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The Lesson of the Tiny Seed

Siegfried Roeske



  • September 16, 2017
    10:00 AM
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I am happy to be my own people I love to add and hope in my prayers I remember and hope all the time. The majority of our young. Chronologically but you're all young you're in a useful environment here right and I feel at home I've been teaching for forty three years in college and I love the young people and my work has been to encourage them to love Jesus. And my commitment to them at the beginning of class the quarter. And at the end I make a promise by God's grace that I meet them at the pearly gates if we don't meet on here and that's been a tremendous wonderful privilege the Lord is so good he loves us he uses us the way we are makes us a blessing to others no forty years my family has lived in the Midwest. Past ten years and teacher union for thirty years. In the heartland of America we lived and worked amongst the farming communities of the Midwest the farmers who are raising their grain their fees a world. How many of you who have been raised on a farm or lived on a farm while nice good nice group you will especially appreciate what I'm going to talk about this morning. Many of Christ sparrow ball. And sermons are taking from their farming. SCENE The parable of the soils the parable of the sower and all disown the greed and the tears and some others. One day. We were driving down from Lincoln Nebraska to Topeka Kansas. Driving through the beautiful farmland on both sides of the road. Near the town of Mercy Mercy Brusca I saw something special. It helped for me to be the foundation of the certain. The live the farmer we had a beautiful farm now he was a good farmer but he was also a good businessman. Because his name was first of all Abraham I don't know of yet any Jewish connection or not. And then he raised and so see I never met a man how do I know all this well I was driving down the road and next to the road was a huge Kwan said kind of a storage bin and on the side of the Kwanza of this building he had written in huge large six Ford letters Abraham see. That's a sermon right there. And you know he was proud of it the Jewish people were proud of it. They were sons and daughters of Abraham was but they did not understand the deeper meaning of that statement. Abraham's seed you and I are so Abraham see when I look at you or this group I see Abraham's seed Galatians three twenty nine if ye be Christ's. Then are you Avraham see normally in a university could've written on its front big wall where it. Helps contacts. Abraham's seed outside this building on this building and hope there could have been written Abraham seed. The Bible teaches someone sports are lessons regarding the farmer and this seed. We read about in John twelve and will get into Mars or go along. It was Tuesday morning of Passion Week Now maybe I should resign a couple days what happened there the passion week on Friday Jesus arrived invest in a. State was Lazarus Mary and Martha that's where he usually stayed when he came down to Jerusalem. They must set a special room for Jesus. And Sabas. To church back in the afternoon was Mary and knowing the feet of Jesus the alabaster Glocks. Powerful powerful scene that is have a sermon that the perfume the water and the box broken Calvary But anyway we're talking like this one. It was to stay morning while I should follow this rule on Sunday was a trumpet entry I remember who sign of the Son of David it was Passover there was a thousand maybe a million people in his recent. Huge crowd still all went out so Jesus coming riding on a donkey with fulfillment of prophecy and they were shouting Hosanna always son of the Son of David they were excited this is what they were waiting for disciples especially to finally Jesus would proclaim him self King. But that was a Friday coming. That was Sunday and Monday Jesus cleanse a temple for the second time. To show whose house the temple truly was the one in place of the most high God and His Son Jesus whom they rejected that was Monday then Tuesday morning. At the temple the Greek visitors came to memory. The wise men from the east came gentiles who were searching for the Lord. Just because crucifixion the wise men from the West. The Greeks came. And they had a wonderful request. They came to Philip who may have been partially Greek The name may have been good background from the Seder up north where Peter James and John came from. And the geese came to him to Philip and said we would see Jesus now there's a sermon there right why are you here this morning why am I here I want to see Jesus I want to experience serve and God's people and the music and the Word of God in the Sabbath school lesson I want to see Jesus. And when I leave I know I can most easily and he's not leaving me he's going with me of course we want to see Jesus and so Philip did know quite how to handle it so he went to. Andrew and said Andrew some Greeks now they couldn't come inside too far they had to be in the court of the Gentiles and so they went out and they said well let's get Jesus and so they went to see Jesus to get Jesus air for the interview now we can only speculate about a discussion. But speculate we will. Not totally irrational we would like to have certain logic. And certain evidence that I think leads to this speculation maybe in the realm of truth. We don't know the questions agree Brog respond to Jesus but we know the answer Jesus gave little T.V. program you know the moderator says such and such and such and the question is this and so they're guessing at the question you know whatever it was