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Crucified by Christians

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries




  • September 1, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father is your word is open Help us Lord we cannot do anything without you Lord grant freedom in your spirit tonight is our prayer in Jesus' name amen John sixteen verse two knows the Bible says A says there were put you out of the synagogues Yes The time is coming that whoever kills you were think that he offers God was Service So first of all these people go to synagogue or to go to church and why they are going to church and these are people persecuting you bringing pain and suffering into your life they go to church number one and while they're going to church then motive is that they're thinking in the heart that they're actually doing God a favor why they persecute you in a name of God and that spiritual abuse is was prophesied to happen here by Jesus in self that would happen here in the last days. And he thinking all the water doing God a service they would do what God wanted them to do Have you ever been unjustly treated by others before or worse yet have you ever been crucified by Christians my presentation we had then I let people know you have it you know one of two roads you can choose either you can choose a role to continue to be bitter and angry and a spirit of unforgiveness or you can go down the road of healing. Interesting I was at a youth conference a couple years ago. And some A came out to me and she was sharing with me about how she was abused spiritually by her spiritual leaders within her school. And this incidence really affected her and she said she had a hard time healing from it because she submitted too long so it's a long time and she has a hard time is dealing with because the pain runs so deep and I realize that this this policy runs even deeper than we realize and those of us involved the ministry we see a lot of this happening and a lot of people are hurting and I had another leader come forward and say you know I'm a leader of actually other leaders with our program and in this program and said I'm a leader of leaders and you know what I am on depression pills a leader spiritual leader of other spiritual leaders I'm going to press him pillows broken right hurting and yet I'm leading these other people. And I said another person one of the leaders came up to me said can you help me to be a leader to these other leaders and said All you need to do is be a father figure to these leaders so he went back to try to be a father figure to came back the next day and he said to her. Yes me to be a father figure to the leaders but you know what I never had a father so how they would be a father figure if I never had a father and so we decide this pain in his her thin people who are hurting within a church and there being an abuse as well first thing to find out when you've been unjustly crucified is to find out who is the person responsible for your crucifixion was it a person or whether a group of people you think you know about it who deliberately cause a crucifixion and if you understand this you can better understand healing and move forward toward a road toward healing Now first of all this person you think this billion is not of this earth is not the spiritual realm and I really want to find out who this person is you must ask the person who has actually been crucified himself who a lot author of his crucifixion to turn turn me to John Chapter eighteen two verses later John Chapter eighteen two chapters later John eighteen verse eleven. The Bible says here so Jesus said to Peter put your sword into the sheath show and not drink the cup which my one. My what my father has were given me so who gave the cup of suffering who authored the crucifix and for Jesus Christ. His own father. His father author it and if you understand this concept you begin the road toward healing. If you refuse accept the crucifixion was from the hand of God then you begin to believe that you weren't crucified but you were just merely mistreated by people and so you was on the stand behind the scenes or everything was really going on you were crucified by God's plan you went through that pain you went through that suffering by the authored by God whatever you went through in his life whether you lost your child when you went thrown Borsch in whether you were sexually abused or whether type of pain or suffering that you've gone through in this life maybe you lost your job for closure or home you deep into dare you strongly in your marriage your children no longer want to talk to you. Your family is not close whatever pain or suffering is hurting your heart tonight and we're talking about surrender this weekend but you must deal with the core issues in order to surrender to God whatever you struggling with. No that God allowed it in your life for a purpose you were crucified by the will of God and thus he alone is the one with whom you need to make peace with verse bleed on a museum and amen. Now now let's go back before who is it that brings the pain and suffering to this world turn to John Chapter ten hit this before in your Bible John Chapter ten verse ten as the Bible says here. It says here Jesus is speaking he says the thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy who is a thief. Satan and I have come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly so just brings life and Satan cons and he's the one that's the thief he is the one that came to kill he is the one that came to destroy another was he is the one truly behind all the pain and the suffering that you have are gone through. And will love is God that brings life to you and me what a wonderful God what is a look at your hand out here and we just called Haitian furnace Spirit of Prophecy it says here knows what Satan does it says Satan has studied the secrets of nature. He uses all his power to control the elements as far as God allows us and other words all these natural disasters this coming all this pain and suffering in there you know has actually said he can play around with nature and he can allow these catastrophic events hurricanes Hurricane Harvey and you know what he's saying amen and he