rights in our hearts which is why many of the energy rich efforts forces in verse thirty six Rea communications for after you've done the will of God just God who are written in your heart which is the new covenant he might receive the promise and then we have been great promises of Jesus coming the second time for you little while and he that shall come will come and will not carry so that consumers thirteenth is the blood of the everlasting covenant nexus perfect in every good work to be as well which is the new covenant which is a dog while written in our hearts so what we cannot keep the law thought in a number that is clear but with a wad of Christ which sanctifies us that we can keep his life through the power of Christ after our power we don't have any power to do anything through the blood of Christ which is the perfect abuses will which is his lot written by you and this is well pleasing in the side of Christ can be glory forever and ever amen and in verses twenty two through twenty five I beseech you brethren such of the Board of Education for I've written a letter and he is he worth the effort and one half and half artists grow your keywords about this message as like Matt Taylor's column written of falling to the Hebrew zoning imagine the treasure chest we would have theology is the even spent more time in God ordained that this is what we should get more thankful for what we have it be interesting if you'd written even more verse twenty three ninety that our brother Timothy a celebrity with him if you can surely will see Celine all them that have the rule over you and all the saints they have Italy salute you Gracie with your name so thus conclude that the receivers is one of the Holocaust him the same road to see where people Thursday the fourth two thousand and are applicable to us in our time and that the remaining minutes what is your IQ review the high points of this and that is what was Paul trying to set forth about Jesus Christ to the main point of Paula China set forth in that Jesus Christ is our high priest in heaven and don't want to the high priest here on this Earth anymore because they are they are officiating over assistance that ended when that veil was rent and see when Jesus died for us in Jesus now is our high Priest of heaven and season better high priest is how I know this because he is after the order of Melchizedek and how is Melchizedek a better priest and the creature on this earth but because Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek and the preacher in this earth come from the wine of Levi and Levi would be the great grandson of Abraham and of Abraham page five pronounces it that means not as X-rated and Abraham he's greater than Levi so therefore if crisis is as after the priest announces that he's a greater priest in the freezer on this Earth to look to the greater precedence here now the shadows done away with Christ this is what Christ taught a week for what qualifies Christ to be a better high priest after the order amount is a chapter one he's God and the father says you are God he is chapter one verse eight but not only is he fooling Jan she's also fully mammoth steamers chapter two so we see that for as much then as the children 's children are particular the Flushing line in verse fourteen Chapter two he also himself likewise a part of the same fanaticism or sixteen he was made in I like his brother but he did not take on the nature of angels that effect on him the seed of Abraham and the father that she can make reconciliation for a sense because he knows what it's like to suffer being sentences and that he continues that idea and levers for worries as we have enough not unlike freeze which cannot be said for the feeling of our infirmities that Jesus was tempted in all points like as we are yet without some will so that's our high priest he was fully human he knows what like he knows what is likely the patient to and everything the way we are sensitive and because of that twenty years our high priest teammates reconciliations references helps us in the art sentence so that we may overcome the temptation and talk about a great high priest the high priest are on this earth an offer that service all they did was they would take your sacrifice for sin they would sacrifice the animal and a window once when they hear into the muscle advice and they come out again you think that telling you pay I can give you I can give you the power to have victory over that sensation was because they were a fallen human being just like we are that Jesus came and went a perfect life on this earth that he was sent in exactly the same way we are seeking him with the power to overcome the sun so now pausing like Jesus fully God so he can be a divine being as our priest in heaven and she is fully man he knows what it's like to be centered and not only that free certain sacrifices you have creature on earth that certainly would bring the sacrifice of the animals that Christ brought a better sacrifice and he offered himself as better than the preacher in this or that she often saw citizens like I know what it's like to suffer vengeance of Wayne suffered him not only that I offer myself the sacrifices my blood and then as you go on the seed of the blood of bulls and noted never take away some figure of Christ one does take away sins and it's his blog that takes away sin in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and some people say what he refined for is that Jesus was straight in a most holy place we ascended actually done Hebrews nine University simply proves that Jesus went to the heavenly sanctuary in verses nine injuries and the key point is a sort of a theological place is your point onwards is the Holy Ghost the signifying of the wind in the holiest of all is not yet made mouth is the word for holy of the longer say is holy places flattening the holy place in the most fully place in heaven and that we could not yet be made manifest wall the first tabernacle was still standing would not make sense to say that the way into the holy place and the monthly price has not yet been made manifest while the holy places a lot of the makes sense because you would be in the holy place and it hasn't been made manifest anyway I wasn't much but the point is is that the comparison between the heavenly and earthly sensual as Christ referred to the holy place and the most holy place and as we continue on one of the main points are seeing here is a reform prices are high priests of the right hand of the throne of God and Hebrews twelve Christ is the author and finisher of faith seated on the right hand of the throne of God so he is our high priest in the same function in Cyprus his immediate author and finisher of our faith and as the high priest leverage Chapter eight as a mediator of the new covenant which is a better covenant because of his blood he writes of water hearts and minds in a directive on their hearts and minds that means that we will be a Commandments you can keep energy receptor twelve year hi Chris is also the author and finisher of faith to help the run with patience the race set before us and we get to the human race he's the author and finisher we get to the end of the race at the end of the race we had our faith has been slashed by Jesus and we have the faith of Jesus with patient and the faith of Jesus answered Jesus for all the right hand of God is the author can survey some patients in the faith of Jesus as our high Priest of the right of honor want to hear you you now have a group of people who keep the commandments of God applications of the saints and the faith of Jesus as was Jesus roles are high preceded on the right hand of God is to develop a one hundred and forty four thousand so ultimately Jesus role as our high priest seated on the right hand of God is he was attentive mother was like as we are yet without he was fully God he was fooling that qualifies him to be seated on the right hand of God and when he is seated on the right hand of God through his heart through his grace he will have a group of people who keep the commandments of God publications of the things in the faith of Jesus and when that happens Jesus will no longer sit down he recently saw Jesus a seat until his enemies are made is that still the last enemy to be destroyed is death which is caused by sun when there is now more sense that occurs when Jesus blots out arson with his blood in the muscle is the heavenly centaur and one happens Jesus will no longer be seated at the right hand of God that will be the time in Earth 's history when Michael stands up to see that is unjust let me on the stuff you that is righteous on the right foot feels only one immediately self and for Jesus is waiting for their high priest so he is everything taking forty four he has been in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary waiting for the time when he can with his wide while the sons of God 's people that's what Jesus is viewing and we as God 's people had a special understanding of what the message limited series is will Daniel and Revelation all the rest of the Bible and points to a great time someday soon there will be a group of people who ran with patience the race set before you look to Jesus the author and finisher faith and when they got to the gym and that raising it announced on the ritual twenty two three describes the time and when I get the mountainside and people see that description that we have long waited and when Johnson and an homeland set on Mount Zion and with hundred and forty four thousand and you see any receptor searching that Jesus is the shepherd the good of the sheet sixties the land is the shepherd of a sheet here and the sheep follow him we are in a follow land whithersoever seen you here on this Earth is forth here on this Earth then we can have that data look forward to when the hundred and forty four thousand all that she will stand with the great Shepherd the one on Mount Zion and in their mouth we found for they are without God and that is because Jesus sanctified as is I pray that we will see that me very soon may we be faithful and again is privileged it seems that the receivers may we keep setting the work and study the Bible may we know what we believe these are awesome and momentous time now more than ever we need to know and thank you to


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