Jesus answered in verse twenty four of John twelve except a corn of wheat we could say a grain of wheat fall into the ground and tie it up by just alone but if the die it brings forth much fruit. We had a nice our school discussion over here. And this will pertain somewhat to that. Discussion. Now here Jesus teaches some of the most profound mysteries of the Christian life unless a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it remains unknown. But if it dies. It will bring forth much fruit. I learned this years ago. There's a mystery. In every latent grass there's a mystery in every leaf in the tree. Then mystery discovery Sun saying someone had to die. To bring forth new life wonderful the first mystery concerning the tiny seed is its identity if you be crisis then are you able in seed many people in the world struggle with identity. Of young people sometimes older ones they're not sure they are and why they're here. Now is something that the church in some areas has lost. Its identity or struggling with it and we will discover why perhaps that is true sometimes. Not really sure why we're here not really sure what is our mission I helped his prison ministry for twenty years and in the grass to use that excuse with me and one day. Jack was missing. And I said. West Jack. Don't you know it's a known well Jack thing since John the bat is in the middle of summer he wears is heavier than a strobe hooded bathrobe Brown it is with a leather belt and sandals on his feet. And he goes across a prison yard and catches and eats life grasshopper I don't see you had any honey there an identity problem who am i now the way Jesus answered the Greeks made it clear that Jesus was sure as to who you was except a grain of wheat fall in the ground and die and in verse twenty seven he says Father save me from this hour. But for this cause I came on to this hour. He knew why he was there and he knew what his work would be. Jesus implying here I am a grain of wheat I maybe I'm seeded. This seen as a woman that was bruised that is heal all but crushed just serpents head Jesus is a two seed. And this followers. Of the sea. Of Jesus Now why is it so important. To be sure about one it will once identity because our identity determines our destiny it impacts our decision process. If I think myself to be a worm I have had tendency to act that way if I know myself. To be a Son of God and thought of God I will have a tendency to act that way. And if I'm not sure I will act in those worlds like I picture. In the pasture sticking its head under the then maybe getting scratched on the neck on the way or trying to eat the grass and that's it but really belonging to the side O. identity is really very very important the story is told. Well first about a song I heard a song years ago I was sick in bed for some reason and I heard a song on the radio. And these are the words are stuck with me I don't do my Remember the whole song but a few words they went like you're nothing but a speck of dust in the way in you're nothing but a drop in endless ocean. You're just a crumb on the floor we're told the story is told of a of. European royalty during the revolution. May have been France king and queen were about to be executed. That is son and before the soldiers would come and storm the castle on the mansion. Mother and Father took the son aside. Friendly soldiers would sneak him out at night. And take him to another country. I don't know I was possible but I understand that's historical now as it took him inside. They put their hands around the little boy and probably hugged him and squeezed him and said Sonny mom and dad may not be around your very own but you're going to be snuck away you're going to be protected now one thing we want you to take with you never forget who you are you're no ordinary boy. You're the son of a king and you're queen you are Prince son whatever happens to you steer not throw out your chest your royal team. You're a son and a daughter of the King Yes you are Abraham's seed the Bible says your royal priesthood the people a people a prophecy. You just don't happen. And no matter where you're born and where you're been the bible says Now are you this sons of God and the daughters of God and passers. Prince Emmanuel you have been called into being by a loving God You have been bought with a price the blood of Jesus. Your sons and daughters of God and if you be Christ then are your brand seed. According to his promise. I get it he grows out of our connection. With Christ. We have an origin we know where we come from when I guessing some murky water billions of years ago. That facing a loving living God created in His image. We know where we're going there's a future I was saying about Houston and Florida. Ole It's not enough to feel pity you know why sinus do something for them more than we would ordinarily do. I think about all the homes they last year were like you tell them. We love you you're something help for you and remember this. Someone else build a better home for you than you where now that you lost Don't miss out on it there's a mansion prepared for you we have a future of us Jesus in Heaven the eternal world if you be Christ and I hear and see so I'll first point. Might be summarized by saying our commitment determines our identity. Whatever I'm committed to in life. Creates my identity who I am coming from where I'm going if you be Christ and I Iran's seen. Now a second point may be stated like this my identity determines my mission for to know him. Is To Love Him and to love him. Is to serve Him It is our identity that it kinds of mission some scholars in the purpose of the Greek visitors. See in slightest attempt. To