can bring it upon his earth and he can bring the suffering to this were owed because he can do it but as long as God allows and also says here it is God that shield his creatures from this story when I say amen you know we think it is God's fault all the time but you know even in the insurance company they call it an act of God When is actually a natural disaster that God has a brain but no one ever talks about the act of Satan right never talks about is Satan's father Satan did this and said in that all why God this and why God right do you know that there's actually a destroyer behind the scenes is doing everything and he commanded plates the forces of nature to create a natural disaster. God's the one that protects he's the one that gives life then it says here. The Lord will do what he declared that he word remove his protecting care from those who we bear against his law and force others to do the same Satan has control of all whom God does not especially guard Do you hear that. Satan has control of all whom God is especially God God is not guarding your the Satan has the control of you. And then it says here another says here knows how he plays the game he plays a game he said he were a favor and prosperous SOM and all deferred is only designed there was a bless you a movie star bless you a lot of money or if you're doing well financially he's going to bless you this because you get a blast as I mean as always from God that you are human and this because you're going through suffering right now doesn't mean his only from you on Satan's idea the right event. Not a prosperity gospel if you doing everything right and you are going to get only blessings but that's not true so he's going to prosper as I say they can prosper people and they can think that everything is all good but is not good and then it says here that then he would bring trouble upon others and lead men to believe that it is God who is afflicting them. Another worse now that we talk about we're looking at the root cause of everything when a focus on cause or effect and going back to discovering what is the root cause of even surrender so as Satan does he actually causes harm upon people and I've seen this happen so many times he caused problems and people of to face trial the struggles and pain and when he does that he makes them believe that it is God's call in the suffering when it's really him. And then people start saying. Wow God. What he put me through this. Where were you. How come you didn't stop this from happening. I pray to you. MY SISTER I remember I remember to never forget the time I visit her she'd been watching my niece there at a party at a family in the rented a speech I'll never forget her being there and I visited her out there and she was watching the nephew four years old he drowned in the pool so for seventeen minutes she waited for the ambulance to come doing C.P.R. on his four year old can the whole time he's praying God please save his life all I could do for the whole time I visit her was just listen and her words Also you can say I was crying when it tears. Why. Where was God. As a god was a blame and you know that does it does no one here to to lead and guide them toward the correct direction you know what happens to a lot of Christians who don't have someone to direct in the right direction their turn to become an atheist or to turn to hate God in a lead Christian because if that's what God did for me I was free for I came to church I returned my tie I was involved in ministries and this thing happened to me. I don't want nothing to do or God In case you start to question your Christian experience and I'm talking about even ministers and and speakers that God uses they begin to question their experience as a Christian and even as a spiritual leader in the church and maybe a spiritual leader in the church maybe been heard maybe something tragic happen to you and I want to bring healing to your heart what is a myth this is the root cause we're talking about surrender and you have a beautiful message is this all we can. Pass Ivan Meyers. Beautiful messages so one of his and is telling about the speaking part is why would we surrender to a god. Who let us down in the path are you following me. Not only that but in his rambling church of so called His Church of Christians those very people who are part of God's Church are the very ones who are used to hurt me and bring suffering my life or maybe this tragic accident or my mom has cancer and she still died after we're ninety eight and prayed for and I just knew it as she was a going to die and when dollars when you feel to God let you down how can you surrender to a god that you cannot trust so you follow me that you cannot love because he let you down I mean somebody let you down you know you can trust him in a lie to you and he said are going to be there for you and they weren't there for you how can you surrender your life to them and giving your food support in this be there for them if they let you down before so what we need to you need guide them and we need a guide ourselves to the right way how really the bar was says how God actually works that's why we need to understand otherwise say three things God God's character of Christ Our Righteousness God's purposes and also God's government how God works we want to see how God works he gets the blame and we were never surrendered to God We can never trust and I want to have that food trust and love to God What about what he said Amen. And so the beginning of surrender moment by moment is to heal and to understand how God really works and that's what we're doing tonight why does God allow us to go through suffering. When those and that's what takes in a says a guardian angel was appointed to every follower of Christ these heavenly watchers Shiro the righteous from the power of the work you want what is a man. In other words this angels that guard you around for being protected if you're on God's side and he may shoot and nothing harms or is a beautiful one is a man and his angels here tonight what is the event and the protection and God do you say to bring the struck him a god send his anus for protection and you know a nice to go through God That's why in the Book of Job Great Satan