divert crisis from this mission unknowingly I'm sure they had no evil intentions but with a great background it is could be well possible they speculate people speculate that the Greek worshippers have tried to Christ to come to Greece Jesus knew that he must go to God as road. And here perhaps are offering him fame and heights by climbing ass and still prayed Oh Aristotle in the line of the great philosophers in the world Jesus could be number one he could count conquer the world through assonance. Without giving his life in such a terrible pain and anguish and sacrifice. Jesus answer seems to kind of fit that kind of reasoning. Because he says the hour is coming that the Son of Man should be glorified and Jesus proceeds to declare the most astounding mystery hidden in each tiny seed. Except calling off wheat. Fall in the ground and die. It abides alone but if it die it brings forth much fruit Jesus had just announced an unseeded actually the nature of a true seed what is a scene. Well a seed is not really a seed and as a dies. It's not to see just to be placed in a vase for decoration just corner of grain it's not a seed ever remains alone in friend Abrahams wants it and Mercer. Is not to see. If it strays and keep the king's touch too. And remains of course Rizal years it's only a potential seed is see it is a CD that it finds a dire cold no only spot on and dies covered out and forgotten God's Church has often process more. Under trial and persecution than it has in good. Times of plenty. And. He that loves us live or survive cellos it he that he says live in this world shall keep it in eternal life now the word hate here. Is a. Literary device meaning you know her hyperbole he that does not protect his life and puts it as number one it doesn't mean to hate I don't mean God wants us to hate anything hate is not a very good word I think it's an hyperbole to make a point that Thomas spends some of his best money for the best see that he can find only Newcastle way into the dark cold soil Now here's a challenge of true Christianity. And he talked about that inside this group this morning which is really the bottom line in a way. The natural man. Is in conflict with a principle hidden in each tiny seed because it strikes at the very core of man's fall'n sinful nature. Here we find a human being's greatest. And people spend millions of dollars sometimes. To have another year of life another day of life. Paul says I die daily you know we're not talking just about dying at the end of life we're talking about I got I.D.D. how hard that is their daily surrender to the will of God. Now this is a terrible story and I hesitate to tell it the story of a father and his son coming home in a single engine airplane. Preparing for landing and I said you saw a big passenger jet take off and on collision course you may have heard this story I don't know. And as it happened the plane cheers are one way of this Ingle engine which goes into a tailspin just as the man in the control tired. Shifts duty he comes and looks and he sees it it's too late to cry out. The airplane goes in a tailspin all he could hear is the voice of the twelve year old son. I don't want to die you got the I don't want to die crash science this is a cry of every human heart when confronted with the principle of the tiny seed Abraham see if I had only one true son the son of promise Isaac. All the blessings would be bestowed to see it would be like the stars in the heavens. He had waited for him for a hundred years. It was is number one earthly possessions. Everything was wrapped up in Isaac for the future. And God required. That he die Abraham's. Seed. That. Seeds through which all the nation of the Earth would be blessed but you know to solve about two thousand years later. There was another young lad. In. The Filer's only son. In the seminary. Clutching the ground us or he would vanish away. Crying out Daddy I don't want to die. I don't want to die three times this human nature shrank from this most terrible OK. Issues that he faced Finally he said Father not mine but I will be done. He was truly becoming Abraham's seed. The seed that would die to truly be ours he had to die he could not save him so and the world too and he that can unite to truly bear our harvest he had to die and so finally he surrendered to this terrible prospect so Christ said. I will count myself. Where you know a tiny seed you can see right well I have seen grain of wheat here. And bird seed. Jesus says I will count my solve a grain a week. Allow myself to be causing the cold lonely grave to die all alone Jesus died on Calvary the die for the sins a world for your sins and for mine so Christ challenger Abraham see this morning is. Follow him give all lies in Selfless service for others so here the poet challenges us you and me. To leave our ceaseless round of selfish pleasure our soft and easy way where warm and well contend we draw down the shades and even tie say our comfortable prayers and easily forget. Go was crisis the mountain then filled with power go down as cries of the multitude call waited starved was so strong for light Reds cold and songs and souls wrong for warrants where the hungry and so long to be fed where they're weak and long to be strong whether sick and long to be well go down where the battle is Howard where men and women struggle and fail and struggle and fail again where selfishness and greed console's to sink in discouragement despair go point to Christ of cowering the way the truth and the life go tell him the Bible is true go tell them Christ died for them he's coming again for them to receive wherever believe this unto him and to give them a mansion in the father's