said he was talking about job when he wanted to bring suffering and pain to job and God the writing God has said we have seen my servant job because yeah because you are protecting so anything any bad thing and then guy says OK you have my authority but the only reason God gave the authority because John knew that this was the best thing for Job What is a man and you want a reason why you may go through pain and what you make out of suffering and whatever hurt has come in your life because God was the author and he knows everything from the end from the beginning to the end he knows us best for he knows that you won't break and you know if you trust in Him you going to make it through something you know are struggling right now tonight with something going on your life maybe like you going to or a bad relationship maybe going through a divorce right now maybe your own child is hurting and trying to reach out to drugs and it's a wild life and you don't know what to do maybe your parents don't want nothing to do with you anymore. God has a purpose in your life and he wants to use this pain and suffering to teach you something he's the author of your crucifixion what is a myth. Twenty he was shocked to five or say he rushed up to five row say why does God allow us to go through suffering and pain of the bows as here he rushed up to five Verse eight a Bible says. Why did Jesus go through suffering the barber said though he was a son yet he learned all be DNS by the things which he while suffering was Jews on this earth but there is something that Jesus lacked while here on this earth. This is something that Jesus did not have. To this tax that was obedience and the only method that he was able to learn obedience is like you were talking about the Son of God here on this earth laid aside the vanity Yes but so the Son of God nevertheless. Something he needed to learn. Some mission surrender obedience was Father swimming to learn the way he was able to learn to surrender and submission and obedience was through suffering what is a man and use that as our example as you look to him is if YOU thousand but then we need to follow the way that Christ works and doing the things. In the same way God allows the pain and suffering of crucifixion to come upon us to teach us obedience as well but he's a man he's teaching you something you're going through this there's a purpose in it is not by accident that you're going through what you're going through and know that gives me such comfort when I go to suffering in pain and whatever hardship I'm going through what keeps me going is like OK God I know all. I know you you want what's best for me this is going make me a better person in the end I trust you my heart whatever it is Lord I submit I surrender to you because I know who I surrendered to God does not want us to diss legal Lissac Lisa. And a hint just because it is right are you following him and he wants us to surrender to him because we know him and to annoy him is to love him want to save men we know and trust and love the one who we are surrendering to what is a man and if he know you may love him and trust Him you will want to surround him no matter what hardships come your way you would give everything to God because you love him and every time his legend a past you have not been a fear for the future because all those hardships he went in the past he was always there for you he would never leave you know for seek you whatever hardships you go through he's there because spare parts the quotation he says God sends child to prove all will stand before in the temptation he brings all in to try and position to see if there were trusts in a power out often above themselves everyone has undiscovered traits of character the must come to light through trial God allowed those who are so sufficient to be sorely tempted that they may understand their helplessness when I say amen I think that you can be living on this world but on your own in doing what you want to do and how you want to do it and when you want to do it and I try to come your way you can turn around and go the other direction no God I want you to go to Charles and he want you to be crucified for a purpose he want you to learn what it truly means to surrender tonight I'm linking a direct connection between. The suffering and pain and charge you go with and surrender tented Revelation Chapter thirteen versus a Revelation thirteen was saying when was Jesus slain or the Bible says here it says. All who dwell on the earth will worship him whose names have not been written in a book of life of the Lamb Jesus slain or crucified from the White. Foundation of the world in other words. Jesus' crucifixion was planned from the beginning of the world in the council of peace between a father and a son. Or the quotation says the plan of salvation had been laid before the creation of the earth for Christ is a land slain from the foundation of the world in other words. Eats at the pain and suffering that came upon Jews at the cross of Calvary was planned out and we owed by his own father. And the same way belove when you finally realize this. Then you see there is a far greater purpose for the crucifixion in your own life and just in the same way as Jesus every act of his pain and suffering because of fiction was planned out and would by his father so is every act of pain and suffering and your own crucifixion was planned out and will by your heavenly Father what he says amen somehow you have this idea that as soon as I become Christian then everything goes good. That's your right. I gave my heart to the Lord and everything's great right I got baptized and everything will be all perfect from then on Jesus will lead to the world in this up that he was temp there was a right. After he was baptized to be tempted I'm sorry right God allows us pain and suffering to teach you and I lessons of obedience and surrender to him was happening to you is meant to be a beginning a transformation for your life that Hell is event brought you to the exact place that God wanted you to be what an act of mercy what is. The question is will you allow yourself to be crucified That's the question we allow is how to be put through suffering in pain or you run from the crucifixion