house. Somewhere someone needs to come for that only you can give. Somebody needs this song. That only you can sing. Someone needs the strength that only you can impart and somebody says Joy. That only you can share. Goes there for you is your life in the fur of this world great need for except the kind of We'd fall into the ground and died abides alone but if it dies it will brain for us much fruit. I know I don't hope and Loma Linda. Is a wonderful special seen one you remember when it was called. Magical evangelists that's what them and an ascendant produce some of the finest of Abraham see the seed has been scattered all over the world. And service in the fur of this world's great need. And we can be sure that a great harvest will soon be gathered into God's green array. Beyond our imagination. The harvest Yes the harvest our last point. This is the most exciting part of the Farmer's work. You're here farmers bragging about how many stones and picked out rocks are big out of. How many weeds they kill. Nobody When you talk to them about the harvest they get excited the brush with the blood were brushed through their veins. When a group of farmers get together to talk about a harvest not just to harvest today but to harvest in the olden days. When I was a little boy fourteen years old I helped a pious rash I was stood on top and you put in the grain I Could Be careful not to fall in you know where you put the bottles in there and they would ration grain would come out. Just as fresh in days early in the morning my wife tells me that she was born and raised on a farm so she gets very excited. About this kind of than the threshing machine was put into place in the morning the John Deere tractor with a big wheel and a belt around it the grain is rescued in the place neighbors with teams of horses would. Come rolling into the yard they would help all the neighbors would help they would go from farm to farm to do this rationing the ladies would begin cooking in the kitchen our then would be cooking up a storm the children of the family would be running here and there to help with the errands then began the grass this rushing bundle Sausan the feeder teams and he writes coming and going from the field straw stacks you know beloved. And yet the most fun was lunch time. You know something about eating outside you know they were brought to the field dinner time all the food the potatoes and gravy and the drumsticks from the chickens here and good uteri and. The chocolate cakes and lemon fires and sounds good you know when you hold back a little bit. What a time or celebration NARAS there is. But the biggest run of all on. My wife tells me and I'm sure that he was there and maybe she herself was when a farmer going when the hopper would open up the hopper is where you collected grain and they have a shoot running into the greenery and the family would go and put his two hands to feel the grain go running through its hands it was a length reason. Being that was the high point. You know of the farming process how wonderful my friends hope. The hardest is just around the corner that little black cloud. Have the size of a man's hand in the eastern sky will announce the end. Of the season. As it approaches the planet becomes more and more glorious. Voice from heaven cries out. Revelation fourteen thrust in this circle and reap for the time is come for the to reap for the harvest of the Earth is right. Jesus Christ out he cries out from the cloud and wait a wink years asleep in the dust our eyes and my dearest great follows the Grays open up and gives up the sleeping Saints its harvest celebration. Families loved ones are united dangerous come and gather them together and there is rejoicing there's reaping for joy and hugging and kissing because this is the time they've been waiting for the living saints are translated. All those who've been plucked like a brand from the burning. Of God's grace have overcome their There they stand before the king of the universe. And they're monks all of that finally there's a moment of silence awful silence danger stop the song the chamber of God is still. The Saints look at themselves. Look at the King and say to themselves who is worthy to stand before him that sits a bonus Rone. Finally Jesus breaks the silence by stretching forth his name's God hands my grace is sufficient for you. Come all come you bless another Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. And the Saints respond letting hold their pain. Up feelings and emotions when they cry out words we were three years a man that was slain to receive honor in power and glory for ever and ever and so they all meet Jesus in the air to go home with him to the mansion she has prepared for them to live with him to live for him to tell the story of God's salvation Trotty universe. Four murders why. Four motions firm coast through gate so her all stream in the countless hopes. They said down with Jesus for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb great have a celebration with the king of the universe. He will look upon them. As the travails of his soul and besides what it is that will be. Brother and sister were you really. By God's grace we will stand there to gather in a sea of glass. Try it. Heaven is cheaper. If you Kreiss. Thank you so much for the word thank you for the sacrifice. In the stock sinful world. Must have been. To descend into this world and be willing to come. To die in the. US and. For the salvation of others. Selves. To protect. This. Tiny seed because we know. This media was. Spreading God's word through free sermon and much more if you would like to know. More.


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