like all the disciples did look in the next what they sure were near him Satan's arrows are broken and cannot harm you your trials and temptations born in God to appear are foreign humble but will not the store or in danger you want to save men if you trust in God no matter what trials unknown matter what suffering you're going through whatever it is said again through his I was able you know it is not made to destroy you is there to help you and to actually make you grow to make you stronger to humble you that's what God wants you to experience. In your life. You hear for a reason this weekend God wants to teach you something. About surrender. Twenty first Kryten shut the four of us nine hear by was first current in chapter four verse. Nine. Who are we made to be an exhibition to know the biases here for us going to Chapter four of us and says for things that God has displayed us God is this playing us all around to who is Apostles. Lass's men condemned to death for we have been made a spectacle to the world both to angels and to men in other words we were made as a display to the world now in this world but even the angels of other worlds to the whole universe that was everyone is watching what you would do especially everyone is watching what will you do when you're crucified what happen when you're crucifying do you member. The you do a little crucifying of others when you crucify. The returned fire with fire. Was there anger resentment hatred attack. How your conduct there's a world is watching in the universe was watching you did you find fault did your dark side emerge how did you do. Most Christians don't do well being crucified they resent it they argue they defend the reason they talk a great deal generally Christians are not really Christian when they're crucified Have you had such reactions in your Christian experience we had to consider this God wants of being in a point where you are beyond all sorts reaction what is a man you see if you fight back are you shout accuse blame and then that is not crucifix and that is just two people being vicious toward one another as if God was let you have a nice home a good car perfect circumstances. But what is your attitude toward God when he consents to narrows rip into your flesh and pain turning through your saw do you still like God then. When everything is not going well. In the way things go well you are happy in praising God Hallelujah coming to a love God all my heart and soul are things going bad. Why God why right. Whatever happened to that trust in God. You know you look at the two thieves up there on the cross. And these two things are up on the cross and one was railing against Jesus and if you look at the quotation what happened it says the two things wrestled in the hands of those who place them on a cross and in the words there are there on the cross and before they were noted across they were fighting against the soldiers because they didn't want to be crucified they are fighting against with all their might. They want to go through the pain and in the same way many Christians today as well we many Christians also resist crew being crucified because they also don't want to go through the pain. First this second thief was was resisting in he was joining in but after a while he said Don't say anything this man and done nothing wrong and he backed out yes but what was it that turned the heart of the second one what happened that change his heart we know that Jesus went as a lamb to the slaughter you know ever seen a lamb before you know you can take him with a knife and you know you can tie mop and they won't do anything. Slit the throat and there it is die. What are seen a single word. Without any resistance. That Jesus the law yes he died on the cross but how he died made the difference so you follow me Man How We Die was that he didn't say a word he did resist the crucifixion That's the power of the cross and one of the fees on a cross that's what converted me solid Jesus reaction his first were actually fighting resists of the cross he soaring costs and everything and he won not a duty soldier but the when he saw how Jesus treated those who abused him with love and surrender to the crucifixion it changes hard and he was a different person and he was a convert in across what is a man who could you handle it says here the truth these rested in the hands of those who placed them on a cross but Jesus made no resistance when he's a man and then he goes on to say the savior made no murmur of complaint nor curses were called down upon the soldiers who were handing him so roughly no vengeance was invoked upon the priests and rulers who are gloating over the congressman of their purpose Christ pity them in ignorance and yet he breed only a plea for their forgiveness for they know not what they do it is amen he surrendered to what the father author for his crucifixion. Are you being crucified today is my question. If you are the look in Jesus' how he handle his crucifixion. Example and. Even those two thousand years ago you see both thieves saw the crucifixion but only one thief. Really saw and many Christians see or hear the mess is of the cross. But very few. We see the cross how do we eat tonight have you seen the love of God who loves you with all of his heart we serve a wonderful God when you see a man and believe that God is a wonderful God and you love him. Then surrender with all your heart to Jesus what is a man. And a God like a seventy cried to his father you cry when I was hard to his father. Father take this cup of suffering away from me other want to go and this is the only time with Jesus and his father disagreed upon something. They've always been one they vas Agreed but here are the time when the consequence of fixing to something there and it's OK to ask why Jesus asks why as well. My God my God why and is there you go there's only time when he suffered and he actually was wrestling God I don't take this cup for me three times I don't want to go to I don't take this couple of suffering or rather want to go to the cross I don't want this pain and suffering I don't want to be crucified and I don't especially want to be crucified by. My own people Christians as it is today crucified by Christians in the same way we love. Many You see I want you to notice that before the cross. There was a ceremony when I say amen before the crucifixion there is the surrender of get so many what is amen and sometimes you see the the natural order is we need to surrender first so when if a crucifix and cons we are ready for the crucifix I want to say amen but many times Christians or crucify. And then they have this surrender after they've been crucified and get some and it comes out that across the south is with you are you one that has just been crucified you've been suffering you've gone to divorce you've gone through everything you saw that your action wasn't good and then now you realise what you said and he what you said to your parents and what were your actions or were things that you didn't like. Or you want to has a go back and do it backwards and go to get some money after the cross. With you you know at that across there was a resurrection what is a man you know the first thing about Jesus when he was resurrected What was the first thing you think Jesus said the evolved vengeance he spit on the ground and cursed by a fearless he swear revenge on all his tormentors a cursed I mean crucified him that he got over this Suppose we count every single detail of what they did to him in on the cross and how they hurt him and abuse them and everything else you will remember any reading any such thing about Jesus Christ and about this one in his resurrection and those who've been truly resurrected have no bitterness or bad words for those who are crucified then what is a men you going through a break up a new relationship those who have been truly surrendered and get someone in crucified on the cross we have no bad words for those who have broken your heart big a man a man I've been guilty of that in the past many many times over. Almost like talking bad about the other person just to justify. Yourself The beautiful thing about the crucifixion is this the Jesus resurrected. Nothing could touch him. And we love it when you have surrendered and get so many when you can gloriously go through your crucifixion as Jesus did as a language that was lot of not saying thing not resisting the crucifixion that your Father in Heaven has authored for you then when you're resurrected with a new life in Christ nothing can touch you when you say amen you have learned your lesson you have learned your appearance through suffering that you are gone through the pain that all of you have experience in your life you can then fully surrender to God and God will take you from surrender to surrender for sanctification is a work of a lifetime one is a man you get to learn to love God more your experience of God is a deeper you know in a deeper level your surrender to God is a much more further in the long and yet your experience is so strong and nothing no matter what trials come upon your way you can handle it you can go through it God makes you a stronger person I want to experience how about you as a man. I showed it before but you know. A passage in a conference for fifteen years and. I went through as a medical disability I was sick for fifteen months in my experience and I had my rock bottom you know it's one thing to be on the ground and for fifteen months you know one month two months three months goes by. And that was very painful because I felt like I've lost my ministry I felt like I wasn't doing anything I felt like God abandoned me I mean all those thoughts why God why that was my thoughts going through those humbling experience. I mean everything we had to move this off financially who can afford it we have to sell a place you know we just going through a hard time to this whole experience in my life. You know that hurt me a lot but you know what hurt me the most. Was when I heard things that was said about me when I was sick. You know is one thing to be on the ground but nothing to be on the ground and people you know your colleagues and your friends and they kicking you why you want to go. That's another level as only God has put me to discuss a fiction but you know it was a good experience for me I hear later a rumor went to me. This person wanted me to address the whole church going to speak in his church and within a month to address this whole issue that my wife had left me I cheated on my wife my wife left me I was back into drugs. But you know I found was this a few people in the church I was in everyone but the pain oh you're already on the ground you feel like God abandon you I mean what more can you feel and then people come in the spirit you know these rumors about you and your ministry and the pain and the suffering but you know I realize you know several of the things that did happen but all this pain and suffering to happen to me I tell people is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life I'm aware that I am today because of what has happened to me. This is my experience with God and learn to trust him and be honest you there are times that I realize how weak my trust in God really was I thought my trust was strong I thought you know present to speak I'm pretty strong but you know God showed me that my trust in him was weak and that God to bring There are times that I was wavering there are times that I was wavering I'll be honest with you but only by the grace of God God brought me through and they showed me my weakness and show me how weak I really was. And that there I could fall you know we see speakers falling spiritually Martin Luther says there but for the grace of God goes I know what that's me we're all of the same friends that could be me that's why we're not greater than anyone else what is amen because some of the we think we're better than everyone else that could be you as only God's grace that keeps us from falling who we serve a wonderful God is a man. You know because of that. I mean trying to witness to my fanny for how many. Twenty years I tried everything going on two meetings meetings nothing work and my one of my my brother was above me and my younger sister below me they were close and you know this right. Is the hardest people to reach. You know it works or not if you can with your family and I was able to reach them reaching the world saving a world saving the world but I can. Be you know something happened when I went on medical disability and moved back home when I found there was taking a break from ministry spending time and. Began to do something in my family my youngest sister to have. To have the devotions I gave her devotion to read it her walk with God because he was she went through suffering to love God more and to draw nearer to God I like what if I never had gotten sick I would never be here my sister would never come to like I'd seen a happen doesn't know what he's doing what to say amen and then my brother right above me. I have to my brother. He didn't. This is something there my brother and I this is brokenness like we're. Going up and we're really close oh my son he felt distant to him they were connected in. He does not it. Was visiting me when I was sick and I don't know where he. Was every day and one day he came to me said. Never forgive you for what you did. I said what. I never forgive you for you did the data dad died I'm never going to forgive you what did I do. You know my dad the day my dad died my found is kind of crazy so one day my dad died if I know my dad my sister were all gathered around my sister. And my brother him. Got into a fist fight in front of my dad. And he I think he had hit but he hit her but he him she can hit I mean she can hit some kind of swelling over here. And so this he's big you know about as big as oh he's. A big boy that's what I told him but he thought I said. How the like hitting a girl. So for ten years he's thinking that. I thought to myself What if. He died and I went to his funeral. And I thought to myself What if I had come to going to his funeral and realizing my brother. And I thought to myself I would think to myself what once is between us I could have figured out what if I went to join in this that and we never reconciled or you follow me what if. I want a blessing to allow God to author my crucifix but he says. I will never experience this. This reconciliation my brother and you know a few months ago I was stuck with a line in bed pillow talk with your wife or your husband and I said to her. My brother he told me anti-church. And I. BELIEVE and He said I said to my wife my brother we tried to reach me when I first came back home three years ago where he is doing well and then he got worse and said My brother he is the last person the world to be a Christian and last person to change his diet. His diet is crazy. Crazy. Crazy. I think he's the last person. Works my funny like give up and give it to God and surrender you know this week before I got here this week. My brother. Twice his health he change his lifestyle. Some ways even more healthier than us he's very strict in our diet because I got sick and but he's low sodium too right I mean. But he's. In this like very healthy healthy and he's the last person like I said Right and then the hospital gave him a book. And this book is called you ever get this book. Hard to get it does God care is the best book I've ever read by. Suffering. This book thinking you I don't know it's for the press A give them and give the book and. Last week he told me that he read the book. He read it said I disagree but I realize that this is not. God is not to blame for the suffering but he's testing us. This week I decided on Monday to give him. I flew out on Wednesday on Monday I gave him my devotion of. A morning on and say anything to my family lived the life. They heard from me before. I read it devotion. To head and it is very much a kind of read ahead. Not meant to be. Day by day but you know what I give you some more books it was good because I wanted to read some more. Of the charts I got the book doesn't use that the day before I flew up here to the mainland. Back in a. Given. He said thank you and he's just excited about reading all these books. God's work in his life I'm praying for you. I'm praying for you and your family as well. Things happen. When you surrender to the author. But what if I had resisted. And I've done in the past I don't want to go through this. Like the disciples run away from the crucifixion What if I want to miss out the. Beloved God has. You going to discuss a fiction for a purpose I want to teach you something that you haven't learned in a pass. There are. There are treasures in darkness. In a dark time I want to surrender my life how about you what is. Don't believe the lies of Satan. That you can trust that you can love and when you trust to love this God you will surrender they what is a man. But you don't love and trust him you would not surrender to him. Learn to love and trust and why are you going to soften me your prayer be. My will. But. I want to how about you want to say. At this time my daughter and you're going to sing a song. And I will be done. I want to leave some lyrics Sirius's I know you're good. But this don't feel good right now. I know you think of things I could never think about it's hard to count it all joy distracted by the North. Trying to make sense of all your promises sometimes I gotta stop member that your god and I am not. Be done. Be Done This is the beginning of this weekend. And my child is this you and he has a wonderful presentation from. My child in this. Lord I don't know what this we can. Do in my life I am going to maybe now maybe some I want to hear the words can be straight to my heart and I want to surrender whether you say I want you want me to do I love you I want to surrender that you desire. In the future please take my life. Father we know that you. Connected to us. We thank you for Jesus who set the example of how to surrender. To render the cross. This weekend we want something in our lives to learn to surrender. By moment pray Lord that you and the speakers live given the message. As well as we all share this weekend want to pray that you. Inspire all the people who are coming to the meeting. Because they have to be able or even soften their hearts open as we thank you for you were very one who stood and want something different in their life a different experience to be used by you to learn. Through the things that we suffer we thank you Lord for already hearing less than one here in this room and. 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